Nothing Much Going On

Which is the reason I haven’t done many blogs over the last few months.

I write, workout, cook. On the weekends, I clean and do more involved cooking, and often some baking.


That’s pretty much how it goes.

I was able to see Kayla over her spring break as she came home. And as she lives in a dorm and NC includes dorm living in their eligibility, she’s had her first vaccine shot, and will get her second this month.

We get to see Griffin every couple weeks. One of his favorite things is to prance his way all the way down (1/4 mile!) the lane, check out the creek.

A boy and his bubbles

Happily BW and I both have our shots. It’s a major relief, and I’m grateful to everyone who made them possible, and the scores of people giving countless hours getting those shots into arms.

So we we were able, at last, to have Logan and Colt up for dinner with their Mom.

Still, the numbers are going the wrong way here in MD, so we continue to be very cautious.

However, in a couple weeks, I’ll be hitting my favorite nursery for plants—and there I can’t wait! Meanwhile, we battle the deer. I don’t see herds of a dozen the way I did before we tried a new repellent—and bought an air horn! But some still come around and have to be chased off.

Pop of color.
Early blooms.

Parker tore an ankle tendon last November, so had surgery early December, and after many checkups, pampering and PT which he enjoyed entirely too much, is fully recovered.

My tulip magnolia got in a hurry and decided to bud up right before we had a serious cold snap. I’m waiting to see if we’ll get a show from it this year. But we do have other, hopeful signs off spring cropping up.

Today I’m making chicken en cocotte—took a pic before I put it in the oven. The house smells glorious—like a farmhouse in Provence!

A taste of Provence

And with that doing its thing, I’m going to curl up with a book for awhile.


47 thoughts on “Nothing Much Going On”

  1. Sounds…..Peaceful 🙂 I can’t wait for ‘normal’ again. Traveling to Boonsboro was a dream come true for me last year, and ever since, I have dreamed of returning. Someday…Someday…Take care and be safe!

    1. Can one actually go to Boonsboro? That would be amazing. What can you tell me about it?

      1. Yes, it is small like old towns are! The Inn, Vesta’s and Dan’s Tap House, along with Fit. If you have read the Trilogy beginning with The Next Always, it is all there!! Exciting!

      2. Yes, you can. I went whilst I was in US for a Washington DC wedding. I really enjoyed Boonsboro, the bookshop (brought home the latest Nora books, which I had avoided buying at home so I could get signed copies in Boonsboro!), the craft/gift shop, the cafe and touring the local historical area. The wedding was lovely and gave me a great excuse to visit Boonsboro all the way from Norfolk, UK. I hope to go back sometime, take my husband and stay at the Inn.
        I definitely recommend a visit.

  2. Enjoy the respite. Looking forward to many more fabulous stories.

  3. Shots here are bizzare, had appointments for the 15th, but they canncelled and said they’d get back to us, and our Provincial daily rate doubled from just above 500 a day to over 1000 perday. We have around 5 million population with most of those in the lower area of the province and around Vancouver and Victoria. Crazy.

  4. The chicken looks fabulous. I know Spring is something you long for. I’m already lamenting saying goodbye to Winter. I’m going to dive into a book myself.

    Enjoy yourself.

  5. Happy Spring Nora!
    Just had the first snow crocus & Robins yesterday.
    Here in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin.
    Past couple days we have had sunshine and 60°, so the windows are open, getting fresh air.
    I get my J&J shot on Monday, I am praying for no anaphylaxis.😱 I believe in science, but my body is just really weird with chemicals and allergies.
    If I am lucky, we will celebrate that night with a good meal, and even better dessert.😁
    We have been going for walks, taking Ruby to the dog park and going for a drive, just to get out of the house.
    Sooo ready for this to be over!
    Today the critters( mice & ants) decided indoors was nicer, so I am cleaning everything, and finishing an Easter wreath.
    Ham and au gratin‘s for dinner. Mediterranean apricot in Pekin Kringle for dessert, and a couple chocolate bunnies.😉
    Mega hugs Nora!
    I just started the awakening yesterday. Sometimes I think you read our thoughts. This one is spot on! But then again you always are.

  6. Yum, loved the shot of Griffin…they do grow so fast! We struggle with the deer here on the Pacific North Coast as well. Looking for a ‘safe’ tree to plant to replace the one we lost to the ice storm last month. That was a native wax myrtle, so not an option for replacement. Sad, because they don’t bother them. My husband and I have received our shots as well and will pass the 14 day post mark on this coming Tuesday, so mid month I finally get to visit family I haven’t seen for about fourteen months, including five aunts and uncles in the late 80’s and 90’s…so exciting! We are all vaccinated so will be able to be together mask less. We also continue to be very careful for the foreseeable future.

