Staying Home

For those of us who aren’t essential workers, we’ve been doing a lot of at home this spring. Normally, that’s my favorite thing, but even for me this has become pretty surreal.

I know a lot of areas and businesses are opening. I hope everyone who does venture out is staying smart, staying safe, and doing everything possible to protect themselves, their families, and everyone else.

We really are all in this together.

I have my work, and am so lucky to be able to do work I love safely in my own house. I have lots of outdoor space–a huge boon–and the gardening.

Though I’m incredibly tired of all the rain!

But even with those blessings, I need distractions, activities, occupations outside the keyboard.

So I cook, and I bake, and BW and I clean like maniacs every Saturday. Having the house clean and ordered helps keep my stress level low.

I do some more serious cooking on weekends, too.

Soups–the latest, tortilla soup for me and BW, a veggie bean and pasta for Kayla. I made my pal Ruth’s Party Potatoes as Kayla and BW both especially love. So half went down the lane.

I made my mother’s pound cake, made cream puffs, because sweet and fun is a good antidote to worry.

Cream puffs

I tried my hand at tomato/basil risotto for Kayla. It worked! Yesterday, it was lasagna.


I’ve baked bread, and learned Jason has taken up bread baking. BWscanned him my recipe for Italian bread–another for his new repertoire. I may do a focaccia later today.

The gardens give me incredible pleasure. However, a few days ago, I’m at my keyboard, BW is working outside. I hear him yelling. I assume one of the dogs has–despite our deterrents (soak coffee filters in vinegar or ammonia, let dry thoroughly, cut into strips, lay in the pots) dug in one of the planters.

He yells again, and a third time, which makes me think: Is he calling for help? Jeez! So out I go, hoping I don’t have to call 911.

BW’s fine, but furious. Parker hadn’t dug in a planter, he’d jumped up in one of the raised beds and gone mad. Just wild and crazy digging. Not just the plants, but dug so far down so fast he broke the underground sprinkler pipe, ripped out wires for the wall lights, and made a horrible mess of things.

So . . . He’s lucky we didn’t find a brick to bash him with!

Sprinkler guy was able to fix the pipe, BW was able to fix the light and is currently fixing the wires. We’ve piled in more dirt, and may save some of the plants. I’ll do what I can to transfer others.

And have googled home made dog repellent spray, and will make that up.

We can call Parker’s digging a very big distraction!

And no, it wasn’t moles. He wasn’t after some critter. He just decided to go for it. Such is the life of a gardener with dogs.

Other than that spot, everything looks amazing. It’s soothing and satisfying to walk around after a day of work. And we’ll fix what our canine ditch digger wrought.

Then there’s books to read, movies to watch, shows to binge. Good distractions all.

I’ve now colored my hair myself a second time. It’s ratty and shaggy and long enough to pull back in a tail. Coloring’s one thing–attempting to snip at it, a bit other thing. A line I won’t cross. *

I very much miss Harold!

I watch the videos or smile at the photos Jason and Kat send me of Griffin. I can’t find the words to express how I miss my kids, my grandchildren.

But I know they’re all safe and well, and that means everything right now.

I hope you’re all finding distractions, pleasures, maybe exploring a new interest or hobby as we go through this together/apart. I hope all of you, and all of yours, are safe and well and find blessings to count.

On behalf of me and mine, we send all our thanks on this Memorial Day to those who served, who have served, to their families for all they do, all they sacrifice so we’re safe at home.


*Laura will cross it.

Cut it all off.

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  1. Essential workers added our masks and carry on. I’m looking forward to being able to travel again, even just to family out of state. I miss traveling other places, but I can be patient on that. Hopefully things settle a little more soon. Even if its not the normal we knew before.

  2. I found a new show on Netflix I thought Nora would like ( if she hasn’t already found it, that is). It’s called The Big Flower Fight! Teams create sculptures from flowers, plants and the like. I binged watched it a few days ago and loved it! If any of you haven’t seen it, give it a try!

    1. Ooooh. I need some beauty in my life and I love flowers. I’m hoping this is available in Canada.

  3. Enjoyed your latest update and the wonderful distraction from these trying times. Griffin is certainly getting big and thoroughly enjoyed watching his happy face.

    Glad to you were able to repair Parker’s chaotic episode in the flower bed.

