Zombie Ghosts

I’m assuming anyone reading this knows how to dispatch a zombie. It’s all about the head. I’m a big believer in confronting things head on.

Every few months, the walking dead of intimating or outright stating I use ghostwriters shambles onto social media. And like a zombie it shuffles on, spreading. I’ve confronted this before—head on—but have never successfully eradicated the infection.

So, try, try again.

Laura will link the other times I’ve written about this issue, so readers of this blog will, hopefully, understand why I continue to do so. And how often it all crops up again. [See below]

This is very personal for me.

I write my own books. All of them. Writing is my job, and I love my job. I consider it the best job in the world, and one I’m very lucky to have. I work hard at my job—I want to, and because I love it, because I want to work hard at it, because of my individual process, pace and rhythm, I’ve been able to produce a lot of books over the course of my career.

It hits me, very personally, when people who don’t know me, don’t know my process, my life, decide to imply or come right out and say I use ghosts.

Are they in my house, my office, standing over my shoulder every day? They’re certainly not in the shower, in my gym, in my kitchen or anywhere else where I do other things while thinking about the story, working out angles, playing what if that I’ll turn into words at the keyboard.

I do not use ghosts. I have never used ghosts. I never will use ghosts. I’ve said that all before, will no doubt say it again.

So those who say I do are calling me a liar, and impinging my work. That’s personal.

Years ago a journalist with some shaky math skills and faulty information wrote that I produce a book every 45 days. That’s crazy and wrong, but it’s stuck over the years. The journalist didn’t consider that I had written several books (55k word category romances) before I sold the first one, and I was able to fix and fiddle and sell those previously rejected books rather quickly in those first couple years.

But who cares? What does it matter? The only people concerned about when I turn in a ms and how long that particular book took me to write are my editor and my agent. And the editor and agent—both of whom I’ve worked with for decades—know the work I turn in is mine alone.

I write how I write, and I write alone. I don’t collaborate or brainstorm or partner. I write solo because that’s my process. I don’t have staff, researchers, assistants, because I don’t want them. I work alone, which I find one of the great beauties of my craft.

If a book has my name on it, I wrote it—every damn word. That’s the Alpha and Omega.

Some say: She’s written over 200 books! Impossible.

No, it’s not. Not when I write six to eight hours a day, five to six days a week. That’s my choice, it’s how I work, and what works for me. It’s my process and process is individual to every writer. What’s right for one isn’t for another. We’re not the Borg.

My pace is MY pace, not anyone else’s.

I don’t do a lot of social media—my choice, my particular wiring. So I have the amazing Laura—who has her own space in her own house—to take care of the bulk of that.

I don’t do a lot of socializing (even pre-COVID). My choice, my wiring. I don’t take long breaks between books because I don’t want to. The next story is tugging at me.

I do what I do, and I like it—and it’s no one’s business but mine.

I don’t diss other writers on social media. I think it’s tacky and graceless. But if another writer wants to claim my books suck, okay. That’s opinion. Certainly if a reader wants to say so, or express disappointment in any of my books, they’re entitled. I stay off reader boards because they should be free to express those opinions without a writer wading in to snap at them or argue or attempt to intimidate.

That’s my opinion.

But no one’s entitled to call me a liar or a cheat. No one’s entitled to lie about me and imply or say I use ghosts. I will stand up for myself and my work.

And when a ghostwriter takes to social media to whine, that’s also a choice. But not when they whine about me. They don’t know me, and I have nothing to do with their choices—and ghosting is a choice.

To a statement like: If Nora Roberts and I wrote the exact same book hers would sell a lot more, first I say: Duh.

I say Duh because I’ve spend four freaking decades building a career, a following, a reputation, connections with publishers and readers. So duh.

But over and above, this is a stupid, foolish and ignorant statement because NO two writers would ever write the same book. Doesn’t work like that. We aren’t in each other’s heads, we all have our own creative path, our own style, our own voice.

No one creative would make such an asinine comparison, which only smacks of jealousy and a lack of understanding of how publishing actually works.

And, sister, you made a choice to take a ghostwriting job. Your reasons are your own, and I don’t question or criticize them—because that’s your personal business. However.

 Did you take a payment for the ghosting? Did you agree to terms and cash a check for the work you did?

Now if the person who hired you didn’t pay you, or agreed to give you credit and didn’t follow through, you’ve got a legitimate complaint. But if you took the money and agreed—as the term ghost implies—to forfeit any credit—quit your bitching.

And leave me the hell out of it.

Do the work, invest the time, take the risks every writer takes, deal with the rejections and disappointments and push on. That’s how it’s done.

Write. Spend more time writing and a lot less whining on social media—and trying to take shots at another writer or the realities of the industry itself.

A couple weeks ago I had another bout of vertigo—which sucks beyond the telling of it. The first day, after a few hours flat out, I could sit up. I thought: Hmmm, and asked BW to bring down my Surface and flash drive because maybe I could work in bed.

Found out quickly that was a big no.

Day Two, better, try again. And I found I could write a couple hours. Couldn’t stand up without everything spinning, but sitting was okay.

Day Three, a little better yet, so a full day of work—in bed because walking felt like walking on the deck of a ship in high seas.

I worked because I wanted to work, because I have a deadline, because it’s my job. And then somebody who know nothing about me but my name implies I don’t do my own work.

So it’s very personal for me.

Every time a zombie like this pops up, I will aim for the head.

I’d like to ask you to join the army. If you see anyone on social media claiming I use ghosts, insisting I must, please let us know.

I’m not going to be shy about swinging my metaphorical axe at their head.

I’ll try to write a more cheerful and chatty blog next time out, but to catch you up with my world….

Logan is now a licensed driver (!!!!)

Kayla continues to do very well in college.

On-line school has in no way defeated Colt—Mr. Straight As.

And Griffin, as always, is adorable and full of fun.

BW and I get our second vaccine shot in about a week—what a big relief.

Lots of snow here, and we’re going nowhere. Which means plenty of writing time for me.



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212 thoughts on “Zombie Ghosts”

  1. I’m sorry you have to deal with this yet again. You are an amazing writer.

    1. Nora,
      You rock! I’m sorry you have to address this topic again. I love your work and will always be a faithful fan. Thank you for taking me on so many adventures over the years.

    2. It amazes me why people do what they do, impinge on someone’s work, they cannot have a life, so they decide to get at someone who does, your work and words are your life Nora, I am annoyed you are going through this again, I for one am always the first to get your books as soon as they are in the stores, you have a huge following all over the world, I started reading your books from your first book, I now have a spare room full of your books, (and other authors) you have kept me sane through some awful times, and can tell its your work, so thank you for all your hard work, and cannot wait for the next one, keep safe and well, and hope this vaccine does it’s job.thank you again. XX ❤❤📚

  2. As a long time fan, I am offended that anyone would accuse use of using a ghost. I love your books . Anyone who looks at your body of work can see change over the years as you gain life experience . I just finished your latest JD Robb book and eagerly await your next book; which is always worth the wait.
    Thank you

  3. What makes me crazy on your behalf is that anyone who actually reads your books can recognize your writing style. As someone who has been reading your books forever, I’ve been able to see how your writing has changed, what has stayed the same, and I’m constantly reminded why I will buy your books without knowing the plot line. Social media makes it way too easy to mouth off about others, especially when someone has worked for decades on building their career. Sorry you have to keep dealing with these zombies.

    1. Exactly! Nora has a VERY distinct writing style. I don’t care how much someone tries to emulate it (I’m sure there’s fan fiction out there that tries), another writer would never get it right. It would always read just a bit “off.”

      Even in cases in which an author dies and someone else continues their series of novels (not a ghostwriter per se, but one of those “Famous writer X series, written by Y,” it is always slightly different, as each writer brings a bit of himself/herself to the work.

      Yes, obviously some authors do use ghostwriters, but I’d hazard a guess that those authors do not have a particularly distinct writing style (or at least not that the reader would know – such as in the case of celebrities “writing” novels that used ghostwriters starting with book one).

  4. You are an amazing writer! I became interested in reading by reading one of your books. I’ve read other authors after getting interested in reading your books, but will always return to yours.

    1. The people that criticize the most have no knowledge or care to obtain knowledge. I think they wake every day looking for the bad in all and create negativity for their own pleasure. Terrible way to exist. I admire your work ethic and know that every word I read has come from your heart and passion for entertaining your avid followers.

    2. You are and will always be my favorite writer! You make the characters come alive in your books. I have read most of your books and love them all! Never stop writing! Always be you! Forget about the jealous haters! They’re not worth wasting your breath on!

    1. I am shocked at the stupidity of the American people these days. Especially readers. You are one of my favorites and I have one whole section of books just 4 you! I guess the only thing to do is pray, because it one of the thousands of things you can’t control. Except if you have ducktape. 🌝

    1. Love all of your books, sorry people suck. My wife had really bad vertigo and put fresh ginger in her water when she had attacks. It really helped.

    2. I will gladly join your army. I would recommend to ignore the jealousy and hatred of others but I know it is so difficult to do. I just want to say that I admire you and your work. I want to thank you for helping me through such a difficult time we are living. Making a difference is all we want to do in our lifetime and you have definitely have made a difference. Your books are something I look forward to read. I especially love the IN DEATH series. Keep up the great work.

  5. I am sorry you have to keep dealing with this. Excited you are getting your second covid vaccine. People love to believe lies and bring out the pitch forks. They need to learn some Witches wont burn.

    1. Love all of your stories that I have read and will love the ones I’ve yet to read! You create such a magical world with your words and no one would be able to match your ability to do this.

  6. I will say one thing quickly enough, I love you Nora. I am grateful. AND so glad to know and love writing skills. So back off you brainless people, leave Nora alone. To my way of thinking your jealous.

  7. As the first comment states, you ARE an amazing writer. You have delighted and entertained us, made us think, made us feel, and given us something to look forward to every time one of your books is published. Those of us who’ve read your books since the beginning know and believe how hard you work and how talented you are. Count on us to help you swing that metaphorical axe and PLEASE, keep dong what you do!

  8. I love all your books. Some more than others. I am rereading some oldies now. Summer Pleasures. Still love it. Thank you for your dedication to writing such wonderful books.
    Linda Smith

  9. Love your books. They are my favorite way to relax!! Sorry people are so jealous of you and your work. I am so very grateful for your love of your job.

