Montana – Day 5

We’re gifted with a perfectly beautiful day. Bold blue skies, light breeze, low 70s. There’s another bush between the lilacs, and I think—maybe—white lilac. Not sure, and the blooms are too high and on the other side of the fence so I can’t do the sniff test.

But pretty.

High white blooms. Photo by Nora.

Lots of play time outside for the boy, in the tent, out of the tent with bubbles and his love of pouring water and dropping rocks into the tub. Pour more water from tub to tub, pick out rocks to drop in new tub. He can work this experiment for a very long time.

I can sit on the porch steps on a pretty day and watch him for a long time.

The mad scientist magics up a nice day. Photo by his Nana.

When it clouds up, as predicted, and you can all but feel the rain coming, there’s some intense puzzle time. Kayla’s deeply into this and makes serious progress.

Some wavering by me about heading to the Chuck Wagon Dinner event. If it’s raining and chilly, I can toss a frozen pizza in the toaster oven and all good.

But, delightfully, skies clear, temp creeps up again.

Time to put the cowboy on.

In the shuttle Griffin does his car riding thing. He calls out K!!!!! We like to think that’s his name for Kayla and not just the letter. Then COWS! He has a steady interest in the cattle—from a distance. We all join in.

This event is by the river and a stunning spot. You travel there through woods and hills all sparkling and shadowy at once in the sunlight. The river’s running fast, the smokers are smoking—smells good—-and the bar’s set up.

Supply wagon. Photo by BW
J by the river. Photo by BW
The set up. Photo by BW.

We grab a picnic table under a pergola—in case the rain comes back, and while Griffin takes off with his parents giving chase, the rest of us settle in.

Perfect spot. Photo by Nora.

Live music, a beautiful spot on a beautiful evening.

Apparently our boy wanted to run in the road—and the fact he was denied this activity ruined his life for about ten minutes.

The feast’s on. I’m really grateful the resort has so many veggie options, and Kayla doesn’t go hungry here. She, of course, passes on the Tomahawk steak. I do not, and it’s delicious.

Meat on the grill. Photo by BW

We all pass on the invitation to take part in a hatchet throw.

Kayla makes herself a s‘more, then it’s time for the ride home.

It’s past a certain someone’s bedtime, but he strongly objects. Mama won’t be denied, and—as mama’s do—wins the battle. But it’s fiercely fought.

Kayla and I are at the puzzle, and Kat comes to join in. But after the battle decides she’s earned a mimosa. Kat is a rare drinker, and a serious lightweight. Kayla decides she’d like to try one. When she samples, she says, it just tastes like oj. Kat is amazed! But it tastes so strong to me. (Lightweight! LOL.)

I suspect Kat put maybe a scant teaspoon of champagne in the nearly 8 oz of oj. I add a little more to Kayla’s. Okay, she says, it tastes like sparkling oj.

There you go.

So I have my first adult drink (no oj in mine, thanks) with my granddaughter.

Nora’s solo bubbles. Photo by Nora.

We puzzle on until bedtime.

Another gorgeous day, and a morning warmer than the last few. Workout done, a load of laundry in. I’ll work a little in a little.

We hope to have our Paint Day. Rain coming late afternoon, but sunny and low 70s before. It should be a great day to play artists outside.


Note from the Travelogue Editorial Desk: I wake up to a trove of photos. Some I know will fit copy. Some are there for the memory. And for some, I create stories of my own. These didn’t fit copy, but I thought you’d like a glimpse of the power of the Griffin.

King me. Photo by Kat.
Cross me and you shall bear the same fate as the flower. Photo by Kat
The flower. Video by Kat
#RandomKatness (clean rocks by Griffin). Photo by Kat

17 thoughts on “Montana – Day 5”

  1. He is a go getter! Looks like so much fun and those steaks! Just think of the memories being made!

  2. Hello from Southwestern Montana. Welcome back to my home state. Montana girl here, born and raised. I love Nora’s books that take place in Montana and that I can tell she has actually been here when she writes about the state. Drives me crazy when you can tell an author has not been to a place they are writing about, rivers and roads running the wrong way, make towns bigger or smaller than they really are, not knowing the geography (Sidney is no where near Hamilton) or even recognize that it can take a couple days to get across Montana + it’s a big state. Enjoy your trip, the weather is supposed to be beautiful the next few weeks (after tomorrow anyway)

  3. I love this travelog from Montana this year, I remember the last one too. Enjoy.

  4. I love reading about your family’s adventure. Thank you for posting. I look forward to it each day.

  5. Another awesome vacation day and travel blog! The pictures are priceless. Griffin is adorable, but sounding as if he is developing a strong-minded personality. The radomkstnesd is perfect; my sister and I are always picking up rocks on our walks and on vacation. Some things you never outgrow. The tomahawk steaks look huge; not sure I could eat a whole one! Very glad the resort has lots of vegetarian options for Kayla. Thank you Nora and Laura’s – together you give us a wonderful Montana experience with beautiful words and perfect pictures.

      1. Good to know. Although, I know a couple of guys who could probably tuck one away.

  6. Sounds like everyone is having a great vacation. Griffin is such a busy boy. But I think it’s the age too.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and your vacation with us.

  7. Traveling with a boy like Griffin is delightful . I love seeing the world thru a child’s eyes. I could just pinch those cute cheeks. I’m just surprised at Nora, i didn’t know you are a lightweight, i thought you could hold your own with a glass of wine.

  8. Griffin’s eyes! Such power there. What a beautiful boy. Kat and Jason have their work cut out for them. I suspect he’s already got the next two decades planned. Those tomahawk steaks were gorgeous! Did they offer bison, too? I wondered if that was a working herd BW saw. I’m pretty sure that was white lilac Nora saw. They don’t have the visual impact of the blue and violet bushes, but they smell just as sweet. So glad you’re getting some good weather mixed in.

  9. Nora~
    Have a wonderful trip! Love Montana and every word you write – book or blog! Thank you for sharing your vacation with us!

  10. I love reading your books and now your travel blog. Especially Montana, as my husband and I are traveling to Montana this summer. Enjoy your vacation. With your family.

  11. I want a piece of that steak! Looks yummy. I remember sitting just watching my grandsons at that age. Such a joy! Definitely going to add Montana to my bucket list!

  12. The site looks impressive, really. A change of routine after the times lived that encourages you to dream of a simpler and happier world. Sorry, it’s just a thought.

  13. I met, fell in love, and married my husband in Great Falls, Montana 31 years ago today. Montana is one of my favorite places and I loved living there while on our military journey. We went back on our 25th Anniversary and it was as if we never left. The people are truly nice. Cannot wait to go back.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos Nora and for sharing.


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