Mob Rule by Social Media

I’m not on Twitter. I’ve said before and will say again, I’d rather be poked in the eye with a burning stick than tweet. I’m only on Instagram and Facebook because the amazing Laura runs the show.

I write. I spend my days working, my evenings either working or with my family. Or zoned in front of the TV, basically brain dead.

I don’t spend much time on social media. I recognize its power, I appreciate its ability to connect writers with readers. And I also understand how easily it can be weaponized to incite flame wars. So I’m very careful with my use of it–and Laura is even more so.

I write. It’s what I do. What I love and what I’ve spent three decades learning how to do well. Or as well as I possibly can.

But there are a lot of authors who spend a great deal of time on social media. Some are absolute geniuses with the tools, and use them beautifully.

Others. Not so much.

I don’t believe, and have never believed in taking personal issues onto public forums. I don’t believe, and have never believed–will never believe–in a writer attacking another writing on a public forum. It’s unprofessional, it’s tacky and the results are, always, just always, ugly.

Recently another writer used her social media forums to baselessly, recklessly accuse me of stealing the title of her book–which is bullshit right off–to attempt to profit from this theft. She had no facts, just her emotions, and threw this out there for her followers.

First, let’s address the particular title which happens to be similar. I titled this particular book, wrote this book, turned this book into my publisher nearly a year before her book–a first novel–was published. So unless I conquered the time/space continuum, my book was actually titled before hers. Regardless, you can’t copyright a title. And titles, like broad ideas, just float around in the creative clouds. It’s what’s inside that counts.

It’s just a title.

By accusing me, in public, of attempting to ‘shamelessly profit’ off of her creativity, she incited her readers into attacking me–on her feed, then on my pages, then on the internet in general. She did nothing to stop this. I have been accused of theft, of trying to use this first time writer–whose book has been well received–for my own profit. To ride her coattails as I have no originality. This after more than thirty years in the business, more than two hundred books.

I was accused of plagiarism–for a title–of stealing her ideas–though I had never heard of her book before this firestorm, have never read her book.

And trust me, I never will now.

This is what happens when a reckless statement is made on social media. It becomes a monstrous lie that spreads and grows and escalates.

I don’t know this woman; she doesn’t know me. She lit the match, foolishly. Perhaps being young and new and so recently successful she doesn’t fully understand the relationship between a writer and her readers, or the power of an ugly insinuation posted on Twitter. But, God, you should know how tools work before you use them.

We should all take a lesson here. Think, then think again, before you post. Be sure of your facts before you take a shot at someone. Be prepared for the vicious fallout once you do.

Could you have dug a little deeper to check facts? Could you have contacted the person in question and had a conversation? In this case–writer to writer–could you have spoken to your publisher, your agent, about the fact that a title can’t be stolen in the first place?

Could you have, perhaps, checked the timeline? If your book came out a few months before the other book (and if you know SQUAT about publishing) you’d certainly realize it was written, titled and in production when yours hit the stands. So how could a damn title be ‘stolen’?

To be accused of plagiarism by some faceless reader on the internet, one who felt entitled to spread that lie gutted me. I’ve been plagiarized, and will always have an open wound from the blow. To me, plagiarism is the most terrible sin a writer can commit.

I have worked my entire career to build a foundation of professionalism, of teamwork with my publisher, to create a community with other writers, and to show readers I value them–not just with communication, but by doing my best to give them good books.

No one who knows me would believe any of these accusations. But that’s the problem. Those making them don’t know me, they simply lash out because they can.

This foolish and false statement has damaged my reputation. Vicious and ugly accusations and names have been tossed at me when I did nothing but write and title a book.

While this writer issued a kind of retraction after I reached out to her, it didn’t stop some of her readers from calling me a liar, and worse. We reached out again, asking her to put out the fire.

We’ve had no response, not from her, not from her agent.

Shame on them.

I had every intention of letting this go, until the flames kept burning, until the attacks kept coming. And nothing was done by the person who lit the match to stop it.

I don’t like taking my issues public. But I will stand up for myself. I will defend my integrity and my reputation and my work.

I’m appalled by this, sickened by it. I’m disgusted that people who don’t know me would feel free to say vicious things about me. I know very well the anonymity of the internet can foster such nastiness, but it still disgusts me.

Words have great power–to harm, to heal, to teach, to entertain. A writer, one who wants to forge a career with words, should understand that. And use them, as well as the tools at her disposal, wisely.

I’ve very deliberately not mentioned the name of the writer who started this, or the title of her book or mine. I don’t want this to escalate any more than it has. I don’t want my readers to go on the attack. It’s not cool. I simply want to set the record straight.

I’m Nora Roberts. I’m a hard-working writer, and an honest one.

That’s it.

318 thoughts on “Mob Rule by Social Media”

  1. Anyone that’s searched for a book on Amazon or Audible will have noticed that more than one book has the same title. I hate twitter and refuse to read the trash spewed. I’m getting tired of Facebook, more and more ads that I’m not interested in. Love your books and I’m in the process of re-listening on my mp3 player while I do my chores. Can’t wait for the next in death book. I’m not going to read your latest trilogy until the all come out. I still haven’t listened to the last book in the trilogy before.

    1. I am so sorry this has happened to you. I agree that the anonymity of social media gives nasty people a shield to spew hatred and overall nonsense. Unfortunately,it doesn’t seem the other author has any integrity to stop the nastiness she created. And she could. I hope it helps you to believe that thousands of us do not believe her no sense.

      1. Totally agree Beth, It makes me sick the people that use Twitter to say whatever they want with no thought. Easy for them to apologize after the fact but then damage is done. Shameful. Those of us that Love Nora and know her through her amazing books realize she would never ever do something so low. Why would she? It took Nora to take the high road as we knew she would to explain this to this other “writer” then she comes back. So sad.

    2. That was my first thought also. Only so many words available so the same or similar titles will always be a situation. Nora, if there’s a new author out there as good as you or the others I follow, I’m thrilled. But she’s using your name, in my opinion, to inflate her social media presence. I hope everyone few!uses that lambasting this author will only aid her efforts.

  2. Well said Nora…….I’m sorry this happened to you…you are a professional through & through…….. And we appreciate you!!!

  3. Nora, I’m so sorry you have been hurt this way. I feel I know you. I haven’t met you, but I don’t believe that’s necessary. You have forged a spectacular career with your writing. I know your characters are fiction, but I believe there are many bits of you scattered throughout your stories. Little revelations that speak the language of Nora. That show who YOU are. This person has made a devastating error. To begin her career with a vicious lie, and knowingly not correct it, signals to me, she is a shallow being. Not one with the promise of a long career ahead.

    Again, I’m sorry for your pain. I hope the strength I know you have will pull you through this.

    Hugs from one who “knows” you.

    1. Won’t. …so well said, Thank you. Wish the best for Nora, she’s incredible. Love her books! Sorry for pain caused her via the “social media” by ignorant persons.

  4. Dear Nora
    So so sorry to feel your pain in this nasty situation. Your loyal readers will always support you. You write for us and we totally appreciate it!!
    Please don’t spend more time and energy on this. Please go write for those of us who have followed you for those 25+ years.
    We know who you are.
    Sad, pitiful, immature upstart can’t steal your thunder!!
    Loyalty to you always, just another fan ♡
    Deb B

  5. Not one person, of the many, who has read your books would believe you unethical. Your integrity shines through them all.
    Consider the source, jealousy is always ugly, let it go and continue your work as a master storyteller.
    I read at least a book a day and hunt constantly to feed the monster. Along with every single person who has read even one of your books, I devour the new ones too, too quickly then sigh, resigning myself to wait once again. Your books are also some of the few I reread.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Just love your work, Nora, and haunt the book shops waiting for your next book. Also have been reading your books for many many years. And there are millions of us out there. Your reputation is undamaged. Your integrity shines through your work.

  6. I am very sorry that people suck.
    Thank you for being amazing as always!
    We love you Nora!

  7. This was news to me – even though I have a Twitter account. But what is not news to me is your integrity and professionalism. Neither is your creativity. This idiotic accusation should never been given any credence – sorry that it has.

  8. I love your books therefore i love you for writing them. I have many and lots of time on my hands to read and I read many of them over and over re: The Guardian series and The Cousins O’Dwyer series are some of my favorites . Sorry for your sadness from an inconsiderate wanna be!

  9. Nora, I am saddened and angry that you have been unjustly attacked. In this day and age of social media, it is very easy to make a false statement or an unjust accusation against someone. I do not have a twitter account and really have no intention of having one. Please continue your wonderful writing both as yourself & as J. D. Robb. Remember that Karma does exist and it will slap a person in the face when they least expect,


    1. Well said, Mary, along with others here. I’ll tell what this hokey, hurtful, unkind and unnecessary publicity stunt has done for me: I refuse to buy and read that book. Or watch any movie that may come out. That’s shot. Totally unbelievable.

    2. Mary, well said. I agree with everything you have said. Nora and Laura, you both have your readers/fans full support. I enjoy reading your books, this blog and posts on Facebook. You both put so much work into all of it, I want to say again thank you. You both go above and beyond.

  10. As a dedicated reader (3-4 books a week) , I have read all your books going back to the 80’s. Has anyone plagiarized you? Absolutely. I read books published in the last 10 years with badly disguised Nora Roberts’ plots. But I have never thought for a minute that you had stolen someone’s ideas. I have only marveled that one woman could keep coming up with new ideas, new characters and new books.

  11. Nora, I’ve been reading your books for years and you are my “go-to” author when I’m looking for a good read. I’m not on Twitter and I’m sure I don’t want to be now! Don’t worry, your faithful followers will know you had nothing whatsoever to do with plagiarism!! Cannot wait for your next novel!!

  12. Well if I ever finish my book and if a title could be stolen….could you, would you please steal mine? How foolish of her. You are one of the most talented writers I’ve ever read (and trust me I read more than anyone and everyone I know) and to have you use a title I have dreamed up …well that would be the most humbling experience. Also on a professional side she should have realized of you use the title, millions of us would have searched for that title and may have noticed her book in doing so. People often fail to see positives…. Please continue to write and should you be in need of a title or any other assistance I’d be very happy (and humbled) to offer any knowledge, idea, or brainstorming you need! ?

  13. I’m really sorry Nora. Just keep doing what you do. You’re a fabulous writer and beloved by millions. Anyone who reads your books or your posts knows you’re a person with integrity. The others are just people who like to be mean on the internet whatever the reason. Thank you for all you do, you’ve brought me decades of joy.

  14. I’m not on twitter or instagram, only on facebook. I’m appalled that this has happened to you, but not surprised. When a writer is as successful and talented as you are, there is an issue of jealousy that will rear it’s ugly head. What that author had to gain, other than free publicity, is beyond me. I’m also not surprised that you have remained the classy person that you are, & are refusing to name that author. You probably have thousands of loyal fans, to her minority. If you are feeling so bad about this, you are only feeding into the frenzy she created. Nobody who has read any of your books, and knows of your immense talent and integrity, will believe it for a minute. So please don’t waste a minute of your time and energy. I would have my agent or publisher sue the pants off her, and be done with it. She is not worth another minute of your time.

  15. I’m sorry that happened to you. Noone reading you could ever have believed that. How embarrassing for a new author to show so publically their inexperience and lack of knowledge. I am sorry you were hurt because of their ignorance and lack of professionalism.

    I agree, well said. You are awesome and no one could knock you off the top of my favorite authors’ list. No one could read you and believe that either.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world You have given me plenty of enjoyments, entertainment, and imaginary companions to spend an hour or two with over the years. Thank you.
    All the best!

  16. Social media will do more harm than good in many ways. I know your books Nora. I’ve been reading them for a LONG time. Like others, these are some I re-read. Your integrity, your honesty and ethics shine through.
    Keep on hanging in there Nora. Karma’s a bitch as some will find out.

  17. Don’t do Twitter. Never will. Rarely comment on anything but felt I must say to you. Well done not to engage. Hard not to but these type of things need constant oxygen. Let her readers eat their young. Those of us who have read you for years know the truth. The rest is just hot air. Hurtful, even hot air can burn, but temporary and no real damage done to your reputation. The other, not so much. Cliche, but true, Karma she be a bitch! Chin up, write on.

  18. This is why I prefer to read your newsletters…then I know that what I am reading comes directly from you (and the amazing Laura). I appreciate you and your dedication to your craft. If we, your readers, see you as a friend, albeit one we have never met, it is because you have touched so many of us with your words.
    Twitter, and these days Facebook as well , are right up there with the National Enquirer and the like. I stopped reading such poorly written fiction years ago. I read the best … I read Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb!!!

  19. I mostly go on facebook to play games when i have some spare time, i learnt a long time ago how people like to hide behind the anonymity of social media and berate others for fun and steer well clear of that side of social media now.

    This is the first i have heard about anything, clearly i live in a me-shaped hole!

    Sorry this happened to you, i think – speaking from a personal perspective – that your millions of readers who know and love your books, characterisations, storylines and the time Laura and you give to your readers won’t even give whatever this woman has said a second of their time. Mostly because the majority of your readers have brains and do realise that you can’t copyright and/or plagiarise a book title but also because after years of reading your books we would surely have clicked on to it if you were anything but the talented and creative writer you are.

    The In Death series is one of the most readable crime series being written today and while in it’s own way is formulaic it is still full of a freshness many writers have lost well before they hit the 40th book in a series!

    To end all i can say is less than a week till Of Blood and Bone – yay – and if you could slip the 3rd book in with it ( i will take raw form) when it gets sent to me from Amazon even better lol.

    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year and i hope this nastiness does not leave a bad taste in your mouth for too long after all the dedicated years of writing great books to keep us entertained that you have put in xxx

  20. Anyone that does a simple search on Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Goodreads will find many books with the same or similar titles so I don’t see that she has any complaint! You have an amazing talent that I appreciate and, to me, you exist at a higher level than other writers. You and Laura do such a fantastic job taking care of your readers. You have my utmost respect.

