How it all works (for Nora)

photoI’ve noticed when I scan comments, either on the blog or on Facebook, many posters assume I have assistants or staff. 


I have the amazing Laura, who stands as my personal publicist and Person Of All Details. You will note, when she posts or comments, she puts her name after the post or comment, so the readers know it’s Laura, not Nora. If I post or comment, I put my name on it. 

I realize in the strange world of the interwebs the person signing off with NR could be a four-hundred pound bald man, sporting full-body ink under his wife-beater shirt. You only have my word that it’s not. 

While Laura does much to keep me in line–ah, that is, to keep the business around the writing running as smooth as it can–she doesn’t assist in the actual writing. No one does. 

An assistant would, without question, drive me insane, and I would likely murder this poor, unfortunate individual in a bloody and brutal manner without a single twinge of remorse or regret. 

Keep away from me during work hours, and nobody gets hurt. 

I don’t use researchers, proofers, consultants. I don’t collaborate. I would also murder a collaborator, probably five minutes into said collaboration. There are plenty of blunt objects in my office. 

I don’t take ideas or suggestions on characters, storylines, story angles, settings from anyone. I do mean anyone. At all. Ever. What’s written in the book is mine. Mine, mine, mine. You might sense I’m a little bit territorial here. You would be correct. 

I don’t have a staff. I have a long-time housekeeper who comes in once a week to shovel out the house. If someone was in here fussing around with stuff every day? I would make good use of those blunt objects. 

I don’t play or work well with others. That’s why writing is such a good career choice for me. It’s solitary. I don’t have to see or speak to anyone for hours and hours and blissful hours every day. 

While I write the books, all by myself, that’s about all I do. I send the manuscript to my editor and agent. My agent handles ALL the business stuff. All of it. She’ll meet with my editor (who is also, in this case, my publisher), and they’ll hammer out business details. My editor will edit. If she feels changes need to be made, we discuss. I’m probably going to make them because 99 times out of 100 she’s going to be right. Every writer needs an editor. Every writer. 

The manuscript is copyedited by a copy editor who works for the publisher, not for me. It’s put into production. My editor has an amazing, truly amazing talent for visualizing covers. She’ll work with the in-house (the publisher’s) art department. I do not design the covers. I’m not an artist. I do have cover approval. 99 times out of 100, when I’m shown the cover proof I say: Thank you! It’s perfect. Because it almost always is. 

It’s proof-read in-house, and by me, in page form. The galleys–for reviewers–are uncorrected proofs that won’t have any corrections or changes made. And still, something gets missed in the final copy. I wish it was otherwise, but it happens. 

I don’t have anything to do with pricing, with scheduling, with distribution, with who reads the books on audio. (I am hugely grateful to Susan Erickson and her incredible interpretation of the In Death series.) 

Again, my job is to write the books. I let everyone else involved do their job so I can do mine. 

Most readers don’t understand how publishing works–why should they? The fact is, I don’t understand some of it myself. So I just write the books and let the rest happen. But this is a really, really basic outline of how it works for me. Other authors may choose to be more involved with publishing details. I’d rather just write–my choice.


A note from Laura:  All I said was “don’t you think every heroine should be a Laura?”  Then I noticed the blunt objects. 😉


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  1. You’re amazing. Don’t know how you do all that, but hope you keep doing it. Life with no Roarke would be so bland. 🙂

    1. I love that your job is to write the books.Mine is to read them, live them and such a let down when life interferes, you realize you are not even in the same country that you just left.

    2. I love the way you write never read a book i did not like so keep writing the great books and I will keep reading them. i don’t loan them out and I am keeping them for my nieces so when they are old enough I can give them to them. my one niece always asks is it Nora or J.D.

