Faithless in Death discussion spot

Annnd, we’re off. Faithless in Death is now on sale in the US.

And here is the place to discuss all things Faithless!

How fast did you race through the book? Did you see any of the teasers?

Share any and all thoughts in the comments. Which means, spoilers may be ahead.


174 thoughts on “Faithless in Death discussion spot”

  1. Just downloaded to my NOOK! Hard copy delivered later today.
    Thanks, recovering from reactions to 1st COVID-19 vaccination. Mine were rather extreme, but means it’s doing the job, so I’m okay with them. Good excuse to stay in bed on a cold February morning and read!
    Nora and Laura, thanks for the hard work of writing, then getting a book edited, p.r. work, and then published with more p.r. work, virtual press conferences, etc.

  2. Am reading it now while still in bed, started it last night, do love her writing!

  3. I’m already loving this new book! Having it start with Eve and paperwork is perfection to me! I used to enjoy paperwork just about as much as Eve does.

  4. I am almost done with it. I woke up at 4:00 this morning to read it. It’s probably my least favorite of the books. Not enough Eve and Roarke for me. I mean, it’s ok, it’s holding my interest because it’s a good story line. I just prefer to see a little more romance between Eve and Roarke, and I feel like that’s lacking.

    1. Thanks, I’ve missed this too, as well as all the other characters missing the last few books! Waiting to buy this one as I LOVE them all but can’t afford them new anymore.

    2. I would have liked a bit more Roarke too – he didn’t come into it for quite a while. I did enjoy the book though.

    3. It’s lacking because the bloom is off the rose. OMG, could any_ couple keep up the way they were going there?
      All the sex used to drive me nuts b/c married sex never_ comes close to the excitement of premarital or extramarital.

      1. Gotta disagree Don. It’s only been two years in their time. Possibly three max. I’d have to check. But as a married woman I have disagree big time. Also my husband and I don’t have children together so our sex life is absolutely amazing. We were together four years before we got married and we’ve not slowed down at all. Bloom is definitely still there. Also this book is fiction so if they wanna jump each other daily they can. I should clarify I’m not saying couples with kids don’t have a sex life I can just understand how if you have kids together you’ve got a lot going on so I can see how it might possibly slow a bit. Still either way you can have the bloom long after you’re married.

  5. Started it and finished it same day, up till 1.30 am was amazing as usual, couldn’t put it down

  6. As always, I read it in one gulp, and as always, loved it. I especially liked the new direction Mavis, Leonardo, Peabody and McNab are taking, looking forward to seeing how that goes. Lovely to get a bit of the totally adorable Bella as well! 😍

    Also love it when Eve does her inimitable interviewing, so kickass!

    1. Yes, yes, yes! Eve Dallas is so kick ass! I have been waiting and looking for a site like this one to share all the empowering parts of Eve Dallas. So happy to have found it!

  7. The USPS from Boonsboro to Newport Beach CA delivered early, again – though I will admit given the issues with the post office I was worried about delays. This was just the escape I needed after a few long work weeks mixed with lots of family commitments. Well done, and yes, I love the new housing arrangements for Mavis, Peabody et al. Given Mavis’ growing fame, I was getting nervous about them living in an apartment, even with the benefit of Roarke’s best security. I also really appreciated the powerful women working in such strong partnership! We need more “working lunches”.
    I am curious about Agent Teasdale. If she’s moving over to the FBI will we see more of her?
    Thanks, and now back to the regularly scheduled programming of work and family…

  8. Hmm, methinks I see shades of our recent and not so fearless leader, and his sons, in Wilkey. Anti this, anti that beliefs, misogyny, fake university, big game hunting, women are considered of little value….nicely done, Nora. Only about 60% of the way through the book. Hope he, and they, are brought crashing down!

      1. I too caught that reference “o’Connell from kentucky”. Cracked me up.
        Enjoyed the book and esp. liked seeing the Wilkeys and all their ilk go down.

    1. And don’t forget “Senator O’Connel from Kentucky”. That made me laugh out loud!

    2. Did you notice the name of the corrupt Senator from Kentucky? Nice little Easter Egg there.

  9. The book built momentum really enjoyed it,just re reading,did I miss a mention of what happened to Keane the potters brother who disappeared two year previous

    1. I wondered that as well and thought I missed something there…or are we to assume the worst since there’s the crematorium on-site? Anyway, still loved it and although I’m always happy to have as much Roarke as possible, he was introduced very organically later in this book, which was great…as well as Mavis, etc. Absolutely love this series! Thank you for your amazing writing genius!

