Be Strong, Stay Safe

This is a terrible and scary time. Most of us have to stay in our homes, losing the freedom of movement and society we’ve all taken for granted, well, forever. But we give up that basic freedom for the good of all. For our families and friends and neighbors. For strangers we’ll never meet.

Not all of us can stay home and safe, and we need to thank all those on the front lines. The doctors, nurses, interns, the lab techs, cleaning services, maintenance people, support staff in hospitals and clinics everywhere.

They’re heroes.

The cops, the firefighters, the truck drivers and delivery people, the mail carriers and all who leave the safety of home to help and protect us are heroes.

We have staff at Vesta and Turn The Page and Gifts going to work on limited hours to provide food for take-out, on line ordering for books and other things that make life for those of us at home easier and more bearable. At FIT, our Renee is streaming yoga videos from her home to keep that connection, to offer ways to relax. Our inn staff is doing videos of room tours, and posting on FB to, again, keep that connection, offer something to help people get out of their own heads for just a little while.


The teachers doing their best to send out lesson plans, to keep our children from losing progress, to keep their minds occupied, more heroes.

The child care providers tending children so those medical and essential people can do their jobs, just more heroes.

For myself, staying home is natural to me—but . . . I miss my grandchildren, I miss spending a fun week with my girl pals. And, like all of us, I worry.

Kayla’s missing the best part of her senior year—her last chance to run competitively, her prom, her moment of walking across the stage for her diploma. And the trip we planned for this summer, taking her to Italy.

And this sweet, smart, strong young woman is handling these deep disappointments without complaint. She’s sad, but knows how lucky she is—she told me so—to have a home, to have internet, to have books and movies, a family right there.

She’s one of my heroes, too.

I mourn for Italy, one of my favorites places in the world. I have dear, dear friends in New York, and am sick what this virus is doing to a city I love. I have friends with underlying conditions, with elderly parents, with young children.

I light candles—that’s my way of sending out light and hope and strength.

I have my home, my work—plenty of food and alcoholic beverages. I work out daily—it helps gets me out of my head. I have books, I stream movies—and when watching the news gets too much, I switch on HGTV, or turn to a book or movie.

A kitchen view

When the weather warms, BW and I can do yard work, something we both enjoy. I hope we can get annuals to fill out the beds, but if not (after my sad) I can divide and plug perennials into empty spaces.

I walked around outside—it’s brisk but sunny out there today—and took pictures of blooming things. It helps remind me that seasons change, hope springs, and we have to look for beauty to find it even in horrible times.

The Tulip Magnolia

Last fall I sliced a tomato, stuck it in a pot. And today, I picked the first perfect little ripe tomato. I’m going to send it down the lane with Kayla—she’s bringing me a few back-up groceries after her mom gets to the store.


Yesterday I made chocolate chip cookies, so my treasures down the hill can have that little bit of love from me.

Later today we’re FaceTiming with Jason, Kat and Griffin. They send pictures and videos, and I gobble them up every day.

This virus is a bastard, and we all have to take it very seriously. We have to protect each other. I hope you, too, can find little things to do to help push away the worry for awhile. Spring cleaning, crafting, books, movies, keeping in touch with friends and family, playing games, baking, whatever works. Do something to ease your mind while you stay safe and strong.

I read a story about a young man who heard an elderly couple in the grocery store say there was no more bread. He told them to take the loaf he had in his cart. Heroism can be just that simple.

Social distancing doesn’t mean we stop caring. It shows we care enough to give up those freedoms, that movement, those activities to protect others.

This is long and rambling, but heartfelt. Stay safe, wash your hands (We’re going through soap and lotion like crazy here!), be loving enough to keep your distance so we can all hug again one day.

I’m lighting candles for all of you.


Note from Laura: With so many people away from their regular routines, I think this is the right week to start the FITS book discussions. I will start a post with the first graphic and add to it as the week passes (like I do with the teasers for the In Deaths). I’ll be using graphics some of you may have seen on Facebook because I have a backlog of them.

