On Readers, Writers and Ghosts

From Laura:  I’ve been working on a recap of RWA with photos, but a post on Facebook caught our attention and we thought it important to address on the blog.  Photos/recap by tomorrow afternoon.  Promise!

A note from Nora:

Respect isn’t always a two-way street. In a perfect world, it would be. In a perfect world, every book written would satisfy every reader. Also no one would be allergic to chocolate or puppies, and shoes would always be buy a pair, get a pair free.

Since it isn’t a perfect world, we have to pay for that second pair of shoes, not everyone can embrace the joys of chocolate and puppies, and not every reader will be satisfied with every book.

Respect, however, is a different matter because respect is, at the base, a choice. We can all choose to show respect.

I choose to respect my readers, and those who may become my readers by first, writing the best book I can. That’s also a matter of respecting myself, the work and my publisher. Happily, I find most readers also choose respect. I’ve met countless readers over the years of touring, signings and events. Routinely when I toured booksellers would tell me I had the best readers they’d ever dealt with. Happy, enthusiastic, polite, patient. I always loved hearing it, and loved experiencing the truth of it.

 I choose to respect my readers when I meet them, by trying to give them a little time, a little conversation even over a six-hour signing as we just experienced last month at Turn The Page. They’ve come to see me, and I’m incredibly flattered by that, seriously delighted (even after six hours) to have a moment with someone who’s read my books and enjoyed them enough to take their time, make the effort (even after six hours) to meet me.

 I choose to respect my readers on-line. I don’t comment often on Facebook, because I’m writing, but I often skim through the comments, and occasionally respond. The amazing Laura speaks for me there, most often.

 But here, on-line, is where that two-way street often turns into a sudden and surprising one-way path.

 We all know it, we’ve all experienced or read stunningly rude and personal comments posted on-line. Something about the lack of face-to-face can eliminate basic manners and courtesy. I often say nothing or little about this because life’s just too short to have on-line conversations with the rude.

 But sometimes a comment will push my buttons, and I’m compelled to respond. Again, it’s a matter of respect–for myself and my work.

 I honestly don’t give a rat’s tail about Amazon reviews. I don’t read Amazon reviews. Anybody can go on there, anonymously, and praise or defame a book. I’d rather be writing than reading Amazon reviews. However, when readers come on my Facebook page, intimating I use a ghost writer because, hey, they read this rumor on Amazon reviews, I’m not going to let it stand.

 The latest case of this is a reader who hasn’t read the book itself, only the reviews. And based on them feels the book must be bad, I don’t respect my readers because of this lousy book, and thinks I should come out and be honest about using a ghost.

 That’s crap. Every bit of it, rude and pretty stupid crap.

 Respectfully here, and wherever this post may end up, I write my own books. I always have, always will. I do not, and never will use a ghost writer. I may write a book that doesn’t hit a chord with all my readers–and that’s a shame for me and for the reader who isn’t happy with the story. But I will have written it.

 While it’s difficult to hear a book I’ve worked on and sweated over didn’t hit the mark with some readers, that’s part of living in an imperfect world. It’s part of the job of being a writer, and I accept it.

 Having someone state, allude, question or accuse me of using a ghost writer, particularly after I’ve categorically stated I don’t and won’t repeatedly, is offensive. I don’t accept it, and I will go head-to-head with anyone who insults me and my work by spreading rumors–or in some cases stating they know I use ghost writers.

 I spent all last week in San Antonio at The Romance Writers of America conference. Fun, yes, and work, too. I got home this past Monday afternoon. Tuesday morning I was back at my keyboard, writing. My choice. I chose to write, I chose to write hard. The result of that work, good or bad in any reader’s opinion, is on me and me alone.

 I’ll end by saying I not only respect my readers, but value and appreciate them, tremendously. If I write a book that doesn’t sing for you, I hope the next one does. That’s really the best I can do.


193 thoughts on “On Readers, Writers and Ghosts”

  1. There will always be jerks out there to dump on whoever they want. So glad you can ignore the majority of them, since there are more of us that are (mostly) silent and grateful for the gifts you give us with your words. I can honestly say there isn’t a book you have written that hasn’t resonated with me in some way, and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve read the In Death series alone. Thank you for creating such amazing characters and a world that I can immerse myself in to make real life easier to handle. I pray the words keep coming for you and that you keep sharing them with us for years to come.

    1. Dawn has said all I would have written myself. There will always be people who obviously need a life rather than make a misery of others. I to re read most of your books

    2. Nora,

      You are one of a kind writer, never once did I think it was ever a Ghost writer. I know your voice and tones.
      I have been reading your worlds for over twenty years. You have given me the inspiration for me to write my self. I know what it is like to sweat over a story. Blood sweat and tears over many hours, if anyone accused me of not writing my works I would just as offended!

      Your one of a kind, keep writing, love reading your worlds!

      1. Very well said Nora. I second everything you said Nicole. It wasn’t too long ago that Nora had to take time from her writing to address this same issue. It’s too bad that there are people who must get pleasure out of being so offensive.

        As a reader of Nora’s books for over twenty-five years I can’t imagine waiting for a review before ordering the latest one. Thank you Nora for all the pleasure your writing has given me.

  2. It would never occur to me that you might not be writing your books. I own (well, except for the few books that managed to get misplaced) every book you’ve ever written, and I know your voice(s) as well as I know my son’s.

    I’m sorry that rumors start, but yes, it’s the lack of face-to-face online that suddenly lets people forget their manners. And forget that there are real people behind whatever’s being posted.

    And I completely missed that whole thing anyway because I love your books and I don’t read their reviews. I buy them just about as soon as they come out (depends on my budget at the time). Even if I saw a review…good or bad…I would probably ignore it because I love getting lost in the worlds you create. (So much so that I re-read your books, some as often as 10 times. I’m always catching something I missed before that ties another little piece together.)

    Hopefully someday I’ll get a chance to meet you. (A friend of mine met you at RWA last year, and I was so envious.)

    1. Char-I agree with you. Nora is one of the few authors that I don’t care about reviews. Unfortunately her publisher and the publisher for another one I feel that way about put their dates of publication too close together. I wish they would have spread them out so my enjoyment lasts more through the year.

      1. Seriously Nora the Hell with those ppl… Keep on writing girl….JDROBB!! excellent!;))

    2. I agree, I don’t read many reviews (except, say, the NYT review that B&N publishes on the book page if the snippet about the book is vague). The only time I read reviews from other “readers” is if they are devout NR/JDR fans – which means, I don’t READ reviews, I hear by word of mouth from my family if I haven’t already bought it and read it. My family is always passing these books around amongst ourselves, and since I’ve gone to mostly digital reading, I generally pre-order the books as soon as I find out they are coming out. And I’m a big re-rereader as well. I don’t know how many times I’ve re-read the In the Garden Trilogy, the Dream Trilogy, the Born in Trilogy, the Pagan Stone Trilogy, even the Boonsboro books already. Right now, I’m rereading Treachery in Death – I can’t count the number of times I’ve read each of the in death books.
      I would never pay attention to someone saying that NR is not writing these, or didn’t write this particular one, because she has a particular voice to her writing style, and with the In Death Series, or the Trilogies, the voices of the characters are already present, and a ghost writer can’t reproduce any of that, IMO.

    3. Well said char, I agree with the knowing the voices. No one could interpret the characters the way Nora does.

  3. I’m one of your biggest fan I especially love the In Death series and unfortunately you will have morons who have nothing better to do than bring people down keep doing what you do best love you

  4. I have read every JD Robb book you have written, and not once have I been dissatisfied with your writing.
    I would like to thank You for your hard work and dedication.
    Job well done.
    When you type the last letter of the last word and can stand up and smile, you know you did a great job.
    Thank You again
    Debbie Brunelle

    1. Totally agree. Have read pretty much every book I could of Nor as. I may not like all of them from personal point of view but I would never criticise anyone who can writ. Especially some who who has produced such quantity and of quality of work as Nora has. Shame on those who dare to say such drivel!

  5. Very well said, Nora! Thank you for all the wonderful hours of enjoyment your books (as both Nora and JD) have given me. Have an awesome day!!!

  6. Well said.! There have been a few, not many of your books that did not strike a chord with me. But overall, my life is richer for having read , and thoroughly enjoyed , your creative genius. Thank for the hard work you put into your writing. It shows. I only hope you continue to derive pleasure in providing pleasure in my life. You are the best! Cathy

  7. Nora, out of the hundreds of books I have that you have written, the fact that I did not enjoy two, is a great percentage…and it was not the writing style it was the story that somehow did not reasonate with me. Do not let the naysayers get you down…I wish that we could clone you and I could have a new book every month…lol. Hopefully, this is a selfish wish, that you don’t retire for a long, long, time.

  8. I cannot believe people would be so rude. Well, actually I can but I wish I didn’t have to think that way. Your work and voice are so uniquely your own (and anyone who doesn’t recognize that is completely oblivious). Some people just need to rain on other people’s parades.

    As an aside, I’m going on my first trip to Italy soon and I’ve been rereading your blog entries. Thanks for the great ideas and suggestions, I have a feeling I’ll be checking out more than a few of them!

  9. Just because someone else doesn’t have the discipline to master their art or craft enough to be able to successfully write and publish as you do does not give them the right to speculate or criticize you in social media. I think it’s their jealousy at not being able to accomplish what you have that prompts them to write such nonsense. You are absolutely right to defend yourself.

    I’ve had the privilege of meeting you at several book signings and very much appreciate how generous you are with your fans.

  10. It’s a shame the internet gives cover to those who only want to hurt other people. I don’t blame you for being angry. It’s an ugly rumor that you shouldn’t have to answer to. Not every book may be a hit with everyone but you’ve had a many years of writing and many hits that one or two nasty comments on the internet doesn’t even begin to touch your reputation. Keep writing, I for one would miss being part of the wonderful worlds you create.

