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We finally made it to a week out from the Secrets in Death release and you know what that means:  teaser time!   Are you doing ok?  Did you at least enjoy the summer (winter in the southern hemisphere) or wish it away? Is it mean to say I had to reread Secrets to come up with teasers?  Probably.  But I only speak the truth. 🙂

As always these are gentle teasers, no plot reveals, no mystery solved, just little nuggets to be on the lookout for.  I’ll post one a day through Thursday and update with the date.  Comments are absolutely welcome, spoilers are not.

And here we go:

Monday, August 28
After Eve contemplates small humans in smaller spaces, she ponders the puzzle of human conversation recorded for entertainment.

Tuesday, August 29
Before I post this one, I just have to comment that the majority of guesses guesses yesterday were way off the mark.  Way off.  Off enough that I had to quell the Cranky Publicist from replying– except once.  And now, Teaser #2:
Roarke and Summerset have a “well done, grasshopper” moment before images of Summerset nearly ruin a pie moment.  Oh and Scary Roarke may have met his match.

Wednesday, August 30
In which we learn Peabody has a fishing face, Kyung is as devious as he is diplomatic (aka not an asshole) and Trina gives good threats.

Cranky Publicist note:  I’m working from the beach right now, the worst possible place to feel cranky.  But that’s how I feel — frustrated by all the guesses/reader wishes that center around procreation.  As I mention at the top, these are not spoilers, they are teasers. Nuggets to look for — like the Easter eggs in Disney movies — as we move toward Eve solving the case.  They seem cryptic now, but should make sense in context.

For me, any changes for characters — whether it’s expanding what we know about them or new directions for them — constitute spoilers and I’m not about to give anything like that away in these posts. I think that’s part of the fun of reading a series like the In Deaths, letting the major changes/shifts come in without warning. 

We’ve got posts everywhere on this blog about no babies so please stop guessing that — for anyone.  Please read the answers Nora’s given for 22 years in our Index O’Answers.  Take your guesses outside the box and then see how they match up with the real thing.

And now, today’s teaser:

Good TV/vid will always have loyal fans, Peabody included.  Roarke takes a linguistic journey to a youthful memory.

September 1
In a change of pace, a bonus quote:
“You were born to be a cop, and I was born to be something else entirely.  I’d likely still be that, in only small ways that entertained me, if not for you.  You finished the process, we’ll say.”  Roarke

PS From Weary Nora*:
Laura and I really want these little bits from upcoming books to be fun for you guys. We want them to be fun for us, too. And honestly, truly, sincerely, the continued barrage of baby, baby, baby, babysitting, pregnancy eats away at the fun for us.

I honestly don’t know how I can make it more clear. IF–and that’s a very enormous if–if, if, if, Eve ever gets pregnant in the series it will be because I’ve decided it’s time to wrap it up. It will be the end. The end. I’m NEVER going to change my mind on this, as I’ve already stated countless times. I made this decision when I started the series, for all the reasons I’ve laid out before.

Someone else, at some point, MAY have a baby. But Laura certainly wouldn’t give that away on the blog. NO ONE is having a baby in Secrets. No one is pregnant. No one is babysitting.

The series is about murder and investigation, and yes, relationships. It has some humor, but the series is NOT a romantic comedy, and never will be.

I really hope you enjoy Secrets In Death. When you read it, I think you’ll see just how clever Laura’s little teases have been.

*Trademark pending 🙂


95 thoughts on “Secrets in Death teaser thread”

  1. This implies there will be interaction with kids/babies… I love when Eve is put in those situations!!

    1. No, Eve could just be passing a department store display on her way to a murder scene.

    1. Bella has been talking! Didn’t you read “Echoes in Death”? I teared up reading about her first birthday party, from the moment they got there!

  2. I love the Book it was great cant wait to read the next one. I do have to say i did have a feeling about the killer this time around and wasnt disepointed to be right.

  3. Can’t wait for Das & Ork to have more interactions with Bella…consider this: Mavis brings Bella over for an overnight stay, & Roarke puts in a play pen for her in his usual over the top fashion ??

    1. he already but in a crib for a nursery in promises and death for Louise’s baby shower

    2. Not going to happen!
      As much as Mavis loves Eve and Roarke, she knows them as well! She might leave Bella with e (Some Shit to quote Bella), but not Eve and Roarke; they’d be petrified, they wouldn’t know what to do for her, and Mavis would be worried the entire time she was out, about what was happening to her child.
      P.S. Nora/J.D. doesn’t these scenarios are cute.

