The Awakening discussion thread

On sale now!

The Awakening is now available in stores/on e-readers! And this is the place to discuss all things about the first book in The Dragon Heart Legacy.

Just a quick reminder of the official cover copy:

In the realm of Talamh, a teenage warrior named Keegan emerges from a lake holding a sword representing both power and the terrifying responsibility to protect the Fey. In another realm known as Philadelphia, a young woman has just discovered she possesses a treasure of her own.

As a young girl, Breen Kelly listened to her father’s stories of magical places. As an anxious twentysomething she’s mired in student debt and working a job she hates.  Then one day she stumbles upon a shocking discovery: her mother has been hiding an investment account in her name. Worth nearly four million dollars, it was funded by her long-lost father.

Little does Breen know that when she uses some of the money to journey to Ireland, it will unlock mysteries she couldn’t have imagined. Here, she will begin to understand why she kept seeing an silver-haired, elusive man, why she imagined his voice in her head saying Come home, Breen Siobhan. It’s time you came home. Why she dreamed of dragons. And learn her true destiny lies through a portal in Galway which takes her to a land of faeries and witches, to a man named Keegan, and to the courage in her own heart that will guide her through a powerful, dangerous destiny.

Hope you enjoyed The Awakening! Share your thoughts in the comments. Remember Be Ware: spoilers up ahead.


UPDATED: Let’s talk about the book in the comments, shall we? As of 12/6 any comments not related to The Awakening and its plot will unapproved. Because, seriously, we need to chat about Sally and the nonblood family Breen creates. Love, love, love. ~Laura

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  1. My copy arrived…huge shout out of THANKS to the incredible staff at Turn The Page! Now the eternal dilemma…read or clean…

    Hope everyone has a most meaningful Thanksgiving and stays well!

    1. Wonderful book!! I have a problem though, I can never just read a bit and come back. Read it in one day and anxiously awaiting the next 2. Love Nora Roberts!!!

      1. Exactly how I do it! I listened in the car on my way home from Thanksgiving with my sisters. I listened to threat with my AirPods as I worked around the house. I wish I was more patient; now I have to wai…

        1. I’m the same way. I can’t wait until I have all three, I read one and when the second comes out, I read the first one again. and when the third comes out I’ll read the first two. So good.

        2. I loved it. It was just the kind of read I need these days.
          People today have something to say about everything. Opinions have replaced expertise. Just ignore them. Thanks for the great read. I look forward to what comes next.

        1. I’m going to reread a different trilogy – starting with “Jewels of the Sun:

        2. My MIL and I gave each other this book for Christmas. It was funny opening them at the same time. She finished hers before me and she said she remembers reading a series of Nora’s that was maybe a prequel to this series? She said she remembers a lot is the characters and something about Boston maybe? I don’t remember reading a series like that, and wonder if she is just making up her own fantasy in her head? Lol. But she swears by it. Does anyone know?

          1. You can officially tell your MIL – with love and respect – that there isn’t a prequel to The Dragon Heart Legacy.


          2. Maybe she’s thinking of the O’Dwyer trilogy? A lot of magic, myth, & set in Ireland…could be connecting for her…

          3. I, like your MIL had a bit of de ja vu. There have been a few stories where the main character has had no idea they had magical powers, my favourite is the sisters trilogy… I found this new read hard to get into because of that, but I persevered and did enjoy it.

          4. I think she is talking about the Circle Trilogy. Morrigan’s Cross, Dance of the Gods and Valley of Silence.

          5. She is probably thinking of Chronicles of The One by Nora Roberts. The characters and settings are not the same but it is fantasy and just as amazing as The Awakening.

          6. I read a lot of Nora Roberts and don’t remember anything similar. I did the same thing, I read Awakening in 2 days. The ending was great, but leaves you impatient for the next book.

    2. I love pretty much all of Nora Robert’s books BUT this story sucked me in! I couldn’t put it down. I enjoyed this tale sooo much and can’t wait to see what happens next. Hope we don’t have to wait 6 months for book 2. 😝

      1. I meant to save, and savor. Didn’t happen. I’ve read all her books; this one just grabbed me!
        I hate to burst your bubble, but I read the next won’t be out until November 2021. I told my sister to hold off as long as she could so she’d have less of a wait!

        1. I’m glad that I’m not the only one who had trouble putting it down and doing other, necessary things. This one even had my husband reading instead of watching TV. Wonder of Wonders!

          1. I have been reading Ms Roberts books for many year. When my grandmother was alive, we’d read and trade. She was our favorite.
            As most of have you have to make sure you put aside plenty of time because you can’t put her books down.
            This was also true for The Awakening. I identified on a few levels with Breen Kelly. I was told I wasn’t good enough nor that I ever would be. But like Breen I too had a gift it wasn’t a magical legacy, but I had and have a caring nature and like her, by the time I was 26yrs old I had become a single mom and graduated from nursing school as a Registered Nurse. And I too have stopped listening to the people who said I couldn’t do anything. And I do believe that I have my own kind of magic for caring and healing. The Awakening and Breen Kelly’s like hit close to home and heart.

          1. If only Nora had magic transcribing like Breen does. Definitely would love those for my favourite authors!

          2. It will be worth the wait. I have this to look forward to next November

      2. I so very much agree with you! I can’t wait for the next book in this series. As with all of her stuff, this one reached out and grabbed me from the start. Please don’t make wait too long for the next one.

        MARY B

        1. nov 2. I hate we have to wait a year for each new book in the series.ugh

          wonder what book 2 will be about?

          1. No one can ever write as fast as we read, right? I’m going to re-read some older trilogies in the meantime. I imagine the story and characters will continue to grow and evolve. The bad guy too. Working toward an inevitable climax. And still, it will be new, unique, and with lots of unexpected things. That’s Nora’s own magic I believe.

  2. My book will be delivered TODAY NOVEMBER 24th. Hurrah. Just finished my last book and am so ready. Love the trilogies 💕💕💕

    1. Omg you’re killing me, Nora! I love your books and I wolf themto down. Now I have to wait. Argh. I try to pace myself but I just can’t. Your choicea Easter development, your plots…you just get better and better. Not patiently waiting….

      1. I loved this story! This is the first time I have listened to the audio book while reading the book at the same time. It was wonderful.
        Thank you Nora for a few days of being able to escape somewhere else and away from the chaos of home and the weight of 2020.
        You have a gift.

        1. i always read the book then listen to the audio book, if i can, in case i miss something (i don’t always catch everything) it’s a good way to enjoy the book another way.

  3. Anxiously awaiting delivery! I say I am going to try to hold off starting the book until after work tomorrow (Wednesday) and I have Thanksgiving prep all done. And we all know how that is going to turn out! Can not wait!

  4. I just ordered mine at B & N. Can’t wait ( is this the 1st in a series?)

    1. Logged into my Audible and it was there! I listened to it for 2 days while cleaning and cooking for Thanksgiving! My first listen was engrossing and had my imagination going a mile a minute! I will of course need another listen because kids….but that’s usual. What’s not usual is my desire to begin it again RIGHT NOW! So I will, at 11pm Lol. Clean up our party while listening. I wish these series were released all at once!!! Love Nora forever!

    1. I’ve just recently discovered the joy of audio books. I listen and read at the same time. I LOVE it! Who knew? It adds a whole new level to the experience. I definitely already have favorite narrators though. The narrator makes a big difference.
      Already re-reading The Awakening. Excellent, as expected.

  5. Got it yesterday and read the first 120ish pages. I had the craziest/best dreams last night. I can’t wait to finish!!

  6. loved it. as per usual Nora sucks us in to the Story. Can’t wait for the next one! Cant it be out now… you can’t leave it like that!!!

      1. Just finished The Awakening – read it in 2 days. 😊 Fantastic story! I felt like I was right there. I’m having withdrawal already. Sure hope I don’t have to wait a year for the next one! 🤞🏻

    1. Totally agree+ itw too long to wait! I will console myself with a visit to Ardmore and a visit with the Gallaghers…

    2. Agreed. I want it NOW! Patience is so hard when the story is this good!

    3. Yes my youngest just laughingly told me to get a grip as I was shrieking about the house! What a way to leave us hanging. Any idea when the next comes out. And no teaser for book two. Aaaaaaaaaa💖

  7. Mine arrived yesterday; started it last night. I usually make myself wait–this time I granted myself permission to read immediately! Love your books!!!Been reading them since mid 90s!

  8. Received mine last night. Quiet day at work already on chapter 5. Love it

  9. I am so anxious to start reading….because every book of noras trilogies is fantastic and fascinating…and then I have to wait to long for the next….so i started to read in English…in Germany they need soooooo long for a translation😉

    1. Because of the last Blog of nora! My Englisch isnt so good..i want to say,that the process of publishing is a greatful process and i am happy to have the luck to love noras books since im 14.! But in germany we have to wait years for the next book so i started to read in englisch ..i am absolutely thankful for the great work behind the book and the time we have to wait, the desire of waiting,the heartbeat if the book is in my Hand…i will never miss it!thsnk you for your work and i hope you dont misunderstand my posts!!no one have the right to say to others how they should do their work! Ecspecially art work like writing!

  10. Got my copy today. I have to finish a series I started reading first but I can’t wait to start this one!

  11. I have to run out to my old place and grab my copy. I should have changed the address, but it didn’t dawn on me until I finished with the updating stuff.

  12. I can’t wait to read this one! I love portal fantasies! Will be buying as soon as I can!

    1. Jared, I have to ask: you love portal fantasies, have you ever read Andre Norton’s Witch World series? It all began with a man stepping thru a portal. And is considered one of the top series. She was my first scifi author and remains one of my favorites.

        1. You’re welcome, BD! I do hope you enjoy them. I did say she remains one of my favorites; unfortunately, she stepped thru a different portal almost 16 years ago. But she left behind one heck of a legacy!

          1. i second that rec. Norton is amazing and is still one of my favs too.

  13. Is this a young adult book? I read enough of those when I taught JR. High. Not interested in any more.

      1. LOVED it!!! My Mom reads your romance books and the JD Robb books and then I found this! I’ll check out your others while I wait for Dragonheart #2. ❤️❤️

      2. I loved this book! I read it so fast and I even bought the book in Audible so I can listen to it instead of reading it. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed your series of Chronicles of The One! I like the development of the characters in The Awakening and wished I had a friend like Marco in my life.
        I have read your Nora Roberts books for years and I love what she is doing with the The Dragon Heart Series and now I will try to wait patiently for the 2nd book to come out. Does anyone know when that may be?

  14. NR trilogies used to be published all in one year a month apart. now they are a year apart.
    what the heck

      1. Understandable but I wanna cry I want to know what happens!! 😂😂😭😭😭😭

    1. I did the three in three months in paperback trilogies once or twice. That schedule was by no means usual or regular. As it was, doing that cramped my writing schedule and seriously impacted my personal life.

      I can’t write that fast!!!

      It takes time to write, and it takes a lot of time to write these longer, more complex hardcover trilogies.

      1. You take the time you need. While I don’t really want to wait… lol I can be patient. I started this series this morning and couldn’t put it down.. I had to finish it. So please take your time so book 2 is the best ever. We love your books and I reread them over and over.

      2. Thank you so much for all you do!!! My mom got me started on your JD Robb series, my all time favorite ever!, and then all your others. Please do whatever you need to do to stay healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally( even tho I would love to read your new stories every day),.I’ll just reread your amazing stories while waiting for the next.

      3. Quality beats quantity every time. Although I too am anxious to read the next one, I’d rather wait for it and get an amazing read, as I think we’ve all come to appreciate. Loved Awakening, devoured it in two days. Keegan is just my type of guy. Thanks for this new world!

      4. It’s ok. I just reread all your other books while I wait. It’s a treasure thank you for sharing your talent. ✨

        1. That’s what I do. I think I’ve read Naked in Death at least 20 times. And the Chronicle of the One Trilogy many times

      5. I’ve read your books for nearly 30 years and I’m only 41 (I was a precocious pre-teen and found your books in the school library). Take your time. I value your writing. Know that you have the love and support of your silent fan base. This is the first time I’m actually posting though I’ve read every one of your books. ❤️

        1. I am 44 and started early with them from the Bookmobile, in my pre teens also. 🙂

      6. Of course you can’t. Anyone who would want you to must not be a creative person themselves, let alone a wonderful author like you are. Both my Mom and I have been reading your books for decades, and we have never, ever been disappointed or less than excited and completely absorbed by every book. Just take all the time you need to write each book to be exactly the way you’re imagining it. And have fun doing it, too!!

      7. Having to wait for a new book just means more time to reread other books of yours, gotta tell you finally rereading The One trilogy back to back to back ( especially book 1) in this age of Covid took on a new meaning.

      8. Yeah-we can read them faster than you can write them lol. Just seems to be some kind of law 🙂

      9. You write so fast compared to sooo many other authors you do not need to pressure yourself to write faster. Of course you deserve a personal life! I hate that some people act like your not a person as well as a writer. I’m a huge fan and read your books eagerly whenever they come out.

      10. Take the time you need. You are a FANTASTIC author.
        Besides no matter when you write, as long as you write it we will read it.

      11. Take all the time you need. Your stories are worth the wait. If this series is as wonderful as the Chronicles of The One, then I know I will be re-reading and re-listening to them over and over again!

        Thank you for sharing your wonderful stories with us.

      12. I can’t wait to read the rest of this series. I just finished reading The Awakening in record time, started at 10 pm last night and finished at 9 pm tonight, I didn’t want to put it down! Magnificent.

    2. Cannot believe you made that comment.Have you no idea how long and time consuming it takes to write a novel let alone Trilogies. All you have to do is read them.!!!!!

      1. Just finished and OMG it was so good!! All of it was so good. I’ll go back and re read all my Nora faves while I wait for part 2. Just so good!

      1. Just finished it and cannot believe how long I have to wait to read the 2nd one. I have been a Nora Roberts fan for a very long time and I have every book she has ever written. The way she ended this one just kills me…quite the cliffhanger.

        Love the first in this trilogy and cannot wait to read the rest!

        1. I honestly didn’t see that ending coming. Should have, it didn’t.

          1. “ending”? Did I miss something? Not to all out give away the last chapter, but it wasn’t all that surprising to me. What did you expect instead? I just hope a certain character isn’t killed off – that would be like killing off Laura!

      2. Understandable but I wanna cry I want to know what happens!! 😂😂😭😭😭😭

        This makes me want to cry lol

      3. Why? WHY? I know it is a longer book and more complicated. But I also know she likely actually finished it 6-8 months before release. These trilogies cannot be a year apart…..

        1. Nora’s writing the second book now. It’s not finished in any way. Then the publisher needs production time. The time between finishing the book and actual release is very busy.


          1. Laura,

            Who sets the date for release after the books is finished. Is it you, Nora, the agent or the publishing company?

            This book was, as usual, a fantastic story. The ending was WOW JUST WOW!!!!! Any book Nora writes is always awesome but she just seems to get better every year!!!!
            Please forgive us for being so impatient for the other 2 books. You always manage to leave us wanting more & always right now!! The problem is we love your work & can’t help but want more!!!!

          2. The publisher sets the dates, working with the author and with a view to what competitors have planned to release so that a book has the best path to success.


          3. Exactly, the publisher sets the dates so the publisher can change them without disturbing Nora’s writing time to shorten the period of time between releases. Also note that the publisher does not consider the customer in their planning. Who should be first? THE CUSTOMER!

          4. Debra,

            Please stop. Nora has explained her process, as well as the publisher’s process. All of this takes the reader into consideration as it gives the writer time to create the best book possible. Publishers have other authors to consider. Nora has other books to write each year — and believe me there’s a vocal group of In Death readers who would be angry if they didn’t get two entries in the series per year.

            In more than three decades of publishing, Nora’s ended exactly one book with a cliffhanger. Please give her the time and consideration — and trust — that the next book will pick up smoothly where The Awakening left off.


          5. I think I’d be one of those In Death fans – we’re so spoiled with 2 In Death books a year! So many authors take years to write one book. We’re getting 2 JD Robb, a stand alone, and part of a trilogy this year, right?

            (And fingers crossed your fictional counterpart is not killed off, because I will be very sad (and maybe you’d be a little freaked out 😉 )

          6. And I feel like it felt right! We always complain that authors style gets routine blah and it feels nice that she gave us a small change! I’m excited about the next book and hoping Marco gets a little love story or a BIG love story in the series!!

          7. Please stop making comments on a blog about the publisher setting release dates according to their timeline and not considering the customer? What is wrong with suggesting that the publisher can alter a release schedule? They can and they do. Many times. Assuming that just because we read Nora’s books we have no idea about anything that a publisher does is insulting. It is a business. It should consider its customer. Without the customer there is no business. This is business 101. I am sorry that you do not want me to state facts. Publishers can and do publish books in less than 6-8 months. Fact. It does not have to affect Nora’s writing time. Fact. A publisher does sit on MS’s when it is prudent or they are waiting for an event before they release. Fact. Publishing trilogies a year apart is simply a marketing strategy. Fact. I am reading the book for a second time. Fact. I will read it again before the next book drops. Fact. That does not mean I cannot comment on the fact that the publisher, that controls the release date, cannot change the release dates. If you do not want people to post facts-do not have a blog open for comments.

          8. I have personally explained the process to you, Debra. You are not stating facts but opinions. But you continue to contradict me, as you apparently think you know more about publishing than I do, and more than the industry professionals I work with.

            FACT: Publishing the trilogy a year apart is not a marketing strategy.

            I haven’t finished writing the second book, and won’t begin to write the third until next fall.

            Your opinion that the publisher should wait a year or two—holding a completed ms, or two —is in fact not how publishing works.

            You’re not commenting, but contradicting and insisting against every fact given you that you’re right and I’m wrong, that Laura’s wrong, that everyone who disagrees with you is wrong.

            Once again, I ask: Do you work in publishing?

            If so you’d know that in order to publish a major release in less than 6-8 months means serious added cost—it’s called crashing for a reason.

            This is not how the process is intended to work or should.

            You can keep insisting you’re right, you know better than I do how publishing works.

            But that won’t turn your opinion into a fact.

          9. Fact: Debra is a troll and needs to be blocked from this blog.

            See? I can state my own opinions as facts by putting the word “fact” in front of it just as well as you can, Debra!

            And also, just stop. You’re treading d*mn close to harassment territory. If you actually love reading Nora’s books, stop being an *ss. It’s not that hard to do, I promise.

          10. Debra,
            Authors have lives besides being writers. They shouldn’t have to give this up just because you pout. And life throws curve balls, such as a hard drive suddenly going kaput (most of the more important stuff was cloud based, thank goodness) or having to deal with family issues. Or surviving a pandemic, oh by the way. Authors write for the joy of writing and to make a living, but need to balance this with other aspects of their lives to avoid being burned out and to be productive.

          11. The lion, the witch, the AUDACITY of this bitch! Damn Debra I am embarrassed for you 😳

          12. Debra, you are literally stopping Nora from writing because she has to explain process to you. You are literally slowing her down while complaining about her books taking so long.

          13. Wow! I don’t usually read these threads, but so many ppl are discussing your shockingly ignorant comments that I had to see for myself. You really have some nerve telling an author how she should be doing her work, crafting her art, and spending her time- and then stating that it’s not hard! I am not a writer but I have owned several successful businesses in my past, and you are the type of “customer” that no one needs. What a lack of respect you have- I’m amazed that this author has taken the time even once, let alone multiple times, to reply to your rudeness.

          14. Nora is one of the few authors that writes consistently excellent books, on a really consistent schedule. Have and have ready every book Nora has written as Roberts and as Robb. No other author delivers 3 single title and a trilogy a year. This is only the second trilogy in her career that I am aware of where each book was about a year apart. The last one began with Year One and was a phenomenal trilogy. I have every confidence that this trilogy will be just as good. To suggest that the writer or publisher should adjust the schedule is ridiculous. If writers don’t write the publisher has nothing to sell and the reader has nothing to read. So just say thank you.

          15. Debra I agree with you a publisher and author can put out a Trilogy in one year. All the readers will be punished for it. And this is what I mean
            1- the author will have to slap some crack together, no matter how good or bad it may be.
            2 – the author write the entire series at once BUT the customers that you are so concerned about would have to wait until the ENTIRW trilogy was finished before the first book could even be published.

            So taking those FACTS into consideration let those who know what they are doing it!
            As readers it is our job and responsibility to read it, and perhaps give a review. A postive word maybe tell what you did, did not and did like about the work.

          16. Very nice to insult a fellow reader for making factual observations. I see that you are happy that others have different opinions. Bless your heart!

          17. I could have used some more salty language because I really don’t think you have any idea what goes on in publishing. As we squabble, Nora is currently writing the second part of the trilogy. Once she finishes the x number of drafts, which takes around 3 months, it goes to her editor at St. Martin’s Press. There it goes through a process of polishing and designing the cover art which takes 6 to 9 months. Now since Nora is not their only author, but one of maybe a few hundred to thousands, this means that each book she writes is only worked on for a few weeks total during those months. Meanwhile, Nora is writing the next books that will come out in 2022 starting with an In Death, single title, second In Death, and book 3 of the current trilogy. I know it took me 3 hours in university to write a 5 page double spaces term paper and the only editing I did was a spelling and grammar check so I turned in my first draft. Nora is writing 250 page books. I’d like to see you try to do that in three months. Right now your behavior is making me feel like you have more hair inside your head than on it.