  10. Years ago I had the pleasure of visiting TTP. I was an avid Nora Roberts fan but had not started on the In Death series. I asked someone (possibly Nora’s DIL?) if Nora had a big research staff (only asked because of her amazing depth of the topics in her books!). She assured me that Nora uses the internet and I totally believed her and still do. I got my first In Death book that day and have read the series many times. Keep slaying the zombies, Nora and Laura. Your fanbase speak volumes!

  11. Hello Ms. Nora. I’m sorry that you have to issue this statement repeatedly. SMH… You are a fantabulous author. The In Death series is my favorite. You have made me laugh, cry, be sad, angry, happy, all in one book. Sometimes in one chapter. For that I thank and love you. You have also, occasionally, caused me to greet the sunrise, because I couldn’t put the book down. For that, I hate you… LOL I also want thank Laura for dealing with all the social media. Great job.

    1. I have been reading your books for over 35 years and I have loved every book. You are unique and that someone would suggest that you have a “ghost writer” is so absurd that it would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad and cruel.
      I don’t understand this new world we live in where people post cruel and nasty things. I am focusing instead on what myself and other Texans have gone thru this week and continue to deal with and the truly good people who shared their generators, opened their homes to people who no longer had a home or were dealing with trying to cope with no electricity or water. Brought food and clothing to shelter or went out in their trucks to save people who were stuck in the water or snow.
      I choose to believe that your true readers are like the saviors who helped in Texas. Good people who are grateful to you for bring joy into their lives with each book YOU write. Thank you Nora!!

  12. I just don’t understand people , and probably never will.
    Why don’t these troll’s stop their whining and get on with their life and leave you alone.
    I feel for you Nora , you DON’T have to justify anything you do to anyone, ever.
    All your loyal fan’s know how hard you work, and allow us now and then a glimpse into your everyday life, which we all cherish, it’s not often an Author does that.
    So I’m at least grateful for all your story’s and all the hard work you put into your writing to give us the story’s we love.
    So I appreciate you, and thank you.xx

    1. I wish I had the ability to put my thoughts & words into a book like you do. Keep writing & ignore the people who have negative comments to make. ❤️

  13. I’m astounded anyone would even go there.. I have read everything you have ever written and you are one of the few authors I buy without even thinking about it. You have a style that can’t be matched and, even when the stories are different, they are unmistakably you.
    If I see anything, I will surely send it your way.. but stupidity abounds unchecked these days. And jealousy is going to always be rampant.. who wouldn’t want to be NR?
    I hope the vertigo clears quickly.. yay for the second vaccine (my husband gets his second in a couple weeks).
    Awesome news on the grandbabies (we had our first less than five months ago and live for the day we will get to meet him and snuggle him (they live in CA and are military, son currently deployed..and baby was born with some serious issues that kept him in NICU for 8 weeks but he is home and well on his way to catching up and being adorable…and we live in NY).
    Just spent the week rereading Island of Glass series and your latest Eve and Roarke.. thank you for making the down time, during this pandemic, easier.

    1. I have read your books…..almost all of them. Never once have I thought you used a ghost writer. That’s all YOU!!! Your brains, hard work, energy, research and those stories I love so much. I have always wanted to be a writer…..but have never known where to begin. So instead, I read your stories and delve into the depths of the stories….falling in love with the characters and their families. Thank you for being you. I cherish your books.

  14. As if things are not bad enough, you had to contend with that load of manure! What a crock!

    Sending loads of support! Your books matter!!!

    Thank you for the up day on your fabulous family…cannot believe Logan is old enough to drive!!! Hoping you all stay well!

    And hoping there is no more vertigo! Cannot begin to imagine how uncomfortable that has to be!!!

  15. As a very long time reader and avid fan , please count me among your army.

  16. I have been an avid reader my whole life, starting at about 12. One of the first books I fell in love with was yours back while you were doing Silhouette. I have your entire body of work now. I have never once thought you used a ghost writer. Has your worked changed? Yes. But so have you. You have grown and explored new concepts, cultural norms, and dynamics. But YOU have always left your stamp. I don’t understand how anyone could read your work and not hear your true voice. Personally I have found you to be an formidable woman and an inspirational person. So I thank you for your hard work please don’t ever let the ignorant get you down.

  17. Really? Again? I have read NR since 1981 and JDR since 1996. In 1981, I read Harlequin and then Silhouette because my kids were little and I could put the book down and come back to it without driving my self crazy. But I do read other authors, all have a different style. SEP and Kristan Higgins, NR, within a few paragraphs I know who has written the book.
    I have the greatest respect for authors. Not only crafting a story that pulls me in but the research! Chasing Fire with Rowan and the smoke jumpers, The Awakening with Breen and all the Gaelic and knowledge of the mystical and today’s book, Faithless in Death, all the police procedures.
    NR/JDR uses alliteration, I love it. Analogies and metaphors, it amazes me. I tried to write, great idea, too much work after I sat at the computer. I am a great nurse.
    I have to go, have to finish Faithless.

  18. I first read one of your books way back when you wrote strictly romance. I was hooked. I love your story telling. My favorite emails are the ones from TTP to tell me my book has shipped.

  19. Love your books. The process of the writers I read is amazing! Love to be able to do what you do. My brain isn’t wired for it. I just get to enjoy the outcome of awesomely, beautiful books. My favorite thing to do. The complainers need to MYOB there just jealous.
    Keep doing what you do so well and I’ll keep reading them. Thank you ! Have a awesome weekend ❣️

  20. What is going on with the vertigo??? You are like the third person in a week that’s had this!!! I suffer from migraines and was hit with one this week also!
    Hoping you’re feeling better!
    No one should have to deal with being sick and all this other crap too.

    1. I had that. It was some crystals from the middle ear that snuck out to play. Had to go to a physical therapist to convince them to back where they belong. It’s called BPPV: Benign Positional Paroxymal Vertigo. My mom and sister had it too.

  21. Envy thy name be “Dissatisfied Ghostwriter”!! Nora, every knock is a boost 👍🏼

  22. “And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?”
    “Off with their heads!” (This part is especially relevant , under the circumstances!)
    From Alice in Wonderland

  23. Anyone who has read many of your books should recognize your style. I know I do. Just as I recognize and enjoy the styles of all the authors I read on a regular basis. I believe I would know in one chapter or less if I was reading something not written by you.

  24. I have been reading since the early Silhouette romance days and hae enjoyed how your work has evolved and changed while still keeping your unique voice. Anyone who reads your works knows it’s you and not a ghost
    Oh, and I love, live live the use of pop culture references in your books and blog!
    “We are not the Borg “

  25. So sorry you have to go thru this! As has been said, you have a unique style that should be recognizable to any long time readers. That style is what keeps us coming back time after time. Thank you for all the pleasure you give your readers!

  26. Nora, count me in as a member of your army. I know you have run into this so often. Just keep being you and writing my favorite books. You are amazing.

  27. You are always my hero, Nora, b/c of your amazing skill and work ethic and of course, your wonderful stories. Writing is very hard, demanding work. Anyone who doubts that has never done any writing. As a life-long fan, I have read everything you have written since the beginning. Your books reside on my bookshelves and I read them over and over. You have grown and evolved and matured over the years with me, and isn’t that wonderful! Still my favorite author, still cranking out amazing stories (I’m currently rereading The Awakening during this long winter storm) with your glorious narratives and oh-so clever and believable dialogue. Thank you for all the good times!!

  28. Keep swinging, keyboard warriors and haters gonna hate. We continue to support – petty, insecure and unfulfilled people x

  29. What a pain to have to defend your own! What an honor and accomplishment to have the body of work to defend. What a world we’ve become. Stress of Covid at our respective age (my 2nd shot is 8 days away too) plus stress of politics (you’ve picked your points of social issues throughout the years via your books, but I gotta say I LOVED your depiction of the Huffman family and the Natural Order…after my jaw dropped I started laughing with glee that I knew I liked you for a reason!), you don’t need to have to waste your energy on stupidity from low sources.
    Quick question, were you the young author who was an intern at The Washington Post newspaper in the Sports section who made the lead story in ShopTalk for having gained a publisher (can’t remember which tho’ romance affiliated) and a contract for the next couple of books and resigned her job to write full time ? First published book included a race horse I believe. I read that story as a new employee in ‘82 I think, but have never remembered her name or nom de plume. At any rate it cold but sunny in my part of Maryland. Enjoy your day.

    1. While I hate to use the word Stupidity, I am truly amazed with the actions of some. I wait on pins & needles for your next NR/JDR. I would know the difference as over the years we know your wisdom & prolific style. The scum surfaces sometimes. Keep doing what you, thank your beautiful way to make us want to know a little more…of where you have taken us.

  30. I’ve been reading your work since I was 16 years old. I recently just celebrated my 40th in lockdown, missing my family in Scotland as I now live in England. Over the years you have been a light for the dark times in my life and your stories gave me courage and belief in myself. You have inspired and I just want to say a big screw you to all those nay sayers and an extra big thank you to you. You rock lady and are a legend in my book.

  31. These people that start these rumor are jealous hacks that don’t want to put the time and effort into working to crawl their way to the top. Instead they start rumors in hopes they will be seen. F’ them! We know you do your own writing and it is sad that you have to keep putting it out there. If I see it I will definitely let you know but I will get my swings in too. 🙂

  32. Nora
    Don’t know if you will ever read this but yeah you. We lived in keedy for 6 years Boonsboro for 1. My husband was pastor of Salem UMC. Loved area. So proud of you and Dan and family for just being You. Loved your wedding series and of course your Boonsboro one. Keep on all of you being YOU. Good luck with vertigo. I have had that. We are in Westmonster now if you ever get this way. Love and stay safe and well.
    Jacki Stranathan

  33. Your voice resonates in every little thing I’ve ever read of yours, right down to your blog posts and rate social media appearances. The fact that people can read even one of your books and not recognize that same passion for WORK and PURPOSE that you have in each of your characters astonishes me. If they got a true feel for your characters, they wouldn’t doubt you yourself have that same zeal. Clearly anyone making this accusation is simply an unintelligent skimmer.