  11. It had never crossed my mind that you would have used a ghost writer, I am always amazed at how fast you write & publish books. I have read pretty much all that you have written & the In Death series is my favourite to the point that I have re read them several times…..keep up the fantastic work & I look forward to the next release. Let those negative phrases roll off you like water on a ducks back. I would love to go to a book signing, who knows maybe someday.

  12. I, for one, am am SO GLAD you love to write as much as you do…. Means we get more than one great story every year, and that makes me HAPPY!!!!
    Thank you for all the hard work you put in, to entertain me every year!!! 🙂

  13. I came to Nora Roberts books late but have read the entire In Death series multiple times. Now am reading all your work. Never even occurred to me that you hadn’t written them all. Please keep writing and we loyal readers will keep reading. Can’t wait for the third O’Dwyer book and Festive In Death.

  14. I am outraged by hearing. I have never heard the rumors and would not have believed them if I had. I have a great respect for you and all the writers. I cannot even imagine what it takes to come up with the stories that take me to different places anytime I pick up a book. I started late in my life with reading. Harry Potter is what g I t me started and it continued from there. I am so very grateful it did.
    I have everything you have written, both as yourself and as J D Robb. I will share my books but will never give them away. They mean too much to me.
    P l ease do not let these crazy people get you upset, stay true to yourself and your real fans will be waiting for your next story. Take care.

  15. Bahhaha, of course you write your own books! I have spent the better part of 30 years trying to find someone, ANYONE ! who could write like you. If I could clone you, I would.It always bothers me when a few bad apples are louder than the whole barrel. Millions of people have taken joy from the work you do, please never forget that.

  16. I’m fairly certain that I own every book you’ve ever written. And have read each one multiple times. Some so many times I’ve had to buy new copies. The “In Death” series is my absolute favorite. I’ve been reading them since the beginning and feel I have a close, personal relationship with the characters. When my life seems to spiral into craziness, which seems to happen frequently, I grab one of my old friends off the shelf and immediately feel better. I hope you never stop writing.

  17. Nora, I know you write your own books. It is an insult to all your readers to even suggest that you use a ghost writer. There are just some people who can’t be happy that you enjoy writing and that you have the fans you have. That is what’s wrong with the internet. These same people wouldn’t have the guts to say that to your face. They are just toxic people and as my professor said on my first day of class “keep them out of your life.” Keep on writing because I know with all my heart that you really do love it and we fans love that you di .

  18. I have all of your In Death series and ALOT of your books under Nora Roberts and while I love your In Death series and hope you never stop with this series I have very much enjoyed your other books written as Nora Roberts, each of your books reach me in a different way. I have read your books for more than 30 years, I was probably one of your first fans and I have always enjoyed where you take me during my time with one of your books. You are truly gifted and give such joy and hope in you writings, a classy lady to be sure. I know there is no way possible that your books have been written by anyone else, your style is evident in all of your books no matter what you write about from your Historical Romances, your suspense and mysteries to your contemporary love stories your light shines through each of them. Write On!

  19. It would never occur to me that you might use a ghost writer. I have never.read one of your books that I did not enjoy, it is just that I might enjoy one or two less than others.

    These have usually been in the ‘in death’ series. I only mention it now to explain that I realise that enjoyment of books is subjective. I don’t expect my favourite authors to always write books that tick all my boxes and i find if one is not so good for me, the next will be very good because of something that happened in the previous book follows through.

    I would never dream of writing a blog or review saying that as I would feel like I was criticising one of the author’s children and that is rude and unecessary. If an author stops writing books I enjoy, I stop buying their books. To me that is voting with my wallet, there is no need to rub it in by bad mouthing them.

    Ultimately if you write a scathing review of a book you may deprive somebody who would like it from the pleasure of reading it.

    When it comes to reviews, if I want your opinion I will ask for it. Don’t force your views on me uninvited!

  20. Amen and thanks … pretty much sums up my thought posted on FB to the non- reader. Love love love the In Deaths and wouldn’t ask for them any other way.

  21. Hi!!
    I’m so sorry you have to deal with people like that and I understand that would be a button for you, it would be for me too. When you work so hard on something then someone says it’s not yours….. well.

    I’m a reader that has got lost in Roarke and Eve’s world many times. I have all the In Death series and can’t wait for the new one. (Thanks for the little preview it’s great!) I’m reading through them all again for the forth time!

    Can’t wait for the movie too!

    Remember all of us who love you when you run. Into those others….. Thanks for your books. They take me away and give me a break. Love ya!

  22. You are 100 % right. A writer’s main goal is to fascinate and create a world that delights; however, that may not always happen. If there is a certain book that someone does not like then fine, but it is incredibly rude to spread rumors about this Amazing Author when what you’re spreading are rumors, which most often turn out to be lies. I started reading the “In Death” series during the Summer of last year and I can say I love every single book you have written. Be Respectful to Writers. I can honestly say my life changed when I started reading The In Deaths!

  23. Anyone who’s ever read any of your books would never believe you used “ghost writers”. I’ve read everything you’ve ever written, so I’d know!!! 🙂 Sorry you have to put up with that nonsense. Keep up the good work, and try not to let this crap get you down.

  24. Respectfully, I hope and pray you continue to choose to write books. You have gifted me with many hours of pleasure. ….and Roarke (!).
    Thank you and God bless

  25. My Mom had a saying……”When they are talking about you….they are leaving someone else alone”. Your readers are intelligent enough to recognized “trash talk” when they hear it! Thanks for for sharing your wonderful gift of fantasy and what could be.

  26. I very rarely read book reviews for any author. Of those that I have read none have affected my enjoyment of the book that I am reading. I thoroughly enjoy your books Nora, either as JD Robb or as Nora Roberts, and have done so for years. I am sorry that you are so far away, no book signings over here (Western Australia) but that doesn’t worry me. Thank you for all the years you have kept me entertained and I hope that we both have many years of enjoyment ahead of us. May.

  27. Nora, I just love that you say what’s on your mind. If someone reads more than 5 of your books they can see that they all have YOUR voice and style. It’s what makes them great. Have I loved every one of the 100+ books I’ve read of yours? There may have been one or two that didn’t do it for me. I still liked them and I’m glad I spent time in the world you crated. I always count the days until your next book and can’t wait to be swept ways by your creativity.
    Most kids learned to read with Dick and Jan books. I learned to read with NR books. I’m not making a joke. I’m severely dyslexic and couldn’t read or write anything until I was in the 6th grade. One of my spacial ed teachers had one of your books in her bag. I remember asking her what book was that? She pulled it out and said it was one of her favorites and asked if I would like to try to read it. We spent the rest of the school year reading that book after my lessons were done. That book was the Circus. That teacher and that book changed my life. Now I’m a published writer. Writing is hard for me and it always will be, but I love doing it. So thank you Nora!

  28. The proof that the person hasn’t read your books is in the ridiculous accusation. Even the best ghostwriter would fail to mimic your unique style.

  29. I love all the In Death books obviously some more than others but wow 42 books and I have read all of them more than once. People are jealous and rude that is a fact. Ignor them and get back to your writing cause I need a new fix of Eve and Roarke!

  30. Very well said, Nora. Unfortunately there are people out there who are jealous of your success, as well as your faithfully loyal fan base, which I am one of. Your true fans know you and only you write your books. Please never stop writing your wonderful stories.

    1. There is always someone out there that is so unhappy in their own life that they have to try to tear somebody else down. After all the hours of enjoyment I have received from your books I couldn’t care less what someone else has to say about you or your books. The proof is in the sales numbers and the number of true fans you have. I count myself as one of the fans and have for quite a number of years. Keep the books coming and I will keep reading them and enjoying your wonderful stories.

  31. THANK YOU! We all know the saying, you can’t please everybody all of the time. That’s how I feel about books (and not only yours). I read the comment about using ghost writers before on Amazon and wondered if someone was just jealous of your amazingly prolific writing schedule/production. Didn’t spend a LOT of time thinking about it though like I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about other gossip. Right now I am thinking about my early birthday-present-to-me… Birthday on 9/10, so can you guess what it will be? 🙂

  32. Well said, Nora! I can honestly say I’ve never read a book of yours that I have not liked/loved. But for someone to base their opinion on a review of a book of yours they’ve never read, then to post what they read in said review on your Facebook site, shows such a lack of respect for your work and is totally rude and NUTS!. I read mostly on my iPad, due to eye issues, and I buy and download my books from Amazon to my Kindle app. As a result, I often get invitations from Amazon to review books I’ve bought. Even if I’ve loved the book, I never write one! I feel that books, like music, are too subjective and what I may love/hate may be just the opposite for someone else. I wouldn’t want what I might say to influence what someone else may or may not read. I very rarely read reviews myself, even from highly respected review sites, for the same reason, because, again, the reviewer’s bias may not be my own. I want to discover it on my own and either “fall into the story” in such a way that makes me never want it to end, or, if I hate it, at least it’s me that gets to decide that. No one else.
    Thanks for your great books, Nora/JD, and I can promise you if you write them, I’ll always read them!!

    1. Wow, everything I wanted to say and written more eloquently than I ever could. Well said Alice. I completely agree with everything that was said here. I don’t buy books based on reviews and if I’m pushed into giving a review it would never be a negative one. Nora please, please keep writing all the wonderful books that you do, I became a fan through the “in death” books but you have slowly changed my view on romance books, I never really had an interest in them before, but the ones I have read recently has changed my mind. I’ve liked all of the books I have read so far of yours. I’m a little behind. Sometimes I have noticed I didn’t like a book as much on the first read, but when I’ve gone back and re-read it, I would find all the great things I missed In The first reading. I think someimes I just get to excited on getting the new book and read it too fast and miss stuff.
      Thank you for giving us an opportunity, to tell you how much we appreciate your work. That we can reach out to you and say wow… Is a nice experience. I know that there is a lot of negative out there and we blame the Internet for the lack of face to face that destroys out manners, but sometimes it’s the only way some of us ( me ) can interact with people. I will probably never have the courage to come to signing, and say you are awesome. But I can here.
      Thank you

  33. I have every single book you have written either as Nora or as JD Robb did I like them all the same no but I think that’s part of the journey. I have heard of a multitude of famous people who have given up on twitter and Facebook because the the people posting there are down right hateful. I hope it doesn’t come to that. I think when you don’t have to put your name you can spout any shit you want to true or not. Because if they had to put their name they would never say it. Because true fans would come after them. My only comment is I wish you would come up with a third name (you could use grandchildrens names) so you could put more books out in a year because I love reading them whether the story is my favorite or not.

