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One Whole Glorious Week…

is about to begin. The minute I finish this blog, I’ll head for the shower, get dressed, slap some makeup on a face that hasn’t seen any throughout winter hibernation. My strong, considerate husband will load the rest of my stuff in the car.
I’ll have timed it fairly well to the arrival of my traveling companions, Laura and Mary Kay. Then we’re off. Off to girl week, spa week, Drunken Spa Girl Week. Friends, pampering, exercise, laugh, games, prizes, cookies, and courtesy of Mary Kay two nights of ice cream sundaes.


Mary Kay, Nora, Laura
This is a long spring tradition, and one all of us look forward to like kids at Christmas. Probably more.
I’m leaving behind greening trees, sprouting blooms (and weeds), dogs and man and work. I took this shot of my cherry trees yesterday, and hope I come back to them in bloom. I hope to start digging in the dirt before much longer, taking after-work walks with the dogs, filling tubs with weeds. But for now, it’s pals and massages, room service and morning workouts.
  IMG_1389 (2)
I expect my man and my dogs will enjoy their week in a female-free house, too.
My girls will trickle in to the big room that serves as a kind of HQ for the week. We are eleven women of varying ages and backgrounds and interests–and game-playing skills. We’re young mothers and grandmothers, wives and daughters, writers and professionals. And we are friends. As a woman who grew up outnumbered by men (four brothers) and had two sons, having this wonderful circle of girlfriends is a rich, shiny treasure.
And this week we can all celebrate girlfriends.
When you have smart, savvy, loving, interesting women in your life it deserves celebration.
Can’t wait to start.   
Note from Laura:  There was so much stuff in the car, I had to sit in this small space.  🙂20160403_100323
Will post details about the week from my perspective too!