Writers Are People Too

[Note: the italics and bold words are my doing. ~Laura]

In my normal routine, weekends are for domestic stuff, family, taking a breath. There were many times back in the day that I put in time writing on weekends. There are still occasions I work weekends, or go back to work in the evening–but mostly I try not to.

I need to enjoy my home, my family–and tend to both, just like most people.

This weekend, after a fun gathering here on Friday evening, I got in an early workout before hitting the domestic and family. Fun for me that when I started wrapping the last of the Christmas presents, a pretty snow began to fall. Light, fluffy, and the perfect backdrop for my tradition of watching (as Kayla calls them) cornball Christmas movies while I wrap.

Snow through the kitchen window.


Done with that, I headed down, put on more cornball as the snow fell and I kneaded bread. And while the bread rose, started making soup. It’s another routine in the life during the fall and winter. Making soup and bread on the weekends.  



My house smelled glorious. As a reward, during the second rising, and while the soup simmered, I got the book I haven’t had time to pick up for two weeks, poured myself some bubbly and sat in the library. A fire, a snowfall, an adult beverage and a most excellent book. Nice. 

A little space to read

Today, we had a window before Logan’s basketball game to do some cookie baking. Another tradition–one that now had Kayla mostly in the lead. The girl’s a good cook. A double batch of chocolate chip, some peanut butter blossoms, and after they had to head out, I finished up with candy cane kiss cookies.

Worker bees
The finished product, part 1
The finished product, part 2

Yum to all. My kids took a break in there, took advantage of Nana’s soup. Next weekend we’ll add Colt in and do our famous painted sugar cookies. Fun, chaotic, messy, adorable and delish.

If I didn’t take this time for family, for homey chores I very much enjoy, my life would have no balance. All work will, no question, eventually lead to burn out. That’s not beneficial to anyone.

I get readers fall in love with a book or author and want more. And more, and faster, quicker–and often NOW. The book I finished in my library was John Sandford’s latest Virgil Flowers novel. I am a HUGE fan. And now I wait a year to see where Virgil goes next. I’d love to have the next instantly, but that’s simply impossible, and so very unfair to Sandford. I assume he also enjoys having an actual life.

None of us who write can write as fast as readers (myself included) read. We can’t. And we shouldn’t try–because the work will suffer. Readers can and do gobble up a book in hours. Writing that book takes months, and in some cases years.

I’m thrilled many readers enjoyed Year One, are supportive of this new direction I followed. I’m flattered readers are looking forward to the second book.

Where this breaks off is where some readers feel entitled to demand, or are outraged by a wait for a book, or jump to conclusions about the publisher or marketing or whatever. I don’t include in this those who say: Oh, I can’t wait!! Or how will I wait!! Or I wish I had it now. I wish I had the next Sandford in my hot little hands. I’m a reader, too. (And the last line in that book had me going: Hot Damn! But now I wait.)

I’m talking about those who complain the books should be published one after another, or closer together. I can’t write them to suit those readers because these books are longer than my previous trilogies and so very much more complicated to write. And I just insist on having a life in there, too.

I haven’t written the three books in a trilogy one after another for years. I used to be able to do so. I haven’t so longer than I can remember. Same with the Robbs, which I could, at one time, do nearly always, three in a row. Life, creativity and scheduling have made that impossible.

I have not, as some have claimed, written all three already (so my publisher can hold them back). These books are brutal and fascinating and scary to write, and it takes a lot of time, a lot of effort. And so much figuring out, my brain hurts at the end of the day when I’m into one. I want to produce the best books I can, and I can’t do it like a machine that pumps them out on demand.

I think part of the problem is that I write fairly quickly, and readers have gotten used to more and more. I still write four major books a year. Four. It’s all I can do well. Frankly, I think the other part of the problem is that some readers are used to how quickly the self-pubbed produce–and don’t look at the fact those stories are generally a LOT shorter, don’t go through a serious editing process, a cover art process, the scheduling process, the marking issues, and so on.

All those processes take time.

When my editor and agent came here for dinner (and the holiday signing) a bit ago, we sat in my kitchen going over the schedule for 2019. St. Martin’s, like all publishers, have other authors, and consider placement carefully because YES, publishing is a business. If the publisher doesn’t make some sort of profit, the publisher can’t stay in the business of publishing. They can’t pay writers, editors, sales reps, marketing and publicity staff and on and on.

SMP would, absolutely, be thrilled if I could write a book every month. They’d find a way to publish all of them. I can’t. Physically, creatively, realistically, I can’t just pump them out like gum drops. If I did, the quality would suffer, and every single reader would, rightfully, complain.

Year One is a departure, and won’t appeal to all readers. The In Death series doesn’t appeal to all readers. The stand-alone I write every year doesn’t appeal to all readers. I like the diversity, and I need it to stay creatively fresh. But I can’t write faster, I can’t give more than I do. If I tried, I’d burn out within a year–and spend my time gardening, making soup and bread.

I prefer the balance. I hope readers who enjoyed Year One will anticipate Of Blood And Bone next year the way I anticipate the follow-up to Sandford’s Deep Freeze. And in the meantime, read and enjoy the multitude of wonderful books out there.

Me, I’m going to dive into King’s Sleep Beauty first chance I get.


124 thoughts on “Writers Are People Too”

  1. I have held back on reading it. It is going to be my treat.
    I took a work at home job to help pay bills. I work as a virtual call agent in customer service. I do my best writing in the evenings late at night. Unfortunately, with the job. I have to make myself go to bed. I’m such a night owl. I could and have started in with the writing along about 10:30 PM give or take. Unless some friends and I go into our chat room and do writing sprints. I can only guess because I used to work in a convenience store and didn’t get off work until 11:00 PM, if I didn’t stay to visit with my overnight coworker and friend I might get home by midnight. Usually my husband had gone to bed, I could put on music and write or play or whatever. That’s where the night owl came from. But, then I have never been an early morning person. I like staying up late and sleeping late. But, I didn’t want the late shift with this job. I was scared at first it was going to be from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM Central time. I don’t do 0700 well at all. I’m a bear. Now the 0830 is tolerable. Besides, I don’t even have to get dressed unless I want to lol.
    I plan to read Year One later this month maybe between Christmas and New Year’s or maybe in January.

  2. There’s always a part of me that goes I want it now lol. But I’ve been known to buy a book and not read it until all of the other ones are out. It’s called patience. I love all of your books but I also have some other authors I like so there’s always something to read. I made stew today as well, yours looks good and the bread. I can’t make the cookies like I used to do because of too many diabetics. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. I am amazed at how quickly you write books that I love. Hard to believe anyone finds a way to criticize your publishing schedule, but there will always be a few people who are never satisfied with anything. As you stated most authors only give their readers one book a year. You grace us with a variety of stories every year and I am so grateful for your work.