  7. Wonderful to see color in the garden. Spring is slowly coming to Maine but none of those lovely blooms like in warmer climes. Grateful everyone doing their part with the shots. Everyone keep well.

  8. Your dinner looks delicious! I do love your posts! They make me feel like I’m right there with you and you’re talking to me!

    Thank you so much, Nora, for the countless hours of entertainment. I look forward to so much more! Take care and stay healthy! Much love!! 💕

  9. Finishing up Shelter in Place. Anxiously waiting for your new book next month. Happy

  10. Beautiful flowers!! I love your books! Just started reading the Key Trilogy (again!). Stay safe and look forward to many more good books!

  11. Love hearing all your news, I like the fact you are truly down to earth, the chicken looks great and can imagine the aroma, as for your little grandson so cute and growing fast. The garden looking ready for spring/summer. STAY SAFE all of you.🤗

  12. Happy Easter and Happy Spring, Nora! Good luck with the deer, I hope the air horn and repellant keep working. It sounds like a brillant combination! I love the early flowers of spring but bulbs are pretty quickly eaten by an active squirrel population. They don’t like hyacinth at least. Thankfully, I’ve got hellebores, forsythia and a flowering cherry tree for color. I’m glad you got your shots, I got my first one 10 days ago. Can’t wait until all the family is fully vaccinated and we can visit again. Take good care and stay well!

  13. Good to know all is well over the pond. Here in the UK, we’re slowly coming out of our third lockdown…I have been re-reading your older books and enjoying them so much – I’m reading Serena MacGregor’s story right now. Keep well and stay safe xx

  14. Here in Texas we’ve had spring and right now we’re having our “Easter Spell”. The temperature dropped down to 44 the other night. We had to close all the windows. I added my lightweight fleece blanket back to the bed. I hope to get my first shot this week. I lost my military ID card somewhere and have an appointment on Thursday to get it replaced. Hoping to schedule a shot that day too.
    That baby has grown so much. Like my great nephew who is now 5 as of March 11. The great niece will be 20 in October. I thought about that and went wait when did this happen. Her mother said I know right.

  15. Sounds blissful. Enjoy the blooms. So glad to hear you both received your vaccinations. Thank you for writing. Be well.

  16. Lovely to hear from you and see you enjoying your family and looking forward to gardening! Spring has arrived here in UK but turned cold! I have planted primroses and they look so cheerful and the house is filled with spring flowers- so pretty! I also have been baking sourdough bread, a skill I have been developing over lockdown, also making curries from scratch. Love your books, and love the food your characters cook – you could do a cookbook Nora, your fans would love it and buy it !
    Have a lovely holiday and a rest Nora 😘🐇🐣

  17. So glad to hear from you. Griffin is growing so fast. I had my second shot this week and only a very sore arm, however my son became very ill with his. I live with him and my DIL which is why he was able to have his shots with me. My DIL is a covid nurse so had hers as soon as the vaccine was available and also very ill with second one. I will be glad to be able to be more mobile in a couple weeks, I haven’t seen my grandson and granddaughter for over a year and they live just 10 miles from me. They both are in essential jobs and around people so have stayed away from me. Unfortunately, covid is ramping up again in WA state so don’t kowwhat will happen. I’m reading Murder In Chianti by Camilla Trincherie a new author to me. So far very good. Hope the deer stay away from your garden and just admire it as we do.

  18. Hi Laura,

    I was wondering if you could list all of Nora’s works that have been put to movie or telly?

    I’d love to watch them all!

    Thank you,

  19. We’ve been trying to find out what the “pop of color “ yellow bushes are called.

  20. Thank you for the update, Nora. I appreciate you letting us know what’s going on in your neck of the woods, as Al Roker would say! I hope your Easter was wonderful, as our was.

    I am rereading The Liar once again; I want to tell you how much your books meant to me during the pandemic. I read and reread mainly your books and it was comforting to me. Thank you so much. God bless all of you.

  21. Glad to hear everyone is doing ok. We are doing well in New Jersey but miss you all in Boonsboro.

  22. And dishes. So. Many. Dishes. Looking forward to the day when I can eat a meal someone else has prepared and cleaned up after!

  23. Lovely update! Here in southeast Texas, spring has sprung, bringing lots and lots of pollen and allergies. I saw a hummingbird at my flowers this morning, such a joyful sight. My new rose bush we planted last fall is blooming abundantly. Blessings to all!

  24. Griffin looks so grownup!!!

    Good healing wishes to Parker!!!

    OMG an air horn…picture the dogs going wild!!

    But yes…Spring, Shots, sowing and planting! Life is good!

  25. Sounds a lot like my days this past year. Not the writing, but the limited time with family, the cooking and baking, gardening. I’ve had both my shots, and so has my daughter as she is a fire fighter and first responder. So I got to get and give a hug today, Easter Sunday. It felt so good. I’d love to know what you are using to try to keep the deer away. They have already started eating my day lilies that have started coming up (I’m in NW NC).