    2. I finished yesterday and was going back to listen to the end again because I had the same thoughts. Did I miss mention of what happened to him? When Eve is so pointedly vehement about something there is usually a resolution be it good like finding the agent or be it bad. I was sure there would be a small conversation with the potter about her brother at the end.

      1. I was wondering the exact same thing. We learned what happened to the FBI agent but not the brother.

        1. OK, I’ve discussed with Nora and her answer is:

          Natural Order caught Keene when he attempted to get evidence against them, killed him, cremated him. Not all cases are closed. Not all questions are answered.


          1. Thanks, Laura. Didn’t k know how to get the answer. I loved the book, but then I’ve loved them all!

          2. Thanks for that! I thought it was unusual for Eve not to “sew up” that detail. It was the only thing that left me scratching my head in an otherwise amazing story. I was going to go back and read the last few chapters to see if I missed something.

        2. Yes! Same question about Keene Grimsley, the brother who disappeared. I had so hoped for a couple of pages at the end with Eve visiting his sister, Savannah, the potter, to explain what happened.

              1. Agreed with all of this! I reread the book twice to make sure I didn’t miss it. After not finding it I came her to my fellow sleuths to find out. I’m glad Nora answered the question

  10. I am number 5 on the library list , hopefully I can pick it up before snowstorm four in the Boston suburbs .
    I am looking forward to reading it. I ❤️Kick ass Eve

  11. I am number 5 on the library list , hopefully I can pick it up before snowstorm four in the Boston suburbs .
    I am looking forward to reading it. I ❤️Kick ass Eve

  12. Just picked it up from my local library – 1st one to check it out! As soon as my 4 year old grandson goes home, it’s Eve & crew all night!

    1. I too want to know what happened to Keene! The story line in my head says they found him alive, a little worse for wear. He had lots of evidence and helped provide another nail in Eve’s case.

  13. I’m sort of a little in love with Merit Caine. Is it wrong to be hopeful that he might become a recurring character in the series?! LOL!
    I’m loving this story so far.

  14. I thought the book was fast paced and slick. I found it interesting that there seemed a bit of a new slant on some of the characters. Peabody seemed much sharper and more confident and got to be a natural bad cop and Eve wasn’t so embarrassed to be kissed or hold hands in public. She still had her old foibles though.
    I’d have liked to see a bit more of Roarke but the part he did play was good and he got some gems in. I loved the cat burglars. Was glad to see Summerset play his part.
    Nadine, Reo and Teasdale were kick ass. Great. The whole squad were brilliant and the ‘baddies’ were totally evil.
    The human compassion that came through was great – so positive in a negative situation.
    I could go on…
    Thanks Nora

    1. Agree, love incremental growth in all the characters that make them seem real. Thanks again for another great In Death book.

  15. Thank you! I’m about halfway through. This is the story that I needed after the last four years.

  16. I really enjoyed reading this book. I like the direction it took with Mavis and the house. Was wondering if this was leading into Peabody becoming pregnant?

      1. Without looking it up in the book I can’t give the exact phrase…it was an impression I got that it could lead to that. lol…leaving it to Mavis is fine. As I said just something that popped into my head when I was reading it. Maybe just that now they had a bigger space that it was a possibility.

      2. I’ve been thinking about this some more and your comment about Mavis and Leonardo handling Propagation In Death. Thinking back to when I first got married many of our friends also did this and we went through a round of engagement parties, followed by weddings. After this we went through a round of people having kids and then getting together with kids. I would have seen it as a natural progression for at least one other couple also having a child. Perhaps Louise and Charles if you’re set against Peabody? That said I’m not the writer you are and you are doing a terrific job! So in the end what you write is up to you. This is just some thoughts from a reader who has been reading and enjoying your books since you wrote romance novels.

  17. I haven’t got the book yet,but it came on my Kindle on the 2nd Feb,this time I took my time,so have just finished it,as always,a very very good read,now to wait for the next one,I have gone back to read Golden in Death, it will give me something to read,its back to the very hot weather. Fabulous job Nora.

  18. Finished in one day. Great as always. Loving these multi team take downs. Hope there is some mention in the next book about Keene’s outcome as we didn’t get that here. Also, Officer Shelby’s name was Dana, before here it’s January?

    1. She was Officer Shelby until the January reveal. Dana definitely fits with Shelby, but Nora wasn’t going to pay homage to the creator of the Cobra.


      1. In Vendetta In Death, a security guard tells Eve that she has just met a cop in her division, Dana Shelby.

  19. Loved it. The pacing felt a bit different than some of her recent books, which was fun. The bad guys were suitably awful, and really am liking Jenkinson and his ties. I have no idea why, I just do.