    1. Thank you to Nora Roberts for the exceptionally high standard and versatile entertainment she has provided over the years for me and many others. Ms Roberts, you do not have to justify your writing schedule, your publishing schedule or any thing else in your life~especially to people who have no idea of who you are or how you live. If they choose not to read your books it’s their loss. Merry Christmas and bright blessings on you and yours for a happy, healthy and productive New Year. Linda

  4. I have to say, I’m floored you can produce four books a year. That is a tremendous output. We are grateful. We (and I’m being more than pretentious speaking for others), love what you write and selfishly want you to continue. I will not include the language I feel the complainers deserve. You can imagine that. I’m thankful you still want to write. I love receiving the next In Death, but I understand why the wait. I’m also grateful you take care of yourself. We are grateful for that as well.

    1. Hell I guarantee you, those same people begging for a quick book are probably the same ones wanting Eve and Roarke to start having a baby (which btw I rather they not have one yet). But one great thing about books is that there are millions of writers you can read besides Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb. Like I recently been reading a lot of stuff by Jon Land and Brandon Sanderson and I think their stuff ranks up with yours.

      Bottom line is: we got other writers in the sea that can create great books, we don’t have to rely on just one.

    2. I totally agree!! ?? I love all her books and wait anxiously for each new one..but tho anxious wait patiently as I know she also has a life to live?? My fav author by far?

  5. Thanks for your comments Nora. I appreciate the time and effort and actual imagination it takes to write your books and wouldn’t want it any other way. I personally enjoyed Year One tremendously and look forward to the next book in the series.

    Rest, replenish and enjoy the season. You are an awesome, talented lady.

  6. If my comment about pouting and whining for the next in the series after Year One, caused any kind of pressure, I apologize. However impatient I am, I applaud your diligence for the MOST important of all things – Family. May you all have a healthy and happy holiday season. [I’ll keep my pouting to myself :).]

  7. You are by far the most prolific writer I read. I love that you write so many books each year. I anxiously await the next as soon as I finish the previous. I have yet to read a book of yours that I don’t love, and eventually reread. People will never be 100% happy with everything, so you keep your balance, and keep writing the most amazing books I’ve ever read!

  8. Thank you Nora and Laura! I do tend to gobble up all of your books. But I also have a few other authors that I enjoy in between the NR And Robb’s. I have not gotten Year one yet. It’s on my list. But first I’m being good and finishing up cmas shopping. * maybe hubby will get it for me – I did hint at it when we were in the book store today. I’m always excited to see where the next book in the series goes. Thank you for all of your wonderful stories.
    May you both enjoy the holiday festivities
    * back to work I go while I patiently wait for the next release ?

  9. Thanks for the glimpse into your life. I am always amazed at how many books you write every year! I read them all, and I can’t wait until the next one. But I am willing to wait for such excellent books that take me out of my everyday life.

  10. As an avid reader of many authors including you, of course I always wish for sooner. But as someone who couldn’t write even a paragraph for publication, I am totally aware of the amount of time and effort a good writer has to put into their work. This effort is why we readers joyfully pick up a new release. But for me, I don’t mind the wait, it builds the suspense and my anticipation of what the new story will be like often carries me to publication day. The worst thing for me is learning to pace myself. It is really hard to not just buy the new book I have been waiting eagerly for and read it straight through. So, thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us and as my old da used to say, be a duck and let all that other stuff just roll off your back like water. We appreciate you sharing with us.

  11. As a fan for years, I do not think you need to explain yourself. No one can read any book of yours – under either name – and not see the research, experience the time you spend “wordsmithing” and feel how much energy and time you devote to each sentence. I am just thrilled to be able to read them – and re-read them. There is ALWAYS something new to see, some nuance not caught on the first reading. And – lastly – knowing there is a book coming out in one month, two months or six months is simply a joy for which to look forward. I – for one – thank you – and am thrilled you are taking care of my favorite author!

    1. Nora Roberts I read ‘Year One’ and I absolutely loved it and felt myself wanting to read the book that comes next. It doesn’t matter to me that the next book comes out next December, I don’t mind waiting and Sometimes I like to take a break from reading after finishing a book because my brain needs it and I like the book better if I do. I actually wondered if you had finish the 2nd book but like I said I don’t mind waiting. I am actually looking forward to reading J. D. Robb’s ‘Dark in Death’ which comes out in January.

  12. I love John Sanford as well! I’ve been reading your books since The Macgregors, and Rebellion predated Outlander. Anyway I was lucky to have a backlog of your books to read. When you moved to hardback money be damned I followed you there. The problem is that as a reader I can’t put your books down. My all time favorite is Public Secrets. Still reread it and still cry. Thank you for writing.

  13. Merry Christmas Nora to you and your family. Some of us readers wait on pins and needles for the next publishing of their next favorite author.
    Part of the excitement when it is released.
    Glad that you join us in the wait.
    I think the problem is the need for instant gratification some people feel.
    I think as you beautifully pointed out there is more to life folks.

  14. I have less than 80 pages left of Year One. Yes it is a departure for you, but one I am enjoying greatly. I have it in hardcover so when the next book in the series comes out, I will reread Year One and be all caught up. I look forward to all your books. I am a great fan on the In Death series. So would like a movie about Eve and Roarke. Loved your movies on Lifetime. Thank you for the joy and entertainment you give me over the year. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Your granddaughter Kayla is the same as my granddaughter Kahiau. Both in track/cross country and both love to cook.

  15. Thank you! I am one that has said more than once, a YEAR? I have to wait a year? In reality, I’m grateful for every book that you put out. Your books are the only ones I consistently reread. I have a lot of books to read that do not have your name on them, lol. The between time is when I manage to catch up with other authors and discover new ones. The fact that you publish at least four books a year astounds me as well as other writers. Yes, we fans are greedy souls, but in all honesty, your true fans are so very grateful that you take the time to nourish and replenish your spirit. It shows us in your work what we ourselves need to do. Again, thank you!

  16. I am just greatful that you continue to fascinate and transport me with every book you write. I am in the medical field and I use to feel bad that I could no satisfy everyone that visited our office, is just not possible. That fact that you can enjoy your family, bake bread and make soup and just be you makes you a better writer. Looking forward to the new releases next year.

  17. As someone who has worked in the bookstore side of the book world, I can safely say you are one of the most prolific writers out there and yet your stories DO NOT suffer.

    I am guilty of saying oh how I wish, but I understand and I just either find other fabulous authors to read in between or go back and do a reread of some of my favorite Nora/JD books

    So thank you for writing as much as you do. Thank you for taking the time to make sure they are well written, that there are 3 demensional characters and for bring so much of us joy. And thank you for taking time to make sure you take care of or spend time with your family and friends and yourself.

