Edinburgh to Kerry, Day four

Short workout, pack it all up—and we have a LOT of bags with the five of us. We drive out of Edinburgh in a steady rain. The forecast says we’ll land in the same.

A short flight, but a long process at the airport. Apparently this airport’s particularly finicky so we’re an hour delayed in take off.

Griffin’s thrilled to see his plane girlfriend. He loads on the charm and flirty smiles. I expect, with the weather, the flight will be pretty rough. I’m prepared to use the full power of my mind to keep us up.

And am more than pleasantly surprised when the hour’s flight proves pretty damn smooth.

I risk a glance out the window on our descent—I don’t like to remind myself I’m way up in the air—and there it is! Those stunning shades of green spread in patchwork fields, rich browns tossed in.

Editor note: Kat doesn’t mind looking out the windows.

Vibrant green patchwork. Photo by Kat
Cows in the center of the patchwork

Another surprise is the sun. It’s breezy, warm and bright in our part of Kerry, so we’ll take that gift.

The air smells gorgeous.

We rent a car, eventually pile in. And off we go for about an hour’s drive to our home for a week.

It’s a lovely drive, shining green under stacked clouds where the sun burns through here, then there. Hills rolling and rising, brown cows, white sheep.

Neat, pretty houses of creams and rose and pale yellows with flowers in the dooryards.

I’ve missed this.

We’re met on arrival, so welcoming, and our mountain of luggage taken care of while we all go out to the hotel’s patio, overlooking the river, for a light lunch.

Flowing river. Photo by j a-b

It’s perfectly beautiful day, and the tea colored fall of water makes its music. Griffin’s fascinated with the little falls, and absolutely cheerful.

He travels better than his nana!

He still wants to fly. Photo by Kat

We have a spacious, thatched-roofed cottage here with a river view—and if we get more fine weather, our own patio where we can sit and enjoy.

It feels good to fully unpack, though I need to do a little organizing—but that can wait. 

Let’s have some fun exploring the cottage—there’s a bedroom on the ground level where I can set up to work when the mood strikes. A pretty little kitchen should Kat and I have an urge to cook. Lots of room for Griffin to crawl around safely.

And outside the wide river, the green, green trees, the splashes of flowers.

Kat starts some laundry. 

The baby takes a late nap—he earned it—but his mama has to get him up for dinner (and so he doesn’t wake at ten and decide it’s party time!)

We have a relaxed, casual meal with Jason and Kat taking turns walking Griffin around and about before the meal comes. He wants to sit with Nana again, and she’s fine with that. He eats like a champ, veggies, chicken, mashed potatoes.

I swear he ate more than I did.

Back home to put Griffin to bed, and the rest of us aren’t far behind him.

Woke to rain. Looks like a damp, breezy day. I’ll likely gear up and go out to walk a bit at some point. We’re thinking of going into Kenmare for shopping and lunch, so we’ll see.

Workout’s done. Kat, BW and Griffin are at breakfast. 

Time to clean myself up, do some of that organizing.

It’s good, more than good, to be back in Ireland.


Meanwhile, back in the states an Unsupervised Cranky Publicist kidnapped Flat Nora from Turn the Page Bookstore and took her out on the town.

To shop at Gifts Inn BoonsBoro…
to shop some more at Josie’s on Main…
eat some Vesta pizza…
and to meet the delighted guests at Inn BoonsBoro.

I obviously have time on my hands. ~L

22 thoughts on “Edinburgh to Kerry, Day four”

  1. What a glorious cottage location! I love seeing through your eyes. Thank you for the details, they’re so appreciated.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

    1. I’ve been following your journey.. seeing more of the world through your wonderful stories.
      Welcome back to Ireland.. I hope the rain stays away. I’m a big fan, I have followed your writings from my small high school dormitory room in a small Philippine island to where I am now, a 3-bedded house I share with my family in midland Ireland. I wish I could see you in person, another time, in another life, maybe.

      I will be looking forward to tomorrow.