  21. That is how you drop the mic.

    Thank you for being the professional you are. Now go kick her behind.

    And I’d love to hear your voice in 140 characters. I think the constraints can act like a magnifying glass concentrating a beam of sunlight. But there has to be something there to concentrate.

    Keep writing.

  22. Nora,
    This new author has started her career in a very unprofessional manner. Hopefully, she will learn to research and especially, think, before she posts accusations about a fellow writer. Especially one that is as well known as you, both, for your writing and your integrity.
    One of my first thoughts was, “Oh, Nora! Please be careful! Sounds like she has taken the story line from “Dark In Death” to heart! LOL!!
    Hang in there and can hardly wait for the next In Death novel!!

  23. Wow…I have missed this entire situation. I think the anonymity of the internet is quite a powerful and negative tool. I have been totally shocked at some of the vile and ignorant words that people see the need to spew. From what little I know of this, you have to wonder where a brand new author has the temerity to accuse someone of Nora Roberts stature of theft! Come on…why would she want to? I always said we really need an unsend button!

  24. Nora,
    Your readers are legion. We recognize your talent and integrity. We appreciate the many ways you contribute to the writing community. We have seen your generosity in helping those in need. We admire your imagination in creating worlds for us to immerse in and entertain ourselves.

    Your reputation is unblemished and this silly newbie has only ultimately damaged their own and caused themselves embarrassment.

    Take heart, our admiration and enjoyment of you and your work endures and can’t be damaged by some silly twit recklessly Twittering falsehoods.

  25. It is my considered opinion that this author realizes that she has a snowball’s chance of surviving a blast furnace to have one of her books will land on the NY Times’ bestseller list if she doesn’t stoop to flinging feces around to create interest in her work. Nora, how many years have you been on it, and how many times did your work land in the top 10 on release day? This is a really nasty case of sour grapes to me.
    Just my $.02.

  26. It’s sad that I recognize this new author’s tactics as a subplot from the TV Show BONES. Does this mean that New Author plagiarized her publicity strategy? I also can’t believe that an honorable agent/publisher hasn’t taken her aside and told her to act like a professional. Irksome!

    Do not let this get you down. I agree about social media, it’s dangerous.

    1. Georgia!
      I had that same thought about Bones and the author!

      1. This is the first I have heard of this. I was immediately enraged that someone would consider for one second that Nora Roberts would plagiarize, especially given the past. (which Nora handled in the classy way a Class act would). But as I read on…I kept thinking …I have heard this before.
        Then the Bones episode popped in my head. I cannot believe that someone who has clearly plagiarized a TV show has the audacity to then accuse someone unfairly.
        I am still angry that this happened but I bow in respect to the way it is being handled. I will continue to support one of the best authors ever.

  27. I’m a ‘new’ writer who has started late in life and know squat about publishing. This has nothing to do with knowledge and all to do with bad manners and jealousy. Even a newbie like me knows it takes sometimes years for a book to be published and in that time the title is there, waiting like the book itself. She was wrong, as were her people. All bad mannered and nasty. For shame. No professionalism at all and that will be her downfall. At her own fingertips. So senseless.

  28. Nora, most of your legions of fans are deeply and profoundly grateful for the gift of your creativity, for your power to move and inspire us, to entertain and delight us. I am, and I know most of us are, appalled and troubled that this happened to you. It is only natural that these horrible accusations would have the power to distress you, but I hope this ebbs in the way of these nine days’ wonders and life returns to normal for you.

    I hope you can pack this away in a virtual box and enter wholeheartedly into the fun and preparations for this holiday season. You deserve all the joy and peace this season can hold!

    In the meantime, as one of your countless devoted and grateful fans, I will be praying that this passes, as I re-read yet again one of my favorites of your holiday stories, “All I Want for Christmas.” But this young author has made a serious error in judgment that may dog her all her days and will certainly taint her own reputation, and that is simply karma.

    Merry Christmas, Nora! For decades, reading your books (and even meeting you on one January “Inn Boonsboro Author Weekend”) has been a major source of joy and comfort in my life. I wish you waves upon waves of the joy you bring to us to come back to you.

    God bless you!

  29. I am an avid reader of your books, and understand the blood and sweat you invest in each one. They are joys for your readers. I am so very sorry this attach occurred, and very glad you responded in such a professional manner. Budding authors can learn a lot from you! Thanks for your books, and your integrity.

  30. I saw that on twitter. Annoyed the dickens out of me so I can guess how you felt. I recall the plagiarism scandal back several years ago too and how upset you were.

    I don’t know the author’s work personally and I will not be reading this book or any future ones she writes but if I were to venture a guess, it would be she wanted to stir the pot on twitter for publicity and probably had no real idea of the storm she would create. It’s wrong but young and stupid often go hand in hand. That’s it. That’s all I got. A silver tongue I’m not.

    Like a lot of your fans, I read a lot of books and I have several books by different authors with either the same title or similar titles although the plots are very, very different. I’m just a reader, not an author, and I know titles can’t be copyrighted or trademarked. I believe she knows that too. Because she is so young, I hope she will make a real effort to apologize. I hope she learns the lesson of earnestly trying to fix a mistake.

    On the lighter side, it is now 11/29 which means 12/4 is closer and book 2 of Chronicles of the One will be released, not that I’m counting or anything. I’d tell you I’m just going to buy it and not read it until Book 3 comes out but we’d both know I’d be lying through my teeth so I’ll just say, thank you for all the great stories you tell. You’ve given me hours and hours and hours of enjoyment.

    I’m a Nora Roberts fan. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

    1. LOL, I tried it once. Collecting all the books in a trilogy before reading them. The wait just about killed me. Now I buy and read them as soon as they are released. I just have to have my Nora fix.

  31. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Your statement is very well said and professional. At this time of the year especially, it is unfortunate that a new author cannot find a way to resolve an issue by reaching out. She has a lot to learn.

  32. Dear Nora —

    As someone who has read you since Irish Thoroughbred, had the great pleasure of meeting you, who will be a voracious reader of your books always and is on Twitter (generally because there are actually smart and informed folks on it albeit in dwindling numbers), I’m so sorry that this happened.

    I hope that this person grows a conscience and finds the integrity to pull back his/her followers. In the meantime, know that the hard earned respect that you have from your readers is real.

  33. Nora, Thank you for sharing this. Your response is very well stated. I had not heard anything about this situation. I have been reading your books for many years and actually enjoy some so much that I reread them over and over. You have a beyond reproach reputation. I have read several books by other authors that have the same title and have thought nothing about it. The idea that you would steal another author’s work is preposterous! You don’t need to steal another author’s ideas! I suspect that the author of the other book may have damaged her career/reputation by her false accusations. Social media has created a groups of people that think nothing about attacking others in hateful ways. Your reputation will survive this and you will go on to create many more books that will be enjoyed by many of your fans. I wish you the best and look forward to reading many more of your books.

  34. please rise above this, karma is a bitch , and i am sure it will come around and bite her . please have a wonderful holiday season and a blessed new year and keep the in death books coming, lol,also can’t wait for the next anniversary presents.

  35. I am sorry that your heart has been hurt in such a way. People don’t always stop to think before they speak or write. Once they have put the words out there they cannot be taken back. We are very protective of our favorite authors. I have heard and read some not so flattering comments about you before and even though I’ve never met you I take it personally to heart. Just know that you are very much loved and that those of us who have followed your writing all these years know your true character. I am extremely proud to call myself a Nora Roberts fan.

  36. Your years of work and talent therein speaks for itself. Shame people feel it’s their right to attack.

  37. Nora, I hope you know that we, your loyal readers and fans will always have your back. I believe every word that you have said here, and I am furious that this thoughtless twit (pun intended) has put you through this, and even more, refused to get her fans under control. I admire and respect your integrity and respect for your readers. Please know that you have so many people backing you up.

  38. Wow, Never would’ve thought someone would accuse you of ANYTHING ! I mean you are so classy. Even your response to the matter was classy ! Im so sorry Mrs. Roberts.
    Just another little fan whom loves your books

  39. I saw the first comment by this author because yet another writer retweeted it (which is a disgrace in and of itself) and my first thought was that a young and unexperienced, but also deplorably unreflected person had just thoroughly embarrassed herself because, well, a first time-author claiming Nora Roberts is plagiarizing her? It just showed a total lack of thought, research and frankly, lack of knowledge of the publishing world. I felt sorry for her until I saw her „update“ which just came across as childish and entitled. Stand up for yourself in your usual graceful way, this will pass and you have so many positive things in your life that I hope you will be able to focus on them and forget this as soon as possible.

    1. I agree about her “retraction.”
      There was no remorse. It’s sad, her book was on my TBR list. Not anymore. :/

  40. As the others have said, classy reply from a classy lady- classy being the operative word. So sorry you had to defend yourself on this, hopefully it just dies down and everyone moves forward. Have enjoyed your books for years, and appreciate the hard work that goes into creating characters we can look forward to reading about. Have a good holiday season, enjoy the grand babies, and can’t wait for the next adventure!

  41. Nora, your loyal readers would never believe anything like that. I have read everything you have written and eagerly awaiting the next death release. Social media is so out of control that I have such concerns about it. The younger generation doesn’t understand the damage that it can cause. Sending peace and happiness for the holidays.

  42. Nora, I’m sorry you’ve been hurt by this incident. She will get her just desserts. Have a great Christmas and I can’t wait for the Death book.. Thank you…

  43. Nora you’re a class act. Over the years we’ve repeatedly heard you say that you want to remain true to your vision of your characters and the story you want to tell. That tenacity has served me well. When I want to escape, your books are there waiting for me. Your stories pull me in no matter how many times I have read them. I read many authors and draw new ones to me. But I always know when your next book will be released. Thank you for what you’ve done for me.

  44. Nora…. I am so very sorry this has happened to you. You are a professional through and through. And we, your loyal readers will always support you. Sending hugs. You sound like you need one. ❤️?

  45. I joined Facebook as a way to keep in touch with family, and it’s been wonderful as a way to communicate with groups. Along the way, I found that I could follow people and groups that interest me, and reconnect with old friends. But the downside is the ability of people to say anything they want-no matter how ignorant, biased, or just plain thoughtless-without having to witness the damage they do. I am not on Twitter, and have no desire to join. However, I did get wind of this matter, and I researched it. I was appalled at some of the comments. The author showed a great deal of cockiness and immaturity with her original comment. She should have had the grace to remove the thread entirely after your contact. I can only assume she is trying to generate more publicity. This is one author I have no interest in reading.

  46. Dear God in Heaven. Anyone with the least bit of intelligence knows there are often books with the same title. It sounds to me like this author wanted to bring attention to her book by attacking you. Incredibly stupid. I rarely read books because of a title. I read books by authors I like or that have been recommended to me by people who share my tastes in books. Any one who buys into this bullshit has their head up their ass!

  47. I have also been a reader and fan since Irish Thoroughbred and still have all the books (and a lot of them also on my Kindle) and I re-read many of them more than once. I remember the scandal years ago when you were plagiarized and how I immediately stopped reading that author.

    I can’t imagine what this young author thought she could accomplish by accusing you of stealing her title – a foolish accusation at best – and then not trying to stop her “fans” from attacking you. I am on Twitter because some of my most respected, smart, funny friends and people I respect are on there, but it can also be a Hellmouth of major proportions, which is why my account is locked.

    I hope you can put this behind you and find comfort and joy in Griffin’s first Christmas and what I’m sure will be number one on the NYT bestseller list as of this time next week!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Writing in 2019!

    1. I also remember when Nora was plagiarized years ago. That author had been one of my go-to’s until she did that. I have not read another of her books since, not even when someone has offered me the book for free. Nora’s books on the other hand, are eagerly awaited and read as soon as possible. I also reread her books because they are so good.

      The very idea that Nora would do that to anyone is ludicrous! I hope this “new author” gets what she deserves in the future. Since Nora is too classy to name her, I guess I’ll have to do some research to find out who it is so she never gets a penny of my money for her now tainted book(s). IF, big if, she manages to write another without doing some plagiarism herself. After what she did, I wouldn’t put it past her.

      Keep your head up and keep writing Nora. We love you and no one with a lick of sense believes these bullshit lies!

      1. Exactly. I really enjoyed that author’s books. When I learned of the plagiarism, I simply could not read her books anymore. It felt disloyal or like I was breaking the law by continuing to so. I then pulled them out of my collection and donated them to my local library.

      2. My heart hurts for you.

        Part of me blames youth and inexperience coupled with examples being set at the highest levels of our country, where it is the norm to take to Twitter to rant about all imagined insults without benefit of facts, knowledge, or research. However, personal responsibility must take precedence.

        Your accomplishments and class will carry you through this social-media-witch-hunt, and your loyal fans never doubted the truth.

  48. Nora,
    I was once an avid reader- 1 to 2 books a day until I got sick and wasn’t able to process what I was reading anymore. But I still buy the In Death series and read it over and over! I have every one! No one could ever tell me this and expect me to think it was anything but fiction! No one gets where you are in your world by being anything but honest, so please just keep being you! Hold what you love close and just keep doing what you do best.

  49. Oh Nora. Truly I’m so sorry you’ve had to experience this, I ‘do’ Instagram & Facebook. Not Twitter . But it’s a vicious world out there & you have to be very careful what you say. I believe it’s because people can’t HEAR you say the words you write therefore they don’t hear the nuances in the sentence. So they can say it however which way they want to & it’s usually the wrong way. Going back to your person- using the word lightly here-I get the impression she might have known EXACTLY what she was doing. Look at all the extra publicity she gained from this act. So if you’re thinking of going after her & her team ….DO IT!!!! She would probably pull it again & the next time maybe to someone not as strong as you & what might happen then? Blessings my dear to you & the family x

    1. So totally agree with this comment – don’t let her get away with it . Some other writers are not as strong or as established as you are and could have been adversely affected .
      Keep strong – keep writing x

  50. Well, once again powerful tools in the hands of the childish and uneducated have struck out at a juicy target.

    Nora and Laura, you have conducted communication with your reading audience with class. I’m so sorry the ridiculous and classless have stabbed you and your reputation. Since I have no interest in the social media outlets that once again prove their uselessness, I was unaware that anyone had slandered you. Disgusting. I wish you could destroy a sparring droid or have a sweaty hand-to-hand bout with Bruce (but we don’t want him damaged).

