Montana – Day 4

Apothecarying’s fun!

We have our class near Spa Town with those incredible views through glass walls.

We start off making little lotion bars—custom as we choose our own scents or blend of scents.

Measure, mix, melt. Sniff, sniff to decide how we want them to smell. I’m in love with the Huckleberry so easy choice for me. Kayla goes for a lavender peach combo, and Kat huckleberry lemon.

Oh, the way everything smells!

We can add bits of rose, lavender or chamomile. Who can resist?

When we’re all done, we pour into little molds. Kayla and I both choose stars, and Kat a star and a couple seashells. So cute!!!!

From l: creations by Kat, Nora, Kayla’s . Photo by Nora

While those are in the fridge to harden we tackle lip balm. For this, it’s lavender peach for mine because it smells so yummy. A similar process of measuring and mixing, and into the little tubes.

Polish it off with bath scrub. I’m all about the huckleberry and lemon—with some dried rose crushed up in it. We get blue jars, mix it all up. It’s so creamy and fragrant.

Happy Kat and Kayla. Photo by Nora.

Back home on a warmer and happily sunny day.

BW’s been out with his drone taking aerial shots. Jason has tried and failed to get Griffin down for a nap.

The view from above. Photo by BW.

Pretty day to walk around outside—then the puzzle calls me for a session.

It’s coming along!

We have dinner—The Big Sky Bash—at the equestrian center. Kayla gets her cowgirl on with her hat—and a jacket and boots from Nana’s closet. It’s just gorgeous when we leave, but I also wear a jacket because I know how it goes here!

Kayla and her Nana. Photo by BW
Kayla and her Grandda. Photo by Nora.

We shuttle off to the bash, and it’s gorgeous there, too. There’s a pretty pond, and people out in canoes. That wide, wide spread of sky, the mountains and hills rising and rolling under it, cattle in the fields, lots of picnic table set and another live band.

Fun stuff. Along with a pony ride for kids.

Griffin makes a bee-line for the lake. That kid loves water. He has some running around time, and his Mom suggests a pony ride. But when she takes him over, sets him in the saddle, the answer is: Absolutely not!

A shame (though pretty funny) as Cookie the pony is pretty and sweet and patient. Kayla makes friends with her.

Kayla and her new friend. Photo by Nora.

Lots of food—and the roasted corn on the cob’s a big hit. Also fresh tortillas—mmmm.

Then the sun disappears behind clouds, the wind kicks up. Cold!!!! I hold out hope the sun will find its way back, but no. Just no. Still we had a fun time, good eats, and sunny and pleasant for most of our adventure.

Before the sun disappeared. Photo by Nora.

Back home for us. A Daddy Bedtime Dance. Not even halfway through that ritual, Griffin’s asleep on Jason’s shoulder. And still, mouth slack, eyes closed, he sings blearily: Wobba Wobba.

The videographer dances too!

Up to bed for our sleepy boy.

Day is done. Photo by Kat.

More puzzle time! Hang and puzzle with Kat and Kayla for awhile after Griffin’s settled (and Daddy with him). By ten we’re all tired, so an early night in the west.

I get eight straight, always a happy. Work out—good morning, Griffin. This is Daddy’s shift, their routine, and it goes along well. Some warmer, so parts of that routine means Griffin goes to the door. Time to go outside!

Finish my workout shortly before the shift change and BW, Kayla and Jason head out for breakfast.

I need to rewrite the bulk of a chapter. I’ve worked out in my head the how and the why but because it’s more intense work than editing, I take myself up to the quiet of the bedroom.

It takes a couple hours—and will need at least a couple more to make it all smooth. But it’s done. I think, while I’m up there how some idiot posted on the internet just yesterday or today—forget—how I don’t write all my own books because. There’s always a because in this type’s mind. And I think bite me, asshole, as I finally shut down after a couple of sweaty hours during my damn vacation!

Because I do write all my own books.

Come down to learn Griffin’s not feeling altogether well. When a toddler wants a nap and doesn’t want a cookie, he’s feeling off. But he has The Daddy Shoulder Of Comfort—doesn’t want Mom who is—unquestionably—his most favorite person of all people.

From yesterday when the mad scientist felt better and kept busy. Photo by Kat.

Seems a little better now, and is outside with Mom while Daddy’s getting a well-earned massage at spa town.

BW’s just back from taking pictures of our neighbors just up the road. Buffalo!

BW and his new pals. Photo by BW.
A closer look. Photo by BW.

I’m going to get some outside time myself.

We have—hope it’s not too cold—The Chuck Wagon Dinner tonight. Always a good, fun time.