  2. Kat takes beautiful pictures! I can see why you keep going back. Have your other grandchildren been there?
    It’s great that Griffin is such a great traveler. Makes it easier on everyone. He seems to have a generally sweet nature, so that helps all around.
    I can picture Eve seeing all those cows and asking Roarke, WHY? His response: STEAKS!

    Continue to enjoy and post more gorgeous pictures for us to enjoy your vacation vicariously!

    1. Yes!Laura J Taylor. I can see that happening. Lol. I love the pics of Ireland. Just beautiful. You’re having such a good time and we get to enjoy it too!

  3. Now we’re talking – this is my kind of tourism and vacations. I work day-after-day in a open space with over 100 people so when on vacations I want to go to/see/enjoy places, have the occasional meeting of remarkable – in some way – people and keep enjoying air, space, nature…
    Jason and Kat should rent Griffin for travelling ?my kids are and were always great but he takes the ?
    Enjoy every bit ?
    ?Thank you LAURA for the big laugh?

  4. Good day to all of you…..glad you had a short but easy flight to Ireland….I’m not one to fly in bad weather…in fact, I haven’t flown anywhere in over 15 years…we drive everywhere we go…lol

    Nice to see that Griffin is such an awesome traveler and that you are all settling into your new home for the week…Can’t wait to hear more tales and see more wonderful pictures.

    Happy Weekend…

  5. Oh, to be in Ireland! Have a great time! Any chance Kat would make that shot from the patio available for downloading so I could print it? That is an exquisite picture!

  6. Love the Unsupervised photos! I saw the cattle and thought Kerry cheese – lol. Glad you had an uneventful trip, if a bit damp.

  7. It sounds like you’re having a wonderful time. Kat is quite a photographer. I cant wait to see how the vacation spot is used in a book!

  8. The photos, as always, are fabulous. The river is gorgeous. Your cottage sounds delightful. Griffin is the adorable, happy boy. Ireland is so green and beautiful. Cranky Publicist photos are hysterical – definitely time on your hands! Thank you for sharing.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your vacation with us once again. Griffin is so darling and we appreciate his parents allowing the photos of that sweet boy. Have a wonderful time. Oh, and I love Laura running wild without you!!!!!

  10. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.
    Nora, you may need to have a talk with your publicist when you return home! Ha! Ha! Love seeing Flat Nora as she visits about town 🙂

  11. The picture of the river, bridge and flowers took my breath away. It truly must be one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  12. Thank you for sharing Kat’s beautiful photos. Oh to be in Ireland again! Enjoy every minute with your wonderful family! Each year I live vicariously with your trip to Ireland. Thank you!

  13. I always wanted to go to Ireland and it was your books that propelled me to make the trip. Twice. And now I am looking at a third time. The calling of the green. Enjoy.

  14. I’m in Ireland on Monday, will miss your signing as we have to go home that day, darn it. My first time in Ireland a few years ago was fully planned as a pilgrimage to Ardmore. It was lovely and completely what I thought due to the great descriptions in The Jewels of the Sun trilogy! This time we are visiting for my lovely niece’s wedding. There’s nothing like an Irish wedding reception either, let the Jamesons and Guinness flow. 🙂 it’s a magical country, wishing you and your family a much blessed time!

  15. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us. I’ll get there to see it for myself one day….. Here’s hoping that your trip to Ireland will provide you with inspiration to have Eve and Roark visit their Irish relatives again. Your descriptions are vivid and make everything sound so wonderful! Thanks again.

  16. Please do not ever stop sharing your journey with us. While I am grounded to my desk at work. I live vicariously through you. Your adventures help me get through an average boring day. They also give me goals to reach. Please continue to share your wonderful family moments. I enjoy seeing your sweet Griffin’s face. What a beautiful life you have.

  17. Love Ireland and hearing about your adventures there! We did try to supervise the Unsupervised Cranky Publicist as best we could. But as you know, she is always on the go! Please note that all of the guests did a good job catching you from time to time when the wind blew. Or perhaps it was the drinks. Either way, what a lovely place IBB is. The history, decor and people are very special. ?

  18. Your travel stories are fun to read, that baby is beyond precious, and Flat Nora’s a busy gal! Thanks for sharing your travel adventures and fabulous photos 🙂

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