    Happy holidays from a long time fan

  18. I was one of the ones asking you when book two is coming out and when you told me next year in the fall it’s because either you’re just done writing it or close. So yes as much as I would like it now I will wait. Of course you need to enjoy the holidays with your family so we will wait. So happy holidays to you and your family. I look forward to another wonderful year of not just reading your books but all the wonderful books that we have to look forward to.

  19. When I read these things being said to Nora, people thinking they have the right to tell the writer, how things should be done, I´m totaly baffled. And I can´t understand why they think they have the right to tell the writer how to write.
    I, we, are the readers, and we should be grateful when we find a writer that makes us wanrt to read.
    Reader, grateful to the writer.
    And not telling the writer how to do their work.
    Nora´s books have been a saviour for me the last 15 years. And I´m seldom happier than when I have a new book of hers to read.
    So, thanks. Thank you so much.
    Anna, Lund, Sweden

    And the people that complains. Tell them to read George RR Martin. And then they have to learn patiens waiting for the new book in “Game of Thrones”.

  20. I love and appreciate every book you write. I get much enjoyment from each one and look forward to each one when it comes out. The saying goes “good things come to those that wait”. Each one of your “waits” is a treasure.

  21. Nora, your talent is a rare and wonderful gift. You have been so prolific, and no one is more grateful than I am. I am SO sad you had to take the time away from your personal life and your creative life to reply to critical, impatient people. I hope you can close the book on that now, knowing that the vast majority of your fans are awed by, and grateful for, the sublime gift of your amazing stories, intriguing characters, and fascinating relationships.

    Now, enjoy every moment of your holiday season! I share so many of your delights – the baking, the gift wrapping, the schmaltzy movies, the roaring fire. Aren’t we blessed?!

    One of my biggest blessings was attending your author’s meet and greet at Inn Boonsboro last January, which was a dream come true for me. It was the fourth time my husband and I had stayed at your enchanting Inn, and each time was relaxing and memorable.

    Thank you, once again, for sharing the gifts of your imagination with all of us. Have a very Merry – and heartwarming! – Christmas!


  22. So far this year I’ve read almost 80 books, (no, I’m not a slacker…health issues keep me home a lot)! I love to read and especially different authors and genres. I’ve read some amazing stories and some that were just plain awful! I’ve read all of Nora/JD’s books & they never disappoint. I’ve read the first chapter of Year One and I’m so excited to get into it. It’s on my Christmas list! Everyone needs family & recreational time, no matter their occupation. So, if this routine keeps your books fresh & keeps your creative juices flowing, take whatever time you need, Nora, but just keep producing! I just finished Come Sundown. Parts just broke my heart, but thoroughly loved the story! Thank you for many years of quality work!

  23. Dearest Nora,
    If you didn’t allow yourself a life, how would you write so wonderfully about life? We so appreciate your talent! Keep it healthy and tend to yourself kindly…we can wait.
    Happy holidays!

  24. First of all, your soup and bread look delicious. Yum! Secondly, I am enjoying Year One immensely. I’m trying to take my time and savor every page. So fun to take this journey with you. Honestly, I think that I and your other readers are SO spoiled. How many authors write four books of the incredible quality of yours each year? Few if any, I’m sure. Thank you thank you thank you (and the nuns) for your dedication to your fans and to the quality and integrity of your process, your characters, and your stories. You truly are a national treasure!

  25. I’m amazed that there are ungrateful wretches out there, who caused you distress so that you had to explain yourself. You are a very prolific writer, as so many of us have commented on. If there are complainers out there, please tell them to go take a flying leap and disappear. And please ignore them. 9 out of 10 of your readers are thrilled that you make the time to write 4 books a year. You just have to grow a thicker skin.

    I’m a huge ID fan, & the anticipation of waiting for the next one, is part of the excitement. I used to stay up all night, till 5 a.m., to finish a book. Now I pace myself, take a week to finish & it makes it more enjoyable.

    I admire you for taking the time to make bread and cookies. I never did, and spent too much time working. You can’t get those years back, and I don’t have those memories with my grandchildren. You are smarter than I.

    I didn’t start Year One yet. I didn’t expect to get hooked, as it’s so not my genre, but after reading the first chapter, I’m hooked. Have a very happy, relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

  26. I understand that it’s tempting to push for more, but patience is key. We live in a world where information is at our fingertips. It can make us think everything should be.

  27. “It’s all I can do well…All those processes take time.”

    Yes. Period. Good writing takes time. Research takes time. Editing takes time.

    I am a technical writer. Different subject matter, but much the same steps. I struggle with the same expectations of swift delivery and high quality. Maybe it’s a reflection of today’s society – instant gratification? I don’t remember it being this way 30 years ago when I started.

    I wish you and yours all the best this season. Now I am going to enjoy a glass of eggnog while finishing my nearly overdue library book.

    (I will deal with the engineering team in the morning. Insert Eve Dallas eyeroll here.)

  28. Thanks for sharing your imagination and writing talent. I enjoy many of your works including the In Death series and eagerly look forward to those two each year. I can now add the Chronicles of One to my anticipation list. I enjoyed it very much even though I had a touch of flu at the time (and that added a bit of creepy to reading the Doom sequences while coughing, sneezing and feeling miserable. LOL)
    I agree with an earlier comment that you have nothing to apologize for in the publication schedule. I am amazed by your ability to write and entertain us year after year. I read a great variety of books and I tend to enjoy series so waiting a few months to a full year is nothing. I have highly anticipated books on my wait list with 3+ years and counting. Waiting 9-10 months is fine with me because I know whenever it comes I will be able to visit with ‘old friends’ that you have created and loaned out for my enjoyment.
    I hope keep up your good work, enjoy your home, family and friends and don’t let a few people spoil any of it for you.
    Happy Holidays to you and Laura. Thanks for everything.

  29. I had been so used to one book a year from most authors, that tow books a year was rare and amazing treat. To get two In Death novels a year is a blessing, especially when we also get one stand alone NR novel and one or two books of trilogy (depending on where we are in the cycle). I can only say we NR/JD Robb fans are spoiled by such an abundance of riches.

    Thank you for all your hard work on these novels, for all the hours of enjoyment you’ve given us, and for the wonderful characters/relationships to which you’ve introduced us.

    Your weekend sounds lovely, and like a great way to recharge your batteries before returning to work. That soup looks great and spending time with the kids baking cookies is a wonderful tradition.

    There are some who will always complain. It just astonishes me that there are people complaining that you aren’t putting out books fast enough. It really doesn’t compute. To me, to already know when I finish one of your books when the next one will be released is such a treat.

  30. All I can say is thank goodness you take time for family, soup, bread and reading..it makes you who you are…and that is the person whose books I love to read.

  31. I am amazed that you would be the target of someone looking for a more prolific author! You amaze me, and I have read each and every Roberts and Robb book, savored every one of them and in many cases, have retread more than once.