    I would never be able to cross the line and cut my own hair 😜😜

  4. I think Griffin could do a workout video! 🙂 I want to nibble on those cheeks.
    I have cut my hair (not a professional and a couple of parts certainly show that), colored and added highlights. All in all, not too bad.
    Thank you for posting & I’m looking forward to receiving your new book on Tuesday!
    Blessed be all

  5. Laura, I love the hair, it really suits you. That’s exactly the cut I’m going to get when this is over, mine is grown out and falling in my face.
    Nora, I know what you mean about wanting to see the kids and grandkids. Even with watching videos and Skyping, it’s no substitute for holding a warm baby in your arms.
    Here in upstate New York, we’re just starting to put our flowers and vegetables in. Spring came about 2 weeks later than usual. Fortunately my dog isn’t a digger, she would rather lay in the flowers and nap.
    On this Memorial weekend, we’re thinking about those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy ours in peace. Thank you!

  6. We have had lots of family social distancing in the backyard lately. It’s wonderful but I really need a hug. My hair is a mess and I don’t care. I’m so looking forward to Tuesday and Hideaway. P. S. I love Laura’s hair!

  7. I too am not brave enough to cut my own hair and know the hair salons will be busy when they open. Doing my best to be patient here in NYC for us to open again. I heard June and am hopeful.

  8. Nice catch-up from Nora, I’m glad she and her family are well and have kept safe.
    As we here in the U.K. ( or Wales ) where I live, are still it allowed to get out much, but a god sent , we are allowed to go to the garden shops, they are open, so like most who have a garden, we’ve worked in there, as the weather here has been marvellous.
    So keep safe everyone, and take care.
    PS Laura
    Love the hair, suits you perfectly, love the short cut and the natural colour ?

  9. Thank you for your post, and for the wonderful dose of Griffin ~ something guaranteed to distract us for a few and make us smile. I am not normally a chef/cook. I live alone and have a few meals under my belt. But this past year I’ve been at my families house helping mom recover from a stroke- and then staying at home due to covid 19. I have learned a lot of new meals and cook a lot. I also have returned to knitting. My grandma taught me as a kid and every so often I would pick it up again. So far made one scarf and almost finished 2 blankets. I haven’t touched my hair (other than usual grooming of washing, conditioning and brushing). I’m lucky (at least during all this I think I’m lucky) that I have stick straight hair. So while it’s getting long and the color is fading and roots are showing a bit I can live with it. Not like I’m going anywhere anyway ;). Mom is champing at the bit for her nail and hair appointments but with her health we are waiting a while for that. Thank you for this and looking forward to the new book coming out next week! Can’t wait to dive into whatever world you create for us in this one!

  10. I am counting down the days until my haircut. My stylist texted me asking if I were interested in a cut on June 1 since salons are opening here in KY this week. Yes! Sign. Me. Up! I wonder how many folks have whittled on their own hair or have resorted to home coloring. Or just decided it was a good time to grow out the current color and go back to their natural shade. Fortunately mine is all one length so it just looks longer, but I am tired of dealing with the extra length. Everything was shut down here three days before my scheduled appointment. So, 2 months between cuts turned into 4.

    With folks being told not to travel, we haven’t seen our grand children since the first part of March. They live a day’s drive away so we can’t see them on a weekly or monthly basis anyway. Thank goodness for Skype and video calling. Whatever would we do without our technology? We even managed to talk my soon to be 87 year old mother through signing on to a group video chat on Mother’s Day. She said she went to bed with a smile on her face due to seeing her children, some of her grands, plus the great grands. But I miss those sweet grand children hugs and sitting down to cuddle and read a book with them.

    I am a homebody and love to read so staying home has not been the hardship that it has for others. Since I have always had a schedule and routine for getting things done around the house and grocery shopping, I have stuck that routine to motivate myself and keep track of days so that has helped somewhat. However, I miss being able to shop in person. We painted a good bit of our interior when all this started so I haven’t been able to shop for new textiles in person. Computer monitors don’t always give you an accurate perception of color. So I miss being able to go to the stores with my paint chip to find new drapes and kitchen towels.

    Your gardens always look so lovely. Rain helps some, but I think we’ve had a bit too much of a good thing this year. Enough rain already!

    The hardest part of staying at home is being away from our extended family so I hope you get to see that sweet Griffin in person soon.