The first book we’ll discuss is Birthright. Look for a Monday morning post.

I’m saving my particular sanity with walks and photos every day. If you like to look at calming scenery, you’ll see them at

Frederick MD skyline.

68 thoughts on “Be Strong, Stay Safe”

  1. It is a scary time, but we take it a day at a time. I’m so proud of how my kids are handling this. I’m still working, essential shelf stocker and cleaner here, but they are rolling with it. My friend in italy is still closed up with her three kiddos, all young, and looking at several more weeks at the least. Thank God for books!

    1. You are so right, it’s great to have books, I worry about my family in the U. K, but they are fine, I am only allowed out to go to the doctors, and we older people get the first hour of the Supermarkets are open, so that is good, it should be mandatory the world over, but that’s only here, take care and stay safe people. ☕🍷🍰🍔🍟📖📖 this is for your young lady Nora that will miss her getting her diploma 🎓 with love and thoughts to you and yours, Gerry. Xxxx❤❤

  2. I feel better just reading both these posts. I love staying home, and love having the excuse to do so. But, I have to make at least minimal grocery runs occasionally.

    I believe this will all pass. I just try to focus on that ending, and not the in between.

    Take care.

  3. Thanks for the thoughts, the encouragement, and the candles, Nora. Glad you’re staying healthy, and your family is ok. We do still have a lot to be thankful for. Stay well!

  4. Enjoyed your post, always nice to hear from those who we care about and relieved that all are doing as well as they can.

  5. Do not apologize for that long post…it was perfect and uplifting. This time reminds me of how people must have felt during WW2. Kind of connected because everyone was in the same boat with worries and concerns and loved ones in harm’s way. Now that we’ve slowed down the little kindnesses are noticed more and also appreciated greater.
    Hopefully we’ll come out of this trial with a bigger awareness of
    things that really matter.

  6. Since we cannot celebrate our special day at IBB, we drove 60 miles to TTP and picked up our autographed copy of Golden in Death.

    Thanks for reminding us that giving up the little things, protects those around us

  7. Thank you for doing what you do best: translating your feelings into words that mirror what we feel. “Social distancing doesn’t mean we stop caring. It shows we care enough to give up (our) freedoms, () movement, () activities to protect others.” That is so right!

  8. Thank you! Just so you know, my local library closed last Monday. I’m so happy that I have backup material on my shelves… I started re-reading “Sanctuary “ last night. The title caught my eye for obvious reasons; also, it’s been so long since I read it the first time it’s almost brand new.😊

  9. We’re staying in as much as possible because of health issues. One daughter had a baby girl Wednesday and I’ve only seen pictures 😘 but I’ll get my loving time in later. Another daughter is a teacher at a nursery school, they’ve lost about half of the children but are still open because parents are working. She worries about getting sick and taking it home to her husband and son but keeps working so others can as well. Stay safe everyone. This too shall pass.

  10. Thanks Nora and Laura for your posts and updates, they are definitely something I look forward to. I am working, watching You Tube cleaning and organizing videos (lol), watching old TV shows, taking long walks and looking forward to warmer weather. Take care!

  11. Nora you are an inspiration to us all. Thank god for Facebook…no matter how many times I have thought to delete it…but one thing that kept me going was all my favorite authors on FB….and my knitting groups…now what a wonderful way to keep connected. Try Burbee’s on line for flowers I have an order in for some petunias and Basel parsley and peppermint and spearmint plants to be delivered …you never know

  12. Thank you for your post & your thoughts. I’m tucked in at home on my days off, but I’m a nurse, so I’m still working. It’s tense at work, not knowing what to expect, and things change every day . I work on OB, so lower risk, but it’s still there. At some point it will be everywhere in the hospital. My husband drives a truck, so he’s also still working. My son works the drive through at a fast food restaurant & my step-daughter is an ICU nurse, and she’s currently taking care of covid19 patients. Seeing the outpouring of donations from the community of masks to our hospitals brings tears to my eyes. I never thought I would ever see a time when we would be worried about having enough equipment to care for patients.