    I believe, as Walt Whitman stated, “we are the sum total of our existence”. Your life, loves, family, friends, travel – all contribute to what you give us for characters and story. I am so very grateful for the great gift of the love of reading; it is a great joy that you are on my very favorite, not-ever-to-be-missed authors!

  32. First, question to Laura-when you got the first read, how badly did you want to run screaming during the Scrabble scene? I think I had to read through it 3 or 4 times the first read through as I kept visioning you during the Spa Girls Tournaments (stupid score board)
    Nora, thank you again for taking this journey off the beaten path, Year one is now my absolute fav. Yes when I hit the end I had a “but, I gotta wait?” Of course I do, however, I’m sure the wait will be well worth it, so thank you for being who you are.

  33. Just finished Year One and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have been reading your books since harlequin days and you never disappoint. Thank you
    May I wish you and yours a happy Christmas

  34. I think you sell yourself short when you say you right four books a year, which I find amazing. You also write for Fall Into The Story. Plus you also do that when you are on vacation. I really enjoy your books plus love reading what you write here. How much of your life you share with us.

    I’m a big John Sandford fan as well. I love reading his comments on Facebook. Are you more a Virgil fan or a Lucas fan?

    I wasn’t sure I would enjoy Year One, so I got it from the library as an ebook. I was surprised that I got it on Tuesday, I thought I would have to wait. But I love it and I’m going to buy it and send the library book back for someone else to enjoy.

    I hope you and Laura and your families have a great Christmas and New Year.

  35. I love your books and have been reading them since the 80s.
    Year One, is on my Christmas list.
    Please keep writing your books and I will keep buying them.

  36. I love ❤️ the pictures of the kids mixing up batter and seeing the results of their hard work . Yum Yum ?.
    Your bread always looks ? So good, I can almost smell it. I’ve never made homemade ? bread, but looking at yours, makes me think that maybe I can. So who knows, maybe I’ll find a good recipe on Pinterest ?
    I have always said that you have the best work ethic of anyone else period.
    Cranking out four books ? a year and you were also writing anthologies too. ( I know that those are a thing of the past for now, but you wrote those also while still putting out four books!!!!) you are my hero for that feat alone!
    Year One was fantabulous and I’m humbly awaiting book ? two next year.
    I don’t know why people feel like they have a right to complain to you about anything concerning YOUR novels, whether they are stand alone or trilogies or The In Death ? series. The gall of those who complain to you about your work is amazing.
    Thank you for all that you do and share with us. I enjoy this blog also because it’s like glimpses into your every day life and I appreciate you allowing us in.

  37. Thank you for the countless hours of reading pleasure you’ve given me. I am sorry that you even felt the need to address this issue. Anticipating your next release makes the read sweeter when it’s available. I am planning to savor Year One over Christmas break. God bless you and yours.

  38. Thank you for your wonderful writing, and giving us readers, glimpses into your life through this blog and your travel logs.

    Making cookies is a tradition I started with my boys, when they were young, and even though they are older teenagers and young men, they still want to spend a day, making Christmas cookies. It’s nice to see people taking the time for traditions.

    I enjoy every book you’ve written, and have all of them, including the “in death” series. I reread yours when I don’t have anything new to read, and even though I have reread all of your books at least twice, I always seem to find something new. I haven’t read “Year One” yet, my husband won’t let me buy it.( I have a feeling it’s under the Christmas tree).

    Thank you for sharing your creativity with us. Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year, from my family to yours. And a Merry Christmas to Laura as well.

  39. I too am amazed that you can write 4 books a year. Some authors only do one or maybe two. So I am extremely grateful for this and consider it a real treat to have 4 books a year to look forward to. Taking time off and having a life and time with family and friends is essential for us all. Life goes by so quickly. As a cancer survivor, I cherish every single day as we all should. Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Year’s. I really enjoyed Year One and look forward to the next. I like your exploring new directions. This one was a winner!

  40. You are nicer than me. I have threatened my students that if they ask me when the test will be graded, I will drop their tests by 10 points.

    1. I enjoyed it emensely. Great twist and turns. Will wait impatiently for the next.

  41. I’m so pleased to have found your blog. Sorry for the delay, I’m a bit electronically challenged. I have been your avid fan for many years. I believe I have read all you have written. I’ve tried to. Most of them twice.

    I’m saddened to read the comments of what sounds like entitlement, a most unpleasant trait. Make no mistake, I’d like to have another book immediately upon completion of the current read but respect your process and will wait…anxiously.

    Thanks for sharing your weekend life with us. It sounds much like mine. That pleases me.

    Merry Christmas!

  42. I, like so many others here, re-read previous books while waiting for the next. When I start a trilogy I read the first book and when the second comes out I read book one and two. When the third book comes out I read all three. I have a lot of Nora Roberts and JD Robb books so there’s ALWAYS something to read. Unlike others here I haven’t found another author that “takes me away” as well as you do Nora. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being you. I hope you have a glorious Christmas.

  43. I am sorry that you had to remind people that you are human. I enjoy your books so much, all genres, and am always sorry when I get to the end of one and hate to wait for the next, but do realize how hard it is to write. Just do your thing; you will always have faithful readers. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  44. I haven’t read any of the Virgil Flowers books. Does Nora like them as much as the Lucas Davenport books? If any author could write faster, I would like it. But I feel that if there is a set amount of time between the books, then it’s ok. Catherine Coulter’s FBI series always comes in September and her and JT Ellison’s Brit in the FBI series is March or April.

  45. Loving Year One So far. We are spoiled because you write four books a year. And I can enjoy other authors while I wait.

    I’d rather wait for a well written book than for a poorly written book that came out quickly. And as a burned out nurse, I don’t want ANYONE, especially a favorite author burn out.

    Appreciate you sharing your life and what’s going on with your family with us. I enjoy your blog to fill in between books.

    Thank you Nora.

  46. I sat down at my computer to write my Christmas letter and here I am on Facebook reading your blog. Sigh. Trust me when I say I admire your tenacity as well as your writing! Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  47. I received your book but haven’t read it yet. Saving it for the beach in February which is hard for me because as soon as I get your books I read them in one day. LOL! So I’m waiting to sit on the beach and enjoy it.

  48. “Deep Freeze” is a good read, I have most of Sanford’s books as I have all of the Robb books. I cope by re-reading the entire series after the newest one is published. I have about ten authors I read regularly so that helps also. Just finished “Year One” and enjoyed it but now I have to wait until the end of January. Oh well, I think it’s great that you have a life away from writing. Everyone needs to be able to step away from work for a bit, I always left mine in the locker when I ended a shift. . .and a good support system. Keep up the excellent work.