  20. Loved this book!
    I received it a few days early, thank you USPS Priority. This book has so much going on and events happened so quickly, I’ll definitely need to re-read this several times. Love the new home for Mavis & Leonardo, I couldn’t understand why a mega star and designer would be living in a small apartment (or even 2 put together)!
    The whole ‘Natural Order’ was very reminiscent of recent issues with misogynistic, bigoted leaders. Loved the way Dallas and Peabody took him and his daughter apart in interview.
    Peabody’s personal growth, both in her style and confidence, was apparent in this book. I really like Peabody’s development, when I realized that it’s only been 3 years (in story) she’s come a long way from when Eve first took her as an aide.

    1. I’m sorry but the cases with the Icoves and Red Horse dealt with simular plot points. They had women or girls who were programmed. Those plots are starting to feel stale.

  21. First I have a confession – on Monday morning I told my boss I needed yesterday off…and then I told him why: “A new JD Robb book comes out tonight on my ereader and I plan on staying up all night to read it. So I will be sleeping in and will be useless to you in anyway due to sleep deprivation.”

    He said: “That sound like fun – I hope you enjoy the book and of course take the day off!”

    I LUV my boss, be ever! 🙂

    How entrenched do I get with Nora’s books? During Gina’s interview I had a very huge urge to find a “Walking Dead styled” Baseball bat and drive to NY to locate a fictional character and beat the bejeebers out of said fictional character. O_O

    Thank you for, once again, for an awesome book!!

  22. Great as always.

    It’s fascinating to me how last book we had Cobbe, who had at least the second highest body count in the series (after the “Loyalty” terrorists), and maybe THE highest. This book, the cult, while having a relatively low body count, still manage to be some of the most viscerally AWFUL baddies in the series. Kinda remind me of Isaac McQueen: What they lack in murder (though McQueen had more victims), they make up for in other crimes.

  23. In preparation for this book, I did a reread of the books leading up to this one. I loved that! And it increased my enjoyment of this book tremendously. A really great story. I finished in one day.

  24. Finished it over a 24 hour period. Bits I loved the most was the “lo and behold” bit (literally laughed out loud) and Roarke stopping them mid take down to be jazzed about what a team they could have made. LOL There’s a lot of great little moments. No sex in this one but the romance was still there. Eve even relaxing a bit with PDA in front of her men. Bits of growth. Well done.

  25. I could not stop listening to the book to go to sleep at 10:30 pm because the organization for for all of the agencies involved was too exciting to stop. I finished the at 02:31 am. Most of the guilty in custody with multiple agency charges. Now I can rest and sleep. Wonderful book and I can’t wait to see how the new house looks in the next book.

  26. I’m in love with this book so far. I love the focus on the murder. As I listen to the audiobook I could just picture this making the perfect tv series.

  27. Read in one day. I was completely entrenched in the story and the in Death characters. Would have liked more of Roarke and Eve, but greatly appreciated what was included. Each book has suspense, action, good versus evil and incredible love and love scenes between Eve and Roarke. Faith in Death a really good book. I couldn’t put it down until I knew what would happen to the evil doers. One question, did they find out what happened to Keene. So love this series.

  28. Loved this book – fast paced and yes, it was nice to see the misogynist, bigoted jerks get what was coming to them, especially since we can’t seem to get that IRL. So thanks, Nora, for giving us that vicarious satisfaction.
    This book had a different tone and pace than Shadows, but was just as compelling. I always wish for more Roarke, but the scenes where he appeared were great (like a previous reviewer mentioned – the pause in the middle of breaking into the compound was wonderful – just so typical of both Eve and Roarke.0
    I’ve already ordered the next book – can’t wait until September!

  29. Really sounds like a great book. Unfortunately, my copy from Turn the Page made it to Philadelphia on February 5 and departed Philadelphia on February 7. Since then it is “in transit” and “arriving late.” Mind you, I live less than 30 minutes from Philadelphia! Hope it arrives sooner than the Christmas card that came on February 4!

    1. Put in a missing items search request. I did that over Christmas several times. Things that had been sitting “in transit” for 10+ days, “suddenly” started moving again. Squeaky wheel syndrome.

  30. Well done, Nora, well done. Great interaction as usual, and SO timely! Loved it! Thank you. Also, thanks for the teasers, Laura, that was fun.

  31. Amazing as usual. I couldn’t read this one fast enough. I love the progression of the characters and I felt like we got to see many of them in this book. This book has almost everyone involved. Mavis, Jenkinson and his ties, Baxter and Trueheart, Nadine, Rep, etc. These particular type of books are always my favorite in this series. Where the whole team works together and we get a little update all the characters. If you’ll excuse me now I can take my time and read it again.