  13. Thank you both for all you are doing to help make this more tolerable. I just saw pictures of Chicago completely deserted. I just hope and pray All cities, States, and Countries are doing the same. As you say we must remember; it is for the good of all. God Bless and keep safe!

  14. We’re reading, watching DVDs and walking. I always stock up on my paper items when they run low, I restock. Lucky for us, I did my restocking Costco run the week prior to the panic shopping. We have food and each other. My family and friends are doing well. Stay safe and healthy – we will get through this.

  15. Reading Nora’s books is like comfort food during these times. A bookstore here in Cincinnati allows you to call, order books, drive over and they hand them to you in your car. I was sad to find out they didn’t have “Chasing Fire”…said it was out of print. I guess I will have to break my rule and look online!😂😂😂😂 Your posts help keep us all sane….thank you!

  16. Nora, We too are self quarantining in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Because Friday was so beautiful, the beach and boardwalk was packed. So now, the beach and boardwalk are closed. We are lucky to have water up the street to walk along And I am a big reader. As a retired RN, I am so proud of my fellow nurses and Doctors and marvel at their courage to face this everyday. We can only pray these hard times will pass quickly.

  17. Thank you for keeping in touch. I’m sure it helps those who are becoming depressed through all of this. I’m one of those who are old with COPD so my son and DIL are my shoppers. A lot of the ppl on the Island are retired and my DIL has been baking cookies like mad to take around the neighborhood to try to cheer. We’ll get through this. Stay safe and strong.

  18. I have the entire In Death series on Audible, and I listen to them every night. They help me break free of reality long enough to eventually fall asleep. Thank you! <3

  19. Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts and words, Nora. YOU are a hero! I love these insights into your world! Bless you for the many countless hours of enjoyment you’ve brought into my life! I’m elderly and will probably never realize this dream, but meeting you has long been at the top of my bucket list! Who knows?!

  20. Great post Nora… said it so well. We all hope this virus ends soon and that we can start putting back our lives. It won’t be the same world but we can only hope we have learned from this. Living by the beach it is heartbreaking to see on tv them so crowded when we all should be sheltering in place. Not sure why they haven’t closed them as it seems telling people to stay home isn’t enough. I pray for us all. Stay safe….

  21. My husband and son are paramedics and while I stress over the obvious, I trust in their ability to do their jobs and hope they continue to have the personal protective equipment to stay healthy. I pray everyone needs the warnings so we can get thru this sooner rather than later. Use common sense, call your neighbors, friends and family and take care of yourself. Thank you, Nora, for all the wonderful books that I use as my “keep me sane” timeouts. Laura, I so look fwd to the in death quotes … gives me a smile every day.

  22. Thanks for the update, i consider myself lucky, my worked offered me the opportunity to work from home last august and i tought Yes!!! No more driving in snow and ice storms risking my neck to go to work,little did i know how much more greatfull i would become. The only thing i find sad is that i cannot spend any time with my 84year old mother. I used to spend every other weekends woth her, but we make dinner dates and facetime during dinner time,

  23. Thanks for the update, i consider myself lucky, my worked offered me the opportunity to work from home last august and i tought Yes!!! No more driving in snow and ice storms risking my neck to go to work,little did i know how much more greatfull i would become. The only thing i find sad is that i cannot spend any time with my 84year old mother. I used to spend every other weekends woth her, but we make dinner dates and facetime during dinner time,

  24. Quick question regarding putting a sliced tomato in a pot: did you get a plant from it which then produced a new tomato?

  25. Thanks go to you and the gifted brain you share with us through your books that , now more than ever are huge helps. They always entertain, allow us escape, and pass long hours

  26. I’ve got a senior here, as well. Deep sadness but not many complaints. Such good kids, and great role models for the rest of us.

