Dear Diary: The Continuing spa adventures of a Cranky Publicist

Dear Diary,

Our first full day dawned sunny and cool. I was up early to get a workout in first thing.  Our mutual “friend” was already in the suite’s living room and we engaged in a brief recap of the evening before — along with requisite surprise at my mid-level success.  Then I went off to lift heavy weights, while Nora waited for Kat and JoAnne to come in for a Shaun T workout session.

The gym was very quiet and I pushed/pulled/stretched without any interruptions.  A satisfying way to start the day especially since it was Ice Cream Night Part 1 after dinner.  Walked back to change into dry clothes and the ladies were shaking their groove things in time with Shaun.

Had breakfast then decided to go for a walk for fresh air and photos. 

This one ended up my favorite.

The best part of Spa Week, Dear Diary, is everyone goes their individual ways during the day before spending the evening together.  I decided to embrace my Zen in all areas of my life and generously forgave my “friend” for her cavalier dismissal of my Scrabble talents. All was peaceful again as we wandered through the shops on the way to spa treatments.

More of our tribe arrived late in the afternoon. Pat and Mary learned that they had arduous game tasks to undertake.  Those of us with first rounds of bowling, dance and Scrabble under our belts/on the Stupid –er, Zen centered — Scoreboard were able to relax or play as extras in a round.

The second official round of Scrabble commenced. Diary, can you find the word on that night’s board that made us all laugh?

A seed of happiness bloomed in my heart, Dear Diary.  I was freed from the expectation of performing well.  Strangely though, the pressure seeped through in other areas.  My spa-mates asked if I’d posted on the blog yet. Well, no, not yet.  “Working on it!”I chirped airily.

Then, my dear friend, the most prolific writer in the entire universe, the one who writes 6 pages to my one paragraph, the one who THINKS a word and it is so, asked if I was finished.  Now there, Diary Dear, is pressure.

I finished, posted, then turned my attention to the games where tension brewed.  As I dealt with my feelings, Sarah — the former Grandest Champion with a brilliant business mind — ran into the wall known as the Fearsome and Mighty Elaine on the field of dance. As you remember, Sarah crushed me by 1000 points.  The Fearsome and Mighty Elaine turned the tables.

[From Sarah’s Spa Notes:  Dear Diary, A great start to the tournament! Back in top form for Just Dance.  THEN the Fearsome and Mighty Elaine picked up the remote and WON my fabulous First Round prize.]

[From Elaine’s Spalicious Journal: Having a Great Time! Winning EVERYTHING!”]

The Fearsome and Mighty

The next rounds of Scrabble are delayed until the last two members of the tribe arrive so we added in some extra bowling and dance.  Mary Kay won another bowling session [MK: Hey Diary, that’s 2 bowling games!  That makes me the Bowling Queen.]

And then, a miracle happened, Dear Diary. I beat Sarah in the Pity Round of Extra Dance!!!!  Thousands cheered (in my head) and I retired happy.

This is what winning looks like (on the right)

I shall leave this entry with some visuals of the evening.



18 thoughts on “Dear Diary: The Continuing spa adventures of a Cranky Publicist”

  1. Ok, I love how the champagne glass stays in her hand the whole time. Priorities! LOL

    1. Reminded me of some in my family. “Be as much of a klutz as you want, but DON’T drop your beer!”

  2. Well Zen Mistress congratulations on keeping yourself serene in the cutthroat world of competitive gaming. Dancing is a great way to stave off the negative vibes. Good work and ?!

  3. Loved your favorite picture. Kudos to remaining Zen and winning the Pity Round of Extra Dance. Was “junky” the word?

  4. You guys absolutely rock! I wanna join the girl club. I need to figure out how to get something like that going in my universe.

  5. Uh oh! Bowling Queen is a bad thing right now. It got Dancing Queen Stuck in my head. Hope you are having fun even with being the Cranky Publicist.

    1. ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!! It’s not leaving me alone! Time to go listen to the news.

  6. Love the nature shot – the textures and the colors are awesome. Glad embracing your inner Zen is getting you some wins, even though your inner self no longer needs to win (maybe…..). The other diary excerpts are a hoot!

  7. Too funny! Noticed Nora didn’t put down glass of champagne while dancing. 😉
    Any opening in your Spa Club?

  8. Awesome post, pictures, winners and dancing. Keep having fun, it will all be over way too soon…. xx

  9. Not only did Nora dance on, held the glass BUT also had a sip – yeah girl! Personal heroine. Cranky publicist – you’ve already held your own and outdone yourself. Good job girl! And – I’ve missed my Katdyver – great to see you again. GO spa girls!! Looking forward to my annual birthday trip to Nora land in June. TTP – here I come! Warrior pizza – OMG! Yum.

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