    As a late entry to your fan base (1994), but now enjoying full membership, I salute your decision to let your fans who don’t have facebook or twitter know about this incident. Thank you for your work ethic. I hope you are able to ease the fury you must feel. Good temper release, Nora. Thanks again.

  51. Nora, sorry you have to deal with this kind of crap. Even a dumb reader like me knows you can’t own a title. Wish I knew who the author was so I could make sure not to buy her book! I have been reading you since the beginning, thanks for all the great reads!!

  52. I normally don’t comment on posts, I simply like to read them and see what you’ve been up to. This time, though, I feel the need to add my two cents. You have been with me through the highs and lows of my entire adult life. Your books have gotten me through an awful lot, for which I am eternally grateful. So, thank you. Truly. It seems if people can take the time to be ugly, then I certainly can take the time to thank you, for hours of joy, and fun, and sometimes sheer terror. For the quiet moments in the morning, reading before my family gets up. For hours on the beach, lost in a world you created. So thank you, Nora, thank you. For all the books you’ve written and those yet to come.

    1. These are my thoughts and feelings as well. I didn’t think I could love Nora any more but she’s handled this with grace, dignity, and intelligence. I’m only sorry she was roped into this nonsense.

  53. Very well said. As I don’t spend a lot of time on social media, this is the first I’ve heard about this incident.

  54. Whoa, I am so sorry you were a victim of such ugliness! This is a little bit on the unbelievable side. What is she 10? This kind of accusation over a book title makes me wonder what kind of readers received her book so well. Nora, in my humble and maybe prejudice opinion, you are a one of a kind writer. I read your books and wonder, how does she hear all these conversations in her head, how does she keep the characters so true in a series like the In Death Books (that I’m reading through for the 4th time) and how does she publish 4 new books a year? Where do those story ideas come from! You are a wonder! Nameless will be lucky to achieve a tenth of what you have; Nora Roberts – immediate name recognition; Nora Roberts represents book worth the time to read; JD Robb- the best damn series ever! I don’t think your reputation is damaged so much as your feelings are. It was personal, ugly and immature. I am on FB, Twitter, and Instagram and I didn’t see it so I’m guessing Nameless doesn’t have near the following you do. Numbers are everything! If I had seen it I would have skipped over it because it’s so ridiculous. But when it’s so personal it hurts and I’m sorry.

  55. I agree with all the comments above. You are such a wonderful writer and have brought readers joy for such a long time. There will always be those who are not as talented or creative who are jealous of the successful writers. They cause you pain, but they only hurt themselves in the long run.

  56. I’m back for just a moment. I checked this “young author” out. There is no doubt in my mind the attack on you was a total setup for publicity and to gin up notice for appearances on late night shows. And I don’t care how young she is, she’s no innocent newbie in the business. Her bonafides include her training for other writers. The book in question is billed as a “children’s book” and lauded with various awards in that classification. Your readership groups should not be anywhere nearly the same. The whole thing is totally rediculous. The fact that Nora can be above it all is so inspiring. I’m having trouble getting there. But I see Nora’s wisdom covers many areas. My respect for you keeps rising.

    I was dithering to such an extent that I put 10 more years in the length of my readership than was there (2004, not 1994).
    Thanks. Getting calmer…

    1. Dang, now I’m going to have to spend my morning on twitter and my afternoon huffing in righteous indignation!

    2. I totally agree Lee! Doesn’t seem like a young naive mistake to me. This was planned. Some people truly are just life sucking… and since I am not on ANY social media, not even Facebook, I had to google this, and realized I wouldn’t have read this book anyway. She has just alienated a very large group of rabid readers- us!

  57. So sad on the writer and publicist account. You have write over 200 books, your books are in multiple languages, your readers are everywhere. They could have had some class and approached you, they could have asked their fans to cease. Unfortunately they chose to do what they did for the controversy, to generate more interest. I read every genre, I read a lot of books. I now will never read this book. I dont have any respect of any individual that uses a public platform to accuse and to attack.

  58. Wow! So glad I am not on Twitter! I once had an author ask me about book titles. I forget why she asked, but I knew that writers often use the same title for totally different books. The one that comes to mind is Flashpoint. I do not understand people these days. You are an author that I admire, whose books I love to read and reread. I will continue to purchase your books and read them.

  59. I remember when you were plagiarized. You handled that one with the same class you’re handling this. God, it must get old being the adult in the room, but you have my admiration for continuing to take the high road. Those of us who’ve followed you for years know you, and know you don’t need any of the help this person so obviously does to get readers. If she thinks she needs to do this to draw readers, maybe she’s in the wrong business. I barely check into Facebook, don’t do Instagram, and have always felt the first four letters of Twitter says it all about that venue. You’ve stated your case, beautifully, and hopefully you won’t need to spend another minute worrying about it. Far better to spend time loving on Griffin. Take heart and thanks for your honesty and your boundless imagination in your books.

  60. I hope I don’t accidentally buy that author’s book. I would hate to think she gets to profit after that blatant garbage that she spouted. If she were to buy books off Amazon, she would know that titles can be used more than once. Or Goodreads.

  61. Waiting in hospital fora blood transfusion I opened thw poat thinking of babies, Kat, baby smella and sounds with fairies doing a circle around ?
    That being said I am sorry you felt the need to write this…
    People have too much time and too little brain if they spent it using 140 characters ? I can’t even say f### off so briefly ?
    So “two steps behind you, always”… Behind with that troubled soul ? who needs to live more and tweet (even) less.
    Let’s all take care and a minute to be grateful for the rich people problems that abound.

  62. You really are a woman with class, Nora. You continue to take the high road with no detours. The young author’s attempt to use your well earned fame as a springboard for her own work will, I believe, backfire spectacularly.

    In the meantime, I along with all your other fans, will continue to enjoy each and every book you write for us. Thank you!

  63. Nora, I am so sorry to hear this, you are even elegant when you have been wrongfully accused. You are my favorite author, that will never change! This person needs to grow up and to say the least, apologize for her ignorance! I come to your book signings and to me you are kind, humble and a very sweet LADY!! And remember you have a lot true friends and fans who do know you! Your family is so like you! Sincerely!

  64. You know I gotta confess, for a second I thought you were going to address the controversy on your Facebook page regarding Conspiracy and the comments left over there. But what you posted was basically the worst, and in my opinion nothing more insulting.

  65. Amen, Nora!
    You not only share your talents for writing awesome books, but you have set an example, one I always tell my children, of rising above and not lowering yourself to the same level of the others who do things like this.

  66. I too remember the plagiarism time for you you a d the other person involved. Were my favorite authors at the time after that incident I could no lo German read the other person’s books, but have continued to buy and read or in the case of j.d Robb looks listen to every one of them. Some I re-read all the time and others at least once . You are my hero and mental saviour. You are loved

  67. Well said Nora! So sorry you have been on the receiving end of someone else’s insecurity and nastiness, there’s just no excuse for this at all. But your work speaks for you, you are a brilliant, talented writer and my favourite author! You have a unique style and imagination that can’t be copied, you’ll shine through every time. I’ve loved your books for many years and hungrily devour each In Death as it comes out. As Eve would say, ‘**** those a**holes!’ Keep being you and your fans will always follow you loyally forever. Thank you for giving us such happiness through your writing.

  68. Very well said! It is reprehensible how tools that should be used for good are abused because it’s easier to attack and incite with much anonymity. I love your writing style and am never disappointed. If I knew this author I would never read a book by her now because of her ugly and unprofessional behavior. Shame on her and shame on her agent! In my eyes, and I’m sure in all of your readers eyes, she hasn’t damaged you, she’s only made herself look like a fool. There seems to be a lot of that going on!

  69. How sad for that poor “writer” who obviously has very low self esteem. I have all your In Death series and all of your collections. I must have read them all at least 3 times. My year is divided into when is Nora’s next book due. Keep on keeping on Nora we love you.

  70. Hi Nora. I don’t know you personally, but I’ve been reading your books for years. Some of them I’ve read so many times that I practically have them memorized. I don’t think for one minute that you would plagiarize another person’s work. I can’t even begin to imagine how discouraging and disenhearting this situation is for you. But we’re still here. All your readers are still here, and we know better. Now, go cuddle Griffin.

  71. It us very sad that this has happened to a wonderful writer! You are my favorite author and I believe in you!

  72. Nora, you are a class act. Everyone who reads knows titles are often used over and over again. Doesn’t matter, it’s what’s inside that we seek. I support you, always.

  73. Nora, I am heartsick over this for you. How terrible. I have read your books from your very first Harlequin books, when I had a subscription from that company for books every other month delivered to our farm. I still have some of those original books in my collection. I was fortunate enough to meet you several times at Books & Co., in Kettering (Dayton), Ohio, when you used to do book tours. One of my prized photos is you, my youngest daughter, and a close friend and me. So I am saying I have followed you for decades and know this is just crap. How dare this writer do such a dreadful thing to you. I’m going to google this to find out who this nasty person is so I am sure to never read her book. I well remember when Janet Dailey plagiarized you and how difficult it was for you. Anyone who knows you or has followed you knows this is NOT accurate in any way. If this continues, I firmly believe you need to contact your attorney. Take care, enjoy that sweet Griffin since babies make everything better, and the rest of your grandchildren, and God bless you and your family always.

  74. When someone recommends a book to me, and mentions the title alone, the first question I ask is who is the author? Its common sense that there are books out there with the same title, different authors. Since when is it plagiarism to use the same title?

    Haven’t heard of this accusation. I’m so sorry.

    I did hear of the accusation of the author who tried to get authors to stop using a common word in their titles. I forget the word now, it was so ridiculous. I think she even got her case thrown out of court.

    Thank you for your statement. Anyone who knows you would know these accusations are baseless.

  75. WTH? I haven’t seen any of this & I am on twitter, not a lot, but I do, lazily, peep at it a couple of times a week. I’d really like to know who this author is just so I can avoid her. I read A LOT, I buy, I go to the library, I’ve read everything you’ve EVER written, many of them 2 or 3 times. Thanks Nora.

    1. OK, that was ridiculously easy to find. And, WOW, the amount of ignorance out there is , as always, stunning and disturbing. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous.

  76. I concur with all that’s been said here so won’t repeat their words. Just know that your fans, many of whom have been with you for all of your thirty years, know who you are as an author, and from the pieces of your life that you share, as a person. You’re one classy lady, Nora Roberts!

  77. Nora – I don’t know how this person could be so ridiculous. I guess they are trying to get publicity by attacking such a well-known and well-loved author such as you.

    I for one will never read that person’s book.


  78. Shame on her – and I am heartbroken and angered for you.

    Your professionalism, talent and attention to detail makes every one of your books worth reading – and in my case re-reading as well. The interplay between characters, the dialogue, the story lines, the insight to human behavior – well – everything sets your work apart from most writers.

    I thought at first I was re-reading your In Death book where Eve tracks down the crazed writer wannabe re-writing an author’s books where she is the victor at the end. Eve put a stop to her – as much the same way your legion of loyal fans will stand with you – quietly and professionally but still very strongly – on this.

  79. Hey Nora (and my fellow Nora followers),

    I know this is hurtful and discouraging but know we love you and your books! I’m sure you know, and that someone else has probably written, that she is only taking a shot at you for the publicity. I guarantee her and her publisher knew that a title cannot be stolen or plagerised. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they knew the title to your book and made it her title as well in order to pull this little stunt. They are hoping beyond hope that her remarks and her reader’s angry comments will draw you into an internet war. The goal is for you to mention her name somewhere – anywhere really – so that all of your followers see who she is and, hopefully, read her book (if only out of curiousity). They honestly don’t care about how it makes you feel or what it’s doing to your reputation – which is why she isn’t pushing her readers more to stop the onslaught.

    The stunt is immature and rude and I hope to God you never say (or write) her name anywhere. And I hope you shun her in the author world – if that’s a thing. And I hope her book is an epic failure. No one should ever try to advance themself on someone else’s good name and hard efforts.


  80. Nora, I would write, “unbelievable” but you wrote it, so it is true. I’m sorry for your pain I’ve been a avid reader since Irish Thoroughbred ( 1981 !!) how many times have your books been reissued ? You even put your initials on them because some people don’t know enough to check the publication history on the inside. I wish I was surprised by jealousy and greed but no. I appreciate your genius and honor. I had my children bit before you started writing and when they were young your books kept me sane. Thank you for your sharing of hard work and talent.

  81. I am so very sorry this has occurred. No one with a single ounce of integrity would give this credence. Unfortunately, there are many without integrity who want to believe the worst of people they have never even met, let alone know. You have such high standards, standards you never fail to meet, in my opinion. I truly believe in Karma, and it’s gonna come back on these small-minded people and bite them right in the booty.

    Keep on doing what you do so marvelously, PLEASE! You bring such joy to so many with your wonderful books!

  82. Love you Nora! I’m so sorry this happened to you! It’s very sad that someone would do this! I hope she changes her ways! Sending prayers!

  83. You are a class act, Nora. That author won’t be one for long if she continues to act in an unprofessional manner. Sorry you were forced to address this matter. Keep doing what you do so well. We, your loyal readers, love and appreciate you!

  84. We know you. We trust you. We know events in the past when you had your work copied by another. We know you would never do this this. Water on a duck.
    ? Loved Leverage in Death.

