So September

I know I’m in the minority being sorry to say goodbye to summer heat. But I like September fine. My garden’s still blooming, and the sun’s finally shining again after a deluge of rain. We’re still seeing hummingbirds visiting their feeders or having a taste of my flowers.

I’ll miss all of that when winter blows in, so I’ll enjoy every minute of it I can while it lasts.

As all of us but the two youngest, not-yet-eligble grandkids are vaxxed, we were able to do some carefully selected traveling this summer. Not yet the long-promised trip to Italy for Kayla (hopefully next summer!) but fun family and/or friends time.

But mostly it’s been at-home, and the bright side—-because you have to find it—was more time for the gardens, for the work, more books to read and shows to watch.

My routine is just basically my always routine. Work, work-out, walk the gardens, cook, veg out. So it’s hard to complain when I have a house and grounds I love, work I love, and family and friends who are safe and well.

But, I can bitch a little!

More at-home time occasionally leads to a quick skim of social media where I find someone posting they’re looking forward to me and my 274 pseudonyms retiring. First, I have ONE pseudonym. One. About 40–count them, 40–years ago I used the name Jill March to sell one story to a long-defunct outlet. Used it once and never again. About 30-odd years ago I used the name Sarah Hardesty to publish ONE book in Great Britain because my publisher there insisted my readers would be confused as it was a historical. I pushed back, but I didn’t have the clout to push hard enough. And they soon realized I was right, then were wrong, and that was the end of Sarah Hardesty.

So one pseudonym with J.D. Robb, and that’s it. Other than you’re wrong to this idiot poster, I’d like to add: Bite me regarding retirement. You’re not in competition with me, nor me with you. The only person a writer should compete with is herself—trying to write a better book every time.

Or there’s the inevitable sad (or angry) demand that I stop using swear words in my books. It can be a religious thing: You have to stop taking the Lord’s name in vain! Or a prissy thing: It does your work no credit to use the F word. And usually followed by mini lecture, and often the claim that people don’t talk that way. To which I call bullshit. Yes, bullshit. And to these people I say, please don’t push your personal morals on me or my characters. Find someone else to read if it upsets you. There are lots and lots and lots of books to choose from.

Of course, there’s always the: I KNOW she uses a ghost writer routine. I know this because—no way she’s written that many, because her last book didn’t sound like her to me, because somebody on-line said so, because, because. To those who make this aggravating and false claim, I suggest you spend more time writing your own book.

It bounces around regularly that I chose the name J.D. Robb to hide the fact I’m a woman. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. I chose it because I wanted to use my sons’ initials—and I thought it sounded cool. That’s it. It’s always amazing to me that people who don’t know me, at all, claim to know the workings of my mind.

There’s more, of course, but more would turn this blog into a rant. I’ve concluded that lots and lots of people simply have too much time on their hands—sometimes that includes me!

I’m using some of that time on this September Sunday to work out—already done—walk the garden and cut some flowers for inside—check!—write this blog—almost there—then settle down to some on-line Christmas shopping. Should be fun. Then this evening I’m roasting a pork loin currently marinating, some roasted potatoes, and we’ll have some of the fresh local corn on the cob with that.

That sounds like a happier use of my time than rolling my eyes over someone’s weird-ass social media post.

And Monday morning, I’ll be back at my keyboard—not retired—writing my own book—by myself—which will surely include swear words. Since it’s a Robb I’m working on, let me be clear. I’m a woman.


164 thoughts on “So September”

  1. I, for one, am grateful that you write the way you do and that your inner Eve comes out as needed with some “Bite Me’s”. I hope you never retire; I’m waiting for them to clone you so your stories may never end.

    1. AMEN!! What she said^. And not that anyone cares, but personally when I read a novel set in modern times I am just annoyed when no one swears. It’s just dumb. lol
      Thanks NORA!! Can’t wait for Tuesday.

  2. Love this !! And love every single one of your books. Keep on writing ✍!

    1. Please don’t ever retire! I would miss Eve and the gang too much:) Especially Peabody…just a brilliant character in my opinion. And keep that daily routine going, as it certainly seems to be working for you! ( I can’t imagine Eve without swear words…just odd to think about😁) In Death series is so fun and entertaining, which we all need right now. Thank you!