          18. Congratulations. You are now a cautionary tale of how not to speak to an author. This has officially made it to other author blogs.

          19. “Who should be considered first…”

            Well, when it comes to books, it’s gotta be the author.

            Without the author, there is no book.

          20. Can I just say I love Nora Roberts even more after the responses here in (a very low mid-list author who was inspired by Nora Roberts when I was a teenager.

          21. I understand, it takes time (too long, but that is another argument) to publish. Then to satisfy your readers (the customer is always right) alter the process. Have the first one done and printed-ready to ship, the second one written and in production and while the third is still being written, release 1st, 6 months-release 2nd and by then the third should be complete and in production and can be released within 6 months as well. It is not hard.

          22. You could still have the year you need to write and refine but the release schedule will be different. As I said, it is not hard.

          23. Come on people!!! THIS IS NOT THE ONLY SHE WRITES!! She writes 2 In Death books a year & and 1-2 stand alone books a year. Plus book signings and she really needs time with her family!!!! I KNOW how hard it is to wait, I have been reading her books ever since she was first published!!! It is hard to wait BUT so worth it!!!

          24. Yes, and my schedule did NOT affect her time to write. It was all on the publishers timing. Read and comprehend. It is not hard.

          25. Stop. You literally don’t know what you’re talking about.

            You read and comprehend. I’ve explained the general gist of how it all works. YOUR schedule isn’t how any of it works.

          26. Debra, its also not that hard for you to simply wait for the trilogy to come out in its entirety, and then read them at your leisure. Surely there are other books to read, in the meantime

            That way the author, the editor, and the entire industry don’t need to reengineer themselves to bend to your desires

          27. Amen to that! And the customer is definitely not always right when it comes to storytelling. I cannot understand how someone who truly loves reading can be so clueless and obnoxious about the process it takes to get the authors’ story and vision to their readership. This is worse than a petulant child. I mean, my sister and I waited 7 years for the latest Dresden Files books and neither of us threw our toys out of the pram. They were worth the wait too.

          28. Please stop. Your approach and the way you’re speaking about Nora’s work is disrespectful. You are not entitled to anything and it sure as hell is coming off as if you think you are. Being able to read what Nora writes is a privilege. She works really, really hard and she should be shown respect. By the way you’re acting and what you’re saying, you’re not showing her ANY respect. You’re not acting like a fan. And you’re putting yourself first. Why not try to be thankful for what you do get instead of harassing and being disrespectful?

          29. Exactly! I say the same thing about other authors I read; as much as we want them to write faster, they are not machines and have lives. Perhaps we could recommend some other books/authors for people to read to help with the pain of waiting. I just finished rereading Connie Willis’ Black Out and All Clear. Future 2060) and WWII time travel.

          30. This is crazy, Nora Roberts writes more faster than anyone else I know!

            Debra would advise Husain Bolt he could run faster if he got rid of his coach!

          31. Agreed!
            I love the In Death series.
            Nora you have a lot on your plate.
            Handle how only you know is best.

          32. Thank you. I was late to the party.
            I started reading Nora in 2000. Although I’ve only read a couple of the JD Robb books, I have picked up on the pattern of her publications. As a fan, once I read one book, I found copies of Nora’s earlier work and now await for new books to be published.

          33. It simply doesn’t work that way. Not the creative process or the business of publishing.

            It just doesn’t.

          34. Not how it works—and you have no idea of the hard. If the publisher waited until they have the three books in house, then you wouldn’t have the first book until 2022, at the earliest. Which would leave the publisher with a couple large holes in their schedule—a cash flow issue, as they’d to pay me for the books as I turned them in—then sit on them for a couple years.

            And readers would complain I didn’t have a book out as usual.

            It’s really easy to say: It’s not hard, when you have no idea what goes into the process.

            Write a few books—and work with a publisher, or work in publishing for a few years Then tell me how it’s not hard.

          35. Maybe she should read Dark in Death. I snickered through all of Eve’s descriptions of the opinions of some readers.

          36. Please leave Nora alone. She has a life just like you do. She isn’t at our beck and call. Don’t get her mad because I wouldn’t want her to get disgusted and quit writing.

          37. As a writer myself, I am laughing out loud at Debra’s continued “it’s not that hard” claims. What fantastic entitlement!

          38. I can’t do it. The publisher can’t do it. The editor can’t do it. It’s not only about the reader, it’s the process. I am not a machine. The publisher can’t possibly accommodate every reader in the world of readers’ wants and expectations. This trilogy is not the only book(s) this one publisher has to deal with.

            It IS hard. It’s all hard. Except the reading. You read in a matter of days what it takes me months to write, what it takes a publisher more months to edit and produce.

            What goes into creating a book is so damn hard. What goes into taking that creation and putting it on the shelf for the reader is hard.

            Basically you want the publisher to wait 2-3 years before publishing—and swallow all the costs—so you can get the books in a trilogy quickly. When I’m still writing the second book at this moment. I haven’t even begun the third.

            Well, I can’t write fast enough to satisfy you, and publishing doesn’t work the way you want it to.

            And I find myself discouraged and annoyed because I work my butt off—and I know how hard my editor works, how hard my publisher works. But for some, it’s just never enough.

            Have you written and published? Have you worked in publishing? Do you actually know how it works?

            I’m going to take flak for this. I can literally see Laura pulling her hair out because I’m writing this. But enough. Just enough. I am NOT your slave. The publisher is not your slave. I’m spending my freaking holidays worried and obsessed about getting this book written—and well—so the publisher has time to edit it, produce it, do the cover art, print it, distribute it.

            And for some it’s just never enough.

            Comments like this make me wish I’d never written this book in the first place.

            When the customer is unreasonable, the customer is NOT right.

            Now go ahead, tell me you’ll never read me again because I’m a rude bitch who doesn’t respect my readers. I don’t care because respecting my readers, my work, and the people who work so hard to put my books out is why it takes so long.

          39. Amen!!! Laura don’t pull your hair. As hard as Nora has worked she has a right to be upset!!

            Once again Nora I would like to apologize for rude, greedy people. Yes it is so hard to wait for something you really want but be grateful for what you do have. I love everything you write! I don’t know how you turn out 4-5 books a year. To me each book you write is better than the last. Please know I am grateful for your stories. Awakening was so powerful. I was so excited I flew through it. So now that the hunger pains are dulled I will read it again & savor it this time. Then close to the release of the next book I will read it again so it will be fresh in my mind. I look forward to the new thriller & new JD Robb. Thank you once again for the stories you give us.

          40. I’m sorry that you even had to write this. Some people just don’t know (or even want to listen) to how the process works. Please ‘put this on the shelf’, and enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family. You have provided years of reading pleasure to your readers. You don’t owe us explanations.

          41. Hmmmm….reminiscent of Breen”a convo with her mom. Good for you!!! Your frustration is completely valid., and kudos for standing up for yourself. I am so grateful that you continue to write, and publish as frequently as you do. Like many others, I will re-read this one just before part two is released, and will re-read 1&2 just before the third book is released.

            I admire your skills, and your work ethic so much. It is so very hard to write, to weave a story that is multi-layered and complex.

            You are producing full manuscripts at the rate of roughly 1 every 3 months or so between the two series. You should not have to defend that.

            Thank you for making my holiday brighter with the latest novel – I loved it!

          42. I think you do an absolutely fabulous job with your writing! I understand the process and understand how impatient and rude readers can be wanting more, more, more, faster, faster, faster. I like when I discover a new author when the tenth or so book in the series has been published so I can read them one after another. With your books (and others of my favorite authors), I just go back and reread my favorite books. I am in awe of the fact that you put out the four books a year that you do, AND you keep the stories and characters fresh, new, exciting and so much fun to get to know. Plus, you share your personal adventures with us. You are so organized and amazing to me with everything you do, please ignore the rude complainers. Anticipation is as much fun as reading a new book when it comes out.

          43. The intent was not to stress Nora out. I specifically said that several times. Her writing schedule does not have to change. To say that the publisher cannot change their practices, however, is incorrect. The publisher can do whatever their customer base wants them to do and if they are smart they will. They make changes every day in the content that they publish. If they are pushed enough the changes will happen. We see it continuously in the business community. With today’s technology there is literally no reason for it to take 6-8 months to publish a book, especially a non-fiction book. Many publishers have books out faster than that. It may take some time to receive the Library of Congress number and the copyright. Textbooks which used to take 10 years to update are now updated every 2 years. And that is a larger book with numerous references, facts to check and permissions to receive. The book was awesome-the series just does not need to be released on an annual schedule. Yes, I realize Nora writes other books each year. The issue is NOT with Nora. It is with her publisher. When a company stops listening to customers it usually fails. Plenty of examples out there.

          44. If your intention was not to stress Nora, I’m afraid you failed. She’s explained the process. She writes fiction which goes through different parameters than non-fiction, from the time it takes the art department to create a gorgeous cover to the PR and marketing teams getting the word out.

            This is not going to change. I think it’s time to either accept that you’ll read the next book in November 2021 or just walk away.


          45. I ask, again, do you work in publishing? If not, you can’t possibly know. It’s not about the tech. I, a human being, yet write and turn in the best man’s I can. My editor, a human being (with other authors who also turn in mass) must then edit the book. She must do this while working with the managing editor for scheduling, working with the art department for cover concepts, and much more.

            The book has to go to a copy-editor—a human being.

            The book may have to come back to me—a human being—for revisions.

            The copy-editor will, most certainly, have some questions that must be addressed.

            And that’s just the editing part of the process.

            How does tech play into any of that?

            There are human beings who shepherd a book from concept to completed book delivered to the shelves or formatted for e-sales.

            But rather than accept you’re wrong about this issue, you continue to claim you know more about it that I do, than my editor, my agent—all of us with four decades in the business—and with all the people who work at St. Martin’s Press. Because you’re the customer?

            I’ve got more reasons, more facts, more of the process that illustrates why you’re just wrong. But this is enough.

            It’s humans who write, edit and produce a book. Not tech.

          46. I am standing up and applauding you. I have two trilogies out. I am a contemporary romance author. While I am a USA Today Bestseller, I am nowhere near as successful as you. You are one of my inspirations and I can only hope to eventually be one tenth as successful as you are. You have said what so many of us feel and I thank you for that! I was pulling my hair out reading Debra’s comments. It reminds me of the commercial where they say, “that’s not how this works, that’s not how any of this works!!”

            Bravo, Nora. Bravo.

            Thank you!

          47. Nora you are incredible, and I am very thankful that you share your talent with us. Some people are just rude, and frankly spoiled when they don’t get their way. Thank you for everything, and just ignore her!!! You are so very loved!

          48. You can’t argue with stupid because stupid never learns. Trying to explain the true publishing process to Debra will never work because you’re not saying what she wants to hear. Debra is a stupid, selfish, narcissistic moron (I wonder if she spray tans herself orange). She doesn’t care how hard you work or the publishers to put out the utterly fantastic books you write, she only cares that she gets what she wants. Obviously you are a master at your craft don’t let yourself be dragged any further into Debbie Downers rabbit hole. Your real fans are grateful for every book you write for us. Thank you for all the joy you’ve given me losing myself in your work.

          49. Debra, your argument rests on tech handling much of the publication process now. Unfortunately, tech doesn’t edit worth a darn. Editing takes time and it takes human interaction. I’ve read books that were printed first & then as they eventually moved to ebook because we all want the backlists in e-format and I can easily tell those that were just “thrown” into e-format & not edited; they’re a mess!

            You argue that they should bump other titles so the trilogy can come out more quickly, more “together” because the customer wants it & the customer is always right. Addressing that last: I’m sorry, but I have to wonder if you’ve ever worked in a service position? I have & I quickly learned, the customer is not always right. Only folks that want their own way believe that one. I’ve worked front desks, waitressed, cooked, service counters and other service areas: it’s more a case of if they don’t get their own way; they get “cranky”. (do you like that word better than bitchy?) Working those positions payed for all my college as my folks couldn’t afford it, and we believe that you work for what you want! Maybe you need to experience that a bit?

            Okay, so they bump the other titles to keep you happy: what should they tell the other authors & their fans? We’re bumping what you want because Ms. Roberts fans want this book faster, regardless that they get 4 titles a year from her & you only get one. And try to make that not sound like a slam on the other authors!

            You imply that St. Martin’s Press is going to fail because they don’t jump at your wish, asking how high & which direction? I’m not worried about them at all since they’ve stayed current with the various formats, they carry a wide range of top authors & run multiple imprints, plus are part of Macmillan publishers. Yes, they are conscious of the customer’s wants but they don’t scattershot trying to be all things to all people. I’m way less worried about them than other companies who are affected by the pandemic, etc.

            Yes, I understand that you’re not unhappy that Nora can’t write more titles a year. You’re unhappy with the publisher’s schedule/process. So, why are you busting Nora’s ear about it? Why aren’t you also complaining about price, even tho’ that’s also set by the publisher? (and has to pay for the tech used, the human salaries, NR’s wage, the physical imprint such as buildings, insurance, fees, ebk storage, etc) Go bug them but don’t bring it all up here in NR’s blog. It’s not appropriate here.

            There. I tried to respond to your points without getting abusive…altho’ it was difficult. And to use your response to someone else earlier, Bless you. And yes, I recognize southern insults when I see them. That one is very well known.

          50. Why don’t you stop harassing Nora and just take yourself to the publisher and argue and explain to them about what you know they are doing wrong?

            That is your point, is it not?

            Or are you just saying it is so you feel vindicated about bothering people who you actually say are not the source of what is irritating you so much?

          51. Imagine having the Karen audacity to get in a fight with Nora Roberts on her own blog. Read the room, Debra. Take the L and go home. Since you’re clearly the reason I didn’t get to read about Kat’s art and see Griffin photos and learn how Kayla is adapting to college in a pandemic in a Thanksgiving blog post, it’s pretty clear you need to take your whining elsewhere.

            I have an idea! Go find Patrick Rothfuss’ blog or George R Martin’s and tell them they need to write faster so you personally can read the next books in their series on your schedule. That will keep you occupied for the rest of eternity.

          52. If anyone can get Rothfuss off of Fallout and onto Doors of Stone, it would be Debra.

          53. ROTHFUSS AND MARTIN *standing ovation* *also crying*

            The unmitigated gall and toxic entitlement of demanding a writer—any writer—write to YOUR schedule and not their own is mind-blowing. But to do so to an author who is already ridiculously prolific?

            Look, I’m a freelance editor and one of my clients self-pubs. She’s pretty dang prolific. She also handles a ton of the stuff that, in traditional publishing (LIKE NORA’S BOOKS) involve many, many people, which lets her streamline the whole process. And she’s STILL not publishing on the Debra-knows-best schedule. Because—and I know this will shock you—she’s a human being with *gasp* other responsibilities.

            Can I also just throw down an extra WTF about haranguing a writer in this, the Year of Our Insanity, 2020? My God, Debra. Given the shitshow of this year, it’s astonishing you’re getting any damn books at all.

            Sit down. Be quiet. LISTEN. Learn from people with actual experience. And next time, do better.

          54. Oh, no! Please don’t sic Debra on Rothfuss! I have hopes of reading the third day before I die, and Debra is likely to make him swear of publishing his work altogether!

          55. Debra –

            Oh my gosh, stop! You are embarrassing yourself.

            Nora, your book was a joy to read. I sat down and read the entire book in one day. I loved it and will wait patiently for Book #2

            Thank you.

          56. You need to stop commenting. Your ignorance to Contract progress/performance, operational costs, break even points, and production capacity percentage is severely apparent. Let the publisher and the author work IAW (in accordance with) the production milestones (definitive actions) set within their contract line items. The customer (reader) is not included in book contract negotiations!!!

          57. Denise, do us all a favor and take your “cult of self” and need for instant gratification elsewhere. As someone who waited 10 YEARS for Stephen King to finish the Towers series, a year is a drop in the bucket. Plus, we get multiple incredible books a year from Nora. So dry up, Dursley, and move along elsewhere.

          58. Debra, do us all a favor and take your “cult of self” and need for instant gratification elsewhere. As someone who waited 10 YEARS for Stephen King to finish the Towers series, a year is a drop in the bucket. Plus, we get multiple incredible books a year from Nora. So dry up, Dursley, and move along elsewhere.

          59. Or you, Debra, could wait to read the books until all three are out. That way you’re not upsetting Nora’s schedule, the publisher’s schedule, or even your own since you still have to wait until all three are out to finish the trilogy.

          60. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I just want to know when I can pre-order Book 2 to make sure it is in my Audible Library as soon as it is available…

          61. Debra, I eagerly await the publication of your in-depth behind-the-scenes book all about the publishing business. It’s obvious you have a great deal of experience and knowledge to share with us all. And, as you have so clearly stated, the process is *so easy* and can be so streamlined and quick, I’m sure we’ll all be able to buy a copy of your book in just a few short months. How exciting!

          62. Debra,
            The amazingly talented and prolific Nora Roberts is absolutely correct in all of her statements. As someone who has worked in publishing for 20+ years, I’m telling you that you need to stop.

            Publishing schedules are dependent upon numerous factors, and yes, publishers listen to their customers, but YOU ARE NOT THE CUSTOMER. Publishers listen to the retailers that sell their books. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, independent booksellers, Wal-mart, Target, Costco, book distributors, libraries, etc. are the customers they are listening to, even if they sell books directly to readers, the numbers don’t compare.

            You’re extremely lucky that Nora Roberts is as prolific as she is. I’ve been waiting for over a decade for one of my favorite authors to publish again.

          63. You’re being ridiculous! If you have to throw an embarrassing tantrum like this, keep it to yourself. You are putting NR’s readers in a horrible light.

            Just stop.

          64. Debra, it truly seems that you are in desperate need of a writing project.
            Write your own trilogy.
            Have it beta read.
            Interview and review samples of narrators for the audiobook version. Choose one. Set an expected recording window that aligns with when you expect the book to be fully ready *and* when the narrator has an open slot in their schedule.
            Incorporate (or not) the suggestions the beta readers give you.
            At this point, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to contract a cover designer – remember that you need a properly-sized cover for each retailer that will be selling it online, another full-wrap cover for the print edition, and a third creatively cropped cover for the audiobook edition.
            Have the book edited.
            Incorporate (or not) the edits that are suggested.
            Approve the cover designs, or re-submit for changes.
            Submit the book for final proofreading.
            Edit for random typos that slip through. (They always slip through.)
            Hand the manuscript over to your narrator to start the audiobook recording process, which can take anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the narrator’s speed.
            Approve the final design for the covers.
            Have the book formatted for print and for ebook distribution. Keep in mind that different retailers demand different formats of ebook submissions.
            Wait for the narration to be finished. Spend hours reviewing the audiobook for quality and any changes that need to be made.
            Submit the changes to be made. Wait for those recording edits to come back.
            Then go about publishing the book. If you’re self-publishing, this is where you switch from being an author to a marketer. If you’re working with a publisher, this is where you wait for *their* publishing schedule to be open, because they can only publish so many books per year based on their budget, their printing capabilities, and their marketing schedule.
            Do all of that, and *then* you can come here and tell an award-winning author who’s written more books than the years you’ve been alive how it’s done, and how it *could* be done.
            I’m an author, and I’m telling you: sit down and write a trilogy. Until you’ve done all of what I’ve listed above, you have NO business continuing to expose your complete and total ignorance of a writer’s personal work capabilities and a publisher’s publishing capabilities online for all to see.

          65. A.

            I am an editor, married, with small children…aka a human in 2020. I think I’m in love with your words right now.

          66. A simple solution here is to not start trilogies until all three are published.

            You, as the reader, can set your own schedule of consumption, which you have control over. What you don’t have control over is anyone else, no matter how much you attempt to make demands.

          67. Debra. Shut. Up. You’re being an ass.

            The problem is with people like you who want immediate gratification. Not with Nora, not with her publisher.

            I’ve been a bookseller for decades. Trust me, its people like YOU that’s the issue, not the authors OR the publishers.

          68. Debra, any respectable author understands the importance of not rushing to publish. Your running commentary is filled with such audacity. You think you know all about the book biz. Frankly you sound like an amateur.

          69. You were trending on Twitter all day Debra, as the asshat who tried to tell Nora Roberts how to do her job. Congratulations. *Golf clap*

          70. best part of the twitter Nora Roberts trending was the label “politics” pasted onto the topic.

          71. Debra, just shut up and go read some other books until Nora’s next book comes out.

          72. “With today’s technology there is literally no reason for it to take 6-8 months to publish a book, especially a non-fiction book.”

            You’re wrong. Nora is right – these ‘processes’ need PEOPLE. I’m a copyeditor. I normally edit about 2500 words per hour. Plus add on the time it takes for me to read the MS before starting to edit, to compile a style sheet and a timeline, and to write queries to the author then go through the author’s replies to me and add these to the MS. A three-week turnaround for editing a novel is not unreasonable.