  85. You’ve worked hard to build your rep and considering the history you’ve had with people stealing your own work, I imagine this comes as a sucker punch.

    It’s easy to say ‘don’t worry, the people who count believe in you’. I’ve had that hurled at me and it still sucks–whether people know you or not, read you or not, it sucks to have anybody automatically assume the worst.

    I *can* tell you that when I opened the email and read your post, I had to do it twice, then I started sputtering and laughing at the idea of *you*, Nora Roberts, listed as one of the 20 richest authors in the world, actually *worrying* about ‘cashing in’ on a writer who has written exactly one book.

    I know we’ve only met a couple of times, but you’ve always struck me as incredibly down to earth and you don’t care about those lists in the slightest.

    But you’re there because of all the hard work you did and all those ‘people who count’ know that…so there are probably a lot of people, like me, who had no idea this was going on and ended up choking on their morning beverage, then guffawing at the actual idea of *Nora* copying somebody.

  86. Nora, first off we all love your work. She made a huge mistake and it will cost her in the long run. You’re a class act not to tell her name. Social media has ruined society in general. We no longer talk to each other and people feel free to say anything rather than thinking just maybe we should keep our mouth shut. We can no longer disagree with someone and stay friends. Now Nora just a suggestion- bake some bread, make some soup, bake cookies or better yet go buy some presents for that precious new baby or other grandchildren. Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and your family.

  87. Nora, I am so sorry! I too know what wrong, hateful, lying social media can do. I’m on Facebook because that’s how many of my friends and family communicate news and on Pinterest for the recipes and posts about books and reading. I hate Twitter! I think many people have made it into an attack weapon, using the example of celebrities and 45.
    Yes, we your loyal fans would go after the author who falsely accused you. We know that you wouldn’t do that, plus over the years we’ve learned about the publishing cycle (I also have a niece who’s a rather successful author, not on your level, but in her genre) and I know how long the cycle from writing a book and submitting the final draft to your publisher, to it actually being published takes. I also have a neighbor who just published her 3rd book in a YA trilogy that’s very successful, and her mother (who’s one of my friends) is successful children’s books author. I’ve helped proof many a draft over the years.
    Plus, anyone who has gone to the Library to get a book, or tried to buy a book online and didn’t put in the author’s name, knows that there are numerous books with the same title in the stacks.
    Please, don’t let this crazy woman ruin your holidays, your joy in your new grandson, your love of writing. Just like in Dark in Death, it’s obvious this new author knows very little about the publishing cycle or that titles aren’t trademarked. Please keep writing for us, your fans. We KNOW you wouldn’t steal an idea or a title! This person has a mean, little mind. Don’t let her ruin your joy in what you do!

  88. Nora,

    I agree with you where social media comes into play. You have to be so very careful on what you put out there. This is such an unfortunate (and unfair) thing for you to be dealing with. You’ve taken the high-road and are the bigger person in how you’ve handled the situation. I’m glad you’ve stood up for yourself. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model and knowing when to say enough is enough. You and Laura do a wonderful job in how you represent yourself and your brand.

    Stay strong, we’ve got your back! 🙂

  89. Kudos to you for taking the high road on this. I would never imagine your stopping to what this person is accusing you of…..all I can imagine is that she’s a selfish, uninformed and jealous individual and I can’t see her succeeding if she continues to attack people this way. I am and always will be one of your biggest fans???

  90. We love you Nora and we have your back. Keep on writing your wonderful books and ignore the people who do not think before they speak or act.

  91. As a writer she should have known better and shame on her agent/publisher for not stepping in. Not responding is totally unprofessional.
    I have NO doubt in my mind and neither would any of your readers, that you would EVER do anything unprofessional. You have too much regard for your craft and your readers. Your readers love and respect you. So sorry this happened to you.

  92. Hi Nora,

    What a childish, unprofessional, mean spirited and awful thing to do!! I’m so sorry you were hurt by this. Obviously she needs to grow up, but probably never will, by her actions this far.

    This was uncalled for. You’d think she would know better or do some research, like you said, instead of flying off the handle. Just shows how inexperienced she truly is.

    Your fans know better, appreciate you and who you are, as an author and a person. Please just keep writing and being you!! Thank you for it too. Thank you for the greatness that is you.

  93. Twitter Shmitter. Don’t read any of the crap on that site. Sorry for the pain this young unfair person created just to sell a book. She will never come close to being the writer you are. Never. This action of hers shows us exactly how she thinks and what will show in her writing. She got lucky getting published. Hope it doesn’t happen again!

  94. I, too, am very sorry you—and Laura and your family—have been subjected to such a nasty attack on your honesty and integrity. Social media is a very sharp, double-edged sword. Quick to accuse and vilify; very slow to apologize and make amends. Words have consequences. I believe this other author will find those consequences to be harsh. I have been reading you since the beginning. And although I don’t know you personally, you’ve allowed us all to get a pretty good sense of who you are and what you value. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us in each and every book. You’re amazing. And appreciated.

  95. Didn’t you just write a book with this plot??? I am so sorry for this ugliness for you. For us that have been around since the beginning, if I’m remembering right, this was done to you, by an author that I thought a lot of. I was horrified then. I could never bring myself to read another of her books. Chin high and give them “heck”. I’m from the South, so that is my way of cussing. This world has a lot of strange people.

  96. Didn’t you just write a book with this plot??? I am so sorry for this ugliness for you. For us that have been around since the beginning, if I’m remembering right, this was done to you, by an author that I thought a lot of. I was horrified then. I could never bring myself to read another of her books. Chin high and give them “heck”.

  97. Twitter has done more harm than good since it’s creation. That’s it, period. Our current President proves that hourly. It allows the most pathetic trolls to air their ugly opinions as shots from the dark. There is no recourse for their slander which is crazy to me. It’s a platform I will never be on and I’m glad, Nora, that you are not either. Though I know if you were, your eloquence in 140 characters would be polished and on point. Thank you for sharing this grievance with us because as all these replies here show, your legion of loyal fans wants nothing but the very best for you. That’s a whole lotta love in the universe for you! Let that TWIT of a newbie writer go from your brain, she’s not worth any of your energy or time. Best wishes to you and Laura for the holiday season.

  98. I’ve never read one of your books, but now I will. I have often complained about people accepting rumors without checking them out. This is a reflection on those people, not you. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but they are not entitled to spew gossip. Shame on them. Hold your head up – and I’m one person who is glad you spoke up about this issue! Stealing a title – of all the conceited, self-promoting things to say!

  99. I can only figure that the other writer & her agent/publisher/etc are thinking to make money off the notoriety of the accusation; attracting attention & maybe people will pick up the book. I don’t know the author’s name, or which of your many wonderful books she’s referring to, but as Ivanova (Babylon 5) said “I can only figure I’m burning Karma at an accelerated rate”; that gal will find what happens when she’s burned it all. Wonder how fast they’ll rush another book out just to take advantage. It will probably be a very short writing career. Foolish.

    But many people, even in the business, don’t know the process. As a librarian, and one who’s focus is buying the books, I’m amazed how few librarians know the process! One would think if anyone would know it; we would! Ah well.

    I hated when Internet 2.0 came along & gave folks the option to comment on news stories, opinion pieces, etc because people show just how truly hateful they are. I keep telling myself these are the dregs who have nothing better to do; have poor attitudes, etc, but they are so appalling in their nastiness. Now I just have to tell myself don’t read the comments; don’t look! Somedays, it’s like the train wreck; you can’t look away.

    One of the earlier comments said “water on a duck”. Great thought; I know it’s hard to shake off the nastiness, Nora, but keep thinking, I’m a duck & that’s just water! I’ll keep reading your books! I’ve always got an In Death in reread mode somewhere in the house! Buying those will always go before food if the budget gets that tight; heaven forfend!

  100. Absolutely ridiculous.
    Nora Roberts, who has won so many Lifetime Achievement Golden Heart awards that RWA finally had to RENAME the award “The Nora Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award”… Legit, this claim from a newbie no name unknown author was more likely a publicity stunt for that unknown author to pimp her one book than anything else. Ludicrous.

  101. You give so much joy to others…please keep writing. Let your inner “Eve ” shine! I can’t imagine how much this hurts but know your loyal readers stand with you.

  102. We love you Nora and anyone who knows you, knows that you do not need to plagiarize anyones work. Especially knowing that you had your own experience with plagerism. Not that you would need to anyway. This writer obviously is insecure or very inexperienced. Either way just know that we have no doubts about your brilliance and your ability to write exceptional books.

  103. I never comment, but avidly read your posts. This one really hit home. About a year and a half ago, I watched my beloved aunt and uncle go through a similar situation of slander and the resulting ugliness. They had a successful business (although were in the early stages of phasing out for retirement). An ugly, uninformed social media post started a firestorm of threats against life and property, as well as an avalanche of more slander. It took months to die down and took a huge toll on them. It is sad for this long-time reader to see you going through a similar situation, knowing the nastiness and chaos it creates. From one strong woman to another, stay strong and don’t back down.

  104. I am so sorry this has happened to you. Your response is outstanding. I even thought that the publisher probably chose the title, so thank you for the education you provided. Your blog enables me to vicariously experience a really nice vacation every year, go on shopping trips with your granddaughter, rejoice with you at the birth of a precious grandson and even enjoy your garden. So you can imagine how strongly I feel about your books. You are above reproach. I have the days counted until your Blood and Bone book comes out.
    I do not use Twitter. I use Facebook mainly to see pictures of my own and my friends grandchildren and to communicate with far flung cousins. You know how we, your fans, feel about you. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and know that you are loved by untold numbers of people.

  105. As always, even when angry, you are on a class all by yourself. I believe she hasn’t retracted her comments because to her anything that puts her name out there is good for her, the fact, that her name is being linked to yours is good for her. Many people will buy her book and read it just to see what the fuss is about. You have fame and respect, she is just trying to profit from that.

  106. Some jerk accused me of plagiarism. None of my writer friends would tell me. All I knew was my book was selling, and then it wasn’t. Even though I have proof I didn’t plagiarize anything, that still hangs over me. People need to be more careful with their words.

  107. Well said, Nora! So sorry this happened to you. I simply do not understand people like this writer who seemed to be using the attacks on you via social media to get her name known. Very foolish and sad. She has alienated your fans who now won’t even give her a try and made herself look bad in the publishing world. Yes, foolish indeed.

    Thank you for continuing to share your gift and bringing readers hours and hours of reading enjoyment!

  108. (hugs)
    When I was new and just starting out, I made a similarly foolish assumption. I was upset, not knowing how the writing world worked, but I reached out privately to the writer because I’m a freakin’ professional. This writer kindly and also privately explained why I was wrong, tutoring me in the ways of the writing. I apologized profusely. And to this day, no one knows I was a dumb a$$ about it.
    That’s how professionals work.

  109. There’s always someone at the bottom who wants to be at the top. And always one or two who want the reward without the effort. So sorry this happened and continues to reverberate. If you can’t say something nice, say nothing at all. Am now and will always be a fan. Keep on keepin’ on.

  110. Unfortunately when people are successful they become targets of jealous individuals. She surely did not do her homework to accuse you of all people of plagerism! I remember when another writer admitted to stealing your story and how hurt you were. Your readers respect your talent and dedication to your craft. Also , it’s not cool to attack a grandmother! !

  111. I know you don’t ‘do’ Twitter but I tweeted this in support of you. As a starting writer, you are an inspiration and I am offended for you.
    “For those who followed #Cockygate. Welcome to #NoraGate
    I am gladdened that author #noraroberts didn’t stoop to this other’s level or name names. She took the high road despite being attacked professionally and personally. This is seriously ridiculous.

  112. Sorry this happened it isn’t okay and its rather bizarre since so many books have similar titles.

    On a purely selfish note this annoys me because it keeps you from writing and that isn’t cool (especially is your writing Eve and Roarke stuff)

  113. I know you don’t have Twitter but I tweeted the following post in support of you. As an aspiring writer after my stroke, I find your body of work inspirational and am offended for you. I hope you ignore this ridicuous person and continue to gift us, your readers, for a long time to come. Thank you for writing.
    “For those who followed #Cockygate. Welcome to #NoraGate
    I am gladdened that author #noraroberts didn’t stoop to this other’s level or name names. She took the high road despite being attacked professionally and personally. This is seriously ridiculous.

  114. Didn’t know any of this until now. Stay strong. I’m fan from the beginning, have met you more times than I can count. I also hope I don’t purchase this author my mistake. Hope karma works around to her.

    Don’t let this author unset your holidays with Griffin and the family.

    You are a classy lady.


  115. Class…the best description of this statment. I love your work, and your a beautiful classy person to rise above such foolishness. Please continue to be just who you are.

  116. This assault on NorA bothered me so much, I did not sleep well. This author not only has no integrity, she is a disgrace to the profession. Nora, you and other authors, work very hard to create a world into which your fans can escape. You just happen to be not only very, very good at writing, you actually earn a living at it. And you give back to your community! The vindictiveness of this assault is unconscionable. Please know I not only read you, I recommend you and have had my group read you. I will never understand the meanness and small-mindedness of others. I want Eve to arrest her, grill her and send her off planet.

  117. Wow! I didn’t even know this was happening. I obviously don’t read this other author. I have been a fan of yours since your first book, Irish Thorougbred and will continue to read your books. Your loyal fans don’t listen to that type of gossip, but it must be hurtful. I noticed years ago that some titles are used more than once and know to read the description before buying a book. As an ebook reader, often the same picture is used by different authors who e-publish. This at first made me hesitate to buy a book. Now I am more careful. Anything with your name or JD Robb, I will buy on the first day. Please continue to write. You are doing a great job!!