  4. Maybe Mavis makes a recording of Belle talking in one of her music videos!

  5. I’m running out of room for my books but who cares not me cannot wait to get this

      1. I’ve never believed Eve should ever have a baby – not gonna happen people! – but after reading a “baby scare” in the Kate Burkholder series, I tell you, it’s not a great plot twist. Lisa Gardner managed to make it work in the D. D. Warren series, but Detective D.D. Warren and her husband are completely different people than Eve and Roarke.

      2. I noticed DeWinter’s coworker from concealed in Death is in book and has had her babies. But she had a girl and a boy instead of two girls as indicated in Concealed.

    1. Nora has said that this is not happening. I agree, it would not work in the story line.

    2. You can only wish.. No one is listening Nora Roberts said if Eve gets pregnant, that is the end of the series. She is not playing

  6. Has to be about Bella since she is the only one Eve has any regular contact with the and Mavis is into recording all of her little ones firsts. I can’t wait for this book.

  7. Hmmmm…..maybe this is actually TWO hints together for the price of one? Too fun. Thanks, Laura!

  8. I’m thinking Bella… We got a wonderful glimpse of her at her birthday party. Perhaps Eve has a chance to see and visit her again. Great sneak peek, Laura…

  9. This post was a real treat. Thanks, Laura. I was suffering thru withdrawl symptoms- after the travelblog ended. So now i just remembered to order my copy of Secrets. Can’t wait.

  10. I am so looking forward to another adventure with Eve and Roarke. My absolute favorites. I have been reading them all again since mid-July. Not going to get through them all before hus one drops. Should have started sooner????

  11. Thanks for this – I thought I had it on hold at the Public Library and somehow missed. I was able to add myself to the others waiting – I’m 106 and they are order 127 🙂 so I will not have to wait for others to finish it as I sometimes do.

    Loved the hint and the comments. I hadn’t thought of Bella until someone mentioned her. I thought that it was related to a case where a child was in a small room and Eve had to talk to her. I also thought the hint related to recording was case related about someone spying on someone else.

    Looking forward to more hints.

  12. Hmmm. Leads me to believe that Bella is talking more and spending time with Mavis and Eve… just because…

  13. Really hope Eve and Roarke have to babysit Bella!!!! Fingers crossed!

  14. This series has been such a treat over the years, though the villains often totally creep me out with their horrific actions! Glad Nora sticks to her vision for the series and main or supporting characters, even though we all offer our unsolicited advice/wishes. She obviously knows what she’s doing very well. Can’t wait to read Secrets in Death. Thanks in advance for the hours of entertainment.

  15. I was able to talk my public library in to spending some of their book budget to buy this book. I am first in line at the public library and about 21st in line on the online library

  16. I do hope that this hint means Bella is back. Missed her in last book.

    1. She was the last chapter, before the epilogue.
      It was a beautiful bit of business. I teared up.

  17. I would have to say Eve encounters Bella somehow in a play pen or some type of corral. And Mavis has started recording what Bella is saying or singing along with her Mother! Can’t wait, I have it in preorder!!!
    I recommended the series to a friend and started rereading them all again and just finishing up Origin in Death! How appropriate is that!

  18. I wonder if the post yesterday had something to do with midgets that are being trapped or under some sort of study in someway. The post today just made me laugh I hope it is just as amusing as it sounds 🙂

  19. “Scary Roarke may have met his match.”

    I have two guess on who it might be: Eve or Sommerset.

    BTW that first one you posted, I have a feeling that spoiler might involve a recording studio, though I admit I did not think of it last night.

  20. The thought of someone scarier than Scary Roarke is mind-boggling! I don’t think even Summerset can ruin one of their pie moments – lol.

  21. The first teaser also reminds me of a radio station, but I don’t know where that thought came from. Ha!
    The second brings to mind the new dojo and lessons with Master Lu, (?Li? Ihavenomemoryleft.) Somehow I can imagine him being as scary as Scary Roark.

    1. And really…….how many more times do you have to say this before every body gets it?

  22. Scariest thing I can think of: Galahad without his kibble! (mock shudder).

  23. Love Nora’s NO babies, babysitting, pregnancy etc post – Eve is a murder cop – focus up people and get ready for MURDER, plots twists, great characters, a nice sprinkling of humor!

