Grab Some Happy

I’m going to get on and off this part of the blog pretty quick. Laura’s been dealing with a surprising amount of negativity and–it must be said–rudeness–on the FB pages. A whole bunch of whining, complaining, even accusations. Just a world of negativity which I’ve certainly noticed has become so unfortunately prevalent over the last year or so.

It’s always been there, but now it’s grown and spread.

For some it’s never enough. What I write or don’t, my publication schedule, what Laura posts on the Robb and Roberts pages–and baffling to me–the fact that she does those posts and I don’t.

I’m going to say this, then move on. When Laura, who has more patience and diplomacy in one hand than I have in my entire body reaches her limit, it’s gone way too far.

So to those who want to use those forums to complain, to demand, to accuse and slap at her, or me, time’s up. I suggest you just grab some happy. Enjoy what we’re able to provide–or don’t and go elsewhere where you can find that happy.

And now I’d like to offer some happy–or at least what makes me happy.


Despite a–again RUDE–overnight drop into the low 30s last week, it’s here. Everything’s blooming and greening. And I can, finally, dig in the dirt again.

BW and I–vaxxed and masked–hit our favorite nursery. We not only filled the bed of the truck (okay, that’s really on me!) with plants, but needed to wedge a couple flats into the cab.

The truckload of happy.

Then we spent an entire Saturday–and I mean eight straight hours–planting.

Cleared away and basking in the light.
Peaceful spot

I love setting plants out, stepping back, considering, moving them. It’s a lot like writing for me. I see it this way, but . . . hmm, maybe change that little thing there, see how that works.

Then it’s dig, dig, dig.

Some magical help with the digging.

And it all makes me happy.

I’m trying a canna lily this year (need to get a photo of that). My grandmother had a flood of them, and I’ve always loved them. But in my zone, I’ll need to lift the rhizome in the fall, store it properly, then divide it properly and replant every spring. I always hesitated, afraid, I’d fail.

Well, you can’t succeed if you don’t at least try. So this is the year I try.

The beds are so pretty with all their new inhabitants–and I planted the nasturtium seeds the wonderful Laura picked up for me.

Nasturtiums will pop up in front.

BW left to spend a little time with guy pals at the beach (everyone’s vaxxed!) so I did the pots solo on Sunday. Many satisfying hours last Sunday.

The always popular Face pot (it was a long ago gift).

And the result makes me happy.

Now begins the Deer War. I’m heading out to spray repellent when I finish the blog. We have more repellent hanging all over, and my trusty air horn.

In addition, Parker has already pulled three plants out of pots–I got there in time to save them. We’re solving most of this baffling problem by putting most of the pots up, and I add cayenne pepper, red pepper flakes to the pots he can reach. But in those he can easily reach he’s actually eaten off the top blooms of all the lantana. JUST the lantana. (This is a new deal with him.)

It just be tasty, but this will not stand!!

More happy came this weekend when Logan–who gets his first shot this week now that he’s eligible–brought up his new puppy. He turned 17 (!!!!) yesterday, and this was his much-desired birthday gift from his mom.

A boy and his new best friend.
Meet Alaska.

Alaska is a Malamute-Husky mix, a girl, a very, very pretty girl with one brown eye, one blue. She’s fun and sweet and VERY energetic. I only managed one picture when she wasn’t moving.

I walked her out to show her where good dogs go to do their business around here, and she discovered the water feature. It was like she discovered Disneyland.

She jumped, splashed, spun–face-planted in the mulch, and made me really happy.

She also made Parker and Atticus happy. And before the day was done, she ruled them both.

More happy when Jason, Kat and Griffin came up. Kat’s fully vaxxed, and Jason gets his second shot tomorrow. What a relief!

Griffin also loves the water feature. And loves walking all over the property. He stopped several times at my pots and had conversations with the flowers. Long, cheerful ones.

No licking at the water feature!!!

The boy also loves bubbles! One of the words he’ll regularly say is Bubbles! He has plenty of words, but picks and chooses when to use them. He latest is two words, delivered with the tone and look of a teenager to his mom. I KNOW!

That bubble concentration.

Makes me laugh!

Bubbles make him incredibly happy. So they make me happy, too.

Logan’s mom–fully vaxxed!–came up, and she and Logan gave Alaska a bath (much needed) in my laundry room sink. It’s so sweet to see how Alaska and her human have bonded

We were able to do what we couldn’t last year, and have a little celebration–pizza and a cookie cake–Logan’s fave. It made me beyond happy to have two of my grandchilden, my son, my daughter-in-law, and my friend and former daughter-in-law safely together in my home again.

Can you believe it? 17!

Kayla–also fully vaxxed–comes home from her first year in college in a couple weeks. I can’t wait to see her!

Get that shot in the arm if you haven’t yet. Protect yourself, your family, your friends, your neighbors, your community, your country and your planet.

Make yourself happy.

Bay laurel just outside the gym.

If flowers and gardening, if puppies and bubbles, if handsome teenage boys and adorable toddlers don’t make you happy, find what does and grab it.

There’s enough sad and sorry in the world. Instead of pushing that out there, push out that happy.


Quick note from Laura: For a little more happy, I thought I’d share a little little secret…there’s rumor (to yet be confirmed) that a Stupid Scoreboard may be in my future. Aaargh — you don’t see a pal for nearly a year and she think THAT’S a good way to reconnect? [insert eye roll here.] Stay tuned.

From a recent morning walk,

158 thoughts on “Grab Some Happy”

  1. I’m glad you are being able to get together with family again. Love the pictures of your garden. I truly understand the deer struggle.

    1. I love the lay out of the garden, all those beautiful colours, I have nearly finished mine, it has certainly been a long hard slog, as to your canna lilies,they can grow anywhere, I ended up taking mine out, I now have a indoor one, it’s a mini version, enjoy your spring weather, we should be in autumn, but, we are having very sunny days and very cold nights, no rain in sight, the joys of global warming, catch you next time, and Laura, ignore those twits that cannot have any happy in them, we live your blogs, in fact I have missed a few, but, send those terrible idiots to Coventry. Till next time, have a great week. X❤

  2. Thank you for the beautiful pictures…I’ve certainly missed seeing you garden and your beautiful grandchildren….

    All I have to say about those people with bad attitudes “is bah humbug, get a life”.

    I certainly enjoying reading the blogs and Laura’s posts. She is certainly filled with kindness and patience to deal with such bullies. Bless her heart….