  2. I collect all of your books and have read them all repeatedly. Looking forward to the new ones in the future.

  3. I cannot thank you enough for all your wonderful series, trilogies, and books. They keep me company as I am usually alone because my son is TDY in various places. I have read and re-read them and have turned my bonus room upstairs into our library. My Son keeps up with Eve and Roarke and takes them with him when deployed, we ship your books back and forth where ever he is . I hope you will continue writing for a very long time. Thank You again and God Bless
    Linda Goff

  4. Merci pour ces merveilleux livres ..en ce moment c’est la série Dallas , j’ai toute la série jus qu’au tome 36..j attends avec impatience le nouveau ..

  5. I loved your post, Nora. I never had any doubt you did it all. But I got such a kick out of the blunt objects in your room. LOL I suggest to Laura, if you are anywhere near Nora when she is writing, leave the coffee by the door and run away. 🙂

    1. I’ve been in the area when Nora’s writing — purely by accident, I swear!! — and I just didn’t make eye contact. It works with bears in the wild, I figured it would work with authors in their natural element.


      1. Good plan, Laura! Thank you both for my first laugh of the day! Since Nora’s likely to have plotted out – more than once – how and where to hide the body – giving her a wide berth during working hours is good thinking. Would hate to see that gorgeous dragon bowl sacrificed. And yes, Susan Erickson is awesome!

  6. Thanks for sharing. I always figured u wrote solely in ur beautiful office overlooking that wonderful view. Thanks for all the great book new and old I’ve collected them all but one oldie…. I can’t find. Love the challenge of reading and collecting them near and far, u re loved. Great job Nora

  7. Hi Nora! I noticed you wrote you don’t use researchers, but one of things that often stands out in your books is how well-researched every tiny bit of detail is. Considering how you’ve covered a wide variety of characters and professions in your books, how do you go about doing your research? Do you ask people how they work, are you an insane Googler (like me!), or do you usually have a clear idea of how things work going into the book?

    1. If you ask people, you have to talk to people. Have actual conversations with people. I’d so much rather not! If you look long and hard enough, you can find out just about anything on the internet–and no talking to people necessary. I also continue to do what I did before the internet. I get books on the subject. Still no conversations!

      1. The thing I love most about the things you post is how much you sound like Eve. I think I love Eve because she sounds like me! I guess we are kindred spirits. People hide the blunt objects from me, too.

        1. I agree! Especially the remark about not wanting to talk to people, and having many blunt object handy in her office for when she’s disturbed.

      2. Oh Thank God, it’s not just me, lol. Nora I have been an avid fan of your from your first book and when I had to downsize 7 years ago the one thing I was adamant about was I would donate a lot of my books to the public library and I gave away thousands of books but I would not give up any of my Nora Roberts or JD Robb, not that I have all of the available books on my kindle I still won’t give them up because what’s happens if my kindle crashes – I can’t lose your books, someone would be getting hurt if they tried to take my books away. I put off getting a kindle for years because my son made the mistake of saying “once you get the kindle you can get rid of all your books” because he is my son and I love him I let him live but told him if he touches any of your books I don’t care if he if full grown I will hurt him – I will seriously hurt him.

        I am grateful for the many hours of reading pleasure I have had and continue to have as I read and re-read and continue to re-read all of your books. No matter what is going on in the world when I open these books I’m home. I have actually had to replace some trilogies as I have read the books so many times they are falling apart. Keep doing what you are doing however you want to because the books are so worth it. Thanks.

        1. Rose, it’s funny you mention that. I “upgraded” from my Nook Color to a Nexus tablet, running both the Kindle and the Nook app. Some of my “nook books” weren’t from Barnes & Noble, but they were the type of files that can be read by the nook (pdf and epub, I believe and even from, I think, Books A Million) so it took us a few months (we only looked at it a few times) to figure out how to get my backed up NON B&N files onto my Nook app on my tablet. But definitely, backup, backup, backup. Even though I can always re-download from my library on the B&N store, I back up every time I make a new purchase, and especially if I add a file that I didn’t get at B&N.