Note from Travelogue Central Editorial Desk:

Because one download staring at me wasn’t enough, Kat decided to get a fuller photo of the eyes, thus earning the first #RandomKatness since 2019. To top that off, she took a snap of Griffin communing with the eyes. ~Laura

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  1. The Daddy Bedtime Dance is just the cutest thing ever. What a sweet ritual.

  2. Those Buffalo! From those nightly dance routines, Griffin should be a polished dancer by the time he grows up. Again, those doubting trolls seem intent in getting the last word (Nora’s *ghost* writer). Incredible.

  3. What a fun time…Kayla is stunning…and, of course, no words could really describe just how adorable Griffin is!

    I am in awe of the work you do even on vacation! As to the worthless comment…pfui…let’em choke on it! They are not worthy of caring out your trash!

    Soooo glad Griffin is better!

  4. These are lovely to read to provide an escape while my province inches (and I do mean slowly inches) towards opening up again. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Anyone familiar with your writing style would never dispute the authenticity of your books. You wrote them! Every. Damned. Last. Word. If you farmed out your ideas for others to write, you would crank out many more books per year and of a lesser quality. Disregard the naysayers, and keep plugging away. Working with words requires more effort and polish, edit, and more polish. I imagine that, even when the ideas flow, getting them down exactly the way you want is exacting. But the final product is well worth the effort.

  6. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us and I hope you’re able to ignore the ignorant person who doubts you and your writing. The hell with them. Love the vacation fun you’re having and all the neat activities. And the photos are great! Thanks again! ❤️😊

  7. Ignore the trolls. We know you work like crazy and we happily wait for the next book. Such a lovely spot! My granddaughter from Florida came to see me! Brought my daughter along as a bonus gift! She’s an attorney and I haven’t seen her in almost 2 years, so was teary after she left. Have missed her like crazy! Was able to send her off with gifts, that will have to be shipped, but no biggie! My day is truly blessed, as have missed my family and those hugs for so long!! Enjoy Montana for all of us.

  8. Anyone who even thinks that you don’t write your own books hasn’t bothered to read them. At one point in this blog, you sound just like Eve!

  9. I love the daily vacation updates. But you really don’t have a total vacation, you always work . Ignore the jerk about you having down time! What a fool. Montana is beautiful! Enjoy your fun, your family and relax. Thank you for being you and for your gift of story telling!

  10. Just to cute of Griffin and dad dancing. Can you please adopt me I would love to be part of your adventures🥰🥰

  11. Nora, I’m so sorry those nasty people attack you and hurt your feelings. Don’t they realize what they do to people? I’ve been a fan and follower forever. I surely can pick out your amazing writing style, (It flows, it’s descriptive and what a wordsmith you are) all  without even looking to see if you wrote it. They obviously are not of that caliber of a reader. The pox on them.

  12. So Sweet! Thank you for sharing your vacation with us! I wonder if ‘asshole’ would do any work on their time away??? NOT!!! Thanks again!!! Janet

  13. Tell the troll to eat shit and bark at the moon. They must be incredibly stupid to think you don’t write your own stuff. Thanks for giving us so much enjoyment. Have fun in Montana.

  14. Ignore the idiots who say you don’t write your books! Your true fans know you do!
    When I was re-reading Dark in Death, I realized you must get some weird ass letters from people.
    I don’t send you letters or emails, just post on your website, here, and one a fan put up on Facebook. I don’t think you owe me anything! I enjoy your books. If I stopped, I’d just stop buying them! Simple!
    The vacation sounds like a dream! My daughter, son-in-law, granddaughter and I head to Mexico, in July. Looking forward to us all being vaccinated and together, again!

  15. Your apothecary adventure sounds like so much fun! Branna would be proud!

  16. I have been a big fan of your books since I read the first one. It was a harlequin romance. Since then I buy them as soon as they come out. I always share my books wit many people and they also love you and your stories. My number two daughter seems to think the year one series would make a great movie or tv series. I am afraid I have to agree with her. You books that were made into movies were awesome. Please keep up the work.

  17. How sad that these people continue to try and spread lies about your work. I often wonder how tiring it must be to act as an asshole!?!
    I know you’ll continue to do what you do because you are a very talented and creative writer.
    I personally say thanks for taking me with you on your storytelling adventures and blogs.

  18. Ha! The person who wrote that stupid comment never really read your books. By the way I have to mention I’m reading The Awakening for the sixth time 😀
    Lots of fun packed into your vacation Glad y’all got to go. Kayla looks so cute. Griffin is a little doll he’s so adorable. Love the Daddy Dance.