  32. I thought Teasdale was Homeland Security, not FBI? She’s never explicitly identified as such, and in fact is lumped in with Agent Conroy of the FBI, as if she’s another FBI Agent.

    Did she transfer and I missed it? Which doesn’t seem likely, as she gave Eve a rather eloquent reason for staying with Homeland even after knowing some of what they’d been up to….

  33. I really liked that this book focused so much on the murder case. That is why I read them. However, I have to say that I am disappointed in the publisher/editor. There is nothing worse than being caught up in a good story and having an error jump out at you. In Chapter 18 it reads : “It’s inclusive only when Whitney himself adds a message.” It should say Wilkey not Whitney. In Chapter 21 it reads: “We’re coming to get you, Ella. Hang in.” It should read Hang on. I expect these type of errors with self-publishing but not with these books.

    1. Hang in is also an expression, as in: Hang in there. The other is a typo—they happen—and was most likely my doing which I missed in proofing, the editor and copy-editor and proof-reader missed as well. We’re none of us perfect. Which is why I often come across typos in traditionally published books. I just don’t let them bother me.

  34. There was so much I loved about this book. The bantering between Eve and Peabody was fun and added just enough light to the story. There was something a little different ( I’m not sure what it is) about Eve in this story and liked it. It’s always nice to catch up with book friends. I can’t wait to Re read this book.

  35. I really want to know about the potter‘s missing brother myself. But considering the many moving plot points in this one it’s understandable. Bravo for the details surrounding the sting!
    Got strong “Where’s Shelly” vibes. Definitely don’t send a copy to Tom Cruise. 😉

    1. Omw it was bothering me since I finished reading! We know what happened to the FBI guy and they got the girl out but nothing about the brother.

  36. My boss was not exactly happy. She noticed I was visibly tired and asked If I was feeling OK. I told her all is well I just stayed up till 3 AM reading. I blame Nora/JD for writing such a good book!
    I think my favorite moment was where we see how Dochas operates and the suspenseful scenes of transporting the women there! I wish Roarke could fund and support real life DV shelters.

  37. Did I miss if they found Keene? There were a lot of characters in the round up, but I don’t remember seeing his name.

  38. Okay this one might be my favorite so far. I absolutely loved it. I noticed a few people mention there wasn’t a lot of Roarke or whatever? I didn’t notice that all. Usually my favorites are one with grisly murders where Dallas is running against the clock to stop the suspect before someone else gets killed. But, this one was so fast paced and great. Definitely my favorite although I do love them all. It makes me wish we had a real life Dallas, Peabody, Nadine, Roarke, Whitney, etc. We could definitely use them right now. Is it time for the next one yet? Hah. I’m doing another reread of the series and just started Conspiracy again. I may be a little sad we didn’t get to see Jake but then again I can’t think how he’d have fit in anyway so I get him not being mentioned. Love, love, loved it. No one draws me into a story like NR. Can’t wait to hear more about the new house with the five and a point group. As for errors that someone mentioned I didn’t notice Whitney but if I had I’d have known who was meant. I’ve heard people use “hold in” and “hold on” so I don’t consider that an error. That said absolutely no one is perfect not even if it’s your job to find the errors. Something is occasionally going to slip through. It doesn’t bother me when it does. It doesn’t change the story. Okay more time, omg I absolutely loved this book! So, so much. Now, back to Conspiracy for my fix. Hah.

  39. This is one of my favorites of recent. The way it started, with a nod to “Felicity” and “Huffman”. Had a quick grin on that one. But never did guess the way the story was going until it got there. Wow! What a ride! Loved seeing some characters from previous books. Need to do a reread at sometime of the whole series. ❤️❤️

    1. Robyn, I think I’m slow today lol. I don’t recall anything like that and went back over the first few chapters trying to find a nod to her. I can’t find it? What do you mean by a nod to Felicity Huffman?

      1. I wondered if that was on purpose. When Eve arrives at Gwen’s building for the initial interview in Chapter 2, she says: “We’re here to speak to Gwendolyn Huffman.”

        “Felicity?” (the clerk asks his companion).

  40. I absolutely LOVED everything about this book! Definitely on my list of top 10 (or maybe even top 5) favorite In Death books. What a great, fast paced story. Loved how we see Peabody maturing in her role, becoming more confident. Her take down of Mirium during the interrogation was great! (And as a constant dieter myself, I was happy to see she finally lost enough weight to go down a size!) Loved the storyline with Mavis, Leonardo and the new house. I figured they would have to buy a house soon due to another baby on the way and their celebrity status, but having the new home include a rental unit for Peabody and McNab was genius! I’m going to enjoy reading about the house in future books.