  11. My son is on Guam (ship left without him and others who are sick but testing negative) and my daughter in law is home until the military decides how to mix pregnancy, virus concerns and close quarters. They have served our country for a combined 17 years.
    I don’t mind staying home.. I am a natural born introvert. My husband and I had an in-depth discussion on NR vs JDR and how I can reread any book you write.
    Looking forward to my Tuesday book arrival!

    1. Laura, I cut mine off years ago. I love it.

      I don’t have a dog. I have that-damn-squirrel who eats Christmas light cords and digs in my beds.

  12. I’ve sorted the linen cupboard, all cut glass cabinets and contents sparkling. Duvets all washed, aired etc. Have reread Tribute, Black Hills. Three trilogies, 2 quartets! Lucky dip on ‘In Death’ series at present. Have (hanging head in shame) 15 pairs of shoes plus a veritable plethora of clothes all ready for charity shop.

    For fellow readers in USA an explanation of words used this side of the pond!

    Cupboard – closet
    Cut glass – Crystal
    Charity Shop – Goodwill

  13. I’m considered essential, however, I’m on a mandated 2 week quarantine due to “symptoms”. So far, just fine. I tip my hat to all that adjusted to the sudden changes in lifestyle. I’ve been missing family all along, but going to work kept my mind busy and my body active. I read continuously, tried watching movies or overlooked tv shows, to no avail…can’t sit still that long. Music helps and I’ve been praying for patience…Lord knows it has just about disappeared. I’ve started donating books to friends that can’t get to a library and don’t have a reader…didn’t think I could give them up, but it does feel good to share. Looking forward to your new book on Tuesday (just pre-ordered on Amazon). Now, I have to get out of the chair onto the treadmill…playlist and adrenaline to get my mind right. Thanks for the update…it’s good to see how others are dealing with this. Stay well and stay busy!

  14. Staying home only going out for supplies and doing laundry. It’s now automatic going out put mask on. Good news, got my hairdresser appointment for 6/5 @1:30 and since I’m
    more white with some grey don’t color it anymore. Waiting on confirmation for time. Very warm today, but will be hotter Tuesday when it’s suppose to hit 91°. Laura like the cut.

  15. Hello Nora
    I love reading your blog and I have been a fan for a very very long time. Just a suggestion we had diggers growing up too. And hot sauce is an unbelievably great cheap deterrent. Every time they dig a hole dump hot sauce all around and mix in. It doesnt hurt the doga but it does deter them. You just keep dumping in every hole and they soon think hey every hole burns my nose so i dont like this anymore. Keep being awesome!!

  16. I’m sure the dog was just freaking out because of the quarantine, lol! I’m used to being alone so that doesn’t bother me, however not being able to go places does. Since I’m old and some Med issues, and my DIL and granddaughter are RNs /CNA, son and grandson are automotive/utility company, I’m isolated from them. Reading, playing with plants, cross stitch keeps my fingers and mind busy. Griffin is a doll!

  17. Griffin has some good moves! My daughter and granddaughter diid a Tik Tik dance challenge and posted it. They both were great! My daughter took dance lessons from middle school thru college. My granddaughter has been taking them since she was 2, now 12-1/2! Taking her classes over ZOOM right now.
    I like Laura’s haircut! I’ve always been gray, but my hair needs a trim in the worst way! We won’t even talk about pedicures! I can’t bend to do myself, so they will be first thing on my To-Do list, when Safe-in-Place is lifted here in NYC.
    I’d go crazy if not for ZOOM, FaceTime and DUO! I really miss my daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law. Virtual better than nothing, but use to being with them at least one evening a week and sometimes Sunday.
    Happy Memorial Day to you and yours!

  18. Loved Griffith’s videoHe’s such a charmer? Sorry to Parker dug up the garden, pipe, lights and wires! Dogs will be dogs. We battle squirrels, both at our place and my Dad’s – they like to hide their acorns in the pots, displacing a lot of the dirt. We’re keeping safe and staying in place. Your blogs are a bright spot for me. Thank you. BTW – I got Hideaway the other day (early!), and devoured it. Thank you to Turn the Page for mailing it to me, to Nora for signing it, and to all the staff who keep us Noraphiles supplies with books!