            And this is just one stage in the process!

          73. Speaking as a professional psychologist with over 40 years of experience, Debra. your constant repeating of the same words and opinions is a psychiatric symptom called perseveration. It can be indicative of a psychiatric disorder. I think you might need to see a professional mental health practitioner for an evaluation.

          74. Clearly, we are all ignorant and confused. Been doing this “publishing” thing all wrong, all along.
            Please, Debra, establish a publishing firm, and show us how to do it correctly. We need an example.
            Pretty please.

          75. Of course, readers who know that they have trouble waiting for subsequent books in a series can always just wait to read them until they’ve all been published. That way, nothing has to change! You would still wait the same amount of time and Nora and the publisher can still do their usual fantastic jobs.

          76. Debra. Each book the writer writes requires editing, author rewrite, re-edit, format, final edit, cover art and copy for the back page, inner flaps, etc. Then probably international printing and large print and audio recording before any book is ordered, packed and shipped. Its not just a mean old publisher punishing Nora’s readers. I edit (sadly not for Nora), in the last month I got 2 scratched corneas and a head cold. I’m two weeks behind. And that’s a small thing. Take a deep breath. Leave this alone and admit you cannot know everything going on unless you work in the industry. BTW: Nora! I love your books. Hug!

          77. It’s amazing to me how people can be so selfish at this time in our lives. Be glad that Nora Roberts is writing books PERIOD. I am grateful for each one I can read when available. It’s hard to do sometimes but ignore the bad replies and know the rest of your faithful followers are true blue and are awaiting your books. Especially love the trilogies.

          78. You are not rude! I would rather read then watch tv. I hate waiting for the next books, but I am more terrified that a time will come when you want to retire and there will be no next book. I only hope it will be after I leave this earth. And just in case I am taking my books with me. Because it can’t be heaven if you can’t take the things that mean the most. I have read authors that roll out 6 or 7 books a year and I am bored out of my mind by the 4th book. The typos and grammar send me into flinging the book across the room. No thank you I will wait. I get to a point like I did in October where I absolutely had to have a Nora fix so I re read the key triologies and the 3 sister Islands. I know I read faster than you write, but that’s ok because I can re-read you books and have been for years.

          79. I know – I love to re-read NR books as well, one of the few authors that I revisit. I’ve read through the In Death series over 5 times now 🙂 I can’t believe I resisted reading that series for a long time. I missed out on great character development! And I know a day will come when the last NR book is published – but I don’t want to think about that! (Although she does deserve some retirement time, if anyone does!)

          80. I am so happy to read and am so grateful for your never ending well of talent for taking me away in your stories. They provide me with a much needed break from the worldly woes these days. I am currently working 40+ hours a week as well as taking care of my husband of 44 years who is a stroke patient, now mostly left side paralyzed.
            When a new book comes out, I enjoy the time in between, I find that a few weeks ahead of the release of a new book in a series I go back and reread, falling in to your story all over again.
            With Awakenings, on Thanksgiving night, I built a fire in the fireplace and thought I would change my routine slightly started my iPad playing with the Dubliners playing in the background. Such blessed peace and enjoyment in my world. Again thank you for what you do, Nora Roberts.

          81. Thank you for a wonderful few days of enjoyment reading The Awakening.

            I sighed and savored, read as slowly as I could.

            Enjoy the holidays and screw the nuts !!

          82. You tell her Nora. Personally, I don’t think you were rude enough. I love your books. Haven’t been able to get my copy yet, but I can’t wait. Thank you for working so hard to enrich our lives.

          83. This makes me really sad, Nora. You’re an amazing writer and I dearly love your books and can’t wait for the next one, but you’re a person with a life and a family should not have to explain yourself repeatedly. Thank you for all you do and blessings to you and your family.

          84. If I hadn’t already been reading your books since college, this comment alone would have started me reading. You have been beyond impressive with your writing and what you are able to accomplish each year. While I would love to dive in to the next book right away, that’s not how it works. You need time, as do your publishers to do the work necessary to write something truly wonderful.
            Finishing the last series was bittersweet for me. My best friend and I read them at the same time and were eagerly awaiting the last book when she passed away suddenly a month before it was released. Thank you for giving me something tangible that helps me think of her the second I open the first page.

          85. Amanda, I’m so sorry for your loss. I miss my friends so much during this miserable time, and know losing one would just gut me.

            All my sympathy.

          86. I’m sorry that rude customers make your holidays more difficult. Your book is a bright spot during an otherwise dark holiday season. I hope you know that your readers adore your books and appreciate all of the hard work that you and your publisher put in. I hope that can be a bright spot for you.

          87. Debra, AKA the Troll, has to give respect to give respect. I understand how hard writing is. I throw my heart and soul into each of my book ideas. And then end up wondering if it was even good. I just picked up your book today even though I have yet to finish Chronicles of the One. You write amazing books. As far as I am concerned she is the bitch. Don’t let people like her take the joy out of creating these amazing stories.

          88. The gall of some people. I’m staring at her in Southern fashion and will give a hearty “ Bless your heart” to Debra.

          89. I’m staring at Deb too. Giving her a hearty Rocky Mountain “shut the f*ck up”

          90. I live in Auburn California and I want to toss that idiotic moron into the American river confluence from the Foresthill Bridge in May. Two reasons for that. The bridge is the highest in California at 730 feet (see the base jumping scene from XXX), and in May, the river is still full of snow melt. Maybe that’ll get through her thick skull that if she ticks Nora off enough, there won’t be another book ever.
            Just my $.02.

          91. Dear Ms. Roberts,
            You are incredibly gracious to try and explain how publishing works to Tammy Tantrum over here. You deserve a long quiet soak and/or whatever else helps you to relax. Debra needs to go soak her head.

          92. Nora,

            I am a theatre artist and I feel your frustration every time someone says, well, just throw the show up – you can do it in a week, right? The care and love that we put into art is long and hard. And some people love you for it and some will always look at it purely as a materialistic commodity. Those who only see it as something to buy and sell will never understand that part of us goes into each work of art, each story told, each moment brought to life.

            Although, I haven’t read you in awhile, I am grateful to you and all the authors. As I am forced to sit outside my beloved theatre, I still journey inside the pages of your books. My mother died last week, and I (like so many others) must deal with loss alone. Authors like you provide a lifeline. You are NOT a product or a manufacturer. You are an artist and I am incredibly grateful for all that you do.

          93. Jennifer, I’m so sorry about your mom. Losing your mother is so hard, and losing any loved one now is just brutal.

            My son’s in theater—a lighting designer. I know how tough it is for him right now.

          94. Jennifer, that was beautiful. I am so sorry about your mom. She must have been REALLY proud of you.

            Have you ever considered writing too?

          95. BRAVO, NORA ROBERTS! I have been a fan since wayyy back. EVERYONE of your books has brought me pure joy!
            I discovered J D Robb books about 8 yrs ago and they too have never disappointed!
            Please continue to write at whatever speed suits you.
            YOU ARE A TREASURE!!!
            God bless you and your family. ♥️

          96. Nora,
            You belong to no one. We love your books, even the troll leaving the comments said as much.
            You’re amazing, and no one deserves the time to get into your head and make you feel discouraged.
            In fact, I’m just petty enough that if it were me, I’d be ending every single book I ever wrote on a cliffhanger from now on. Just because I could.
            Keep being classy and amazing.

          97. Good for you for establishing solid boundaries. Just because an abusive, entitled asshole reads your books, does not mean that you are in any way required to be a doormat. I’m sorry this person is adding to your mental load.

          98. It’s taken me a bit to get through this entire thread but whoa.

            First, Nora, you owe nobody an explanation. Before my brain injury I’d stay up all night reading your books. And as hard as it was waiting for the next, it was totally worth it!

            Now, I struggle to read and when I do get through things such as this thread, it takes awhile and I end up with enormous eye pain. That said, my doctors and I are working on it and hoefully I’ll be able to read pain free again in the next year or so. This is neither here nor there to this whole “Debra haranguing Nora” episode however, the thread made me cry and so the explanation felt necessary.

            So many people take reading forgranted. They don’t realize how awful it is being unable to do it. Instead of appreciating what they have, they seem to feel they can be obnoxious because “Hey, it’s not a real person I’m yelling at.”

            I could go on but I won’t. I’m in rant mode and while I can barely look at this page while I’m typing, the typos are bound to show up soon.

            Please, Nora, ignore Debra. Spend time with your family. Enjoy the holiday season, avoid the virus and stay well. Don’t let ignorance give you a headache. Know you and your writing are loved and you make a difference to so many.

            Here’s hoping by the time the 2nd book of the series under discussion is out I’ll be able to read it! Peace and blessings to you and yours.

          99. Sorry for the ignorance and arrogance shown here by that fan. Don’t regret ever writing, your characters practically live in my head. Many times I’ve lost all my troubles inside your least for a while. Thank you for all you do along with the unseen people that make your books happen. I appreciate it. 🙂

          100. Preach, Nora! Thank you for setting this rude, disrespectful woman straight! Your novels are complex stories that aren’t just thrown together, it’s a process. I get that, and I am willing to wait. Thank you for being you.

          101. Ok…I am not going to lie…it has been a while since I have read your books. Just moved in a different direction, but always loved your books. Here is a simple fact. It doesn’t matter if you write your books ten years apart. This is YOUR business, YOUR livelihood….nobody else’s. And you are totally correct publishers are running a business and they are doing to make money. Simple FACT they do this for a living….they know when the best time to release a book so that it SELLS!! So the Nora makes money and so do they! They aren’t going to hoard it forever either because people could forget. Same thing happens with movies. Suck it up and just enjoys the damn book when it is release!! I think we have enough negativity in the world right now…stop poking people that are trying to bring joy to the world! Keep it up Nora don’t let people get to you!

          102. Here’s a silver lining, I’ll be buying this book. I read 1-3 books a week, but I’ve never read one of yours. The glowing posts didn’t persuade me, your response to this cyberbully did.

            No one deserves to be treated the way Debra has treated you, all because you had the unmitigated gall to write a story people love.

            Debra does give the impression of wanting to own you because she read your work. That’s unacceptable. George RR Martin goes a decade between books. The creative process isn’t easy, and creating an intriguing & original story harder still. No one has the nerve to tell him it isn’t a difficult process.

            Never worry about taking flak for standing up for yourself. Last time I checked, slavery was abolished. You owe Debra nothing. Not even a response.

          103. You said it just right! She was taking advantage of you! You had enough and blew your top! Good for you!!! I say you need to do that more often! People need to be more respectful of others! Authors have families and bills and homes to take care of of just like the rest of us. We as readers love the books we read and we get immersed in the stories but we need to remember that the authors are first and foremost people with feelings and they do what they do because they love it. Let’s treat them better!

          104. No, I have loved you forever since I was 16. and I know that can be less than satisfying when you have an ungrateful busybody in your ear. But please know that you have been a fixture in my life for half as long as I have been alive and I truly appreciate you

          105. (Clearing throat)

            Dear Nora,

            You may not realize that to many of USS you are the literary Goddess of our bookshelves.

            First, thank you for sharing your talents and hard work with millions of us.

            Second, keep in mind that millions, minus on or two, understand that your writing and publishing is a clear process.

            Third, whew. I’m thankful that when I saw you were trending on Twitter, it was for this hot mess, not the other reason famous people trend on Twitter!

          106. You go girl. You don’t need witches like her. I’ll buy two books just to make up her sales. Take a breather enjoy the holidays. Don’t think about writing until after the holidays.

          107. You are so awesome!!! You are right. Debra is wrong. She needs to let it go.

          108. I came here cause I heard about this from Seanan McGuire’s twitter.

            I have read quite a few comments now, including the above obviously and 7 have read the newer blog post.

            I have never read a Norah Roberts book before, but this above “rude” reply made me become an instant fan of the person Norah Roberts. I am gonna go buy The Awakening right now!

            If I love it, I will patiently wait till the next book comes out haha. I am otherwise a fantasy reader so the idea to throw a fit because of a yearly release schedule is ludicrous to me. Check out George R.R. Martin’s release schedule for his song of ice and fire series 🤣

            Dear Norah Roberts, thank you for standing up for yourself. Don’t be discouraged because of some entitled biatches. I don’t know you or your books, but I know how hard you must work if I look at how much you are releasing each year. You are a effing wonder!

            Much love from Germany!

          109. Debra does not speak for the readers. She speaks for herself. I for one appreciate the heart, soul and hard work that Nora puts into each and every one of her books.
            Thank you, Nora, for providing not hours, but years of enjoyment to me, my mother, and the many friends I have recommended your books to!

          110. I just wanted to tell you that I view every book you write as a wonderful gift because I never take anything for granted anymore. My best friend, who was a long time fan of yours,got me into reading your books. She died of cancer three years ago at age 45. I read every book wondering if she would like it. I also got my 95 year old father reading your books. He loves the in death books and enjoyed the One triology. I will be getting this new book for him soon. Thanks for every book.

          111. I have been a fan of yours for years, probably my entire twenties (since my best friend got me hooked) and now that I’m starting my thirties I expect this decade to be no different.

            I love your writing – whether it’s a paranormal romance/ fantasy, a drama about Irish sisters and their loves, or even just you absolutely roasting a woman who is being beyond rude and ignorant about matters that she obviously doesn’t actually understand.

            I have yet to read The Awakening, I have a TBR pile the size of my soon-to-be-toddler, and I think anyone with a toddler knows why it’s gotten that tall! But I will read it soon, and know I will love it.
            I found the first of the Chronicles of the One in my library while losing my first pregnancy. It gave me hours of escapism in a time when I desperately didn’t want to be me. I didn’t have long to wait for the second, and I read the third while feeding my newborn in the middle of some very long nights. I will never fault the timing of your writing or publishing.

            I can never thank you enough for your words. Please know that there are more of us than there are Debras.

          112. Nora please don’t feel that way, we LOVE your hard work and would be devastated if you stopped because of an ungrateful troll! You are simply amazing and the majority of your fans can appreciate the time it takes to create greatness 🤩

          113. I have literally never read your books before, Nora – but this comment makes me want to start!

            Thank you for standing up and laying out the actual facts – so many readers have this bulls*t idea that authors somehow owe them their work on some arbitrary schedule *because I said so*. GRRM fans are particularly bad, but it’s all over the place.

            Your works are a gift to your readers, and you don’t owe anyone a thing. I hope you take heart from the overwhelming majority of messages on this blog that are nothing but appreciative of you and your writing. Kudos to you!

          114. I’ve also never read any of Nora’s books, and I probably never will, because I’m an SF guy. But I am SO here for her takedown of Debra. As much as I love, say, John Scalzi, I would NEVER demand that he or Tor pick up the pace. Because he’s a human being, and so is everyone else involved, and they all have lives. Debra is an entitled idiot, and she needs a little humbling.

          115. Hi Brian

            If you like SF then chances are you’ll enjoy some of Nora’s books. She has written many magic and witchcraft books over the years much of it rooted in Celtic myths and legends.

            Beyond that her characters are fab and she tells a fabulously good story. 😁

          116. Nora,

            I just need to say I love you for this. I’ve been reading your books for MANY years, and this comment, while I don’t work in the book industry OR publishing, speaks to me on so many levels. I saw many people like Debra working in retail, and yes, sometimes, you just need to say it. You’ve got lots of us loyal readers out there who will still be reading you, and who love you more for this. <3

          117. You’re a god damn hero. We don’t deserve you. Debra definitely doesn’t deserve you. And you are awesome for taking the time to engage with people who love your books even when they are being so insanely negative.

          118. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

            Please don’t be upset because of one rude person.

            There are millions of us who are grateful and happy and IN AWE of what you’re able to accomplish.

            We don’t mind waiting and in fact, wait times are much more predictable for your books than others.

          119. Hi. I just wanted to say Thank You, for the hours of entertainment and diversion.. I love your work. I am happy and grateful to read the works of authors (such as yourself). I probably have a hundred favorite authors, and I eagerly wait for new publications. When they come out, I’m happy as a clam, and I read them, then re-read them. I do not presume to dictate how or when these new stories come out – as you said, that’s determined by the writer and by the publishing industry, which I have little to no knowledge of. I’m just happy that the industry, and the authors, continue to be able to provide me with such joy. Again, thank you for all yo (and your publisher) do.

          120. Almost ALL of your readers appreciate the hard work, the sweat, and the HELL it takes for you to give us stories we love. If I had one wish(that didn’t have to do with my actual family)-it would be that you(and other writers) could just have your holidays for YOU and your family and not have to worry about your stories. I have quite a few of your trilogies/quartets/etc. that I read ALL. THE. TIME. It’s like going back HOME when I read them because the stories are part of me and mine. I settle into those books-THANK YOU for them.

          121. I love NR books. Millions love NR books. It is amazing how much NR have written already . My talents do not lie in writing or creative story/world building. Which is why I love all the authors that can. I really enjoy the last two series (The One and The Awakening). As a reader I read quickly and its natural for wanting to know whats next. We are not children, and even they have to wait a year for Christmas or their birthdays to come again. Waiting a year (or more) for the next book is worth it. All the books are worth it because they are quality literature not fanfiction.

          122. I’ve listened to one of your books on Audiobook and loved it. I tend towards Ilona Andrews and Patrica Briggs’ style so I haven’t read anymore yet, but Ilona posted a link about this thread and after reading your responses I am totally buying the first book in this trilogy!

            I don’t mind waiting for good books, and with the classy but sassy response you gave I know I’ll love the rest of your writing as well.

            Sorry you encountered an entitled fan. But you response got you a new fan as well :).

          123. I love all 3 of them! They all focus on the relationships of their characters.

          124. Nora, can I just say that I have been reading your books since I was in high school and I love them all.

            Please don’t listen to the ignorant, you are so loved and treasured and your works bring your readers so much joy.

            I have such a deep respect for the time and effort you put into your books and I will continue to read them as long as you are willing to write them.

            Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us.

          125. Hi, I’m not actually a reader of your books yet (I came across this rant courtesy of a blog-post by Ilona Andrews blog).

            Your reaction, standing up to Debra, makes me want to become a new reader of your books. So if you loose a customer like Debra, (and really, can you call it losing?)
            I will become your new customer and will cancel out her “loss”

            Kudos to you for standing up for yourself!

          126. I just want to say I love you. I have read all of your books, and am amazed at how prolific your are. We were hiding your books inside our textbooks 2 decades ago. You are a literary machine. If Debra Downer wants to get salty about waiting a year for a book, she should hop on over to the Jim Butcher fan pages and read how happy and excited we were to get HALF a story after 6 years and then wait 2 months for the other HALF a story, and he STILL hasn’t finished that series. We are fortunate in how you choose to spend your time and energy. So thank you.

            Debra, you need to settle your butt down. Cool your tits. Masturbate or something. Drink your white wine, 1/2 a xanax cocktail, and get your expired coupons ready to take to the supermarket tomorrow so you can harass the checkout person. Polish your broom so you have a smooth trip there and back. But like Marvin K. Mooney, please go now.

          127. I’m willing to wait for such an amazing book series
            You’re justified in everything you just stated

          128. You go, Nora! I hope you focus more on all of the readers who are fully supporting you and not at all on Debra. We love your books! Keep doing what you’re doing.

          129. We love you Nora! You are an amazing author and individual. I’m so grateful for you! Forget the troll.

          130. Please Nora Robert AKA J.D. Robb, ignore what I term as the idiots. YOUR books have been enjoyed for so many years by so many of us with no ability to write but the ability to read. I seldom buy hardback copies but sometimes just can’t wait. You are one of the few authors I look for first! I may privately moan and whine and demand NEXT NEXT NEXT but I WAIT impatiently and politely for the releases.
            I thank you for all of your tallent and effort.

          131. I hate to hear the stress this ONE person has put on you Nora. She is not worth your time or effort and your family. She is best ignored and she will eventually go away. I for one of millions are so happy you wrote this book. Do we want to wait a year, NO!! However we know this takes time. We get a new JD soon and then a few more through the year and then the second. Please just walk away from this, have a glass of wine and enjoy life. I thank you so much for who you are and the joy you bring each and everyone, less Debra, in your work.

          132. Nora I am so sorry you have to deal with crap like this.
            Your writing is excellent your time is the time you and your editor and publisher need to have all your books ready at the quality you want and your reader expect.
            Some people just seem to forget or not acknowledge greatness takes time.

          133. I’ve actually never read any of your books. I ended up on this blog through a weird rabbit hole I went down while procrastinating on a final paper. I don’t actually know that much about the publishing process (your explanations throughout this thread were fascinating). I do know that it is different for different authors, and I try to be grateful for however much each author writes because among the authors I love it varies a lot. The conclusion to one of my favorite series came out in October after being pushed back about two years and it was amazing and completely worth the wait. My absolute favorite series went from a book every six months or so for the first six books to a two year wait for the seventh book going on a six year wait for the eighth one. I’m just grateful the author is still writing. I read authors that publish 1-2 books every year, authors that publish 4-6 books every year, and authors like the ones I’ve mentioned with random publishing schedules that are impossible to predict. Just from skimming your published works list, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen an author who published as many books as consistently as you. Two books from one series every year for 25 years while also publishing maybe 100 other books is insane. I am in awe. You have definitely earned the right to be as rude as you want.