  34. I well understand your need to refute this situation. You pour your heart and soul out in the form of a book for our enjoyment. Trolls patrol the internet looking for their 15 seconds of fame and attention by criticizing and demeaning others. It’s just jealousy and insecurity on their part.
    You were the first author I chose to follow and collect. And the only author I have chosen to read, re-read and keep all their books. I still have every single one I ever bought because one day, I’ll read them yet again.
    Say your piece.. then forget those idiots ever existed, Miss Nora. They aren’t worth your time or effort after that. Your loyal fans are out here and will always be here, waiting for the next adventure. Take care.

  35. I have read your books for over 30 years and still go back and reread them time and again. Can’t wait for the next In Death book as soon as I’ve read the previous one. Same goes for Nora Roberts ones too. Your style is unique and no way could a ghostwriter match it. I for one hope you continue fir many years to come. Thank you again for all the pleasure you give your readers.

    Anne Major, East Kilbride, Scotland

  36. It is a shame that there are people out there who feel so threatened or envious that they need to make up nasty stories. I believe I have read all your books,many more than once, and though I do not love them all on the same level, I have never regretted reading them and have always enjoyed them. It would be unrealistic to expect every single book to be a favorite, there is only one of you and so many of us, and we all have different tastes and experiences to filter your books through. You are my favorite author and I hope I get to continue enjoying your work for a very long time. Thanks for all that you do!

    1. What you said!!! I could never find the right words, but you said them for me. Thank you. The In Death series sits on my bookshelf proudly.

  37. There’s a saying about if there’s more than one person in a room, there will be a disagreement. What a boring world it would be if everyone thought the same, felt the same, did the same thing. My friend and I inhale each of your books and then (sometimes heatedly) discuss what we thought of the story – especially the In Deaths. It’s amazing how some have affected me completely different to her perceptions of the same book. Even while seeing things in the story differently, the vibrant colors of the story create a world that’s a delight for both of us. So, yes, you can’t make everyone happy with every book, but the millions that look forward to getting lost in the story you’ve woven are the true testament to your work. I’ve several that I’ve re-read and I always find something new – what a gift you’ve given us!

    There have always been people in the world that seem to thrive on trying to make others as unhappy as themselves. Unfortunately social media has made it easier for them to spread their venom farther. Kudos for brushing them off with a well-placed and well-said statement. Your longtime readers know you and are always waiting to – yes – Fall Into the Story.

  38. Well said. I cannot believe anyone would even hint of a ghost writer. I have been reading Nora for literally decades and know her work well. I can’t imagine anyone being so crass as to mention something like that online. Having read every book she’s ever written, I can’t fathom which book they would even consider the ruse a possibility. Thank goodness you all have called this individual on their action. Some people just enjoy spreading nasty around. Nora fans know the truth. I love everything she has ever written and have most in both hard and electronic copies. Sure I have loved some more than others but that’s just normal. The Reef is on my top 10 list of all time and I
    re-read it yearly. Same for Sweet Revenge. We love you Nora. Don’t let the bastards get to ya.

  39. I just want to say Thank You. I know I have read every book you have written and with only one exception, I have loved them all. From Irish Thoroughbred to the MacGregors to the In Death series (novels & shorts) and The Collector. All have touched me in one way or another. NEVER once did it ever occur to me that you had used a Ghost Writer, never! I firmly believe that the Big Green Monster – Jealousy is what motivates those people to start the rumours and to write that drivel! Please know that your fans appreciate what you give us. Thanks again. Here’s to many more stories to come!

  40. I have enjoyed your books I can’t say they were all my favorites but I did enjoy reading those few (I think there are 3) it may have been that the characters were not as like able as others. I have tried to write and I can’t believe someone could even suggest you would use a ghost writer.

    I look forward to each of your new books and even purchase some of my favorites for my Nook. I don’t base reading a book by what someone says in a review most times I can’t believe they have even read the it . You are correct that people do not show respect for someone’s hard work. These people hide behind the social media it is a shame what people will say when they don’t have to face someone.

  41. I adore u Nora. I read ur books religiously and repeatedly. If a book doesn’t ring for me (which is rare for ur books) I don’t reread it. But I still own it. U can’t please all the people all the time and some u can’t please ever. Water will never be wet enough and no matter what they will always find a way to rain on others parades. You are amazing don’t let them give u one moment of pause in what u do.

  42. In my opinion I feel that people who write rude comments do it because they lack something in themselves and need the attention we give the comments. I feel it is best to ignore them and not feed their need. With that said I can say that I look forward to your books and enjoy every word some books more than others but I have never missed one. So thank you.

  43. Morning Nora, Jealousy is an ugly thing. That’s all it is with the people who posted the reviews on Amazon. I never read reviews for books or movies because I feel like my opinion is what should count since I’m the person who will be reading the book or see the movie. I love all of your books. I just finished re-reading The Collector. I loved it as much as I did the first time. I always read them more than once at different time since the first times I always go through them without breathing afraid I’ll miss something by wasting a breath. LOL. That’s just me. I love to read. I have a top 12 authors that I read religiously but Nora is the only one that I follow and post a comment on this site. I’m not a social media type of person but I do love FALL INTO THE STORY posts and comments from readers like me. This morning I feel like I had to say something because someone had the nerve to accuse you of using a ghost writer.JEALOUSY IS AN UGLY THING. Nora keep doing what you do best, writing. Through your stories I have gone to so many places that I may never have the pleasure of actually seeing in person but my imagination is wonderful thank God so I visit them right in your books. Everytime I read one of your books I feel like I can connect with the characters. My friends and I discuss your books so much that people always ask us “Are they neighbors of yours?” Isn’t it great! They come to life for us because you make them so real. That’s the trademark of a good writer. I am forever greatful for picking up that MacGregor book so many years ago and falling in love with the story enough to look up who wrote it and read the following books. I made it my mission to get every book printed or audio so I could catch up. Here I am 10 years later as happy if not happier than I was that first time. Keep up the good work. I love your writing. I love the way you stand up for yourself and talk to your readers. Can’t wait for the next book.

  44. I don’t blame Nora for being annoyed that someone states, without having read her books, that she used a ghost writer! Your word is your bond and she had already said she doesn’t! New York to Dallas didn’t ring my bells. That was from a police procedural point of view…the story and emotions released, had me hurting for Eve and Roarke! I still read the entire book and have bought/read all the books since and looking forward to new in Death release in September! I admit I made a rude comment when I read that they’re going to make a movie of the in Death series, for that I apologize. I still don’t want the movie, but it’s Nora’s right to do what she wants with her characters.
    On behalf of true readers of the in Death series, I apologize to Nora for the non-believrs! I’ve been with you since you wrote for Harlequin, read Naked in Death when it first came out and every in Death since and some of your Nora Roberts books. Keep writing, we’ll keep reading!

  45. Years ago, I was an avid reader. Then came a career, marriage, children, and a divorce. My children are grown, and I have a grandchild. They all live anywhere from 200 to 800 miles from me. Until the last few years, there wasn’t much time for reading. When it was time for me to enjoy books again, it was Nora Roberts who wrote the books that got me back in the swing of things! I love the “In Death” series and have read them all. I’ve also read many of the other trilogies, – my favs being the Inn Boonesboro and Sign of Seven. Recently on my way to see my granddaughter in Baltimore, I sidetracked to Turn the Page bookstore in Boonesboro. I loved it! I even sat on a bench outside and talked to the town barber, and he told me stories about the Inn Boonesboro and Ms. Roberts. That town loves you, Nora, and so do I. I’m almost 63 years old, and your books have given me so much enjoyment in my spare time. There’s always a Nora Roberts book on my coffee table, nightstand, and even in my purse! Thank you for what you give us.

    1. I just finished re-reading the trilogy the circle of seven loved it

  46. I love your responses to both good and bad comments. You come off sounding like someone who I would have as a friend. I have all your books by both Nora and JD Robb. Keep up the good work!

  47. Nora, you probably don’t remember me but I knew you from NJRW years ago. We had a great discussion about becoming Nana’s not Grandmas. LOL. Years ago I went to the library for to take out one of your books that I had miss purchasing and the woman at the reference desk made a comment that you had ghost writers. Now this was back in the late ’90s. I let her have it. I told her I knew you personally and knew for a fact that you wrote your own books. You had to see the look on her face. I’ll bet she never repeated that comment again.

    Keep doing what you do. I love your books.

  48. A reader wrote a review about a book she hasn’t even read?! How stupid! And how would she know if an author has ghostwriters or not? Some people are beyond strange and extremely rude. I’m sure Ms. Roberts is writing her own books. It never occurred to me to think otherwise. She has her own unique style.

  49. I love and have all the JD ROBB books, and love every one! Can’t wait for the next! I cannot understand folks who complain : answer don’t read, just walk away!! Simples!! Please don’t take it to heart my dear you give us all so much joy!! Thank you xx

  50. I don’t read Amazon reviews or put much stock in them. Supposadely, this ipad I’m using is crappy according to amazon reviews, but I’ve loved it. The one dh bought with excellent amazon reviews has given him all sorts of problems. Gee, who’s the winner there? I’ve been asked to write reviews by new authors because it helps them. I have mixed feelings, I want to support new authors, but I feel like writing a review is like writing a book report for school. “great book, great plot” and giving 5 stars doesn’t tell me anything, but to say wonderful character development, book moves at a quick pace, love scene tastefully written sounds like something my English teacher would want to hear. What ever happened to good old fashioned word of mouth?