  49. Well said. I love your stories, and consider them a special treat. But I do enjoy several other authors. I need the variety to keep all of them enjoyable. I can wait patiently.

  50. I’m so glad you took the time to bake bread, make soup and bake cookies with your grandchildren not to mention the movies (I like to watch heartwarming movies at this time of year). Anticipation is good for readers. I think the binging on tv shows has added to people’s impatience; waiting a week for the next episode – heaven forbid! We’ve gone from faxing to emailing to texting – instant response. We need more people to stop and smell the roses or cook or garden or simply enjoy a good Book with a lovely glass of wine. You keep doing what you do since it contributes to some wonderful storytelling. When I get impatient for the next Nora Roberts book, I just reread an old one. Have a warm and enjoyable holiday season.

  51. Dear Nora.
    If you didn’t have your life/ work balance we wouldn’t have our 4 books per year. I think 4 books a year is prolific for ANY writer although not knowing any other writers I’m not sure. For me, when I know there’s a new book on its way then I reread a couple of the books before it to get into the ‘frame’ if you like. But I have other authors to turn to as well if I’m REALLY stuck. Old & trusted friends to see me through the drought. Other genres that I live in. Being retired I rely on the library where for the magic price of 50p I can lend a brand new book & then wait for the paperback version. Unless of course some kind person buys it for me as a present . As previous replies have said Nora, just keep doing what you’re doing. It’s proving to be the right formula for you. Merry Christmas from a Snowy UK

  52. It’s really sad that you feel you have to justify yourself to some people. I love your books and have done so for more years than I want to count. Yes I wish that whole series would be published one after the other but I totally understand that this is my wish and not reality. Keep doing your thing Nora, it’s obviously working.

  53. I always enjoy reading about your methods of writing. I struggle with writing anything, so writing four books a year is beyond anything I can imagine. I’m interested to see you don’t write the trilogy all together. How do you keep the stories so consistent or not loose interest in them? You know it’s just my two cents, but I don’t think your complainers would be happy if you released and wrote books the way they want. Part of reading books that are connected, is the anticipation, the wondering what will happen next, to your favorite characters. I love, love, love Eve, Roarke and all. I have all the books, I have about half also on Kindle with audio. I always look forward to the next book, but I know we readers would loose a great deal of what we love if you wrote a new Robb book every month. That’s why there are many great authors. If you are truly a reader you will want to read many different authors. I really enjoyed Year One, I wasn’t sure about it but I wanted to read the book that made your brain hurt. With all those people living in it I would wonder why it doesn’t hurt all the time. Anyway, I got caught up in Year One and read it way to fast! I haven’t however read John Sandford, so maybe I’ll add a new author while I wait for the next Robb/Roberts. Merry Christmas and Happy Writing in the New Year???

  54. While I have been reading your books for over 40 years, started when we were posted to Germany with the Canadian Forces and my son was born over there and he is now 41…I reread your books all the time, which helps with the wait for new material…you are the only author that I now keep in hardcover, most of the rest are on my ereader. So you just keep writing them and I will keep collecting them…Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  55. I like the waiting. I like balance.
    And I prefer to know that the people, places and stories I will love are created within those spots of balance in your life.
    And I like to imagine the story before diving into your – and always best version – of it.
    I live for Winter. And all the Seasons between.
    I only start approaching what sounds a whining when I know the book is on the mail and because I like to nag the mailman (keeps him on his toes ;)).
    When I read about breeding farms I cry. It pains me that human demands create, and allow to exist, places like that to animals that will give us the much coveted plump puppy. The same with You, or any writer. Or Creative.
    I’m good. I would be better if I wanted to read Year One (I don’t) but I’m good. Now I’m nagging Amazon to pre-order Shelter in Place 😉
    Going now.
    So little time and still so much people to nag… I don’t need to nag the only one who would tell me to b*** off while holding her bubbly and curled at that fireplace.
    Enjoy The Season!

  56. I think it is simply human nature when we love something with the intensity that most of us love your books, we just act selfish and demand more NOW. That can’t happen. I so appreciate every single word you write, and hope you can get the “me” time you need to continue to write these wonderful books! You are my window to imagination and I completely love when I can open a new one, smell the “new book smell” and dive into another world. Thank you!!!

  57. I have always admired your work/life balance! It amazes me that you even write while you enjoy a vacation. Having read some self-pub, I often wish they had an editor.
    Thank you for choosing to share your stories!

  58. I’m sorry you had to write this. Yes! I’d like a book from you every month, especially Eve and Roarke, but I’m realistic, too! I’d eventually become bored or maybe because my niece is a published author for over 15 years, I understand better then most.
    Give us what you can, just don’t stop writing!

  59. Just do what you have to do to have a balanced life, that makes for great writing. I have “Year One” waiting for me to enjoy after the hectic Christmas pace slows a bit. I enjoy savoring your books not rushing through them and rereading the ones I love, the Chesapeake Bay series and the Dream Trilogy are two of my favorite re-reads. Hope you enjoy “Sleeping Beauties” as much as I did.

  60. If you did not have a life then us (the readers) also would not have this fun blog to read! I love that you are willing to share bits of your life and also your blood, sweat and tears with your novels. Your true and loyal fans appreciate you and understand even if we would love to have more of your novels more quickly. 🙂 Those that complain and criticize definitely don’t understand all that goes into writing something mass produced for a large fan-base. Cheers to you, please enjoy a very Merry Xmas and New Year with your family and hope you get time off to enjoy!!

  61. Nora/Laura,
    Golly gals! You both are too cool for words. Nora Thank You for keeping life REAL. I am a empty nester with canine children. I do wish to make cookies with them, but they do not have thumbs. They do get to lick the bowls!
    Keep your brain healthy because when I read YEAR ONE mine was blown across the Blue Ridge MT.
    I am so glad I do not have voices and visions in my head. My Gosh I would see a Therapist twice a week.
    Laura, help Nora keep balance. As a reader I am as excited for the next book but I do know how to wait.
    Merry Christmas.

  62. Nora, I hope my comments that I hate waiting for the next one, clear to next fall, aren’t among those that necessitated your theme today. Yes, I definitely understand the need for relaxation, family and all. And every time I finish a book that is part of a series, esp. the In Death titles, I immediately look around saying where’s the next one? So I dip back into previous books in the series. I’ll survive! (and maybe even read some of the other thousands of titles in my tbr mountain range!)

    As a librarian, I know that publishing schedule so very well! You say you ONLY can write 4 books a year. Shoot, we’ve got books on order that have been waiting to be published for years! One single book! I marvel at your 4 because I can’t write worth a darn, even when I’m writing documentation and it takes me forever! I always enjoy your books. Maybe different levels of enjoyment, but I do enjoy.

    Hmm, I’ve never read John Sandford; looks like I’ll be adding another author to that mountain range! I always laugh that I’m accumulating for after retirement! By the way, I laughed at your candy cane kisses cookies; espec. all the colors, etc!