  3. My 1 yo is learning to speak too and she just loves prefixing everything with Mama! Mama this and Mama that is all I hear nowadays! So great to see all the blooms Nora.

  4. I enjoy the updates, so please know they are appreciated. I am not sure what people think they can accomplish by being rude and hostile. It must be a sad life to be that angry and feel good about trashing others.
    I appreciate all your work and how open you are about the process and how prolific you are! I am 2 books away from reading my way chronologically through the In Death series. Kind of a pandemic thing. Most I had read before, but not all and never in order. I just pre-ordered the one coming out in September. The pause and wait will be good timing as I am starting a PhD program in July.
    Happy Spring!

  5. What a nice bunch of happy to catch up with! I don’t have the gardening gene, but I always enjoy reading your descriptions of your gardening efforts. I laughed out loud when I saw the very full truck bed and then read there were more inside the cab! Wow! I love all your garden art. Very appropriate.

    This is a little silly, but it makes me happy to see you happy.

    Thanks. 🙂

  6. I loved seeing all the pics!! I love reading about your battles with the deer because it reminds me of Anna Quinn when she notices flowers missing and Cam and Ethan tell her it was probably the deer and she wants Cam to go out a pee on her garden!!

    Alaska is beautiful and I love her name. I am sure she has so many happy days ahead with Logan.

    Can’t believe how big Griffin is, he is a doll.

    BUT it was Laura’s comment about the Stupid Scoreboard that actually made me laugh out loud!! I love the stories about the games and I will keep my fingers crossed that I have some in my future.

  7. I also look for happy. Being able to go out in the sun, walk and smile, even with a mask on. Can’t wait to get my second shot next Sunday. Looking forward to going to Boonsboro this summer and seeing everyone again. Be happy because life’s way too short for anything else.

  8. Thank you for sharing the whimsy of your garden. I’ve seen my grandbabies for the first time without masks in a very long time, and it makes my realize how much we take for granted in our world. What a waste of time and energy to be cruel and unforgiving. A thank you and a smile are are what should be shared.

  9. I love seeing your garden and hearing about the kids, puppies and bubbles! Thanks for sharing!!! Also…to Laura…you are so much appreciated!!! Happy Spring!!!

    1. I have lumber, dirt, and all the stuff to do 4 more raised beds this year… And a large flat of seedlings. And a dozen packs of cold hearty vegetable seeds… And 3 inches of snow on my garden space.
      I’m also planning on replacing all the grass in my front yard with a faux English flower garden… Once the snow is gone. Our last frost date is about 6 weeks out.
      Enjoy your garden.

  10. I’m sorry that Laura had to put up with negative people 🤢 she handled it perfectly ( certainly better than I would)
    I’ve been reading not only your wonderful books, I also look forward to reading Laura’s post. She’s a real treasure and I hope she doesn’t let some of the negativity stop her.
    Your garden looks beautiful and the grandchildren are adorable. I’ve been able to hug and spend time with my grandchildren as well. We all have been fully vaccinated ❤️
    Stay safe and happy ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Thanks for the pictures of flowers, kids, and the dog. They made me happy. Your yard is going to be gorgeous!

    Laura has the patience of a saint. I would be ready to smack some of these folks upside the head with a 2×4. If the past year hasn’t taught us to savor life with all of the pleasures and woes that go with it, nothing will. Life is too short and precious to waste it being ugly, short tempered, and nasty. Take a walk. Paint. Plant some flowers or veggies. Call someone you haven’t seen in a while. Read a book. Find what it takes to make you happy.

    Thanks for everything Laura and Nora. I’m glad you’re in the world.

  12. I have to say first I love your stories; your characters literally pop from the page for me. I can almost believe they are real people instead of your creations.
    I’m glad you and yours have been vaccinated or will soon be.

  13. Thank you, Nora and Laura, for giving me some happy over this past year! Retracing Eve’s story from one to done was like welcoming an old friend into the house when others weren’t able to join me (and as much, if not more, fun than binging a show … well other than Bridgerton, I suppose). Mix in a few other books from Nora’s collections and my reading list for the year was well underway.

    To those who are grumpy or nasty, pshaw! Their lives are their own, they’re miserable in their own right, and don’t deserve our time or energy.

    Let’s all find our happy!
    Julie S. (fully vaxed, just waiting for 14 days to pass by)

  14. So jealous of that garden! We had the bad freeze in February, lost a bunch of plants. But the irises this spring are the best they have ever been!

  15. What a beautiful area you live in Nora. I can see you work hard to keep it that way. Handsome 17 year olds and absolutely adorable little guys , make a granny very happy. Nothing like the grands for happiness. I love the golden fairy in your garden. Your wonderful books make me happy and have for years. Thank goodness for them during this pandemic. You and Laura keep on keeping on. Happiness to you all. A fan from the state of Colorado.

  16. My happy is my grandson, too. Just have one, but he’s my joy! All I can say about what you wrote is AMEN!

  17. Thanks for the uplifting post. I remember when Logan was born! They grow up so fast! My grandson is about his age. Where does the time go? Reading Nora! The pics are beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us. Have a wonderful year!

  18. I tried dahlias last year because you write about them so much..they did wonderful my neighbors regularly stopped and asked what was in our planter! I’m in rapid city south Dakota (huckleberry so we are barely in plant mode..27 overnight. Happy planting and ignore negative comments and keep being you writing me great adventures!…

  19. I got some happy from that update and those pics! Thanks, Nora. I also get to enjoy gardening vicariously through your blog. Beautiful grandchildren, beautiful dog, beautiful garden … thank you for sharing them with us.

    Laura, I had to laugh with you when I read your comment about the Stupid Scoreboard. 😄 One of these days, you will prevail! That’s a lovely shot of the flowers from your morning walk. Clematis?

        1. Love the “face” pot! 😬

          In WV we always have the Red Buds and White Dog Woods bloom in the spring first. So pretty in the mountains with the different shades of green.

          I always read the FB posts! Not so much the comments….

  20. Your garden again is going to be gorgeous. I love seeing what you plant each year and your wonderful yard. I really think this past year has changed some people mentally. I know I, for one, felt very alone and really had to talk hard to myself sometimes. Hopefully with vaccination people can become more social and that will help. In the meantime you and Laura are loved!

  21. Thank you for the updates! Those of us like me, appreciate all of your hard work (and Laura’s), and appreciate a glimpse into your life. Grandkids are the light of the world!