  51. I agree with the others ! It would never occur to me that you use(d) a ghost writer. Your voice, your characters and your worlds are easily recognizable by your readers. We would immediately see something was “off”. How could someone who has never had the pleasure of entering your worlds have the nerve to even suggest this! Please keep writing so that we can keep reading and enjoying!

  52. Technology is great…to a point. Because a person is sitting behind a keyboard in their own little private world, they seem to think they can spout off anything they please on line and they don’t care if what they say is hurtful and downright lies. Words are very powerful and can and do cause so much damage. Ignorant, stupid, ill-mannered people exist and thrive on the internet. Such a shame they can’t use their words to build up, rather than tear down.,

    I read all your books, some many, many times (In Death). I have no doubt that you have written each one. It’s your voice and style. I read Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone books and since his death another man has taken over writing them. His style is close to Mr. Parker’s , but you can certainly tell the difference. Anyone who would be so ignorant to suggest you have a ghost writer has most certainly never read your books.

    Too bad the squeaking wheel always gets the attention, but we who read and love your books are legion and as you can see from all these posts, we love what you write and respect the body of work you have published as genuine, 100% authenticly written by Nora Roberts/J.D, Robb.

    Looking forward to September and the new In Death!

  53. I have been reading, and like many others have stated, re-reading your books for over 20 years. You have been, consistently, a fantastic writer in every aspect. Voice, story, research, etc. I never look at Amazon reviews because I prefer to form my own opinion. I, like many others, greatly appreciate your prolific writing and hope and pray that you will feel that internal drive to create these fascinating people and worlds for many years to come.

  54. I am so sorry that someone would accuse you of using a ghost writer. I don’t read the reviews on your books, I just routinely pre-purchase the In Death books. I anxiously await each new book. I also routinely re-read and listen to the books. People are such morons and are trying to shore up their own low self-esteem and low self-worth by slining such mud on successful people.

    I have found that when I see reports about books being banned by certain groups, I look forward to reading the books to decide for myself whether or not the books say/mean what the “banners” state they mean.

    Keep up the good work, 39 days and counting to “Festive In Death.”

  55. So sorry about this nasty incident Nora.

    I have always been a loyal fan of yours. You are my all time favorite writer. When I read your books I just slide into a story, effortlessly. Not all stories are my favorites I’ll admit but I’ve read them all and will continue to do so, over and over again. Yes I do rereads of your books and they always put me in a better mood. Thanks for the work you do for us. I know it’s work, hard work, you have a very strong work ethic and I along with your fans appreciate that. Criticism can be healthy, but negative slurs can hurt and I am so sorry that ignorant people have hurt you. There is no way to eliminate the nastiness in the world but you can turn to us who know and love you and your work to feel assured that no nastiness is coming from us.

    Thanks for being who you are.

  56. Less than two chapters into the first In Death novel, I said to myself… “Ha! That’s Nora Roberts!” Absolutely love your unique voice! Keep on keeping’ on and ignore the haters. They’re not worth your time and effort. On behalf of all of us who absolutely love you and your worlds, I apologize. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion but that doesn’t mean they should express it.

  57. Like all the other responses, I too cannot be bothered with people whose main purpose it to spread inaccurate information, based on their need to be noticed – that’s the only reason they would write such trash and lies. They are unable to be noticed any other way.

    Your writing is unique and based on your fan base, you know we all love your style – as JD and as Nora. Never change. And we will all be waiting patiently for the next book to be published. Thanks so much for so many hours of pleasurable reading.

  58. Its something we as loyal fans would never think of and as someone who’s read a lot of your books both in death series and as Nora roberts. I’ve read every book loved most of them but wouldn’t make a review about it if I didn’t like it and suggest you didn’t write it that’s ridiculous . I appreciate the time and effort you put into writing and find I can lose my self in your books so easily. Keep up the good work and inspire everyone look forward to the next book.

  59. Nora, I have never believed the rumor about ghost writers. Like others here have stated, I know your voice. I can see an unidentified passage and know for certain that it’s your work. I have never been able to get into your JD Robb books, but everything you have written under Nora has been read by me, most of them repeatedly. I love that a lot of your work has a whiff of something “other,” whether it be ghosts, vampires, or witchcraft. Every spring, I re-read the In The Garden series. I’m currently re-reading the Calhoun sisters, for what is probably the tenth time. Never let the haters get under your skin. Your true fans know you and know your work and I’m sure I speak for others here when I say that I wait with baited breath for the next book, or series to premiere.

  60. Well said by all, when my life was toren to peices ten years ago it was the characters in the In Death books that help me make it through it. Dallas might have issues but she would be the first one to be there for her friends and Nora us readers knows the truth and that’s what counts.

  61. It’s jealousy. Pure and simple. Anyone who has read your books hears your voice. I hear that same voice today, in this post. Good for you for fighting back. You have an incredible work ethic. I hope I’m still around when you publish book #300! ; )

  62. I love all your books and I have to say that sometimes people can be jealous of the unique and clever way that you write and have to attempt to lower you and your writing. Always remember your writing is wonderful and not let those that choose to be obnoxious annoy you to much

  63. Thank you so much for doing what you do everyday. You have the opportunity to tell wonderful stories, and I personally think your stories go along way to making someone’s day. I really love the way love changes your characters into people who, though beautiful in the beginning, become more beautiful by the end of your story. They are seemingly real characters whom you might meet in the real world daily. So thank you for bringing these lovely people and places to life… It makes the world seem a little more peaceful.

  64. As someone who had read all of your books, both Nora Roberts and JD Robb – the In-Death series is my favorite – reading negative comments about my favorite author is very upsetting and annoying. I read for enjoyment and you have given me many hours of enjoyment and escape. Thank you! I look forward to everyone one of your books. Don’t ever stop. Judy.

  65. Your In Death series has been one of my favorites! I never even considered that you might use a ghost writer, but am pleased to know that you don’t. I am truly amazed at the depth of your imagination. I could not ever come up with so many different story lines. Obviously, I have my favorites within the series, but can honestly say I have enjoyed them all! Thank you for keeping me entertained!

  66. Nora, such accusations and insinuations are just crap. I own and have read several times every one of your books. Love them all. Your voice is unique and your fans know and love it. Your work ethic inspires and awes me. Just keep writing and we will keep reading, happily and gratefully. Thank you.

  67. Ignore the idiots. The many comments of those on Goodreads who say they have read and re-read the In Death books should tell you what real people think. I can honestly say that after reading thousands of mystery, action, spy and thriller novels, NONE have ever come close to engaging me as Eve, Roarke and the gang have. In Death is a truly remarkable series that I have been trying to get the word out to other guys to get them to try. The ladies talk about Roarke… I say the same about Eve! Keep the books coming. Thanks.

  68. I am a retired English teacher who still reads voraciously. I have always admired Nora’s dedication to writing since I can look forward to: an new J.D. Robb book, a stand-alone novel, and often a new trilogy all in one year. Sometimes I get lucky and there are more books. I have waited for some books (Three Sisters trilogy for example) to be published via Doubleday Book Club so I can own them in hardback. It never occurred to me that folks would think she employed a “ghost” writer. Anyone who has ever read her books would recognize her style. I guess there are just people out there with nothing better to do than throw mud. Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment. And I’m also one of those folks who re-read, so my enjoyment continues even while I wait for a new book.

  69. Nora,
    You are the reason that I read books!!! Growing up I always struggled with reading and therefore I didn’t enjoy sitting down and getting lost in a book. That changed when my friend handed me one of your books ,Hidden Star, when we were camping and u couldn’t put it down. I finished it in a few hours and have now read and own every book of yours that has been available to me. Out of all of your books that I have read(I think I haven’t read only one and I have been told it won’t ever be availible again)there are only 2 that I have not reread more than once and I haven’t reread them because the stories hit to close to home and bring sadness to me personally not because the story is bad. I love your books! All of them! The only complaint I have is that you have to stop writing so you can sleep and eat and you know have a life:) (I shouldn’t complain about that because you write so much more than any other authors out there) I have your book release dates in my calendar! You are great and just ignore all the ignorant and inconsiderate people out there.


  70. I have long maintained the worst Nora Roberts book written is better than a lot of authors’ best.

  71. Bravo, Nora! In this imperfect world, some people are jealous idiots, some just plain idiots. Personally, I thank Nora for the hours of entertainment she has provided all of us who care to read her works. She’s also an inspiration, whether she intends to be or not. Thank you, Nora! and, the doubters/haters/idiots can go fly a kite.

  72. I am a constant reader. Some I like some I don’t. I move on. But, to accuse a prolific, wonderful writer of ghost writing is a sin. I become absorbed in the series i read and I have my hopes for how Dallas & Roarke and Peabody & McNab will live out their lives. But, you have taken such good care of them for all these years, that I know you will continue to have them evolve as they should. Please keep up the wonderful writing.

  73. That is so disturbing. It is sad that someone would even start crap but to do so in an open format . Above all Nora you are a lady and a classy samrt gifted lady!

  74. I am so sorry to hear that the idiots and morons got to you. I have loved everything i have read of yours and can recognize your ‘voice’ in every book. I especially love the ‘In Death’ series and have read or listened to each of them numerous times. THANK YOU for the excellent stories you have brought into my life and the many many hours of enjoyment. There will always be ignorant people who decide to open their mouths before they engage their brains. PLEASE DON’T LET THEM GET YOU DOWN. Take a deep breath and let it out the few nay sayers are FAR outweighed by those of us who LOVE you and your work. <3 Have a wonderful day. and Thanks again for what you do.

  75. I know someone who would always say to me that you had someone else helping you write your books because of the number that are released each year. I was adamant in my defense of you, saying that you wrote all of your own books would continue to do so. Why? Because that’s who you are as a writer and a human being. You don’t get other people to do your work. Does Laura take on the Facebook page, yes, but there’s never been any question that it was otherwise. People are ignorant and unfortunately we have to run in to them from time to time. Keep doing what you’re doing, Nora! We, your true and loyal fans, wouldn’t want it any other way. We believe in you! Do I LOVE every book you have written? No, but then I don’t think I’m really supposed to, am I? We all grow and change and our tastes change. One thing will never change, I am a Nora Roberts/JD Robb fan for life!