      1. I’m still giggling over the “which I’m sure will include swear words”! There are billions of books, move on to something else if you don’t like an author. I have always loved, and will continue to love, all of your books. I’m sorry you have to deal with idiots. Sadly, amazing people are easy targets, especially in the days of social media. Can’t wait to read Forgotten, and am dying to read Becoming. Keep them coming!

  3. I’m thrilled to know you are working on the next Robb title and am looking forward to delivery of the newest one this week. Thank you for many hours of enjoyable reading.

  4. So well said!!! Why do so many folks spend time second guessing and/or explaining what others do, think or act. It simply amazes me. Thanks for a great Sunday respite. Can’t wait to read the new Eve book, you know the one by that JD Robb!!!😂

  5. All of those negative people are jealous.
    You are a very talented writer.

  6. I’m in your minority that I’m ok with saying goodbye to summer. Unfortunately for me, in northern Florida, Our summer lasts longer. Thank you for giving us a glimpse of your world. I’m not as talented with the flowers, so I stuck with aloe,( which can’t be killed, ) and tomatoes.
    Looking forward to the next “in death” book. I wanted to ask what are the book titles for Jill March and Sarah Hardesty? I’m a big fan of your work. Have a Happy Labor Day..

  7. I dread the day you might retire and until then I will enjoy the books your hard work provides us whether a Nora or a J.D. Robb.
    Best wishes from Ireland where the evenings are closing in and despite one last blast of summer sun promised this week Autumn is surely on its way.

  8. People never cease to amaze me. If they don’t like you, stop reading your social media and move on with their lives! Good grief! I LOVE Nora Roberts/JD Robb. Please don’t change anything about yourself! Your writing is my escape and I look forward to everything you write, all by yourself! Lol

  9. Why do you bother to respond to idiots? I love the j d Robb books. I have everyone of them. Three shelves so far. If a reader is offended by the swear words, the sex, don’t buy the book. There are plenty of other books out there to read.

    1. I don’t consider the blog a response, but a statement. But when people insist on spreading false information about me, it spreads farther and faster if not addressed and corrected.

      1. I’m so glad you haven’t retired! I purchase your books before they even have a cover! 😬

        It’s amazing to me that some people complain about your use of language! I work in the real world, with real people, and so many F bombs are dropped that I started dropping them too! Had to break that habit when my baby came along…over 30 years ago. One still slips out every now and again.

        I’ll buy any book you write; just let me know what author name you used…please.

      2. Well said indeed! You can’t please everyone, and the sales of your books prove you please a lot of people. Thank you for the adventures you take us on. I always look forward to your next book. Be well, and may your muse continue to inspire you as you do the rest of us.

      3. Amen! I always say, “go write your own damn book if you have a problem”. Love ALL your books. Never retire! As it is, I wish you could write faster!

      4. Although I am sure you frequently receive praise and admiration from people much more important than me I would like to put my two cents in. Your writing is part of what is getting me through my second bar exam. I hopefully will be a lawyer soon! I I love your writing style and realistic speech. I never quite get why people are getting all all excited about that. It is a lot more relaxed here in Germany. Morals and religious believs are expressed by what you do. Not by the fact you might be cursing while doing said thing. Sending some love as a countereffect to idiots with WiFi.

        1. Well said Germany! I agree that actions speak louder than words. Good luck on the bar exam.

      5. Truth! Keep it real!
        I just finished reading The Obsession again! Any thoughts on a Mason Carson Bowes story? I believe he has something to say!

    1. I tried to use this at home (UK) to my guy and FIL a time or 2 but FIL just raised his eyebrows and said ‘Where?’

      Really took the wind out my sails.

      1. Hah! That’s exactly what McNab said to Peabody…took the wind out of her sails too💛

  10. Some people need an attitude adjustment by the application of a board to the back of the head. I don’t care about what others think or say about you and your writing speed. I like some other authors who only publish one book a year or longer. Because you write faster, I get more enjoyment and it’s great when we know what is coming out when. with other authors, I never know when the next book is out until three more books have hit the pipeline.
    You do you and ignore the idiots.