    I was so pleased to see almost all of the supporting cast involved so much, which is one reason I liked this book so much. Yet we had plenty of Rourke and Eve moments too. I love the scenes where Rourke is telling Eve about the house Mavis and Leonardo are buying, and then also how he stops in the middle of the op to be excited about what a great breaking and entering team they would have made! And the scenes where Eve and Rourke rescue Zoe and Gina were so exciting, and I loved the inside look at Dochas too.

    This was such a wonderful book. I raced through it in record time, then reread it again more slowly, savoring all of my favorite moments. Thank you so much, Nora, for this amazing book. I am in awe of your talent.

  41. I want to say thank you for giving fantasy closure to peoples temple and the Jonestown cult tragedy. I was thinking the whole time that the parallels were scary but we got ID justice this time

    1. There are a lot of fundie cults that I thought of, too. Especially the FLDS here in the southwest.

  42. The book was great, but I’d like to thank whoever is responsible for the inside book jacket! I’m a huge fan of Jane Mount and her Bibliophile products, and I really enjoyed seeing her representation of all of the In Death titles. I always look forward to and enjoy a new book in this series, but this time the book jacket was equally anticipated and appreciated. Thanks to all involved!

      1. Yes! The poster was a big hit here. My son especially enjoyed the addition of Galahad. As a cat lover (and aficionado of King Arthur), he would love to see Eve’s office sleep chair named “Sieges Perilous “ after Sir Galahad’s seat at the Round Table.

  43. I “pre-ordered” it MK day night so it was ready to go on my Nook first thing Tuesday. I’m on chapter 19 out of 23 and will likely have it finished tonight. Nora / JDs books always get me hooked and my hubby knows release week is reading week. Faithless has inspired me to want the start the series all over. Reliving the character development and watching the friendships bloom is the perfect way to get through the rest of the winter.

  44. Great, compelling story, and lovely to catch up with familiar characters, working brilliantly as a team. The book feels like a reward for months of social distancing with an extra hefty dollop of depressing non-pandemic global news on top. Very nice ending, with Roarke organising a party at the pub for everyone and Eve not trying to wriggle out of it!

  45. Loved this book! I admit that I LOL at my favorite line, ever, towards the end of the book referencing Kentucky. It made my day. Now looking forward to my birthday present, coming out 2 days, after my birthday. Another must read. Thank you, Nora,
    another fabulous book.

  46. Another great read. I love the ones when the whole department gets involved in the same case. Also love when all the take downs need to coordinated. Love that new housing situation with Mavis and all. I really, really love the inclusion of how awful conversion therapy is. Thanks Nora. Now to wait for Lagacy.

  47. What a fantastic story! The small, everyday ways that Eve and Roarke showed how much they care about and love each other were beautiful. Added so much depth to their characters and the storyline.
    The murder storyline was awesome. Didn’t have any inkling that the story was going to end the way it did. Absolutely brilliant. Thank you, Nora!

  48. Review from Mum the BIG FAN:
    “Excellent book. Well worth the wait. Love the scene at Mavis and Leonardo’s new house. (‘Nuff said, ed.) Eagerly awaiting the next book. Thanks for a great read. Katie.”

  49. While, as always I enjoyed the book, I am having trouble with the timeline. When Eve states to Roarke that SIX short years ago, that Mavis was singing at the Blue Squirrel – the dates in the books don’t align. When we meet Eve in the first book, it is 2058. This book is set in May of 2061. Sorry, but that is one of my biggest peeves, when dates and timeline progressions don’t align. That just throws off the whole setting. Otherwise, it was a great read. I do agree with many of the other statements, definitely needed more Roarke.

    1. Mavis’ singing timeline doesn’t have to line up with the books timeline. She’d been singing at the Blue Squirrel for years before Eve met Roarke in Naked in Death.


    2. Mavis was already singing at the Blue Squirrel when the series opened. I never said how long she’d worked there.

      And I’m going to disagree with many of the other readers. There was a lot of Roarke in the book. It wouldn’t make sense for him to be with Eve throughout every investigation. He’s got an business empire to run!

      1. I totally agree about Roarke! I was so surprised by those comments. Sure, Roarke shows up maybe a little later than usual, but then we see lots of great scenes with him and Eve.

      2. I thought Roarke was in this book a LOT. At least it seemed like that to me. Of course he couldn’t be there for all of her interviews, otherwise why is she partnering with Peabody? His well-oiled machine can let him ‘play’ with Eve & Co. when he wants to.