  76. Yet another reason for me to love you just that much more. You are an inspiration.

  77. Okay, I confess. On more than one occasion I have been pea green with envy at the turn of a phrase or the flash of emotion in a NR or JD Robb book. Eve’s touching reaction to Mr. Mira, Roark carrying her button in his pocket, the Quinn brothers sense of family. . . . oh to be able to write so eloquently that so many people are touched. What a gift! While I’m at it, I may as well confess that I envy the skill of Debbie, a former co-worker who did the most amazing cross stitch work ~ it could only be described as works of art. And my sister-in-law Karen who loves to go to flea markets and garage sales and has an amazing knack for turning trash into treasures. I seriously envy the skills of the Nora’s and Debbie’s and Karen’s and many other talented people whose ability to arrange ordinary things (words, thread, junk) into art. It has never occurred to me that a ghost writer is behind Nora’s books or another hand created Debbie’s cross stitch or a little bird whispered design suggestions in Karen’s ear. I don’t have any real creative skills, I can’t write a best seller (ha! or even a worst seller), my eye-hand co-ordination is such that every cross stitch I’ve ever attempted looks like something a very young child attempted and an empty jar just looks like an empty jar to me. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating ~ my talent is appreciating the skill and hard work of artists. I can’t create it but I can applaud it, cheer it and enjoy it. I think I may have misspoken, maybe I’m not pea green with envy, maybe I’m just wistful because wish I had their talent. Perhaps, no ~ for sure ~ the disrespectful poster is pea green with envy and seriously, it is NOT very becoming.

  78. Very well said Nora. I’ve never met you personally, but I have a dear friend whose been to almost every signing at Turning Page. She’s talked of your work ethic, which along with your amazing mind contributes your ability to write so well.

    Unfortunately there are just mean people in this world, who delight in saying nasty things. I know it’s hard to ignore the nasties, but your best revenge is to just keep writing. You do that, and I promise, I’ll still keep reading.

  79. At heart, I think this kind of thing – which I often see in TV fandoms, as well – is because people don’t have the courage to own their own opinions. They can’t just say, “I didn’t like that” and move on, because what if no one agrees with them? It’s an adolescent mindset, where opinions *must* be validated and shared. So instead of having the common sense and maturity to understand that it’s okay not to like something, that not everything is going to work for everyone, they go on the attack, trying to justify their response with rumors and conspiracies in a desperate bid to get others to agree with them. It’s maddening as a reader to encounter such comments (when I have the luxury of rolling my eyes and moving on); I can only imagine how frustrating it is for an author.

  80. I’ve never doubted you write your books yourself because you have a very distinctive ‘voice’. I only want to know where can I find a millionaire Irish farmer of my own?

  81. I just read a book called Nora Roberts Land the Dare Valley Series by Ava Miles where she thanks Nora for letting her use her name and her books in this book and I am wondering if this is where this person got the ghost writer idea. I love Nora’s books and Especially love the Jd Robb ones cant wait for the new one to come out.

  82. Who is this Amazon, and what are these book reviews they speak of? No use for either.

  83. I have, in hardback, and have read with joy and delight every single one of your “Death” series as well as some of your other books and love them all. It never even occurred to me you might not have written your books – who else could do it? Ignore the negative – they probably just wish they could write as well as you do, Nora. Keep it up – love Roarke, Eve, Summerset – OK love the entire gang in the “Death” series and canNOT wait for the next one!

  84. was floored to read there was a rumor like this out there. you have every right to defend yourself against rude, insulting and ignorant comments of this nature. have been reading your books for over 30 years and have enjoyed every one, some more than others. I don’t need a review of your work, your name alone will always guarantee me a good read. as with most of your trilogies, once the 3rd book is finished it is hard to disassociate oneself from the characters and the story. Inn at Boonesboro, which I finished last month is a perfect example – makes me want to visit town. However, you have topped yourself with the In Death series. am presently reading Concealed in Death (as always cannot put down until I reach the last page) Eve, Roarke, Peabody, and all the regulars have become old friends who I enjoy visiting with again and again. so know that these idiots are only looking for their “5 minutes of fame”. you have many loyal readers out here who know better.

    1. That is just plain ignorance and jealousy. Nora is a classy lady who doesn’t deserve that.

  85. A ghost writer REALLY! This person is deluded….I agree with everything your true fans have said so far. Now I’m off to Amazon to find the offending review and make a complaint. If they don’t remove it I’m cancelling my account and moving to Kobo. Come on all you who have Amazon accounts….join me in protest of this totally outrageous comment. If Amazon get enough complaints then they should remove the comment.

  86. I find it sad that someone has the power to upset you. The rest of us just give our head a shake and think ‘What?’ when we hear/read the nonsense.
    I too have read all your novels and love them. All!! My absolute favourite is ‘The Witness’ – I spent the first three chapters saying ‘don’t do it, don’t do it’ and didn’t see the ending coming. Loved it!
    I’m so happy you’re prolific!!

  87. You’re a class act, Nora. I don’t read reviews and I hardly ever read people’s comments on FB. I’m sorry that you’ve had to take time away from your writing (which I adore) to deal with such stupidity. It fills me with joy to read your books and I wish you many more years of doing what you love, minus the jealous and petty people. 🙂

  88. Nora, you’re a superstar. I can’t believe someone would have the audacity to make the accusation. A writer’s voice is like her signature. No one could copy your voice. Cheers!

  89. It was probably that woman author who plagiarized you some years ago. I forgotten her name, as one does with people who don’t have value, but not her despicable actions! Of the thousands of books I have read in my life, yours are the only ones I have collected and re-read nearly as many times. The internet provides a forum to those that only wish to do harm, unfortunately. Your loyal fans are smart folks, we’d be able to tell the lack of continuity in the writing style if a ghost writer was used. It simply isn’t true. And as your books are much like your children, good for you for going all Mama Bear on this person!

  90. Some people just don’t know what they are missing when they let other people opinions make their decisions for them. Thank you Nora for giving me a world where I can escape to when the real world get too real.

  91. I have always had the greatest respect for Nora Roberts/J.D.Robb and the tremendous discipline and talent that enable her to write the number of books she does. Her authentic voice always shines through in her work. I am appalled that anyone would question the fact that she writes every word herself. Good for Nora for calling them on it!

  92. Been a fan for more years than I care to comment on. Both my daughters and a granddaughter are also huge fans. Thankfully, you do not let an idiot, who has no idea what you bring to your readers, get under your skin. I have enjoyed all your books and look forward to many more years of cuddling up with a book written by you. Me and my girls enjoy not only the books but lively discussions about the books. Thank you for all you have brought into my life.

  93. I usually don’t comment on blogs or writers fan pages because I know how busy you all are and how overwhelming of a task it would be to try and respond back, however after reading this post I felt like it would be important to do just that. Respond. Even if this never makes it to the hands and eyes of The One and Only Nora Roberts, it still needs to be said as it is completely true.
    Eleven years ago my life fell apart. Full stop. It didn’t slowly degrade or slowly fade. It wholly and completely shredded its self down the middle. I found myself at the grand age of 24, a brand new mom, single. Clueless and broken.
    This is not a lovely place to be.
    What followed were years of hopelessness and hard work, and one of the few things that kept me from giving up was losing myself in the magic of your stories. I could crack open a book, flip a page and dream in a way that I couldn’t while facing the realities of my new world. I can not thank you enough for those millions of hours. They helped heal me. Your hard work, sweat and devotion was and is completely appreciated. I know a Nora Roberts book when I pick one up. I know the words, the way the stories flow, I know the magic when I read it. I do not now and will never believe any one who cowardly hides behind a keyboard to make gross acutations because they themselves lack the talent, skill and drive to do what you do. It’s petty selfishness at its worst.
    I just wanted you to know that a small town girl of really no conquence, owns nearly every book you’ve published and thoroughly enjoys them. Thank you. Your story and those that you write inspire me, make me look around with wonder and open my eyes to the possibilities that following your dreams hold. I write this only to serve as encouragement that your readers, billions of them, are not fooled by the naysayers and truly cherish your work.
    Thank you.

  94. I hadn’t heard this stupid rumour and am not surprised that some twit would say such a thing. Respect is a two way street you are very generous with your time and sharing your life with us and I am sure I speak for all of us when I say how grateful we are. I know I am delighted you are so prolific as at the beginning of each year I go to your website see what is coming out and mark them all in my diary. I have every single book you have written some very dog-eared from re-reads. I understand your need to defend yourself but it’s not necessary for me. I agree with the other lady I know your voice and love it. Thank you so so much for endless hours of enjoyment tears and laughter you will never know how important your books are to me. Thank you thank you, never stop.

  95. We are 3 generations of Nora Roberts/ J.D.Robb readers in my family! Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with all of us! Sadly there will always be “that person” in all our lives – no matter the profession. We have our pick of strong women to inspire us from your books – and not let them get us down! Looking forward to the next book….and some day ….a book signing!

  96. We are 3 generations of Nora Roberts/ J.D.Robb readers in my family! Sadly there will always be “that person” in all our lives – no matter the profession that will be negative. We have our pick of strong women to inspire us from your books – and not let them get us down! Looking forward to the next book….and some day ….a book signing!

  97. Nora,
    You are enriching the lives of a lot of people, including me. Keep your heart true and the poor behaviors and opinions of a few others will never take the sunshine from you. You have such a tremendous gift, no one should keep you from shining.
    Take Care,

  98. Nora your books have made me happy, they have made me cry, they have made me dream, they have made me think and they always let me find a little quite in my crazy life of work, school and family. I love your in death series especially. Don’t let the annoying people that can’t be happy with anything get to you and affect your attitude about your readers. Keep doing what you are doing just the way you are and we will remain your loyal fans.