    I am so grateful for you and your words, even when it’s a necessarily harsh blog or Facebook post. It rights my ship!

  34. I am so sorry you have to deal with this crap Nora. I have been reading your books for most of my forty four years, and haven’t stopped! It angers me that people still continue to try and bring you down because of petty jealousy. You are an amazing writer and story teller!

  35. How incredibly sad that you even have to defend yourself like this, jealousy is an ugly thing. It’s always been clear to me that you love what you do and that your creative brain simply never goes on vacation, lol, and I have always been in awe of that. Your dedication to your craft is amazing and I, for one, am grateful for you. Just keep doing what YOU do best because your fans appreciate YOUR hard work and dedication. Xoxo

  36. Love you Nora and all your books! I have a dedicated Nora/JD bookcase! So sorry you have to deal with these poopheads. Consider me part of the army .

  37. Isn’t is amazing how some never outgrow their high school behavior of jealousy and pettiness? So sorry this keeps rearing it’s ugly head. You’ve got this and we’ve got you! 🤜 🤛

  38. Nora anyone who has ever read more than one of your books would be able to see your writing style and know without a doubt it was you. I love your books and you are one of my go to authors! I have read all of your trilogies and series and am currently reading all of your In Death series and of course many of your stand alone through the years. You are a goddess of the written word and I’m sorry that there are jealous mean spirited people who would try to discredit your genius and creativity. Know your true fans will always have your back! Bless you and hope you are feeling better!

    1. It’s just some idiot on TikTok trying to sell her upcoming book. Soooooo stupid.

  39. I have known you from before you decided to write and spent many an evening playing games with you and your family. I remember when you decided to submit your first book and can attest to the fact that you do your own writing. I am sorry you have to put up with this but I know your many fans don’t believe this junk. Keep going.

  40. Why are people such assholes?! I guess it’s jealousy or something else.
    I wait with bated breath for each new release. The excitement that I get when I get the text from my library that one of your books are available for checkout, makes me giddy with reader love.
    Thank you for your talented mind and your dedication to your craft.

  41. Nora, I can’t write like you. I have a need to read and you fulfill that need. I have never, ever thought that you would use a ghostwriter. That would be just absurd. I have been reading your books since you started publishing-and I can honestly say at a bookstore or a library the first area I head to is the area with your books. I’ll help you swing that ax.

  42. Go Nora! Love your books and so admire your discipline and love of a good story! No one who reads your books and enjoys them knows that no one can imitate your lovely style and characters! In fact I often use your characters to inspire me! Abra and Shelby for instance! By the way Nora have you considered a cookbook as I love your recipes in the books!! Keep going and use our thoughts and loving wishes to keep going!

  43. People need to get a grip, it’s way easier to whine then to do. Your fans know and love your work, except for the people flat out lying, don’t worry about them and just do what you do. We, your loyal fans, are here, and don’t worry about their jealous nonsense!

  44. I am 54 years old. I was literally and honestly in my first book club when I was three years old. Unless too sick, I have read every day of my life since I was nearly four years old. And I can say with absolute certainty that I believe you have never used a ghost writer. No one, and believe me, I have tried and failed to find someone who does, but absolutely no one writes like you do! No one has your cadence, rhythm, whatever you want to call it, when writing. In fact, I often joke that you have ruined me for other authors, because no one writes with the same skills at dialogue, at the smoothness of telling a flat out entertaining and absorbing story, and again, believe me, I have tried time and again to find someone who does so that I don’t have to wait months at a time to read a good book. I’m not saying there are no other good writers, I’m simply saying none of them have your style. I swear you could hand me an unidentified manuscript, and I would know within the first chapter that you had written it. Thank you for your hard work. I’m sorry you have to deal with this.

  45. Seriously, again?! People do things like that because with your name in there, they know it will get traction. Jealousy at your creativity, longevity, and success. Do I really really like every one of your books? Probably not. But neither do I like every episode of my favorite shows. But the percentage is high enough, I buy or library borrow every one. Hang in there.

    Oh, hey, here’s one for that ghostwriter claim… if you used a ghost writer(s), you would have those trilogy books out zip zip zip because you could farm it out. Since you do not, it is a year between!

  46. Nora,
    I recently saw an interview, on an entertainment show, with a major mystery writer, who was talking about how many books he had written.
    He said, he usually wrote an outline of 60 pages, then passed it off, to other writers to finish. 😱
    That this was the only way, he could write so many books.
    First, I was shocked, because I never thought of the process that way, or that particular writer either.To each his own, I suppose.

    When I was younger I wanted to be a writer. The thought of saying I wrote something, when I really didn’t, would never occur to me.😳😱 It just wouldn’t be right, to me.

    I’ve been a fan, since Harlequin romances, & I’m going through a list, of everything you’ve ever written, crossing them off one by one.
    I even have a special Nora Shelf.😁❤️

    I hope to someday come stay at the Inn, meet you and Laura, get a signed book, and get some pizza, ice cream etc.

    I wonder if , the item on tv, on a big celebrated writer,(male not female) brought this idea of ghost writing to the forefront, therefore bringing this old horse chestnut up again? ?🤔

    I love your writing, your blog, With your cooking and gardening, and shopping and travel! (I am working my way through my house, room by room, closet by closet, drawer by drawer, to purge donate and simplify, during this crazy pandemic!)
    Hubby & I Take time off, to cook, bake, create, & play, with our Puppy love, Ruby Red, the Vizsla.

    Your Norites, know your process. We believe in you.
    Anybody else, can go pound sand.😈

    I have suffered for years with bouts of vertigo. This time while I was taking physical therapy for neck and shoulder issues, I had a flare up. When I mentioned this to my wonderful therapist, he sent a request to add vertigo treatment to my PT plan. After the first session I was 50% better. After the third session I was vertigo free. One week.
    Nora, haters are going to hate. Nobody writes like you do.

  48. First of all, it’s obvious people who say this do not know, read or follow you. You shouldn’t have to reiterate this every few years because of ignorant people. Second, girl vertigo is the devil. I have it too and 40 years ago before they knew what TMJ was I spend a full year almost bedridden because of the pain and vertigo. Yuck. You have my deepest. And finally, if you got the Moderna vaccine, watch out for that 2nd shot. You may have 24-36 hours of flu like symptoms. I tell everyone to plan accordingly. Sucks, but better than COVID! Good luck, blessings and don’t let the morons get your Irish up. 😉

  49. Why do people assume that because you’re a prolific writer, you must have ghost writers? I worked as editor of the RWR for 5 years, and at RWA you were always known for your strong work ethic. Everyone knew that you worked almost every day, and I’m sure you still do. Don’t let the jealousy get to you. I love your books and enjoyed seeing you at the RWA conference every year I worked there. Plus, your books are all you. Someone could hand me one of your books with the jacket ripped off, and I’d know it was your voice, your book.

    Sorry about your vertigo. My mom had that off and on for years. It did go away about 6 years ago and hasn’t returned. So, there’s hope yours will too.

    Stay warm and keep writing!

  50. They are just jealous of your success. I was actually fooled one time when I purchased what I thought was one of your novels on Amazon. She/he used Nora A-Z Roberts. Can’t remember what initial it was. Her writing was horrible and within the first page you could tell it wasn’t you. I sent a scathing review and reported it to Amazon. It was removed.
    You have your own voice. It’s authentic and readers who have read you for years can “hear” your voice in your written words. When you first wrote your “In Death” books, you changed your tone but not your voice. When you wrote Year One, you changed your tone but not your voice. Keep being you and keep treating us to your amazing talent.

  51. Nora…I’m sorry you must continue to deal with people who are clearly jealous of your talent. I just want to thank you for sharing it with us. I own every one of your books either in E-format or print and some in both. I crave your next book as soon as I finish one!! It’s sickening that we live in a world where it’s accepted that to feel good about yourself you tear someone else down. Again, thank you for the joy you bring with every book you write!

  52. The countless hours you have taken me away, to Ireland, around New York, off planet. The meals you’ve served, the romances you’ve shared, the plots you’ve created amaze me with every book I read. Have there been any that I didn’t enjoy as much as others, sure. It shows how real you are. I’m sure you have a lot more followers and admirers than those who doubt your integrity. Thank you for years of entertainment and tears and laughter. I wish you many more years of success. Thank you for being a big part of my reading.

  53. I don’t know why people keep messing with you and your work. I gather they are jealous, but still they need to think before they speak.

    I’m in your army.

  54. Exactly this! I too have been reading Nora for years and many of her books multiple times. Her voice is distinctive and incomparable! For shame on her doubters!

  55. I have never thought that you use “ghosts”. No one can write like you. I’d know if it wasn’t your voice. It’s a shame people have to be so negative and jealous of somebody elses talent and fame. Keep on wriring. I just wish there were 2 of you so that I could keep up with Eve and Roark and gang.

  56. Consider me enlisted! May the zombies be defeated. I’ve enjoyed reading since I was a kid. As an avid reader, I’m so grateful for your storytelling. I too can stay up into the wee hours of the night reading because I can’t let go of the story line and characters especially in your books. I can re-read your books over and over whether if be NR or JDR. It’s like visiting old friends. Perhaps why I so enjoy your series approach in many of your story lines as the characters evolve and grow. Just as we all should in our own lives. Hope the vertigo goes bye bye soon!

  57. Keep swinging that axe because we all know it’s going to happen again and again. Sometimes it seems to me that the whole point of it is to make themselves seem relevant when what it does is the opposite. Thank you Nora for writing amazing stories and taking me on countless journeys and thank you Laura for all that you do to help Nora and keep us fans updated. I appreciate it more than words can convey.

  58. Thank you Nora for all your amazing books and your blogs. I enjoy each and everything you write. Anyone who knows you and knows your work knows you have your own style that cannot be matched or copied. It isn’t possible for anyone else to create the visual images with words like you do. Your characters and settings come alive as only you can make them do so. Thank you for standing up for what is right and letting us see both your pain and your joy. I can’t imagine it is easy but it is appreciated. I had the joy of meeting you in Houston many years ago and I treasure my autographed book and photo you took with me. I look forward to your next book. I have always been and will always be your fan and I am truly grateful for the gift of your writing.