  50. This is masterfully written and my favorite in a long line of favorites. NR will we ever see a movie adaptation of the books in the Death By series?

  51. I try, (I really do!) to read these books slowly to savor the story as I know it will months until the next one (I miss those novellas!) but this was too good to put down!! Great job on the story and the on-going character growth and development. It’s so well done that with a few words and excellent visuals you can feel all the side characters come to life and enhance the overall story arc of Eve and Roarke. Nora, your gift with words and creating worlds to enjoy has made this unending pandemic much more tolerable. Thank you!

  52. I really enjoyed the book, as I enjoy all of the In Death books. I usually do like to read the latest books again right before a new one comes out. However, I do not think I will never be able to read this one without reading at least the last chapter or two of Shadow In Death as well. It’s wonderful how one picks up right after the other ended.

  53. I too don’t understand the Roarke comments- it seems poor Nora can’t get a break. Roarke & Eve’s storyline is my primary reason for reading these books- but do people expect to see them get together in every chapter? As it is, they are like a bunch of bunnies, not that i’m complaining.
    I was surprised at how much i enjoyed this book. It didn’t have the usual suspense of “who’se the killer?” or “is Eve gonna get hurt?” but it grabbed me anyway. I don’t know how Nora does it, but i had a hard time putting it down.

    1. I agree about Nora not being able to get a break. If she has a lot of scenes of Eve with Roarke, then some people complain that their favorite supporting characters aren’t in the book enough, or at all. And then if she has more of the supporting characters (like in this book), then some people complain that Roarke isn’t in the book enough!

  54. Welcome to my world! If I do THIS is a book, some complain I didn’t do THAT. If I do THAT, some complain I didn’t do THIS.

    Solution: Do what fits the story so I write the best book I can at that time, with that storyline.

    1. I kinda thought in the Dark in Death you vented a little in a good humor type of way, also in Obsession in Death to an extent, with the fan mail. I have to admit, I have all sorts of stories in my head involving your characters as well as my own. I respect how you write them though and know I could never do them justice. But if you ever decide to grant custody of them to anyone, can it be me? LOL!

  55. Wow! What a great read. Absolutely loved this book. I think it’s now one of my favorite of the series. I too hope that Merit is in future books. I really liked his character.

  56. LOVED THIS BOOK. I’ve read all the In Deaths, numerous times. All of the titles under NR as well. And this ranks in top 5 for sure. I love the “romance” in the novels, but I have to say, I love Nora’s world building, general relationships, and just the stories as much or more. This book was one where I was reading without blinking as fast as I could inhale a word – loved it. And the great thing about this series is if you want more of whatever, you just need to wait til the next book, or the one after that. The threads continue. Thank you Nora. Your books are my escape.

  57. I’ve learned to not go into any “In Death” books with expectations as every book is so different. I admire a writer that can write a long standing series and keep it fresh! As a librarian I hear many complaints about “formula” writers – Nora is definitely not a formula writer! The last book had them going head to head with a serial killer and they all piled on a plane to Ireland – this time it starts off with one murder and ends up being a multi-jurisdictional/agency takedown!

    I continue to love the evolution of the characters – Peabody lost a size! – and the tidbits we still learn like Trina donating services to police officers. And Nadine wearing sneakers! These are all fun insights into characters we already love.

  58. I read it in a day and a half; then re-read it over the weekend.

    And all I can say is well done Ms. Robb (Roberts)! I love the fact that this book dealt use such a meaningful topic in as the basis for the story! Well Done!!

  59. Thank you for a wonderful book – full of so who is the killer, smart girls, beautiful descriptive passages, romance, interaction and growth of friends and the team. Actually had everything. Eve and I have something in common – those pesky numbers in budgets. I was one of the lucky ones who received the book on 2Feb but had to wait until 9Feb for audiobook. Thanks Nora, long may you continue writing.

  60. Thoroughly enjoyed the read. Already looking forward to the next installment. Eve rocks! Going to listen to the audio next.

    1. Where to begin? This series character development amazes me. This book felt like the beginning of the end to me. I could be, and probably (hopefully) am. Not like the next book is the last book, but people are progressing to forever. Or their ever afters are forming.

      Eve has overcome so much that she actually 100% trusts Roarke. People are settling down, buying homes, making more babies, writing third books. Not that it’s over but that an internal struggle for two very broken people is healing. And we are seeing it happen. Time passes very slowly over the course of the books and we have felt so much change through it all, and it feels like light is shining through from the other side.

      I feel like I sound like an idiot now that I’m writing it out, but surly someone else got that feeling too? It was a wonderful feeling. Eve is still Eve, only she is starting to believe she deserves to be loved so it’s less awkward for her. The ease and freeness was just very thick in this book.

