Montana – Day 6

So pretty for about half the day, then clouds and cool mostly. So we set up to paint inside. Ashley, our instructor and guide has painted a couple of choices, and we go with lovely Montana landscape.

Let the fun begin.

Canvases, paints, brushes. Jason takes Griffin duty first—early nap so the boy’s up—and gets a late start, but he gets to join in.

Resting up for art class. Photo by Kat

I avoid looking at Kat’s because . . . Kat.

Lots of color to play with as we start—as instructed—with the sky and work our way down. I love that everyone’s interpretation’s different.

Artists at work. Photo by BW
A different view. Photo by BW

Ashley goes around the table, complementing and/or answering questions, then I hear her Oh Wow! She’s steps behind Kat.

I decide, what the hell, and round the table, too. It’s such fun to see what everyone does with the same scene. And yes, Kat’s an Oh Wow.

She’s added Buffalo (still to be detailed when Griffin is napping) and made it a winter scene.

Then Ashley brings out another canvas and gives Griffin paints and brushes.

He goes for it!

Maman c’est comme ça que tu peins! (I imagined him thinking in French – Laura).

A fun, artistic afternoon on a breezy day. And we all have our personal souvenirs of Montana.

The gallery. Top row: Kayla, Bruce; middle row: Jason, Nora; bottom: Kat, Griffin. Photo by Nora.

It gets cloudier, and rain’s off and on. Still good enough for some playtime in the tent.

In a theater family, it’s never too early to learn cues and trust falls. Video by Kat

All but BW decide to stay in, order room service and forgo tonight’s barbecue. We also have frozen pizza, and the toaster oven’s just big enough.

Sadly, we discover one of the baby birds—didn’t know they’d hatched—has been kicked out of or fallen out of the nest. And we discover it far too late to attempt a return. I hope the rest fare better.

We eat happily at home in our Montana ranch.

After dinner I play a little gin rummy with Kayla while Griffin begins his night time/bedtime ritual.  Jason finally comes down with the baby monitor as Kat tries to convince the boy to sleep.

Now we have four, and play Hearts.

This turns into a marathon, roller coaster of a game. Kayla way in the lead, BW losing steadily, Jason and I neck-in-neck between. Kayla slips, Jason sneaks by her, I sneak by Jason, back and forth.

Kayla runs them! Back in the lead.

Then BW cagily does math, plays it right and hits 100 on the nose. Hit 100 by our house rules, go back to zero.

The game turns around! BW way in the lead the other’s battling for second. Up, down. I should add Kat comes down during all this battling, and that besides card sharking we have a ridiculous amount of laughs.

We’re hitting BW hard, though he still holds a commanding lead.

And then, out of the dark, Jason—apparently inadvertently—hits 100.

Back to zero, and I fall over the edge.

Game over. Jason is The King Of Hearts for the evening.

Then we all fall into bed.

Workout done on this cold, cloudy day. This is forecast to be the coolest, wettest day of our stay, so we  plan to cook a big vegetarian meal for dinner. (And there’s frozen pizza!)

We’ll start on that after Kat, Kayla and I have our massages at Spa Town.

Sounds like a very fine way to spend a day where they’re calling for a high of around 48.

That ain’t June to this East Coast Girl!


The essence of #RandomKatness

Update from The Travelogue Editorial Desk: Today’s #randomkatness is a puzzle. A five leaf clover? Did Kat get a maniture? Do the palettes match the greens? There’s no explanation so I leave it up to you.

And just between us – since we’re friends and all? I’m working at the beach office and the weather is just fine.


20 thoughts on “Montana – Day 6”

  1. Who did the painting at the top, left? I like it! Thanks for your daily updates. 😎

  2. Kat always tops them all, such a talent. Enjoy your vacay.

  3. I love these updates. It’s so fun to imagine the shenanigans

  4. Just out of curiosity, Laura, which beach are you enjoying? (If you don’t mind telling.) My initial thought was Ocean City, since I live in Salisbury.

      1. Owned a house in Southern Shores, OB for 8 years. Vacationed there for 26 years Love the sunrises over Ocean

  5. Beach wins in my book…had enough cold and rain for awhile!

    But, oh how I envy Nora et al those fabulous night skies!!!

  6. Thank you for the peek of your Montana adventure. Great job on the canvases. I love that every one had a different take on the subject. And… “the boy” 💚 Enjoy

  7. We play cards on family vacations too. Such fun! Love the “Captain’s Log” of events! 😬

  8. I really like Griffin’s onesie. The picture of him sleeping is adorable. Dad and Nana playing with him in the tent looks like a good way to tire him out. I love the paintings! All of you do so much better than I ever did! Congratulations to Jason, the King of Hearts! The randomkatniss picture is an interesting puzzle for us to ponder. So happy that Laura is enjoying the beach! Excellent contrast to the cold weather in Montana. Thank you, again, for sharing your vacation with us, your fans.

  9. Wow! What a good vacation!
    Griffin is too cute! I’m glad that tent is there for him to play in.
    Sorry the weather is so cool!
    Keep posting!

  10. Our rain has finally moved out. Now, here in Texas, we have90+ degrees with high humidity. The rain kept the temps well below normal during a 30 day period between May 8-June 8. Now, it’s swelter time.
    Love those paintings. Sounds like a fabulous time is being had by all. Laura, I’ll vote for the beach with you. 😉
    Enjoy y’all and thanks again for sharing your lovely vacation.

  11. Dear Ms. Roberts,
    There is a bright dragonfly rising from a raging bush fire in Griffin’s painting.. it’s New Life. Such a talent he has 🤩.. love from Bangalore, India

  12. The heat is making its way up the mountains – 99 today with 2% humidity. For me, it’s all about the low humidity. Montana will be cooking soon, though maybe not that hot. The paintings were great, I think Griffin was painting a picture of his onesie, though. Hearts never caught on in our family. First it was pinochle, then later a really – really – loose interpretation of canasta called Hand and Foot. You had to finish your hand to pick up your foot. It could get raucous! Family cards is the best. Thanks for sharing! Laura, when I was stationed in Virginia, I went down to OBX once to watch the rise of one of the supermoons – it was amazing and that weekend is still a great memory. Hope you’re enjoying.

  13. Meanwhile in Minnesota it’s been in the mid-90s for over a week now. Our roads are buckling, working outside (or watching a track meet) is miserable. Send some of that cooler air our way please. 🙂

  14. In case anyone wants the story behind the clover. Our painting instructor, Ashley, shared with us that her family has been going through some things. While she was cleaning up, Griffin and I were outside and I thought, it would be so nice if I could find a four leaf clover for Ashley to give her and her family some good luck. And then a five leaf clover was right there in front of me. Just one of those things that was meant to be!

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