  8. There is definitely something to be said for doing your job and letting other people do theirs. I would say that is why you are one of the most prolific authors of our time! I am lucky to say I have enjoyed each and every one you have published! Warm wishes, Mary Anne

  9. Blunt objects, hehe. Dang, I like you. I feel the same and I am not a famous author. Leave me be when I’m working at home and no one will get hurt. Plus I LIKE my Murano glass vase and want to keep it intact. Thanks for sharing!

  10. THANK GOD FOR AUTHORS LIKE YOU!!!!! Your writing environment sounds like Heaven. I think you stated everything just fine. Nobody should tell you what to write or how to write it. I’m a solitary person myself and even have a thumb ring that has ‘Solitude’ engraved on it. As long as you keep writing, I will keep buying. Have a Great Day. Hi Laura. You have a great day too. B

  11. You brought a huge smile to my face today. I work alone too, but am lucky to have a variety sharp objects in my office. Someone would really have to be crazy to suggest a change in one of my designs. ☺

  12. What an amazing imagination you have. As I listen to your audio books or read your book , I am there in the scene because of the wonderful way you describe everything. You are truly a talented woman and after reading “How it Works”, I realize what a job it is to write, publish, & promote. Thank you for the joy you bring to us all.

  13. I’ve been reading Nora books since I was 15 (which was a long time ago) and have never found anyone with even a remotely comparable talent. I own them all, and they have had a significant impact on my life. I am so grateful and excited for every new story you publish. Thank you so much for all your incredible work! (Forgive me for gushing. I can’t help it.)

  14. Whatever works for is fine by me, as long as you keep writing great books. I love reading everything you put out. I get lost in your books, needless to say my husband likes to hide my new books till the weekend so the house will get cleaned lol.

  15. I’ve worked in the music side of the entertainment business for yrs. Driven 100s of tours. Every artist has their own way of doing things. I find it very interesting. I too have blunt objects which could be used if/when needed. Good times.
    Please keep writing and stay away from blunt objects as I enjoy your books while on tour. Good connection to home and sanity. Would hate to have a blunt object come between you & writing.
    Thanks again

  16. Well said, Nora. As a writer, I can relate to everything you’re saying. I too need peace, quiet, and solitude while writing. For the most part, family have learned not to bother me while I’m in my office. God help the well-meaning husband who pokes his head in to ask if I’d like a cup of tea, or lunch, or inquire when dinner is! I’m in the process of querying agents for the precice reasons you say you value your agent, editor, etc. Working with a micro publisher for the first two books was great, but more support would definitely be welcome. Thanks for the post to give us all’s peek behind the scenes. Writing isn’t the glamorous, easy life most assume it is, but when you love it, you love it!

  17. I can understand how you love your alone time. I love how you take the time to address consistent topics. Thank you for your books! And I agree Susan Erickson is the best!! I hope that as long as you are writing In Death books, she is recording them.

  18. I get where NIRA is coming from, re staff and people around her when writing. That’s how she rolls…to use a current “hip” expression. My niece, who is an 10xc published “urban novels” author likes to take breaks and chats with people on FB about being stuck or goes out and chats with friends and neighbors. My next door neighbor who writes & illustrates inspirational books will call me and ask me to look at what she’s done so far and ask for suggestions. That’s their thing! While I don’t see myself as creative or artistic, when I designing a system or looking to enhance an existing system, I need quiet and endless cups of plain tea!! I can work 12-18 hours without moving from my desk. No calls,emails,FB, just my focus. I’ve forgotten to eat,drink the tea cold because forgot to plug in electric tea kettle or cup warmer, just the work and my focus.
    I assumed Nora had more household help, though she speaks of cooking often in this blog. I just want to say, I appreciate her sharing how she goes about creating her books. I read everything, but the in Death books have a special spot in my heart!

  19. I enjoyed this so much, to see how the process works for you. I am very glad you spend your time just writing, and let others handle the rest. We get the best of your creativity that way. Beautiful glass artwork on your desk…would make a handy blunt object, I would think, but it would be a shame to damage it! Just a thought, is hubby allowed near you when you’re working, or is he on the blunt object list, too. 🙂

    1. I love my man, but he’s at the top of the blunt object list. He is well aware of his status here., so he and my dragons–to date–remain undamaged.