  99. Yes Nora Roberts is a prolific writer and we her fans are prolific readers. I agree it is a lack of respect.

  100. I have never read a review for any of Nora’s books. I always buy her books as soon as they are released, if I have the funds. When I was unemployed I went to the library for my Nora fix. Those yokels that read fake reviews and post garbage should remember that Karma is gonna bite them in the rear one of these days. I personally hope Nora will continue writing for as long as I can read and beyond.

  101. I don’t know what I could add that hasn’t already been stated by others already. As a long time fan of Nora (I’ve been reading her since ’82), I can’t help but be insulted on her behalf and want to defend her, but I know Nora doesn’t need anyone to defend her. She can do that herself.

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her multiple times and she’s nothing but gracious and open to us fans…listening to us gush or ask the incessant questions. To go off tangent, I remember the first time I posted why I didn’t like a particular character, and didn’t realize that Nora would see what I posted. Did Nora rip me a new one? No. She handled it and actually responded with humor and typical Nora. I will always remember what she said. That the fact that I had a reaction to a character or book, be it good or bad, meant that she was doing her job. Or something along those lines. She even repeated my nickname for the character in her response.

    And like someone else mentioned above, there were about two series that I didn’t like, only because it didn’t…resonate with me. But they were still very well written. And yes, I too, can hear Nora’s voice when I’m reading her books, and I’ll just curse this person who NEVER EVEN READ THE BOOK in my head.

  102. I have to say that I am a huge fan. I have read almost everything you have written an love it. I do not pay attention to reviews because each individuals likes and dislike s are different. Ultimately the only way to know if s book is good is to read it yourself!!!
    what I may consider a wonderful book the next person may consider it awful. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.
    I love your books and will be a lifelong fan. Would love to see you in Atlanta, GA soon!!!!

  103. It’s so sad that some people can comment and not know their facts. They find it easy to slam someone using the internet but wouldn’t have the nerve to say it to their face. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. I’m glad you don’t read most of those kind of statements, you certainly don’t deserve it!
    I’ve been a fan since almost the beginning of your career and sure there are books that just didn’t ring my bell but that’s life. I hope you continue to write these wonderful stories for many years to come!!

  104. I started reading/listening to Nora’s books when I was unemployed and used the library/library website to be able to read. I had worked with people who had read her books and that was the only recommendation I’d ever had. Have never read a review. I’m a huge fan of the “In Death” books. I don’t need a review to tell me to read a book or not.
    Good for you Nora for standing up for yourself. They’re just jealous because you can write, and they can’t. Eagerly looking forward to the next books!

  105. Well said Nora! Can’t believe someone would think you didn’t write your own stuff. Your writing is very distinctive and unique in my mind and can’t be duplicated by anyone. I love all of your books and especially like the J.D. Robb series. Keep doing what you are doing and I’ll keep hanging on for the next “In Death” book. Please don’t ever stop your writing.

  106. Amazing how some people react. I for one do not like giving reviews , l shall read a book if l like it so be it if l don’t who cares. Thank you for wonderful gift of writing , l for one looks forward to each new book you pen.
    P.S can’t wait for the new book In Death.

  107. I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with this. I’ve always thought you were a fantastic writer and never once thought you used a ghostwriter. I can still remember the first book of yours that I read–Irish Thoroughbred and the one that’s my favorite that’s a dual story–Truly, Madly, Manhattan.

    I don’t read author reviews or my reviews any more either. I’ve seen too many written about books where it seemed like the reviewer just wanted to put the author down over the silliest thing. I think there are some fantastic readers in the world but every now and then you get one that would rather deal in rumors than fact check. Or would rather be nasty just because they can.

  108. well all I can say is I’m sure by now you all know I have 2-3 hundred of your books Nora and I can honestly say I can’t think of one I didn’t I love please keep writing for those of us who love you

  109. Shame on the people who try to make others look bad. Writing is such a personal experience and to say someone is using a ghost is to discredit that personal experience . Those people are obviously not old enough to remember the big blow up about plagiarism ( to me the only thing worse than saying someone is using a ghost). Nora had another well known author steal her words and use them for her own in several books. Unless you are in the room while someone is writing and see someone else doing the work, be quiet. Not everyone likes every book, tv show etc. if you didn’t like it, great! There are a million more that you might like. I personally LOVE your books and count the days until the next release!

  110. You’ve gotta speak up sometime. Thanks Nora. I can say I have enjoyed every one of your books that I have read. Some more than others, but that’s the way it goes. You can’t please everyone all of the time. Strive to do your best and that is all anyone can ask.

  111. I’ve had more than one person say this to my face. Oh, she uses a ghost writer. I just look at them with blank horror. Have you ever READ her books? If I picked up a NR book or a JDR book without a cover I would STILL know it’s her. It’s called ‘voice’ people. And every Nora book has her stamp on every single word placement.

    People are the suck.

    ~ Nora fan for life.

  112. The majority of readers know your work. I have enjoyed your work for many years and I know your style. People do not respect the hard work someone puts into their job/career. They think it is easy. Or they take an easy out. I always say walk a mile in their shoes. Yes you have made it. But only you and others writers know how hard it was to get there. Please do not take to heart what someone who is mean says. There are bullies everywhere.

  113. I just want to say again, as I stated in one of the replies I made – Nora has a writing voice, whether writing as JDR or as NR. Ghost writers CAN’T duplicate that, not to mention in the JDR books, or the NR book series’, be able to properly write characters “voices” that we’ve already met, already know, and already know the character saying or do this or that is not something the character would do.

    The anonymity involved in the internet has made it a horrific trash heap. If you go into forums for many things, simple disagreements turn into threats, because people forget that people that know their stuff can track down the other party’s IP address and actually find them, so they think they are safe. It’s easy for people to go on the internet and spread trash, especially under the guise of anonymity.

  114. I have been reading Nora’s books since her very first one Irish Thorobred. I have purchased every one of her books in both Nora Roberts and J D Robb. I have never been disappointed in any of her books. Many of her books are in my keepers including Irish Thorobred. Anyone who has read as many of her books as I have would know she does not use a ghost writer. Her style is strickly her own and has always been. I find myself very upset that anyone would say somthing so insulting about one of the best writers ever. I am 77 years old and have had many, many hours of pleasure reading her books and have read some many times over. Someone asked me how I could read a book again and I told her someone once said reading a loved book over is like visiting old friends. That’s how I feel about Nora’s books.

  115. Nora,
    I love your books. You are right not everyone is every one’s cup of tea but that is a matter of interest and preferences. I am very sorry some poor ignore idiot would accuse you of using a ghost writer. It just goes to prove P.T. Barnum right. Whom ever reads the reviews on Amazon and believes those writing anything other that reviews is truly a sucker. I believe Amazon should do better at policing the reviews people post but you are right about not reading them. You are a wonderful talented writer. I am looking forward to reading more of your work in the years to come. Thank you for being a truly wonderful writer.

  116. There are always these stupid rumors/slander because of the astonishing amount of product published each year by you. Most of us on fan sites recognize that A) writing a book and publication are two different things and B) we see YOU in all of the books you publish. There is no way I like every one of your books, that would be impossible. As a serious In Death fan, even though I buy each book in both audio (‘cuz man I love Susan Ericksen ) and ebook format, I am occasionally not happy with sine aspect of the book. Example, I hated the main story of Innocent, yet it is in my top 5 because of the secondary storyline. I was surprised to see your response to an idiot, but will share same with my NR/JDR groupies over at Goodreads. We love you and your work…anxiously waiting for September!

  117. Maybe it would be helpful to think of those people who use the Internet to make unkind comments in social media/blogs/forums/review sites, etc., like the flowers in, say, Nora’s garden. For the most part there is much beauty and loveliness, but always lurking are those dastardly weeds that, if not routinely identified and pulled out, can choke out all the good.

  118. I’m sorry that stupid nit-wit got you so upset. I understand why you are upset- it’s your reputation at stake. But please know- anybody who is a fan, like me (I’m your #1 fan, going back to the late 70’s ), knows your books, knows you are a prolific writer, and that you would never use a ghost writer. If your new book is about the paranormal, witch I don’t care for, I simply don’t buy the book. I don’t have to read every single one. I have never read a book of yours that I don’t like. So, please, life is too short to let idiots like that get you upset- I promise you, not one of your fans will believe a word of it.

  119. I have been a reader all my life, and I have enjoyed all Nora’s books I have read. I relate to some more than others, but I do understand the difference in storytelling style and technical expertise between stories written last year and those written thirty years ago. I started reading Nora’s books about fifteen years ago, have read everything written in that time, and have gone back to read a lot of the “oldies, but goodies” . They have all given me a great escape from the all-too-real world. By the way, Nora, it was a pleasure to meet you on your unannounced visit to the Inn in June.

  120. I also am sorry about people like that. If they haven’t even read one of your books, they don’t have a right to say anything about it. I, like many who have left messages on here, have read every one of your books and although only 1 or 2 might not have been “my kind” of subject, I will always at least read every one you write! I also keep all of them. I have a seven-foot-tall bookcase that I made just for all your books and its almost full now. Looking forward to your next book; what ever it may be.
    P.S. Please hurry…LOL

  121. I get you, Nora ~ it’s infuriating to have your reputation maligned when you’ve worked so hard for years to give your best to your work. I’m in a different line of work than you (RN) but reputation is still extremely important. Because I work directly with patients, I’m in a “Zero Defect” environment. Nobody wants me to make a mistake on them, right? I have slogged through an ocean of blood, sweat & tears in my career while also trying to keep the patient’s attitude calm and uplifted through trial and tribulation. My reputation is sterling and I have worked incredibly hard to keep it that way while working nights, weekends & holidays. When a disgruntled person, be it patient – family member – doctor, makes a groundless complaint it does infuriate and hurt me. Many nurses ‘burn out’ after years of giving their all and leave the profession.

    We (your fans) really need you to keep doing what you do best ~ and don’t burn out because of the “outrageous slings and arrows.” Please never stop writing Eve. What an awesome, ORIGINAL, series that is. Thank you!

