Provence, France Day Last

Our last day, but a lovely one. My final terrace workout as I doubt I’ll have time this morning, then BW does one on his own while I get some packing done.

Since most of my clothes are going in the laundry or to the dry cleaners, much fits in my small rolly–and packing is more dumping as a result.

With Kat and Jason back from their final walk, Kat fixes us another pretty lunch–with some assist by BW. It’s a nice, tasty way to clean out our fridge. 

Last lunch. Photo by BW.

BW wants a group shot in the big cocoon chair. It’s been one of his favorite morning spots during our stay. And big enough for four. 

Cocooned. Photo by BW.

Now some serious thinking and logistical planning for our pretty ambitious panorama. One involving quick costume changes and props! Can it be done? Will it work? We’re here, we’re there, then here. We anxiously check the results.

Et voila!

We’ve outdone ourselves. Or certainly Jason and Kat who act as producers, directors, stage managers outdid themselves. 

Family pano. Directed by Jason & Kat.

Friday’s playground pano: 

Pano in the playground. Photo directed by Jason and Kat.

We while away the afternoon until it’s time to go to dinner.

A trip to the big supermarket first and its impressive selection of wine. BW buys a mixed case of local reds to take home. Then he tries to ask one of the staff for a box–but translation is difficult. Jason and I think it’s boite–or that’s close, but I suggest BW wait until we’re back at the hotel, and issue a final challenge for the intrepid Alain.

Then it’s really just a quick wind, essentially a change of parking lots for our dinner. We’re back to Restaurant La Garrigue–busy on this Saturday night. But our same delightful server seats us, brings over tonight’s chalkboard. The main special is a mixed grill–and she goes through the meats involved for us. She assures us it’s very good.

Wine comes first while we study our other choices. Some require more explanation. She has good but halting English. We have halting but mediocre French. We all cheerful apologize, but Kat’s able to decide on a kind of stew with chunky potatoes and carrots. This proves, like BW’s mixed grill, a very fine choice. 

Jason and I go for pasta, and are not disappointed.

Kat’s stew. Photo by kat.
BW’s mixed grill. Photo by BW.
Pasta! Photo by j a-b.

This is a lively place. There’s a big table of at least 12-13 people, and the two servers are hopping. We eat serenaded by the karaoke at the nearby pizzeria.

But dinner is, really, just a prelude for dessert.

We switch off, so this time BW and I share Dame Blanche–the hot fudge sundae–and Jason and Kat split the profiteroles. If you’re ever in the Tourrettes area of Provence, stop by La Garrigue for a happy, casual meal, and save room for dessert.

On the way out, Kat and Jason point out their little bakery. Au revoir pain au chocolate!

And back at the hotel, Alain comes out to say hello, and so the final challenge is issued. Our friendly valet has already gone in search of a box, but Alain accepts the challenge, and will connect with the sommelier about a empty wine case for the morning.

To commemorate our stay, Kat whips out a selfie stick! (You never know what Kat has in her bag.) 

Happy selfie. Photo by kat.

A last walk to our villa under the stars.

This morning it’s more packing, several checks of all the rooms for whatever might be somewhere else. The drive to Nice, the long flight home.

It’s been a beautiful, happy, relaxing, delicious holiday, from our visit to Eze to our extended stay here in Provence–and all adventures between. We’re so lucky to be able to take these trips, to spend them with family and see gorgeous slices of the world. Home’s where the heart is, but when you go as family, you take heart with you, and that’s special.


Notes from Laura:  Our intrepid travelers stayed in two beautiful locations:  Chateau Eza  for the first four days.

Then it was on to Terre Blanche (which several people guessed) for the remainder of the vacation.   

In our last #randomkatness:

Panda and pal. Photo by kat.
Pomegranate before ripening. Photo by kat.

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  1. What a delight this has been. Thank you so much for sharing the adventures!

  2. Thank you Nora, and Laura! It was a pleasure to go along with you on this adventure. The photos and observations were such fun. So many special shots. Seeing your food, I felt like I had joined you. Thank you again.

  3. What an absolutely wonderful blog. Thank you so much for sharing your family holiday with us. It looked fab!
    Funky multi coloured nail polish eh? Who would of guessed? I love it. Have a safe flight home x

  4. All good things come to an end…love the reference to taking home with you…Kat is like a real life Mary Popping meets Bear Grills lol Ave a safe journey home xx

  5. I have been debating with myself about leaving Facebook and then when I log in to Facebook and read this lovely travelogue, my mind is changed again. Thank you Nora and Laura for taking my mind and imagination on holiday- the pictures by BW, Jason and @randomKatness are special too.