  11. As usual too much time on social media would be blood pressure raising, I’m just waiting for the next book(s) and hoping you never retire. Was thrilled to find you were JD Robb, and who would really care if you wrote under a zillion pen names it would just mean more great stories! Enjoy the gardens and turn off social media.

  12. You keep doing you! Tried an true success. I suspect the idiots posting are jealous and trying to throw shade because they can’t do what you do! No one does it like Nora!

    1. I don’t know if they are jealous or not but some people just like to be very negative or think that you should portray your characters the way they want to see them. One thing I used to see was many wanted Eve and Roarke to have a baby! NO NO NO, would totally destroy the flavor of the books.

  13. If you retired my bank account would be happier, but if you retired I would be sad. I look forward to reading your books. If a word bothers some one they can just overlook it. I don’t swear but I have and I know a lot of people do in just a normal conversation.
    Keep up they great work and we will keep enjoying reading the books.

    1. It never ceases to amaze me that people are arrogant enough to try and crawl inside your head. It is amazing to me that you can produce four books a year let alone four great books. If you managed to write more, I wouldn’t have time to reread all the great books you publish. Your writing makes me happy and comfortable. Well done.

  14. Nora, you are better than me! I’d visit each person who claimed I used a ghost writer and punch them!
    Cops curse! People curse! I’m very close to a 4-generation NYPD family and their friends, they all curse! I was engaged to a cop, that became a lawyer, he & his fellow cops cursed, he still does. Forget them!
    I have used your ideas with your Kayla to treat my granddaughter, Raven. We couldn’t go to Europe, so we went to Cancun, my treat!

  15. So glad you had a great summer and now a cooler fall to still enjoy your gardens. It is so unfortunate that you still have to deal with all these pinheads out there. I do have to say it is very satisfying to actually read your responses to them, I don’t usually end up catching them but when I do, You go Nora, JD Robb or any of your 1 Pseudonym’s

  16. Hey Nora…happy Sunday…! Keep doing what you do best and many thanks. And to all those doubting, bitchin’ complainers… “f**k off…!!?”

    Stay safe and in your happy routine, Nora… 💜💜

  17. I have recently started back collecting and reading Nora Roberts. It has been several years, got really into J D Robb, didn’t want to get into a conflict of writers and characters. So I have returned to Nora. I must say I have missed a lot. But I am getting back into the groove that Nora and J D are the same person. It comes across in the style of writing and putting the story together to fit the characters and the places. I am several years older now than when I use to read the Nora Roberts paperbacks me and my friend swapped as soon as we each got through with them. Now I read on a kindle the only big difference I have is the smell and feel of a paperback or hardback book. Please do not change anything about Eve. The Nora Roberts books as I continue to catch up with those, show the difference and unique ability to create multiple characters with multiple personalities, but yet I can still tell the difference of the author when reading each book. J D Robb is still my favorite and still the books I wait, impatiently, for twice a year. Please keep up the great work and don’t let the downers influence your style of writing.

  18. I love your books Nora, all the swear words included, they give me a chuckle and show your sense of humor. Keep writing and ignore the idiots out there. I hope Vespa is recovering.

  19. I have loved your books for years! Anyone finding fault with you, or your books, should find something else to take up their time. Enjoy your September and don’t worry about anyone else!

  20. omg….ENOUGH, stupid people. Leave the author alone. The internet has become a happy playground for unhappy, nasty people. On behalf of the humans who love your books just the way they are, and can’t wait for more, I apologize for the idiocy you suffer. Thank you.

  21. I LOVE this! Rant on, Nora because my God the idiots and their comments on social media will make a person crazy! Do NOT change a thing, not that you would, because what you’re doing totally works for me. I love your books, adore your characters and my only complaint is I want them faster!!! Ha. I appreciate your genius, your creativity, your wit and your f-bombs. Most of all I appreciate your characters who have such heart that I consider them my friends as I read your books over, and over, and over. Sometimes when I get to the end of the book I immediately start it over because I’m just not ready to let these people go. THAT is brilliant writing. So thank you.