  19. Laura, you look great. You are multi-talented. Thank you, Nora, for the excerpt of Shadows. I thought after Vengeance, we had seen the last of Roarke’s past misdeeds, but it looks interesting, as usual.
    Nora, you are so brave, why not follow Eve’s lead, and start to snip your hair a little at a time? Who is there to see? I’m with you re the gardening. I have a back terrace i only use for a gas bbq, but i’m fixing it up now. I got my hands on a packet of dill seeds, & i’m going to try growing it outdoors. We are the same age, and the social distancing is not driving me nuts as i’m a homebody. But not being able to see my grandkids & ggs’ (great grands) is making me so antsy. I keep telling myself to be grateful for my & my families health, & to take it one day at a time.

  20. Finally here in Western NY, nice weather…and going into the 80’s by Wednesday! From 50 to that..whatever happened to 70?

    Buying plants has taken on a new twist with wearing masks, waiting to have the plant carts sanitized…BUT it brings hope!

    Loving the video! He is such a beautiful boy!M!

    YAY Parker..doing what dogs do best…excavate!! Sorry about the destruction…what about putting up green wire fencing until the urge to imitate Mike Mulligan and his Steamshovel subsides?

    And…spending a glorious day reading…aka devouring..HIDEAWAY!!

    Wishing everyone a very, very safe holiday rich in the remembrance of the sacrifice so many made for us!!

  21. I hear you. I broke down and ordered Madison Reed hair color. But taking scissors to it is quite another thing. It will grow wild until I can get back to a professional! I’m supposed to be a semi-retired part time caregiver in a group home. I’m currently working 48 hours or more a week. It’s a major thrill to go to the grocery store, and my flower beds are pitifully in need of help. It seems as though it rains on my days off and we get sunshine when I’m doing 12 hour shifts. But I have my Nora library to keep me sane in the evenings and I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of Hideaway. Thanks for easing troubled times with your stories and blogs.

  22. “Essential” is relative. You are essential to all of us that love your ability to take us out of our worlds and into yours. Thank you for that.

  23. IIRC, Parker is still a young fella so I guess it’s not so strange that he just got the urge to redecorate! Good luck with the hot sauce!

    I loved the video of Griffith; I couldn’t decide at first if he was working out to a video tape as he’s seen Gramma do so many times, or if he was dancing. He was staring so intently while doing it, but seeing the screen told me; dancing! And certainly very good at it!

    I keep telling myself that stay home is no different than being retired; just can’t go where I want when I want, but it’s not helping much anymore. I’m having trouble reading new titles; keep reaching for the old comfort ones–including quite a few NR’s & JDR’s, plus JAK/AQ & Elizabeth Lowell. I also was having trouble settling on a new pattern to stitch, but finally did & have started it…slowly. That’s also strange. Usually when I start a new pattern I have trouble putting it down & I start a new book, I keep reading, and reading, and reading… Ah well, this shall pass.

    Laura, love the haircut; I think it looks great! I’m afraid I’m with Nora on the haircutting; my stylist always can tell when I have been…and that’s not a good thing!

    Everyone take care, and many thanks to the folks we honor tomorrow! Also, don’t forget the national concert tonight at 8:00 Always so good when they do the Armed Forces Medley!

  24. Hi
    I’m one of those folks who have to stay in for medical reasons. It has been a LONG nine weeks. I’ve only been out four times since March 13th and was gone from home less than an hour each time. Thank God I love to read! I ‘ve been having a great time rereading all of Nora’s books that I own along with a host of others.
    I received Hideaway from TTP yesterday and spent last night and all of today reading it. Great book. Cate is my new gutsy kid hero and Charlotte has all the love of a black widow spider. Consuela gave me the best laugh on page 453. I could just picture her horror. I love Cate, Dillon, and the whole family. It is a wonderful book and we’ll worth the wait. Congratulations Nora.

  25. I cut off my hair in ’99 (long story) and this is the longest it’s been ever since. I’m thinking about letting it grow and see what it looks like since it’s now gray. Laura, very nice job! Since I’m considered a triple threat (diabetes/remission/over 60), I’ve been told that maybe 2021 will be a better year and to stay home for now. Good thing I’m okay with my own company! I was watching a show with a dog who insisted on digging. They gave him a huge sand pit – and rewarded him every time he used it. I’d say your flower beds would be much more interesting – hope this was a one off!

    As one of the people who are seriously at risk of this vicious illness, I thank all of you for making the extra effort to protect yourselves and the rest of us when you go out and wear that simple mask. It really and truly can mean the world to others.

  26. Nora needs to trim her own hair just for the experience.

    And then Dallas can quit doing it too.

