Breaking News (Or Has Hell Frozen)?

In an unexpected turn of events, the Cranky Publicist is a Scrabble finalist in the 2021 Spa Girls World Games, hosted (aka forced upon her) by Nora.

“What can I say?” Shrugged the vivacious Cranky after scoring 168 in her semi-final match. “I was able to use a Y and J on triple word scores. The letter gods were with me.”

When she realized her opponent in the finals was past Grand Champion and Scrabble connessieur, she paled a little. Then composed herself and immediately claimed Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) as her intro song when she enters the Scrabble arena (which doubles as a dining room).

“What can I say? Other than I’m not gonna waste my shot!” said this year’s surprise sticker winner and late round price picker.

Stay tuned for late breaking news!

40 thoughts on “Breaking News (Or Has Hell Frozen)?”

  1. Woo Hoo! Congrats Laura, it sounds like you’ve been enjoying the much deserved down time. Though it doesn’t sound like there was resting, it does sound like plenty of relaxing and enjoying!

  2. That’s awesome!! I’ve never been good at Scrabble…May the force be with you!!

  3. Enjoy every moment of your victory!! I had to look up the word “Paise” – good word.

  4. Way to go Laura! All of us who have been forced by our “Wordy” friends to play Scrabble salute you!

  5. Good luck! I hope you win the luxury automobile or the fabulous yacht.

  6. Congratulations Laura. Hope you do well in all the contests this year.

  7. My family quit playing Scrabble (and Trivia Pursuit) together years ago because my husband is the scrabble master (and I am the master of trivia games). Now we play things like Ticket to Ride and Flux (and the ever popular Cribbage).
    My husband still brags about the time he took on 3 of our friends who are world class Scrabble masters and won. (Of course I still brag about the time I got my 12 year old daughter to say “Idiot” by naming a friend of ours in another game, winning us the game over a room full of college graduates)

  8. Checking out that Scrabble board, I am more than impressed by the level of words used. Congrats, Laura. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to hear more about the weekend.

  9. Go, Laura, go!! 😊

    Used to play mom with Scrabble, from youth to a few years ago, when mom entered serious dementia land. We got excited when we scored over 400 (just the 2 of us playing).

    Read the Q, J, X, and Z dictionary words before bed! 😘

  10. Woohoo Laura! You need to laminate that puppy when you go home. Very good! When you’re competing against authors, that’s worthy of very high kudos! Another bottle of champagne! After the competition, of course.

  11. Way to go Laura!!!!! Those scoreboard stories are some of my very favorites!! You go girl!!!

  12. 3 friends and I have a games championship that has been going for 8 years. Whoever wins the most games for the year (we play every Friday) gets taken out to dinner someplace wonderful by the other three. We haven’t been out to dinner for 2019’s win let alone 2020.

    Anyway we have lots of fun when we get together like you ladies do. Have fun!

  13. Laura I feel your Scrabble angst. I play with my husband of 55 years, come 6/11/21 who is now an English University Professor Emeritus.  Try beating him.  LOL

  14. Well I’ll be darned Laura! What’s gotten into you? Been sandbagging all these years? Lol😄 Good luck🍀🍀

  15. Go Laura, go!
    I love your expressions.


  16. And we wait for the outcome & more facial expressions that make me laugh outloud!!!🤣🤣

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