Montana – Day 7

We end our first week with a cold rainy day, but we expected it. We girls have our glorious massages booked and head over to Spa Town in that steady rain.

And into our warm individual tents. The table’s heated—ahhh. And that steady rain’s a calming kind of music now. My tech has good, strong hands, and knows what to do with them. Kinks and knots begin to melt. I drift in that perfect plane between sleep and wake, just float there for ninety glorious minutes.

Could’ve stayed right there for the rest of the day.

But home we head, three relaxed girls.

Griffin’s thrilled to see his mom, even when after some play time she convinces him to take a late—for him—nap. He’d slept in a bit this morning as he decided the span between 3 and 5 a.m. made the perfect time to be awake.

Kayla takes a lie-down herself, and I decide to squeeze a little work time in.

We’re cooking tonight, and I expect it to present a challenging experience. I’ve never cooked on a hot plate before in my life. We’re doing a Mediterranean dish with pasta, broccoli and pasta. Jason—as everyone’s off having quiet time—acts as sous chef.

The cooking space. Photo by j a-b

He cleans off a space on the little counter for the hot plate, and shows me how to turn the thing on—a two burner job. While I boil water—takes a while!—I have the new experiences of mincing the garlic Jason’s helped me peel with a steak knife. It’s what we’ve got. It works—but again takes awhile.

Kayla’s up by now and receiving instructions.

Water’s finally boiling—put the pasta on.

Heat oil in the big pot for the garlic (no onions as Kayla dislikes) then some of the spices—this dish has a kick so we’ll save out some of the pasta and broccoli for Griffin.

Jason mics the broccoli we forgot to defrost, opens and rinses the beans.

Broccili and beans. Photo by j a-b

Starting to smell good in here!

Add the broccoli to the pot—this will take a bit of awhile, too, before it’s time to add the beans. I’m now—with the steak knife—trying to chop the fresh parsley that froze in the fridge drawer. Interesting work.

Nearly done. Photo by Nora

Add the pasta, some of the pasta water reserved from that pot, the parsley, some grated Parm—more spices. It smells damn good in here! And others come out of their quiet spots to say so.

Griffin has his butter noodles and broccoli, and the rest bowls of spicy.

Finished! Photo by Nora

Success! A tasty hot plate meal.

I have now cooked a meal on a two-burner hot plate.

Clean up—not by the chefs!—and time for a bath for Griffin.

Excuse me? Photo by Kat

Kayla and I hit the puzzle while BW settles down to work on photos. We stick with it—we’re pretty close—but I didn’t choose an easy one. Bath time must be over as the giggles have stopped. The house gets quiet—just music from BW’s Bluetooth speaker, and our more than occasional mutters re puzzle.

The spread. Photo by BW
One of many views. Photo by BW

That should go there! Why doesn’t that go there? Where is this stupid piece? Where does this equally stupid piece fit?

Closer and closer—and Kayla insists this one piece she’s hunted and hunted for is missing. Piece by piece, we crawl to the finish line.

Hard work. Photo by BW

And indeed that one piece isn’t on the table. Don’t panic! Look on the floor.

And there, with a sound of triumph, Kayla finds the last piece.


Now I want candy. Comment by Laura, photo by BW

Flushed with our accomplishment, we head to bed.

Woke to a cold 32 degrees, and a lovely mist rolling over the far field. The day promises to warm considerably—thank GOD!  By the time I work out, and Jason and Griffin have their morning routine, it’s about 50. That right there’s warmer than it got yesterday.

The Breakfast Crew is off, and Kat and Griffin are watching one of Griffin’s shows/segments on the IPad. He is VERY involved. I hear a resounding YAY!! So something worked out well.

He gets a trip to the Apothecary today for a kiddie session—they make slime. What could be more fun?

Sunny and bright now, and supposed to stay that way.

It’ll be nice to grab some outdoor time today after a cozy indoor day.


Meanwhile, from the Travelogue Editorial Desk: Kat captures Griffin verbalizing all Laura’s feelings when dealing with repetitive questions and silly comments. Punctuated by the nose to sleeve.

And, since turnabout is fair play. It’s not always sunny at the beach office.

Curtains of rain. Photo by Laura

16 thoughts on “Montana – Day 7”

  1. Griffin’s giggles are infectious. I bet he’s one of the ones you can’t be in a bad mood around.

  2. The scenery is beautiful and that puzzle looked like a really hard one! Even cold it sounds like you’re all having a good time, and I cook on a two burner all the time! It can be done!

  3. Love the puzzle!! It is colorful and looks challenging! One of mine and my Sister’s favorite past time projects when we are together!

  4. Congratulations on finishing that puzzle. It definitely looks like a hard one.
    Yay on the cooking. Y’all did good.
    Enjoy the warmer day.
    Laura, sorry it rained on your beach.

      1. We just returned from a week at Ocean Shores in Washington. The days were sunny and windy with rain overnight and then on the day we left. I got some beautiful photos of the clouds throughout the week. Such a refreshing time!

  5. Some great pictures from your quiet day. That was a killer puzzle! No wonder you all were muttering. What altitude is it there? Everything takes longer to cook at higher altitudes, including boiling water. I had to relearn how to boil eggs when I came back home to work. The pasta looked awesome. Even preferring broccoli fresh, that looked delicious. Griffin is such a cutie!

  6. Sounds like an amazing time and well deserved by all! It takes me a minute to adjust to the temperatures lol, here in Australia 32 degrees is an average summer day 🙂

    Hopefully one day I will be able to travel and see these amazing places. Enjoy 🙂

  7. More wonderful pictures! The massage sounds heavenly. Congratulations on cooking that delicious-sounding pasta dish on a hot plate! I want some, yum. That puzzle looks awesome, and like Laura, now I want some candy. I like today’s onesie, too. Griffin is such a beautiful boy. Thank you for sharing another day of your vacation with us. Laura, your beach picture is lovely – I like clouds.

  8. If you have a free day and feel like traveling, my daughter and I visited the National Bison Range north of Missoula today. We saw all kinds of bison, a grizzly sow with 3 cubs, a badger, bull elk in full velvet and bunches of deer and antelope. Also, the Bitterroots are blooming!

    There is a beautiful mission near the range at St. Ignatius and the Garden of the Buddhas in the Jocko Valley. It’s a fabulous day trip from where you’re at. Griff would love the bison!

  9. Omg, Laura! If you could fix the your/you’re goof in the previous post if you approve it, I’d really appreciate it!

      1. You rock! I know better than to write comments from a phone – they’re hard to proofread 😜

  10. Montana can have 4 seasons in one day. Sometimes 2 or 3 times in the same week!

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