  22. You are brave to be planting already. Here in the NC mountains, rule of thumb is “If it can’t stand a frost, don’t plant it until after Mother’s Day.” So I have some pansies in pots and the window box, and some snapdragons ready to go into the ground tomorrow. My daffodils and tulips are about done, my dogwood is in full bloom and my azaleas are ready to pop, and the creeping phlox is gorgeous right now.

    1. I don’t want to say never because that’s tempting fate, but we ALMOST never get a frost after about April 21. I doubt I’m as high up here in the foothills of the Blue Ridge as you are in those NC mountains.

  23. Rhetorical question because I don’t expect an answer actually, you’re busy, but, I wonder if you ever plant flowers that remind you of your characters? Whenever I see petunias I think of Eve Dallas and her wedding.

    1. Luckily, not too busy today, but no, I honestly don’t think of anything but the plants and blooms and how they’ll work together when I’m gardening.

  24. Hi,
    Sorry to hear about the negative Nellie’s (as I call them). And please keep posting any and all news. My new motto lately is “ be the Joy” just spread it! Hope you enjoy the Spring in your garden.
    Take care,

  25. So much happy–thank you!

    Lol, Laura, regarding the stupid scoreboard. 😆


  26. I completely agree– thank you for bringing me so much happy!♡♡♡

  27. Such a cute puppy! They are such a joy to have and keep you company! Enjoy!

  28. Nora I love all your spring planting ambition. Sharing your connections with family after this dreadful year is a treat for all, and one to which we can relate. As for the new puppy, my most treasured dog was an Alaskan Malamute. His name was Oliver North and we called him Ollie. Even the mix with husky create an exceptional pet….although a bit of stubbornness and the owner will discover the need for a firm hand. May your planting go well and your gardens thrive….along with your never-ending supply of wonderful tales.

  29. Wow, Nora is such a hard worker! Not only spending hours every day writing the books that bring us so much pleasure, but working 8 hours planting. I’m so impressed. Alaska is such a cute puppy addition to the family.

  30. Thank you Nora and Laura. I love getting updates. So glad you could have family and gardening. Stay safe.

  31. The boys are both handsome and adorable. Kids, puppies and kittens breath life back into us all. As for the trolls block them where you can. You cannot fix stupid. These type of people are only happy when they realize they have the power to upset and hurt us. Put them on ignore. Spring here in NW Georgia has been unusually long here. It’s usually a couple of weeks then BAM! Summer temps and humidity. Been working to reclaim my neglected gardens. Trees where there were no trees and wild blackberries so thick you can’t find a path. Started out with pruners and loppers. Quickly switched to the machete & small chainsaw. Opened a corner letting in some sunlight and found clematis doing the best to strangle pine saplings. Iris and daylilies showing just how fought they are. Peonies holding their own. My lilac was found literally in the nick of time and the fothergilla was in need of some assistance against some wild vines. Asiatic lilies and some stokes asters were making a valiant stand against the blackberries. This was just a small corner. I ripped out saplings, except the ones the clematis were using those I topped for now. Yanked out blackberries, trimmed over hanging branches and let in a lot of appreciated sunshine. So much more to do.

  32. Your garden, yard, all of it, is a thing of beauty.

    My mother-in-law and I got to get our second shot on Tuesday. I’m hoping I can get back to something resembling a normal life soon, although who knows what normal looks like from here on out?

    Hope everybody stays safe and healthy with you two and your families, Nora and Laura.

  33. I always think of you in the Spring when it;sntime to get things going in the garden. I love reading about all your efforts,you sound so happy. And I can relate, did it for years and loved seeing the results of my efforts.
    Love also,hearing about your family ! Especially grandchildren-I have 5 and they are all so precious. Waiting for a great-grand daughter in a couple of weeks!stay happy,Nora..and safe!

  34. Thanks for the happy! Your gardens are going to be lovely. I love your stone pavers and rock walls. ❤️

  35. Love the gardens, the pets and grands. You always make my day as I reread and my Nora Robert’s and J D Robb books over and over again. Their are people in this world that just like to complain, ignore them, you probably couldn’t even if you tried. Just keep writing , I am your number one fan. Or one of them. HAPPY SPRING.

    1. Definitely ONE of them!! 😉 (heehee….just playing of course!) 🙂 Nora is the only author whose books I bother to collect–though I love others also. 🙂

  36. This whole post made me SMILE😁 THANK YOU….from the bottom of my heart for being you❣

  37. Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing and giving us a glimpse of your happy. 😊. I spent the afternoon yesterday at my daughters. My husband and son in law started building a potting shed in their garden whilst we walked my Grandpup, Stanley then drank a bottle of wine whilst offering the men helpful advice. 😂🍷. Made us very happy. 😊😊

  38. Just a quick note, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. I grab my happy whenever I read or reread one of your books! Thank you!

  39. Thanks for sharing your pictures and your joy. This spring feels so much more hopeful, doesn’t it? Here in Michigan we are still a few weeks away from planting but when the time comes I’ll be excited to plant a truckful too.

  40. Just finished rereading Under Currents – great read – and laughed at the water feature “discussions.” Enjoy having a peek at yours! Happy Spring!!

  41. I truly love how much you get into planting your flowers 💐. I’m not particularly good at planting(and keeping the alive) anything but a tomato plant or two ( they don’t do too well either. I may get a few tomatoes, but mine never looks like everyone else’s)
    I have garden envy, I guess you could say. I don’t even think I’m going to even do tomatoes this year lol.
    Wow!!! I can’t believe Logan is 17. Hrs gotten to be a grown up!
    Griffin is a total cutie pie!
    Thanks for all that you share with us! You’re very much appreciated!
    * Laura, one day you and the scoreboard will be one!! I can’t help but laugh at how much you dread it!
    Keep you chin up and don’t let these idiots get under your skin. Chop them off at the knees and keep on keeping on!!

    1. Please overlook my spelling mistakes. I should know to proofread it before I hit send.

  42. I’m in an apartment now and can’t garden. I miss it. I love to see the gardens. Enjoy.

  43. This last year has taught me that small things can make me happy. I have a small balcony garden but I enjoy the flowers blooming. I learned some new recipes. And now that I can get out and about (double vaxxed), a bit I enjoy seeing friends. And of course family, that is the best part!

    That’s my happy, thanks for sharing yours. It’s nice to know so many of us who read here share simpatico happy.

  44. Thank you for a wonderful post that put a smile on my face. Love my deer but they love my stuff. They just ate the flower tops off of all my pots of pansies. I’m so glad you are getting to see friends and family. I sure appreciate my time with mine so much more now. It’s heartbreaking how awful people can be. Seems like more and more think it’s ok to be mean. You bring happiness into my life with your books and your ( and Laura’s ) posts. Think of all the enjoyment you spread and ignore those nasty people.