  24. #1. People will listen to anything. We listen to posts on fb, sound bites and interviews on tv, etc. whether we are really interested or not. Even children say and have the most interesting observations at times. Many times we listen hoping for a juicy piece of gossip. And sometimes we listen to hear who’s talking about who and what is said.
    #2. Pies are moments that Eve likes to savor, especially if the pie is a gift or reward, and Summerset is the last person she wants to think about at pie moments! Someone scarier than Roarke is simply more devious and sneaky. (Bet their not better looking than Roarke!)
    #3. Eve has learned these things from her interactions and observations of these people.
    Ok, this will be the longest weekend! It’s so hard to wait!! So excited about a new In Death book! Just wish people would get off the Eve and Roarke having a baby theme…after Born In Death it was pretty clear they are so not ready for a baby anytime soon!

  25. Could be Bella, but I think maybe Charles and Louise and Eve is the Godmother. Scarier than Roarke? How about Grandma or Sioghan’s grandson.

  26. Did anybody read the chapter that Nora gave us in the last newsletter? If not, check it out and the deceased will give some clues on the talking for entertainment. I love the newsletters and getting an early chapter helps me glean insight for my waiting time between books.

  27. This is kind of random and doesn’t have anything to do with the teasers but I was wondering will eve and Roark ever celebrate their own birthdays? I know eve does not know the day she was born but would she ever celebrate the day she became a cop or move to New York City and became someone? Or do they just consider it a Nother day of the year and don’t even think about it? I just don’t recall it ever being mentioned at any point in the series I was just curious.

    1. Eve has to have an official birthday. The social worker that gave her her name most likely entered a birthday for her. My guess would be Jan 1st of 8 years before she was found. My reason is that in the first book she said she was 30 and it was Feb at the time.

      1. Yeah that makes a lot of sense 🙂 maybe will find out for sure and more information about it in a future novel.

      2. Quinlan’s on the mark. I think it said something like “barely 30”, so a recent birthday.

    2. I vaguely remembered Nora answering an SQ back on the old ADWOFF board about this, so went and looked at the ones I’d saved.

      From Jun 23, 2005:
      Celebrations of either Roarke’s or Eve’s bd would have to suit the particular storyline. I’ve thought about it, but just haven’t felt it worked it well as yet.

  28. Trina giving good threats is par for the course. Anyone who can get Eve to cringe is definitely threat worthy.

  29. For the love of Mike, people, enough with the baby stuff! We’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Move on, already!

    Always love when Roarke gets to go back to his few good times as a kid, hope this memory is a good one. Thanks, Laura!

  30. #4. Well, don’t we all have a favorite show/series on tv we can’t wait to watch? Just like waiting and then enjoying the In Death series! Also, I’ve enjoyed a trip back down memory lane at hearing certain phrases, etc. from my past. Finally, you poor dear, you must be having a rough time as you misspelled Roarke’s name….THANK YOU for all you do! Hope you (and Nora) have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  31. Love the teasers as teasers. Then when I’m into the book I run across one and think “wait” and then go back an read it again. Then think it’s familiar or I’ve seen it before but cotinue on. Eventually it”ll catch up to me and I have an “oh. that’s what that was from” or something similair. Sometimes I’m completely unaware I’ve even read the first chapter in the newsletter. I look forward to each one of these books and find it’s just best to sit back, enjoy and let what promises to be another great story unwind. I’m an easy audience member.

  32. It seems no one listens to Nora/J.D. Eve will not have a baby. That is not something that will ever happen. Nora has been saying this very thing for a long time.

  33. I’m kind of intrigued by the fact everyone is jumping to the obvious guesses. Lol Y’all have read/known JD long enough to know better. I have enjoyed reading (and smiling) at everyone’s eager ideas and thoughts. Seems to me…..considering the name of the book…and the case matter……that probably the Vic has tapes of Mavis and her family. Possibly private moments, hoping to discover some dirt. Dallas would want to listen to protect the people she loves most. And…..I have a few more ideas. But I’m just gonna wait for my pre-ordered book to arrive and then disappear for a while. ….Like everyone else…..I am so excited. But in the tradition of Dallas….Im playin it cool. Lololol

  34. Why does a small human have to be a child, I think dwarf fits better.

  35. Hmmm, Monday’s teaser makes me think of worker bees (Nora calls them ‘drones’ in a In Death books) in cubicles. Perhaps Dallas has to go into Channel 75’s offices, goes past some of the lower level employees and sees their miserable lives?

    Scary Roarke’s match – I hope it is not deWinter’s daughter. The first chapter hints that Dallas will meet the little prodigy. (Why do I dislike deWinter and her daughter so much? They’re barely developed characters, but I don’t like them, phhhbt!)