        1. That’s great, I was getting anxiety 😂 I don’t know what I’d do if it was over. Cry a lot.

  61. Nora, thank you for such a wonderful read. Wow. I have been reading this series from the beginning. I am never disappointed. But this one absorbed me in a way I can’t describe. Just the right amount of Mavis & Bella, amazing secondary characters, a compelling storyline, and Roarke (sigh).
    I am always amazed at how Nora makes the victims and their families and loved ones come alive for us, making us care as much as Eve does.
    In my top ten favorites for sure.

  62. Thank you, Nora Roberts, for having the grit and stamina to keep the story and character arc alive for so long. The fact that your characters continue to develop and grow is a defining factor in the success of the series. Where you travel with the series is part of what draws me to it. I’m so glad you have the strength to take all the noise and keep going. This adventure was a very enjoyable addition to the series. Loved it! My experiment to see if I could spread my enjoyment out over more than two days was torture. I did it but don’t recommend it. And won’t do it again. Who really needs sleep anyway during a pandemic? Thanks also to Laura for her excellent work. Stay well and safe.

  63. I so enjoyed this book! Loved the house scene, so sweet and touching. Loved seeing the so-called church folks brought down. As a blue Kentuckian, especially loved the “O’Connell” arrest! 😂

  64. I was late starting this book because I was away, so I just started it today. Just wanted to let you know that I had to Google the origin of the phrase “Lo and Behold” because I absolutely HAD to know the answer. Now I do. Thank you for making me still want to learn! Back to my book now…..

  65. Another great read. Always like it when Bella makes an appearance. Looking forward to the next instalment of the series. Thanks and stay safe.

  66. Hello Nora,
    Another excellent book. I love the interactions between Bella and everyone. I always picture her as such a cutie!!! Can’t wait for Mavis second baby. I remember when she gave birth to Bella!! Eve is getting so used to Bella now. I remember when she was terrified of picking her up. The scene when Mavis came to her office at Central and left Bella with her for a few minutes comes to mind, LOL. All the cute names Bella has for everyone, I think her name for Summerset is Eve’s favorite because it rhyme with … you know what.

    I absolutely love the plot. I always like it when Eve’s team takes down the bad guys together. I picture Chief Tibbles expression when he announced that he will be part of the operation, I couldn’t help it, LOL. Poor Eve after all this work I would have been really mad if the Chief took over. Thank Goodness he only wanted to be on the support staff like Dr. Mira (with her excellent legs) I think this phrase always goes with her and her heels.

    I got such a rush when they took Wilkey into custody. That bastard I wanted to kick him in the groin. I am not usually a violent person, but he brought that out in me.

    Peabody and her smaller pants, gotta love it. Roarke (sigh) what can I say. I just love me some Roarke. I love how Eve and Roarke relationship grew. She is a lot more comfortable with him in showing PDA. For whatever reason I remembered when he propose to her, I believe it was at the end of a fight with her taking down the killer. They are not your typical couple that’s for sure. It works for them. Getting married with a shiner, that is so Eve. God know we love her.

    I have to go back and read the books that I mention. I have to do some research to see which ones they are. I feels so good after reading this book that I want to go back and read the others just so I can get more time with the characters.

    Nora thank you for what you do. You and authors like you make my life so much easier that I can just lose myself in a book for a few hours, days, weeks. We all need an outlet reading mine. Looking forward to the next book.

  67. other than Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys i don’t know a book series where i have stayed with it through this many books! The wonderful writing helps, you do such an excellent job! Thank you. I got my library book yesterday and can start reading for the weekend tonight. Then i’ll check out the audio book and listen to it, because even tho i try and slow down, i occasionally miss something. I also love to reread my books, so maybe this year i will start from the beginning again. One year i listened to about 12 JD Robb books while completing 6 quilts in 6 months. It was definitely the books that kept me sewing because i didn’t want to walk away from the story. so thank you.

  68. Thank you for another great book. Each JD Robb is like a visit with old friends. I too got Jonestown and Scientology vibes.
    Thank you again,

  69. Loved this one! I was definitely thinking Scientology, but also noticed similarities to our recently removed “leader.” As always, I plan to pace myself, then plow through it in one sitting. Early on I was afraid the killer was going to be Merit, glad it didn’t go that direction.

    The new house stuff was sweet and fun, and I cackled out loud when Eve said Peabody would probably knit a sofa.

    When Gwen drank the water and Eve said something about “spit back” it took me a good minute to understand what that meant … maybe it’s one of those East Coast/West Coast things? I have never heard that phrase, we call it backwash here in the PNW!