  45. Your gardening stories always inspire me, your love for the garden shines through. Also love to hear grandchildren stories, they constantly uplift us

  46. First: people will always find reason to complain.. even when there should not be any. It is beyond ridiculous that they can not understand you all do not live, eat and breathe your jobs every second of every day.
    Second: got my second shot last week.. sick as xoild be for a day or two..but now Husband and I can go meet oir first grandbaby… Who is now 7 months old and has yet to meet any one but mom and dad, who is related to him!
    Third: Logan and Alaska together are adorable and Griffen is getting so big! So happy you got to spend some family time!
    I have garden envy.. I alao have a black thumb so envy is all I am going to have when it comes to a garden.
    And the deer wars begin again.. always reminds me of the scene with Anna and her garden and making Ethan, Seth and Cam pee in it lol..
    Happy spring Nora and Laura!!
    And Laura…maybe this your year on the scoreboard??

    1. Oh I laugh out loud every time I read that! The Chesapeake Bay series is hands down my favorite Nora Roberts set. I honestly have probably read it a dozen times and thank Nora in my heart for each and every book in the series. They have brought me much joy.

  47. Your blog is such a gift. I always love your words and pictures. It’s very generous for you to share with us. As an ER nurse, I get a little choked up (very happy tears) hearing about everyone getting vaccinated! Thank you, Nora and Laura for all you do!!

    1. Thank you Sarah for being a nurse. And an ER one to boot! You must be exhausted. Stay safe.

  48. Ohhhh, I love ALL the happy! As a doting Nana and as a relaxed gardener of some containers on my deck, I LOVE everything about your grandchildren and your plants! Your books still bring me SO much joy! Thank you for writing, still, when you could SO easily have retired completely many years ago! And the new puppy – what a beauty! My dogs are a couple of my greatest joys, too! We will ignore the naysayers and enjoy our lives with gusto! Thank you for sharing…ALL that you do!

  49. Oh happy day 🌻 flowers 🌺 and if they don’t make you happy then we’ll pray for you ☺️ Love the flowers/pictures. I’m in the process of cleaning out last years leftovers plus nutgrass 😡 nasty stuff to get rid of. Then let the planting begin ❤️

    p.s. so sad to hear there is still ugly behavior happening ☹️ So much to be thankful for in hard times…we’ll pray for you too 🌻 Blessed be

  50. We sometimes have to look hard to find that happy. Our cherry blossoms were my happy a couple of weeks ago. This past week it was blossom confetti raining down which was a wonderful way to leave and come home each day. Trees are just about in full leaf here now.
    Grabbed some happy by planting seeds inside this spring. They’re pretty much ready to go into pots for the balcony. 😀We just need some slightly warmer weather here in White Rock, BC, Canada.
    I saw a sign in a store last week that grabbed me. “Grow through, What you go through”. That can bring happy!

  51. Thank you for the update love the pictures special since I can not keep things alive. Also sorry Laura you have to deal with rude people.

  52. I envy you the green thumb! Even cacti, notoriously difficult to kill, aren’t safe around me. Thrilled you are back to gathering with your loved ones. Can’t think of anything that inspires happy like those gorgeous grandchildren and that puppy! And Laura, a scoreboard is fun! Embrace it! 😉

    Nora’s right. Find your happy, no matter what it is. (In my case, the next J. D. Robb is always good … 😁)

  53. From Canada. Just in case you think the U.S is alone with the uglies, we have our share. We live on an island off an island, have a population less than 3,000. And We have our share.

    So, I knit, read and watch baseball. Go Jays!

    I also have garden envy. Mostly because I don’t. 🤗 we live surrounded by Very Tall Trees. Pots on the deck, that’s my style, planting shade loving, deer don’t eat plants….a narrow gene pool

  54. Oh Nora snd Laura! What a gift you give us with this blog! We all appreciate your time and energy in sharing. And pooh to the naysayers! Your words and pix are such uplifters-wish we could somehow turn it around and send it back to you!! Thx for all of it!

  55. Thank you to both Nora and Laura for all the hard work you do, and for the things you share. Don’t let the entitled ******** get to you (easier said than done, I know). Please know there are many more of us who appreciate all you.

    I have a pretty brown thumb (not quite black, but definitely not green), the only thing I’ve planted in the ground and managed to keep alive is a knock-out rose bush. I think it would survive a deliberate attempt to kill it. I do have container plants though that are doing okay. I want to get some more; make my patio more alive.

    I had my 2nd shot on the 13th, so just two more days to be 14 days beyond to be considered fully protected. 🙂

  56. Your spring blogs are my favorite! They are full of your gorgeous garden and your adorable family! Griffin and Logan are getting so grown up! I hope Kayla is enjoying school. Missing her graduation trip with Grandma sounded downright depressing. You don’t seem like the kind of Grandma to let her mope too long though. Logan’s pic looks exactly like how MY teenager “smiles” for the camera these days 😑😂.

    Whether is your novels, JDs novels or your blog, I’m always transported to the world you are experiencing. You are so gifted and so treasured. Please don’t let the negative Nancy’s get you down. There are more of us than there are of them! We love you! And we love and treasure Laura! You guys make a great team.

    My mother was watching a movie about a beloved novelist retiring and asked me how I would feel if one day you simply hung up your writing cap…. Instant tears! The idea baffled and terrified me! You’ve always been there for me, whether you knew it or not. Your stories have helped me fight horrible sadness and an Everest of difficulties. Your strength and the strength of your characters give ME strength! The year my dad died, I don’t think I could’ve survived it without Eve.

    Thank you for just being you and never letting whiney wallowers take from you what you give so freely. Your magic. You’re magic. You.Are.Magic. 💜

  57. Thank you for the awesome as per uszh peek into life at Chez Nora. I guess dropping FB or other social media is out of the question?
    I do so look forward to these posts from Nora & Laura.
    Okay, time to grab a little happy here at Chez Moi!

  58. Sending light, love and happiness always! As ever, thank you for sharing your gift of storytelling, you will always be favorite, go-to author for the best escapes!

  59. Your flowers and plants are all so pretty. I have a black thumb I kill plants. I managed to kill a bamboo plant I had had for 6 years. Something about during my move leaving it in the car forgotten. Oops.
    That puppy is adorable. Griffin is so cute. They grow so fast. My great nephew and his family came up 2 weeks ago and he’s grown so tall. He was 5 in March.
    Boo hiss! On those negative people. I have been reading your older books that I never read. Especially after you posted about Brazen Virtue I was like oh what’s it about.