          134. Nora, you write what you want when you want, all of your fans who are NOT Debra will wait patiently, and be thankful for your amazing mind and talent that gives us all so much pleasure when we get to read your work! Don’t let one troll ever make you feel that you shouldn’t have written any book, all of your books are phenomenal and we love you!

          135. Please don’t stop writing. I look forward to reading each new book. I admire your vast knowledge, in depth research, and of course, the talent you use to evoke the vivid images with only words.

          136. Hey, I’ll take Debra’s spot TODAY and I have never took a trip through Romancelandia in my reading…..but I STAN a Boss lady ALL day, EVERY day and Ms Roberts, YOU ARE A BOSS. I just hope I made it here before the onslaught of Twitter. I totally agree that ANYONE who says “The customer is always right!” has either NEVER worked for the public or they worked at Zappos (RIP TH♥️)!! Sometimes, it’s just gotta be said & THAT lady needed to hear it. Thanks for giving me LIFEon this rainey NC morn!!👊♥️

          137. I’ve been reading your books since the beginning. So.many.years. I remember my first In Death book and was thinking hey this author seems familiar to me. Like a friend. You are brilliant, appreciated, and when your books come out I always know I’m in for the best time of my life. thank you thank you. Trollers gonna troll. Keep on writing Nora. As my late grandma says “a NR book is just a good book”

          138. I literally just finished reading this amazing book, bought it yesterday! I am so excited for the next book to come out. I, just like 99.9% of her readers, understand that it takes time to create these worlds, and characters. Nora, thank you. You are appreciated more than you know. Have you thought of maybe squeezing in another enemy, named Gobnait, who gets tortured for a bit? It may be a fun way to get back at an entitled “customer”.

          139. Nora, good for you. I’m reading your response weeks after you wrote it because I had to wait for your wonderful, fantastic, fun, interesting story to be available at my library. I can wait for book 2 because frankly you are not the only writer I read. I am truly amazed at your patience with the rude and ignorant comments of “Debra” . I’m sure you are OK because anyone who writes as well as you can handle such nonsense. Hope you and those you love have a good holiday.

          140. Dear Nora,

            I just want to say I have read and fallen in love with so many of your stories. I follow more of your romance books and magical stories than your suspense ones but have read those as well. The MacGregors clan filled me with laughter, tears and so much more. You are an amazing author. Creative in such a way that pulls me into each and everyone of your stories I have read. Please be reminded that what you do makes so many of your readers happy. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in your next installment of The Dragon Heart Trilogy. You are my all time favorite author. Sending you lots of love and patience for when it is needed. ❤️

          141. Nora,
            On the upside of this ridiculous tantrum 🙄
            You’ve found the name for the next victim in your “In Death” series… Debra 😂
            I have read every book you’ve written, and am happy to await your next.
            Don’t waste any more time or words on this clueless reader.

          142. So you’d want to wait until next year for the first book? That’s easy, don’t read it yet 🙂 Some people on FB have stated they wait until the whole trilogy is released. That could work for you?

          143. Anyone who tries to use “the customer is always right” to justify why they should get their way no matter how hard their way would make the lives of other people is probably not a reasonable person and likely shouldn’t get their way. The idea that the customer is always right is one of the most destructive concepts to emerge in the last fifty years, creating a couple generations of supremely entitled folks who will insist that they deserve what they want, how they want, right now, and screw everyone else.

          144. The customer is absolutely not “always right.”

            Anyone who has ever worked with customers knows this.

          145. The first thing you need to do is let go of this idea that the customer is always right. No. Just no. That gives the customer full blown permission to act like an ass. Case and point…your disrespectful, heinous replies to this blog. Grow up.

          146. FACT: the customer is not always right.

            In this case, the customer is talking out her butt about things she knows exactly zippo about.

          147. Take the L Debra. You look like a moron. Nora doesn’t owe you anything. You clearly have no idea how publishing works and you continue to make an ass out of yourself. This isn’t everyone else is wrong and you’re right. You are completely wrong.

          148. The customer is NOT always right . . . and you’ve proved that over and over on this thread.

          149. Jesus Christ, you’re annoying. To the point where this is trending on Twitter. Also, I worked in customer service for many years before I became a teacher and the customer IS NOT always right. You’re very very very very rude.

          150. Seriously, the customer is not always right. And when was the last time you heard of a book being published early. Is the author allowed to get off this hamster wheel you describe. Maybe to take a breath. Ms. Roberts sounds like a very busy lady!

          151. This is written like someone who has literally never worked a day in the publishing industry OR written a book. This is literally not how any of this works. You’re skipping so many different steps in the process, it’s ridiculous.

            What publishing is not:
            1. Writer writes the book.
            2. Publisher publishes the book.

            What publishing IS:
            1. Writer writes the book.
            2. Editor edits, sends book back to writer.
            3. Writer rewrites the book.
            4. Editor edits, sends book back to writer again.
            5. Writer approves changes, does any other rewrites necessary. Multiple more passes may be required depending on how much work the book requires.
            6. Editor schedules book with copyeditor/line editor.
            7. Copyeditor/line editor edits book.
            8. Writer reviews copyeditor’s changes.
            9. Copyeditor may or may not go through book again, depending on how many passes the publisher has requested.
            10. Managing editor schedules book with proofreader.
            11. Proofreader proofreads the book.
            12. Writer reviews proofreader’s changes, sends back to proofreader.
            13. Proofreader may or may not do a second pass depending on what publisher requests.
            14. Book’s text is finalized.
            15. Book gets scheduled with the formatter.
            16. Formatter formats the book.
            17. Galleys are sent to the author. The author reviews the galleys and makes notes of any formatting errors or any other minor errors in the book that need to be corrected.
            18. Formatter makes corrections.
            19. Book’s cover art is created. This may require multiple drafts and revisions.
            20. Once all the above steps are done, the book is scheduled with the printer. The printer–of which there are very few that would actually be capable of producing a book by an author of Nora Roberts’ caliber–has dozens of publishers they work with. The printer schedules the book when they’re available to print the book.
            21. The publisher typically schedules the book’s release based on when the printer can fit it into their schedule along with what else is releasing in the general time frame that the book will be physically ready.
            22. The publisher creates a marketing plan (which may happen earlier in the process, but regardless, the plan has to be created at some point). This plan is based on when the book is scheduled to release, which is further based on when the printer is able to print the books.
            23. The book is printed.
            24. The print copies are reviewed for print problems.
            25. Once approved, the book begins to be shipped to retailers.
            26. On release day, the book goes on sale to readers.

            And you know what? I’m about 99% sure that I’m missing a few steps in there somewhere.

            And in addition to everything above? Nora Roberts isn’t the only author the publisher publishes. There are literally hundreds more authors that this same process has to be done with, and that means that extreme coordination is required to even produce the books in the span of nine months to a year. There are a TON of moving parts involved in the publication process. What you’ve described would be ideal for, say, an indie author who doesn’t have to worry about working around other authors. But not for a major publisher with hundreds of authors and at least two dozen or more steps that have to be followed in the publication process for every single one of those authors.

            Source: My personal experience, working for a publisher, plus my personal experience as a writer AND as an editor. Though why I’m bothering to write this since you’ve convinced yourself of your rightness is beyond me.

          152. That’s a good list – and, of course, there is all the marketing build-up BEFORE publication, much less after. Oh, yeah, it’s an involved process. Did you put this on a blog somewhere else? Worth sharing with writing groups.

          153. Are you a writer? Do you know for a *fact* that it is not hard to do all the Thongs you said above? Because as everyone else has already pointed out to you, writers need time to write, they need time to have lives — aside from writing, they need time to avoid burnout, etc. All of these things can, in fact, make what you said above very hard to actually do. If you’re actually a Nora Robert’s fan, why are you complaining? She gave you beautiful words to read, read them and stop whingeing. When you’re done, perhaps go find a nice Indie author, and read their beautiful words. Perhaps, if you’re busy reading, you won’t have so much time to continue trolling.

          154. Debra, have you always been a Karen or just today?

            NR puts out 4 books a year on avg, more than most. Now be grateful for what you get because as Nora has pointed out, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          155. Debra,
            OH my goodness, thanks for the hearty belly laugh. You have obviously NEVER read a series before. The anticipation is part of the story! I’m sorry you have to wait only a year for the next installment. Why don’t you harass George RR Martin? I think we’re 2 years into waiting for the next installment? Do you even realize how many books Nora Roberts puts out in a year??
            Stop harassing Nora Roberts. I haven’t read this book yet, but now I want to, just because you’re whining about it!

          156. Wow, “the customer is always right” is ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE. Customer service is vital to services, but variables impact it such as production times, work loads, inefficient working conditions (such as working from home during a worldwide pandemic), etc etc etc.

            What’s funny is I don’t even read Nora Roberts’ books. I’m here from another authors blog who mentioned the train wreck that is your comments and I had to see for myself. Your remarks are so incredibly entitled, spoiled, and factually inaccurate. Instead try being kind, patient, and grateful you can enjoy her stories at all.

          157. Debra, you are not every reader. You don’t care one bit about any customer except Debra. For example, I have never read Nora Roberts* (I got here from Ilona Andrews’ blog) and could not care less if or when Nora publishes the next book in this series. I want books by other authors prioritized. So therefore, as a customer who is always right, St. Martin’s Press should accommodate MY needs. Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?

            Alternatively, instead of demanding the rest of the world change to suit Debra, you COULD check reviews, see the book is a cliffhanger, and put off reading it until the next book comes out. I’ve done this several times with even my favorite writers, as I don’t enjoy cliffhangers any more than the next reader.
            *please don’t take offense Ms. Roberts. I have actually more than once been tempted to try your books, as you are beyond doubt the bestselling and most prolific Paranormal Romance writer and have been for years. What has stopped me is that very proliferation.
            A) where to even start?
            B) If I find an author I like, I read EVERYTHING by them. You would bankrupt me.

          158. Debra is an entitled, narcissist. Believe it or not, the world doesn’t revolve around you or what you deem is an appropriate schedule for a writer/publishing company to follow. I’m stnned that anyone would write as you’ve written on a writer’s blog. By the way, those of you who are here because you read about this unbelievable exchange on Iona Andrews’ site, and who haven’t read Nora Roberts books, I’d highly recommend starting with JD Robb’s In Death books (JD Robb is Nora, if you don’t know.) Start at the beginning and go on. I absolutely love them, and I reread the entire series once a year, as I do the with the Ilona Andrews’ series. So many books; thank God I’m retired and get to spend so much time reading!

          159. So after leaving this comment, I went and really looked at Nora Roberts’ bibliography and considered where to start — and bought the first In Death book. I am very glad to have my instincts approved!

          160. You can always try the public library (which buys thousands of her books each year across the country).

          161. Actually, I can’t. I live in Austria and the libraries here do NOT stock English fiction. They’ll have Nora Roberts in German, but my German is abysmal.

          162. LOL – Same! My Mom has been harassing me forever to read Nora as I read and write paranormal, but where do I start and how do I afford all the books once I’ve become addicted?! 🙂

          163. Michelle & Siobhan, try the library! You can experience a few of Nora’s titles & decide if you want to continue. And if they don’t have copies, they can often pull them in via Interlibrary loan…

          164. Hi, I am also a part of the Book Devouring Horde. But Nora Roberts was the first good romance author I had found (this was in my teens, I came across Ilona Andrews in college) and I have read almost every title of hers under her own name, and about 20 books in the In Death series. I completely understand your bewilderment about where to start. May I suggest the Chesapeake Bay Saga. That was the series that made me fall in love with her.
            About the cost, Nora’s books often come up for sale, so there’s that. Her books are also found easily in used books stores, even the online ones. With these options, it took me all my teens and most of my early 20s to get through the works that I have gotten through, so I understand your apprehension, but I do hope you’ll try. Nora is one experience you shouldn’t miss out on.

          165. Also here from Ilona Andrews blog but I second the recommendations that you start with the In Death series borrowed from the library. They aren’t paranormal but so good and likely to be something that would appeal to someone who likes Ilona Andrews. Ms Roberts has expressed the understanding that money can be tight and has recommended libraries in the past. After that, perhaps try out some of her more recent trilogies.

          166. I had already bought the first In Death book before coming back here and seeing two of you recommend it! I love when my instincts are on!

            I actually don’t have library access. I live in Austria, which is very… I’m not sure how to describe it. They understand fully that people need to speak English to do business in Europe (it’s the lingua franca) but if you’re in AUSTRIA, you should be speaking GERMAN. Which leads to government policies that do not encourage “refusing” to learn German. Stocking the library with popular fiction in English is a definite no-go, although they’ll surely have Ms. Roberts in translation. And unfortunately, my German is dreadful (government policies aside, it’s also very easy to get by on English).

          167. I spent years in Frankfurt and the public library’s English selection consisted purely of Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie – which are great, but definitely limited my library access.

          168. Woman I know the feeling. As soon as I find an anthor I like I binge read all those authors books. And yes the more books they already have out the harder the hit to my bank account.
            Thank the gods for libraries!!!

          169. Borrow her books from the library, free for you and you will have hours of excellent reading!

          170. I don’t want to enter the “what the hell are you thinking| fray but I , as an avid reader think you (Debra) are confused or a republican.
            Specifically this : “Then to satisfy your readers (the customer is always right) alter the process|” Its not an author’s job to “please” the reader, its’ the reader’s job to find an author that pleases them. I don’t want to try to read an author who tailors their output for the consumer, its empty.

          171. The customer is not always right. That’s outdated thinking that disappeared when customers became entitled, whiny, keyboard warriors.

            As the saying goes; theb customer is always right?
            Sometimes the customer is just an asshole.

            Thanks for giving such clear, practical examples of this simple… Fact.

          172. If you don’t want to wait between books, you could always wait to read them till the final one is out. You don’t have the “cliffhanger” and we don’t have to see you disrespect an author you claim to like 🤷🏻‍♀️

        2. I haven’t yet finished the first draft of the second book. I also write the In Death series—two a year—and a hardcover suspense every year.

          These trilogies have to be a year apart so I can write the, write them well, and have an actual life away from the keyboard.

          And a book takes 6-8 months to publish after a manuscript is accepted. A lot goes into that process.

          1. And I am so thankful you write as much as you do! I enjoy your books and your death series. Have a happy thanksgiving.

          2. Thank you Nora! And the more people complain about having to wait, the more time is spent trying to explain, and less time is spent on the writing process for the book they are waiting for – how does that work for them?

          3. I am so sorry that you have to deal with Debra and the like. Your work is greatly appreciated. You are amazing. Take care of yourself.

          4. I am a huge fan of your writing. I own, and have read all of your books. I am always anxiously waiting on your next book, and am in constant amazement of not only how well you write, but also how quickly. We get a lot of quality books from you every year. How can any reasonable person ask you to go faster?

            I just finished The Awakening today, and I’m starting it again. Thank you for creating this world I so enjoy spending time in, and amazing characters that I can be there with.

          5. No worries. Take your time. Enjoy the process. Thank you for generously sharing your talent.

            This is your life’s work. It isn’t your life.

        3. I haven’t yet finished the first draft of the second book. I also write the In Death series—two a year—and a hardcover suspense every year.

          These trilogies have to be a year apart so I can write them, write them well, and have an actual life away from the keyboard.

          That’s also pretty important to me.

          And a book takes 6-8 months to publish after a manuscript is accepted. A lot goes into that process.

          1. I usually know when a trilogy is starting. I just finished Awakening – and didn’t know! LOL!
            Patient as always for the next book, but impatient too – in a good way! Can’t wait to see what happens.
            Thank you Nora, for all of your books, you have been my favorite author since before my children were born. I have a photo of you holding my baby girl at a book signing – she will be 18 in a few weeks.
            Wishing you a happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your holidays and best wishes for a wonderful 2021. Thank you for the gifts you create for us.

          2. I’m crying knowing it’s a year until the next release but as you are human, probably have a beautiful family and a great life to enjoy. I will wait with kindness and love giving you the space to continue to do your best writing. Thank you for your continued dedication to your craft!!

          3. I just can’t believe the rudeness and sheer *arrogance*. Really, how *dare* you have a life! 😳🙄Please ignore, the vast majority of your millions of fans appreciate what it takes to write and publish, and very much appreciate and love your books.

          4. Hi, Nora! Big fan! So, I had this idea for a character named “Debra”…

            I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I just wanted to say thank you for all the years of hard work.

            Happy Holidays, everyone.

          5. This was funnier than you thought it would be!! I laughed out loud!!👊♥️

          6. No worries. Take your time. Enjoy the process. Thank you for generously sharing your talent.

            This is your life’s work. It isn’t your life.

        4. Debra Mae, you seem to be labouring under the strange delusion that writing a book is a process akin to baking a cake – just stick some words in the oven, set the timer, then extract a novel – “it’s not hard!”

          In this you are mistaken.

          Mistaken on the kind of scale that Columbus was, when he rocked up in the Bahamas and announced that he had found India.

          Your wrongness is so vast, Debra, so awe inspiring, that one has to assume you cannot distinguish between your elbow and your posterior, and find the whole business of sitting down to be a challenge.

          As Neil Gaiman rather bluntly put it to someone much like yourself, who took it upon themselves to whine over waiting for, admittedly, a distressing number of years between GRRM’s books: “The Writer Is Not Your B*tch.”

          I’m not sure how exactly you have reached the conclusion that Ms Roberts, one of the most staggeringly prolific writers living, IS, in fact, Debra Mae’s b*tch, but I’m happy to be able to clear things up for you before you do anything really embarrassing, like becoming a global meme for staggering entitlement and inability to take a hint.

          To be clear: not only are you, Debra Mae (“the customer”) NOT always right, but it would appear that you are unable to FIND right with the aid of a map, GPS, and a whole team of helpful local guides from Rightsville.

          1. Faye, in a sad and sorry week, your comment is the first one to make me genuinely laugh out loud. Thank you.

            And thank you Nora and Laura for your punishing work ethic and grace under fire.

            Happy Holidays to you all.

          2. AMEN!!!!!!! Awesome summary of what I’m sure all of us TRUE fans think about Debra’s comments, and so true…. Thank you Fayjay!!!!!

      4. I’m like one of the previous responders. I’m more than glad to volunteer to be a proof reader. I LOVED the ending and can’t wait for the other two. Thank Y’all for all of your hard work.

      5. Awe, that’s such a long time to wait!! I just finished it and want to start the next one! I love Nora Roberts books as well as J. D. Robb!

  15. Just finished reading. Amazing as always. I need the next one!!! Nora has the most amazing way of writing characters that are believable and honest, even when writing about characters that live in another world or through a portal. Every choice she makes in her writing always comes back around and makes perfect balance. Amazing characters that made me forgot it was a trilogy while I was absorbed and almost had an attack when it stopped where it stopped. Can’t wait for 2! Hope it comes out soon… I’m sure it can’t be too soon… but don’t leave us hanging too long Nora!

          1. Hi Judy,

            This space is allowed to have spoilers since it’s the official discussion thread. So as I said, beware.


          2. 🤨😙Hey as with all my favorite authors I will sacrifice my time and energy to proofread and read the final work as an ARC for review!!!

            I know, I know ot will be hard. And take a great amount of time and sacrifice on my part. BUT Nora Roberts I will accept any excuse or reason to get my hands on your books.😊🤩

        1. Eagle eyes! yes, it was in the newsletter that went out last week. A more formal list of the 2021 releases will be up soon.


          1. Would it start a new argument if I said I am eagerly awaiting Legacy? I buy my calendars and write the new release dates in so I can plan my vacations and have a Nora book to read ! I don’t think my boss will give me anymore vacation time.

      1. I haven’t started this book yet, but I know I’ll enjoy it. I do wonder though if there’s still time for Nora to work an entitled know-it-all into the 2nd book, and have said know-it-all come to a terible and appropriately embarrassing end?

        Something maybe like being magically turned into a pair of barn boots used for mucking out stables?

        I’d never presume to advise on writing, but hope to cause a smile.

      2. I was today-years-old when I first heard Nora Robert’s name (I live under a rock in Germany). Doom-scrolling through Twitter, I stumbled across a so-called Debra being schooled on this platform.
        But I’m not here to read her comments … the excitement of all the readers here is contagious and I will start reading every darn book that NR has written.
        Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Fröhliche Weihnachten und Auf Wiedersehen!

        1. Ooooh! Elfi, welcome, you’re in for some great fun. Nora also writes under the pseudonym J.D. Robb. Don’t miss those. One of my favorite bad-ass women heroes in books ever is the star of those. Happy reading. Also, Happy Holidays to you so far away in Germany, and yet so close. And as we also say in my neighborhood in California, Feliz Navidad, too!

          1. Thank you for the tip, Mary! I believe I have enough reading material to make it through the holidays now 🙂 Feliz Navidad!