  27. I have spent the past 10 days home with just my hubby as we didn’t leave on our planned trip. We have ruthlessly cleaned and laundered. Re-organized the pantry and laundry room and cleaned out the garage. He still has another week of teaching spring break and will continue online. He’s prepared because he has “sending” schools that have a different schedule. I’m going back to work tomorrow – to what I believe will be the plan for most of my call center team to work from home and keep people busy being productive and keeping my hospital and physician clients income going. We can all only do the best we can at home, for work (smaller, private company) and each other.

  28. Thank you!!!

    These are interesting times…and I ache for those single parents in small apartments with small children! And am hopeful that we all will come to realize that this is serious…deadly serious.

    Please, all of you, stay safe, wash your hands, do NOT hoard, and find at least one thing each day to be wildly grateful for!

  29. Stay healthy and safe all. Thanks for your work and sharing, Nora, and your communication, Laura. Being a non-Facebook-er, I look forward to enjoying the sharing on “Birthright.” It’s been a long time since I read it. At least I can do that again. Chin up, everyone. We have to work for a new HEA.

  30. For me, did grocery shopping. All set for about 2 weeks. Sitting in the sun by my window with the with same cracked to get fresh air. Reading my favorite author. Watching weather and news along with my favorite shows. Hopefully we will be able to get out and about soon. Everyone please take care.

  31. With thanks for your checking in. I’m so glad you’re well and being resilient during this challenging time. Looking forward to all your new works coming down the pike.


  32. It was a delight to see a post from you. What a special girl your Kayla is- most in her age group would be complaining or out partying. You have much to be proud of.

    Here in New York, we are surrounded by it. My granddaughter lives w/us- her boss tested positive, so we all quaranteened ourselves. I refuse to let it get me down. A positive attitude is a must in our situation.

    I’ve been spending too much time on social media, but it’s a blessing in disguise. My favorite whatsapp is:

  33. Thank you for your update. While there is a lot to be very concerned about, I’m sorry, too, about Kayla. We have 3 grandchildren who are seniors in high school and one grandson who is to graduate from college. I am so sad for them. It appears my granddaughter will be valedictorian and I’m heartsick for her after all her hard work she, her twin brother and her first cousin may not get to do commencement. I hope every school will have graduation no matter how late in the summer. Take care and God bless you and yours.

  34. Thank you so much. I enjoy the In Death quotes. Be well.
    I worry too. Myself, my husband, and our children have jobs to go to tomorrow. We will do what we need to do, and look back on this time as an eye opening look into what is important. We live in the suburbs of Chicago, so we have the “Shelter In Place” rule going on. I appreciate the candles.

  35. Many thank, Nora and Laura, for the pictures. We’re not far behind in the early blooming, I think. At least the tulip, crocus and daffodil sprouts seem to think so! We’ve been surprised with a snow or two before, so not holding my breath. I’m not able to make my own antibodies anymore, so I’m used to spending a lot of time indoors. I’m lucky with neighbors who check on me regularly, I’m even getting eggs from the cluckers next door I watched growing up from little chicks last season. Please, everyone, continue to stay safe and remember even if you feel okay, you could be a carrier. I’ve also ordered from Burpee, they must be having a good season this year. Take care of yourselves, everyone.

  36. Glad to hear you guys are doing well and finding ways to pass the time. I’m doing a lot of reading and having quality time with the hubby and the cat. 🙂 TV, movies, books … I might even break out some cross stitching or crocheting out of the closet. Haven’t worked on any of that for years, but it’s always relaxing. It’s not a pleasant reason to be staying in, but it’s rewarding to see people caring about each other. Take care!