      1. Nora, such a huge relief to hear you and Eve do some things different! That means you’re not out solving crimes right now – lol.

  27. I live literally next door to my job (my fence is the parking lot fence..). I leave my house every day for the 20 step walk to work. Masks, lysol and germ-x, repeat for 12-16 hours a day, 6 days a week. I’m so tired, but thankful. There are those that can’t leave their homes at all. I’m so busy, but grateful. There are those that can’t pay their bills right now. I’m so worried, but comforted. My son’s health conditions make him extremely high risk, but we are extremely safe at work. This life right now is….. well – it just IS. With hope for brighter days, stay safe and healthy my friends!!

  28. Your posts are so precious, Nora. I love these glimpses into your world! You are the absolute greatest!!

    Can’t wait to read Hideaway!!!

    Love to you and yours! Stay safe and healthy!

  29. I’m not someone who goes out a lot, but now that I’m no longer homeless, I need stuff for my apartment so going out is a bit of a blessing even with the restrictions. As for the digging doggie, my brother-in-law is a professional dog trainer and he can give you tips about that. He has a Facebook page at K9-101, and there’s some cool videos of how training can really work.
    Just my $.02.

  30. Nora, thanks for keeping us updated. I enjoy hearing about your life so much. My husband & I are both retired. We’re doing well staying home but I am glad we have a Florida room with a TV in it. My husband has found 3 or 4 stations with old black & white westerns. He’s having fun watching them! I received Hideaway in the mail yesterday, which we received after coming home from seeing 3 of our grandchildren safely graduate together from high school. One was a valedictorian, her twin was #6 in the class and the next grandchild was #7. We are very proud. Evidently I missed something or there was a mistake when I ordered Hideaway from TTP Bookstore as my book didn’t have your lovely autograph. I am enjoying the book so much. Laura, your hair looks great. I quit dyeing mine last year and am so glad. I like my silver! Both families, please stay safe and well. God bless.

  31. Griffin, oh my heart, he made me smile so big! Glad you’re well and healthy. I’ve been watching lots of zoom interviews and webinars on all kinds of things, there’s one about the jewels of David Webb called Webbcasts, fascinating.

    Take care, happy cooking and writing.

    p.S. Laura, I love your hair!

  32. Love Griffin’s happy dance! With Georgia opening up I was able to get my haircut. Just in time my bangs reached my chin. I was able to buy a couple of varieties of dwarf hostas I’ve been looking for to finish a project. Did a little happy dance of my own when I found them. I’m working on a new potting bench. Have a 1960s bathroom vanity thats wood not MDF. Stripping it down & repainting it this week. I’ve also been busy repainting old planters. Hmmm statuary is next.

  33. Griffin is growing so fast and is so cute.
    Oh no on the mess created by Parker.
    I’ve worked lots of extra hours. I’m used to staying home. I work from home as a customer service person.
    I have been waiting for this week when Hideaway comes out.

  34. Dear Laura,
    I love your hair!!! But then I’ve been buzzing mine off for a couple of years now. (My hairdresser moved away and I couldn’t find anyone else.) The first time we did it my husband didn’t believe I really wanted him to, I had just buzzed his and put the one inch guard on the clippers and handed them to him. He kept hesitating so I took them back and buzzed a stripe from my forehead to my nape and he said “Okay then,” and finished it. I use scissors to clean up around my ears. This time he snickered the whole time he was doing it and I kept asking what was funny, he kept saying “You’ll see,” turns out I have a skunk stripe, a little left of center from front to back on top. Oh well. Still beats hell out the blonde frizzy football helmet. lol!!

    1. My cowlicks have had a field day with this! Thank goodness for a little wax to get them to lie down.


      1. Whatever would we do without our hair grooming products, headband and hair clips. My bangs are flopping into my eyes and everywhere! You look great, Laura. Maybe a style to keep, cowlicks aside. 😉

      2. Laura, My hair is usually that short, wonderful especially in summer. I have one patch of hair over my right ear that insists on going it’s own way. Only some stuff called Street Cream proved a match for that hank of hair! Now I’m letting it grow, hoping the weight will help it conform. So far, it’s only insisting on looking really silly – shooting off into the air like I’m in a wind tunnel. It laughs at the curling brush, sneers at any styling product. I’m pretty sure, once I’m allowed out, I’ll be reading for a grooming at the local Pet Smart!