  60. Hope the dog didn’t get too sick eating the lantana! I love lantana, and the lemon balmy smell of its leaves. The flowers are so gorgeous, but my daughter’s cat eats all plants, (lantana is moderately poisonous) so we have to ban the lantana to an unused guest room in the winter and hope it makes it to the summer. She’s had the one plant for over eight years now.

    Love how Griffin is usually in jammy-style clothing when he visits you – makes him look extra cuddly!

  61. So happy you had your “garden weekend” and time with your family. My husband and I got our 2nd shots this past week, YAY, we will soon be able to have visits with family and friends!!
    So sorry you and Laura are having to deal with such rudeness.

  62. Thank you! Your gardens look great! I’m up north… so behind you but looking forward to getting some plants! Thank you for your words and thank you, Laura, for your work on the social media! Enjoy your Spring!!!! 🌸

  63. Your gardens are already lovely! I hope you post pics as they bloom & mature. I just love your very personal touches of the face pot and the helpful fairy. There’s just something so restful & satisfying about digging in the dirt, isn’t there?
    I’ve only been on this fb page for abt a year, so I know very little history of your family, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them & seeing the pics.
    Let’s all turn away from the greedy negativity and stand with Nora – grab some happy!

  64. Thank you so much for sharing all your happy which are also things that make me happy! Spring, flowers and trees blooming, adorable puppies, bubbles, and family, how could you not possibly be smiling?! I thank you both, Nora and Laura for the happy I get all year from Nora’s stories and Laura’s posts! Anyone with negative comments should go elsewhere. You both give so much time and put in a lot of effort for us fans which is truly appreciated by most of us!

  65. What a beautiful garden area. No wonder your grandsons and the new puppy love it!

    As for the rude people, I’m participating very rarely on those pages you mentioned, as people have turned in raging idiots! I think some really believe the In Death characters in particular, are real, their friends, and They know them better than YOU, their creator!

    Enjoy the Summer and your grandchildren. That’s more important than a bunch of rabid fans!

  66. Beautiful photos, garden looks amazing I love your magical fairies, enjoy your lovely family, they are what is most important. The negativity of some people is sad. Please know you have more people who love what you do and ignore the other stuff.🤗 Bless you all and stay safe. Thank you from a very satisfied reader.🤗

  67. Bravo Nora and Laura! Pictures are beautiful. So glad we can all get faxed. My perfect happy will come when my grandsons can be vaccinated ( ages 13 and 15 ). Happy is the best. And, the naysayers don’t deserve any more of your time.

  68. Love the happy. Nothing beats digging in the dirt and making things grow. Great looking family, flowers and the pup is adorable!

  69. Thank you so much for sharing your plants and family times and your happy on your blog with us. I love the chance to see the wonderful things happening for you. Your blog flows so wonderfully just like your books and is so enjoyable to read. I appreciate all you and Laura do for your readers and I so hope the good outweighs the bad. I usually just click like rather than comment so I hope I’m adding to the happy and worth it column. My life is blessed to have your talent in it.

  70. Just love reading about your good times at home, Nora. So happy you were with your family! Your grandson, Logan, looks exactly like my handsome 15 year old grandson – the hair, the hoodie and of course you can’t see his face. Griffin is a cutie! Love seeing and reading about him.
    I love plants and gardening, too. I live in south Texas and we had a really hard, unusual freeze in February. Had to start all over planting my flower bed around my tree in the back yard. Lost quite a few plants in the front yard flower bed, but trying out azaleas this time around. My beloved gardenias froze to the ground but are barely sprouting out from the roots. Hope you have success with your new plants.
    I don’t know what is wrong with people being so negative. I wish everyone would be kind and if they can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. For you and Laura, please ignore the negativity and know that you both have a huge fan base and we love you both! 💕

  71. Spring has sprung in the UK too and I’m living for it lol! Today (Sunday) I’ve just chopped many leaves off from my Yuka tree due to black spots. It comes back with vigor and new shoots yay! Also had my first dose of vaccine and very grateful for it as I can see my family. On payday it’s buying tomato plants and more seeds. Thank you for not tolerating the negative crap some folk need to get a busy mind. Much love. Xx

  72. Thank you for your wonderful books. And although this last year has been rough for everyone it does not excuse rudeness and or bad behavior. I really appreciate all you and Laura do. And anyone who doesn’t should try to write a book for two while balancing family and businesses. They would soon find out their is alot more that goes into it and how time consuming it all is. Thanks for the lovely pictures and I’ll happily send you a dozen more deer from Nebraska that love to raid my veggie garden yearly.

  73. You and Laura both do a bang up job with no complaints and sheer gratitude from this fan.

    I’m getting more and more into gardening. I have a 110 gallon stock tank pond that I want to add a waterfall to. Since my thumb is starting to turn green, I’m looking for more areas to make little garden patches in. Your water feature is lovely, along with all your garden areas. Spring is finally here and I’m ready to play in the dirt.

    Thank you both!!

  74. Thank you for all of that. Getting the gardens going in the spring is such a joy!!!! Keeping ahead of them can sometimes be a challenge….but if you want instant gratification – weed a flower bed.
    PS….sorry for all the negative waves coming your way… is a wonderful, magnificent……and sadly strange world we are living in.
    Best to you all !!

  75. Nora & Laura,
    It’s lovely to get an update and see Nora’s beautiful gardens! Stay positive and ignore those bringing negativity into your lives.

    Congrats on getting your shots, our family has gotten ours and I’ll be taking mom out for her first over night trip in over 2 years since she had surgery in January 2019 next month. I’m in hope that she can handle this trip so that she can go with me to Maryland to visit my niece and family.

    You both are very special, strong and gracious ladies and I’m thankful that I’ve had the pleasure to meet you both and enjoy both of your talents as a writer and photographer. Stay safe and well and enjoy your families as more get their vaccines and we’re able to get together.

  76. Thanks for sharing your happy. Gorgeous plants, handsome grandsons, adorable puppies, and family gathered definitely is happy.

  77. Your story made for a happy day for me. Love, love your garden! Planting also makes me happy. Watching every day for seeds of lettuce to finally emerge.

  78. Just finished The Awakening, I hear the voice of NR asking Marco to do the Social Media. I hear Laura in Marcos explanation of how to do a blog and so on. Looking forward to spring and planting my flamingos. They don’t need watering and maintain their color all season. Sadly the deer do like to knock them over.