  59. Some people are just jealous and want to try to take successful people down. It is ridiculous and hurtful. I’m in your army, Nora. I have friends who are writers and each one has a different process. Your process works for you and produces some of the best work that I’ve ever read. Thoroughly enjoy your books.

    I got my first vaccine yesterday and have second scheduled for March 12.

    Again, thank you for the years of entertainment!

  60. Anyone who has read your books knows you have a consistent style of writing. Your story lines have evolved over the years, you can see the changes in the lives of the characters as the world has evolved. If you go from reading one of your earliest books to reading one more recent, some may not recognize they were written by a single person, unless you look at the basic format of how you write, only then can you see the similarities which has changed very little over the years. I’ve seen other writers mimic your style but they always have some of their own mixed in as long as you know where to look. These “zombies” as you call them will unfortunately never disappear. They seem to be more like hydra, get rid of one and more will show up, likely the same these days with more screen names. I wish you the best of luck with your patience and everything else it takes to get past the endless supply of negativity in the world. Your books are among the best form of release I have ever found to get past that in my own life and I am severely frustrated that the most naïve and hypocritical people in our world seem to be the most outspoken.

  61. I appreciate your work ethic and love your books. Your writing is the only work that I reread constantly, both Nora and JD. I look forward to your new works and buy them as soon as I can get to the store. I too have enlisted in your army.

  62. Count me in on the defense! Really ridiculous that you have had to deal with this YET AGAIN! Keep writing and I will keep reading !

  63. Social media gave all the haters on the planet a platform. We can all be open minded and try to understand the place they are coming from. But I say fuck em! My life. You have no say and I choose not to let you in. You’re an amazing writer. I particularly love your stories about magics and fantasy. I’m very pleased you are able to write so many wonderful stories and reading them has brought me so much pleasure. Thank you and please don’t stop.

  64. Count me in on the defense! Really ridiculous that you have had to deal with this YET AGAIN! Keep writing and I will keep reading ! I certainly have enjoyed your books and I love hearing about your grands and family!

  65. I, too, suffer from vertigo. I’m sorry you have to suffer with it and try to meet deadlines and deal with people who don’t think you do your own writing. Have loved you for 20 years and am binge reading you now out of stress. Thank you for the stress relief!!!

  66. I have been reading your books since the Silhouette days. Whenever I saw your name on a book it was in my cart!! I have certain authors that I keep their books, and you are at the top of the list. I have over filled numerous book shelves with your books. I especially ADORE Eve and Roark. I never thought you used ghost writers. I’d know your style of writing anywhere. The small petty jealous people who accuse you are just that…small petty and jealous. Keep on writing your way. I finish a book and I can’t wait for the next one. I am a re-reader of your books. I’ve re-read every one..numerous times. Especially Eve and Roark.
    Take care. Stay safe

    Keep on writing I finish a book and I can’t wait for the next one!! Take care!!

  67. I have loved your books since I was in high school. I gravitated toward you as an author because of your style of writing, whether you are writing as Nora Roberts or as J.D. Robb. You are extremely talented. Due to your talent, your dedication, imagination, perseverance, etc, you have become successful. As I’m sure most people know, there are many out there who are jealous. I’m sorry you have to go through this, especially given the political things you just endured. You are my favorite author. Keep on writing because us true fans are always awaiting your next book!

  68. And here I thought you just can’t write fast enough to satisfy me! I’m left yearning for the next book! 😉 Which is good. Very good! ❤️

  69. Dear Nora:
    I began reading your books as soon as you were published…and never stopped. Why? Because I loved your style! So many characters and about the time I thought I would forget one…they showed up again! So fun to read…and over the years, I’ve come to recognize YOUR style…no one else could do this but you! Pay no mind to sad, narrow minded trolls….jealousy causes them to be evil. They can never take what you have given us! I, for one, am eternally grateful for Nora Robert’s and her next book…whenever that may be! Thank you!!

  70. I love your books, Nora. Faithless in Death was wonderful. Just keep writing and ignore those “ nay sayers.” They’re just jealous and bitter. I always told my kids not to whine, it’s not pretty.
    Glad to hear about your vaccine. I have my first scheduled for March 2nd. Take care. Here’s hoping for days in Boonsboro to return to signings.

  71. My father had over 360 novels published in his lifetime, plus over 50 non-fiction books. He wrote like you did, 6-8 hours a day. I KNOW you were your own books, and I’m a huge fan girl.


  72. As a loyal reader of your books since forever, count me in as one of your soldiers. I am glad that you are dealing with this issue (again) with grace and style. Thumbs up for you.
    I would like to thank Laura (yet again) for keeping us fans on the loop.

  73. Your enduring contribution to my life are the strength of your female characters. You’ve built an amazing variety of backdrops for their stories and amazing male characters to support them. You do good work and it makes my life better. I hope you can take comfort from that.

  74. Nora, I’m so sorry that jealous writers keep bringing up the nonsense that you use ghost writers. I use to read the 55K romances, now I read your regular size novels as Nora, and of course I gobble the JD Robb novels.
    Your loyal fans and readers know you don’t ghost! Sue those who libel you. You’re entitled to. I know it’s a lot of bother, but maybe it would stop them.

  75. Nora, what the hell is wrong with people? What next??? It actually is a compliment to the success you have that people are so nasty about you. I had not heard about this ghost writing business coming up again, but if I had, I would have been backing you up immediately. God bless. Sorry about the vertigo, too. A daughter and a sister-in-law both suffer with it, and it’s terrible, I can tell. Love you a bunch, Nora. Take care.

  76. My sister commented a few years back that she’d heard that you use ghostwriters because no one can produce so many books in a year. She got an immediate response from me! Part of which described your work process & the other part being that all of your books have an NR feel. Your writing style is distinctive; when reading Naked in Death, I started wondering if it was you writing it because it had that feel. (and as a librarian, I was able to confirm it!) So go after those dang zombies, Nora, we’ll be out there helping you!

    I hope you’ve gotten over the vertigo & the doc has figured out what caused it so you don’t have to deal with it again! Not a fun thing in life at all!

  77. Been reading you since “Irish Thoroughbred” was published in Silhouette. You are a great writer and it sad to see what we have become. Lies become truth and truth is now the lie. Good for you to stand up for truth and we stand with you

  78. I’ve read all your books. Have them all, in fact. Reread them often. Your style is yours alone. Anyone saying otherwise is a whiner and jealous as hell. Thanks for doing what you do.

  79. Reading has always been a pleasure and an escape for me! I have been reading your books for the last 20 years and have enjoyed them immensely. My husband says I have too many Nora Roberts books and I say there is no such thing, cause I don’t have all of them! Social media, for me is only good for keeping up with my family and friends who live in South Carolina and I live in Washington state. By the way The books you have set in both places are special favorites of mine. Haters will always hate and jealous people can’t find a life, so they have to whine. i know how to scroll on past stupid people an I’m sure that most of your fans do also.

  80. I don’t know you, Nora. But I’ve read your books and your words create a mind escape that I can lose myself in your books. I dive right in and everything can wait, the dishes, the cleaning and laundry.
    I’m reading a Nora Roberts book and everyone leave me alone.
    I’ve been to 2 signings.:
    1. With my daughter, Ryan
    2. With my Hubby
    The first signing I told you, “I remember the first 2 books I read of yours; Blithe Images and Song of the West. They had me laughing and I bought them at a garage sale for $1.00.
    Then you asked me, “What is your favorite book now?” And I replied, “It’s not just one book, it’s a trilogy; Inn Boonsboro.” “Why?” You asked me. And I said, “Because it’s about family. The way a family works no matter what. Helping each other loving and gating each other and the Mom you created, Justine, is just amazing.” You said, “Thank you.” It was time that I moved from the line, but before I went I looked into your eyes and said, “You won’t remember me after I walk away. How could you? You have a lot of fans and I’m one in a million, but to let you know, I WILL remember this for the rest of my life. Thank you for signing my books and being who you are. A great writer and taking me to places I thought I would never visit.” You looked at me and said, “That was sweet.” I smiled and said, “It’s the truth.” I took my signed books and paid for them and I left.
    The second visit was a bit more exciting. My Hubby, Joe, went with me. We stayed in the Inn in the Elizabeth and Darcy room and it was sooo beautiful.
    The staff and the food was soo good! We explored the Inn and wrote in all the books I could write in. Then we went to the signing.
    I asked Laura, “There is nothing written about gifts. I have something for Nora.” Laura replied, “No there’s not”
    You, Nora, looked up and said, “I’ll accept gifts anytime.” We laughed and I waited patiently. I was kinda nervous because you are you and I’m just me.
    When it came my time to go up, I handed you a velvet box, “This is for you.”
    You looked at it and opened it. Your expression was one of surprise.
    In the velvet box was a earring and necklace set that had the Irish weaved Celtic Knot.
    I hoped you liked it.
    Of course Laura took pictures because it was the Halloween signing and you were dressed like a purple fairy.

    Thank you thank you fir being who you are and I do stand up for you when someone says, “Nora Roberts uses different writers. There’s no way she can puns out so many books!” I respond, “Really? How do you know? So let me ask you, ‘You work 8 hours a day right? Or do you have someone work for you?’ It can be done. Nora’s outstanding at what she does. She’s an awesome writer and cares about her craft and will protect it. As will I protect Nora Roberts.” Thus person looked at me and said, “Why defend her? She doesn’t even know you are alive.”
    I blinked and simply said, “No she doesn’t. But I KNOW she is alive and I will defend her, straight up.”
    And before I actually punched them, I walked away.
    You mean a lot to your family, friends and fans.
    And we will defend you.
    Thanks again for your books and your words.

    Cheryl Strazza

  81. My only issue with the way you write is that I have to wait for the next book in the series. That’s it. Otherwise, please keep doing what you do!

  82. Go get ’em, Nora! Too many writers farm out their storylines to ghostwriters. That is the lazy way out to generating income. Anyone with half a brain can see that you take your craft and creativity seriously. Your books require the time to research, outline, write, rewrite, edit, and then edit more. Those aren’t easy tasks, and they require a HUGE amount of time, dedication, and imagination, and your books reflect all of that hard work. Yes, writing is hard work, even when your muse strikes and urges you to put down your story on the computer screen. Your hard work is evident within the pages of all your books. If you lowered your standards to use a ghostwriter, your books would obviously show it. However, your readers know better. You’ve honed your craft to the point that your readers recognize your work immediately even without your name on the cover. So wield that axe/mallet and strike down those zombie/whack-a-mole gophers!