  118. I’ve posted on this before, but i forgot to delete it. Now i see it’s got 135 replies, & counting. I’ve read some, and they all teem with outrage and righteous indignation for you. If the nameless clueless twit author, & i use author lightly (an author should have some degree of intelligence) were to read all our posts, & i guarantee you she is, she is probably turning green & purple . I’m mentally adding a stick out your tongue emogi, & going down to her level .HA

  119. Of all the ridiculous accusations out there in this crazy world, this takes the cake! A writer with Nora Robert’s reputation. and ability…preposterous!
    The idiot who posted this should face the consequences of their actions, either in court, or the court of public opinion.
    Nora, keep doing your thing. I have reread your books so many times, I have memorized the dialogue 😉
    Love you Nora!❤

  120. We learned on Day One, Class One, Screenwriting 101, that titled are not copyrightable. No one can steal our titles. So we cannot whine, complain, gossip, or whinge about someone else somewhere in the Universe using “our” title. We all grew up a little bit that day.

  121. Ms. Roberts: I responded to the author directly via Twitter in your defense (although I know you don’t need defending; I mean, you are THE Nora Roberts!) I just chalked it up to immaturity and bad advice. I also realized that true NR fans would know better and the others…….Oh well!

  122. I’m so sorry this happened to you! Does this writer not read other books? I went looking for a new release today, and on the first page alone there were at least 12 books with the same title as the book I was looking for. Did I think they were plagiarizing each other? Of course not! Keep doing what you do, I love your books!

  123. That was my first thought also. Only so many words available so the same or similar titles will always be a situation. Nora, if there’s a new author out there as good as you or the others I follow, I’m thrilled. But she’s using your name, in my opinion, to inflate her social media presence. I hope everyone few!uses that lambasting this author will only aid her efforts.

  124. Oh my word, I’m so sorry to hear you’re being put through this, Nora. I cannot understand how a person wouldn’t take the time to do their due diligence when approaching the publishing industry and learn about copyright laws, fair use allowances, and how titles and names cannot be copyright infringed upon. I’m also astounded to hear that a new writer would come after someone as notable and accomplished as you. To me that screams an alternative agenda and that perhaps the skirt-tail profiting is actually being utilized by this other writer. Additionally, any author knows that you don’t accomplish anything by making enemies with the legends in your own-field. Unlike the rap industry, we pride ourselves on being helpful, courteous and approachable to readers, which is why we use social media to begin with. The purpose is never to hurt or cause a riot, it’s to connect and be a part of each other’s worlds. Sadly, trolls and those with no class or tact continuously use it for negative responses. For some reason people take that bad advice of, “Any PR is good PR” too far. I’m so sad to see you on the end of that.

  125. Nora,,
    Well thought out and professionally said.
    Sorry you had to take the time to do this. Your faithful followers will know it’s just a vicious attack from a ‘want to be’ who will never understand that you’ve given us your integrity, a piece of your personal life and quality stories.
    Keep writing, we’re with you.

  126. Very bold or very very stupid accusing high profile experienced writer of plagiarism. As someone stated here, it is pretty normal to find books bearing the same title written by different authors. What’s the big deal. I personally found about four or five same-titled books in my local library.
    This writer wannabe should be ashamed. All she, I presume it is she, managed to do is lay herself open to ridicule.
    Go Nora!

  127. Haters gonna hate and many people have no concept of either vopyright law or trademarks (aka the cockygate scandal among others).

    I haven’t read any of your books yet ( there are too many great books and so little time) but know that you have the support of the community. Just keep up the good work!

  128. No one should go through this on social media or ANYWHERE! It’s so easy to make an accusation and not check facts. People have lashed out at me at a simple post of a cartoon….seeing evil when none was intended. Where are we going in this country? Anyone that has read your books are amazed at your creativity and that your ideas are fresh and new. I remember the plagerism case…unbelievable. HANG IN THERE NORA! We love you!

  129. THIS ^^ is exactly why Nora Roberts has been, is and always will be my most favorite author of all time. Just like her books, smart, classy and right on the mark. Thank you Ms. Roberts for remaining above the bar.

  130. I’m not interested in twitter. I will continue to read and enjoy your books as I have for many years. Thank you for writing them. I believe your readers know who you are. I’m so sorry this happened to you and appreciate your comments about it.

  131. Nora Roberts,
    I have been reading your books since my children were born. You are amazing! You have taken me places I could never afford to go. Relieved my stress after a very hard day. Let me see the world through the eyes of your character.
    I am sorry you went through this, but things like this make us stronger, I know, cause your books have helped through some very rough moments in my life.
    Here’s to a better day tomorrow and a hope that people will really consider what they put out on the internet; because it has a way of coming back and biting you.
    From your most loyal van across many many hours of enjoyed readings. D Battaglia

  132. This really makes me angry that you have been maligned by an inconsiderate author.
    Just know all of us who have “all” of your books know that you are one of the most prolific writers with two names.
    This other author will find out how truly punishing karma is.

  133. Well said — with dignity and grace. I’m sharing your link through my social media accounts – to push the wave in the other direction. I’ll ask my readers to share – and to honor your request of no retaliation.

  134. Nora: You are my favorite author and I have never read a book of yours that I haven’t loved. I know more think that you would plagiarize than I could walk on the moon. You are a great writer and are probably twice the writer and person than this author will ever be. Keep strong and this will pass.

  135. I’ve been reading Nora Roberts for more that 30 years and have read almost all of her books (have two in my TBR pile and then I’ll be all caught up. I smiled when I saw this because I am recovering from a stroke and refuse to stress myself over trivial things. Now why would Nora Roberts have to steal a title for this new author? Big laugh…and Nora announces her books more that a year in advance. I admire Nora and how she handled this situation. Her words say it all, “I’m Nora Roberts. I’m a hard-working writer, and an honest one.’

  136. Well said! I’m so sorry you had to go through that. It saddens me to think someone is that insecure with thier writing to do this. You are an amazing author and I have been reading your books forever and will continue to do so. I hope this blows over for you soon. Lots if love and hugs your way.

  137. So sorry Nora, glad your the professional here and those of us who adore your books your notes and the life things you share with us believe in you. Right now I am listening to the Search. It is intense and I am thoroughly enjoying it! You are sure a diverse and captivating writer. This other person can’t ever hope to walk in your path.

  138. I am so sorry this incident has given you even 10 seconds of concern or upset. But there will always be people out there like that wannabe author who created this “event”. I’m sure it was well thought out by her/him in an effort to boost her own sales. It is ludicrous to think you would need to take anything from another writer – after 3 decades of amazing stories and fabulous characters, that isn’t something that is even thinkable. As another fan (close to fanatic LOL) I’ll ignore idiots who have to smear others in order to try to make themselves look good. They’re success, if any, will be short lived. Looking forward to all the new books by you that are coming out over the next year. Thank you Nora.

  139. Nora, you are my Dr when it comes to the need to break from my life and embrace one of your fantastic books, so saying that I believe even if you did have a TARDIS you wouldn’t do what you are being accused of. To the people who matter your reputation and integrity will never be faulted and I can’t wait for my next appointment from reading another one of your books.

  140. Well said! It BLEW my mind that Tomi did this. I’m really having a hard time wanting to read the next book she writes after this. She full well knows what sort of reaction she would’ve gotten on Twitter from this. It’s happened with The Black Witch controversy, Justina Ireland has done the same thing time and time again and followers do the EXACT same thing. I really love reading YA but YA on Twitter is just horrific.

    Also, shouldn’t she by her own logic be apologizing for stealing “blood and bone” from the DOZENS of other books that were released before her with that being a part or their whole title?

  141. I was overwhelmed when I saw the tweet. I couldn’t imagine a first time writer writing such about you. Nora, our Nora. No way. But just know we love you and treasure you and your work. ?

  142. I’m so sorry this happened to you, Nora. I remember a private conversation you and I had many years ago after you were a victim of plagiarism. You were so hurt and rightly so. I hope someone steps forward to make things right. You are an amazing storyteller, but more important than that, you are a good person.

  143. #GTFOH

    Who are these people? I’m sorry about all this awful nonsense.

    Thank you for writing always,


  144. I saw something about the tweet a few days ago, didn’t give it much credence & didn’t bother to post anything. After reading this post just now I did a little googling to find out about the other book & author. Saw that she had apologized & it said she has now communicated with Nora. She certainly had a learning experience! Since book titles are generally no more than a few words there are bound to be overlaps – I’ve found that when I think I sorta recognize a book by the title & then find out it’s a different one – happens a lot when Highlander or Duke are in the title (lol)

  145. As an author I know how territorial and downright batshit some authors can be, but apart from authors behaving in an unprofessional way the scariest thing I’ve seen is the reaction of fans- as you, Nora, have discovered.

    I have been attacked in a similar way by an author in my genre who, for goodness knows what reason, was threatened by me and so she decided to try and damage my career by making a false allegation on social media. She had never spoken to me and yet her fans read what she had written and never checked the facts. They left messages like “I’ll never read her books” and other things on her facebook post. They took her word as gospel because she is more successful. It wasn’t until I posted irrefutable proof that the author was a liar that she had to apologize on her page. (In a most insincere way, of course!) The most disheartening thing about the whole affair was that readers and authors congratulated her on having the balls to apologize. They never called her out for being a liar, manipulating her readers and abusing her power as an author.

    So, you have the right idea, Nora. Social media is not good for anyone’s mental health, not when those reading posts don’t even have the brain cells to fact check before they attack.

    I’m guessing that the author who falsely accused you will ride off the publicity for a while and profit from it with exposure, which was probably the point of the whole sorry exercise!

  146. My gosh the utter audacity! I read this post with my mouth open saying WTAF!
    Dearest Nora, in very simple words, your writing prowess is undeniably rich and unequal. You were the first author I started collecting books for my own personal library. You are my unicorn writer. One day I hope to meet you but until then I buy anything coming from your pen. I do not know this author nor do I care to know her. Her loss.
    Continue doing you and being you. Your authenticity is golden.
    Hope you find comfort in the knowledge, you have more people who support and believe in you.

  147. Well said Nora.
    Thank you for the joy you bring into my life with your books.
    My mum thinks its weird that I have a whole shelf full of your books (lol).

  148. This particularly ridiculous because titles cannot be copyrighted. Therefore, no one can plagiarize a title in the first place. Any author should know this.
    There are numerous, as in multitudes, of books with the same title (and songs, and films, and so on). But they have different creators and that’s how people find the one they want.
    Sorry you had to deal with this. And anyone who thinks you need to take an author to task for “stealing” your title, please — you cannot copyright a title!!! (Retired librarian who dealt with copyright a great deal in her job here).

  149. I’ll be honest in saying that I haven’t read your many books or her single one. But I feel like I’ve heard your name most of my life (and I wasn’t even a reader until about 8 years ago!). She has let her one successful book really go to her head. How can someone not bother to check Goodreads and see the MANY similar titles? And has she never heard of Google? So sorry this is happening to you. I’ve not only lost respect for her, but also for the other authors who supported her Twitter post. I’ll be unfollowing some people; that’s for sure.

  150. I’m not sure how I missed this craziness. I remember being amused that the two books share a title, but I’m sad to say it may come off my TBR pile. The only good way to send a message to an author. I’ve read everything written under NR and JD and it’s all amazing, exciting, and somehow new, even when parallels can be drawn. I’ll never stop reading as long as you keep writing.

    Knowing you from your stories (the sheer number of them) and the blogs you take time to write, I know you wouldn’t have the patience, or the time, or the need to steal ideas. Titles are often repeated. I have several books with the same titles!

  151. A title! So you, Nora Roberts and all your pen name entities, decided to ride the coattails of a newbie author by using her title. Hmmm… Eve Dallas’ bullshit and idiot detector must have exploded. Smart girls club vs idiots club.

  152. For the record, I saw the original tweet and misread it. I thought it was a complaint that a new author stole YOUR book. Lol. That may not be helpful but to me is shows karma was already doing her thing.

  153. As a self-published author, this is always been a fear of mine. To try and come up with a creative title or if I have one that is similar to somebody else’s… That they don’t come after me. But you have been an inspiration for me, and my writing. You have answered this classless act in a very classy way. And that’s why I will always be a reader and a fan of yours.

  154. I learned to make sure I had the right author way back when I was a teenager, 40 years ago. I was reading The Chosen by Chaim Potok and learned there was a sequel titled The Promise which my school library did not own. So I requested it via the interlibrary loan system. I got The Promise, but the author was Danielle Steel. Not what I was expecting at all. I have since learned never to assume that just because the title is the same or similar to the one I was looking for, that it actually is the book I was looking for. How anyone can reach adulthood and not be aware of the fact that titles are duplicated all the time astounds me. In my own personal library I currently have 3 books with the same title, all very different.

    That she attacked you, and led her followers/fan(atic)s to do the same shows not only a lack of professionalism, but also a total lack of awareness of the book world.

    I have always enjoyed your books. In fact, I have most of your early romances in the original paperback publications. I have you on my pre-order the ebook list since as I get older, my eyes prefer larger print and that is a lot easier on my tablet.

    I know such things are hard to ignore. I will just hope that the people who follow her finally wake up and realize just how idiotic their actions are and feel totally ashamed of themselves, and also give you a heartfelt apology you so deserve.

  155. Nora Roberts is a name that is familiar when people speak of the book community. I’ve known your name long before I knew your books because you have done so much in the industry.

    A war was waged like it was when MGK and Eminem had their beef. I truly believe this was strictly to increase her own sales because people seem to love nothing more than to see others tear each other down, they love to pick sides.

    As an author I have books that have unique titles and ones that I share with others. The whole point to being an author is to entertain and if her way of entertaining her readers is to try and Mike Tyson you then maybe she needs another profession. Civility isn’t dead yet, she should have been courteous and spoke to you before announcing her detest. She should have learned the format for the industry and how we share titles with others sometimes.

    I’m sorry this happened to you, and respect the way you have handled the matter.

