Excerpts from Laura’s Drunken Spa Girl Diary

Sunday, April 3

Dear Diary:

Nora’s SUV was so packed on the way to the spa I had to sit in the narrowest seat and hold back the deluge of stuff sliding about with my left shoulder!  But since I didn’t have to drive and the first treatment loomed, I held back my complaints with heroic inner fortitude.

We arrived as hordes of guests were leaving.  Excellent!  More room for the Spa Girls, also for getting all the treatments (plus I got my Complete Home Spa products, to make sure I keep the result for longer). I know they have an excellent foot massage too, because I read foot massager reviews about them.

Before any of us even unpacked, the empty scoreboard went to its place of honor on the fireplace.  Did I mention I’m not fond of games, dearest diary?  The blank slate looms over me like a thunderhead on the horizon.20160403_124104

But I will somehow survive.  Sigh.

Off to my first appointment! xoxoxoxo

Monday, April 4

Dear Diary,

Nearly everyone arrived yesterday, thrilled to be among friends for a solid week.   Since Nora is Master and Commander of the games, she’d arranged the fabulous prizes in the entry of the suite that serves as Command Central for the week.

I didn’t allow myself to look at them.  Stupid scoreboard.  I didn’t suck at Wii Bowling, but I didn’t win either.  Good, I’m on the middle of the road.

We arrived to cold air and brilliant sunshine yesterday, but the weather took a wet turn today.  I ran out to take photos of the brilliant tulips just before the rain set in.20160404_103224 20160404_073921

And yes, that’s snow!  A good day to be inside — I think that’s how most of the week will go.

The game for me tonight was the first round of Just Dance.  Stupid scoreboard.  xoxoxox

Tuesday, April 5

Dear Diary,


I hate Scrabble.  *Sigh* Stupid scoreboard

But the week is wonderful otherwise.  We start our days in the lounge on the floor — everyone trickles in at their own pace for coffee and sustenance. Mary pointed out we all bring something to read then abandon it as soon as conversation starts.  Nora supplied us with ARCs of The Obsession and Bay of Sighs.  But I’m talking so much I haven’t finished Annika and Sawyer’s story.

AND Nora dedicated The  Obsession to the Spa Girls.  Fun!

Then we separate and head to different treatments or quiet spots for reading for most of the day.  Evenings are spent in Command Central, laughing, playing games and eating food prepared by other people!


Wednesday, April 6

Dear Diary,

Ever wonder what a room service order for 11 women looks like?This:


Piles of plates and abandoned pool shoes are the order of the evening.

Cookies and milk are more sedate.


I thought I’d be game free tonight since the latecomers had to catch up, but Mary Kay chose me to dance for her in the semi-finals.  It didn’t go well for either of us.

Stupid scoreboard.

But I cheer myself up with the photos I love to take.  Here’s the view from the lounge the other morning.


And one of the floral arrangement in the lobby.


More to come.



31 thoughts on “Excerpts from Laura’s Drunken Spa Girl Diary”

  1. Sounds like another fun spa week…the game board sign cracks me up..organized fun for sure. You took some lovely photos of the flowers…you were right about the colors popping more because it was overcast. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Sounds like things are off to a wonderful start despite the evil and stupid scoreboard. Offer your burden of less than stellar performance up for the “Poor Souls in Purgatory”. 😉

    1. I just realized the title of the scoreboard and the inserted letters. You could have used some of those in your Scrabble hand.

      I also noticed there are 12 room service trays. Did you pick up a stray along the way? *grin*

  3. Ok. You are forgiven for all of that luggage! (I don’t think I could round up 11 girls to go anywhere with me, even if our neighborhood was afire.) How many vehicles did you use to invade the spa? That room service fellow looks completely perplexed. LOL!

  4. Hey Laura! I am SOOOOOO with you on the hating games! Lounging around chatting, eating, reading & drinking coffee & hot chocolate sounds pretty attractive tho. Enjoy the rest of your retreat. KRIS xx

  5. Thank you for sharing! That was lovely and oh so funny. Poor scoreboard?

  6. I was laughing by the third ‘stupid scoreboard’. Lovely pictures! As group photographer, you should get a pass on the games. The ARCs are worthy compensation, though. You’ve given me my new phrase: heroic inner fortitude.

  7. Ditto on hating games. I hate sports too. Some of us are just above all that. After all, you are the cool and efficient right hand to the top romance writer in the world- why do you have to be good at games, too? I bet you are great at food, and spa treatments- all the stuff that really counts!

  8. Poor Laura, I feel for you. I do like Scrabble but all the rest….not for me either!! I would enjoy the treatments and reading my books. That would be fine. I love the pics of the tulips. So beautiful. Enjoy it all

  9. I’m with you, Laura, on the games part. Love watching others have fun, make fools of themselves in a good way, but me playing, not so much. Wishing you all a wonderful time being together and enjoying yourselves!!

  10. I’m not fond of games myself, though I do love scrabble. Love your photos. I’m glad you’re managing to enjoy yourself in spite of the games 🙂

  11. ABC to film part of ‘The Bachelorette’ at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Did you see any film crews about?

    Be brave . I hope you win something. Our family when there is a large crowd around plays bunco. You need 12. I am so UN-lucky I won for last place. Take your wins wherever you can get them and good luck.

  12. I love time with girlfriends and games- sounds like the best time ever !

  13. my mom’s birthday is this week end, April 10th. So i have planed a mini spa one night stay at a resort close to home. a few treatments and a very nice dinner. a nice quite night with no bratty kid sisters, and grumpy dad/husbands. not quite as much fun as your whole week away but it will still be a nice break.

  14. Thanks for the pics and the laughs!can’t wait to see and hear more about the trip. I’m not like you about games, I’m competitive, so I think It’d be fun(especially if champagne is involved) Have fun, and do tell us who won. 🙂

  15. Enjoy your stay, Spa~Girls! Really looking forward to reading The Obession! Have fun, and enjoy!

  16. All sounds great to me even the games. Though I do not ususally win. Love scrabble but not Wii bowling. A week at a spa with girl friends have fun and enjoy!

  17. I love games and I’m too competitive, but I’d throw each and every round if I had an ARC of those two books. Hope y’all have the best time ever.

  18. Stupid scoreboard indeed. But do tell what’s in the ARC’s for those of us waiting for the books to be released! I know, I know, you can’t do that, you’ve given Nora your sacred vow. But really, I’d kill to have the penmanship of whoever wrote the names for the sign. Okay, everyone who has ever had to read a word that I write would kill for me to have that penmanship.

  19. While you gals a spa-ing it up, I’ll be sitting here twiddling my unpainted toes waiting for “Apprentice in Death” to come out in September. I just pre-ordered it.

  20. So much fun to read, thanks Laura. I would ride on top of the car holding on to the roof for ARCs of Bay of Sighs and The Obsession, I am so jealous!! I have to say I am loving your mentions of the game board!!

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