  83. SO appreciate you Nora. I read a LOT, many genres. I will always read every single thing you publish. I have had this exact discussion with a friend of mine. He has done some editing here and there. He INISISTS that you can’t write all these books. I tell him he is dead wrong & just shut the hell up. Like you said, how could he possibly know? He is still one of my best friends and still dead wrong. so, thanks again Nora. Funny note: A while back I dreamed that you & Stephen King were secretly married & my sister I got to visit you. LMAO.

  84. I asked you once if you had help with research. Only research nothing else. You answered me and since then I have corrected many people who have said things like this. I feel for you with the vertigo, worst thing ever. Mine fortunately was because of a new medicine the doctor put me on so easy solution stop taking the medicine. We’ve had lots of snow and cold here in Kansas but fortunately we didn’t lose power. Could you maybe write a book about someone killing the groundhog? Just kidding lol.

  85. You are an amazing writer. I thank you for all that you do. I own all your books unless I missed one or two, that’s how much I love you , and we are truly blessed that you published several books every year. Keeping you in my prayers that you will continue to bring joy to all of us. Stay safe and healthy. We love you💕

  86. your books are full of joy and creative stories! I enjoy every book!
    Everyone has the right to scrutinice things, but nobody has the right to offend and claiming ….it is sad and lame…!

    Im thankful for your great work and I hope you will write for a long time!

    I also hope your vertigo is not serious and you will be healthy as soon as possible!

    Thank you very much Nora!


  87. You mentioned you’ve worked hard to build your name, your reputation over 4 decades. That comes through very clearly in your books. I love your writing and whenever you have a new book coming out, I’m on the pre-order list and that’s because your name is on the cover. I know I’m in for a real treat and am going to make some new friends. So all those whining ghosts out there that are jealous of the reputation you’ve built, should maybe put a little more effort into creating the same work ethic you’ve created and maybe when their books hit the shelves, we’ll be lining up to buy them too.

  88. Nora, what impresses me the most about you is that you have remained true to yourself and to your community. In short, you are real. You are not pretentious, you love your family, your home, your community. You alone have enhanced Boonsboro in such amazing ways, and most importantly, through scholarships you have invested in the youth of this community. About 23 years ago, you came to Frederick Community College, where I was an employee, and gave a talk about your writing process, and how you started writing….being snow bound in the mountains with two young children. I will never forget that talk and “meeting” you for the first time. You are humble, you know your roots and have remained faithful to them. There will always be those that are “haters” and I truly think that it is hard for others to imagine that you work this hard and remain focused on core values such as your work ethic, community and family because so many people lack those in their own life. As someone who lives in your community, I am grateful for all that you have done for the town, the county, and the state. As a reader, I thank you for your tireless passion to your craft.

  89. I have maybe 10 more of your books to read. I’ve read all the rest, and the In Death series several times. I just started reading the stand alone books since lockdown began last March. I call it my Nora Masterclass.:) it’s been a huge bright spot in a dark time, and I appreciate you sharing your gift more than I can say.

    It is OBVIOUS you write your own books. There’s a rhythm, word choices, themes, skillfully done archetypes, that make it VERY CLEAR that it all comes from your brain. Even the description of physical details is clearly YOU. If I had to guess, I’d say you like glass fronted cabinets, wine, ice cream and pizza, love gardening, animals, Maryland, and Ireland. These things shine through. I LOVE your books, and thanks again.

  90. I love your books and no one can copy your style. I have read your books for years(we won’t go into how many)and while your writing style has matured your style has never changed and I don’t believe anyone could copy it. It is an unique style.

  91. From the comments , you’ve got a lot of fans out there who know who you are and what you do. I’ve read you for a long time and will read everything you write. I also think that people pick on you because you are very successful and continue to be. I know it must be frustrating to have your work belittled but YOU know who you are and what you do, as do your readers.

  92. I love your work. Never crossed my mind that you might use a ghost. No one writes like you. Ghosting would be impossible! Jealous lazy untalented people LIE.

  93. I have been a fan of your writing since the very beginning and there is absolutely no question that you write your own books. There is a certain style in the storytelling that tells me this book is one of yours. In fact, when I first started reading the JD Robb In Death series I did not know that is was you but I kept saying from the beginning how strange it was that these books reminded my so strongly of you and I checked into it because I was concerned someone was trying to rip you off. You have a unique style of writing that no one else can mimic. Anyone who says you use a ghost clearly has never read or followed you. It is an incredibly offensive claim against an extremely gifted writer who has clearly put in the time to do it so well. Anytime someone is successful there is always some troll somewhere who tries to take them down because of jealously. No one can match your talent and ability to tell a story in such a captivating manner, you have such an incredible gift and put in the time to do it right.

  94. It is so frustrating that you have to deal with this so regularly. That is why I hate social media. Any asshat can write anything. People will believe it. They do no want to educate themselves it’s easier to believe the masses.

    I am a fan. I have read all your books. I love your stories. They have encouraged me to write my own. You are an inspiration to me.

    So count me in your army. Keep up the amazing work.

    I hope you feel better too, vertigo is the worst.

  95. I LOVE your work and applaud you for sticking up for yourself even though your real fans have no need for you to do so. We love, appreciate and believe in YOU.

    Take care of yourself.
    Good luck and God’s blessings

  96. When people ask how you put out so many books. I tell them she writes 6-8hrs a day Monday-Friday. I remember you putting your schedule out on adwoff many years ago. People are aghast, and to quote the late Rush Limbaugh “you need an iron butt to write”. (The ability to sit and write). When my doctor dh talks about retiring, I say “become the next Robin Cook”. He says, I don’t have the stories like Robin and Nora Roberts, nor do I have an iron butt”.

    I remember you supporting new novelists at your book signings and through the Washington Chapter of the RWA. Brad Meltzer got his start there, and I discovered many wonderful authors there. I’ve supported new authors over the years and promote them via word of mouth, social media, and gifting books. Same with the big name authors.

    It’s work. And if a ghost would take the time spent whining and started writing, they may make a name for themselves.

    As for social media. I enjoyed an author making ONE post on facebook about her day, her cruise, her new home. She puts out 2-3 books a year. Someone complained she needed to get off facebook and start writing. WTH!!!! ONE POST which many of us enjoyed. Good grief! The author stopped posting for a long time, except to promote her latest release. Sad. Many books and authors out there to read.

  97. I remember attending a book signing and this statement has always remained with me—-you said, “I do my own research because out of that research another book idea comes. If you had someone else do the research, you might miss that idea.” You are my comfort author! I cannot tell you how many of your books I have reread just in this past year. I am totally impressed with your work ethic, and it shows in your books. I cannot wait to go to another book signing.

  98. I have been reading your books for years. Your writing style, your characters age and mature in ways I recognise. Can’t wait for your next book. Jealous writers should try remembering that you have, over your many years of writing, put in the necessary time to be very, very good at what you do. Thanks for the many hours of entertainment you continue to give.

  99. I am so sorry that this has happened yet again. As always, stay strong. You are one of the best. I just finished Faithless in Death in one day. Now sad because it is done. May have to re-read. Have a lovely weekend. Waving to you from BC, Canada. 💕

  100. As a reader and a writer, I tend to recognize writing styles. I have questioned the continuity of flow of a few authors. But never yours. You have a basic style that most definitely flows throughout your body of work. The consistency alone should shut people up. What I have always found amazing was that even though your style remains solid and the same, your stories have a vibrant originality. Keep writing and continue to ignore the idiots.

  101. It saddens me to no end that you actually have to justify your craft, your creation process, just any of it.
    Your writing made me into a reader! Well, an avid audiobook reader, but nevertheless a passionate reader. And your works are responsible for that.
    Why do humans always feel the need to criticize what they do not understand?
    I want to thank you for explaining what shouldn’t have to be explained, for sharing your life, your family with us readers. It is a priveledge.

  102. Thank you for being such an awesome author! Personally, I’m grateful that you are so dedicated to your craft that it produces so many heartwarming and spellbinding books!
    Thank you, Nora Roberts and JD Robb for the gift of magic you bring into so many lives.

  103. I haven’t read any of the previous comments to this post. I have read every single one of the Nora Roberts and J D Robb books. I am 76 and have been reading longer than she has been writing because I’m a few years older than her. The accusations that she has ghost writers is ludicrous because anyone who reads her work would know that only she can tell a story as well as she does. Jealousy is a sad and ruinous way to think and live. I read a very great deal, always have and Nora is one of the best.

  104. Nora….in the early 80’s I worked in a new/used bookstore. You were doing a lot of series back then. I can personally you were one of a few writers whose books flew off the shelves.
    Your books were desired by all age groups. I know it is hard when people go at you but flick them off like a piece of lint off a sweater. They don’t deserve a moment of your time. You are the best and J. D. Robb rocks! We love you out here..❤️

  105. Good for you Nora. Stand up for your craft. We will back you up. Jealousy is an ugly thing. Instead of working harder at their craft they rather stand on the sidelines and whine. Your readers know you write your own books. Keep doing what you were born to do. We enjoy, appreciate and love every book written by you.

  106. I never thought when I left the Air Force that I’d be joining the Army, but count me in. Anyone who’s read a number of your books can tell you’re the only one who’s put ‘hands’ on the words inside. I remember you answering the question if you planned to retire with what would you do with all the stories in your head. Your ability to tell one compelling story after another is just amazing and I’m grateful. Anyone saying you don’t do your own writing is showing their jealousy and lack of ability. Hope your multitude of fans help the irritation. Stay safe.

  107. I just find some people to be jealous and vindictive. They have a hard time routing for someone else to succeed! I always find it hopeful, because if they can succeed the maybe so can I! I am very happy for your success and take a very small amount of credit for it.. due to the many books I have purchased. May you continue to write all those books I love

  108. Nora, I am totally amazed at your amazing and creative mind. As far as I’m concerned I don’t believe there is any other writer that can write like you. I have read books by other authors and can finish them pretty quickly. When I read your work I take my time reading it because of all the wonderful details and descriptions in the books. I don’t want to rush through and miss anything. Your books have made me cry and laugh so much over the years and I love you for it. Thank you so much for being you.