  156. Ridiculous! As if NR needs to profit off someone else. I’ve had two books that “shared” titles with other books. Had no clue until they were released. At no time did I accuse those other authors (or them me) of plagiarism. Mainly because we were all professional enough to understand that titles can’t be copyrighted.

  157. Nora Roberts is someone and something all authors and would-be writers should strive to become.
    She’s the hardest working writer in the industry and I know some folks pumping out tons of books.
    Nora has built her incredible career on nothing but grit, hard work, talent, and integrity. She never took short cuts. The fact this person has attacked her in such a way is beyond ludicrous.
    I hate Nora has even had to acknowledge this foolishness.

  158. Yesterday I was shocked when I saw a screen shot of that disgusting tweet. Appalled at how many blindly spat accusations, insults and even legal advice.

    This event show how easily many are manipulated, used and triggered. How hate and the idea of anonymity can show the true colors of many. And how ignorance and arrogance can affect others.

    I’m so very sorry! I hope the apology you deserve is given and that person do her best to fix the mess she made.

  159. And you are s very classy lady on top of an excellent author.

  160. Apparently she is one of the only people on the planet that doesn’t know your work. Or maybe that’s the whole point. You are pretty much known all over the world. Her book was a first. By making accusations she can piggyback on your fame to get her name out there. That last is simply idle speculation on my part. I love your books and have read where other authors have credited you with helping them out. Please know that your fans stand behind you

  161. I have followed Nora all her writing life and and still can never wait for the next book. She is the only 1 of 3 authors whose books I have re-read many times. A woman I greatly admire and full of integrity. It saddens me that others choose a tool such as the internet purely to promote hurt and distress for ugly purposes and self gratification. Perhaps she read Dark in Death l do believe the killer had the same problem….Perhaps there is psychiatric help….

  162. Sorry this happened to such a classy professional. Anyone who has ever looked at shelf in a bookstore knows there are many similar titles. Sounds like someone just wanted to create a buzz so their first book isn’t forgotten in 5 minutes.

  163. Your reputation hasn’t been damaged to any person that has read and followed you for any amount of time! You’re always full of integrity and professionalism. Any reader that is loyal would never believe for a second you’d stoop to something as criminal and underhanded as plagiarism. You would never need to. You’re an icon.

    I hope you get the apology you deserve!

  164. Urg. What a horrid thing to have happen to you. I was only thinking the other day how much I adore your books. I have Obsession sitting on my desk as your main character is inspiring me in my photography.

    I can’t wait until Of Blood and Bone reaches New Zealand as I thought Year One was one of your best books yet.

    “Her writing keeps getting better and better. How does she write such an unexpected book when she’s been writing for so long. What a talent” was what I thought after reading Year One.

    Your response to this situation is so professional and I wish you all the best for the future.

  165. Call a spade a spade– why don’t we? Let’s be perfectly clear and name this what this REALLY is. The author (who shall not my named) wants to ride a media storm. Why not claim a title that isn’t even the same as hers nor could it ever be– then play victim that she has somehow been targeted by a much classier, widely published, more popular author. — Roll over and be offended in the world where being offended has become popular.
    So she does this. Drawing light to her books.
    Playing a victim.
    Giving herself media attention. Which is what she wants.
    People in the media do this often.
    Any press is good press.
    By doing this she’s become more widely known, her book have been seen my others, she’s made to be the victim she’s painted herself to be — whether it be falsely or not– she’s riding the coattails of the purposeful media storm she’s created.
    No author or reader in this community would look at her cover nor her title and see any real similarities.
    Plus, anyone who knows anything in this world, knows titles cannot be ‘copyrighted’
    I’m sorry. Authors just aren’t that stupid.
    Bravo. She’s done what she set out to do.
    Unfortunately, Nora, you’re the target who has to wade through her BS.
    Don’t let it get you down.
    We all know you’re a classy woman.
    I respect what you spoke about in your post. Glad you didn’t take this lying down.

  166. With grace under fire and the utmost professionalism you basically told this uncouth author, “Bless your heart.” I applaud your word mastery.

  167. Considering the rumor that the accuser herself “borrowed” her title, I think this was a calculated attempt meant to weaken any accusations that may come her way. As if anyone with any integrity and half a brain would accuse someone of stealing a title! What a jerk!

  168. While social media gifted us with friends from all over the world, it’s also fostered a whole new type of hate crime-viral sensation, they call it. I call it disgusting.
    I hope you leverage the power of the law against them for defamation of character, they deserve it.

  169. Nora, I am an 82 year old author who was first published at the age of 68. Before that I was and still am an avid reader and am proud to say I have read everything you have ever written. You are an inspiration to all of us with your unequaled talent, incredible professionalism and willingness to always give back. I am sickened that someone in the industry made the bad choice to do this, but be sure your millions of fans know that you would never do this. I agree with you about the misuse social media and wish people would just get a life and a brain. And I hope,you realize the intold hours of pleasure and inspitation you have brought to all of us.

  170. I am so sorry that you have been attacked in this way. So very unfair! I have been reading your books for a long time and I as well as your other readers/fans know this is not the way you operate. Truth will out sooner or later and in the meantime your readers have faith in you and your integrity.

  171. Foolish, foolish woman. I hate that she hurt you, Nora. No one deserves that, least of all you. I hope you’re feeling the love and respect we all have for you here. XOXO

  172. This is truly sickening. I have been a fan of yours for over 25 yrs, when I first discovered one of your books. I read constantly, and can certainly give witness to the numerous books in print with identical or almost identical titles. This is such BS. Please know that your fans know the type of person you are and the level of discipline and integrity you operate at. You wouldn’t have remained so successful for so many years had you not been. I love your books. I love your characters. And it completely blows me away at the diversity of all the characters you have written. Your discipline to produce books at a remarkably steady rate, year after year is truly an inspiration regardless of a person’s chosen field. The optimist in me says not to worry, it will blow over with the better person (you) on top. But the realist in me says be prepared to take it to the next step legally if necessary. I’m sure you don’t need my advice on that. You wouldn’t have gotten where you are now without smarts and heart. Just know that you are loved. Your characters are loved. And we will never abandon you.
    A lifelong fan.

  173. You are a classy, professional, talented lady! Anyone who has ever read in the Romance genre should know of your well-deserved long lasting success. Please know that your followers would NEVER think you guilty of plagiarism. Most of us know how you fought against someone stealing your works and how hard you work to bring us great stories.

  174. The internet is full of faceless bullies and I am so sorry you’re having to deal with this sort of attack. I respect you and your craft, always have and always will. You are the one who lit the flame that sparked my love of reading and for that, I am forever grateful. Thank you for all that you do to enrich the lives of your readers.

  175. Dear Ms. Roberts,

    This is one of the most professional and admirable blog posts in relation to this kind of event that I’ve ever read. You continue to be a role model for many other writers, including me. Thank you for being so open and willing to share your heart, your expertise, and your professionalism. I learn a lot from you.

    I’m so sorry this is happening, and wish you a speedy resolution.

    Kind regards,

  176. Geez Nora!! What a drag! The cat’s out of the bag (social media) and there is no putting it back. I wonder sometimes about the benefits and detriments of this medium?! Remember this too shall pass. You’ve been my fav from the start and this bit of bloody nastiness does not change that. Its going to be okay. Wishing you peace.

  177. I support you fully. And I will be hesitant to read other books with the same title as yours at this point. I am hesitant because if I knew who (s)he was, I would never read them by choice. I hope they issue a true apology soon and thinks about this action before they attempt anything like this again.

  178. I have always held the belief that Twitter was best summed up in its first four letters. Sadly, proof positive in your post. I have been reading your books since 6th grade in Catholic school (so glad the nuns never saw them! ?) and now several decades later, I still have the same love for your writing and talent. I love reading them again and again. You have the most remarkable talent for crafting a picture in my mind of the story and its characters. Little Miss “Who the Hell She Thinks she is” could never, not on her best day, come close to your talent. Anyone wanting an eye opener need only look up your NY Times Bestseller List stats. Dare I say, no one else comes close?! I want to be you, if I ever grow up! ?
    Much love and many thanks for the hours of reading pleasure!!!
    God Bless and Merry Christmas!

  179. I love your books and will continue to read them. Nothing can stop that. And, as one commenter said “search amazon or audible by title and you get more than one book”.
    I too hate Twitter. I got off it years ago.
    Her baseless accusations will not sway your fans!

  180. Nora, I’ve never read one of your books. But I am firmly in your corner on this one. I’m not a writer, only a reader, but I knew before I started reading this that titles can’t be stolen. And I never would have believed you would try to ride the coattails of anyone.

    I’m sorry you have been hurt by this. I truly am.

  181. Nora, such BS for a classy lady to deal with. So sorry it’s happened. I, too, remember the plagiarism problem of your work some years back. I stopped reading that author. Now, after doing my research, I will not give this immature twitterer a chance or one red cent of my money. What goes around comes around. She shot herself in the foot with all Nora Roberts fans. We are legion and I doubt she’ll receive any royalties from this section of readers.
    Now please enjoy your Christmas with your dear family. Please give that precious little guy a kiss from all of us. (I do need a baby fix something fierce. ?).

  182. Anyone who knows you knows this is BS. I’ve been following you forever and this is not in your makeup. Does she know how long you’ve been an author? A very successful one, I might add. Why would you need to profit off of her work? She needs to grow up and give an actual apology and not that lame tweet. I’m sorry this is happening to you Nora. I love you and will always have your back.

  183. I search titles on Goodreads all the time and come up with multiple books with the same title. It is not that uncommon for more than one book to have the same title. twentysomethings need to get over themselves. They are not the first and they won’t be the last.

  184. Thank you for publishing this Ms. Roberts. I came across it on a FB page where it was shared. I shared it myself. I’m sorry this came about. I hope the author in question learns from this. I haven’t read your books. But I’m going to now. :”Year One” is on order.

  185. Pffft!! The galls of that lady. Okay, I know who she is because I’ve read her one book. But I’ve known you ALL my life and your books line my shelf and box when there’s no space to hold them anymore.
    You’ll always be my writing goddess, Nora, and that writer– good as her one book was– is full of crap.

    Keep doing you and being the adult in the room.

  186. I am a Nigerian and I am so embarrassed such calumny was brought on your person. Please try not to be sad and disappointed. Like you said, the people who know you know better than to believe such hogwash.

    A stone has no business with a fruitless tree. Keep shining Nora

  187. This I Know: You are and always have been a stand-up writer. Of the many writers I call friend, I have never known anyone who spoke badly of your integrity, your work ethic, or your willingness to help aspiring writers. I am sorry this has happened to you, but let me assure you–from someone who has been a member of RWA since 1982: This is a blip. You are a constant. And the romance writing world is significantly better for having you in it.

  188. Before going to bed, I just had to check in again. My mistake is saying your fans number in the thousands- they are much more legion. It may not have been worth it,but i hope you realize the love and devotion your fans have for you- our outrage and indignation just leaps off our posts. I hope that is a small comfort to you. Have a wonderful holiday season, and please be secure in the knowledge that you are loved and adored by us all.

  189. Well said. Know that for every one of those Twits who are attacking you, there are ten writers shaking our heads and saying, “Wait, what? She called out Nora Roberts? Over a title? Nora blinkin’ ROBERTS?!”

    I wish I knew how to make it stop. Hang in there.

  190. This happened to me except it went much farther….My case went to the US SUPREME COURT where I prevailed against my accuser. I was a struggling single mom with a book that became a motion picture, The Forlorned–I thought my life had made a turn for the better but I was wrong. A convicted child sex offender in my writers critique group sued me for trademark infringement over the title. He had been kicked out of the group for his crazy and creepy inappropirate behavior. This trademark lawsuit was his revenge against me. I WON the case–but It cost me hundreds of thousands while all his fees were paid by US Tax dollars.(He filed in forma pauperis–ex prisoner to poor to pay his fees) I will never recovery financially. Thank God for the Authors Guild for their emotional support–I hope my case will help other authors even though its too late to help me. This felon made hundreds of blogs posts about me my loved ones with my picture, my home address, contact information and the most vile things. He created a mob against me and reported to The US Washington Post that he was in business with me which was completely false–inciting even more hate against me. Restraining orders did nothing to help. I would file them and he would appeal in the higher courts demanding contact with me. This creep had ZERO to do with my book or my movie–yet he devastated me personally and my career. If you would like you can read more on my blog here:

  191. You are great. I love your characters and their progression. I love happy endings and good people – you have all that. Odd to find this article on facebook as I am reading Dark in Death (which addresses similar issues). Please keep writing forever! My husband and I want more.

  192. I am from Nigeria and i cannot tell you how much of a thrill i have had reading your books way back as a teenager into my late thirties. I cannot begin to count how many of your books i have read. Do not pay anymore attention whatsoever to the upstart looking for cheap popularity. She has done more damage to herself and vocation more than she knows at the moment. Trust me that you have a huge follower-ship here in Nigeria who absolutely adore you. The upstart author has been seriously roasted online by her fellow Nigerians. Her audacity is ridiculous. Please do not let her antics upset you any further. You are truly, truly appreciated. Happy holidays!

  193. Ok so I read this email when I got up this morning with my cup of tea before getting the gang up (bliss) this was a couple hours ago and it’s still playing my mind. It’s bugging the crap out of me to the point I need to comment. How dare this writer make accusations without doing 2 minutes (literally!) research online. This leads me to believe she’s searching for an easy ride with her book. She’s now attached herself to Nora (a veteran author) there will be propitious there who will buy her book out of curiosity. She’s gotten her out there on Nora’s back and it’s wrong. I won’t be hunting this chick down on social media as I feel there’s way to many keyboard gangsters (i’ve got a cool meme but sadly can’t post it ☹️) and Nora asked we don’t but I will never read anything printed by this writer. I hope I can stop thinking about this now i’ve said my piece and it doesn’t wreck my day thinking about it xx

  194. Ther will *People* who will buy her book

    Sorry, stupid autocorrect..proofreading is always a good thing ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  195. Well said. I’m not a fan of fiction but you’ve won my admiration. You’re a woman of class and I will definitely pick up some of your titles. Please forgive her foolishness!