    1. I absolutely agree about Eve An original series that has a woman of stone and heart in charge of everything except her own heart!
      I want to thank you Stephani. For being such a hardworking RN. I do not know you personally, but as a cancer survivor who spent 5 long months in a hospital, I want you to know there is a stranger in South Carolina that respects you for what you do everyday for the patients.
      Thank you so very much.

      1. Rosemary, peace and blessings to you, from my heart. I’m actually an Oncology nurse (since 1972 ~ yes, I’ve seen it all). Oncology is such a rewarding field exactly because of the connection between nurse & patient/survivor. Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad you’re reading Eve because she is a great example of a survivor who had to overcome horrific events in order to have a life. She still faces death every day in her relentless pursuit of justice. Like Eve, never give up!

    2. Stephani, I’m a burned out RN, one of the reasons? Groundless complaints by disgruntled patients, and not being backed by my supervisor. Being blamed for things beyond my control. Got tired of it and left. Have good memories of nursing, but not interested in returning to the profession.

      1. Teresa, thank you for the time you did give to the profession. I understand completely. It’s a shame, and sadly ironic, that nurses often don’t get the nurturing they need while working in a nurturing field. Well, I appreciate you and wish you well.

  122. I would not worry about those hyper critical and false reviews if I were you. Those idiot usually use big words thinking it makes them sound intelligent, but since they use them inappropriately, the reviewer just looks pitiable. I don’t read Amazon reviews unless the description is insufficient. Then I read some from each category – 5 star, 4, 3, 2, & 1 so that I can form an accurate idea of the item whether it be books or sweepers. I once read one about one of your “In Death” Audio books which criticized your narrator whom I LOVE. I have purchased all of your full length unabridged In Death audible books. Your narrator is excellent especially giving every character their own voice. Please give your real readers (fans) credit for being able to recognize sour grapes reviewers from true readers.

  123. Hey! Maybe this whole business has given you an idea for your next JD Robb book! A person who gives nasty and snarky reviews to online social networks is savagely murdered and it is up to Eve and Peabody to discover which one of the reviewees is the murderer. You can call it Review in Death!! Bwahahahahaha!!!!!
    OK, OK, I know never try making a living in comedy!

    Seriously now.
    I believe JD Robb’s vision of the future will come true because of these sorts of comments.
    We will all need a registered and licensed computer and it may even need to be filtered through a Compuguard type department. Yes, there will always be people like Roarke, McNab & Finney who can get around the safeties, but the average Joe wouldn’t know or care to know how.

    This is a BIG problem with the internet. People become invisible, there is no respect, yes, but there is no responsibility either and even more importantly, there is ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY.

    Let’s face it, if the trolls who say these horrible things were to say them to people’s faces, they would be sued for slander (or punched in the face thinking of a few horrific comments on my old blog).

    The internet is really good for these kinds of cowards. The bullies, when in school, threatened or beat up weaker kids until a larger or stronger kid showed up and then the bully would know to back down or get his butt kicked.

    On the net, there is no face to face, no responsibility, no need to be polite. No need to prove anything. If someone were to tie this person’s tail in a know by saying, You said you KNOW she uses a ghostwriter, then prove it! How do you “know””, the person would just disappear or turn up with a new sign on name.

    It puts me in mind of an old Billy Joel song called, “The Stranger”.
    “We all have a face that we hide away forever but we take it out and show ourselves when everyone has gone. Some are satin, some are steel, some are silk, and some are leather. They’re the faces of the stranger and we love to try them on” (I’m paraphrasing)

    I feel this is apropos concerning the net people. If you were to meet them in the street you would never know they are the same person who, 10 minutes ago, had made an evil and even slanderous comment about a neighbor down the street. They have fake names, fake identities and I wonder sometimes if they even realize that what they are saying can lead to consequences because of their comments.

    Yes, it is called the World Wide Web, but you would be amazed at just how small that world can be when it comes to viscous comments and cyberbullying.
    I wonder if the person who wrote the slander had ever thought that her piece of offal would be read by Nora Roberts herself. That is how small the WWW can be.
    I love Nora’s books and when I review them it is usually on My Nook page or on a Facebook app called GoodReads. I will always give a positive review. Usually at the end of my review I will say what did or didn’t strike a chord with me, or whatever, but I have never given Nora’s or JD RObb’s books less than a 5 star rating. If I do review her books, you had better believe I have read that book more than once in order to give a good review.

    As for Amazon: What really ticks me off about Amazon reviews is the reviewers! Example – A reviewer will give a book, say, a 3 star rating because, and this is what kills me, the book did not arrive on the date it was supposed to!! I see it all of the time on Amazon. I get so steamed. One day, I lost it and commented on the review by saying, “OK, you didn’t get it on the day you were expecting it. But did you like the book?! If you did, then why the 3 star rating? It wasn’t Nora’s fault Amazon dropped the ball was it?”
    I rarely get an answer back, but I got to vent in a mannerly way, I hope.

    I am very sorry, Nora that someone accused you of ghostwriting and you got hurt over it. She had no business reviewing a book she never read. I will go as far as saying she probably didn’t think you actually “owned” or responded on your Facebook page.

  124. My regret is that this rudeness causes you pain. You don’t deserve it because you do work so hard and each one of your books is so uniquely a part of you. Sorry for the upset this caused you. Great response, though.

  125. I never read reviews-for movies, books, whatever. I always like to reserve judgement for myself- if I like it. I don’t care who else likes it or doesn’t. There are always people who have no talent and are jealous of people who do. They just can’t stand someone else’s success. I love Nora’s books. I haven’t read everyone but the ones I have read are wonderful. She has so much talent and has to work very hard to write all of the wonderful books she has written.
    Keep up the great work, Nora and ignore the petty. jealous idiots.
    Love , Carol

  126. I admire you. You have done so much with your writing career. I believe I have every book you have ever written. So many years, never enough books. I look forward to each and every one. I buy them automatically, never look for a review, or even read the inside cover first. You write great stories. Thank you for all your hard work. I for one am grateful.

  127. Nora,

    I just wanted to say that you are a fabulous author. I’ve never felt as if you’ve used a ghost to write your books, or any other author for that matter. I know that if you did choose to co-write a book with somebody that their name would be on the book too. I haven’t read all of your books, but I’ve read a great deal of them, both under JD Robb and under Nora Roberts. You have wonderful talent and your writing always lifts me when I am sad. It gives me hope when sometimes I feel I have none.

    Someday I hope to meet you, but if I don’t, know that you have blessed my life … and the lives of so many others out there. Thank you for sharing your talent with myself and the world. God’s blessings on you always.


    1. Wow, let me say that I respect you for speaking out on your own behalf…Your books have touched my life over the years (esp. the character Eve Dallas)…Eve is a survivor & a strong woman (as are many of your characters)…knowing what Eve survived helped me during a difficult time in my life (& for that I will always be thankful)…When my mom was alive, we’d read your books & exchanged copies (with post-it notes on the covers with our comments)…I have kept all of those that we commented on & they are a reminder of how your books kept us close though she lived in another state (200 miles away). Mom esp. loved that MacGregor clan & all their adventures!

  128. Your skills are so deeply developed and finely honed, and earned through years of hard work and determination that you are entitled to feel offended at the suggestion you sat back and let someone else do work you would then just take credit for.

    And with that fine example of a run-on sentence and a dangling preposition, you can rest assured I am NOT a skilled writer, and might even benefit from a ghost writer, or at least an editor.

  129. That anyone wrote this about you is appalling and ridiculous. I read for a living (and edit) and your books are my “box of chocolates” pleasures. There is a very definite “voice” that an author brings to her work, which becomes very plain when you have a prolific author (such as yourself) to read. It’s much stronger than a copyright stamp – it’s the author themselves, the sentence structures, the values and the tenor.

    Agreed, there is a different “tone” to the J.D. Robb books – but there is still that unmistakable voice which is Nora. I adore Morgana and Eve equally, but in their words, I see some little and unmistakable mannerisms which come directly from their author. As I live in England, it’s unlikely that I’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting Nora in person. But if I did, this is what I would like to say: Simply, that my world would be a poorer place if I’d never read you.

    Barbara x

    1. Thank you Barbara, for explaining the reference to “voice” so eloquently – now I get what other respondents meant about “knowing” Nora Roberts’ voice, and you are right – it shines through in all of her work! Colleen

  130. ROCK ON, NORA…!!!

    Screw the uninformed, ignorant bimbos who think they know it all.

    Keep writing those fabulous books…”WE” love ya.’

    Sorry I missed RWA this year…Didn’t get a chance to thank you for being an inspiration to us as writers and readers.

    THANKS a bunch…for both. Take care and happy writing.

    Linda Hill…The purple one!

  131. I have loved, loved your books for years, Nora! I’m sorry there are people out there who have nothing better to do than this. I don’t read reviews before buying a book to read because everyone can like such different things. Thanks for all the great reading!!

  132. I am so sorry that someone feels the need to be so disrespectful of you and in turn of your fans. You are a wonderful author and I have been a fan for many years, in fact I consider you my favorite author. Do I love all your books, no, but not because they are not well written but because of my personal taste. Have a reread any of your books, yes, many of them over and over again. In fact I am doing so now – rereading the Boonesboro trilogy and going back to the beginning of the In Death series which I love dearly.

    Keep up the wonderful work – it is much appreciated.

  133. The only Nora Roberts books that I don’t particularly enjoy are the ones that involve ghosts, as I am not a fan of paranormal stories. That’s actually was what I thought this post would be about based on the headline. However, the idea that NR would use a ghost writer is ridiculous. I can’t imagine that such a creative and prolific writer would ever allow her name to appear on someone else’s work.

  134. Bravo! Very eloquently stated. You blog not only applies to your novels but is sound advice for everyday life. Do what you love for you and embrace those who show you respect. Thanks for an inspiring piece.

  135. I have been reading Nora Roberts since waaaaayyyyyy back when and your books are must-buys!! YOU have my respect too!