  109. Nora, I have been a long time reader. Many years ago, I even met you for a MARA event in KCMO. Anyway, I still think you are one of the most gifted, talented writers we have today. I’m not trying to butter you up or anything. This just the way I feel about your books. Any time I pick up any of your books, I am guaranteed to be swept away into that world you created. In this time, that is a very welcomed escape. Thank you.

    Count me in on your army.

  110. Nora, I am so sorry you have to deal with this situation. I love your writing! So much that I collect your books, and have been collecting them for the past 30+ years. Keep hoping someday I will get to meet you. You are an amazing writer!
    I suffer from Ménière’s disease, so I know how bad vertigo can be. Hope you feel better soon!
    I will be in your army forever!

  111. Nora, you have helped me through so many hard times in my life, and a lot of comfort, and just joy in your writing. You’ve been my “Calgon Take Me Away” author from the beginning of your career, and I’m so frustrated and sorry you have to keep dealing with these kind of morons.
    Count me in your army!

  112. It is amazing how anyone would believe you would ever use a ghost writer. I have read every “in Death books” and 90% of your other books. I have read the books and read of your travels. You give us a world in each book that reflects your values of family and the world. There is no way anyone else could write your books. I am and always will be one of your faithful readers. Please keep up the great work.

  113. What’s wrong with people? You have your own writing style, as do we all, and a “zombie” couldn’t copy it no matter how hard s/he tried. I’ve never heard anyone say you use a ghostwriter, only that they enjoy your books. Stay warm and safe!F

  114. First of all congrats to Logan! And glad to hear all your grandchildren are doing well. I, like so many others who commented, find myself annoyed whenever someone makes the claim that you don’t write your own books. You can count me in your army. And I agree. Vertigo sucks!

  115. I’m 50 years old and started reading Nora when I was 15, so I’m a long time fan. I had the opportunity to set someone straight on the ghost issue at a local book fair. She was surprised that I pushed back on her misinformation. I think a lot of these people are repeating rumors because taking the time to get the facts straight is something that happens to other people. So as I roam my little area of the world, I will continue to correct false facts and enjoy the four new books a year that I receive from a much loved author.

  116. I’m sorry you have to keep rehashing this. I have been reading and re-reading your books since Irish Thoroughbred. They have given me so much. Through them I fell in love with Ireland and found my second home. To he** with the assh*\e$, they are idiots! Thank you for all you’ve given me and as a result a place that I can share with my family.

  117. Any one impugning your work should be fed to the zombies. Love *your* work.

  118. I love your books. I’ve read them for years, I’ve them all. I will continue to do so. I always check when the next is out. I’m a big fan and don’t listen to the bs. Keep writing and I’ll be reading.

  119. Goodness, another idiot,when will these naysayers stop with there stupid rhetoric, I have been a serious fan of your’s, I have read every book you have written,there is no way you use ghost writers,how many times do you have to say “I don’t use ghost writers”,from your first book onwards you have excelled in your books,I have been collecting your books since day 1,I now have my own library,with your books,and several different authors,its how I am able wait for the next book you write,I do not know any other writer who is as prolific a writer than you,I can only think they are so jealous of your much earned respect,I thank you so very much ,your books kept me sane when my husband of nearly 50 years died,, I know your writing Miss Nora,take no notice of those Neanderthals, your the best of the best writers,thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the happy times and the not so happy times,you ROCK.
    Gerry X ❤

  120. I love your books and think it’s wonderful you write so many! I love reading and listening to them over and over again! I’m so sorry people are so ugly and write terrible stuff about you. This is currently a crazy world we live in where people have forgotten to BE NICE AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Books help me escape to another world, time and place in the craziness. Please if you can just remember your fans and how much we love your books and just ignore the ugly in the world! I’m a public health nurse in Florida and I’m so happy you took the COVID vaccine! Take care! Just think about the ones who love your books!

  121. Count me in. I will be part of the your Zombie eradicating army. Before reading this post I would have said I have been reading your books as long as you have been writing but I think I should more accurately say I have been reading your books as long as you have been published. I am a decades long fan and having read your books I will say this without any doubt at all – you do not use ghostwriters. You have a distinct voice in your writing no matter the subject and that voice would not be consistent over time if you did not write everything yourself. Yes you have grown as a writer over the several decades you have been published but then I have grown in my career too and would expect nothing less but your voice – that is the same from book to book and genre to genre. I am an avid reader and when you read an author for a long period of time you come to know their style, their cadence, their turn of phrase. You come to know the part to themselves they are willing to share with you and when that changes, even slightly, it is jarring as you read because there is another voice there that is just slightly off (or majorly off in some cases). So yeah count me in.

  122. Just adding my note of support to the above comments. Thank you for your work. Since being introduced to you in 2004 through a stranger’s recommendation, I have enjoyed reading almost every book you’ve had published. I’m not drawn to every genre, but I’m glad your library of work is so varied.
    I don’t follow social media at all, so I salute Laura for providing the blog access. It’s a choice I prefer. Thank you again for having the strength of character to ignore the bad actors and continue to create entertainment for those of us who can’t. Here’s to your continued success (especially with the ID series). 💕

  123. It’s sad to hear this thread again… I will say that as I listen to other authors, I have a hard time listening because their voice/story doesn’t flow like yours does.. is that the correct way to say that? I find my self stopping and going back to reread/re-listen to other authors because they don’t have the same cohesive storyline/dialog…. I always order yours on preorder… I wish there was another author someone would recommend that is close to your caliber/genre… I am open to suggestions!…I gladly wait for your books because I know the quality I’ll be getting! You are truly one of a kind… and the person who said before that you have such a distinct style that they recognize you immediately, I’m not sure I can claim that level of acuity regarding your books, but I can definitely say I know which ones are NOT your books…LOL.. Take care and don’t let the hater’s get to you! Hater’s will be hater’s and only they can make changes to better themselves.. They are the only ones to blame for being miserable…jealousy is such an ugly trait… Take Care Nora & God Bless!

  124. Wow
    What everyone said in support of you . You have a style of writing that as you said you have crafted throughout the years. Congratulations on the many books you write that bring a lot of entertainment to many people myself included .
    Thank you to Laura for this social media blog , Social media has its good side & bad like everything else
    You have a way of telling a story that can’t be duplicated.
    Years ago a author I liked Sidney Sheldon died
    & someone else started to write under his name
    After I read the first one after he died I stopped , it was in my opinion not as good , other people may have liked the continuation but it was not the same.
    I have read enough of your books for 30 years to know your style
    I hope you are feeling better from the vertigo . It sucks to get sick so take care of yourself.
    I am looking forward to the next few books from you this 2021 year , I am wondering if you are already writing 2022 yet . I hope though you are able to take a break, vacation & the ladies week off of fun you do . Most of all you & yours be safe

  125. I love your books! I always wished I could write, but I just don’t have the ability. It makes me glad that there are people like you who can. I love to read, but there are so many sad people out there that feel they need to put someone else down to make themselves feel better. Maybe if the actually read a book instead of being nasty they might be better people. My favorite are the “in Death” books!

  126. I’ll help swing the axe if I ever need to!! But, I must say, that anyone that knows me, knows not to speak ill of my most favorite author. So chances of seeing anything negative about Nora are pretty slim 🙂 But, keep kicking a** Ms Nora!! Your fans love you!!

  127. Absolutely ridiculous! I call “professional jealousy” on this crap. Keep being awesome, Ms. Nora! I have been a faithful member of the Turn the Page mailing list for your new releases for many years! Anyone that understands writing and writing styles can recognize you and your individual style in every book. Thanks for countless hours of laughs, tears, and action! Xoxo

  128. Nora, I’ve been reading your books since 1981. Back then I shared a room with 2 other women who liked romances and we each had a catagory romance subscription and we shared… Well, mostly with the entire barracks but certainly with each other. When I got out of the Navy I couldn’t afford that many books but I kept grabbing yours. (I have all of your books)

    So many Nora Romances later, I’m in a Barnes and Nobles looking for a new Candace Robb Novel and I accidently grabbed a book by JD Robb instead (I might have been denying I needed reading glasses in public back then).
    I read it and knew the writing was familiar (but not Candace Robb) and I liked it, so I went back and bought the next one in the series. Half way thru I said “I don’t know who this writer is, but she’s read a lot of Nora Roberts.”. When the next book came out I told my husband ” I don’t know how she’s doing it considering how many romances she writes but this is Nora Roberts.”
    I think by the 4th book the books said Nora Roberts writing as JD Robb.
    So here’s my point. If you are a ghost writer, she’s a very good clone and has been with you since the beginning. Because Ive been reading your stuff since 1981 and I can spot your style anywhere…even when I think I have a new Candace Robb.
    So… To hell with the assholes.
    (Oh yes, I could never get my husband to read a Nora. But he reads all the JD Robb books…but, he says, skips the sex scenes… And he’s read the more sci-fi/fantasy Nora’s now too)

  129. I’m so sorry you’re in a situation where you feel you have to comment about numpties being numpties.. (I’m also currently ‘enjoying’ a bout of vertigo. Sucks, and means no alcohol or caffeine for the time being. Which also sucks.)

  130. I’ll gladly b a lieutenant in your army, but I’ve never seen anyone claiming u use a ghostwriter. I’d have blasted them to kingdom come. I can’t believe this junk has come up again. We all know nobody on earth can come close to your unique writing style.
    My husband has experience with vertigo. He went to NY EYE & EAR hospital for treatments 7 years ago, was fine till it came back last year. Interesting enough. This time his vertigo came from a different location. What has helped him is vitamin B12, 5000 MCG sublingual (under the tongue) every morning . I met a friend who could barely stand suffering from it. I recommended it to her. When she went to the health food store, asked for it, the salesman asked,”why, are u dizzy “? She called 2 weeks later to thank me, as she felt like a new person. It’s natural, won’t hurt to try it.
    Good luck, and please don’t let any social media nuts disrupt your peace of mind. I understand why you have to confront it, but when u r at the top of your profession, there will always be jealous nuts trying to bring you down.