      1. When I’m on a baking/cooking binge, my beloved husband knows not to enter my inner sanctum aka the kitchen. And because there are many sharp instruments/blunt objects within my reach, too, he stays the hell out. It’s worked for 39 years, and no scars so far. Keep up the great writing and thanks!!

      2. LOL, he’s obviously the perfect man for you. Glad he get’s it and leaves you alone to create. Your creations are my vacations from my own job and the “life stuff” that inevitably piles up.

        Just started rereading the In Death Series. I’m hoping it will help get me through the brutal Michigan winter they are predicting. Sadly, I think I will devour them too fast and be wanting more by January. Our winters can last into April and May so I may have to go back and reread other series too.

        You keep writing them and I’ll keep reading them!

  20. Interesting look inside the process, but I honestly didn’t need to know. So very much enjoy the characters and just look forward to seeing the newest on the bookshelf. I don’t typically re-read but I have turned my husband on to the audio books and love that I get to relive Eve and Roark, etc through his lens.

  21. With all the books, posts, and blogs both of you (Nora and Laura) really have a handle on what you do. I never question that or who is doing the writing. I believe. I think that belief is why i can enjoy all your work so immensely.
    Please keep up tge great job, both of you. Your ways work. Take care.

  22. How fun to read this on a gloomy Sunday morning. I don’t really understand
    the process of writing but it’s fun to get a glimpse into yours. Blunt objects indeed, lol! Thank you for all the years of reading, you’ve saved the day for me more times than I care to remember. Eve & company are old friends I can’t wait to catch up with!

  23. Please keep doing what you’re doing- it’s perfect. I think there is a little bit of Eve hiding there in your personality. In the way that you like to do your wrk with out being disturbed..,and that whole blunt object thing!

  24. Thanks for this post, Nora, as it allows us to see inside your process a wee bit. I’m on the other end of the spectrum, in that I need quiet & my leave-me-aloneness when I read. Don’t want anything intruding on my concentration (I’m the Book Whisperer @ work part-time in my local library). Also plan on dipping my toes into the freelance writing pond after I leave the library world completely. Thanks again.

  25. Love it! As I’m reading the comments her and laughing out loud – then reading them to my husband, how is my life, love and world, he nods and says “no wonder you understand her – that’s you and your coffee in the morning.” Mine, Mine, Mine – and don’t talk to me before I’ve had at least half a pot.
    I love your books and have almost all of them. I love Susan’s audio book readings and the character’s voices.
    Enjoy your day!

  26. Hi Nora,

    It is very good reading your blog post, I can understand you being territorial in regards to your writing and given that its your name on the book nobody could blame you and I get that completely, as when I am doing crafts & just about anything else I don’t like anyone else underfoot or hanging about as I am working on a craft project.

    Last object I threw was a cup of coffee (full with coffee & very hot) at my man, sadly though I cannot hit the broadside of a barn and instead it hit my brand new TV, so that cured my tossing objects permanently. Love your books and always will. Have a great day!


  27. Nora or Eve…hard to tell who wrote this 🙂 Now I know where Eve gets some of her anti socail traits 🙂

  28. I love all your books and I do reread them and I love the audio books for driving. I have gotten my sister and brother hooked on the audios when we go on vacations. Especially the In Death ones. I’m so happy that you write. Please keep it up! Thanks.

