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With new readers joining the fold every day, certain questions are asked time and again.  When an author’s career spans more than three decades or a series approaches its 20th anniversary you can only imagine how many times Nora has answered these questions.

We fully understand the excitement of finding a new author or a new series and that those questions are brand new to the people posing them.  So we thought an index of the most frequently asked questions over the years along with Nora’s expanded answers on the blog might help.

Please note that you may not agree with all the answers but as the creator of the books, Nora has the final say in all these matters.

We hope you find your answers below.

In Death specific questions

Will Eve and Roarke be parents?  Answer here.

Can I share my idea for a story?  Answer here.

Does Roarke have a first name? Answer here.

How Nora views The In Death World.  It may differ from your view. Post is here

The top 10 9 things Nora will not write into the In Death series.

When will Eve make captain?  There isn’t a blog post about this.  But if/when you get to Thankless in Death you’ll find an answer to that question.

What is the order of the In Death series? Answer here.

Why wasn’t a character I love in the current In Death book?  Answer here.

February 2017 update to baby/storyline/input question.

General questions

Why do I have to wait so long for the books in a trilogy? Answer here.

Does Nora write all her books?  Answer here.
Nora’s answered that again:   Zombie Ghosts
And again:  Ghosts Again


And some questions I’ve pulled over from the FAQ page on Nora’s website:

Will Nora write more about characters from any series/book she has written?

Readers write all the time asking for more stories about the characters they love. While it’s wonderful that the characters have woven their way into readers’ hearts, by the time a book is released, Nora has already bid those characters a fond farewell and met a new set of characters who will later charm and enchant her readers.

When will Nora finish the MacGregor or Stanislaski series?

Nora’s last book for Silhouette was released in 2002.  It is extremely difficult to take characters to a different publisher so Nora had to leave those beloved families behind.

You’ll find the complete FAQ here.

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