  131. I am so glad I am not on any social media that says terrible lies about you. I dislike people who criticize others for what they cannot do. Shame on them. I love your books and marvel at your discipline in writing them. I enjoy reading them and they please me as you please me. If I ever see a lying comment about you, I will let you and/or Laura know. In the meantime, I will happily continue the reading of your books.

  132. I’m both angry and disgusted you have to write something like this. Sometimes people truly SUCK. What in the world would someone get out of questioning whether your writing is yours or not?

    I hope you have the time to read even a fraction of these supportive comments. Your fans love your books, and love you!

    All the best, your fan,

  133. Nora, I’m amazed at the cruelty and the crap you put up with, and with shocking regularity. As usual you handle it with decorum. Are you ever tempted to write a naysaying character as a victim in an In Death book? We could all enjoy it vicariously, although perhaps that gives them too much cred. Hoping the vertigo stays gone. Thanks for the great entertainment you provide.

    1. I kinda got that vibe from Dark In Death. Not so much it was all about the naysayers just seemed like something she had probably dealt with before. Not the murders of course lol. Just the “fans” and how some act. Like they could write the story better or telling her what to add or not add. My personal favorites are those telling her Eve needs to get pregnant or find a kind family member. Ugh. Or telling her not to use curse words. I get it, some people don’t like them but 1 you can’t please everyone and you can easily skip those words if you must. 2 Eve is a kick ass cop is she supposed to say, “oh forks don’t make me kick your hiney!” come on! I’ve been around cops and military people (my son is Navy) this is how they talk.

  134. I can’t imagine anyone who has read many of your books actually believing this. Your voice is so distinctive and watching it develop over the year has been a true joy.
    This year I’ve reread every book of yours I own and a few I had to borrow but over 90% of all your published books. It’s been amazing comparing them in such a short time period. I love all the changes and growth and while I’ll miss your pure romance books I look forward eagerly to the multifaceted stories that are replacing them. In short, thank you!

  135. As someone with carpal tunnel syndrome and a typing speed of 30 wpm before I developed cts, I stand in awe of your work ethic. I know how long it took me to write a five page essay for undergrad classes, and there is no way I could do what you can before and especially now.
    Anyone who swears you use ghost writers has more hair inside their skulls that on it,

    And on another note, I was hoping I could coax you into doing a stand alone set in my area of California i.e. the Gold Country because Sutter’s Fort is about an hour’s drive southwest of me in Sacramento, Sutter’s Mill is the same didstance southeast in Coloma, and Empire Mine State Park is the same distance north in Grass Valley. I live in Auburn, California and the local history is seriously under represented in fiction. Rattlesnake Dick being our version of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Several movies have been filmed here with the most notable being Phenominon(sp?) with John Travolta and Kyra Sedgewick.
    Just my $.02.

    1. Oh, yes, that would be fab! Plus, the Sierra Nevadas, Donner Lake, Truckee and beautiful Lake Tahoe!

  136. Having read all of these comments, I must just add, DITTO! I too have been reading and collecting your books since your first Silhouette publication. And now with my trusty Kobo, I get all your books twice- one e-book and one printed.
    To the other point: there is no way any person who can read more than one NR or JDR book will doubt these stories come from Nora’s brain. Each description, conversation and plot are so obviously yours alone! The characters are real individuals who shine on their own.
    Happy to sign up for your army,
    D from S

  137. Ppl can be so asinine. But, they are just jealous of you because of your success and, the fact that they can’t write anywhere near the way you do! I know that they just piss you off but, your fans know that you, and only you, write your books. You have a natural talent that very few have. So much so that I quit buying any other authors’ books because I just can’t “get into” someone else’s writing anymore. I’m 59 and I’ve been an avid reader since I was very young. Until I discovered you, I would read all the other romance writers’ novels when they came out. Now their writing just turns me off, because most just can’t make their writing sound natural or “paint” the scene in a readers mind.
    The very first book of yours that I read was Carolina Moon and it “hooked” me! I can still picture in my mind the spot at the river where they made their little hideout to meet each other. I can still feel her fear! You made those scenes and so many others in all your books seam “real” in my mind. No other author has ever been able to do that, for me anyway. So, I quit reading them.
    Please keep doing what you do. I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have your books to read!
    Thank you so very much for taking me to Ireland and New York’s future! I love going on your journeys with you.

  138. One element of Ghosty’s comment grabbed me. “If Nora & I wrote the same book..,”
    For myself, if the new book has Nora’s name on it, I will buy it. If the name is someone I’ve never heard of, not happening. End of story.

  139. Well said! And you wrote that all by yourself? JK It’s easy to tell that you write everything yourself. There’s always only one voice. It’s easy to tell when someone collaborates or has a ghostwriter. The voice changes. There’s no faking that.

    I’m sorry you have to stand up for yourself like that. It must be exhausting to have to defend yourself. And completely ridiculous!

  140. I have to agree with all these comments and will gladly join your army.
    I wonder if these folks who complain and so strongly insist that what they’re saying is absolute, were the same people in school who cheated or had someone else write their papers or just out and out plagiarized something?
    Sick and lazy..
    Hope you’re feeling better after the vertigo attack.
    Stay safe and warm. February will soon be over, then March and soon you’ll be able to get into your garden.

  141. Call me enlisted. I have been a fan of yours for many years and enjoy your books immensely. I have made several trips to Ireland with you and to future New York and have enjoyed every one of them. You are a talented and amazing writer and all of your loyal fans know that YOU are the only person who writes YOUR books. I always recommend you to anyone who wants to read a good book and will continue to do so.

  142. Over the years I have read a good part of your books, although I have not read them in the order that you wrote them. The books at the beginning of your career were lighter, with more light; the ones you write now are denser, darker, with nooks and crannies. Eve and Roarke’s early books have nothing to do with the latters. It’s been a long time since I stopped reading the series In death, personal decision, but in all of them you see a personal and professional journey, the same writing style that has evolved over time. I know you tell the truth.

    1. Everyone gets to make their choices. 🙂 But I just had to say, the newer In Death series books are SO much better than the first ones. And no mistake, I loved the first ones too. My 2 cents.

  143. In the sentence: “The first books of Eve and Roarke have nothing to do with the last ones”, I meant the last ones that I read.

  144. If they ever read one of your books they would know your style, I have read a good majority of your books, more than once.
    If there was no name on the book and I picked it up and read it, I could tell it was yours. Sorry people are so jealous of you.

  145. I have been following you for many, many years. Those who know you, know about your incredible discipline and your structured method of living and writing. So it’s no surprise you have a big putout of books without any need of ghostwriters. I think the ones who use them lack creativity and integrity. Kudos to you for an impressive work ethic!

  146. Nora, It’s so sad that you have to deal with that. Those of us who buy & read your books and are REAL fans, we support you and are very grateful for each & every book you write. Thank you and please stay safe.

  147. Look up canalith repositioning procedure. This will get rid of vertigo. My ENT in Hanover PA does this. Fixed mine in a matter of minutes. Sounds crazy but totally works!

  148. I’ve seen this a few times on Amazon reviews and it always makes me roll my eyes. 9 times out of 10 it’s because they say they didn’t like the book. Ya know you can dislike a book it doesn’t mean the author didn’t write it. You could hand me a NR book or few chapters and tell me to guess the writer and I’d immediately know if it was NR. I’m not good at explaining things but she has a style all her own. She has a way of drawing you into the story like you’re there. And I have no imagination hah. But with her books I suddenly do. It’s like I’m right there on the pages with them. I have a lot of authors I love but NR is my favorite because of her writing style. My only fear is if something happened to her and fans or authors decided to keep her books going. I’m hoping that’s not allowed in any way, shape or form. I love Robert Parker books especially in the summer for a day by the pool. They’re funny, quick, and easy to read. In my opinion NR is a way better writer but I enjoy his books. I was at the library one day and picked up a book with his name on it. I didn’t look close and thought it was a reprint of one of his before he died. I got two pages in thinking something is off. Something doesn’t make sense. Looked closer at the book and realized it wasn’t his. It was one of those where people had continued his stories after he died. Not the same. Every writer has their own style. How anyone can think NR has ever used a ghost writer is beyond me. Even her very early romances have that same style. But it seems we are in the age of anything must me true if one person on the internet said it was even though there’s zero proof of it. Now I just finished my millionth re read of Betrayal In Death so I’m going to go re read Three Fates since the last time I read it was when it was first published. Then back to another In Death. So much reading to do hah.

  149. I, as one of your avid readers, have always been grateful for your output. As an author, I’ve always admired your work ethic and ability to craft wonderful stories.

    As for vertigo! Ugh! I’ve struggled with it. First bout cleared with allergy meds. Then a few years later, I went for six weeks with no change. Nothing worked until I tried drinking lemon water and half hour later celery juice first thing every morning. (See the books by Anthony William for more information.) Now if I don’t do the protocol in the morning for several days, the vertigo starts to come back, although not very bad. Just a warning. Back to the protocol I go, and the vertigo goes away in about two days.

  150. Nora,
    It is so sad that you have to continuously defend yourself. You are a truly gifted author. I can’t imagine how angry it must make you to have others imply that you aren’t really the one to write all these wonderful novels. To have someone question your life’s works. I would come out swinging. If I see anyone spreading these rumors I will definitely let you know. Thank you for bringing me many years of truly enjoyable reading!

  151. Sending warm wishes and healing thoughts surrounding the vertigo. May you have a speedy recovery and helpful answers.

  152. Sorry about your having to deal with the ghost writer subject. I do admit that I loved your heartfelt response reflecting your hard work and anger. Your emotions show through. As to your vertigo, please be aware there is a physical therapy exercise you can easily perform at home that can help restore your equilibrium. Computer search “physical therapy exercise for vertigo”. Give it a try please.

  153. Nora, first hope your vertigo gets better soon. It can be quite debilitating. I have been an avid reader of yours for many years. if I read another author and something is close to what you have written I think, hmm, they copied Nora. Continue being true to yourself. Know that you are an exceptional writer and your work ethic is appreciated . Writing is not something you do in your spare time, it is your full time job!! Thanks for always keeping me entertained.