  29. Bravo to you, Nora, for recognizing the way you need to work and being able to do it!
    I’m trying to transition my career (I do alterations on bridal gowns) so that I don’t have as much contact with people. I have very sharp instruments in my hands while dealing with them. I often have to count to ten and then ask everyone but the bride to sit down and let me do my job. I don’t care if the mother of the groom used to make all her kids clothes, this is MY job (and if you touch the white dress again with your oily fingers……). I’m going to go read for a little bit before my next bride comes this afternoon. That should help! LOL

  30. As a 63 year old mother of 6 grown children (3 boys and 3 girls) and grandmother of 3, I have been reading your books since, well, longer than either of us would wish to admit! Please know you have many fans in Ann Arbor/Saline Michigan area that want to tell you we are behind your 100%! Keep writing just as you do! The characters and story lines are all wonderful whether to trilogies, single books or In Death books! We love them all and wish you the best of health and happiness!

  31. You sound like your Eve character Nora. Tough, but with a HUGE heart! Your mission is your writing, her’s the dead being represented and put to rest with dignity. Please continue with your entertaining stories.

  32. Unfortunately, I’m insanely distracted by copy, proofing, and continuity errors. And I read a lot, 7-10 books a week. I’ve been reading your books for almost 40 years, they are like old friends that get me through some tough times, make me happier in happy times.
    Rarely does anything “get missed”. Congratulations on perfecting the process that works best for you. And thank you! We benefit from your focus as well as your incredible skills. It’s never too soon for a new book by Nora Roberts!

  33. I literally LOL’d reading this. I could hear Eve Dallas speaking instead of JD/Nora. Sounds so much like what she would say. Just shows me how much of you is in your character of her. I have been a fan of your work for years and years. And am in awe of you. Are you sure you are human? 🙂

  34. Hi Nora.
    Thank you for telling us about how you work. You do it so well and I hope you will continue doing it for a long long time. I love your stories so much.
    Happy Greatings from Sweden

  35. Thanks for your How it works for Nora. I enjoyed reading it and am thinking maybe some blunt things would come in handy when I want to be alone. Keep on keeping on and thanks for the enjoyment you give to so many. May.

  36. Thank you for this insight into your world, I do have a question though, if you don’t use an assistant do you keep a journal or notes to keep everything straight when you write a trilogy or a series? I am always amazed at the detail that goes into each book. Your books helped me re-discover a love of reading and because of that I went back to school in my late thirties. I now work in a library, I get to share my love of reading with the masses and am the resident “expert” on romance novels! Thank you!

    1. No journal, but scribbled notes that I often lose or can’t read very well by the time I want them again.

  37. Nora has it down so it works for her. I laughed out loud at her blunt objects referrals! It was also very interesting. Writing a book….truly a complicated job but one that I suspect is truly rewarding when you see your finished product and seeing it on sale in stores and online must be unbelievable. Thanks for the insight into your working world Nora…..

  38. Thank you for all you do. I’ve been enjoying Nora’s books for a long time, and cait wait to see what she comes up with next.

  39. I love your in Death series, I aam reading them in order and am on Innocent in Death,
    Would love to see a pic of your cast. But your description is pretty good.
    Keep them coming, love them all so far

  40. Nora, I abso-poso loved your commentary . . . laughed so hard I almost, well you know . . .! I understand where Eve Dallas and several other of my favorite main characters come from after reading this. Keep on writing, woman!

  41. Hmmm. Your post sounds more like character development notes for a new book. “Author in Death”. Eve has to investigate a writer, who writes murder mysteries set in the near future, whose blunt objects are left near the victims.
    Wait! Put down the vase! Not a suggestion, just an observation! 😉

  42. While reading your post, I suddenly got a mental image of Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb arguing while writing Remember When. 😉

  43. I love the imspiration you have given me. I met Nora’s wonderful stories in the local library, then bought more recent books. As a new aurhor, i ask myself “what would Nora do” frequently. I told that story to other authors at a recent signing event at our library. Thank you Nora. I love you and your stories. I appreciate your insight and humor.