    I love Kyung, glad he is back, but there’s something about him I don’t trust – can’t wait to see how he is devious. Trina threatens all the time – this must be a doozy!

    Can’t wait for the book to be downloaded on my kindle. I’ve been feeling lousy for a while, and this is my focus to get me through!

  36. I love the teasers, but I never try to figure them out because I’m always SO far away from being right. I’m really looking forward to getting this book next week and seeing what surprises it holds!

  37. Thank you. Why do people insist on thinking (or asking) that Eve have a baby?

  38. Thanks for the quote for today, it made my heart sigh. I love that kind of stuff and can’t wait to see it in content.

  39. I hope to make it to Tuesday without going crazy. I have rereading my favorites which is tough to choose – apprentice in death, echoes in death, and memory in death.
    There are other books I have favorite parts – Brotherhood (the office design piece, absolutely loved it, Eve’s reaction was perfect), Innocent (after I got over the fear of Roarke hurting Eve with another woman, but how they made up, this one shook me), Conspiracy (the support Roark gives) Promises ( the DLE car) Indulgence( the beginning, the anniversary gift for Roarke, plus the time in Ireland) and lastly Thankless (Nixie’s gift for Eve).
    I love the complete in death series. I reread it at least once per year. My favorites more frequently when I have no new books to read.

  40. Three more sleeps, just like Christmas morning. LOL! Unfortunately I will be out of town on Tuesday so I won’t be able to start it until Tuesday evening. I can hardly wait.

  41. Good Grief, the same people!!! Childfree. Look it up. There are many, many of us in the world. One doesn’t have to birth a baby to be happy, complete, and whole. We have thought about it, unlike those who assume life means 1. Get married 2. Have babies. We don’t want to get married and have babies just because it is an assumed script of life. Before anyone wants to reply to this, please read Breeder Bingo. ?

  42. I absolutely feel it is your right to block, delete & remove any questions/so called fans of that dreaded baby scenario. You have warned and nicely explained why not, so why not be rid of the annoyances one by one? Eventually they will get the hint. As the writer, you are solely responsible, so do as you please and please delete and block those pesky people, then try to forget all about the entire problem. Sorry they do that to you, really sorry. Just remember, we loyal fans love what you do and will continue to follow you.

    And proving their ignorance, some people, here of all places, after Laura and Nora have stated definitively that there is no baby anything continue to surmise as such. You people are more than something else! (shaking my head in disgust)

    Laura/Nora you save my sympathies.

  43. I do not understand the obsession some readers have with the idea of Eve & Roarke having a baby.

    A) Nora has made her views on this very clear and very public

    B) If they were to have a child at the stage they are in in their relationship, they wouldn’t be the Eve and Roarke we love. It would be so horrendously out of character for them for so many reasons, including the fact that both of them would want to be good parents and neither of them are ready for that yet or to make the sacrifices that would entail, maybe ever. It would ruin the series and the characters, so why would you want that?

    C) If you want to read Nora’s excellent writing of children; she has written many books with children where they play a pivotal role in the books. One of my personal favourites is Clare’s children in the Inn Boonsbro series.

  44. I continue to be amazed about the push from readers for Eve to have a baby, that doesn’t fit the storyline at all.

    I am sorry Mrs. Roberts, the readers keep doing that.

    I don’t have children for my own reasons, but felt pushed by people to have them to be fulfilled. I am fulfilled, everything worked for me because I had no children, I was able to take a troubled teen family member into our home and make a difference. If I had children , I would not have done that.

    Thank you for staying true to the story of Eve and Roarke.
    I would just setup some kind of IT rule that deleted any comment that included Eve having a baby and be done with it. Social media makes it easy for people to be rude and that has now become rude.

  45. I just finished Secrets and OMG..good one.
    Your readers were spot on, I totally got them as I read…finish a page or paragraph and I was like…yeah, that’s it.
    The book is awesome, as always. The bits of humor, Scary Roarke, Pissed off Eve, Grateful Peabody.. You never disappoint, and I look forward to the next installment in the series.
    On another note..
    I have already preordered The One…can’t wait for the new direction.

  46. I just finished the book. Came back to re-read the teasers and I have no clue what any of them mean.

    1. I think the small people in small places one is the mom with the twins she’s pregnant? The scary Roark is the guy who ends up being the killer? I couldn’t really figure out the other ones either i’m going to have to reread it

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