  16. Loved this book! What a way to end it. I literally yelled “No, I can’t wait 6 months to know what happens!”.
    All of her books pull you right in. I feel like I’m standing next to the characters as life happens to them. I will be rereading the ones I have while anxiously awaiting the next book!

  17. I absolutely love Nora’s books. Have read this one already as I couldn’t put it down. Impatient to read next in the series. Thank you so much for the enjoyment you have given me with your books over the years. You are brilliant writer.

  18. Just received my copy from the library. I can’t wait to read it

  19. I love that Marco became Breen’s Laura!!! Loved it. Don’t think I can wait a year for the next book.

  20. Loved the story, the characters the thrills and suspense! It is going to be a long year.

  21. Wonderful book, Thank you so much! You have a gift that has given me much pleasure.

    I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

  22. I love it! I am excited about reading the next one, and I’m sorry it’s going to take another year but I understand. If possible could you tell us the tittle of the next book in the series. Thank you Nora for your great stories.

  23. This was exactly what I needed. Wonderful characters and lovely descriptive writing. I have to admit that Keegan left me a little cold, but I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for now. But a whole year until the next one? Argggghh.

    1. I absolutely loved this book! The characters, heart, magicks, portals, Sally’s…
      I was surprised that Keegan’s character didn’t show much warmth. It sounded like he and Breen had spent some time getting to know each other from his comments when he met everyone at Sally’s near the end, but i have to admit that surprised me, as I couldn’t tell that they had any real connection between them throughout the book. Maybe that will come and be more developed in the next book? Either way I can’t wait to read the next one. Such an intriguing story! And I loved the ending!

      1. I agree with you. I don’t really like Keegan yet :). I understand him – he hasn’t had an easy life – but he was such a hard a$$ with Breen. I so wanted her to tell him to stick it, that it wasn’t her fault that she didn’t know any of this existed!
        It was only at the end when he met her friends that I saw any connection there.

  24. I have been counting down days until this was ready to come out as I’m a super-fan for the last 20+ years. We all need something to look forward to in 2020 right? I’ve been reading every spare minute since yesterday morning. The book was even more amazing than I expected. I wanted to slow down and savor the story more, but it was just too hard to put it down. I look forward to re-reading it again soon so I can slow down to enjoy the details. Thank you, Nora, for one of the brightest spots of a very difficult year!

  25. This did what I needed it to, and took me completely out of real life for the better part of two days. (I may have said, ‘well, crap’ when it ended the way it did, even though I knew the story continues.) Can it be fall of 2021 now?

  26. Nora: Can I just say OMG. I turned the last page and squealed with delight. The only bad thing is that I have to wait till next year to read the next book. With everything happening in the world, what a wonderful way to escape fora while. Thank you.

  27. Sooo I love the story! I also LOVEEEE Marco can he get a happily ever after as well pleaseeee!!!!

  28. Amazing read. Just finished it, now I will re-read it for any nuances I missed the first time. I own every Nora Roberts/JD Robb book and they are also my most read. Thank you for thousands of hours of pleasure.

    1. Nora, I’ve never read your work, but after reading your Debra responses, I’m going to buy a book.

      I’ve spent my life in business, sales, and service, and I have mad respect for your ability to take a stand on this while keeping your cool. Can’t wait to read your work!

  29. Excited to begin a new Nora adventure. To my shock and delight I made it as far as the dedication and had to pause. I have my own Colt, who turns 19 on Thanksgiving this year and began his own new adventure this fall as a college student. Nora’s dedication mirrors my feelings for my light and love. Thanksgiving blessings to all. Now back to Breen . . . 🍀

  30. I hope next year comes quickly because I can’t wait to read the next book in this series!

  31. Just finished it and I love it…cant wait for the next one..please hurry and get it done ❤️❤️👍🏻

  32. Wonderful book. As usual, I become totally immersed in the world and the characters Nora has created; she has a way of making everything so real. I can’t wait until the next one. (And now I remember why I usually wait until all three books in a trilogy are out before I read them!)
    Thank you, Nora. One thing I’m very grateful for this Thanksgiving is your talent, which has provided me with so many hours of wonderful reading over the years.

  33. I received my copy yesterday and finished it today! As always I am saddened at the end by the wait for next year. But I will read the Awakening again before diving into the Becoming, and a third time when the final book comes out. For now I will just pass the time with another journey through the Key series, my all time favorite.

  34. Can I just say I have loved each and every book you have written but now I must say how much I hate you because now I have to wait a whole however long for the rest of an amazing story you have begun. Thank you. 🙂

      1. No, they can’t.

        Are you a publisher? Do you work in some capacity for a major publishing house?

        Add to that: I would fight my publisher if they tried to hold one of my books in house for a couple of years. Which they simple wouldn’t because; It’s Not How It Works.

        1. She’s not going to stop, is she.
          Maybe she’ll just hold her breath till she turns blue?

        2. NR for the sake of your creativity and stress free working thoughts and imagination. YOU leave Debra alone and forget she exists. Your readers have your 6. And will continue to show Debra’s Karen-ness to the world.
          In this process even more reader will find and grow to live you after reading just one book.
          After all you cannot fix stupid only lack of knowledge.

        3. It’s amazing to me that you take the time to respond to the comments! In a great way! I’ve read all the In Death books as well as most of your other series. I honestly am in awe of your talent and time management. Keep being awesome and full of grace. I appreciate you! Especially during these tough times. My mom and I share a huge love for reading and I can’t see her often because of COVID, but we talk almost everyday and always about what we’re reading. Your books feature huge in those discussions. So thank you! The Awakening was fantastic!

      2. My first thought when I keep seeing this….have the publisher rearrange for Nora books….what about Author B? The one whose books get pushed around to accommodate Nora’s fans? And, I would assume that would have to happen, as resources human, technical and financial are not infinite. What about that author and their fans? Are those fans and their excitement not as important? Why should they get shoved to the side? I don’t understand this thought process. I’ll read the book. Proclaim to all and sundry how wonderful it was. Bemoan a cliffhanger. Then go on for a reread of Nora’s backlist or pick up another book (i’ve got Nalini Singh’s latest ready to go) and then move on with my reading life.

        1. @Tamar, rearranging the schedule to work in a title from Nora (or any author) WOULD require shuffling & moving somebody else’s title.

          Dear Debra doesn’t get that the business of publishing is usually organized to the Nth degree, xxx # of books out each week, month, year, with a set dollar amount & time allocated for promo, marketing, etc.

          Skipping those steps can have a huge impact on the book’s sales, which affects the pub’s profits, which will then affect authors, which THEN affects readers.

      3. I actually am a full-time author (indie) and have also dealt a little with readers demanding that they get what they want when they want, without understanding that they do not know what they do not know.

        I hesitate to tell the amazing Nora Roberts what to do ❤️ but at this point, I would humbly suggest that a certain reader gets banned from your blog. I’ve read through the comments. It isn’t that you have a whole army of inconsiderate readers who cannot comprehend a publishing schedule. You have one. You had other people who also questioned, but they stopped when you explained.

        You have one person who literally refuses to understand. You could explain using a flowchart and dancing bears and she still wouldn’t get it. Because she doesn’t WANT to get it. If someone doesn’t WANT to understand, there’s not a d*mn thing you can do to help them understand.

        Laura or a techy niece or nephew could easily help you figure out how to ban someone from your blog. Block their IP address. Don’t give this woman any more power in your life to ruin your holidays or your love of writing or your love of fans. This is your space. You choose what’s posted here. No fan has a “right” to post here any more than they have a “right” to demand that you change your publishing schedule.

        And no, a customer is NOT always right. The fact that a “fan” would say that to you without a hint of irony in that comment…says all you need to know about that “fan”.

        A big hug and a hope that you will be able to quickly put this behind you,


      4. Maybe they don’t want to. Maybe the joy of making you wait is all the encouragement they need to delay books.

        Seriously, though, you haven’t stumbled upon some marketing secret that no publisher has realized before – “Just get the books out faster!”

        If it worked, they’d do it.

      5. Just stop with your ridiculous foolishness. Sorry pumpkin, it’s idiocy.

  35. Loved it and waiting for 2nd book and year goes by fast might get hard copy since I read digital but loved the ending you know your going to jump into the next book

  36. I enjoy NR books immensely, but growing up with my gdad being in publishing, I know what it takes to get a book out. I can wish faster but it’s not gonna happen.
    My copy was waiting when I got home from work on 11/24… started reading yesterday. Looking forward to getting into the story.

  37. NO!!! No, no, no, no, NO!!!! I came here straight from reading that last page!!! No! This will not do! A cliffhanger?!?!??!?!?? Ahhhh, the agony! Will I have enough self control to wait for the third book’s release to read the second? Probably not. But, goodness, what a wonderful story, Nora! I’m assuming the trilogy will focus on Breen’s story only? As previous trilogies focus on different couples per book. I’m all for that. Yeah, I’m totally not waiting for the third book’s release to read the second. Lol. Ahhhh! Can you feel my excitement over this trilogy?

  38. I think the only thing I miss in the new schedule of book releases is not having a teaser for the next book at the end.

  39. Just finished the Awakening and just wanted to commend Nora on using an Irish Water Spaniel as a character…as the owner of three of these “best kept secrets of the dog world” she has described them to a T…could not believe it when I read the description. Once again she has taken us on a great journey and now we have to wait for the rest….thank you Nora.

      1. Nora, you described Bollocks so beautifully, I was wondering if you’d added one to your own pack? What a lovely dog!

    1. I may have actually squealed when I first encountered Bollocks! The description was spot on and a perfect representation of this fine breed!

    2. As a breeder/owner of the IWS, I am so delighted to see one in the book. The description is right on, as well as the name. Thank you. Loved to story.

  40. Just finished the Audible version and Wow! Wow! Wow! It was amazing! I hardly ever leave any kind of reviews or comment much, but this book….literally took me away. I’ve been to Ireland a couple of times and I can tell you that most of the people there are just as friendly as they portrayed; even to a little brown-skinned kid who had to duck into a pub for directions. I loved everything about this book. I love the setting(s), the diversity, the characters (Sally!!!), and the narrator was jut the best! I cannot wait for the next one! But while I’m waiting, I do have another In Death book to look forward to. Thank you, Nora!!

  41. I get why Keegan has to be the way he is, but I don’t like him much. The grandmother seriously rocks as a character. The trips between worlds I really love, can so easily see this as a movie. Bollocks is the best. And I love how ripped Breen gets, in all ways!

  42. Thank you for a great story! Your trilogies (or quadrogies, or whatever the four- part series are called! ) are books I read over and over again. It will be a long wait for book two, but I know it will be worth it! I hope that your writing gives you as much joy as I find reading it. Happy writing!

  43. Oh my! I love ending! I hoped and prayed it would be so…. and it was! Waiting for next fall? Thank you NR and all of the folks who help get your books into our hands!

  44. It was much easier before I got caught up on all of Nora’s books…the next book in a trilogy was just sitting there waiting for me to open the cover! Of course, that was a number of years ago. I can tell this is going to be one of my favorite series and I will be able to go back to Talamh many, many more times, so you just go ahead and write us a great book, Nora. Yes, we are all on pins and needles, but half the fun is in the anticipation, right? Thanks for sharing your worlds with us!

  45. Please, those of you who don’t or haven’t worked in publishing, don’t assume you know how it works. The publisher can’t just sit on a completely ms, and assume the next in a series will come right along. They writer and publisher work in tandem.

    My writing schedule is directly attached to publication. When I turn in a ms directly connects to when a book can be scheduled.

    I can’t and won’t write any faster than I do. I CAN’T. And the publisher requires months and months to take the unedited ms I turn in and produce the book you find on the shelves. It’s not magic, it’s work. Time-consuming work that demands a lot of effort and creativity.

    If I haven’t finished book two, started book three—have In Deaths to write, have another suspense to write, how can anyone expect me or the publisher to just shoot them out?

    Could you just enjoy—or not—what I do write and publish? And not make me feel so stressed about what I can’t possibly do—and what I know my publisher can’t possibly do?

    We’re all doing the very best we can.

    Honestly, I feel sick and sad right now because instead of enjoying a story, some are upset and angry I and my publisher didn’t somehow dig out more. And want to tell us what we should do and how to do it. And feel entitled to do so because they buy the books.

    Well, I write them—my publisher employs many hard-working people to put them on the shelves. All off us want to give the reader what he or she wants. But sometimes the reader just wants more than we can give.

    1. This makes me sad that the author can’t enjoy the amazing success of this book. For people to be angry at others for not rushing their craft is simply unbelievable and quite selfish.
      I’ve been reading NR for years and she always delivers. I think this is one of her most beautifully detailed stories and I was not prepared for how amazing it was. Glued to the book and read it in one day. Couldn’t put it down. I’m sure I’ll read it several more times. You honestly fall in love with the characters and the relationships. Evryone needs a friend like marco.
      I honestly thought the cliffhanger was perfect. It all tied in and I am so excited for next years book.
      I hope the impatient and ungrateful dont detract from the individuals that do appreciate the hardwork that goes into putting out these magical reads.
      Thanks for the escape from reality. It was much needed and so appreciated.

    2. Don’t let a couple bad apples ruin the mood. This book was amazing. I have been reading your book for a very long time and they just get better as time goes by. Loved this one! None of your true fans want to wait, but we will! I plan to pre-order the next one as soon as it is available. Thank you for all you do.

    3. You are only human and will never please everyone, I am just so grateful for the amazing books that you have written so far, I have read and reread them. Take some time for yourself otherwise you will wear yourself out and nobody would be happy with that! Thank you for the hours of pleasure that you have given me, I am truly grateful.

    4. Nora,

      I’ve been reading your books for over 15 years now. I discovered them in middle school (shh, don’t tell my mom) and I’ve survived the wait , however long, for every single one of them.

      Don’t let a few people (especially certain people named Debra) bring you down. The book was amazing and I enjoyed every second of it. Case in point, I was supposed to read a chapter a day and stretch it out but, what do you know, I finished in less than 2 days.

      I hope you enjoy your holidays and not stress about ignorant comments. She can complain all she wants but we all know she’ll be there buying the next book in the trilogy whenever it comes out. I certainly don’t think you’re being rude or bitchy and I hope nobody has killed your joy over writing these books for us.


      PS I’m really glad that we’re (I’m assuming) staying on Breen and Keegan for the next book. I’m so not done reading about them!

    5. Nora, I’ve been following you since the 80s. I remember when it was thought that you wrote too fast! Four books in a year, when most would write, at the max, one a year? Craziness!

      I hope it doesn’t offend you, but I can’t help but laugh at the idiocy. I mean, come on! She’s taking on *THE* Nora Roberts on her own blog? Bwaaahaaaahaaaaa! What a moron.

      I hope you can laugh off the antics of these nuts and see them as entertainment. I know I do. You’re welcome to come sit with me and shout insults at the screen. I’ll even share my popcorn with you. (Don’t forget to bring Laura, she’s awesome.)

    6. Take heart; there’s only one person who’s really being “upset and angry” on this thread. Everyone else is expressing their excitement and support. We fuss a bit because we love your writing …but we get it. (Right, folks?)

    7. One of my best memories was when several years ago, in a sick bed with pneumonia, (that part wasn’t fun,) I reread so many books. A huge portion of them were yours, Nora. What a treat it was for me to read again and savor.
      Instead of whining, Deb could be enjoying (all over again) her faves of yours or the work of any other favorite author. Absolutely, don’t let Debbie Downer get you down.

    8. I’m sorry you’re feeling stressed and sad over this. Please know that every author and person in the publishing industry reading this thread is pausing only long enough to raise a fist from our popcorn bowl to cheer, “Yeah, you tell her, Nora.” We all have our Debras but we’ve been screaming inside our hearts instead of confronting the selfishness head-on. You’re brave enough to say what we’re thinking. You’re trending on Twitter–type “nora” into the search box and “Nora Roberts,” “Nora Roberts blog,” and “nora debra” are the first three things that pop up. Other blogs have picked up the story. And “I have personally explained the process to you, Debra” is already on mugs and t-shirts. I’m not kidding. Thank you.

    9. When my children were little and threw tantrums, I ignored them. Ignore her Nora. She’s obviously not capable of adult reasoning. You’ve explained and tried to reason-close the door, lock it, and ignore her.

    10. I discovered your books years ago and I have waited for each release and I am and always have been willing to wait
      I mean the anticipation the always part of the fun 😉
      So we’ll wait Nora
      Please take your time and take care of yourself

    11. NORA ROBERTS only one Debra is being an as*hole.
      YOU have absolutely nothing to feel bad about. If there is anything to stress about let it stick to politics.
      This is your craft, one of your loves. Something you have been doing that helps spread smiles, joy and connections throughout only you and and your publisher could even imagine how many people who the only thing we might have in common is the love of reading, and your work in particular.
      Need something else a lot smaller than politics to legitimately stress Christmas is only 20 days. So no matter what you celebrate it all starts around Christmas. So, how to social difference and gather. No point of gathering to be together just for the hospital to be ANYONE’S next stop.
      Keep your love of writing and the thoughts of your sane reader in your heart and mind.
      Now go do you!
      Stop acknowledging foolish people, that what your reader do for fun.

  46. Just returned the book to our town library for the next person to enjoy – I was the first in town to get it! Woo! Had to read it quickly before I head out of state to help daughter and daughter-in-law with the foster kids they just got, didn’t want to take the book with me. I know I’m going to want to re-read it before the next in the series comes out 🙂

    Thank you Nora, for including such a vibrant section of the book to the LGBTQ community, and writing their parts in such a loving, natural way. While I’m nervous about Marco’s fate, I still appreciate the relationship you created with his inclusion.

  47. This book was awesome!! I usually avoid the trilogies.
    I’m a die-hard In Death fan, BUT since The Chronicles of the One, I am hooked!! I love the settings, Philadelphia and Ireland, and Breen’s character stepping up to the changes happening so fast in her life!! As I was listening to the last few minutes, I was just holding my breath!! Awesome way to end it!! I can’t wait for the next one!! And I am going to listen again!! Thanks, Nora!!! Sorry there wasn’t a book signing to kick it off!! Maybe next year!!

  48. This is a terrific start to a new trilogy! Great characters, nicely developed. This takes on many of the themes of Nora’s other trilogies but builds on what has come before. I don’t have the same issues with Keegan as some have, we’ve been busy learning about Breen. I really like how much longer this novel is!
    I understand the impatience some of the posters have with wanting the next installment, we all want it. It’s not a NetFlix world where the entire new season drops at once. 😩 Do what I do, go back and reread Nora’s other stuff.

  49. Nora please please please do not let the few out rule the majority. So many of us LOVE and are soooo thankful for all that you have given us. We are so blessed for the books you have given us and appreciate all that you put into them. As a fan for 20 years give or take, you have played a major role in my life, and I hate to see you get upset over the few “Karen’s” out there. Know that the rest of us will journey to 2060 New York or Ireland or one of the many other lands you have created for us over the years as we wait for your next masterpiece. We love you and appreciate you!

  50. Nora,
    First, Thank you!!!! I was so excited for this book! And I was not disappointed. I downloaded it to my Nook yesterday morning about 5:30am, and was finished by 3:00 pm haha.
    Of course I am impatient for the next book to come out. Especially after that cliffhanger of an ending! And of course I wish the second (and third) book would be written and released sooner. But I’ve also waited MANY years for the next books in some series to come out! I totally understand (in an abstract way, not in detail) what it must take for a book to fully happen! I’m so darn sorry that you have had to spend your holiday dealing with this kind of criticism and harassment. People can just flat out suck. I’m sure by the time the second book comes out, I will have read this book again at least twice. And I will probably have reread several others you have written.
    I’m done rambling now, so thank you again for creating a world and characters that have once again sucked me in and brought me several hours of sheer enjoyment! You are amazing, and I for one, am very thankful for you on this Thanksgiving weekend! I hope you can step away from this negativity and enjoy time with your family!

    1. I wish there was a way to “like” comments on here. What a horrible section of fan base that complains so much about release dates. Be glad that NR is still writing books. I would be tempted to stop after book two with an incredible cliffhanger just to teach some a lesson. 🙂

  51. Nora, I’ve not had a chance to read it yet; probably I’ll open it on my next break from Christmas decorating & then you’ll be to blame for the decorating not getting finished in a decent time! I know, you just can’t win some days! But from the comments, I think I’m going to have the same feeling that I did at the end of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back! Luke has found out who his father is, that Ben didn’t tell him, Han’s encased in metal & they need to rescue him! And I survived 3 whole years waiting for the answer to that! I think I’ll survive the one year, esp. since I have tons of titles in my tbr mountain ranges!

    Just ignore Ms Debra from here on out; we all agree, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Probably one of the first to gripe if things aren’t caught in editing but ignores the time it takes. I was a librarian; I know very well the time needed to properly publish a well-written, well-crafted title! Read some where they publish 8-10 titles a year & you really miss the editing/proof-reading! I still love the stories, but do get distracted by the errors. At any rate, please quit letting her upset you so much; she’s one out of how many of us that yes, wish they could come more quickly but understand…and hey, gives me another reason to reread it before the next one releases. (Not like I need a reason: rereading a major part of my life!) And if it helps any: I’ve always got a NR or JD Robb in the car for when I have a chance to read while waiting somewhere, like waiting for the Doctor’s office to come out to the car & say I can come in now. & who needs waiting rooms, right?

    Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving Weekend!

  52. You know, I DID work in publishing, and know firsthand the scheduling of titles and editing that goes on behind the scenes. It can be a long, grueling process to get a book from the turned-in manuscript to the finished product you hold in your hands or read on your electronic device.

    There are so, so many steps that go into making a manuscript a book, and so many people are involved in the process. Our schedules were just about cast in stone, with the minimum amount of time necessary to get from one step to the next, and believe me – we used up every minute we had in the schedule to get the task done and did whatever it took to get that task done on time! And yes, it took nearly a year to get from manuscript to finished book.

    Nora’s part, writing the book, is just the first part of getting the book to press. She does an unbelievable job of writing so many books in one year, each of them with different characters and different storylines. I’m amazed at her talent and ability to keep all the stories straight in her head!

    In our company, before the manuscript arrived, the hard, non-changeable print date was determined first. Every part of the schedule was backed up from that print date – a certain amount of time for art direction, first edit, first proof, cover planning, etc. Once the manuscript arrived, meetings were held with the art director to decide on the look of the book, the fonts, the spacing, even the page margins, headers and footers, and the type of paper the book would be printed on. At some point in the process, the cover is planned so that it would be ready in time to start promoting the book – months before the publication date. A graphic artist works with the author’s electronic text, formatting it to fit with the standards decided upon by the art director. An editor reads the book, looks for inconsistencies, makes suggestions and comments. The book goes back to the author for approval and further writing. A proofreader reads the book, looking for grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors the editor may have missed; checking to see that the correct fonts, spacing, headers and footers were used – checking each page, because weird glitches can happen where one page (or a dozen scattered throughout) can be wrong. It goes back to the editor for approval of the proofreader’s comments, then back to the author for final approval on changes. While this is happening, the promotional package is being designed and developed. It’s been a hot minute since I retired from publishing, so there may be several important steps that I have forgotten about that aren’t included here.

    And while all of that is happening, the coordination with the printer occurs. Paper stock and ink need to be ordered, print-run time scheduled based on the number of copies to be printed (because printers also work on more than one book at a time, and print schedules are also set in stone), binding machines and cover stock need to coordinated. Usually the printer coordinates the shipping to stores or sometimes direct shipping to consumers, so that means shipping labels and boxes need to be ordered and the label print run needs to be coordinated with the publisher’s sales department.

    And yes, maybe this process could occur more quickly, IF THE COMPANY WAS ONLY WORKING ON THIS ONE BOOK! But most publishing companies publish dozens or maybe hundreds of books a year. Our publishing company was on the smaller side – we published several dozen books a year. We had a person whose sole responsibility was to add titles to the publishing schedule and figure out all of the due dates for the different tasks. Multiply the scheduling details by the number of books to be completed in a year, and you’ll see that no, the process really cannot go any quicker. In fact, it’s surprising that it gets done as quickly as it does!

    Nora, you do a phenomenal job, and I have loved just about every book you have written (and those that I didn’t love, I did like). Please try not to be discouraged or saddened by harsh comments people who feel entitled to want things when they want them. Your books bring light and laughter to so many of us, and we all appreciate you!

    1. Beautifully described, Vicki B & then there’s the e-format processes as well. And St. Martin’s usually averages about 700 titles a year. Hey, more employment for folks, right?

      1. Please do not comment on the story. Lots of people – me included – haven’t read it all. Thanks.

        1. Judy,

          I try very hard to give readers space to come to stories fresh. I actively hide/delete spoilers and plot points from Facebook for new books. But people want to chat so I always create this discussion space on the blog. As I said above, people can discuss anything and everything about The Awakening here. If you don’t want to know specifics about the story it’s probably safest to stay away from this comment thread until you’re done.



          1. Laura. I did not mean for anyone to not give wonderful comments about the book. Just when they give out specific names etc. Sorry if it came out wrong. I have read all her books and have many in my bookshelf. Thanks for comment

          2. Hi Judy,

            For a long time, the discussions here have functioned loosely as a book club where people discuss specifics of the plot (see any of the In Death discussions). So while compliments of a book are great, specifics are encouraged.


          3. Judy,

            You can always switch of to Facebook
            Like Laura said there spoilers are discouraged. So you can still read and interact with us without the extra topics.

  53. Just got the fine you should write a book from Masses side in his growth as a puppy to becoming a search and rescue dog like his mentors…Bogart, Newman,and Peck. Just saying

    1. I did like auto correct the message should read
      ” just for fun. You should write a story from jaws point of view “

  54. Love this book! Eagerly anticipating book 2, and bummed I have to wait a year (but I understand why, especially in the middle of a pandemic).
    Nora: your books are captivating. I wasn’t much of a reader until I read your Cousins O’Dwyer series. When my mom and I went to Ireland a few years ago, we HAD to go to Ashford Castle and on a hawk walk, which we did. I have read all of your series, and most of your stand alone books. Like I said, I wasn’t a reader before I read your books. Don’t let people frustrated with publishing and all that take away from the joy and excitement you get from writing. You change peoples lives with your stories. Thank you for another fantastic book. I can’t wait to see what happens to everyone. I’m sure I will be re-reading The Awakening several times in the next year in anticipation for The Becoming, although I do wish we didn’t have to wait. Enjoy your holiday season with you family. Know you enrich lives with your stories. In the words of some of my favorite characters, “Blessed be”

  55. Loved reading this book! Finished it in a day, while my 4 month old napped! Can’t wait for the next one as always!

  56. Thought I would drop in just to say I loved the book and as I do audio the narrator was perfect for this story. I also think in my humble opinon that you ended this part in a perfect place. It will be so much fun to see the relationship between Breen and Keegan develope and how Marco reacts to this new world. That being said, I was under the impression this was a blog about Awakening, not a complaint board about how long before the next book comes out. Personally I am thankful for such a talent working hard to give me an enjoyable story to delve into and can do so again and again at will. Who cares how the publishing works, fortunately I am not the one who have all those worries, I just get to float away into the delight of another great world Nora has created. Thank you Nora and Laura, please don’t ever let those that are eating one piece of pie and are greedily eyeing another before they have finished get you down.

  57. I, personally, appreciate the time Nora takes to write. I’m sure we’ve all read fabulous books that abruptly ended. You could tell the author hurried to finish. That will make a five star book go to a four for me. Debra please leave her alone. You’re taking up her valuable time and probably making it harder for her to concentrate. Why don’t you go write your own book and see how “easy” it is.
    Thank you Ms. Roberts for your wonderful books. I’ll take them when I can get them.

  58. This is a really wonderful story…so well written as usual…and the writing just flows so easily that you just can’t put the book down. I just loved the friendship between Breen and they support each other when their blood family never did. How they grow together touched my heart. It is such a great storyline…loved her Nana…and all the people that she meets up with. And then there is The Irish God, Keegan, who for sure will do a lot of growing himself because Breen is more…just More. Love, loved the ending and that Marco is going to share Breen’s adventure with her. Nora…just Thank You…you have never disappointed me…whether you are NR or have made my life richer..and filled my book

  59. I’m reading about her international travel nervousness and it is exactly what my brain was doing before my Italian vacation last year! Check, recheck, do I have my passport, is it ok, what if my kids get lost in the Paris airport, what if my deodorant isn’t allowed through customs?!

  60. OMG!!! I’ve just finished it and I think I need to read it again. That was the best/worst ending of a book ever!!!! Patience is not a virtue I possess, but my God!!! Next November can’t come soon enough. Thank you Nora for writing a wonderful tale. It is a wonderful talent you have. My family gave me 2 quiet days to just enjoy the tale that you weave. I’m hooked….been hooked for years!!! Thanks for sharing this one. I’ve often wondered where in your imagination the ideas come from. All I can do is thank the Gods for your storytelling.

    1. Just finished and OMG it was so good!! All of it was so good. I’ll go back and re read all my Nora faves while I wait for part 2. Just so good!

  61. Hi all,
    I used to enjoy this blog with my fellow bookworms but after reading such hurtful and disrespectful comments to Ms. Nora Roberts I feel ashamed of my fellow bookworms. Did we forget our first love is the story telling? In order to weave a good story you have to work hard, balance family life and professional life in order to be at your best to tell a good story? Did we forget that the reason that we all love and appreciate Ms. Roberts is because she has been doing that for over 30 years? Maybe it’s worth reminding? Just a thought.

  62. Nora, THANK YOU for all you do. Your books have been a staple in my life since I picked up my first NR/JDR book in 2000. I have purchased basically every novel. Over the past 3-8 years, I have downloaded many of the “newer” novels via Audible and Kindle versions on top of the hardback/paperback novels.

    I love every book, and every trilogy/series. I love the cliffhangers, and the process of waiting until the next novel is released. I am beyond grateful for ALL of your hard work, and that of your entire team.

    You release new books like clockwork throughout the year. That my dear, is HUGE and such an amazing accomplishment. I barely can keep active on daily journaling. SO I couldn’t never even bring myself to comment negatively on any kind of creative thinking, then writing a full story, editing, revising and the entire publishing process. I appreciate you. Your visions for these stories. Your creativity. Your authenticity.

    I began Awakening via Audible on Thanksgiving while preparing dinner, and finished it last night. Wow, what an amazing story, and cliffhanger. I am ecstatic, excited and looking forward to the second part of the story next year.

    The Chronicles of The One series I read/listened to from 2017-2019 was exceptional.

    All of my opinions, cover all stories written by Nora AND JDR. Every February & September, I purchase the NEWEST In Death hardback book, sit and read the entire thing within a matter of days. Then I happily place it on my giant bookshelf along with the previous stories.

    Again, THANK YOU. From the bottom of my heart.

  63. Thank You. That’s all I need to say. Awakening took me away from stress and troubles. Thank you.

  64. Best birthday present ever. This is an amazing and well written story. Super thankful for Nora Roberts. I will be rereading until the next comes out for my birthday next year. Much love and respect!

  65. Absolutely loved this book! The detail, the interweaving, the humor – and the pain, all of it just pulled me in. Amazing story and the best part is there’s more! While waiting, I’ll be looking forward to other authors, as well as the highly anticipated In Deaths and your standalone. There’s so much out there, and so little time to get it all read. Thank you, Nora, for the standalones, because those are “done” when I finish reading and I can imagine to my heart’s content how those lives continued. Thank you for the trilogies and the happy anticipation of “what’s next” and knowing it will be awesome. Finally, thank you so much for the In Deaths, for the continuing characters and the compelling mystery within each one. Each one has a different flavor, and it’s all delicious. Happy Holidays to you and yours, and the same to Laura. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have another book waiting for me to explore…

  66. This is my first time to add a comment.

    Nora Roberts and I are about the same age. For years, I didn’t read her work…thinking it was “too mushy”,

    The, I read JD Robb…and got hooked.

    For these past 25 years, I hav thoroughly enjoyed most of her writings.

    Often, they hit home and make me think…often, getting lost in the stories and underlying lessons of life.

    I have to say, when I finished book one/Awakening…I WAS disappointed…and frustrated with hearing about the year wait for book two.

    And then, I took a step back to appreciate the pure talent that this writer has to not only pull you into the story, to make you believe (yes, in majick!)…and then, leave you wanting more.

    We’ve become a generation of wanting things NOW…life has become one of instant gratification.

    Yes, it is hard to wait the time in between books, but some of these comments borderline on pure disrespect for this author.

    Writing is hard.

    No, I am not a professional writer.

    I have written throughout the years…complex business reports/press releases,..teaching aids…journalling…writing for college newspaper.

    I don’t claim to understand the complexity of publishing and all that goes into getting a book out.

    It takes a dedicated creative person to write for so man years, all the while staying fresh…and keeping readers wanting more.

    So…my two cents worth, …stop these crazy criticisms of Nora Roberts, stop thinking you have all of the answers to improve her writing/turn around time etc.

    She is human. She has a family. She is a talented and committed writer,
    …and she deserves her readers’ respect.

    If you can’t stand the wait…then stop reading her books.


    There is enough negativity in this world right now.
    Why add to it. You are not going to change o shorten the one year wait. You can change what your thoughts are, so stop criticizing.

    I for one, will re$read book on late summer/early fall 2021 and then look forward to book two in this series.


  67. Thank you Nora! Loved the book and will be excited to read the next ones when they come out (and rereading other favorites between). Take a breath, read all the comments of those who loved the book and ignore the haters.

  68. This makes me really sad, Nora. You’re an amazing writer and I dearly love your books and can’t wait for the next one, but you’re a person with a life and a family should not have to explain yourself repeatedly. Thank you for all you do and blessings to you and your family.

    1. Ms. Roberts,
      I regret that you were pulled away from Thanksgiving with your family to respond to this reader’s self righteous tantrum. Even worse, she could not accept your obviously knowledgeable explanation and go away. Rather, she continued to dig a hole, continuing to take you away from your family and your work.

      So many thoughts currently racing through my head, so I am afraid to type any of them down. Most importantly, I am grateful that you write. I am grateful for every book you have written or will write. Do I wish your trilogies were published closer together? Of course, but I also want to drink an extra glass of wine (or 2) or have an extra piece of chocolate now & again. BUT you are not a robot, nor are the people working at St. Martin’s. Acting like publishing has become computerized is dangerous (too many have lost jobs already!).
      Hopefully, this thread can return to discussing THE AWAKENING, as I have LOTS of questions — about the world, the characters, the plot, the love story (or stories?).
      Just.. I am so sorry this happened and so thankful you still write.

  69. Nora, I am older than you and have enjoyed your books since the first one that was given to me by a friend when I was in the hospital.
    Your wonderful books have helped me through a life of many ups and downs and bring me joy and faith in a better tomorrow.
    You are a phenomenal story teller. I have reread your books many times and look forward to the next release. I always preorder any new release and purchase any book I might have missed.
    Your books have turned two of my daughters, four of my granddaughters and 1 of my great grandchildren into avid readers. Thank you for all of us.

  70. I just finished it and loved it! I cheered in my kitchen when Marco jumped in the portal. He is the best friend anyone could ever want. And I’m so glad Keegan got to see a little bit of her world and how special she was to everyone. And as a mother myself, her mother made me want to jump through the book and shake her. Breen is so special and it’s wonderful to watch her find herself.

  71. Nora, I love, love, love this new trilogy. I also love that through time you are branching further and growing your story telling even more than I thought was possible. I mean, you are amazing already, and I feel that your story telling is evolving into something even more amazing. My dedication to reading your books (and I have read so many) gets renewed with each of the new magical trilogies. It was such a treat to read and truly see (and understand) Breen bloom into the story. Thank you for bringing so much joy with this newest story because it was that and more. And we all need a little joy right now, don’t we?

  72. Nora, I tried so hard to read it slow. I savor every page, and reread the books right away sometimes. I cannot thank you enough for every book you have ever written. I have never had the chance to meet you in person to say this to, THANK YOU!

  73. I have just finished Nora’s fabulous new book. I then logged onto the blog to make the pleasure last by reading other fans comments and thoughts. I was baffled by someone’s comments on the publication of the book’s sequels and sorry that Nora and Laura had to take time out of their lives to respond.

    Nora’s books have been a light to me in what has been a hard year. They have brightened lockdown. They have given me pleasure in a year full of losses. I can’t tell you how much that means. I loved the characterisation, descriptive writing and awesome storytelling. I am looking forward to reading what happens next. If Nora decided never to write a book again I am so grateful to her for my bookshelves full of worlds she has created that I can enter whenever I please and I always will be.

    I think for me this is one of the best books she has written. A fabulous start to what I can tell will be a wonderful series. I am so grateful that there is more to come. I loved reading this book in the quiet time before Christmas which is just made for a great story in the evenings. I am so appreciative that through her and so many other peoples hard work that I have the pleasure of the next book in the series to look forward to and brighten the quiet evenings this time next year.

    I have never posted on a blog before but just had to express the above.

    Thank you from my heart Nora.

  74. What an ending cliffhanger… darn it, can’t wait until the next one. I was hoping for an excerpt at the end of my Kindle copy, but no such luck!
    What a great story–been reading for a few decades… love them all.
    I was surprised and astonished how there was one particular respondent who would not let the publishing schedule alone. Are we children here or are we adults with lives? Someone must have way too much time on their hands….
    Meanwhile, I am waiting..ever so patiently! Thank you Nora Roberts for continuing to craft lovely, romantic sagas and magickal trilogies filled with the folklore of my ancestry!

  75. I’m hooked! It has been a long time since I’ve listened to a book series that I couldn’t go straight through binge listening! I’m dying here! Oh well, have to see what is left of Nora’s stuff that I haven’t listened to, maybe onto JD Robb’s stuff!

  76. Loved the story. I was trying to figure out if there are 6 that need to save the Worlds who the others are besides Morena and Harken. Won’t it be interesting if Marco is one?

    1. I missed the part about 6 – when did that come up? I need to go look again! Interesting! And if so, I think yes, Marco.

    2. There aren’t six. I think you’re assuming that this trilogy focuses on three couples—and it doesn’t. Like the Chronicles Of The One trilogy, it doesn’t have those three core relationships.

      1. Ok, thought maybe I missed something! I read it through so fast, it was amazing. Reading it over again now. 🙂
        My husband and tweens enjoy mythology and books with fantasy, I’ve been sharing bits and pieces with them.

  77. I have been doing my best to make this book last and loving every second of it. First off I fell in love with Bullocks!!! No one writes dogs like Nora! I know that my sound funny but I just love how they blend in and become such a part of the book. Second I fell for Keegan! I have read where people thought him to be harsh but for some reason I just loved him from the start. I think it is because he reminds me a bit of Cian from the Circle Trilogy!

    I totally loved the ending!!! I literally spoke out loud for it to happen and was thrilled beyond belief when it ended the way it did. I am going to love re reading it next Fall when I get ready for the second book. So much to look forward to!!!

    Thank you!!

  78. Nora my girl, keep on doing what you’re doing because you do it so well!!! Waiting is not a problem because I have always done is to do a re-read just before the next book comes out. It even better the second or third time around!!! Happy writing!!!

  79. OMG!!!! I just finished listening to The Awakening (I stretched it out as long as I could). OMG! OMG! The ending!!!! I love it. I will be reading/listening to this book multiple times.

  80. Ya I’m going to need books 2 and 3 written and released tomorrow…..not at all happy that I have to wait. This book was so good! So very crabby.

  81. NR has been my favorite author since I was 13. I’ve never read a bad book from her! Over the last few years, the books have been getting more emotional, crazy to believe that she’s still improving her craft, but she is amazing. That being said, this is my favorite book of hers ever. I actually cried over how much parts of this book hit me. This book felt like it was written for me specifically. Encouragement that I needed to hear. Realities laid out that I needed to see. Even in a world of fantasy, this was the most real story she’s ever written

  82. Okay, I never leave comments on author sites like this–I mostly read and enjoy from afar. And let me tell you, I’ve been reading and enjoying the Nora Roberts catalog for quite some time now.

    Starting in 2017, I had a lot of personal tragedy come my way. Deaths of multiple family members, loss of communities and support networks, and the ongoing stress of working in difficult circumstances. A friend of mine recommended the J.D. Robb books and I began reading them. No, devouring is more like it. A book a day until I’d read the entire series, and then I started over and re-read them again. They grounded me at a time when little else did, and for that I will always be eternally grateful. 2020 has been particularly tough, and I reached for Naked in Death and started the series over again this year for a third time. The hours I spent reading these stories took me out of my own anxious headspace and allowed me to continue to go in each day as an essential worker.

    As a series reader, I’m thrilled when there is a new installment once a year, let alone two. The average author is doing well to achieve that, but in the case of Ms. Roberts, we’re talking not just one series or genre but several ongoing series at the same time. Ms. Roberts’ productivity isn’t just phenomenal, it’s downright legendary in the industry. The notion that altering an already outstanding release schedule is a simple matter that can and should be arranged to suit the preferences of a reader has me sitting here with my mouth open in shock. I am sorry it took someone with a grossly misplaced sense of entitlement to prompt me to leave my thanks for the first time.

    So thank you, Ms. Roberts, for giving so much of yourself to produce these wonderful stories for us to read.

    1. When I am supremely anxious or stressed, I start on JD Robb book 1. The series tends to last me more than long enough for some sort of lightening of my concerns but I continue on because I love them so much. When my sister is stressed, she starts on book 1 of an NR series.

      I just can’t say more than that about how we love Nora’s writing,

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. There’s nothing like J D Robb (and Friends reruns 😉 to soothe the blue meanies. I hope things are going well for you during this crazy year.

  83. I just want to chime in on what turned into a kind of negative comments section to say happy holidays and I wish you and your loved ones all the best in the world.