  26. Glad to hear you and yours are doing well. NW Georgia our spring is a few weeks ahead of you. A couple of funky weekends of covering plants and pulling annual planters into the carport. I’ve got lilacs, pink flowering almonds, redbuds, dogwoods, spring bulbs all in full bloom. My roses & clematis are budding up. Peonies, one of which resembles a young Groot, along with dwarf balloon flower are catching up with iris & daylilies. The dwarf hostas I planted under my young japanese maples are coming up as are my perennial ferns. I’ve hit the nurseries and have blood red & hot pink geraniums, bright orange gebera daisies, and heliotrope. At the same time I’ve been reclaiming my older beds that were neglected during past health issues. Literally using a chainsaw in some areas. Fighting wild blackberries & saplings. The surprises I’ve found there! An obelisk and armillary that I had to cut free has been sanded & repainted is now home for a new clematis with hot pink geraniums. Aaah spring such a restful time, great for destressing. Now I have to find where my husband how my chainsaw & machete.

  27. Thank you so much for sharing pictures from your garden. My mom’s forsythia was the indication Spring was coming, though we were sometimes still surprised. I have one little daffodil blooming, hope more than that survived our crazy winter. We might have passed our last night below freezing, but who knows? Got my second shot yesterday, and got the truck-ran-over-me feeling today, but better that than the virus. Stay safe, everyone, and stay well. We’ve still got a bit to go, but I’m hopeful.

  28. My husband and I have received our second shots. Our county is very organized and efficient. My sister and her husband are coming for a visit in a couple of weeks. We haven’t seen them in over a year! My other sister is flying out next month. It will be so good to see them in person. I am happy you’re able to see your grandchildren; I think that has been the most difficult part of the past year. We haven’t seen any deer, but I’ve noticed a lot of turkeys. Spring is slowly emerging and the blooms are brightening up our world. I so enjoy your blogs and the pictures. Thank you for continuing to write – helps brighten up my days.

  29. Just finished my second 5 hour volunteer shift last night at our local vaccine clinic. 1200 shots given in a day in my small town! Hope everyone stays safe, ans so glad Ms. Roberts has gotten her shots – she’s a national treasure!

    1. BL, thank you for your volunteering! I know it’s a major help to everyone!

  30. Thank heaven for Forsythia & Daffodils; looking at them out there, blooming away, sure helps me believe that Spring really is coming! Kind of hard to believe late last week when we went down into the mid-20’s on several nights & after tying the record for the coldest Opening Day on record (Cincinnati) at 38F. Normally, I would love to be in the stands on Opening Day (if I ever have a chance at the tickets) but watching those fans that did make it in sitting there wrapped & bundled up as our guys lost again; I was rather happy to be home listening to the furnace run!
    I saw a deer here the other morning; first time I’ve seen a deer that close to the house in the 29 years I’ve lived here. And she was running so fast getting away, I doubt I’ll see any more around. Usually they stay way, way back in the woodlot behind the 2 large ponds that used to be the village’s water supply, so about a half mile away. I think she wandered a bit & a neighbor’s dogs spooked her. Now if the coyotes would just stay away like the deer! Hear them sounding off some nights, even with the windows closed in winter!

  31. do you mean Logan & Parker in this sentence? “So we we were able, at last, to have Logan and Griffin up for dinner with their Mom.”

  32. Love getting your update. Glad Parker is healed and healthy. Griffin is getting taller. Love the early spring flowers. Enjoy the spring time.

  33. I was just thinking that Nora has been quiet. Good to know that you both got vaccines. Ohio started 16 and up and both of my children have had their first. I had mine in March and my husband is due for his second. It’s a big relief for us. Just wish people would wear mask, wash hand and maintain their distance and get the shot.
    Any chance to get a recipe for the chicken dish? Looks amazing and always need another something to make.
    Happy Spring!!!

    1. It’s a LONG recipe, and in the time I’d take to write it—and it would include my non-measuring by eye, by taste tweaks—I could write several pages of a book!

      You can Google chicken en cocotte—then tweak it to make it your own as I have.

  34. Hopefully, my mom and I will be getting our first shots next week (fingers crossed). That chicken looks yummy. Happy Spring!

  35. Looking forward to reading your latest books – they always let me zone out from working too much. Wish I didn’t have a black thumb, but I always manage to kill all my plants except hosta which is indestructible. MD trees and flowers are starting to bloom and NY was really cold when I was up there 2 weeks ago.

    Just got my 2nd shot last week and managed to get my elderly (96 yo) mother her J&J shot almost 2 weeks ago.

    Glad it’s spring!

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