  196. I am so sorry you are hurt by this vicious attack . We the readers who are reading your books for more than 25 years do not doubt your integrity. We know you are a thorough professional. I know it’s hard to ignore all the circus going around on social media but please do. Karma will take care of the newbie and her witless followers. Stay blessed Nora .

  197. My condolences on having to deal with this sort of crap, which you certainly don’t deserve! The other author sounds like a clueless neophyte (Nora Roberts needs to sponge fame off her?! Yeah, right, nevermind the realities of publishing timelines!) and a rash idiot, who’s now left staring at the conflagration she started, not knowing how to put it out, and probably hoping that if she just doesn’t think about it or talk about it any more, it will simply disappear!

  198. Hi Nora Roberts,

    I remember staying up late nights feverishly devouring your books with a torch in secondary school because there was a long line of people waiting to read it after me. I loved you then for being an escape from the dreary boarding school life. I still love your books.

    I’m so sad that this issue was not handled properly, everyone is being “savage” these days for “clout”. It’s unfortunate. I apologize on her behalf, I know my words are but a drop of water in boiling hot oil but I hope you read this and feel just a little better.

    Warmest Regards

  199. Hello Nora,
    I have read your book since I was but a child. I fell in love with literature from the well written words your books had. We love you Nora and we are sorry this happened to you.

    Keep writing.

  200. Nora,
    I’ve never read any of your books although I’ve known you exist and are a prolific writer. Someone pointed out this drama in a book group I ran so I came to see what you had to say about it. Then I purchased Year One because anyone who can so eloquently stand up for themselves, and communicate their feelings and intentions so well without attacking, in a simple blog post, is someone whose writing I want to explore. Imagine my sheer delight to discover that Chronicles of the One is right up my genre alley.

    It ain’t all bad! You’ve made at least two sales from this drama. 😉 I do hope it settles out for you quickly, though.

  201. I am sad that you are dealing with such an attack, and thank you for sharing so that we can support you. A wonderful reminder to all of us to “Be sure of your facts”, understand where, why and what is behind the statements, articles and reports we hear and read.

  202. You and I have shared a couple of titles, and I have always felt honored that our creativity ran in the same direction.

    I learned after titling one of my recent books that another book had been published under the same title, on a different continent. The author contacted me. We laughed together and imagined how much fun it would be to go on tour together. Only an ocean stopped us.

    Nobody is more professional than you are, nor has anyone given more to our genre. The blows keep coming, and I’m sorry. But everyone who understands this business knows who you are and what you stand for. Thank you for all you have done for all of us, authors and readers alike.

  203. I feel like I have read you forever
    I think from when I was thirteen I began to select particular writers and you were one of the dearests.

    Please forgive her naivety and youthfulness at being so unwise. This is a lesson for me.

    You are very gracious. Thank you for this.

  204. Yikes. Sounds like she made a rookie mistake. I bet she’s going to be really embarrassed when she looks back at this in a few years.

    When I titled my first book, I did a quick search on Amazon for other books with the same title. I don’t think I found one or if I did, it was a totally different genre. So, I slapped the title on and went about my business. Oh my gosh. There are at least a dozen books with the same title, and at least two movies! lol

    I’m really glad nobody came after me for stealing their title!

  205. I saw the original post of said authors social media and was absolutely disgusted by it, and the comments and almost threanting way she presented the accusation. It’s started racebaiting from some of her followers as well and all I want to do it shake some sense into these people and be like can you read the facts please and move on with your life. But Twitter is a toxic vile place for people that like to attack others based on rumor and baseless accusations. I’m so sorry you got pulled into something like this.

  206. Well said!

    Sadly, social media allows all manner of ugliness to go unchecked. Very sorry this happened to you!!!

    Never let the trolls get you down. And shame on her rotors for letting this coni the…does not do this author any good IMHO!

  207. I grew up reading your books. My mother would have your book in one hand while she dished us plates of Jollof Rice- the ultimate multitasker, lol- my point is, you have been an inspiration and our love for you is greater than whatever slur, some rookie with faith ideas of culture and integrity, can wreak. God bless you, Nora

  208. I’m so sorry this happened. I’ve loved your books for years and years, and have also appreciated your common sense, pragmatism, and dignity when you’ve chosen to speak out on an issue.

    I know a couple of writers, and it’s always been my understanding that publishers are in the habit of checking upcoming titles to try to ensure these things don’t happen. So Other Writer’s publisher should maybe start doing better research. Unless this was all a publicity stunt. So, ugh.

  209. I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this misheggas, Nora. You’ve been in the business for a very long time, and new authors who try to pull junk like this will just end up being a flash in the pan. Your post is 100% spot on, and very gracious, as well. I’m honestly shocked anyone would even consider starting their career by falsely accusing someone as well-loved and with as much clout as you. I *almost* feel bad for her. Conventions/conferences are going to be pretty awkward for her from now on. ?

  210. I really hate that she did this and that is I rarely even look at Twitter. People need to do due diligence before running off at the mouth. I love your work and am thankful as a reader for your amazing talent. You were the first author I read in grown up books. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  211. I’m so sorry you are dealing with this.

    Why did she not search her title on Amazon before she used it? I’m a writer, not nearly as prolific as you are, and I ALWAYS search my titles – not because I don’t want to risk duplicating a title, but because I don’t want to lead my readers to a book that isn’t mine. I write clean romance, and I was going to entitle my latest story “In Her Dreams.” When I searched it, I found an erotica book with that title. Of course, I didn’t use it. My readers could have been lead to a book WAY out of my (and their) comfort zone(s).

    Why in the world would a newbie pick a fight with you? That’s just unwise and wrong in so many ways.

  212. Nora,

    You are one of the hardest working authors I know. Your books are favorites of mine. You’re Eve and Roark books are the only ones I buy in hardback although I have thousands of paperbacks and more thousands of ebooks in my library.

    I can’t imagine anyone attacking, much less stupidity attacking, an author of your stature. Trolls abound. Unfortunately many of them are mentally ill.

    You are a classy lady, and I’m sorry this has hurt you and opened up a painful wound. You’ve handled this with grace, and my admiration of you has only increased.

  213. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. Unfortunately, this is one of the bad things that Social Media is used for. Hopefully, the author in question will apologize, and delete the inflammatory tweet. The entire writing community is in your corner. Best wishes on your new book release!

  214. Nora, thank you for standing firm. As a small time author, I live in terror of these people arbitrarily singling me out the way they have done to so many authors before me. I have to admit I am grateful it is you— someone with the boldness to stand your ground, someone who does not fold automatically to pc pressure instead of doing what is right, and someone with clout so you are not overwhelmed. I have seen accusations like this destroy people and it is so disheartening. Luckily in you, someone has challenged a titan. Thank you.

  215. Funny I asked about titles a few years ago when I first started writing. Some kind soul explained titles weren’t copyrighted. I read a thing somewhere on one of the RWA forums about an author trying to sue people using a certain word in their titles that she had sole ownership of that word. I thought wow how brazen and unfair. Now this crazy author doing this to you. SMH over all the nonsense. I figure write the best book you can and let the cards land where they will.

  216. Hello! Nora Roberts, all things work together for your good, never mind…pardon her, I think She was carried away by the success of her book. in essence the development helped in publicizing your book and I am waiting to buy it as soon as you publish it…4 December here we go….

  217. The accusation would be laughable, except that it hurt you. Please, don’t let one very silly destructive child upset you. Your reputation is sterling and your writing awesome.

  218. So sorry this happened to you and it was played out on social media.
    Social media has its positives and negatives but it’s the anonymous factor that preys on the negative, lie spewing hate that people will share.
    I really admire this post. You never mention the author or the book title and that’s admirable.
    I will always devour your books as soon as I get my hands on them and reread my favorites. Thank you for sharing parts of your life with us. The baby is beautiful as all your grands are.

  219. I’ve not read either you nor your accuser before.
    But, I know that what your accuser did (the way she went about it, using social media WITHOUT doing simple research) was incredibly childish, foolish, stupid, sad, silly and unprofessional. I say all this without rancour, the initial anger towards her (your accuser) in me has been replaced with weariness. I can only hope she’ll take down the offensive tweet soon. I will never read anything she writes, God willing.
    On the plus side, you’re fully in my radar now, and I WILL read at least one book of yours before I die. God wiling.
    All the best.

    Psssst; maybe you should sue her for defamation of character.

  220. That sucks, and I’m sorry. Libelling you to get publicity is stupid and plain nasty – and will end up doing her far more harm than it could ever do you.

    You’re a brilliant writer and seem to me, who doesn’t know you, a good person. During those 30 years of writing, you couldn’t have helped show it if you weren’t, in your books and in your life. I’m so sorry she hurt you.

  221. Sincere commiserations. It happens across the board of artistic talents, not least for cover artists as well as authors who find their work boldly presented under a differing name. Although I quit the mainstream publishing world of hot hot hot historical bodice-rippers. and went Indie in 2010 under a wholly new ID to shake off my past, it was as much an experiment to see if I could succeed without agents and without publisher backup. I did, but I’ve learned with coming of Amazon et al that the publishing industry is by far more fiercely competitive than it was thirty years ago, and for some authors anything goes in gaining the coveted #1.

  222. Very well said!! I am so sorry this happened to you!! Writing is hard enough without having to deal with such…. but you know karma is a … Love your books and I thank you for the sacrifices you make to bring them into our lives!!

  223. I just found out about this and was so furious on Nora Roberts’ behalf. Nora Roberts changed my life with her stories, helped me face my depression and if not for her books, I don’t know what a hopeless mess I would have been today. My life has always been hard and I owe so much to her for her stories and all the values I got that I don’t know how I can ever repay it.
    To see a newcomer like Tomi Ayedemi accuse her of stealing the title of her book! I am so disgusted by this author’s disgraceful behavior that I don’t even want to keep this book on my shelves.
    I mean, WHAT? Not cool, Tomi Adeyemi. Tarnishing the reputation of an honest author without getting the damn facts straight. Tomi Adeyemi should be ashamed of herself.
    This kind of behavior totally turned me off from reading this book or any future books by this author. I really wanted to read Tomi Adeyemi’s book but after this shitty stunt she pulled, just no. I hate people who try to profit on other people’s honest and well-deserved success.
    I am never reading this book now.

  224. Since my addiction surfaced I’ve enjoyed your books, no matter the name it’s written under. Your books have substance and unlike some other books are not predictable.
    For you to have been accused of stealing the title to another author’s work and a newly published one at that is extremely sad especially when you take into account your years of experience with the current quality of your work.
    It just makes things worse knowing that author didn’t even attempt to research the issue before making those accusations. and that so-called retraction they did it doesn’t make a difference if they don’t go through the effort to put out the fires that they started with their careless words.
    Part of me says says says sue that author for defamation, then on the other hand I don’t know if you feel it would be worth it, that’s something only you would know if it has affected you enough with damage to your character and reputation, emotionally and financially to go through with that.
    In the end I agree with you, you must stand up for yourself.

  225. I’m so sorry you had to go through this. This sad, inexperienced person just signed away her credibility in the profession. Your body of work and literary achievements speak volumes, as does the CLASS you’ve shown in not naming Ms. Mean and Clueless.

  226. This is awful. I’m sorry this happened to you. I’ve read and enjoyed your work for years. It is always interesting and well-written. And it is always your own. If this other author doesn’t understand that, then she needs to take a class. And get a grip. And maybe a new line of work.

  227. Well said. I’m sorry this happened to you. I’ve been a fan for years and hear that someone attacked you in such a manner sickens me. I keep hearing about things like this from newer authors, making accusations and stirring up trouble and I’m saddened by it. I don’t understand why they would think it’s okay, or right. I hope someday they better understand the power of their words.

  228. I was a fan of the author, and saw her Instagram story/accusation. I rolled my eyes at her stupidity and moved on. I had no idea it became a witch hunt. I’m so sorry you are going through this Nora – the author was out of line and her actions afterwards really speak to her character (or lack of it). It’s completely turned me off her writing – I won’t be reading her next book.

  229. Happened to see this article shared on Facebook by a writer of Jane Austen fan fiction whom I respect. She publicized it because she mentors a lot of indie writers and wanted to urge caution in the use of social media tools, as well as new writers being sure to understand the basics of publishing. Because I’m aware of this situation now, I will make a point of becoming one of your new readers (yeah, I know, where have I been?) Pretty sure others will do the same.

  230. You have always been and always be a class act. Can’t wait for your next book, but I will have to since it is a Christmas present.

  231. Nora, anyone who knows how publishing works knows this is nonsense. Anyone who knows how copyright works knows this is nonsense. Anyone who knows how people suspects that this is just a first-time trying to attach your name to her project to generate publicity. Anyone who has watched that s***show before knows that most of what it attaches, will be attached to that “writer’s” name forever.

    I don’t read your stuff – not my genre. But I respect your prolific and successful career and – if I thought, for a moment, that this idiocy actually reflected in any way on you – consider that sufficient evidence that you aren’t stupid enough to shoot yourself and your publisher in the foot by doing something that dumb.

    I’m a random, barely-published writer – not a fan – and it took me all of 5 seconds to figure out that this was BS. I’m sorry that the Rabid and Unthinking are assaulting your senses – that’s overwhelming, and stressful even when you know it’s crap. Just wanted you to know that your support doesn’t come only from those who “support you because they love you.” Some support you because it’s right, you’re right, and this whole mess is just. plain. WRONG.

    Sorry you are having to deal with it.

  232. That bolded part though. I wish a few other authors would explicitly state that. I think things would be less inflammatory. Or maybe just hope. From only having read one of your books and my mother being a fan, I literally have grown up knowing who you are and what you write. I hope this blows over quicker than not and doesn’t affect sales.

