Shadows in Death excerpt

Right now, the official description of Shadows in Death is:

Lt. Eve Dallas is about to walk into the shadows of her husband’s dangerous past…

And I have to say, it’s a wild walk through those shadows.

You’ll decide on that come September 8. Here’s the official excerpt to tide you over: Chapter One


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  1. Oh Geeze…how long do i have to wait????
    I love the ‘snippets’ the first chapters..
    My heart starts to pound with anticipation! Whats on the next page, in the next chapter…and the next!
    Thank you Laura, for the ” sneak peek “..

  2. This is going to be spectacular! There’s going to be some back and forth between Eve and Roarke, I can just see it coming!
    Whenever you go into Roarke’s background, you find out even more what a horrible person Patrick Roarke was, as were the people he surrounded himself with!
    Now, we all will be thinking up plot lines until September! I’m pre-ordered and waiting with bated breath!

  3. Oh dear lord, Nora’s done it again, I can’t wait now till September.
    I’m hooked already , what am I going to do??
    Oh bugger it’s so cruel having to wait this long…

    It’s going to be a hell of a read…..
    Go Nora, your wonderful…

  4. All I can say it’s how fast can September get here! I’m already hooked!

  5. Loved it cannot wait! As I often listen to the audiobooks I find myself reading them in the voices on the audiobooks.

    1. Me too!! I have only “read” a handful but have “listened” to them all. I think Susan Erickson does a suburb job with all the character voices. Nice to know I’m not the only one lol

  6. I was one of the lucky few that got a question answered in a Nora interview back when she was in Ireland. It was about when we would see more of Roarke’s past. I’ve been waiting too long for this book! Lol. 💚

  7. Oh, I can’t read the excerpt. 🙈
    If I do I will drive my husband crazy til my birthday wondering what happens next. Will wait patiently (?) til the book comes out. 🤗🤗🤗🤗❤

  8. Ooh this is going to be good. Can’t wait for Tuesday for Hideaway and September for this one!! Thanks for the tease. Stay healthy everyone.

  9. It will be a long wait between now and September! Thank you for sending this tease!

  10. Wow, love where the chapter ends! That was a cliffhanger for sure. Makes me wonder if he was the killer. I will have to fill the time with a reread of a JD Robb book ot two.

  11. September is soooooo far away!!! This is going to be one of the ones you don’t put down!!! Maybe read twice through at once to catch what nuances you miss the first time in your haste to see who done it! Lol! Not that I don’t do that each book!!! Thank you for the excerpt. Can hardly wait. You know, when we get the latest release, it’s like we fall right back into their lives with them. That’s an exceptional ability for a writer. You rock!!!

  12. I have a crazy request- which i know doesn’t stand a snowball in hell’s chance of happening- but due to the covid crisis, & all of us homebound fans, how about making a 1 time only change, & releasing this book early? Think of all the gratitude & publicity you will get?

    1. I doubt that she has any control over that. I agree that it would be nice for homebound people who could use something to read. It doesn’t really matter to me because I have a whole bunch of other authors that have books coming out between now and then to make me happy.

    2. First, I just write the books, I don’t publish them. St. Martin’s, my publisher, is in the same boat as all of us. Struggling to work and be productive during a global crises that’s closed their offices and has everybody working from home. Added to it, they have lots of other authors, other books to edit, print, publish, and a schedule for same. It’s not as simple as just pushing a book out early.

      It takes a lot of time, work, people to get a story from manuscript to printed novel, then ship and distribute that novel to stores–who also work on a schedule (and are in this same strange boat). All while also producing the e- and audio versions as well as the print.

      At this stage, my guess is Shadows is being copy-edited, then any questions the copy editor has must be addressed. Then the pages must be proofed–by me, by a proofer. Then the pages go to the printer. The covers have to be produced. The pages have to be bound into a book, with the cover added.

      The books have to be boxed up for shipment to distribution centers and accounts–per orders for same.

      It’s a process.

      1. I understand completely. There is a process to producing any product. As an exercise in a career development course, I had to write down all the steps I took to get tickets printed for an event run. I was rather amazed at all the work involved that I did. Unless one is involved in a process, one never truly understands it. I hope you and my other favorite authors continue writing and the editors, proof readers and publishers stay in business to produce all those wonderful, delicious, enervating books that keep us enthralled and entertained. Bless you all; stay safe and healthy.

      2. Well, however long the process it’s enough to know that we all have another amazing In Death book coming! And as fast as this year’s going by September will be here in what feels like tomorrow. Thank you so much Nora!

    3. Ha! I already asked the same on Instagram. No reply 😢. It’s not up to this team – it’s all about the publisher now. Maybe we should start a petition and send it them?? 😀

      1. It’s just not going to happen, for the reasons Nora outlines above. Especially since the physical plants where books are printed are subject to all the health restrictions now in place.


  13. And already another mystery, besides Eve’s cases! September can’t come soon enough!!!

  14. Why do I do this to myself??? Every time, I tell myself “don’t read it!!! It will just make you want it NOW!” But I’m weak & am lousy at resisting some forms of temptation so I read it…and yep, I want it now!!! It’s terrible to wish part of one’s life away but I have a strong urge to do so! Good thing I don’t have any wishes available to be used!

    If the guy likes going after those important to Roarke, Eve’s not the only one in danger & not just Summerset (I started to put in Bella’s name for him but wasn’t sure the system would allow it!) If that guy’s done any research, there are a lot of folks in danger! Dang, now I’ve got to worry about a lot of folks for over 3 months!

    1. Me, too! I don’t worry, though. If they were real people I might. What I do is think what she could do to all the characters that could be in that sphere.

  15. Laura, I just grin when you let on that you’ve already gotten to read it! I’d say you earn that benefit!

  16. That was a great sneak peek!! Great way to end a chapter! Can’t wait for September to get here!

  17. I can’t wait for the book I think that this book I am going to read more than vendetta. now I am counting the months so that I can read it its going to be real good.

  18. Been doing a lot more reading since ..well you know. Read some books, who am I kidding, it’s scores of books! Found some that are really good stories and I enjoyed and quite a few not so much. A few I even stopped reading well before the end.
    I new Nora Robert’s was a fantastic writer. I especially love the In Death books. I never realized how I took for granted just how gifted she really is.
    Her stories are ALWAYS so good and make you want to stretch them out but you can’t help but rapidly devour them. Her characters, good or bad or loveable or evil become so real.
    I will never take for granted the talent poured into her books ever again!
    Sad thing is now even while I enjoy reading some other authors books I am missing that extra something that NR puts into hers.
    Thank you?

  19. ok. you hooked me in, now i have to wait until September? that’s just mean! I guess I will just have to re-read the other 40-something while we wait. LOL!

  20. I always tell myself do not read the excerpts but I guess I am a sucker for punishment because I always do and like always I counting the days until September.
    I am a big fan and I love all her books, particularly the in death series, I love all the characters, she has a way of making them seem real to the readers, and they just suck you in
    She is definitely an amazing writer.

  21. I really love the In Death books BUT I really think the earlier ones were better.
    I don’t know if J D Robb reads comments but I would love more personal stuff interspersed with the crime stuff, more about her friends, Mavis, Nadine, Feeney, Dr Mira etc. Apart from Peabody and McNab we hardly hear of them and these relationships were what made the In Death series different from others in this genre.

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