  37. It has been such an eye opener to what we take for granted.. in the month since we have been preparing to have this hit here.. I have had my youngest move to Seattle, my oldest is currently deployed to Asia, we have had one FaceTime with him where he told us we are going to be grandparents (our first), my daughter in law is also military but an instructor , so she is now working from home.. he should be home before the birth as long as all goes well.
    We also lost my cousin to a heart attack (at 56) and we are unable to have any sort of services. I am a childcare provider and still have a few of mine because mom’s are in essential jobs.. if they work.. I am here.
    My 3rd is now working from home and my husband is probably close to staying home ( I assured him I have a honey-do list all ready for him lol)
    May we all get through this with our sanity intact and learn that we should never take that hug for granted…

  38. Much thanks for the post, the good thoughts and the candles. Such a lovely idea.
    I’m in a rehab center for therapy after a stroke and I have to give kudos to our CNAs, our nursing staff, the kitchen folks and our therapists. They’re here everyday and this place couldn’t survive without them. Everyday I get to see the press conferences while I’m using weights and the hand bike and trying to stand and walk on my own. With their help, I believe I’ll get there. Maybe hot as soon as I want to, but I will! Off times I too read and read a lot.
    When I’m not reading or Physical Therapy-ing, I’m making snowmen and coming up with ideas for my monsters that I hope to get online by summer. (fingers crossed & chats with God).
    But I inherited my dad’s “worry gene” so I worry about my family and friends.
    The nice thing local grocery stores her have done is open for an extra hour in the morning for seniors only. Maybe many will be able to get the things they need without having to fight for them.
    Until this nasty thing is over, everyone stay safe and well.

  39. Wow. What can I say that hasn’t been said? Nora seriously has the BEST fans. Much love and light to all of you. I’m a candle lighter (like Nora) I will be sending well wishes to all of Nora’s fans tonight.

    Nora, your words were both wise and just the balm that I needed just now. You made me smile, laugh, and weep. But then you’ve been doing that for years- sometimes all three on the same page. Thank you so much. I wish everyone could read them. My heart goes out to Kayla. It is hard to face uncertainty at such a critical time in growing up. Clearly she is a strong young woman who has grown up with marvelous examples and an open heart. I wish her all the best. I too am missing my granddaughter- we usually spend a day with her every week. FaceTime has been a saving grace. She is eight years old and changes constantly. Those chocolate chip cookies look delicious. I know the grandchildren will love them.

    Thank you Laura, for all that you do to keep the readers in mind and entertained. Your contributions are so valuable.

    Sending love and light to all. We will come out of this stronger and wiser.

  40. Thank you Nora for the post. We are so lucky to live in times of FaceTime etc. were we might not be in the same room but we are together. Laura, thank you for the beautiful pictures. Stay safe everyone.

  41. Thank you for your post. It was comforting and inspiring. I can imagine how Kayla feels, as my granddaughter’s college graduation has been canceled. She is also a strong and wonderful young lady and is handling it better than I am. I was looking forward to going to Florida to be there and see her and the family. Being inside so much is hard, but I am taking time to read, especially rereading many of your books, both Nora Roberts and J.D. Robb. I know them well, but reading the older ones bring back many wonderful memories. Thank you for that. I pray for all of those who have to be out there, especially my son who is a firefighter. Luckily, I have family and friends who check on me, and my 4 year old granddaughter loves to do “face time”. I have great faith that the Lord is with us and will help us get through this difficult time. Please keep safe and healthy. We all need you to enrich our lives.

  42. Sorry folks but I have a problem with all the people who say they are home with their children. I dont doubt that some are. I work at a home improvement store. Yes we can see emergencies when with a burst pipe, a refrigerator that breaks down something along that line. So we are here for the mental health of all who need us. Thats the company line. The trauma of not being able to order a counter top, an entire kitchen suite, 3 gallons of paint, new flooring during this pandemic must be more than can be humanly borne. All the while the kiddies are trailing behind their parents as Dad checks out the new riding mowers. The best part is the blank look when we have to explain why something can’t be installed any time soon.