  44. Looked for a “like” button but there’s not one so I’m LIKE-ing here!! Always glad to find out about favorite authors, especially the “trivia” stuff. [Also good to know how other authors do it!!!] I can’t begin to tell you how many Nora books I have [my collection is NOT neatly categorized, but is here and there in cubbies and in stacks (on the floor!) ] At a glance, I can see 3 trilogies, one of which, the “Born In” series, I especially loved!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  45. Thank you so much for the “In Death ” series, you and Susan Erickson saved my sanity after my back surgery and recovery, between pain and being a long time night nurse I was frequently wide awake at 3 in the morning. My husband somehow didn’t appreciate the light on so I could read in bed. Ear plugs and a tiny tape recorder helped a wonderful writer and a talented performer allow me to relax and drift off to sleep

  46. I laughed when I got to the part about killing a collaborator, and that you have many blunt objects in your office. Truthfully, it sounded just like Eve! I never thought you did have anyone else do any of the heavy lifting for you, Nora. I can certainly understand why you wouldn’t want to work with anyone!

  47. Good! Because, when I read NR or JD books, that means I am reading your ideas, your thoughts, your story and I am entertained. Hope you have more ideas to share. I really like your in death series.

  48. When you write like Nora Roberts, who needs help? I read a lot of books and a lot of her books. It’s a rare thing to find a misprint. Some books you have to decider there are so many! Keep them coming! I love them all!

  49. Thank you for sharing your experience in writing. I got through the long illness and death of my husband through reading and re-reading your In Death series. I’ve written short stories for years. I study your work to get a better handle on the craft. I really understand the Mine, Mine,Mine!! I don’t have your problems because I’m not that good. But I am improving. And no, I’m not ever going to ask you to look at my manuscript (shudder). I have an over-due apology for Laura. When Face Book was the site for your fan’s to post, Laura used one of mine regarding how great the audio books are. I think she liked my dog Sophie’s picture. I was really excited. Then I thought I sounded like an idiot and I had a meltdown. I demanded that it be deleted. She did. I doubt anyone remembers this. I hope I wasn’t rude. If I was, I apologize. My only excuse is that I wasn’t stable.

  50. I love the in death series and just wanna say thank you because the books have helped me in my life to escape for a while when it’s been rough!so I get to go away and read ever since I was little I’ve loved reading!

    1. I agree, when life gets really hard I’ve always been able to escape into the stories to get a little time away from the hard parts of my life. Her characters are real people who make the same kind of mistakes as I do, they give me hope that I can do better but most importantly her books make my troubles fade away and for a little while I can just relax and enjoy. Nora you have such an amazing gift, please don’t change what you are doing because your books are so good – if I could only read one author it would be you.

  51. Hi Nora , I cannot say it enough. I love your writing, stories, characters and especially your sense of humor ! Please never retire.

  52. No offense, but I haven’t “read” an In Death book for years. And if Susan Erickson ever stops narrating the audio books, I will probably be Dallas-less; the woman has an uncanny talent for bringing the characters to life. The one time I actually read a hard copy of one of the books, she was in my head the whole time. Love the stories, and love her “Darlin Eve”, too.

    1. No offense taken. I’m delighted so many readers love Erickson. It’s wonderful for me to have someone so talented portraying my chapters and stories.

  53. It’s so much fun to learn about Nora from Nora herself. It’s more fun to read all the lovely comments from fans all over. It’s still more fun reading Nora’s replies and/or comments to comments. It’s delightful.
    You and your stories are delightful, enjoyable, refreshing, entertaining and inspirational. Thank you.

    Here’s to Nora and Laura (raising my glass) – CHEERS!!!

  54. I enjoyed reading about how Nora writes, especially laughed about all the blunt objects in her office! However you do it, Nora, it WORKS so keep it up! And thanks, I truly love, love love your Eve and Roarke series!

  55. Loved this. Especially since so much is like my own process. Though I don’t have the housekeeper–lil jealous on that one. And my husband keeps TALKING to me when I’m trying to work lately, so I understand the urge to maim. But I tend to look at the pointy objects rather than the blunt ones. I’m probably just lazy.