  79. Thank you for pictures of the garden and your adorable grandson. My favourite picture was the puppy. My happy is reading and have started A year at the Chateau by Dick and Angel Strawbridge while I wait till 25/05 for the release of the stand alone Nora Roberts title.
    Thank you Laura your posts are a highlight of checking my email. Especially the talks about books. Great job and cant wait for the next one.

  80. How lovely. I am just re-reading the “In the garden” series as it is that time of year. (Beginning of Autumn here and our hot baking heat is over). I finished Black Rose last night! What a ride near the end, even though I have read it before 🤩. Thankyou for sharing your life with us, as well as your fantastic books, and spreading the happy xxx

  81. It sounds like you are having a really good time with family and your gardening. To bad that the puppies can’t eat the comments of those who are posting not nice things. There will always be armchair critics who think they have the right to make bad, stupid remarks and not be held accountable. Just keep up your great writing and Laura please keep going with the blogs. Not only myself but many others love what you do. I love being part of the blogs and giving comments on the books and reading the comments of others. Enjoy your Spring and be safe. God Bless you both for the wonderful work and letting us be part of the chatter.

  82. I love your garden and grandkids and am envious of your stone walls. When I visit the east coast I always keep my eye out for the amazing drystack rock walls – they’re so beautiful. My family, too, has gotten their vaccines and now we get to visit. That’s my happy. 🙂

  83. I love the HAPPY! Laura doesn’t deserve any negative comments or vibes, as she keeps us in-the-know. I’m spending the day planting pretty flowers for the second year (I’m a novice) but I love the pretty and that makes me happy. Thank you for sharing your HAPPY!

  84. I’m sorry to hear about Laura & the Facebook nuts. i guess i’m lucky that i don’t check out the page often. I met Laura once, when the RWA came to my town, NYC. I was so impressed with her. The line for Nora snaked all around the room, and Laura was cool as a cucumber and kept everything under control.
    There’s nothing like family and grandkids to bring out the happy. That, and a sunny day, and learning to appreciate all the good we have in our lives. I’ve been taught that even the God given bad is sent to us, to teach us to grow thru our struggles.
    Living in NYC, i don’t have much gardening space, but what i have, even my indoor plants, brings me joy. I used to grow Cannas, and i loved how tall they grew. I’m told that another beautiful plant, fritillarias, are deer resistance,. They’re also tall and beautiful.
    i have one negative friend and life has taught me to steer clear. Life is just to short to be around negative nellies.

  85. Thanks for the happy! I’m waiting for another week to plant but have to be wary of deer as well. I understand most herbs repel them as well as mosquitoes so I’m being very liberal with my herbs and lavender this year. Love seeing the pictures of the flowers and grandkids!

  86. Loved this! And my grandmother had canna lilies in Minnesota, so I think you can do it! What a wonderful, hope-filled post.

  87. Thanks for sharing all of your HAPPY! It makes me happy too, as do all of your books!
    Your gardens & pots are looking great, & your grandsons are so handsome. Thanks for sharing the simple things so many of us have missed this past year. Makes me realize how important the everyday can be.

  88. I am sorry you are still having issues with people on FB I love reading the posts but don’t reply often. I am 60 years old and in full time college so not a lot of down time. As i am taking five course this spring and graduate in May once two more classes are done I will get my diploma. Then on to get my BA this is what is making me happy I wanted to do it years ago and had my children and stayed home to raise them and help raise some of the granddaughters. I hope to teach a few years once i am finished I love seeing the garden and reading your posts and love your books. We are fully vaxed and had perfect timing our land lord was given the JJ vaccine and then he became ill with covid since he had the vaccine we did not think that was the issue and went to check on his he has pnemonia in one lung and is in the hospital its going to be a long recovery he is 72 thankfully no signs of covid and or illness our vaccine is working .

  89. I love to see your garden! This year I have one of my own, and it makes me happy! Except for the weeds part😝. What is it with these kids and huskies? Both my kids (21 and 25) want a husky. 🤷‍♀️

  90. The deer, ugh!! The ones in my area have even taken to eating geraniums!! That’s something new, usually they would leave those alone. Apparently they’ve developed a taste for them. Walked out to an entire row of headless geraniums 🤦‍♀️😂

  91. Glad you can get together. Things are getting bad here again. Looks like another lock down for us. I will be getting my first shot in a week, same with my husband. Taking a lot longer here then in U.S.
    Your garden is beautiful As for me planting has to wait a bit longer, I am in Winnipeg, Canada. No planting until May 1st.
    Thank you for keeping me entertained during this challenging time. Love your books and always look forward to my next read.
    Thank you for making

  92. Nora and Laura, I am so sorry you all have to deal with the ugly demands, judgmental pricks, and the douchebags who think they are entitled to something more. If I take the high road, I would say we should show empathy because some people have really had a difficult time during the pandemic. BUT I am not going to take high road. EVERYBODY has suffered during this pandemic and those petty, immature, selfish, people need to KICK ROCKS! Put on their BIG GIRL PANTIES and GET A LIFE! Jealousy and Misery…..the Inn is full. Go somewhere else!

    Nora and Laura you all ROCK!!🙂❤

  93. RUDE – UGH …. sometimes I get so tired of people even though Jesus died for us all. I pray You and Laura are blessed with supernatural peace.

    Your garden is lovely and those precious babies…..
    Good luck and God’s blessing to you ALL.

  94. I feel like the negativity in the world has gotten out of control lately. Social media has given people this platform to complain complain complain and it’s given them this sense of entitlement.

    When I was younger, I was never able to have contact with my favorite authors or actors or what have you. I never knew when the next book in some series was coming out or given any updates on the status of some project or other. And I survived.

    Mind you, I’m 29 so I’m talking 10-15 years ago here. People don’t realize social media is still very new. I think we might have had facebook in my last year of high school?

    Now, people have this sense of entitlement and they think they have the right to tell authors/publishers their jobs and how things should be done according to them just because they now have a way to get into direct contact with them.

    Well, I say screw that.

    Obviously, I can’t tell you guys what to do but, for me, my social media is an extension of my home. I don’t stand for negativity in my home. I say you guys give a general warning and then just start blocking people.

    It’s obviously not helping to respond to the assholes and the entitled brats online and it’s not helping to address the situations on your social media and here so just fuck em. Excuse my language.

    Social media isn’t a right, it’s a privilege and nobody gets to come into your house and Laura’s house and talk to you guys like that.

