Edinburgh, Day 2

Walking’s the word of the day. We do a lot of it.

Head out first to get cold meds for BW, then he and Jason peel off for a bit to check out the park while Kat and I hit a couple of shops.

View from a walk: Scott Monument. Photo by BW
View from a walk: Edinburgh Castle. Photo by BW

Griffin needs some clothes for his next size up. But we find his current size in a ridiculously cute plaid vest and pants—and bow tie. And tam. Irresistible.

Then there’s clan ties for the big guys. Fun stuff.

Into Marks and Spenser for Griffin clothes. The low level there has a kid department, and flower shop (gorgeous!) and grocery store. Fascinating.

We load up, and he’ll be a fashionable boy this winter.

The guys not only checked out the park, but rode the Ferris Wheel, so they were entertained.

More walking, with clouds rolling in. So back to the hotel to drop off the bags and get rain gear. 

How about lunch? How about pizza?

We find a place right off the Royal Mile. Pizza, pasta, and a very generously poured glass of red for me.

While we wait for our order Griffin invents a new game. Kat offers him her wallet to fiddle with, and he sweeps it off the table to Daddy. Daddy slaps it back on the table.

Slap the wallet!

Griffin finds this hysterical, so the game begins. Maniacal laughter, sweep, slap. The waitress says: What a happy boy, when she brings the food.

Yes, he is. And more so when he spots pizza.

Good food, good wine, and a nice rest for the walking feet.

Right call on the rain gear as it drizzles again as we start to walk The Mile. Such energy, such movement. Music playing.

A drummer (from NJ, it turns out) has drawn a big crowd. He’s got a fun routine we all (esp Griffin) enjoy before moving on. 

To someone who mentioned it in the last blog (Editor note: a comment by Sue Towery on Facebook), we did slip into Thistle Do Nicely. Who can resist a clever pun? Not me.

There’s a group—three women and a guy, all in pink suits—just setting up. Performers can promo their show for about ten minutes on the mile. 

They’re the Sushi Tap Show.

 I can no more resist a tap routine than a clever pun. They’re fun, fast talented feet, crowd engaging. They draw a young girl from the audience, hand her a bell—like a front desk bell. The guy is miming conducting, and his partners do their thing on cue, and the girl hits the bell—right on the money, time and again. It’s petty damn adorable.

Raining a little harder now when Kat spots some stall tents. We can’t resist those either. Fortuitous, as it turns out, because the first one we check out has terrific gifts (can’t say what) for many of my girl pals for Christmas. 

We hit a jackpot!

Kat helps me pick out which for who—and that’s a BIG help to me. We’re having a great time, and while the lovely woman—who’s giving us much information on the gifts—bags them up, an heroic clap of thunder blasts. 

And the downpour follows.

We’re undercover—lucky for us. People are scrambling for their own, lots suddenly finding religion and rushing for the gorgeous cathedral right across from our stall. Some people crowd in with us, and are welcome. 

It’s a big one—lighting, thunder, torrential rain. But doesn’t last but ten minutes or so. 

It slows, allows us to start back. BW, Kat and Griffin head back first. Jason and I get about half way back when the rain gets heavier. A shout out here to my Azita for putting the lovely rain jacket in my sight line at Kat’s spree at Saks. It’s not only really pretty, it’s light and easy to pack. And it seriously works.

I stay dry except for below the knees.

We duck into a souvenir shop as I have things I want to get for my other grandkids—and I have a Sherpa in Jason.

He’s pretty well soaked when we get back. Heads to a hot shower. I head for the champagne!

…and a banana for Griffin

A busy, entertaining day, with all kinds of weather. We’re tired enough to stay in for dinner.

It’s Edinburgh Castle today.

My workout’s done, BW, Kat and Griffin are down at breakfast. Jason’s catching some extra ZZZs. Hey, up now. Good morning!

We’ll head out in a couple hours.

The sky looks promising, but yeah, it did yesterday, too. Good thing I love my new rain jacket!


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You’re interesting. I am suspicious. (Photo by Kat)
What the heck Mom? Photo by Kat

24 thoughts on “Edinburgh, Day 2”

  1. I am so glad that you are enjoying our capital city, it is a wonderful place to be at this time of the year. If you are here for a few more days then South Queensferry is not far and has a lot of history not to mention the three bridges and a great boat trip out to the islands and a few nice places for a coffee or a meal.
    No I don’t live there but it is a favourite place to visit.
    Please come back and maybe to one of our book festivals so we can meet our favourite author.
    Haste ye back.

  2. Sounds like a great day and so glad the rain gear kept you (mostly) dry!

  3. Everyone seems to be having a great time, despite BW having a cold, especially Griffin!
    Edinburgh sounds lovely and the people friendly.
    I always wonder about pizza, outside of Italy and NYC. I’ve had some of the weirdest “pizza” when traveling. I’ll never eat it in Aruba or Venezuela again!
    Keep posting. We all are enjoying your trip!

  4. My granddaughter is there at the Fringe Festival and loving it. I think she’s too busy to see the sights. It looks like a wonderful place.

  5. Love reading your take on things. Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us.

  6. I love everything about this, unfortunately, sound didn’t work, but it’s all over his beautiful face; I could hear it in my heart.

  7. I love keeping up with your adventures! Your family is lovely, precious and FUN! Enjoy your adventures in Edinburgh! It’s an incredible place!

  8. The Scott Monument is phenomenal! Majestic! I think it would be worth the trip just for that sight. Have fun. Is this your first trip to Scotland?

  9. I would love to see that adorable boy in his vest and tam! I’m enjoying visiting Scotland with you. I am descended from Robert the Bruce and would love to go there, but it’s not likely. Thanks for taking us along!

  10. My husband and I visited last year. Hollywood is amazing, had dinner in “The Worlds End” historic and great food. Castle tours are amazing too

  11. Thanks for sharing your family’s adventures with us. It’s fun “seeing” places we’ve never been to. Griffin seems to be a fun traveler-he’s adorable.

  12. Such a good time. I love your sharing with us. Griffin wasn’t too sure about the golden lady, ha!

  13. Sounds like a wonderful day – walking, the sites, the sounds, the shopping and the mini thunder storm. Griffin, as always, is adorable. Love the photos. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Truly enjoying the family’s adventures. So sorry your hubby is sick, still taking lovely pics though, as are you and Kat. Thank you for sharing this trip.

  15. I can’t wait to see Griffin is his vest & tam. Thanks for sending these- I look forward to them.

  16. After Griffin ♡ photos I have go back and read the logue all over again ? this baboy is beyond adorable-
    I’m happy Jason is busy but you still all manage to have the best fun ?
    I hope BW is getting beter and manages to beat the cold until you leave (sorry if I missed the post saying you’re home… have been one of those days all week ?)
    Enjoy ?

  17. Thank you for sharing your days with us and most especially that positively adorable Griffin! Loved the pics and the video of him giggling, what a cutie.

  18. What a happy and joyful boy Griffin is…I so totally enjoyed his laughing….

    Sorry you all got caught in the rain but still turned it into a productive walk…

    Look forward to Day 3❤️❤️

  19. Author Jennifer Robson is there and they had tickets for the tattoo and got soaked. Her raincoat didn’t work as well as yours.
    Just finished a WWII novel The Winemaker’s Wife that your champagne of choice was featured. Loving the report.

  20. Oh I love Marks and Spencer’s especially the Food Hall, delicious and so different from North America.
    Continued fun in your trip. Loving the blog entries!!

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