  84. Nora,
    You are much more gracious and kind-hearted than I would have been towards a certain “fan”. And the continuous doubling down was mind-boggling. And I for one, have no problem with waiting for your next book. Because my favorite of yours is always the one I’m currently reading. Thank you for so many years of wonderful reading.

  85. Loved it, had to reread to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Thanks so much, have a great Christmas season.

  86. I have never read a Nora Robert’s book before, I came on this thread out of curiosity due to Twitter blowing up over it.
    As an outsider I have a couple comments:
    1. Debra: will you shut up, woman?
    2. Nora Roberts: you have responded with much more grace than I ever would have been able to. I almost cried when I read your comment about how people like Debra make you wish you’d never written the book. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with everyone you love and that you are able to completely forget about Debra-Karen.
    3. I need to go pick up a few Nora Robert’s novels. Any fans on here, has she written any Regency era novels? They’re my favorite. If not, where should I start because clearly there are an overwhelming number of options.
    4. Seriously Debra shut up.

    1. Sorry, EA, no regencies. NR’s pretty much a contemporary…or futuristic when you head for the In Death series, which I always recommend! I’ve said before: if it ever happens that my budget gets so tight I have to seriously think about buying books or food; that series will be automatically purchased before any food! I love historicals myself. I’ve been buying them for decades, esp. Quick, Laurens, Garlock (earlier, not later), Balogh, and way too many to list. But I’ve also been buying NR for decades, along with Krentz/Castle (futuristic), Lowell, Howard… Yep, lots of range out there. Enjoy!

    2. Evans,
      Jump in anywhere, pick up any book by Nora. You can’t go wrong. If you like series or trilogies these are some of my favorite go to’s.
      1- Boonsboro
      2- Brides
      3- The Mackade Brothers
      4- The MacGregors (the grandfather we all wish we had)
      5- The Stanislaskis
      I could go on and on…
      you won’t regret it.

    3. I can remember one historical novel which was Lawless, set in old west, besides her backstory MacGregors, one of which is the closest to your era,as another commenter mentioned. Lawless is related to another book Loving Jack, that while set in the 80s or 90s, really held up well in my view. No regency I love those too.

    4. I wish blogs had thumbs up emoticons. This was spot-on. The only two NR historical novels I’m aware of are in the MacGregors series.

  87. Geez, what are you even complaining about?! My copy hasn’t even made it to Brazil yet… It will probably arrive in a couple of months (and this is being positive, due to the holidays and covid). Relax. Live your life. Enjoy the fact that you live in a country where you can get your favorite author’s books in a couple of days after release day. You can even get them signed! What an amazing thing! So many things others, like me, can’t do. Get a hobby. Read other books. Learn a language. Reflect upon respecting people, their work, and workspace (after all, this IS her website). What the…

  88. Nora, I don’t know if you will ever read this – but THANK you for your stories. I not only learned English with the help of your books but I’ve loved them for years. Started reading them with Born in Fire when I was 14 and have kept reading you to this day. Just turned 28 on October 12th. Thank you for the countless beautiful stories. Take your time because we appreciate your passion and dedication to your craft which is clear to see in your books. Wishing you and your family health and a great end of year! (You too, Laura!! 🙂 )

  89. Debra –

    Okay, speaking here as someone with more than twenty years of experience working in book publishing, including working at one of Nora’s publishers for many years, let me just say say: PLEASE STOP. Everything you’ve said is wrong, you have no idea how publishing works; you’re just digging yourself in further and making yourself look ignorant and entitled. The author has come into this thread and taken the time to educate you with actual facts about how the publishing process works. Now is when you step back, apologize, and thank Ms. Roberts for taking the time to explain how the process actually works.

  90. Okay, is anyone able to tell me where to start with Nora Roberts? I want to read her books and support the HELL out of her after the way she handled that.

    1. J., if you’re thinking the In Death series (J. D. Robb) start with Naked in Death & read in order. It will take a while; there are 51 bks (#52 comes out in Feb. Faithless ID) plus several novellas that are also well worth reading. If you’re thinking NR, all I can say is pick up a book. Some folks say that her early Silhouette’s aren’t as good; I figure they’re typical of the time & style for that publisher. And hey, they got me hooked on NR! For single titles, I love Carolina Moon, Carnal Innocence, Tribute, Hidden Riches… way too many to list. For series: Born In…, Night Tales), Divine Evil/Brazen Virtue, The McKades, The Donavans, Chesapeake Bay, again, way too many to list. All up to you! Enjoy!

    2. Honestly, you can start just about anywhere. Obviously if you decide to pick up one of the trilogies, start with the first book there, but there isn’t a set order you have to go with. Even with the In Death books, which are about the same characters and happen chronologically, you can start at any point and the book will make sense. Knowing the backstories of the characters gives them depth, but I wouldn’t not read one of the later books just because I couldn’t lay hands on the first one in the series. Nora is a wonderful writer, and her consistency in quality matches her consistency in output, so you really can’t go wrong. I honestly envy you for getting to read her books for the first time!

    3. J,
      I’d go to her Amazon, B&N, etc. page and browse. There’s literally something for everyone depending on your reading tastes:
      Want futuristic, gritty, steamy sex, murder, mystery & romance with tons of interesting characters who grow with each book?
      Start with the ‘In Death’ series, Naked in Death. There are over 50 in the series now. Nora writes them as JD Robb.
      Want a bit of fantasy, end-of-the-world, battle between good and evil?
      Go with the ‘Chronicles of the One’ series, ‘Year One’. It might hit a bit close right now, since there’s a global pandemic. It’s a draw-you-in look at what happens when the world we know changes and becomes something… more.
      Want romance, family secrets, glass-blowing heroine, and Ireland?
      ‘Irish Born’ series, ‘Born in Fire’
      Want a stand-alone book with action, a mall shooting, growth, and chase for a serial killer told from survivors, police, and the killer viewpoints?
      ‘Shelter in Place’
      Welcome to the world of Nora Roberts books. You’re going to love it here.

      1. Mia, thank you very much for the recommendations. I love the In Death books, but have never read any others by Nora Roberts. Now you (and others) have given me some really interesting sounding books that I plan to try. Thanks for taking the time!

      2. Mia, thank you so much! Honestly all of that sounds pretty great, but I’m thinking I might want to start with the Irish Born series – that sounds great!!! Thanks again!!!

    4. The Villa and The Bride Quartet still stand out for me after all these years.

    5. She has so many different subjects, several series some based on Irish Majick, some romance series, many stand alone stories as well. She also writes as JD Robb which is a murder mystery cop series based in year 2059-2060. In Death series. Really good. You can go to JD Robb website or Nora Roberts for the over view, you will not be disappointed.

      1. There’s lots of trilogies plus all others. Some in series form. Check her list of books and you’ll find them. Awesome books 👍

  91. Ilona sent me over. The price is wrong, Debra.

    I’ve been a longtime if not prolific reader. Loved the Awakening, picked it up because I loved the blood and bone trilogy.

    Keep on rocking with your bad self Nora. And thanks.

    1. Lol @ The Price is wrong. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who remembers that quote 🤣

      1. I’m just so glad someone picked up the context. I think it was Nora saying Debra would now cast her as the ‘rude bitch’ and her response was basically Bob Barker for the TKO.

    2. Ilona sent me too! I am absolutely astounded that some folks can feel anything but grateful to their beloved authors. I need to read more Nora Roberts (My parents have soooo many of your books), because that was the best smackdown ever. Keep being amazing Nora! Don’t let the entitled haters get you down! You have so much support!

  92. LOL one thing is for sure: after Debragate nobody will come after Nora again accusing her of using a ghostwriter – the tone on her replies is on point with her bad-ass/classy characters.

  93. Thanks Nora, you broke my reading slump (which felt awful so triple thanks). That was a good book. Now, I’m going to reread the one with the arson investigator and the furniture maker. Beat that slump while it’s down.

  94. Nora, let me start by saying that you’re amazing and I deeply appreciate you and your hard work. Me, my twin, and my best friend look forward to EVERY SINGLE book you put out. While we are not the most patient .. we are intelligent enough to understand that it takes time and work. We are also not so entitled that we think you ans your publishers work our our schedules. I have been reading your books for over 20 years and I can tell you that I would never want you to change anything you do. I’m under know elussion that what you do is easy or simple. Please don’t let a few ignorant bitches ruin this for you. You’re amazing and are my favorite writer. I read all of your NR books and all of your JD Robb books. You pump out more books a year then anyone else I can think of. All I can say about Mrs. Debra is FUCK HER! Please excuse my language but nothing else works.

    Deborah, its your turn. You disgust me. You have a woman who literally devotes her life to writing these books that you clearly enjoy and yet you have the AUDACITY to complain about how and when she does it?! Miss me with your customer is always right bullshit. That’s old school thinking. It’s so out dated and its showing your ignorance. What’s sad is that Nora and Laura have taken the time to explain the process to you and you still insist that you’re right. Literally every one else on this thread is telling you how wrong you and and yet you push on. I don’t know if you’re intentionally being obtuse or if you’re head is really stuck that far up your own ass. Either way, you have got to be one of the most despicable people I’ve ever come across. Shame on you for being so entitled and selfish that you would come on here making one of the most prolific writers feel bad for not working on your schedule. I really hope you choose to stay away from any other posts because frankly just your name makes me want to gag!

  95. So, I haven’t read any of Nora’s books for the past 3 or 4 years. The last one was Dark Witch…and I was not able to finish it…but reading some comments about she should write for her costumer~ which are her readers, that is too much. If you want to read the whole trilogy in one go, wait for the whole thing to finish. You can’t? Still you have to wait. If you are part of her beta readers, ~ if she has one,~ good for you, but if not? Wait. I haven’t read her new book, i have several books that i need to finish or the better word would be, several books in a series that i need to read before i dive into the new world Nora has created. If i have to wait even for 3 years or more for the others books so i can enjoy the whole thing, I WILL. I will not pressure the author. I have been waiting for a certain author to release the last book in her series, yet i am not telling her or the people involve in the process what they should do. Have you ever read a book that was fan based? a kind of book that was written so that the fans would be satisfied? t was not good, well, not for me…i cannot speak about the others.

    Point is, you cannot rush a good book. Be happy that you are able to read her works.


    Thank you for creating another wonderful world that i can dive into. I will wait for it to finish so i enjoy it. In the mean time, i need to read the “The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy, ” i think it is time to read this series.

    More power!
    Stay Safe!

  96. Nora,
    I’ve never read anything by you. No offense I read a lot of non-fiction and seek out specific niches. But this thread is all over Twitter and your interaction with your readers is amazing, and you handled Debra. Hope you let her words roll off like water off a duck’s back! I don’t know where to start but I’ll be picking something up of yours this week.

  97. I can’t believe how petty all this is. Geez, just have a hot chocolate everybody.

  98. I just wanted to say that your books are a bright spot in my life. I know how lucky I am that you work so hard to bring us 4 books a year. I am a somewhat inpatient person, but I would rather read a great book that I had to wait for then a ok book that you rushed. Thank you for bringing these worlds and people to life for us!

  99. Nora,
    I think this person just wants to have your personal attention….sadly she reached what she wanted..she and selfish persons like her don t earn this attention. The life is a cruel and magic Thing and nobody should waste nerves and absolutely no hate! for a foreigner who is perhaps just a sad person with the need to get attention…even if its negative.
    Nora,i just love your worlds and the great gift of your talent. Your books and you are a wonderful person with so much love and hope!
    Thank you!!!! Sina from germany

  100. JMJ Somebody check on Debra. Where are her people??

    That aside: Ah, La Nora. My love and respect for you grows and grows. One day, I will make it to your corner of the world and squeal (and try not to pass out) like the little fangirl I am.

    Also, thank you for part of my penname. I girl can dream.

  101. Nora, I haven’t read this one yet. My TBR is monstrous right now. I just came here to say THANK YOU. I have been reading your work for the better part of 25 years and I am incredibly grateful to have had the pleasure of doing so.

  102. I’m about to buy my own copy on Amazon and you take your time on your next one. Just because Debra Karen doesn’t have a life doesn’t mean you can’t.

  103. The fact that this author (one that makes so many people happy) states that this crap makes her wish she hadn’t written the book in the first place makes me so sad. Thank you, Nora, for writing ALL of your books. Most of us are happy to get the books when they come out, and sometimes the anticipation is fun. Thanks to Nora and Laura for the blog and for keeping in touch with the people that love you.

  104. I haven’t read a Nora Roberts book in decades (apologies), but now I want to read one just to support her and annoy Debra, lol!

  105. Nora, ma’am, you are a publishing Goddess.

    I just hope you were able to retrieve your shoe from Debra’s clueless hiney without any trouble. LOL

    Debra, bless your heart, you are so breathlessly wrong and you can’t even accept that. The customer is not only NOT “always right,” frequently the customer is a walking bag of excrement. But thank you for giving me the perfect excuse to use one of my favorite The West Wing gifs on Twitter, of President Bartlett saying, “Just stand there in your wrongness and be wrong and get used to it.”

  106. Hello Nora,

    I have read your books since I was teenager. I think I have everything you have written. I will be 65 this month. Thank you for all the hours of enjoyment you have given me. I do not mind waiting, there are other books to read, and I like counting down the days.

  107. Nora’s books are a gift and we all should be grateful that she shares her talents and gifts with her readers. Anyone who tells stories that capture our hearts and imagination deserve our thanks and our cash (talent or not, it is a business and a job)
    We would not expect a talented nurse or surgeon to rush their patient’s treatment (science and art) just so more “customers “ can be served.

  108. So I showed up because there was a rumor about a kerfuffle on Nora Robert’s blog started by Debra, The Expert of The Publishing Universe. She did not disappoint.

    Ms. Roberts and Laura, a silver lining for you… I and others like me are buying your book after discovering your blog today. Yay!

  109. If someone has already commented on this, my apologies. Who thinks Marco is also a dragon? Possibly sent into the human world secretly by Eian to be a companion/protector to Breen, unbeknownst to Jennifer, Nan and Sedric?

    1. Leah,
      I thought of something like that. They’ve been friends from the beginning. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. A loving father protects his kids at all cost.

      1. Yes!
        And, a couple references were made about the baby dragon’s eyes and coloring being like Marco’s. Then you have the lack of bonding between Marco and his parents- which to me, lends itself to a future storyline of Marco not being biologically theirs.
        I will be very surprised if Marco doesn’t wind up having a previous connection to Talamh and Breen.

  110. Good afternoon all,
    After inhaling this book the first time around. Yes, it was that good! Now I’m doing a re-read. I can see all the things that I missed the first time. Now I can take the time to savour the book. I can appreciate all the little things, like saying the names with the proper pronunciation. Knowing exactly what the Irish words means.

    Nevermind that I keep trying to see if I can create a ball of fire in my hands!!! LOL, I want to go around saying Blessed Be! I immerse myself so much in the characters that I want to speak like they do. You should see me when I am reading 1800 century novels! My daughter just shakes her head! Mommy finally lost it she’s thinking.

    I didn’t like Keagan in the first couple of meetings but he grew on me. I learn to like him alot. We all should have a Marco in our lives. The affection, the love, the friendship is so unconditional, WOW! I love that alot about him.

    Sally has become a favorite I feel like dancing on the stage with him. I don’t drink but if I ever go to Ireland I want to make sure I watch them build a guinness (seems really important).

    Shana will definately be a problem in the future. I wonder if Odran will have an ally in her!! (Can’t wait to find out). Our girl Breen is up to the task to kick some butt. She has grown so much throughout this story, can’t wait for more. What an ending!!!!!! Amazing as usual. Once I am done with the re-read I will jump back over to Melissa Foster which I recently discover this year. She keeps me busy.

    All the best this Christmas Season. Be well! Another golden star for AWAKENING. This gives me another reason for wanting next year to come already. This book took me out of my everyday life with all the things that are going on in the world right now. This is exactly what we all need. You have a gift for storytelling! I thank God for that. Keep up your strength and ignore the naysayers.

    1. Hi Dean, I think Shana, but, also, what about her man? He saw Shana talking to Keagan, then knew he was her second choice, and there was a second time, I can’t remember. So her 2nd choice may be a bad guy, too.

      1. Hi Sam,
        Good point. He loves her and probably won’t want to see her heart broken. It’ll be interesting to find out.

      2. I totally agree and I thought it said that he was an alchemist right? Hmmm. Definite trouble ahead from these 2

  111. OMG, I have avoided this blog because although I have the book, I’m saving it until the trilogy is completed because I want to read them all one after the other. I’m also a fan of Ilona Andrews and would you believe that this blog is mentioned by them. They couldn’t believe how a supposed “fan” could be so rude to an author. Nora, your books helped me get through Covid. I couldn’t move without getting breathless but I could read and your writing took me away from the really scary situation I was living. I didn’t know if I was going to get through it. Thank you so much for all your hard work.

  112. Midlist author chiming in here, THANK YOU, NORA! I’m afraid the ease of “indie” self-publishing has made some people forget the real human work that goes into creating a book. Or, perhaps, it’s that they confuse publishing with printing. At any rate, it is encouraging to read that many of your fans do get it – and that you are standing up for all of us (I’m also a copy editor). Thank you! Best wishes for a happy, healthy holiday season – and now (for me, at least) back to work! Deadline waits for no woman…

  113. Hello Nora, One thing about the discussion with D, it brought this book and blog to my attention. I appreciate that and will order it. I read all the In Death books and will start on this new series. Please ignore people who try to instruct a publishing phenom on how to publish. You tried to explain, the person refuses to listen. Their view is not the norm. Thank You

    1. Bought it, read it, loved it. I’ve been reading Nora since her first book. She has been one of my favorite authors for decades. I was in my 20’s when I read her first book so that will give you an idea how old I am. OLD! I love to read. It has helped me through many hard times ..parents deaths ….chemo and radiation. I would never presume to come to someone’s blog and tell them how to do their business. So disrespectful. An author is a person with a life and family. My son is a creative person. He doesn’t spit out his work willy nilly. Who cares how long it takes an author to write a book and for it to be published as long as it happens. Anticipation makes you savor it more. With all that is happening right now, I only wish worrying about when the next book will be published was the only thing to worry about. Just be thankful that there is a Nora Roberts. A true literary treasure.

  114. Love, love, love Marco and their friendship. And the ending? Outstanding. I have spent a lot of time on my walks coming up with different scenarios of what comes next.

    Nora, thank you for saving 2020 for me. Your books have been a great comfort to me. I am so sorry an entitled wanker has you feeling low. You rock!

    Karen – bite me!

  115. The steps that Jessica laid out are mind boggling. I’m just a beta reader and proofreader, a small cog in the process, and I know how much work my authors put into their books. I’m appalled that someone as prolific as Nora would be questioned like this. I’ve always said that authors should follow their muse and their own time line. Books are not an assembly line product. People don’t question music companies and their musicians or artists from assorted mediums. Don’t do it to authors, who don’t always have control, especially ones that have publishers and schedules.

  116. Confession (please don’t have me): I have never read Nora’s works, and didn’t know of this book until I saw Debra trending on the author/publishing part of my Twitter feed. After reading Nora’s and Laura’s comments here, I bought the book and look forward to reading it! Cheers to them and all the wonderful humans who make art and share it with the world.

  117. Ilona Andrews sent me too. Glad to see the Book Devouring Horde supporting you. I have never read your blog before but I have read all the Eve Dallas books and many of your other stories over the years. I will buy this one too. Sorry you have to put up with the Debra’s of the world. I don’t know of any writer who writes more books faster than you. I am flabbergasted at that woman’s presumption to complain. Carry on, Ms. Roberts. Any way you wish. There are a lot more grateful readers eagerly waiting for your books than obnoxious complainers. Thank you for all the good reads.

  118. Nora,
    You are amazing!

    I hope you don’t let this troll of a rude, entitled, “Debra-is-the-new-Karen” person get you down. You are so sweet to try to explain the errors in her argument but she doesn’t deserve your time or energy.

    As a long time fan I have always been astounded at how many books you are able to complete each year. If Debra was a real fan she would know how prolific you are! Do you even sleep? 😉

    I’m so excited to start this new series! Please know all your hard work is appreciated.

  119. So, I just started this – not even 100 pages in as of yet but I already LOVE Marco. I am almost hesitant to keep reading because if Breen goes to Talamh, I want Marco to go with her and I’ll be so upset if he doesn’t!
    It’ll take a lot of self control not to read ahead a bit. It’s crazy to get this wrapped up in a character, but I figured at least the folks here will understand! LOL

  120. Debra

    I find your comments offensive and disrespectful of the author, the publisher and every other reader who has commented here. I’m no industry professional. I self pub my books, but even I cannot do what you suggest. It is humanly impossible if you want to ensure minimum quality standards.


    May I say I find you an inspiration in this thread? You had every right to react violently, and yet you maintained grace and poise. You owe no one anything. You don’t even owe this troll an answer here. I’m so sorry you have to go through this.

    I love how everyone here is supportive of the author they love. Let’s just yeet Debra.

  121. Came to read how Deb spilled her tea over Nora and Nora cleaned it all up in style. Now I need to read this book but I have question…
    It seems like this is the second trilogy in a world, is that true? If so, what are the first three books in the related trilogy and do I need to read those to understand this one?