    1. I can’t tell you how sad and angry that makes me. The people who simply won’t accept the seriousness of the situation and do what has to be done. Who insist on ‘living their lives’ at this point.

      1. People don’t want to stay home. 3 generations walking down the aisles. Some tell us “Just looking.” We don’t have curbside service, no masks or gloves for us. Now I’m home sick, husband home with me.

  43. Thanks for your post. Sorry about Kayla missing out on her trip, prom and ceremonial walk of graduation.
    It’s getting crazy in our County (Greenwood) and our small town of Ninety Six. All of the grocery stores and dollar stores can’t keep stocked up. Some people can’t get the basics.
    I have a friend that owns his on cafe and had to close the diningroom, but still does carry out. I have to give him a shout out: Derick Fuller of Dericks Cafe has a giving heart and has given as much as he’s sold. He closed the restaurant Saturday at 3pm to do his personal grocery shopping. The stores he went to had no bread, meat, eggs very little milk. He spotted an older lady, barely able to walk and was bent over with osteoporosis. She was looking for hamburger meat. He gave her his number and told her to call him Monday and that he’d give her hamburger meat from his restaurant. All that she wants. For free!
    There are some good people in this world, he’s one of them.
    I hope you all the best and thanks for letting me share this.

  44. For the last 18 months I have been staying home taking care of my husband. This is my normal. I always have to be careful not to bring sickness home when I go to the grocery. I don’t go anyplace else, my husband gets scared when I go out. I read my ebooks and listen to my audiobooks and that has become my joy. I was just starting a reread to pass the time till my fall books come out. I hope all of you stay well and get through this.

  45. I love your tributes to the “everyday heroes”, but I must add authors as well. We’d be in a much sorrier place without your books that transport us to places where a HEA is guaranteed. You spend weeks, months, sometimes years to give us hours and hours of the best kind of escapism. Thank you and all the other authors for such lovely stay-at-home but see-the-world pleasure. You Rock!
    Thanks also for your spring pics, and to you, as well, Laura. Hope does spring, and we will come out on the other side. Blessings to all. Be well.

  46. I am lucky enough to have a work from home job already. Of course, we are all getting more calls, more emails, more social media posts. That means more hours which equals more pay when you’re an hourly worker.
    I have only been out to Target to grab a few things, Diet Coke is a necessity for me, and then to Fort Hood to pick up my medication refills.
    I have time to watch TV in the evenings, then try to write a few words before falling in bed.
    It is sad that Kayla misses all of her senior year fun. I have a great-niece that is in the same boat. She’s supposed to graduate the end of May and off to college in the fall.
    I send cheers, cyber hugs, prayers, and positive energy. Add in some rainbows and unicorns and colored stars.

  47. Thank you Nora, here in Sydney Australia things are pretty much like they are everywhere now, my husband and I are self isolating as we are in our seventies and he has underlying health problems, but we consider ourselves lucky that we have a home we are comfortable in and our family close by, and our dear little dog who keeps us laughing every day and we are praying that when this is all behind us we can get together again, I love all the books you have written, you make my day every time I pick one up, thank you 🙏 and I hope you and your family come through this and maybe your granddaughter’s school will do something to commemorate her special time when this crisis has passed – as it will

  48. Sending light and love to you and yours!!! Thanks for the hours of necessary distraction I like to call reading. Stay healthy every one!