    Enjoy the holidays, everyone!

  63. There’s something to be said for anticipation. “Good things come to those who wait.” So wait I will. (Too much Star Wars reruns) Gladly.

  64. I never doubt getting one of your books, I know it will be a quality piece. Do I like some better than others? Of course, we’re all only human, but all of your books show strength, breadth of knowledge, and carry the surety that I, the reader, will be entertained and often newly informed. What you carry in your head, both in imagination and the research, makes MY head hurt! But oh, the wealth you give. The balance of your life shows in your stories – the cooking, the gardening, the need for occasional quiet, and of course the romance. Being a voracious reader, I’m well aware how lucky we fans are that you’re so prolific. Some of my other favs – Steven Havill, Dana Stabenow – it’s a lucky year if they produce one book every 15-16 months. Those are the ones that make me wonder if they’re still writing – lol. Even with them, I wouldn’t dream of complaining. Heck, I can barely keep a daily journal! Thank you, thank you, for being who you are and sharing with all of us. Watching your g-kids grow up around you is another special treat I don’t take lightly, nor your blogs of your awesome vacations and girl-time weeks (stupid scoreboard). So, wishing you and yours (you, too, Laura) a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  65. Had to laugh when I saw the pic with “Deep Freeze” on the table, adult beverage at the ready. With little exceptions, my night table looks identical. Finished your “First Snow” this morning (love the reprints) and have a date with That ______ Flowers tonight. (Saving “Year One” until I receive all three, then I’ll scarf ’em up together.)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family; you too, Laura. Blessings are everywhere, aren’t they?

  66. Nora I love all of your books. My friends and I always say we can’t wait for the next book. We know it will be months between books and we are fine with that. What we do is to start to reread the J D Robb books and the Nora books. Going back to reread the books is visiting with old friends. It helps us wait for the new books. I do read other authors but you are my favorite. I have read all of your books many times. For all you J D fans who want a new book right away start from Naked in Death again and continue the time between books won’t seem so long. Do the same with the Nora books. I know it helps us wait for the next Nora/JD books.

  67. Nora, you put so much into each book that I am able to visualize every scene. Of course it would be wonderful if you wrote a book a month, but they would not be “your” books. We wait because every word you write is worth waiting for. The fact that you share your beautiful family with us makes you extra special. I agree that grandchildren bring special magic to our lives. Thank you for all that you do! You’re amazing!

  68. I have to say I was scared of what Year One would be like. I look forward to Nora’s trilogies every year and love the romances that they are. But I LOVED YEAR ONE !!!! I already have the next book marked on my calendar. And I will reread year one over and over again.

  69. Your life is your life and although we all enjoy the small glimpse in to it through this blog, you should never have to explain your self because of haters.

    I am amazed that you are able to churn out 4 books a year and I enjoy each and every one. But if you ever decided to cut back, the rest of us will just have to deal with it.

    As an avid reader I use the time between releases from my favourite authors to re read old favourites and find new ones.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to You and Yours!

  70. Hi Nora, write at your own speed. I would rather have a well tought out book with a well crafted story that i had to wait a few months, the the computer generated pap that some writters put out in the name of getting a book on the market., if people bitch and moan , well that is their problems. People are too used to get instant gratification. They forget to enjoy the now, the always wants what is next.

  71. Hi Nora, write at your own speed. I would rather have a well tought out book with a well crafted story that i had to wait a few months, the the computer generated pap that some writters put out in the name of getting a book on the market., if people bitch and moan , well that is their problems. People are too used to get instant gratification. They forget to enjoy the now, the always wants what is next.

  72. Hi Nora, write at your own speed. I would rather have a well tought out book with a well crafted story that i had to wait a few months, the the computer generated pap that some writters put out in the name of getting a book on the market., if people bitch and moan , well that is their problems. People are too used to get instant gratification. They forget to enjoy the now, the always wants what is next.

  73. Nora, I am so sorry you have to write your blog on this subject. Please continue your life and career as you see fit, exactly as you should. I have read you from your very early days and still own copies of your Silhouette books from years ago (and still re-read them). God bless you, BW, and all your family through this wonderful holiday season. Also, thank you very much for the beautiful Christmas card I received today. It is so awesome to receive it. Thank you for the countless hours of reading pleasure you have given me. Take care.

  74. As always, thank you sharing your life with us! I’m a true fan and love your work and your finished products are always worth the wait. Having a normal life isn’t something you should have to explain. I love what you do and how you do it!

    Happy Holidays!

  75. Dear Nora – aka JD,
    Thank you for all the wonderful books. Please continue to write at your pace because that is the only way we, the readers will get the wonderful writing you do. I have loved all the books you have written – just read Irish Rose and loved it – so please, please, please make sure you take time for yourself. You deserve it. All though I am always anxious for the next book in a series, I just reread the ID series or one of your other books. And I have been knows to read another author a time or two. I know – the horror LOL.

    Merry Christmas to you Nora, Laura and your families.
    And thank you again for all the wonderful stories you have created for us.

  76. As someone who used to review books for a living, I am so grateful when an author takes time to have a life, do real life things, enjoy their families etc. It makes their writing so much richer.

    I am not sure why people have a sense of entitlement or think that they “own” a writer and should be able to make them do what they want but it is ridiculous.

    I enjoyed Year One. I wasn’t sure if I would but I truly did. Am I excited for the next installment? Sure I am but I can wait just like I have to wait for other things.

    Merry Christmas.

  77. Balance is so important and I applaud you for keeping your priorities in line. Balancing work, family, hearth and home can be tough and we all need to do what we can to keep ourselves healthy and sane. I have been a reader for more years than I can count and I, for one, don’t mind the wait for the next book to come out. Anticipation, as I look forward to the next book in a series, just increases the excitement as the release date gets close.
    Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas !

  78. I read and loved Year One, though I have relatives that have read your other titles Year One was the first book of yours I have read and loved and yeah I hope bk two is sometimes next year but most certainly not at the expense of your family time! Yes if it was available i would read it now but waiting, the anticipation for the next book is part of the “fun” and love of reading.
    Sending you best wishes for a great family Christmas! xx

  79. Thank you for reminding us we all should seek a balanced life! I love reading both Roberts and Robb and have indeed saved them as “treats” for special trips or devoured them the moment they are available. While I’d love “more now” every time I close one of your books, I can appreciate the “better when” and I understand that better takes time and boundaries. THEN, you give us a bonus…I I love the blog posts you add to the mix, and your social media channels, too. I appreciate your time and the gifts of your creativity in book or blog and shake my head at the grumpy gus who spoils it for all with their own lack of boundaries and balance. Huzzah, Nora…I say!