  56. Thank you for letting us peek. 🙂

    By the way, Susan Erickson is the reason I got sucked into … I mean, began reading the In Death series. I had tried it years ago, it just didn’t click for who-knows-why, and tried it again when I needed something for a long drive. Now I have worked my way through a frightening number of them in a very short time and it matters not one wit if it’s paper or audio. She’s brilliant, so are you.

  57. I, too, don’t collaborate, take suggestions or direction well. I don’t write but stay away from my kitchen when I’m cooking, my hooks when I’m crocheting, my garden… oh, and my chocolate!

  58. Had to laugh, this is the way I am when I red a new Nora/JD book, everyone knows to leave me alone until I come up for a Pepsi!

  59. I am very glad that you answer posts yourself, not a lot of authors still do and I have always know when it was you. I am also glad you have a Laura to answer questions as well. She answered a question I asked once and it made me feel special. I didn’t really expect to be answered and was tickled to be acknowledged. I have been reading your books from the first one published and have never been disappointed. I love that along with the romances you create such strong friendships. I think the friendships are what keep me coming back for more. Thank you and never stop writing.

  60. Ms. Roberts, I love that you write, and what you write. It gives me pleasure and the opportunity to READ. And what you do is absolutely….fricking awesome!. Thanks again.

  61. I find the process mysteriously interesting. I am a court reporting student, so I do a great deal of editing every day. When it comes to reading for pleasure, though, I’m delighted to stick to the buying!
    Also, the note from Laura

  62. You are 100% correct. I had no idea what publishing entailed. I didn’t know copyediting existed, much less that there were copy editors who did this. I just wanted to say I’m grateful you do what you do, because you do it so well! And I (and millions of other lucky readers) get to enjoy the end products.
    Thank you for that.
    Kind regards,

  63. LOL – I swear I heard some Eve Dallas in ALL OF THAT! Still laughing 😀

  64. On a completely unrelated subject: love your taste in computer wallpaper! I can usually recognize a Ryan Bliss (Digital Blasphemy) design anywhere… I hope you have a lifetime membership to his site, he has created some truly amazing stuff!
    Cheers from Norway, and have a wonderful week!

  65. I just want to thank whoever chooses Susan Erickson as the narrator for the In Death books. Her characterizations are so good that I never have to guess who is speaking in the dialogue. I love her readings.

  66. I am a fan of any process that produces the final stories that I enjoy so much. I discovered your stories about fifteen years ago. Besides keeping current on your more recent work, I have gone back to the beginning with your earliest books. Seeing your talent develop has been a treat. Keep them coming.

  67. I think you do fantastic work and I love love love your books beyond that everything else is your business I don’t think anyone should be bugging you to write faster as they know nothing about what it takes to write a book as for myself I will keep buying your books when they come and I have never been disappointed in any that I have read beginning with your first book so you know I HAVE A LOTTTTTTTTTTT Thank you Nora

  68. I enjoy your books so much, Nora. I am handicapped and can’t get out much, but your books allow me to escape and have adventures vicariously through your stories. Also, I like looking at pictures from your travels and reading about them. Thanks for communicating directly to your readers when you can. Jan

    1. hi Janet we are very lucky to have Nora writing I just can’t get enough of her books I’ve been reading her books since I picked up her first book but you know what I hate when the so called fans write and tell what to do or they keep telling her write faster they don’t have any idea how hard she works all I’M saying is just leave her along she is not a robot she has a life to so comeon people just enjoy her books and leave her to do what she does best and that is write ??????????

  69. When I read those comments “why don’t you…” “you should…” I always remember a board I once saw in Pinterest that said “who sprikled the bitchy dust?” because I don’t read all Nora comments and I hardly visited the stupid questions (or something) at the previous board but the few times I did I acknowledged that this was the sort of thing bound to release the devil ;).

    And why would you want to do that to your – as so many say – favorite writer? It’s annoying and it’s plain rude to suggest Nora how she should be doing her work. I wouldn’t admit Nora to direct my life so for mere courtesy one should recipocrate.