  154. I do hope Nora is feeling much better as I write this, vertigo is a royal pain. If Nora and a ghost writer wrote the same book…gee, yeah, I’d buy Nora’s book. I’ve been reading each and every book since 1980 or 1981, ok, I did a search, it was 1981 with “Irish Thoroughbred” so yes, I’d buy the Nora book. After all you’ve been through with this BS, with the plagiarism of your work, and oddly, the hard work of actually coming up with a storyline, creating characters, conversations, all that and so very much more. You create believable works that are entertaining, engrossing, loving, and the ultimate escapism with a happy ending. You’ve given us worlds apart, worlds of the past and the future, and of course, the everyday. You give so very much to so many, all I can say is please, please keep working, brush off the BS and the assholes. To be honest, any true fan of your work knows that YOU and you alone could create the amazing stories. Thank you for so many years of pleasure.

  155. I love your style and would absolutely recognize it if YOU were ghostwriting for someone lol. Those of us who are true fans know you write your own books. Some people just ain’t right!!

  156. “Here we go round the Mulberry Bush”? Gesh, every year this gets touched on! I am a happy NR/JDR reader. No need to complain when I have finished a new book and waiting for the next. Just move along with a reread until the next comes out. So many ways of to complain on Social Media, with out thinking of so many ways to uplift on Social Media. Nora, keep doing things the way you do them, Laura keep doing things the way you do them, as for me, I will keep reading !!

  157. One of the things I often say about Nora Robert’s books is that by the time I finish the story I know all about whatever the main characters do. For example I could open a nursery after reading the flower trilogy, go on a hawk walk (which I did in Ireland after reading the Dark Witch trilogy) or, maybe start a horseback riding . Nora and JD Robb cast wonderful spells and if I keep at it maybe I will too!

  158. Oh the vertigo. My aunt has a severe case of vertigo and I was witness to it a few weeks ago. She was very emotional at the time so that might’ve contributed to how bad it was but it hit her so suddenly I couldn’t believe it. She couldn’t lay down, sit up, or stand up comfortably. All she could do was puke. We had to call the ambulance and I’ll never forget how terrified she was to just be lifted onto the gurney lest it trigger another bout of puking. So, while I can’t empathize, I can sympathize and pray that it just magically goes away.

    As to the ghostwriting thing, anybody who’s actually read any of your books can easily identify the writing style and while other writers may attempt to emulate it, no one can get it spot on. Readers should be able to recognize that and, if they can’t, they’re not familiar with your work. Maybe someone doesn’t like a book or 2 out of the 200+ you’ve written but that doesn’t give them the right to accuse you of hiring ghostwriters.

    I don’t know of any specific cases at the moment but there are tons of people in the amazon reviews who throw the accusation out there whenever one of your new books comes out.

  159. Some people are just jealous of your successful career, period.
    We , your fans who have been reading you for more than three decades know your style.
    I am so sorry that you had to deal with this issue yet AGAIN.
    You are our inspiration Nora Roberts, we love you . Stand strong and vanquish the zombie.

  160. It must be frustrating beyond belief that you have to constantly defend yourself from jealous people who arent prepared to put the hard work in. On a lighter note, glad you and yours are all getting through this time and the grandkids are thriving

  161. Oh my god…again. Jeez Louise….I have been reading your books for over 30 years. love some more then others. But on the whole have most of them either on my Kindle or on my Audible. and re-read and re-read or re-listen often . I have actually watched you evolve from a very good beginner romance author to an absolutely fabulous author of romance, crime , and wonderful trilogies I absolutely read everything you write and enjoy it. There is no way a ghost writer works with you…they just flat out couldn’t keep up if they tried.

  162. Anyone who makes such absurd claims must suffer from jealousy. When I look at your body of work, I say this is a woman of boundless energy and imagination. Very few people are willing to put in the time to achieve anything approaching what you have achieved. But just being hard-working is not enough, you need the imagination to create the characters and their situations. I am awed by the quality and quantity of your oeuvre.

  163. Haters will hate…Am sorry their ignorance have hurt you…

    Fans believe in you and will continue to reading your awesome writing…

    Peace and Love in creating your beautiful books, Nora…

  164. I love your work! I love your work ethic! I believe in you! I’ve been in your readers army since I started reading your books! I believe in you! We, your army, will help fight the zombies who obviously don’t have a brain!

  165. I have read your books since your very first one published. Not once did I doubt that you wrote the books. I have loved every one. Why can’t the doubters go away. Continue to entertain us. And I will continue to buy your books. My only complaint is that our Costco no longer carries your books since you changed publishers. So now I get them off of Amazon.

  166. Can we take the axe for you?

    Authors insert bits of themselves in their work, whether intentionally or not – and we readers catch glimpses of your thought process. In particular, your novels involving writers (“Brazen Virtue” and “Born in Ice” pop immediately to mind) illuminate how difficult, rewarding, driving, and insane the need to write can be – thank you for TRYING to make us understand. I’m just sorry there are people in our world who have to be hateful and resentful of another’s success and talent (and I’m a gushy fangirl – not really sorry).

  167. Nora, I love your writing and I’m so happy you write as many books as you do. I, as a fan, support you and will stand up for you as well.
    Keep on being you!

  168. Ma’am, I’ve never read a single book you’ve written that I didn’t enjoy. I’ve cried over many of them. Eve Dallas and Rourke are my absolute favorite characters and your Chronicles of the One trilogy are my favorite books. I’m going to force my husband to listen to me read them to him some day, lol.
    I’ve read your words since I was a girl and once wrote a poem based on your Heart of the Sea trilogy that I can’t remember the name of currently. That was over 20 years ago, lol. Little embarrassing. Please don’t listen to the negatives!

  169. Count me in!! Heck, let me be in the front lines, so I can walk every zombie that dares go after my all-time favorite author in the world. I’m so sorry you are having to deal with these “ghosts”, but I’m so proud and happy how you handle them every time they try to come at you. Screw them! Honestly, how I see it is they want to b**ch and moan about you because they are jealous and insecure about their own writing, so they decide to go after the queen of suspenseful romance. You’re absolutely amazing as a writer AND human being, which makes others feel threatened.

    Sorry to hear about your Vertigo acting up, and hope you feel better!

  170. Go get em, Nora. Not everyone who writes gets published. Thats just how it is. Not everyone who sings gets a record deal. Back up singers can be just as great as the headliner, but they sing backup for a reason. Ghost writers do the same, and make their own chouces. But, no one gets to trash a talent just because they think they know something, that they have no knowledge of in reality. Sigh. Sometimes people just plain suck.

  171. I have read your books, Nora, for years. I do NOT believe and have never believed anyone but YOU wrote your books. It is hard work to write. I have met you at a few conferences and got to your workshops, well it’s a Q&A and been very impressed.

    I want to thank you. I won your Legacy ARC on GoodReads and I’m half way through. Loving it. And there will be good reviews…

    I am a writer. And yes I envy you, because your books are so well written and I’d be so excited if I could write even half that well.

    But MOSTLY I envy you, your time. I am the sole breadwinner in my household, my hubby and I, so I have a day job. I have a large family with lots of grandchildren so I spend a lot of time with them. Distanced, masked and virtual.

    I write every day before work for one hour. Have for years. And as much as I can on week ends (I write every day period). I dream of some day being able to write six to eight hours a day. And it just really P***ES me off that people think that you have a ghostwriter. These are jealous people who have no idea how dedicated you are to your craft.

    Thank you for giving us hours of reading pleasure.

  172. Aargh!!!! How dare they! I’ve personally read nearly all of Nora Roberts’ books. They are HER books. Written by HER. Glad to help you wield that axe, Nora; because I am penultimately peeved and perturbed at the gall and jealousy of some people. Thank you for your wonderful books. My life has been enriched by the adventures I’ve shared with your characters. Looking forward to many more.

  173. So sorry to hear, Nora, that this topic has come up again. You don’t deserve that. Love your books and have read a lot of them. I’m in Maryland and hope one day (on my “bucket list”) I will make it up to one of your book signing parties.

  174. I’m reading these and it strikes me that we all feel as though we have a “personal” relationship with YOU. It’s a measure of your incredible talent (fan-girling again!); we’re sucked into the world and characters you create. It fosters a false sense of familiarity which, as we all know, can breed contempt as well as envy. Ms. Roberts, thank you, from the soles of my feet, for your talent, and I think we’ve forgotten that your negative fans were as ardent at one time. I actually nearly quit reading after “Divine Evil” (scared my socks off, and I was a grown woman!), but would never have presumed to rail at you for creating such a terrible parental figure and bringing such hate and pain into your novels. It’s on my “never read again – too darned scary” list – but the only one of your novels I don’t re-read to tatters. As your legion of fans, we need to realize even our well-meaning support can cross author-reader privilege, and become as unwelcome when it’s threatening (even light-heartedly), as in my previous post. We can defend you as a writer, without becoming too personal.

  175. Hello Nora Roberts!

    Jonathan Swift said: When a true genius appears, you can know him by this sign: that all the dunces are in a confederacy against him. Be a genius and let us enjoy your precious books. Thank you for your efforts.
    I really, really like your books. Many times when I am sad they save my sanity and make me forget the bad things and when I am happy I treat myself with your books like a cup of delicious hot chocolate.
    The world is full with many good people who like you and your books. Please do not be sad.

  176. Hi Ms. Roberts,

    Huge fan of your In Death series. I can relate to the vertigo, one doesn’t realize how debilitating it is until one has it. In 2017 I was diagnosed with BPPV. As a former jazz dancer & active woman who loves her woodland hikes this is devastating. Am working on desensitization to the underlying constant dizziness & since going to a neurologist & having 2 years of PT monthly the severe attacks have decreased tremendously. I hope you get better too. You have my full empathy. ❤On a different note, will there ever be a Netflix series from your In Death books? I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that!

    Appreciate your artistry & all your books, which I can tell YOU write yourself. People can be dumb***es, as Eve would probably say lol I relate to her as one who was also an abused child who grew up to take no bull. Your books bring me joy.

    May you be blessed, always.

  177. It’s jealousy. But you’re right to kill that zombie every time it resurrects. Don’t give it space to live and maybe one day it will eventually stay dead.

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