  95. I love your “happy” You have a beautiful garden(s). Thank you for sharing and for writing such wonderful books. I love them all!

  96. Gardening + family + new puppy + all being together = HAPPY! Thank you for sharing your happy with us. Your garden reflects your happiness. Alaska is a truly adorable puppy! Just heard Chloé Zhao’s Oscar acceptance speech, which included finding the goodness in people. Fits in with your happy blog. We should all find our happy! Laura, thank you for posting and monitoring the blog, and adding your two bits!

  97. This post makes me happy. Love seeing your gardens, grandchildren and pets. We are back in quarantine in Ontario. Your books have kept me company through out this year. Big thank you for that.

    Laura, one day you will be on top of the scoreboard. Keep the faith. And thanks for all you do for us.

  98. What a great set of happy pictures! Happy Birthday, Logan – you’ve got a beautiful puppy that will be everyone’s friend. Griffin’s gotten so tall! Your gardens will be spectacular, Nora, and I’ve got some nasturtiums starting in my seed pots. As much as I want to dig, we had another snow just this past week, so I know to stick to the maxim (for here) to not plant until Mother’s Day, minimum. Memorial Day’s safer. Even still, one year we had a hailstorm June 5th that left 2 inches of hail behind and turned my little garden into a salad buffet – lol. My sister’s gotten her first shot, as did her daughter, and I’ve got both – so today we met outside on my patio to celebrate my niece’s birthday and get hugs for the first time in a year. These angry people that seem not to be happy unless they’re making others feel bad confound me. Do they not have anything good to look forward to? I just don’t get it. I’m glad you and Laura are ignoring it, though some days must be harder than others. Wishing everyone a happy Spring!

  99. Nora, every year seeing your pictures of all the gardens makes me so happy. I’m a container girl and can’t wait to put mine out( in Ohio I will have to wait a bit).

    Laura, I’m sorry people suck! I appreciate all the work you do. If the rumor becomes reality, I’m betting on you! You’ve had an extra year to rest up, practice and come up with some great strategies to throw them all off their games!😂

  100. Laura and Nora I love the blog!( Don’t do Facebook) I hope all of the negatives comments don’t make you shut down this part of your site. I love to see Nora’s gardens and hear what’s going on with her life outside of her writing. I don’t have the space (or the green thumb). I am a container girl for the most part. Here in middle TN we can usually plant by 1st or 2nd week of April. The freeze caught me my surprise so my precious container babies spent a few nights in the house last week. Come on Spring!
    I planted Nasturtium and they are starting to come up. I am hoping that when they grow I can put them around some of my beds to keep out the deer. The seem to think I have opened a salad bar. Please keep things open for those of us who don’t want to be trolls!

  101. Nora, I always love hearing about your garden! Good luck with the deer and the dogs. The new puppy is so cute! What a great birthday present. Thank goodness, you and the family are all vaxxed up now. I finally got my 2nd shot this week. Take good care and stay well. Your books have helped a lot to get me through this long,hard pandemic. Thank you for the pictures too, they’re great!

  102. Amen! The cloud is finally lifting and I personally feel like life is slowly getting back to normal.
    I’m dying to know if the deer horn actually works. I can only imagine how loud it is. 📯
    Blessings to you and your family and team.

  103. I always love the pictures of your lovely garden. I wish I had your green thumb. Alaska is gorgeous, nothing like a puppy. By the size of those paws, she’s going to be a BIG puppy in no time. Best wishes for a happy year.

  104. Nora thanks for sharing your happy and the great pictures. It sure gave me some quality happy today to see it.

  105. At Last! I always love your garden pictures and use it as a sign the winter is over. (Although we did have 4 inches of snow last week). And your landscaping and gardens are so beautiful, as are your grandchildren. Such fun having a new puppy.
    This post made my Happy bubble over.
    I got off of Facebook years ago, as I could feel the negative energy on social media draining me. I have a very curated Instagram account on which I only follow people who give me joy, which your two accounts do. I love Laura’s quotes and the comments are usually positive.
    Can’t wait for the Stupid Scoreboard, Laura. Just enjoy the fun!

  106. Had to laugh; last Saturday I look out & there’s white flakes out there! No! Too warm for snow! Oh yeah, those are petals from the blooming pear across the street! However, Tuesday we woke up to a thick layer of snow on the ground & rooftops & Cincinnati Airport set a new record of 2.3″ of snow; broke a 120 year old record of 1.5″! Hope it’s a very, very long time before that one breaks! Happily, it all melted rapidly. Bad news; Weds & Thurs. AM’s: below freezing; move everything back inside if you’ve put anything out yet, or try covering them up!
    Just too early; should wait till Mother’s Day at least, but by then the plants at the big stores look like they’ve been beat with a stick! Yeah, I’ll try to stick with a local nursery! Plants are usually better from them. But last year, we had two freeze warnings in mid-May. Very Strange!
    Love all the pictures, Nora, & I agree with the rest; you & Laura should either just ignore the self-entitled idiot haters or start blocking them if you can! Thanks for all the good reads & rereads!

  107. Wow. I think it is so amazing that we get the books as quickly as we do. Also, I love that we have Laura to give us fun little peaks into all of the different worlds to hold us over while we wait. I’m genuinely grateful, and will be very sad when it stops.
    Also, I love the gardening. I have some seriously black thumbs and the art of gardening is something I will never grasp. But, I love reading about the process and the art in the books, and I love seeing the pictures on the blog. They bring so many of the gardens in the books to life for me. Thanks for everything, both of you!

  108. I am not nearly as jealous if your writing ability as I am of your gardens and gardening abilities. No green thumb here. I would have to just take a chair out and sit by the water feature and read read read or maybe crochet or knit. Looks so beautiful out there and the flowers are not all up yet. Hope you convince the flower puller it is a no-no.

  109. My happy is being with my family too so I am happy that people are starting to feel safe. My sister has 4 huskies (2 are 14 years old and 2 are 4 months old) and they are such a mischievous and fun breed!

    I do find it sad that you have to justify being with your family by announcing their vaccination status. If you are doing it because you want to, that is totally different and, obviously, your right. But if you are doing it to avoid being attacked by others, I am sorry you feel like you have to share personal medical information with strangers so they do not start telling you what to do or calling you names.

    Happiness is imperative so congrats on your continued success in your garden and having your family with you!

    1. I’m announcing my vax status because it’s a great relief to me, and a great relief my family and friends are also getting the vaccine. I certainly didn’t and don’t feel obligated, I just consider it more happy news. Hopefully it may encourage some people who are hesitating to get that jab.