  80. You go Nora! I’d say you deserve to write and publish however you and your publisher want to do it. I’m writing/self-published and find that 56-60K words is what I can do. I’m hoping to get in a rhythm of writing two a year. You are an inspiration-yes, take time for you. They’ll just want you more or you could send them to the self pubbed writers. Ha! Merry Christmas & have a great New Year!

  81. I’ve been reading your books since I was 9 – the first was A Man for Amanda. I’m 39 now and have read it all religiously. Year One dropped my jaw and was so intellectually fulfilling. It was brave to throw out a time-tested and successful formula. My hearty thanks and congratulations.

  82. Well hells bells, you have a life Mrs. Roberts, that’s unheard of (major sarcasm for the whiners)! LOL I absolutely loved Year One and cannot wait for the next, but wait I will and while I wait, I can check to see if there are any more of your older books that I have missed. My Nora Roberts library is growing so much so, that it’s taken up almost all the room on my one bookshelf, and I still haven’t started on any of the JD Robb’s! LOL You do what you need to do so that you don’t burn out because I for one would be devastated if you didn’t write anymore! Enjoy the holiday and we will all be waiting for your next book when it comes out with bated breath! Love to you and yours and many, many blessings for the New Year!

  83. I’m excited about the Christmas cookie dough in stores and the family is making sweet tamales. My son’s birthday is on Christmas. I love to read, and, I enjoy those free Kindle books on Amazon. I did write two ebooks there for my kids. Enjoy the holidays.

  84. Happy Yule, Nora & Laura! I’m grateful for the books that you turn out every year! One of the many things that I love about your stories is that I learn about new things. I do quite a bit of research for my job and realize how much time that takes, so you can get all of those fascinating details just right. If I need a “Nora fix” in between books, I go back and revisit old friends, or visit the library and try to find new ones. Thank you for your commitment to both your readers and your family! It shows in your writing.

  85. Nora,

    I have enjoyed your books for the last thirty years. In my mind, the number of books that you produce a year is absolutely astounding. I will admit, I am one of those people that will immediately buy your books on the release date, lock myself in, and read it front to back! Then, like you, I know I have to wait for the next one! But that, to me is part of the joy! I love the anticipation of what comes next! I adore following Eve and Roarke, as much as I have enjoyed all of your trilogies! But guess what, I do the same thing for Janet Evanovich and Catherine Coulter, and the list goes on and on. Thank you for what you do. You are appreciated. And at the end of the day, remember, your family is what keeps you going. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Joyous New Year!

  86. I’ve not read Year One yet. I read your books so fast I’m savoring it. For after the holidays when everything comes to a halt.

    I’m a huge Virgil Flowers/ JS fan too!! I need to get that book. Maybe a late Christmas present to myself and hubby. We both are avid readers of you both.

    I truly understand and get it and want you to do whatever need be to keep up the creativity. As a wannabe writer, I’ve been to a publisher, because my teacher recommended I do so, and was told up front just what is involved.

    Take care of yourself dear Nora. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  87. I often send other authors I like “Nora Roberts” vibes. I wish more authors I like would write as fast as you do. Amazing that you can have your output and still have a life with your family and making soup! I’ve been reading you since book one. Please do what you need to do to keep writing!

  88. Nora, I have been captivated by your books since I was 16 and picked up my first copy of Honest Illusions in my home town library. I was hooked! A little while later, while looking for another author similar to your style I discovered J.D Robb. This was in the 90’s where it hadn’t yet been revealed that you were writing both!

    I am grateful as a reader that my favourite author is such a prolific writer! Your stories captivate and I devour them like no other. Thank you for writing with passion, heart and spirit. For having strong female leads who I looked up to as a young girl growing up and still trying to find my path. I’m now 37 and the messages in your books still ring true today.

    Year One has been one of my favourite books and even my fiancé is reading it – a huge Sci-Fi fan himself so I think you have created yet another fan base.

    Thank you again. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and loved ones and I look forward to reading Book 2 at Christmas next year.

  89. As anxious as I am to read the next one, (and I AM), I understand the time it takes to write. And your family deserves your time, as well. The only thing I ever really complain about is when I am teased with a pre-order that is more than six months away. (That’s just CRUEL). For now, I am looking forward to the next In Death. It’s only a month away… sigh

  90. Your reply to the negativity was right on the money. Frankly, when I see any negativity posted it annoys me. I want to tell them to get a life. Glad Nora has a thriving and happy family life !

  91. Yes, you need a balanced life…whether it’s to have the resources to write as prolifically as you do (no one else I read produces nearly as much), or to simply be a well rounded human being. As far as people wanting more, faster, they need to get a life. Actually in past years, I’ve enjoyed re-reading the first in the trilogy before the second is released and so on. That will be even more true this year, with the length between releases. Thank you for many years of reading pleasure! Just, please, don’t retire anytime soon 🙂

  92. I was not sure when I started Year One if I would continue reading. So we’re glad I did. As usual Nora’s style of writing flowed in this book and made the sadness bearable. My point is that to “demand” that she write more is so ridiculous. Nora brings quality to every single book she writes. It is her gift she is sharing with us. I for one am grateful to read her books at her pace of writing.
    One little thing though Nora….please allow us to know how The lives of the people in New Hope have gone. I fell in love with that community…

  93. Perfectly reasonable and love the four books a year, gobble them up as they come out. Won’t ask you to write more, but…could you at least attempt immortality so the four a year never ends?

  94. I started to order Nora’s books online many years ago because they didn’t translate them into finnish quickly enough. Now that I am older I understand why. But I enjoy reading them in english; somehow something gets lost in translation..
    I absolutely love Nora’s books. Every year I get as a christmas present one of her books. While I wait for next one to come, I re-read her earlier works. I have to start Eve&Roarke story from the beginning soon…
    I think it is important to have balance between work and home life. I agree that pushing yourself to do too much affects both work and family. So take a deep breath, sip some bubbly and enjoy!
    Happy holidays from Finland!

  95. I can wait as I just re read your books – waiting for the new one.
    You are certainly worth the wait and thank goodness you do have a life as that increases your creativity. You are amazing.
    Wishing you and all of yours a great Christmas and happy, healthy New Year.

  96. Nora – you have been a part of my life since your early days with Silouette – and I have enjoyed every minute of them – that said I am so glad to get a peek of your life with the blog and that you have such a full life ! Don’t ever apologize for living ! You deserve every minute you get and readers should thank you for all you give them. Hope you have a Merry Christmas ? and enjoy those grandkids !

  97. Your JD Robb In Death series are my favorite of any books I have ever read! I always look forward to the next when I finish one. Fortunately, (for my love of reading) I have a bit of AADD and when I get to craving another book, I go back and reread all of them from the beginning. Always find someting that I missed!? There are many wonderful writers out there, so those of your readers who get antsy for the next book should broaden their horizons! I find that anticipation increases the enjoyment! Thanks for all you wonderful books, Nora!