  19. I love that picture of Griffin and the tree! He’s such a cute age. I hope you post more drone pictures too. Very cool. I love your books and I hope you can ignore the stupidity of some people. I am always amazed by how people can be so rude in emails about your writing. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  20. I’ve done some minor dabbling in soaps and all, and it is fascinating. Looks like yours turned out beautifully. Glad BW kept his distance with the bison, they can be wicked fast. Kayla’s just lovely, no matter what she wears. She’s learned from Nana. Griffin’s got his creative juices from his parents – looked like a mad scientist at work. That pony was just too cute, hope he gets another chance to make friends. I think anyone who is stupid enough to think you’ve got a ghost writer hasn’t read much of your work. You have a flow, a clean line you’re heading for – and get to – that is always a joy to reach. I’ve got other authors I read (or what would I do in between?) And a couple of them have published about as long as you have. As much as I enjoy the story-lines, theirs’ have a choppiness that is so jarring after reading one of yours. Again, I know it’s their own work because I’ve been following them for quite a while. It’s not hard to figure out, if one is paying attention. I was complaining about a huge plot hole one left to my sister and she said why do you keep reading her? I said because Nora can only write 4-5 books a year – lol. She just stared at me. Every year she asked? I said yes, for as long as I remember. She took home the first three In Deaths and I haven’t heard from her for about a week. LOLOL. Keep on doing what you’re doing, Nora, and to hell with everyone else. Hope it warms up for you a bit. We hit the 90s this week, so maybe it’s inching up to you.

  21. Love the pictures! Cowgirl Kayla with Cowgirl Nana are perfect, as is Cowboy BW with Cowgirl Kayla. The pony is so cute! Sorry Griffin said no, a picture with him on the pony would have been adorable. Griffin communing with the tree’s eyes is a good substitute. The tree does look as if it is staring at everyone and everything. I enjoyed Griffin being danced to sleep by his father, a loving moment together. The apothecary concoctions look bad sound like a very fun and creative time. Thank you for sharing another day of your vacation with us, and Laura for facilitating the blog.

  22. So nice to see #RandomKatness again finally! Thank you Laura! One of my favorite parts of the Story. And yeah, those tree eyes are just the other side of the creepy line!

  23. WOW! What an amazing vacation!! Montana is so beautiful! It’s peaceful and so relaxing!! The photos are fantastic! Looks like BW is not only photographer in the family!! 😁
    Griffin is adorable and cute! Love daddy bedtime dancing! What priceless memories!!
    Boy, has Kayla grown!! She’s beautiful like her Nana! She makes a perfect cowgirl. I still remember her as a little girl at the bookstore on book signing days!! Where has time gone!! 😑
    How dare someone say you don’t write your own books, Nora!! 😡. Some people can be very mean and nasty! I think in reality, they’re just jealous that they don’t have your creative mind! I enjoy all your books and am amazed at how fast you are able to get a story written! I look forward to your next story! By the way, I haven’t read The Awakening yet as I have to wait until the Trilogy is completed! Then I’ll read the series one right after the other!! That’s the only way to read a trilogy!! 😀
    Thank you for sharing your vacation with us!! ❤️

  24. Wow! Love this travelogue and photos of your delightful family. I vote to kick the idiots off the island of great books.

    Just finished Hideaway. Cried a lot on this one. Enjoy your “vacation”. I laughed when I read about you wrestling with the chapter. That’s the Nora we all love…can’t keep her away from her craft.

    Best wishes from hot and humid Illinois!

  25. Is it just me, but does the photo with the tree look like it has many eyes. Love the it.

  26. Love all the photo’s, and Bruce’s brilliant drone out takes, buffalo fantastic, Griffin such a cutie, daddy great mama amazing and Nana exceptional, please ignore the trolls your true readers know who you are.🤗Was hoping to see my brother in Annapolis this year, I am in UK. But still lockdown he always took me on a visit to Boonsboro. Stay safe all of you .🤗

  27. Love that house and resort. If those walls could talk, hey? So nice to see you back in Montana. I’m hoping they are offering more regional fare this time. Haha – jokes! If you’re ever interested in checking out Helena, I have some magical properties I could show you here. The Queen City has a wonderful past that I think you all would appreciate. Otherwise – I’m reading “Western Stars” right now. Keep up the great work. And thanks to Laura for always keeping us feeling connected to Nora and her adventures.

  28. So much fun see and read about each day’s adventures. Loved the Daddy-Griffin video.

  29. That face asleep on his daddy’s shoulder is the sweetest thing. Love a baby face. Total inocence.

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