      1. So glad Nora that you and your Family are well and being Caring and vigilant. I am one of your consummate readers, who has read books all her life. I am 74 going on 75 in August, and your books novels Trilogies and In Death’s are my world. Also first my son’s Alex, Jason and my grandchildren Kitty Tim Cory and Violet Great I know how you feel about your lovely family and grandchildren.Stay safe. Thank you.🤗

      2. I was fully vaccinated by the 5th of April. I’m so happy because now I don’t worry when our family gets together for our weekend dinners( supper) My Mother ( 80 yrs old) was fully vaccinated before me and the rest of the family, except my baby sister, that also works in the medical field. ( she works in our local Neurologist office) she got hers early!
        I still wear my mask when I have to grocery shop, or go anywhere else.

        1. Beautiful photos of your garden, I live in the South of England, I love the Bay Laurel would this lovely bush grow here?? Love it.Thank you.🤗

  110. Beautiful pictures…love the little rock stream…so peaceful looking to go enjoy and relax… I will say when you mentioned Bubbles I wondered if some had found their way into that stream and multiplied!!! Thank you for sharing and giving so many of us the “escapes” we need … As an older nurse, your stories have been a great relaxation for me… Enjoy your gardens and grandbabies! And pups of course!!

  111. Sorry for all your troubles with the FB pages.

    Happy birthday, Logan.

    Love to see what you do with your garden. I’m a voyeur who doesn’t garden except for herb pots for my cooking. Your bay laurel bush is huge. Is that flowers I see? Mine bay laurel is in a pot which I will move outside soon. I’ve never had it flower though.

    Take care

  112. Your writing incorporating gardening has always fascinated me. I have a semi-black thumb. LOL. I was able to successfully grow some cherry tomatoes and strawberries a couple of years ago.

    You are such an incredible writer. Your stories pull me in and sweep me away from any negative stuff around me. That is what a good book is supposed to do. Thank you and tell Laura thank you as well.

  113. Grab some happy is right! What a great post. Kudos to Laura and to you for continuing to have the patience to address comments you have already responded to a thousand times! Your fans know all this, and will have your back always.
    Hubby and I were on our way back to VA after seeing our granddaughters in FL for the first time in 20 months (all adults fully vaxxed). Hubby and I love dogs, and we are close to getting another after losing our beloved Miranda 2 years ago. I showed him Alaska’s picture, and he nearly ran us off the road! What a beautiful girl, and what a wonderful gift! I think there’s a doggie in our near future! Looking forward to Legacy!

  114. Rude people need to get a life being rude whether on or off social media just makes the person look stupid.

    Beautiful garden cute kids , cute dogs . Thank you for opening up your garden to your fans .
    I am excited about Legacy coming out soon but I can wait, My dad once told me many years ago not to wish my life away , it works for everything including anticipating a good story . The book will be out soon enough .

  115. I am so sorry people are being mean to Laura. The internet can be a crazy place.
    Your gardening posts make me smile, as do the updates. Happy Spring!

  116. Love looking for the HAPPY. I also love to plant flowers. We had snow in Columbus, Ohio, last week but things are looking up. Weeding is so satisfying to me but I really dislike mowing. It’s amazing that I don’t run out of energy for yard work but the dishes and laundry just don’t motivate me as much. Thanks for the wonderful stories!

  117. Beautiful gardens! i am not a gardener, but my husband and son definitely are. They grow delicious vegetables! And I love reading the JD Robb books! No need for negativity. If you aren’t happy with things, then stay off the site! Thank you for giving us such a wonderful view into your life apart fro writing all those marvelous books!

  118. I loved this glimpse into your family and world, and am grateful for whatever you and your excellent team choose to share. I share your love of flowers and fussing in the pots and garden, and have filled pickup tucks and trunks and backseats myself a time or few. The Goddess is truly reflected in each satin blossom and fragile petal. Alaska is beyond adorable, as are your grandsons.

    As for the demanding and complaining on Facebook or wherever, please know that thinking people recognize that you don’t owe any of us anything. Your books are gifts that will come as they can or may . . . Your personal life is PERSONAL, and therefore that which is shared is also a gift. A gift given as you can and want to give it, and once again thinking people recognize that the more you and your team are barraged and berated, the less information will flow.

    I have so much respect for your work, and am not afraid to acknowledge that I am a bit of a (50-something) fan girl. It makes me irritated that others are making you all miserable by foisting their miserable, whiny, disgruntled complaints and opinions on your laps. If you can, please ignore them. Don’t feed their disjointed egos. Tune out the whining and gnashing of teeth and stay focused on new puppies and canna lillies and gorgeous grandchildren with imps in their eyes and fairies on their shoulders. Happy Spring. 🧚🏽‍♀️🌷

  119. Hi Nora (& Laura) ,
    It’s so good to see little bits of Normal happening all over. I just got my second dose of vaccine, hinby got his last week. Yay ,us.

    But I wonder, what about the Kentucky Derby? The Oaks? The HATS? And BW new shoes? …lol
    I hope that visit and trip gets back on the calendar soon. I am.watching from home today. I hope to be a key to bet my faves. Including my gray, ( I too always bet on the gray, and the ladies when they ate in the running) ..
    Best of luck all, stay safe, healthy, and happy.
    Heres to getting back to normal.

    ( and , sorry, not sorry Laura for the soon to be Stupid Scoreboard in the future)

  120. 5/1/21 Watching the Kentucky Derby, reading this post and hoping that you where able to return this year. Love your writing and have been reading your books from day one. Have a great rest of your year.

  121. Nora, I planted Canna’s for the first time last spring. We live in Texas, so no need to store them over for winter, right? Then we had our little freeze, for almost two weeks temps between 7 and 19, but my Canna’s, beautiful burnt orange with red and green leaves, shot up out of the soil a couple of weeks ago and have more than tripled in numbers! So happy they made it, as two ten foot tall gardenia bushes didn’t and that almost had me in tears. Happy gardening Nora. LB Boren

  122. SO happy for this post. Grateful that Laura/Nora take the time to do this. Likewise happy to be fully vaxxed. Ecstatic to be rereading Obsession, having just reread The Search.

  123. Life has definitely improved since all my family and friends have been vaxxed. I am so happy to be able to spend time with them and enjoy life. I re-read the in Death series during the past year. Thanks for keeping me happy and entertained during that time. Your gardening is stunning!

    1. Yes, we’ve noticed a difference, too. We actually had a friend in our house yesterday, first time in over a year.

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