    Her Laura heroines were all amazing. You’ll say thank you very much and be pleased and avoid the wrath :). For myself I love the (only?) Teresa she wrote about. That’s my story and for many gorgeous, sweet, amazing heroines she wrote about not many were as fullfiling as Dr. Teresa Court.


  70. Love this. Cracking me up! I think you kinda sound like Eve. Especially the blunt object thing haha. I have a question and I’m not sure you’ll even see this. But I was thinking the other day as I was re-reading the books-I’m on Innocent in Death now again, Do you have a plan for if something happens to you? I mean no disrespect but was just thinking if the books just all of a sudden ended I’d be devastated. I was wondering if you’d hidden some paragraphs for someone- maybe Laura? Or your husband? I know no babies but it would be weird for it to just end. Anyway ,just a thought that went through my head Saturday. Thank you , Dania Hoffman Independence Kentucky

    1. No plans for Posthumous In Death. Since I don’t know how it’s all going to wrap up, I can’t write the wrap up.

      I’d better stay healthy!


      1. Haha Yes you better stay alive forever! Thank you for answering!!!

  71. Dania, I’ve had the same thought. Ghoulish as I feel, I’d be so sad if there was no wrap up novel…not too soon, please. If I had my “druthers,” you’d write forever, Nora!

  72. So glad to see that you also enjoy the great job Susan Ericksen does I. Dreading the In Death books. I always get the audio books and have become addicted to her voice. She does such a great job.

  73. Growing up I wanted to be a writer. I figured I loved to read so much that being a writer would come easy! Alas I learned that my childhood dream was not to be. But found instead that I take greater joy in enjoying the stories and people that other people create. There is nothing like diving headfirst into a world that someone else has created. And to dive into a world that Nora Roberts has created is to take a journey beyond what most can imagine. Every book is filled with so much detail and heart that each character and each location is as clear as a photograph. Thank you for sharing your vision with the world.

  74. First and foremost, I love your work, Nora. I picked up my first NR book when I was 16. I worked in a resort gift shop that carried your books. I was bored out of my mind one day and picked up one of the MacGregors and have never looked back. I resisted the In Death series for a few years but eventually succumbed there too. Twenty years later, I have read (usually five or six times) and/or own everything you have ever written. In fact, one of my friends and I became friends bonding over and discussing your books…along with an inexcusable love for General Hospital. All of that being said, in recent books, the trilogies especially, she and I are finding that the characters are very much the same as earlier characters. Your books seem to have the same basic archetype for the heroines and heros. Do you do this on purpose? I find that I enjoy your characters more when there is some surprise to them, when they do or say something I wouldn’t expect. In conclusion, I would like to say thank you for the countless hours of joy you have given me over the years.

  75. Nora;
    As I read your description of how it all works for you… You know what?
    This sounds so familiar?? Hmmmmm
    It describes VERY CLOSELY like ” How it all works for Eve Dallas”
    Don’t you think Nora?
    I just love how Eve thinks; works; said; quoted. My husband read Death series too. He often laughing aloud of what Eve said or done. He comments: this is You! Eve is very much like you! To the T 🙂
    Why? I could not stand people crowded me either
    That’s how I work too 🙂

  76. Love In Death! I started reading them all again and adding to my collection as I go so I don’t run out of things to read when I finish one. I did have one question though. Have you ever considered making In Death into a tv series? I know at first it sounds silly because a lot of those end up being corny and details get lost but if it was a series on HBO you wouldn’t have to clean it up and you could have an entire season be one book and you could take the time to develop the relationships and histories of the characters as well as the process of solving the crime. I know you’ve done movies before with your other books so I was curious and since TrueBlood is now gone I need a new show to get addicted to! I would never tire of seeing my favorite characters come to life and I don’t think I’m alone in that desire!

    1. I just write the books. I don’t actually do the movies–I sell the rights to the books when and if a production company makes an offer (through my agent), and that offer fits for me.

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