  35. I hope everyone continues to stay safe in these really strange and awful times. I’ve been reading a lot, and I’m so grateful that books provide me peace and enjoyment. I just finished Whiskey Beach, and now I’m back on the In Death train reading Betrayal in Death. If I didn’t have books, I wouldn’t know what to do.

  36. Thanks so much for the update, Nora and Laura. Love your new hairdo, Laura. It looks great on you.

    What a wonderful video of Griffin. I’m sure he’s missing his Grandma time as much as you are.

    I’m so sorry about Parker digging and doing so much damage but glad it was fixable. Regarding putting hot sauce in the soil, it’s not recommended if you have squirrels, skunks, raccoons or cats in the area as they will dig, get it on their paws, rub their eyes and I’ve read that they have been known to claw their eyes out to try and get rid of the heat. 🙁 (If you’ve ever rubbed your eyes accidentally after cutting up hot peppers, you’ll know what that’s like!) I don’t know about dogs, when they dig. They may get it on their nose first where it would probably dissipate faster.

    I’m looking forward to getting Hideaway on my Kindle at midnight tomorrow. I can’t wait for a new Nora book.

  37. I can’t wait to get a new Nora book at midnight tonight, but I have to ask, why are all her books released the day AFTER a holiday, when if it was released at midnight ON the holiday, I would have all day free to immerse myself in a new story.

    I will still read it as soon as I get it, but that means I will not be getting much sleep the next couple of nights.

    I just noticed that it seems to be that way every time. Probably some business reasons, but it sure would have been nice to curl up with a new story this afternoon.

    1. Tuesdays are the traditional release days. And I’m sure sales and marketing departments have reams of data about sales before and after three day weekends.


  38. Finally here in Western NY, nice weather…and going into the 80’s by Wednesday! From 50 to that..whatever happened to 70?

    Buying plants has taken on a new twist with wearing masks, waiting to have the plant carts sanitized…BUT it brings hope!

    Loving the video! He is such a beautiful boy!M!

    YAY Parker..doing what dogs do best…excavate!! Sorry about the destruction…what about putting up green wire fencing until the urge to imitate Mike Mulligan and his Steamshovel subsides?

    And…spending a glorious day

  39. Nora, without your novels, staying home wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Thank you for what you do. Waiting for midnight.

    Laura, I love the hair.

  40. I wasn’t brave enough to cut my own hair so I asked my husband to do it. He’s a very talented metal artist but not all skills transfer. So this is the first time that I’ve been thankful for an extended quarantine. Besides waiting for my hair to grow and cleaning every nook and cranny in my house, I’ve downloaded a number of NR novels that I lent out in hardback ages ago and have very much enjoyed rereading. And, I just received a notice that the new Hideaway which I preordered months ago has arrived so I’m looking forward to curling up with my puppy and my Kindle and staying up far too late. Thanks for writing such great books. I’ve been looking forward to this one since the world locked down in March.

  41. Nora,
    Sounds like you have your distractions under control. The video of your littlest guy is so dang cute….missing mine like mad! But I wonder–do you ever send Griffin videos of you and BW?

  42. I have recently discovered your “In Death Series” I have to say that I am loving it. I have not seen a recent picture of you, so I was surprised. I have to say that you did an excellent job on your cut, and it suits you. I am from California and we have just reopened Salons and Barber Shops with restrictions. I had a hair appointment last night at 7:15, and what a difference it made for attitude.

    Stay Safe Everyone

  43. Hi. I live in South Africa in a very rural area. As a registered nurse I can not do the “stay at home” thing and read as I would have liked. My commute to work is an hour there and an hour back. Since the lockdown in South Africa, the roads have been eerily quiet. I listen to NR / JDR audio books during my commute. It is keeping me fom freaking out being alone on the road after dark.
    My hair is pitiful at the moment. It has been falling out a lot due to stress at work (I admit to being terrified of being infected at work and in turn infecting my family). I now have a bald spot at the front and decided to cut a fringe for myself to cover it, as I have medium length hair that I put up in a bun for work (which spotlights the bald spot). What a mistake that was. Suffice it to say the bald spot looks better than what I ended up with. We have now moved up to level 3 lockdown, but hairdressers are still not allowed to work.
    Read Hideaway this weekend and forgot all about my worries. Such is the power of NR /JDR books. Thank you.
    May you all stay save

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