  70. Thank you Nora, for another awesome read! I listen to the audio versions of your books so I can still work while getting to enjoy them. I love the teasers as well. They always give something extra to look forward to! I missed the O’connell reference.. I’ll have to go back & try to find that….:) Thank you again for the many hours of entertainment you provide. Take Care!

  71. I reread the entire series straight through right before “Golden” was released so, up to that point, I’ve read all the books twice. This is the best one. I can’t say exactly why…maybe because it was a convoluted path to the killer. Maybe I just enjoyed it more because I read it more slowly. My husband recently retired and his constant presence cuts into my reading time. 🙂

  72. I absolutely loved this one, the pace, the curves, and the results. My favorite thing about this book though is seeing how everyone is doing outside of the job. I will say one character I kind of miss is Webster lol. I wonder how he is these days and reading of the FBI Agent makes me wonder that much more.

    1. Wait, did I miss something! Did Webster move to the FBI??? Last I knew he was in IAD and dating what’s her name from Roarke’s off planet resort …???

        1. Thank you. I saw an earlier post that implied he’d left the. NYCPSD and was confused 🤷‍♀️ Glad I misread that post, I enjoy the mixed emotions his character always brings to the story!

  73. Thank you, Ms. Roberts for a wonderful book. I lost my Dad last year and re-reading all the “In Death” books helped me escape from my sadness. Having read the books now many times makes me feel like the characters are good friends. That is all due to your amazing skill as a truly wonderful and gifted writer. I can’t wait for the next one!

  74. I just popped in to say that I have every one if the In Death book but this one stood out for me. As a bisexual I cried through much of this book to see a LGBTQA person’s death be treated this way – not as a token or a deviant or as a way to have characters show how great THEY are but as a person to be mourned. That meant a lot to me and reminded me why I love these characters so much.

    1. Oh boy! Note to self! Don’t try to comment after binge reading! Sorry for the typos!

  75. How can she stay a LT? With all the big cases she’s handled she’s going to have to get her Captains bars.
    Not that shell be happy to ride a desk…. LOL. BUT Feeny gets out mire than the average!

  76. Thanks so much for all your hard work, Ms. Roberts — another wonderful novel! Listening to the audiobook is my reward for running, and I did an extra few miles yesterday because I wanted to keep listening!

    For any of you who haven’t listened to the In Death series — Susan Ericksen does an absolutely amazing job! Now I hear her version of Eve in my head even when I’m reading the print books. (OK, she does kind of make McNab sound like a surfer dude, but that is my only complaint!)

  77. Finally got it from the library
    Read it ,enjoyed it in one day
    I am looking forward to the next one
    It was good,
    I liked when Nadine said she had her next book.
    Thank you your next book comes out on my parent’s anniversary , if my dad was still alive they would have been married 62 years
    I hope I win that book

  78. Finally got it from the library
    Read it ,enjoyed it in one day
    I am looking forward to the next one
    It was good,
    I liked when Nadine said she had her next book.

  79. Read it ,enjoyed it in one day
    I am looking forward to the next one
    It was good,
    I liked when Nadine said she had her next book.

  80. I absolutely LOVE your In Death series Ms. Roberts. Is there any chance for, say, a Netflix series to be made from them?
    If so, I hope you have creative control as you’re a fantastic author. Thank you so much for all the wonderful stories!

    Blessings to you,

    Alanna McMeans

  81. I really enjoyed the book. Love how Peabody and Mc Nab will be moving into the house with Mavis and family. A thought that occurred to me as I was reading, is Peabody pregnant? She seemed more tasty in this one and she lost a whole plant size. I know women often lose weight when they first get pregnant. Not that that’s the only reason she might hand lost the weight, it’s just that with the tearing up had the thought popping into my head.

    I liked that Dochus was a part of this one and how Roarke and Eve took Zoe and Gabriel there and the Eve took Gina and her kids. Also like the last book where her whole division went to Ireland with her I liked how the chief and Mira along with the commander wanted in on the operation and I really love that Roarke got to use his old skills to help her team get in.

    I can’t wait till the next book comes out.

    1. No, no, no Peabody is NOT pregnant. She’s not going to be pregnant or get married for the foreseeable future if ever. She lost weight because she’s been working out more regularly and eating more sensibly.

      She’s young, in a happy relationship and loves her work. Let’s let her focus on all of that.

      1. Oh, good! Although I could see some great scenes if she did, I enjoy the dynamic between her and Eve, and I can enjoy the baby humor Eve has with Mavis, Bella, and the new baby.

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