  233. I applaud you for stating this in forthright and unambiguous terms. Social media has such a potential to be turned into a weapon, balancing its capability to harm. I sometimes think that the lack of accountability is one of the roots of that noxious weed.

    The restraint that you are showing is a balm to my own hurt. After many years as a non-fiction writer and editor, I decided to try my hand at fiction. It has been two years of hard work with reasonable success, and an amazing journey. However, I was accused of idea theft and unprofessional behavior.

    The accusation hurt more than I could explain to my friends or family. It attacked the base of my professionalism, ethics, and morals. I wanted to refute the charges, declaim innocence.

    I did not. The choice I made was to maintain my professionalism in the face of spouting venom from a man that was unhappy with my modest success. His judgment was that I had not “earned” it, and therefore, had stolen the idea.

    Ignoring him has been one of the hardest things I have done. It was also the only thing I could think of that would let me stay true to myself.

    Your example is what I wish I could have done. Thank you for this. Although I know it was painful to write this, you have given many of us a gift.

  234. If it can happen to you, it can happen to anyone. Such arrogance and presumption on the part of the other author. You deserve more respect than this, Ms. Roberts. Makes me sad.

  235. I too am sorry that someone’s unkind actions have caused you grief. I enjoy your books and respect and admire your ability and your character. And I am mystified as to the reason people feel the need to be purposely unkind. It baffles me. Somewhere in her life she will learn this is the wrong approach. And she will be embarrassed.

  236. The only good thing about social media is that it has allowed you to hear from us – the people who admire you, believe in your integrity and love your work. I hope we’ve been able to drown out the ugliness to which you’ve been subjected. I’ll never read her book; if this represents the kind of person she is, I have no interest in reading anything she’s written. On the other hand, when I see “Nora Roberts” or “J.D. Robb” on a book cover, I have to have it. She’s going to be just a vague memory from the discount books bin in no time. There’s no way she’ll ever have the career or the respect you’ve achieved.

  237. The sad part is, TA was paid seven figures twice over and hit the bestseller list, so she’s a big deal. She’s also part of a very powerful Twitter clique because many who are professionally connected with her routinely lead the Twitter mob attacks over issues like this against other authors. They had no idea what they were challenging when they attacked you.

    When I read this, all I can think of is what would have happened if they’d targeted someone obscure like they usually do with this attack (some newbie author of the same stature like past targets Keira Drake or Laurie Forest.) That author would have been destroyed, condemned by all of twitter, and hounded off the internet. Because it was you, they had to run away with their tails between their legs.

    Thanks for standing strong, Nora.

  238. I am a super fan of Nora, ever since I read her first book (translated into traditional Chinese), now I am even a bigger fan for the Death series and I have every book from Chinese and now in English. I am very sorry to hear about this recent event and I was also bullied on social media before so I totally understand how it can hurt people. Gossips and rumors have always been in the human nature, and usually in a very bad way. I shut down my connection with social media now because I believe we should go back to basic physical connection to keep a relationship, hiding behind the screen only makes us more apart from each other even if we just sit on the same table.
    I think Nora’s words have a special power/magic, it led me into this wonderful world and have more insights in humanity and I believe this is the main reason I was so hooked into it. I love everything you created in this series, and so looking forward to the next book. Taiwan is too far away and not so easy to buy your book in time, I am now on the “Dark in Death”….I think I would need to wait till next Feb. for the “Leverage in Death” but no matter how long I have to wait, it’s all worth it because you are an amazing writer!!!! And thank you for all of your hard work that makes my life a more fulfilled one.

    Serina from Taiwan.

  239. Well said. There are a lot of vicious people out there ready to lash out at anyone for any reason. I feel sorry for these people if that’s how their mind works. Vilifying someone without even checking the information for themselves. So thankful your followers didn’t stoop so low and start a counter attack.

    Love all your books!

  240. I was very disappointed in whoever that writer is. Nora Roberts you were one of the first author that I started reading. I love your notes you do on Good reads. Just from reading your blog, so to speak, I learn your character.
    I feel sorry for that author, whoever she is.

    I love your books, you are the BEST!

  241. I’m Julie Brewer. And I. LOVE. YOU. You are the best, the bomb, the greatest, the Queen. Keep on doin’ whatchyer doin’. And please, don’t ever stop.

    Laura, that goes for you, too.

  242. Interestingly I did a quick search on books with titles Blood and Bone and the following popped up Blood and Bone: A Novel of the Malazan Empire (Novels of the Malazan Empire) Paperback – May 21, 2013. So if we’re going by what the new author accused, apparently SHE plagiarized the book title from a book published back in 2013.

  243. Nora – I was so horrified to read that you had been going through this with the new author. Shame on her. Those of us who read your books and know you through your blogs would never believe someone could accuse you of something so thoughtless. Try not to give it another thought. Your fans LOVE you and will continue to support you. Some day I hope to make it up to one of your bookshop author signing parties. I don’t live that far away. I’d love to meet you and shake your hand (or give you a hug!!)

  244. Why did this new author do this? First, it is stupid: Stealing titles, etc. Second, her demographic of readers may or may not “buy” or care about the allegations, and many will not buy the book or audio anyway.
    Third, I really believe this was a publicity stunt, to interest more people to perhaps “support” the poor, “abused” newbie writer.
    And fourth, of course, it is all B.S. to the max.

    Write it off as gross stupidity on the author’s, agent’s, and publisher’s parts…. and leave the pod of them to Karma–a cold, cold bitch who doesn’t forget or forgive.

  245. Grace under fire personified! You were spot on with this post. Too bad the other author could not take a page out of your book. Thank you for the countless hours of reading pleasure. I treasure your talent and industry as one of the hardest working people in publishing .

  246. I remember reading some of your Harlequin’s in high school and have always enjoyed delving into a good Nora Roberts series. Thank You” for your style and class. Your dedication to your craft is limitless and so appreciated!

    Each year I re-read every single “In Death” novel in anticipation of the Sept. and Feb. new releases. What a joy and pleasure each time I read them. Looking forward to “Connections in Death”

    Earlier this year I took a chance on “Year One” and was riveted! Bravo! Another standout series. I have just started “Of Blood and Bone”. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! You are my number one author!

  247. We can’t control what others do and say but we can rise above and set an example as you have. Well done!

  248. Nora I am so sorry you are going through this. You are one classy lady. I have been a fan for a very long time. I remember when you were plagiarized I was reading that author and I have not touched any of her books since then. How someone could say that you would do that is unbelievable. You have handled this perfectly. I have read all of your books and I have re-read all of them a number of times. And I will continue to do so. I am now waiting for the next In Death in February. Thank you for all your wonderful books

  249. Very well said Nora. I commend you on speaking out about this subject. It doesn’t only pertain to writing and writers it’s about everything on the internet. I have seen people attacked in our industry just because someone was upset with them and then other people go on the attack with no proof, knowledge or facts about what has happened. Sadly, most people only care about the negative drama and prefer to instead keep it going. It’s too bad that people feel this okay. I know who the author is and the book in question and not once did I think you were guilty and not once did I give her the attention that others did. I work in this industry and I see time and time again how some authors will rile up their readers to go and leave negative reviews for books they have not read just because that author is competition, I have witnessed authors themselves leaving negative reviews for authors who are competition for them, and I have seen authors bash other authors and even readers. No good can ever come from that kind of bad behavior. You are an amazing woman and your stories have kept me up many a night over the last 25 years. Thank you for addressing the issue of bullying on social media. I am sorry that this happenend to you and I am sorry that there have been people who have judged you without knowing the truth no one should have to feel the way you do right now. Much love to you and your family. xoxoxo

  250. So sad to see something like this happening. Words are a powerful tool and should be used with care – a care that is obvious in your writings – all of them! Taking the high road is exactly your style! Looking forward to your next book and all the ones thereafter.

  251. As an author myself, I’m actually a dinosaur who doesn’t use social media (except Goodreads). I rate books I like, and don’t mention anything about books I don’t like – that’s as far as my reviews go. I dislike Social Media, I dislike how people seem to think they can say anything they want on it. The fallout is epic, ugly, far-reaching and there forever to whoever chooses to search for it.

    I’m sorry this happened. I hope she learned a valuable lesson.
    As for me, I’m looking forward (as always) to the next JB Robb book!

  252. There’s always 1 in every crowd. Obviously she’s jealous of you and is trying to get attention turned toward her stuff. We probably couldn’t see hers because her giant ego is in the way. Yes, great grandmas are allowed to say things like this. ?

  253. Nora, I just wanted to take a moment to express thanks for your words in this blog post. I admire and am deeply encouraged by your thoughtfulness and professionalism. Thank you.

  254. My mom read your books, so I read them. In a world where I was told my dyslexia wouldn’t let me read and I would never learn; I read. I may not get the grammar right, and the spelling my faulter, but you gave me the ability and desire to read. In the 30 years you’ve been writing your fan base has become filled with stories like mine. She has alienated an entire group of people who may now never read her book because of her mouth and that’s terrible but there is no reward for hatred even ignorantly done for the fans make or break a career no matter what line of work you are in.

  255. I didn’t know about this until reading it here. I have said it before and I will say it again….social media is great because it lets us connect and reconnect with friends and loved ones. But the ugly part of social media is that it becomes an outlet for people to show their ugly side and we see it every day. Social media brings out the worst in people. As a long time reader since the beginning, I admire and enjoy your work. It’s sad that people feel the need to say mean things…to belittle others….to spread lies and to accuse unfairly. There will always be those who jump on the bandwagon of mean. How sad….. Looking forward to reading the your next book released, as I have read everyone that has been published. Keep them coming Nora!!!

  256. If titles were able to be copyrighted any person wanting to publish a book these days would be in a difficult position. I’ll admit when I was younger, I worried when a story I wrote had the same title as a book that had already been published. Fortunately, Google was able to show me 5+ books with the same title but in different genres. NR/JDR are on my list of authors I intend to read everything they write so this is just annoying not a deal breaker. I hope the attacks taper off soon. I’m sure y’all have better things to do than wade through unfounded hostility. I guess like with a sad part in a book you just have to grit your teeth & keep turning pages until you find the HEA 😀

  257. this brought tears,,,, so so so so, so so sorry to read of what’s happened…….. ;;;(((

  258. Sucks that this happened to you 🙁 I refuse to use social media in the same way I reject gossip; busybodies trying to fill their lives with some meaning to justify their existence or to tear down someone else to claim some false sense of superiority.

    We’re all humans, which just means we’re highly socialized ant-monkeys building societies that mean nothing to anyone except ourselves, and as useless as we are to the universe as some random species on a blue planet, the least we can do is be decent to each other. I really wonder if Adrian Veidt had it right when he organized a massive calamity to bring society together being only way to achieve peace (Watchmen reference). Anyway, don’t let these terrible people get you down, some people are only as valuable as the quantity of meat that can be extracted from their bones.

  259. My heart goes out to you, Nora. Bad things happen to good people. I pray you will find peace. I see many people love and support you. I hope that you can eventually allow that love and kindness to reach your broken heart. I wish you love and healing. She obviously needs it, too, to have done such a harsh deed.

  260. You are the most classy and well written writer I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I began reading your books at the age of 15. 18 years later and I still buy them the moment they are released… so as an invested reader of yours, I am angry and hurt right alongside you.

  261. A classy and correct reply, Nora.

    I am a huge fan of yours and Roarke’s. I simply searched ‘Blood and Bone’ on Goodreads and saw ALL the titles come up, but she chose to attack you and only you. SMH

    Unfortunately, the author concerned has stepped in a very sticky pile of doo-doo and it is a hard lesson to learn, but she will know she has made a HUGE mistake by now. It comes down to swallowing her pride and the correct follow up would be a proper apology and her publishing team to step up and put out the flame and let it be done with. That half apology was not good enough. If she doesn’t, the publisher needs to hose it down.

    I am very sorry you have been attacked over something so obviously incorrect and as you have stated could have been handled privately. She could have first spoken with her publishing team and let them correct her.

    Just remember, YOU are Nora Roberts and YOU have Roarke. ?

  262. You are my favorite author. All I have to do is see your name and know the book will be great. I could care less what some person has to say. I know you through your books. I am so sorry this has happened to you. There are few people in the world who can truly transport you into another world. Your books do that for me. Keep writing and taking me to times and places that make me feel like I could be a warrior. Nora all I can say is thank you. Your books have gotten me through grief, heartbreak and trying times. They are the best therapy ever.


  263. It breaks my heart that you had to go through this! Your work is amazing and so uniquely yours that it is silly for someone to even think your would steal from another. I hope the person responsible has corrected her monumental error!

  264. Not gonna lie, I was thinking about going a little ginger b*t*h here but out of respect for your request, I will not. I second what many have said, your writing is a gift and I for one and so thankful that you share it with us.

  265. I’m not much of a romance reader, but if your books are anything like how you maturely handled this situation, I VERY much look forward to reading your work, Ms. Roberts. Happy writing! 🙂

  266. Dear Ms. Roberts;
    I have always thought of you as an incredibly talented author. You are elegant, classy and your response to the unfortunate incident was indicative of these attributes. For all of the years of enjoyment you have given me, and millions of other readers, I thank you.

  267. I have been reading your books from the very beginning and if I know nothing else I do know this, you are an incredibly talented and prolific writer who has gifted me many hours of pleasurable reading. You have no need to borrow anyone’s work, why would you when you write so beautifully yourself. For years you have given the world such amazing incredible stories with characters we all want for real life friends. Sadly the internet provides the trolls and the haters an anonymous venue to do their nasty deeds. Your character is unquestionable, so sorry that once again that those who know nothing about anything feel free to inflict their ignorance in such a hurtful, you do not deserve it and your fans know that. That the other author did not put a stop to the madness speaks to their character and it does not speak well of them.

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