  22. Ahhh, the rabbit hole of the internet…..I get sucked in too, and the comments aren’t even about me! Stay strong and do not, I repeat do not ever retire, lol! I would miss your books tremendously. Yes, there are plenty out there, but they’re just not yours! (Personally I like the swear words. Goodness knows I use them!)

  23. Reading what he has written today, I am reminded of a 1954 German novel, “Zeit zu leben und Zeit zu sterben”, by the writer Erich Maria Remarque. More people should read it to “see” how important time is and how to use it. You, of course, use your time much better. In my opinion, of course.

  24. I hope you always stay true to who you are and shut out the jealousy. For those of us who love your work and we are legion we just wait for the next book. I also love hearing about what you’re doing and enjoying away from the keyboard. Enjoy the day!

  25. I need that monkey with his hands over his eyes emoji to post at the thought of you ever retiring! I know it’s going to happen eventually but hopefully it’s a long time from now.

    I just can’t get over how people feel so empowered behind a keyboard/phone screen to spew vitriol when you know they wouldn’t say it to your face.

    As to the “language usage”…there are times I laugh out loud (very loudly sometimes) at the use of expletives by Eve and company so please keep them coming.

    Thank you once again for helping your fans get through all that we’ve been through in our lives.

  26. Love the flowers.

    Retirement??!!! Why would someone want to retire/someone else to retire!

    Hope to be reading more great novels of yours 20 years from now!

  27. Keep on keeping on. I love your books especially those by your alter-ego. I adore Dallas and Roake.

  28. Ahhh the petty little people on FB who have appointed themselves as the self proclaimed authorities on everything and claim to know every detail about everything in the universe. They so proudly dispense, with authority, their opinion on every matter and thus it must be so, Bullshit is right, I have followed your career since your first book and you and your characters have been true to yourselves. The result has been thousands of hours of amazing reading where I am transported to different times and places in stories that have so captured me that I forget sometimes the characters aren’t real friends but book friends. It’s sad that people waste so much time on bullshit instead of taking the time to be grateful that you have been so dedicated and prolific in your writing and the end result has been a wonderful library of books. When I had to downsize my husband will tell you I had thousands of books and the local library enjoyed getting most of them but as we were getting the books ready to take to them I was very implicit that no matter what None of the Nora Roberts or JD Robbs were going unless I had duplicates and that rule still holds fast. Thank you for years of wonderful stories and hopefully many more years to come. Ignore the trolls, they’re idiots.

  29. Love all of this! If you don’t like a book, don’t read it. Your days with Harlequin are long gone, but started me on the road to reading everything you’ve written. Loved them all? Nope, but I know I’ll love the next one. I read, therefore I am. Thanks for all the years of joyful reading. And I’m also grateful September is here.

  30. Love your ranting this morning. I for one love your books and say “bull shit” to those who have nothing better to do with their time than criticize outstanding writers like you…go pick on other writers who do in fact have someone write books with them…

    Keep up the good work! Love your blogs and pictures! Have a wonderful and safe weekend❤️❤️

  31. Rolling my eyes at the arrogance of people who think their opinions really matter or we want to hear them. I love how you write. I’m in awe of your talent and very much appreciate that you are still writing exciting and engaging stories. I dread the day you stop. And swearing is normal where I live. Gosh darn just doesn’t cut it in the world I live in.

  32. I have been reading Nora Roberts since the first one was published by Mills and Boon way back at the start and was a late starter with JD Robb. I have paperbacks , hardbacks and e books of 99% of all that has been printed some /sorry most have been read so often that the really old ones are falling apart. I can tell a Nora book from a Sharon Sala, Heather Graham and all the others that I read. Yes Nora your writing has changed it has improved with age as have all the writers that I have read for almost as long.
    I have changed since the 70’s and my reading tastes have changed as well and that is because well age and life change us all . You bring a lot pleasure to a lot of people from all walks of life and transport us to different places and times, we laugh and cry and enjoy your books so don’t let some idiots who don’t know you get you down .
    We who love your books will buy and read them as long as you keep writing them.
    Keep up the wonderful work and I am looking forward to some new stories soon.