  98. Take your time, enjoy life and your children they grow so fast. We will still be here waiting for your next amazing book and those who aren’t well they aren’t very nice and we need more nice. So don’t sweat them, take care of you that’s very important. And thank you for all the wonderful books, the trilogies are a family favorite my mom, my sister, myself and both of my daughters love them. Merry Christmas and a glorious New Year to you and yours, from me and mine.

  99. In Death books waiting time is what makes me more excited reading about them when it is released. They are my favorite series of all time and I hope you continue writing about it forever haha. I actually admire you release four books a year, I may not enjoy all the books but the diversity is what makes you my favorite author.

  100. Balance is a worthy pursuit… no matter how often I wish that books could happen faster, I like to remind myself that I’d appreciate them less if I read them much faster. I’ve loved my re-read/re-listen to the books/audiobooks of the In Death series over the last 2 years… I’ve fallen more in love with the characters & started to realize the timeline in the future that the books span- Eve needs some balance! Lol Nora- you write SO fast compared to some other authors & Im grateful. I’ve purchased Year One, but waiting until after the holidays when I can savor it (won’t hurt if it’s closer to the next book!) & pre-ordered the next In Death. And enjoyed finding new books to look forward to throughout the year. I genuinely encourage re-reading if you need a fix… happy holidays!

  101. Thank you for another wonderful read. I truly have enjoyed reading Year One. Anxious for the next book in this series. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  102. I think having a work life balance is the best, since I didn’t for so many years. I am a life long Dallas Cowboys football fan and can tell you something we say a lot “Haters gonna hate” and that’s just the truth. I love your stories and am willing to wait (however impatiently) for them. Also, I for one, appreciate that you take the time for a life. It not only makes you happier, I believe it rewards you with new creative directions like this new project. You do you and we will keep loving it!

  103. I feel really sorry that you felt you needed to address this. I read the thread and thought a few people came across as whiny, impatient children.
    I enjoy the anticipation! Nine months between books is nothing when you’ve spent 20 years reading the Outlander series (which I have no complaints about!).
    I have to say though, I am looking forward to book 2.

  104. Wow! So sad that you feel the need to address this!
    I’m finding myself so disappointed in how nasty people feel they can be to each other.

    Thank you for the books you write. I’ve so enjoyed all of them! And, as I haven’t yet read Year One, I’m very much looking forward to that!

  105. I listened to Year One on audio. From the beginning I was caught up but also creeped out. I will have to listen again before book 2 comes out. Absolutely loved it!

    In Death Series…I can’t wait for each new book in the series. I discovered the series after you had written the first 15 or 20 books and have been a huge fan since. I listen on audio and love the fact that the same narrator does each book.

    I dont believe there is a book you have written that I don’t love. I feel blessed that I get to read and enjoy such great stories. Thank you for sharing!

  106. Thank you for ll the books you do write and publish. Four is a great number a year and I would rather have that number than so many a year the quality falters or the story is just not that good. I absolutly adored Year One and found it so engrossing, thrilling and now I am eager to see where it leads. But in the meantime since I totally support and understand how writers are people to and have lives, family, etc that they need a balance as well. So I am sure others have spoken before me but THANK YOU for everything. For sharing these wonderful stories with us, for chatting with us online and in person at signings, for being gracious to explain yet again how this is how it is going to be and whatnot. Because with out your books, imagination, storytelling, etc, I would find the world a less magical place IMO.

  107. I love all your books. For trilogies where there is large gap in between when they are available, I buy the books when they come out, but wait to read them until I have all of them. In large part, that’s due to my memory, as I can remember the main characters and broad strokes of all of your books, but not the details that might be important when I’m reading the sequel. I have all of your books from Irish Thoroughbred on, and read my favorites over and over again. There are a few other authors where I do the same, especially if I’ve just read a book I didn’t care for much. I need a palate cleanser then, and go for one I know is engaging with a satisfying ending. I’m very much looking forward to reading Year One.

  108. You GO, Nora! Thanks to you, I have been a photographer, florist, kickass dog trainer, pilot, house sitter, pub, bookstore and pizza place owners, yoga teacher, and the list goes on. I have just explored a whole New World, thanks to you. You are responsible for MANY hours of entertainment, laughter, reflective moments, strong moments to encourage me to get back up when I’m down, (bc of strong beautiful women who don’t stay down for long! ) and “she totally gets it” moments bc I’m the mom of 2 boys and one huge golden retriever. Claire the Fair character rocked my LEGO’s existence.
    I have also found myself looking up Chesapeake Bay in Maryland and adding it to my bucket list . As I type this, I am in my hotel room on a business trip. But really, my thoughts are still with Lana and the new baby. Another one of your books that provided an incredible escape. I hope you enjoy some wonderful time with your family, and “me time.” Truly. Thank you.

  109. I love your work, and floored that you are to get out as many books as you do. As someone who is trying to get published, I hope one day if/when I get published I am able to be as successful.

  110. I absolutely love your work! All of it — Year One, the “In Death” books, your trilogies and stand-alone stories! The first book that I read was the first of the “Born In” trilogy, and I was hooked from then on. I went back and read all of the previously published books and have read all of your new ones since, and I thank you for giving me so many stories to enjoy!

  111. I understand what Nora means when it takes so long for a book to go from manuscript to finished product. My brother went the self-publish route and his stuff wasn’t all that polished. I also have somewhere two bound galleys of Karen K-somthing-or-other’s mysteries set in Sacramento, CA and I saw copies of the finished product and there’s a huge difference between a bound galley and a book hot off the bookstore shelves.

  112. I hope Nora had a wonderful holiday with family and friends! Excited to hear all about it (and her yesrly one more room purge LOL) in her next blog post! 🙂

  113. Arghhhhhhh I get so annoyed with People sometime! Why can’t we all be kind, and grateful for what we have. Nora is 100% amazing! No one else writes 4 books a year! People should spend their time constantly in awe not whining. I live in fear that some annoying person is going to keep at it and Nora will be like that’s it I can’t take the whining anymore and she will never write again. I have never been a violent person and strive to spread kindness but I truly want to slap those who have the nerve to complain about Nora! Or the ******* (insurit bad word here) people who ask for a Eve and Roarke baby.
    To Nora I say please ignore those insane enough to complain. 99.9% of us adore you and ever word you write. I am a lonely house wife/mother who’s best friends are your characters. I am extremely thankful for each Stand Alone, Trilogy, In Death, and blog post that you post!

  114. Right on Nora! More power to your balancing career with business, the market, readers, family, and your own much deserved wants and needs, including the CRUCIAL reading for pleasure!

    Many thanks for the wonderful works you produce year after year, and enjoy 2018!
    Nikki Weston

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