  49. Nora and Laura, I hope both of you and your families stay safe and healthy. Sounds like you all are doing whatever is necessary. I feel for Kayla. I remember how much fun my daughter’s last year, especially last 6 months, of high school was (mine, not so much). She was in 9 clubs, editor of the yearbook, only female in school band, Brooklyn/Queens Catholic High School Student of the Year! Trips, parties, fun!
    Back in the old days, when measles and polio were big scourges, we had a family friend who should have graduated with us, but was in an iron lung due to polio. We kids decided he should have a graduation ceremony too. We made him a diploma, got a record of Pomp and Circumstances and went to the hospital. We told the nurse what we planned. His parents were visiting at the time. An orderly helped push his machine a couple of feet and we had a little speech and congratulated him on completing his studies with honors. Placed diploma next to his head. His mother cried, father teared up. Nurses applauded, he had a graduation! They served apple juice and cupcakes. If this terrible crisis continues until May (I’ll go crazy!), do a backyard graduation for Kayla, with family sitting 6 feet apart, wearing masks if necessary. (I made some from plastic and velcro. They’re full-face masks. I’m 72, so have to be extra vigilant). She shouldn’t be deprived of a graduation! The trip can take place anytime. She knew you had it planned, she knows you love her, next year on Spring Break, next Summer, everyone’s health matters most!
    Stay safe, keep posting. Some pictures from your garden would be nice.
    I paid for my neighbor’s groceries. I call him every day to check on him. This is a friendly, small co-op in Brooklyn. He’s 77 and didn’t have any money until this week, but needed groceries. His next door neighbor offered to go shop for him (he’s a first responder, like my son-in-law, so he has gloves and masks). He bought as much as he could find in the store. I called my neighbor’s family and asked why was he in need, when they lived 10 blocks away? 2 days later they brought him $25! I still check on him every day.
    I cooked up Beef Stew, Chicken Chili, Chicken Soup, in case I do get sick. I don’t want to expose my daughter or granddaughter to me, as they both are severe asthmatics. I can’t risk their health. Having food ready, flowers a little their concern that I won’t eat. Plus, tons of restaurants, that are still delivering!

  50. Dear Nora and Laura,
    I know every one is trying to do their best in this situation. I’m agoraphobic, so I can’t cause any damage, I live in the basement of an elderly woman so for her sake I wear a mask when I go upstairs to feed her little dog. I believe in heaven, I’ve seen heaven, briefly when at 16 I had a fractured skull. I believe that we are spirits living a human life. I truly believe that as your date of birth is inscribed so is the time you return to heaven, your true home. I know no matter what, whatever disease is out there, to do our best, but especially not to stress so much. You return to heaven when it’s your turn to return, and nothing on earth can kill you before it’s your time. I don’t fear death. I’ve seen heaven. I don’t fear this new virus, because I know that if it’s my time to go back to heaven, I will. If it’s not, I won’t. So take care of yourselves and do not worry. PS your book ‘ The obsession ‘ is one of my favourite books from You. Thank you so much for all the books that have become so important in my life I bless you and your family and Laura’s with peace of mind, and great health.

  51. Nora, thank you from a reader with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the UK whose assisted living facility has been on lockdown for six days (as of 23rd March) who is currently losing herself in The Bride Quartet.

  52. As you always do, you’ve lifted my spirit. Thank you for that! You have provided an escape for me for many years and I’m so very thankful. Blessings to everyone.

  53. Thanks for you inspiring words. I am so incredibly thankful for FaceTime, Facebook and the internet to be able to stay in touch with my family and friends. I have a grown daughter with diabetes and other autoimmune diseases and I worry so. Times are scary. I cherish my talks and FaceTime with my grands! We must stay strong and we will get through this. Your books are a wonderful blessing to me and so many!

  54. Your books are magical to me. They help to keep me sane when my life becomes a little too much. Thank you

  55. I keep thinking about that book you wrote a few years ago YEAR ONE.
    Starting an umpteenth re-read of SEA SWEPT, I need some Cameron Quinn….
    Stay Well 🙂

  56. This might be a bit off-topic, but I saw that cartoon drawing of Eve Dallas on Instagram yesterday (for those that don’t know:

    For the record, I encouraged her to make a picture for Roarke, but I also want to say that if you ever green light a Graphic Novel adaptation of the In Death series, I hope you hire her as the artist, she is that damn good.

  57. Dear Nora, Thank you so much for your expression- i have tears, and gratitude xx

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