Montana – Day 8

The road out the front door. Photo by Kat.

Pretty day—such a nice improvement weather-wise. Still, we take it kind of easy—vacation, after all. We keep an eye on mother bird and the second hatched chick. This one fell out of the nest, too, but BW saw it and put it back quickly. She seems okay with that, and so far so good. Another egg has a little crack so maybe we’ll spot the next baby.

Back where baby belongs. Photo by BW

I grab some work time and some reading time—a nice combo for me.

Griffin gets a trip to the Apothecary to make slime. To make the class, he needs to get up from his nap. He seems confused by this. Like, you make me go to sleep when I’m playing, then you make me get up when I’m sleeping.

Peaceful boy. Photo by Kat.

Lovely afternoon with SUN. Kayla and I go along. Griffin doesn’t seem interested in slime-making right away, but Kayla is. Michael, the instructor, has a Broadway Disney playlist going, and such a sweet way with a not quite convinced toddler.

Spa town on a non-rainy day. Photo by Nora.

The boy IS interested in the little things that can go in the slime. Tiny donuts or lemon wedges, orange slices and so on, and takes them one at a time from Michael, examines, then hands off to Kat.

OK, maybe this is worth waking up. Photo by Nora

Meanwhile, Kayla’s making some pretty cool slime.

Sliming with a view. Photo by Nora.

The view is gorgeous, sunlight over mountains, hills and fields.

It’s a fun hour on a sunny afternoon, and we have two jars of slime to take home. Later, Griffin shows interest in the completed slime. I’d say it’s hard to resist playing with.

BW and Kayla go off for a ride and some photo ops. The camera loves the girl.

All grown up. Photo by BW
The equine view. Photo by BW.

A little more reading time, then change for dinner. A restaurant meal, and we think to eat inside—but the hearty Montanans have the AC on—it’s maybe 67 degrees. As a group we decide to grab a pod in the warmer. And the sun is strong and embracing.

We have Alaska John for our waiter, and he’s as interesting as his name. Normally he’d be bartending on a train in Alaska over the summer, but Covid changed his routine.

Jason and Griffin take off to run around, check out the play ground area, hang out by the fence, watch some cattle go by. It’s a really lovely evening for a leisurely outdoor meal with good food and happy faces and our interesting waiter.

Climbing the fence for a better view.
I’ve got it. Wait! There’s more? Photo by j a-b

We stay for dessert—again—and again, I can’t resist the huckleberry ice cream. So home a little later than usual, and nearly time for the Daddy Dance. The boy’s ready for it, and his head plops right down on Jason’s shoulder. When it comes around, he sleepily sings the chorus for C Is For Cookie.

But then, it’s Cookie Shark time. He revives for this with a grinning, head shaking boogie at the end. Despite the revival, he goes down without a fuss.

Nice sunset, and a promise of a 70 degree day coming up after an early, quiet night on the ranch.

Sun again. Workout done, breakfasters back as Jason and Kayla have a riding lesson this morning. She’s got my cowboy boots—the tall, lavender ones, and looks ready to ride.

Gotta get myself going, too. Kat and Kayla do the ropes course this afternoon, and I’ll go to watch. I don’t do heights.


The busy life of a two year old boy.

10 thoughts on “Montana – Day 8”

  1. Montana is one of my favorite places to go. There is so much space and you can just see for miles. I really like how much Griffin has grown he has a great little personality. The daddy dance is just precious it’s great to see a daddy having his own special kid time. Laura I hope your beach vacation is going well also and that the rain will hopefully stop so that you can enjoy the water.

  2. I too am a huckleberry fan after traveling to Bozeman a few times. Try the Huckleberry salt water taffy and huckleberry margarita with crushed ice. They are awesome. Have a nice rest of your vacation

  3. Another cute onesie for Griffin. I think I’d have fun making slime, too. Kayla’s picture on the bridge is lovely. All the pictures are wonderful as are the Griffin videos (thank you Laura). It is a beautiful day, showing off the beautiful Montana vistas. The randomkatness is also beautiful. Thank you for sharing another day of your vacation with us.

  4. What lovely time with family, in such a lovely spot!! Love the photos and videos!

  5. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us, Loving the Griffin videos. Is he available to pull the weeds in my garden? LOL! Continue to enjoy and hoping the weather stays nice for you.

  6. It’s beautiful there.
    So glad you have 2 of your grands with you. They grow up so fast!

  7. The RandomKatness is a good sign. The new conifer growth shows no drought lately. Kayla’s so lovely! Hope the riding lesson went okay. Griffin’s videos are adorable, he’s got so much to do and say. Slime, huh? Must have missed that with the g-niece, she’s 11 now. Beautiful pictures and videos, thanks for all.

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