    Okay, so two questions. Sorry.

    Nora, keep weaving your spells please. Please please please.

    1. The Awakening is the first book in a trilogy set in a parallel world. The Chronicles of the One was the last trilogy and it was set in a post-magical pandemic in this world.


    2. Taryn, there is also the Circle Trilogy which was published back in 2006. Group pulled together to battle some really evil folks; the 1st bk in this world, the other 2 titles in another world that feels pretty Irish, with the major battle in the 3rd book. It’s all a great read! Morrigan’s Cross, Dance of the Gods & Valley of Silence.

      1. Whoops, meant to say, not related to the Dragon Heart Legacy series, but it’s another world crossing series!

  122. Nora ~
    I’ve never commented before, and probably will not again. But I can’t let this one pass.

    I started reading your books in 1982 with your Silhouette romances. I’ve followed you over the years, have owned every single book you have published. I’ve read other authors, but you have remained my favorite for my entire life. No one writes a story like you – the characters fleshed out, engaging plots, locales. Every aspect is flawless, and clearly with your fan base, we all feel the same way.

    I think about the times before social media – had a person like Debra shown up at a book signing, she would have been escorted out. Now, with the electronic world as it is, Laura – I think you come in here – she should still be ‘escorted out’ and not allowed back in. This kind of behavior is not acceptable.

    All will hate me for this, but with the year we’ve had, you should not feel like you have to write at all during the holidays. So much chaos and tragedies this year, and you should be free to spend the time with your family and enjoy that time without this worry on your mind. It is my sincere hope that you do this – and can come back to writing fresh and without the discouragement and sadness that others have caused.

    I think the world is a better place for your writing.

    Happy holidays to you, Bruce, and the rest of your family.

    1. Cindle, while I appreciate it, writing’s my job, and I have contractual obligations, deadlines. People have to do their jobs over the holidays. Me, too!

      1. Mrs. Roberts.

        I applaud your grace in dealing with Debra. Your talent is amazing and I’m grateful to you for sharing it. I do have a question, though. In your mind, did Willa and Ben ever have kids? lol Montana Sky is one of my favorites!

      2. That is what I see when I read your works, Nora, exceptional talent and professionalism. Thank you for your strength and effort.

  123. I got the book from the library yesterday . I didn’t expect it so soon. I just finished it on this rainy & than very snowy Boston Saturday . I don’t know what I was expecting .
    These are my thoughts
    WOW & magical. I would have crawled into every page , actually I think I did. Kept my mind off the wet Boston day . I ‘ll wait patiently for the next installment because anticipation is part of waiting
    I agree you deserve a long vacation after this year which still has a few weeks left.
    There are authors who write one book a year or every two years , you write 4 a year that is a treat.
    Getting this book yesterday after the crappy week I had , after part of my world fell apart was just the perfect medication as the New England weather gave me the perfect rainy/snowy day to travel to a charming world and I didn’t have to go on plane. Get tested or where a mask.
    Thank you for the magic when I read a book by you
    Just Wow

  124. Nora, you can thank Ilona Andrews for leading so many readers to this conversation. There are so many comments you probably won’t get to read mine, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for entertaining your readers for so long and so well. I’m a huge fan of Eve Dallas and Rourke (my sexiest man in literature). Also for your graciousness and consideration in responding to her when she did not deserve it. It would be so great if you could name your next In Death villain (or maybe an annoying side character) Debra, and have Eve kick the ever-loving s**t out of her. Or let Peabody do it. I will spend the next year hoping against hope to see her name and comeuppance in the next In Death book.

  125. Read about this on Ilona Andrews blog and popped over to see what was happening. Why is that when someone says “The customer is always right” and they are the customer, they tend to be incredibly entitled?

    I will say, I haven’t read much of Nora Roberts in the last decade, (I loved the Gallagher’s trilogy, and the Irish born and the Chesapeake bay ) but this has reminded me how much I enjoyed her books. I guess I will have to see if I can get caught back up. Hmm, 4 books year for a decade. I can get through 40 books in the next couple of months. . .

  126. How do I stop following this board? I did a few days ago but it’s now clogging up my email and when I try to unsubscribe, I keep being sent to different sites. I want to read all this without my email exploding. HELP!

    1. If you created a profile (or already have one on Word Press), I think you have to go into the profile, look for discussions and uncheck getting any notifications about comments on a post.

      If that doesn’t work, I can try to delete you.


  127. Such a GOOD book. Thank you for, once again, reminding me why I love you your writing. I thought the Arya bit was especially funny, though I have to point out that Zorro said that line first 😉

    I hope that a certain BFF has a happy ever after. No killing him off, please!!! *sad puppy eyes*

  128. Hi Nora Roberts,

    I love stories, I really enjoy reading a well written book. I’d love to be able to write because my head is full of stories, and I’ve tried, and bugger me if creating something good is hard (seems writing is a talent which I sadly am lacking).

    I will admit I haven’t read your work before, they just haven’t shown up in the places I’ve been looking. But I’m going to give some of them a go… because of Debra.

    You have a great day,

  129. The waiting is going to kill me. Possibly the best book I’ve read yet from Nora Roberts. I’m addicted to her writing. On my third time reading this novel in three days.

  130. This is such a good book. I was immersed in it from the beginning. It’s been a long time that I love a book like that .I love Marco , wish I have a friend like him.
    Thanks Nora for writing it,

  131. Here is the wonderful silver lining to the aggravation she created. You have now gained how many new readers due to one silly entitled commentor. Publicity can be found in the weirdest places, but since you have allowed her to rant (don’t take down her comments, they just help) people are drawn to your blog and then your books.
    Dab now because you turned this negative into a huge positive. 😁 Bring on 2021 and all your new readers!

  132. I have read and enjoyed Nora’s books for over 30 years. I remember when the rumors were flying about the 1st In Death book, how it was really Nora under the name J. D. Robb . What a gift they were.
    You are #1 on my auto buy list when I see a new book out. Ilona Andrews is the only other auto buy, without bothering to see what the book is about, Author that I have.
    Please keep giving us the wonderful stories that we enjoy and love so much. The countless hours of enjoyment are priceless. Try to tune out the readers who annoy you. They will always be around, but hopefully they don’t get you down.

  133. Nora, stumbled across this blog and have read all comments. I have been reading, loving and appreciating your books since “Irish Thoroughbred” w-a-a-y back. I would be hard pressed to list favorites but will start with the Quinns and the Gallaghers; but now that I’m started would have to list almost every trilogy and every single book! You are, by far, my favorite writer – although I have a hard time with some of the extreme violence in a couple of books. Stay on your own schedule, enjoy your family and the holidays.

  134. I was also sent over by Ilona Andrews. However, I have been a Nora fan for over 30 years. She is exceptional and as others have so eloquently stated–has given me years of enjoyment. I am so sorry to see how much distress this Debra has caused. It is clear from all fronts just how wrong this person is. Please take time for yourself over the Holidays and rest assured how much you are appreciated and cherished. I plan to visit your store/hotel one day and hopefully, I can time it with an event and say hello. This (almost retired) nursing professor sends you her very best.

  135. I just finished! I was able to spread it out over 3 days!! I can’t wait for number 2… I have very bad feelings about that Shana!! She spells trouble big time. Also, I need a Marco in my life. He was one of my favorite characters! 🙂

  136. I didn’t read through all the comments, but surely I am not the only person who fell in love with Bollocks and now desperately wants an Irish Water Spaniel! Talk about falling out of the story to research a dog breed. LOL. I would name mine Beautiful Spaniel – BS for short. A good read – even the ending – not my favorite kind, but this one worked. Thanks for being on the next one already!

  137. I swear I wish we could start a new discussion thread that doesn’t mention Debra! It’s hard to find the comments on the actual book 😄
    I didn’t get as immersed in this book as I have others. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but I kept pulling out and remembering that it was a story. I really think it was because I heard it was a “cliffhanger” and I kept thinking that the bad guys were going to kidnap Marco before Breen even told him about Talamh or something like that! I loved Marco so much that I could barely keep from reading the end. But it didn’t seem like a cliffhanger to me. I mean, yes, nothing is resolved, but they are heading back to deal with Odran and they’re together. Not sure how Marco will explain to Sally why he’s going to be missing his next shift!
    Breen’s grandmother is amazing. Gotta love her.
    I was expecting Breen to bond with a dragon but I still think that will come.
    I could understand Jennifer being scared, especially after her being taken, but once Breen found out, she could have apologized and supported her. No loss there if she doesn’t see her again.
    I don’t like Keegan yet, but I was starting to warm up to him at the end. I really liked how he was with her friends.
    So glad Marco will get to see her new world. He can come stay at the cottage when he wants and see Breen. Maybe. Anyway, it seems like we won’t be losing him while Breen is saving the world and that’s a good thing!
    Hope Sally makes another appearance. She’s awesome.

    1. I think Marco will be staying with Breen. They both love Sally, but they don’t have other connections there. No special someone, live in an apartment, etc. 🙂
      Def see a dragon in her future!

      1. I love the whole Marco and Sally connection in Philly. I hope they keep them in there somehow. But how this book ended with Marco – whew is he going to have some fun figuring it all out. Can’t wait.

    2. You got me thinking: There is a reason why I did not like Keegan either at the beginning. Yet with the tough calls of leadership he has to be direct and rough, as a Laird.

      I hope he does not sacrifice himself to save her and she is the new Taoiseach. I like happy endings for all worlds.

  138. I LOVED this book! Breen really grew as a person from the beginning till the end, Keegan 🤷🏻‍♀️ He was fine but I adored Marco ❤️ Wish he could have his own hea but anyways I’m so keen for the next but will be patient 😂

  139. Really loved this book! Looking forward to the next one. Nora never disappoints. Thank you!

  140. Totally loved this book! Almost cried when i saw when the next book was coming out. I have listened to the last chapter over and over and over and over again… 🙂 Looking forward to the next book!

  141. Moving on from Debra, I love, love, love this trilogy and cannot wait for book 2. Every aspect of the The Awakening, was wonderful and the ending…OMG! Just thinking of the last few paragraphs in the book and considering the possibilities for book 2 is mind blowing! I so want a movie of this 😊. Thankfully, we have Faithless in Death in February, Legacy in May, Forgotten in Death in September, and The Becoming in November. Thank you, Nora doesn’t seem to be enough, but its heart sent and heartfelt!

  142. GREAT book!! I have never met a Nora Roberts book i didn’t like! But this one was a favorite. I love the all of the characters, fey and human alike! Cant wait to get my hands on the next book.
    Thanks so much Nora!

  143. The book came at the right time and loved it. I have enjoyed the book and audiobook (several times) as the narration takes me to Ireland and the realm of Talamh. I can relate to Breen’s journey, divided with family in 2 worlds (in my case, nations). Trying to balance duty, familial and personal responsibilities (wants/needs) and the love/needs for the people that depend on her.

    I enjoyed the contrast in cultures and ways of life. I could tell the difference in cultures from both realms, the importance of understanding and accepting others, their differences with out trying to change them. This part of the book touched by heart. I am glad Breen,Sally, Marco, Derek have each other … Breen’s family of the heart.

    The setting of the book in 2 worlds: Philadelphia and Ireland/Talamh was powerful as well.

    The ending confused me at first yet Marco going thru the portal was brilliant. So as I dream about the next book, I wonder about his future, as his family does not accept him as he is, in the Philadelphia world. I can envision his first look at a flying dragon and smile. I also wonder if Marco is a changeling, maybe part of the Fey? Does he belong in Talamh or a key to another world? Is he going to find family or more there with Breen’s family and friends? Is he a key to something else and wonderful? I will patiently wait and see what is to come in the next books to learn of other realms and how Breen and Keegan and others will save them all.

  144. I just have to say, I love you and your books! I am engaged from cover to cover and I don’t like to put them down. I started this book a little before 2 today and at 9:30 just now finished it. Would have been sooner, but hey, I have kids lol. I love the characters. My favorites by far are Breen’s family of choice. Sally and Marco are the best and I love how you made them come alive for me. I love the world you created (I really want Breen to get her own dragon!). Your cliffhangers though….come on! Lol I cannot wait for the next one. Highlight of my year is your books. Happy writing! I cannot wait to see what you come up with next.

  145. I bought the wakening on November 28th. Today is the 16th of December and I have read this book 3 times. I love any book by Nora Roberts and J.D,Robb. Just keep on writing awesome books.

  146. All I can say is wow! I was going to hold off purchasing this book but as I am currently having to self quarantine in my room in my apartment I caved and ordered it online. I have been reading Nora books for year and years and I can safely say I think this is one of my personal favorites. I was expecting it to take the same time line I guess you could say as “The One” but I thoroughly enjoyed the character development of Breen. Its practically an entire book of her coming into her self realy before all the action and even romance gets started so to speak and I LOVE it. I love that Nora has Breen fully embrace herself before she realy dives into the romantic aspect as well. I love how you are drawn in and feel so connected to Breen and her chosen family. I am also thoroughly shocked and both pleasantly surprised and not pleasantly surprised at the cliffhanger ending lol. I just love everything about this book and patiently and anxiously wait the next in the series next year.

  147. Just finished The Awakening. Fan freaking tastic!!! Loved the cliffhanger! Hell, I loved everything about it! It’s no wonder you’re my very favorite author. Thanks so much Nora!!

  148. Just finished reading The Awakening and thoroughly enjoyed it. However the puppy’s name Bollocks must have a different connotation in the US than it does over here in the UK and I’m pretty sure in Ireland. My mother would have threatened to wash my mouth out with soap if I had said that in her presence as it’s on a par with the F word. All the way through the book I was expecting one of the Irish characters to let Breen in on the joke but instead she is writing a series of children’s books about him. I can only imagine a set of Children’s books about Bollocks the Dog on sale here in England 😆

  149. Loved The Awakening!!!!
    finished it at 2:40…am….this morning lol
    Can’t believe I have to wait a year for book 2 :(((
    Nora Roberts, your writing is like a drug 😉

  150. Just finished Awakening. Loved the new world. I know it’s a given it’s a trilogy but I hope you will revisit this world in the future. I’d love to see more books in the “The One” world too. I’m always amazed at how many books Nora puts out each year. I’m a HUGE In Death fan and love that I get two books a year in that series. I’ve read the whole series through at least 3 times. I found I could really relate to Eve Dallas. In her I see the confidence I’d like to have. I can really relate to Breen Kelly as well. She has all the insecurities I struggle with. I envy her support network of Marco, Sally and Derrick. I love the idea of multiple universes. Wouldn’t be awesome to walk through a tree to world where dragons fly and fairies live?

  151. OMG!!!!! I loved this story line! The way that it has been left open! I am wanting book 2 like now! Poor Marco!!!!!
    Nora, thank you for your wonderful stories! I have been collecting your books over the years! I eventually will get your J.D. Robb books.

  152. I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite NR trilogy…but I think The Awakening may be the first book in it! I just finished it! I love all of the books that Nora writes but those set in Ireland…well, those just feel different to me. So, so good! I found this blog while I was searching for the release date for book 2. After reading the ridiculous comments from one Debra (insert eye roll here)…I wanted to share how personally thankful I am for Nora’s gift of story telling. I lost my mom earlier this year; I found comfort in the pages of my literary friends. The Calhouns, the Concannons, the O’Dwyers, the Gallaghers, in weddings, haunted Inn’s, discovered Magicks, hawk walks, old castles, and the Irish countryside.
    So, Nora…Thank You for creating these worlds that come alive on paper. Thank You for telling such compelling stories. Thank You for honing your craft, for not rushing the process, and for the gift of Three…sometimes four books to tell a story.
    Thank You for countless hours I have spent in your world.
    I am Eagerly awaiting November!

  153. Hi! Writing from England. I’d ‘saved’ my copy of ‘The Awakening’ for the new year slump. I knew reading A Nora (as my daughter-in-law and I call it ) it would not fail to lift me. I have relished it! Just a tiny point….the word ‘bollocks’ is rather a rude term for testicles in the UK . Perhaps not in the US. Whilst I love the character of the delightful dog I kept imagining his name shouted aloud in public when calling him to heel. It would result in parents of small children covering their ears! So looking forward to the rest of the trilogy! As ever, thank you so sincerely Nora, for being a light in the darkness.

    1. Many years ago we had a dachsund/min. pincher mix that when we got him was named Bravo. Dad took one look at him that evening & renamed him: “That’s not a Bravo, that’s a Knucklehead!” And Knucklehead he was for the rest of his life. And he was very good at slipping out the door & away so many times I roamed the neighborhood looking for him & calling “Knucklehead!” You know, you can get folks angry at you when they think you’re calling them a knucklehead, esp. when you’re a kid!

      I’ve seen bollucks used for when someone messes things up over here: he sure “bollucksed that up!” Who says we speak English in the US?

  154. Just finished The Awakening and look forward to the next book. I’ve been reading Nora’s books for a very long time. I introduced my daughter to them when she took a copy of one of my books over a weekend to read. She was hooked! Having traveled to Ireland 10 years ago, it was easy to see in my mind’s eye the places from the book (Cliffs of Moher, Bunratty Castle, the local pubs, small shops) – and hope to go back one day, its such a beautiful place!

  155. I am a big fan….read most of Nora Robert books (I’m hoping there are a few more older ones – sometimes a little hard to read because the male characters are not developed as nicely as the more recent ones). The One series was really good – but the Awakening – OMG LOVE IT. I also kind of wished I held off reading until the 3 of them are out already. I’m feeling bereft now that I finished the 1st one and have to wait 2 whole years to finish this series?! Now I have to re-read one of the older series now to temper the excitement the Awakening inspired in me! Thank you Nora for creating these exciting worlds, heroes and heroines ……

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    site mobile friendly? My website looks weird when viewing
    from my apple iphone. I’m trying to find a template or plugin that might be able to
    fix this issue. If you have any recommendations, please share.
    With thanks!

  157. Hi, many thanks for The Awakening, which kept me enthralled until I finished it (about 3am today!). I loved the characters, including Keegan, who came across as an admirably conscientious leader with integrity. Sounds delicious too. I also really liked the way Marco, Sally and the Philadelphia family plus Marg and friends in Talamh made up tenfold for Breen’s awful blood family members. Fab story, and I cheered Marco at the end!

  158. I loved this book, The Awakening is a great name. I didn’t see that ending coming! I was feeling so bad and starting to cry, I was almost to the ugly cry when Bam! I started laughing! Thank you Nora. I can’t wait for Book 2.

  159. Love, love LOVE this book. I just finished it about 30 minutes ago and already want to re-read it. I lost track of time diving into the worlds or the characters and TRULY enjoyed it. Already pre-ordered book 2!! You can definitely come out with it sooner if you’d like… I sure would be ecstatic!

  160. Finally !!! I got to read ‘The Awakening’ – thought I would never get the book. What a tale !! I could not keep it down at all. Eagerly waiting for the next two installments.

    And OMG .. I feel like dropping everything and rushing off to Ireland; the descriptions are so awesome ! Loved the character Marco. At this point I like him better than Keegan. He is that adorable. He he he .. 🙂 I am so glad he followed Breen into the portal. What adventures they will have ! Since Ms. Roberts’ imagination is fab I am sure they will be better than anything I can dream of.

    I am late to the party; read the JD Robb excerpt now. I am hugging myself with joy, in approx one month I will get to read another book by Ms Roberts ! TREAT !! Although the last few days before the book will drag like molasses … LOL.

    Recently there was a discussion on comfort reads and I remembered the first comfort read that I have – ‘Birthright’. The book is nearly in tatters I should replace it I guess but I have a sentimental attachment to its appearance since it is my re-reading it that has caused it.

  161. Epic entitlement tantrums notwithstanding, I’ve so enjoyed the blog’s glimpse behind the scenes with this highly talented team.

    2020 was a challenging year for us all. And even though the new year’s first events have been so full of chaos and tragedy, I’m determined to stay focused on the good and the light and the love, as I have learned in part from the many strong and beautiful heroines coming out of Ms. Roberts’ imagination.

    That said, who’s with me in rooting for Marco to live? I fear for his safety in Books 2 & 3 … while I very much appreciate the author’s diverse universe of characters, I’m afraid Marco may face an emotional fate like that of Cian’s friend King (who yes, while utterly different in personality and skillset, not to mention sexuality if I remember correctly, was still the African American best friend of one of the leads). I know there will be war, I know there will be danger, but my prayers and protection spells are with Marco to live a long and happy life with the man (or were/elf/fairy/witch/etc.) of his dreams.

    Sending much gratitude for all the beautiful work being done, and blessings to you and yours as we face the challenges to come.

  162. I have been reading and loving Nora Roberts books for so many years now. I then started reading and equally loving JD Robb and the In Death series. I actually introduced my husband to Nora Roberts through the In Death series, and it was from there that he started reading Nora Roberts, starting with the Rise of Magicks trilogy, and then I got him the Sign of Seven Trilogy. True story, we got each other The Awakening for Christmas. You are magical and a treasure. I look forward, impatiently to whatever come next.

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