Another peek into Laura’s Drunken Spa Girl diary

Thursday, April 7

Dear Diary,

Today we tried something brand new: Create & Sip. We actually left Command Central in the late afternoon to try our hands at painting while drinking wine.   I’d done it here in January with our pal Nicole. and we had such a good time we used the tried-and-true method of peer pressure to make it happen.

I’d herded the squirrels to a group decision on what to paint beforehand so our instructor was ready to guide us through the process.  Two hours of laughter, self-critiques and stepping outside 11 comfort zones later we stood back and admired the results.

Armed but not dangerous.
When in doubt, hold several brushes.
The sofa gallery.

Then it was back to the suite for dinner and games.  I won a small prize for bonus bowling.

It’s still a stupid scoreboard.




14 thoughts on “Another peek into Laura’s Drunken Spa Girl diary”

  1. Hi girls, maybe you should use the paintings for covers of your books. Donate the amount you would pay a graphic designer to a struggling artist or writer. Any way enjoy your time together, but most importantly enjoy your friendship
    Love Chris from Wagga Wagga, Australia

    1. Hi Chris,

      Cover art is the publisher’s jurisdiction, not the writer’s. This was just a exercise in non-writing creativity.


  2. Sheesh.

    Well, I just see a whole lot of FUN in those paintings…and some real good talent too! Your smiles tell the story.

    Love the whole idea of this annual trip! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Does art imitate life or vice versa? Seems to me the Brides Quartet had a similar game plan and if so what’s the physical prize ?

  4. Looks like another fun activity…and love all the photos together in one place..nice blending of personalities. Some serious girl power in motion.

  5. Always wanted to try a paint night. Good job. Glad you were able to win a bonus. It is a great to have so many girl friends to enjoy. Have safe travels home.

  6. Wow, all the paintings are really good! Well done and if having a few drinks=this much creativity…keep it up, I say!! Thanks for sharing your time with us.

  7. Very nice job to all! I’ve been to several of these and always got ribbed when I strayed off course (somehow the mountains ended up being an ocean, I think it was the wine). Really does make the brain move where its not used to going. I just noticed the fine lines within the game boxes – you have to play more than once??? That’s just cruel. Stupid scoreboard.

  8. I would love something like that. It sounds like a good time for the Spa Girls. The “several brushes” works for me! Next in line would be a brush in my mouth and then trying with my toes. (This after quite a bit of wine.)

    I think during one of my crazy shopping sprees I bought paints, paper, an easel, and other supplies, but I hid them from TheGroom and now I can’t find them. Fun fun! Enjoy yourselves!

  9. Sounds like fun! Is that one of the places that give you “outline” of the painting of your choosing (and you bring your own wine), provide the paint for a charge, and you get to have your little party?

    And what prize did you get?

      1. I JUST saw a commercial for the local locations today! I know there’s another similar one that gives you an outline, but this one is a new one, as far as I know. BYOB to a painting lesson!

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