Edinburgh, Day 3

Lazy, late start today as we have some tired people, and a baby who wanted a morning nap. No problem because, hey, we’re on vacation.

Turns out to be a perfect summer day here, warm—bordering on hot!—blue, blue skies with puffy white clouds.

When we got out (Kat stayed back to catch up on sleep) we cabbed as close to Edinburgh castle as we could—lots of roads closed during the Festival. A nice walk, so nice, I took off my light jacket. 

The perfect day and those blue skies obviously brought out the hordes. The sidewalks are jammed with pedestrians. And in my short time here I’ve learned about what I think of as the Lost Tourist Zombie Walk. They’ll walk, in clumps, at less than a snail’s pace. Pretty much impossible to get around or through the clogs of tourist who obviously don’t know where they’re going, stop dead—in groups—to discuss, and routinely block everyone else from just moving on.

So you shuffle behind the wide knots of them until you see an opening, then go for it.

We eventually get to the castle, which is massive and stunning, and full of people. There are views from that high perspective of the city, the firth beyond, the wide green spaces. 

A boy, a castle and his minions. Photo by BW

The roads are steep and cobbled. It must have been a hard climb for those hauling supplies, and harder still in winter. Defensively, it’s a brilliant position.

We can’t wait over an hour in a queue to see the Crown Jewels, especially with a baby in tow, but wander here, climb there, into the Scottish Memorial Building with its lovely stained glass windows that fascinate our boy.

Along to the Grand Hall, more stained glass, incredible wood work, and weaponry. Seeing some of those swords up close you have to admire the sheer strength needed to wield them.

Griffin likes the armor, and so do I.

Griffin size? Photo by BW

We walk through the prison, and it’s a forbidding sort of place still. The air’s dank, the light’s dim.

Out again into the sunshine for the walk back—crowds of people coming and going, and more still when we hit The Mile.

There the energy’s much different, so festive. Crowds circling musicians, lots of LTZ walkers, and we’re in search of a late lunch.

Local color. Photo by BW

We find our spot in a bustling place where we can spread out in a booth. They have pulled pork! I’m sold. But as I see no actual veg, and the boy should have something approximating it, I ask if we can have a little dish of guacamole—which he loves.

He doesn’t want the high chair—he’s tired and hungry. So he sits with Nana, eats his guacamole, and some pork—and fries while Nana has a very nice margarita. He’s happy; we’re happy. The food is more than fine, the waitress delightful, and as we finish, Griffin falls into a post-lunch coma. 

More, please. Photo by j a-b

His daddy has to cart him back—with a stop to buy tickets for BW and Jason to see a show tonight. BW queues up, and we continue on. More LTZ walkers. 

They’re everywhere.

Griffin pops awake in the elevator. We think because we got on with a room service guy—and French fries. He eyes the fries, and I suggest the room service guy run for his life.

Back, and Jason takes a nap. Kat’s going to run some errands for all of us now that she’s fully rested, so Grandda and I play with the boy.

He’s happy, as he almost always is so we have a fun time. Grandda plays some Cajun accordion, and Griffin starts doing a little dance. Kid’s got rhythm already.

I have a light dinner with Kat, and Griffin gets some nice veggies and salmon. I don’t know where he puts it!

And for dessert, a tasty new brogue. Photo by Kat

He stayed happy all day, such an easy kid, and I hear him laughing as his mama gets him ready for bed.

Last night view. Photo by j a-b

The guys are back—the shows are short—baby’s sleeping. I’m pretty well organized as I write this right before I settle in for the night.

We’re leaving for Ireland—a week in Kerry to start—in the morning after a whirlwind couple of days in Scotland. A short flight—I’m grateful for that. Wet weather forecast, but oh well. I’ll be glad to really settle in, glad to spend time in the countryside.


In today’s #randomkatness

View of the city penciled in.