  136. I am yet another avid reader that has read (actually listened to) all of the In Death series multiple times. Those of us who know and love the series know your voice andcan attest to the fact that it is your voice in every book.

    It is outrageous that someone who has not even read your book and can accuse you of not respecting your readers and lying about writing your own books.

    I do read reviews online but when one seems out of sync with the majority of other reviews I check out that reviewers other reviews. It can be quite revealing. Sometimes it is the only review the person has written. Other times the person’s tastes are so strange I would never listen to anyhing they said.

    Norah, believe what you already know: your real fans know better as proven by all the remaks above. Don’t let someone elses ignorance and jealousy bother you.

  137. “But it’s gotta be true! Someone posted it on Amazon!” Being respectful to others is always the best choice, but some folks make it difficult.

  138. Quite honestly, it never occurred to me that you might have used a ghost writer! And I can’t imagine what would motivate someone to say so. I love your books and always get them on the day they are released. And I can honestly say that I have never read a book of yours that I didn’t fall in love with your characters and the story. Thank you for all the countless hours of pleasure that you have given me…and on a side note…I think all of us love it when one of your characters is a GHOST! LOL :-))

  139. Since I read your first book (Harlequin) I been a true fan. I have read everyone of your books, and still have 3/4 of all your books on my keeper shelves. Please don’t let some A– upset you, we who are your fans will never believe such crap

  140. Nora, I have read every book of yours I can get my hands on and I ALWAYS know it’s yours. You have a distinctive style and a dialogue pattern I think I would recognize anywhere and story lines I feel speak to me in dozens of different ways. Ignore the idiots. They are fools and obviously don’t know your stories. Keep writing and know there are millions of us who pay zero attention to the critics. We are READERS and we read what we love. Your stories.

  141. Approximately 25 years ago, my mother placed my first Nora Roberts book in my hands. It was Book One of the Chesapeake Bay series. I can’t tell you how many times over the years I have re-read that series. Sometimes I feel like Cam, Philip, Ethan and Seth are my brothers! Every new Nora Roberts book that comes out finds it’s way onto my bookshelves. I never got “in” to the JD Robb books, but I have enjoyed the few I have read. I do not profess to “know” your voice, but it has never occurred to me to question your integrity by thinking these marvelous stories come from anyone but Nora Roberts. How incredibly rude and presumptuous! Maybe a frustrated writer wannabe? Whoever – there is no excuse for such behavior. I’ve never written a fan letter before! but I hope you consider this one. I thank you for the places you’ve taken me, the “friends” I’ve made in your books, and the wonderfully satisfied feeling I get at the end of each of your books! Thank you for sharing with us.

  142. Nora,
    I’ve followed you for over 15 years; I grew
    up in Silver Spring and though I live in
    NH, I recently visited TTP for the very first
    time and plan to scratch staying at Inn
    Boonsboro off my bucket list someday. Ice
    lived a lot of life in my 50 years on this earth, and in that time, I’ve loved your work.
    I’ll admit I’ve tried your JD R series, but
    as you said, it’s never sung to me. Ever.
    Just not a story line I could get into…..but never
    once (and I’ve tried several times) while
    reading a JD R book, did I ever feel like
    it wasn’t your work. It just wasn’t a fit….
    for me. You keep writing, lady. Your
    NR books have brought me comfort and
    happiness through some pretty difficult
    times in my life. I’d venture to say your
    JD R books have done the same for countless others. Keep writing. We love your work….know it’s really you….and
    we aren’t going anywhere. xoM

  143. As a Nora Roberts reader since you first published, I can say I never, ever would have accused you of using a ghost writer. I have the first book you ever published and all the ones since. Any true Nora reader would be able to spot another writer quickly. I even got my husband to start reading the In Death series and he is hooked on Eve and Roarke.

  144. I love your books and, having written my first novel (manuscript…no agent..not published…one can dream!), I am totally in awe of how prolific you are. Your “voice” is excellent. Don’t give such a “little” person one millisecond of your time or one milligram of your energy. You are the best! You are loved and respected by thousands. Keep on keeping on.

  145. As a bookseller i thank you for the three shelves that you fill. No one else takes up that much space or is so sort after. Thanks and keep writing 🙂

  146. Nora: I am a huge fan of all your books, especially those written under JD Robb (just LOVE EVE and ROARKE!!!). As a reader I am disgusted by any person(s) that would accuse you of using a “ghost writer.” As a writer, I know just how hard it is to sit down at your desk and write everyday. The books and characters are the fruit of your labor and for some ignorant person(s) to accuse you of “calling it in,” is beyond despicable!

    I and all your other readers appreciate what you have written and will write in the near future. Thank you for responding back to those persons and for being a great writer and a class act!

    All my best,

  147. From the moment I read my first book by you, you became one of my Happy Place writers. I have turned heaven and earth trying to own every single book you have written except murder/thriller types, because that’s not my thing. I did this because I read A LOT. There’s a book on my person at all times. And when I get in a funk with the same old same old romance novels I immediately go to my Happy Place because there is nothing better than ending a day with a GREAT novel.
    Have I loved every single book I’ve read of yours? I’d be lying if I said yes. But life is not perfect so I shrug and move on to the next one. You write really great stories from the heart. Never ever stop!

  148. Not every one of your books has struck a chord and compelled me to read it more than once, but many (many) have. I have worn copies of your Born in Ireland and Three Sisters Island trilogies, along with a shelf filled with other series and books that I’ve had to replace because they’ve been loved and read over and over. 🙂 I have no idea how someone could mistake your unique writing voice for that of anyone else. That’s the trick–your writing voice cannot be imitated. I applaud you for defending your work, especially since this same type of rumor seems to have be thrown at many well-respected and hard-working authors lately. You inspire, you create, and you work hard. Those who matter know this.

  149. Nora,
    Thank you for addressing these rumors. I have loved the In Death series & anticipated the newest release; with the last few books, though, something felt different. And it doesn’t matter. The world won’t spin off it’s axis because I don’t feel a ‘click’. People grow & change – sure would be disappointing to be stagnant! From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the years (not sayin’ how many!) of absolutely wonderful escape & enjoyment!!

  150. How sad that there are people out there who spread such rumors. Their time would be much better spent losing themselves in one of your worlds!

    Thank you for the magic, Nora! I so appreciate all the joy you’ve given me. Looking forward to whatever it is you have in store for us next.

  151. I think Nora’s writing is supreme excellence. I have always been able to tell that it is her writing.

  152. If you say you don’t use a ghost-writer, I believe you. However, I have just finished reading Obsession in Death and Devoted in Death, and it is clear that they were not written by the J.D. Robb that wrote all the other books I have loved. Maybe you forgot to put on your J.D. Robb hat those days, but that witty, punchy style is just not there, either in the narrative or the dialog. These two books came off flat as a pancake. And all of the recurring characters have had obvious personality changes with no evidence of injury or medication. The stories are still great, but I found myself repeatedly saying to myself that “Eve (or any other character, fill in the blank) wouldn’t be caught dead doing or saying that,” or something similar. Speech patterns are different, the futuristic technology elements seem to have dropped back in time considerably, and the whole atmosphere seems off. I do love a good detective story, but what I really love about the “in death” series is the style and personalities of the characters. Please bring that back.

    1. Kara,

      Of course, the JD Robb of 1995 is not the same JD Robb of 2017 — there’s over 2 decades of life lived between. The characters we met in 1995 have grown, evolved as well and dialogue will reflect that. Not to mention the real world has caught up with many of the futuristic aspects on the In Death world.

      I’ve found that the same readers who complain about perceived changes in writing style would be the first to complain if nothing had changed in over two decades. Sometimes readers outgrow an author or a series. There’s nothing wrong with taking a step back.


      1. It’s hard for me to understand why some people (readers) want to tell a writer what to write when it’s her story to tell, not theirs. Of course writers say it the way they do because they have the words. Keep on writing Nora just the the you do. I’m one of you’re biggest fans, especially of the In Death series.
        I also love Twilight books.

  153. My brother is an avid reader, but he had never read your JD Robb or the Nora Roberts books. I gave him a set of the blood brother series and started him on the JD Robb’s and he is now a huge fan. He was staying at a vet center and sharing books with other vets. Nora is a big hit with them all. NO question!

  154. there’s a trend out there for very will liked authors to have family members start writing books with them, my favorites Dick Francis and Anne McCaffrey’s children started writing with them. Also some of my favorite Harlequin Authors, Betty Neel and Margaret Way if you check the copyright name suddenly had Betty Neel Inc, or Margaret Way Inc. and their books weren’t the same, so it could have just been an honest question.

    1. Alice,

      Unfortunately it wasn’t a question it was a supposition on many different social media sites — including her own FB page and this blog — and Nora addressed it.


  155. Life changes us and that can and will be reflected in what she writes. The talent is still there though and as long as she keeps writing I’ll keep reading. I admire your straightforward way of dealing with rude comments and believe those who make accusations are just jealous that you have talent and they don’t. Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure!

  156. I’ve wondered if there were ghost writers. The volume of books is amazing. It is hard to imagine someone with that level of imagination to produce that volume. Glad to find an answer.

  157. Many years ago when I was upset about an unkind remark made about me, my voice coach told me that people leave you alone as long as you are all on the same level. But, he said, as soon as you rise above the rest, you become an easy target for their potshots. He told me to accept their remarks only as validation of my evident talent.
    Your talent is evident, Nora. Enough said.

  158. I will start by saying that I love Nora. From all that I have heard she is first and foremost a lady. Been reading her since I was young and while I didn’t like every single thing she has written I do enjoy the majority of her books. No one that has read as many of her books as I have can honestly think that she has ghostwriters. The emotion that she brings out of a reader can’t be duplicated.

  159. I find it an insult that it was suggested that a Nora Roberts/JD Robb work was written by anyone other than Nora Roberts!!!! I have READ every Nora Roberts/ JD Robb book and never saw any reason to doubt the source. Nora, your books kill it!! They take me to an imaginary world and let me leave all my troubles behind. I love your books!!!!

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