    1. I’m not on Facebook. I just check the blog at least once a week. New posts are always on top.

  6. Thanks for sharing your adventure, and in your family cover photo today you all looked “Happy as a clam”!

  7. I have enjoyed your travels through your eyes. The pano idea is AWESOME! Now I have to think about how you paused the pano to switch.

    Glad you enjoyed your family time. Safe travels!

  8. Thank you so much for all the lovely stories and sharing your family with us. I started my morning with the beautiful places all of you were.

  9. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. Love that you all are able to share in these great memories together. Jason and Kat outdid themselves with the pano shots. Loved them. Safe travels.

  10. So glad you had a great vacation.
    I usually go with my daughter, son-in-law and 9yr old granddaughter, but not this year, my back precluded it, and now my 3rd spinal surgery is scheduled for next week. Well, there’s always next year.

    I too enjoy sampling everything local where we visit, especially fun sharing with family.

    Hope your trip home was not bump. Au Revoir!

  11. Thanks so much for sharing your vacation with everyone. I looked forward to reading about your adventures each day. You & your family had such a great time and the pictures were amazing! Safe travels back home!

  12. There is no way I will ever be able to go to places like this. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and all the photos. You are an amazingly gifted writer and blessed in so many ways. I pray y’all have a safe trip back home. Thank you again for sharing this with us!

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  16. Thank you, Nora & Laura, for this daily treat. This was the first thing I checked, when opening my emails. Today’s family pano was great. I hope you make a photo book from each of your travels. I hope you had half as much fun, making these posts, as I had reading them. For me, the nicest part of coming home, is sleeping in my own bed. Nothing beats that!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing, it was a little taste of France for this high desert dweller!

  18. Hope it is a hassle free flight home!

    Thank you for sharing the trip with us!!!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation. Your words combined with the wonderful photos made a great travelogue for us armchair travelers who would otherwise never get to visit France.

  20. Hope the flight home is easy and not memorable! Thanks, as always, for sharing your wonderful holiday with all of us. This year’s panorama is better than ever – well done! I’ll miss the randomKatness – it never occurred to me to wonder what a pomegranate looked like before ripening. I’d never have known without Kat’s innate curiosity. Very much enjoyed all your adventures!

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  22. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation through the blogs and pictures. I have thoroughly enjoyed your vacation.

  23. Sorry to see this is the final entry to the fabulous trip to France this year for la Nora and la famille. It was amazing, fun, informative, exciting, an luxurious. Wonder where we shall go via armchair travels next summer?

    Amazing to think that for every reply, hundreds of others are thinking similar thoughts. Nora is enormously appreciated and followed and we who do, love her to bits.

  24. Thank you Laura for putting these posts together for us to enjoy. You are obviously a wonderful friend/assistant to Nora!

  25. Sigh, last day. The panoramas are playful and delightful – fun, fun, fun. The stew and the mixed grill look scrumptious. Both group selfies are priceless. Vacation with family is a joy. Panda should not smoke cigars – bad Panda. Sometime coming home from a vacation is as pleasing as starting a vacation. Thank you for sharing.

  26. I REALLY enjoyed reading about Nora and the gang’s French escapades, it was a lovely way to start my day! Now I’ve got more “must visit” places added to the list! Thank you so much for posting this!❤

  27. Love your journeys, they have taken me to many places. Thank you for the enjoyable places.

  28. The panorama pictures are so cool. Thank you for sharing your family adventures with us. Gives me glimpse to different parts of the world, and has me wanting to add a lot more places to my bucket list.

  29. Such a lovely adventure. Thanks so much for letting us travel along with you ?

  30. I love the pano photos! They hit the 3 c’s. Cute, clever and creative. Sad that your vacation is over. I will miss the daily adventures. Looking forward to next year on where you all may go, see and what you may do. Thank you endlessly Nora for sharing each day. Thank you BW, Jason and Kat for sharing your photos. A special thanks to Kat for her random katness (I still say you should have a #RandomKatness Instagram page). And thank you Laura for putting this all together each day.

  31. Thank you so much for taking us along, Nora. Loved reading about your vacation.
    ” Home’s where the heart is, but when you go as family, you take heart with you, and that’s special. ”

    This is just so beautiful!!

  32. Thank you. When you travel, your blog is my first joy after work each day. I rarely comment, as people don’t read to hear of me, but I read, and your words add joy. Thanks for sharing.

  33. Wonderful travel log!
    The horses, poor Kats, she must have run him hard and put him up wet!

  34. Thanks for sharing your trip here. Your descriptions tell a story in itself. Loved all the pictures. Another great adventure.

  35. I spent a delightful couple of hours this past weekend catching up on the entire journey. What a treat – thank you so much for taking us on your travels. I felt like I was right there, every busy day, so inspiring. Nora’s work ethic has always awed me, but she sure knows how to ‘vacation’ too. Always a great read, looking forward to the next one!

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