16 thoughts on “Edinburgh, Day 3”

  1. Your trip sounds lovely! I’m with Griffin, love guacamole!
    Griffin is a really happy baby, who travels well. Reminds me of my granddaughter when she was little. Charmed the air stewards when only months old, on way to El Paso, TX to meet her father’s aunts, uncles and grandmother. Now, she’s traveled all over the USA and Caribbean. We’re all going to Hawaii in 11 days, where we’ll be celebrating her mother’s (my daughter) 55th birthday!
    Griffin might not remember the trip, but the good times with you and BW will always warm his heart. My granddaughter who’ll be 12 in December, reminded me of something I said to her, about loving her SO much, when she was a little less than 2. Her parents weren’t around, it was she and I laying on my bed and we were tickling each other (she used 1 finger) and laughing. She said it stuck in her head and whenever she thinks of me,that’s the 1st memory that comes to her mind, me saying how much I loved her. It makes her feel good and happy.
    Griffin will have those types of memories of you and BW.
    B-T-W, hope BW is over his cold!

  2. Looks like you stayed at the Balmoral Hotel…it’s gorgeous xx

  3. Thank you for the 3-day stopover in Edinburgh..thoroughly enjoyed it along with your lovely story, pictures and the ever so cheerful and entertaining Griffin.

    Looking forward to the next adventures in Ireland….

  4. Aha..the breed identified…LTZ…I believe I have spotted them in grocery stores also blocking aisles!!!

    Griffin is a delight…and fast becoming a seasoned traveler!!!

    Thank you for sharing adventures with us!

  5. LTZ Walk – aha that’s a great name. We have a whole colony frequenting our local grocery stores. LOL! Love Griffin’s pucker. Such an adorable little boy. Thank you for your interesting posts. Looking forward to next installment.

  6. Enjoy Ireland, it is a lovely land with lovely people, just as Scotland was.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your family and adventures. As the mom of an adult, autistic son and the caregiver to many, many farm animals, traveling is not easily doable. I love living vicariously through you. Your books are my soft place to land, my diversion from my reality and your travel blog is my glimpse into Scotland and Ireland, two places I very much want to visit with my youngest son some day.
    Blessings on you and yours as you travel to Ireland. Safe travels and Godspeed.

  8. As a Scot now living in Colorado it was great to see your holiday in Edinburgh with your wonderful family.

  9. “Seeing some of those swords up close you have to admire the sheer strength needed to wield them” My usual response to someone making comments about the muscular fellas on the cover of the Highlander romances! Have to admit, I prefer seeing them in plaids, not in armor!

    Re LTZ’s in the grocery aisles: I usually get results with an “excuse me, please”, gentle smile & pushing my cart forward. Maybe I scare them…I’ve not had a chance to try it on LTZ Walkers, however. I have never understood why people have to stop in the middle of the sidewalk/aisle/road to discuss where/what/how. Whatever happened to pulling over to the side? Also, most grocery aisles & quite a few sidewalks that I’ve been on are pretty narrow; no room to the side!

    I love the travelogue & pictures! My vicarious travel pleasure. Many thanks for sharing!

  10. Happy for the good weather. The photos, as usual, are fantastic. Griffin remains adorable. Seems everyone had a wonderful day. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Your trip to Scotland has brought back some wonderful memories of the trip my mother and I took abt 24 years ago. Haven’t yet been to Ireland, maybe one of these years. However I travel vicariously through your travelogues and enjoy every minute. Love your prose and pictures.

  12. I love reading your vacation adventures, as do my hubby, and also best friend- both of whom have become Nora fans, as well. Love hearing about little Griffin- world traveling baby- and SO adorable. Scotland sounds lovely, and I look forward to Ireland. Have a wonderful, relaxing, and inspiring time! By the way- Under Currents was FANTASTIC!

  13. Off subject, But I can’tell find any one talking about the mess up on the Connections in Death mp3 cd. I bought one from Amazon and the chapters are not right. Intro is chapter one, ch 1 is ch 2. Ch 19 is on ch 20. There is no ch 20. Sent the 1st one back, got another, same thing. Sent it back. Ordered one
    from B & N. Hope it works. I looked at the reviews for CIN on
    Amazon to see if someone mentioned this. No one did, but
    there are some nasty reviews about Nora herself. Some people are best ignored. I love the whole series. Anyway here’s hoping the 3rd cd is good.

    1. This came up in the Connections in Death thread. Macmillan learned there was a production error with the MP3 edition of Connections after a reader contacted me. Please email me at LMReeth@gmail.com so I can forward to them.


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