  33. Please never retire!!!! Have been a fan forever of Nora. I’m sorry to say that I just started the in death series a few months ago and am already caught up and waiting for the new one coming out this week(already preordered). Thank you for sharing your amazing gift.

    1. I have been an avid reader since age 5 currently 63 and on average read a book a day. Can state unequivocally that you Nora Roberts/JD Robb are one of my favorite authors. Been reading you since the first book and will read until your last. Keep just being you.

  34. Love this. Your books write them how you want, ignore narrow minded people. I love The J. D. Robb books, and the “cuss” words are really part of everyday life, toned down in some circumstances.

  35. The odds of you seeing this are slim but just incase I thought I’d add a comment. I have a love of Jesus and a love of your works. Since God created a sense of humor I have no problem living my life knowing I can fully love both with no guilt.
    As each year passes I live in fear of 3 things
    1. Betty White passing away (may she live forever)
    2. You retiring (may this NEVER happen)
    3. The next In death book ending with a pregnant Eve
    I hope these three fears never become real life! I am forever thankful for the books you have written, and will write (in any style or fashion you should choose). You have created characters that are some of my best friends, you have given me adventures that I get to revisit each autumn (The Key series). I gave my children their own first names with a middle name to remind them where they came from (The Blood Brothers triolgy) Every summer you kindly share your vacation with us. Through these I’ve gotten to learn of the amazing talent Kat, the adorable Kayla, Jason & BW’s inspiring glorious photography, and the ever entertaining Griffin (who I fully believe will become a national treasure). Through you I learned of Laura the outstanding. Everyday I enjoy her fantastic, interesting photos and creativity on Instagram. To sum it all up, you in more ways than just writing a book (or thousands 😊) have given me daily joy. For that I am endlessly thankful and hope that this posts out ways all those who are silly enough to believe anything terrible about you!

  36. All I have to say the “rant” is AMEN! People are crazy. I moderate a social media page for the Episcopal Church and y’all would not believe the bullshit I have to wade through. You keep being you Nora and please don’t retire, at least not anytime soon. I been your devoted fan since 1992 when my Mom handed me ” Honest Illusions” and told me it had a strong female lead and I’d love it. She was so right. After she had her stroke and couldn’t read anymore I use to read your books to her. Thank you for sharing your talent and so much of yourself with us! I can’t wait for Tuesday morning =D

  37. I have been a reader all my life and have enjoyed many writers over the years but yours are the books I have kept and shared and re-read. You are the only writer I follow and look forward to seeing what new books you will give us each year. I enjoy all your books and eagerly await them. I also appreciate your blog and you sharing your family and vacations with us. Please don’t ever stop

  38. Thank you for being true to yourself and to your characters! I hope Ida didn’t inconvenience you too much; my mom lives in Martinsburg, and I know they got a lot of rain. Any news yet about the fire? I’ll be looking forward to the release of The Becoming on my son’s birthday, and I wish you a productive autumn.

  39. Hold your head high! Ignore those people that bring you down! its not worth your stress over it!
    Love you (and please add more sweat words if you want! theres no words that conveys those meanings better!😄)!

  40. I love your work whether it’s by Roberts or Robb it always amazes me that people can’t accept a book as written. You are successful and that causes jealousy I believe. Some people just aren’t happy with their life so they have to take it out on others.

    1. Right? It’s amazing. BW buys almost always from the same farm stand—what he calls the Corn Girls. I could make a meal out of just that.

  41. Just love your posts Nora. I shudder at the thought of you and retire in the same sentence.
    You inspire me when I read of your garden, working out and your travels. Best of all you just inspire me to keep moving forward.
    Brightest Blessings

  42. Nora, you’re the best. Keep on with your life just as it is! I love you & your outspokenness. God bless you and your family and may He keep you all safe.

  43. Well, I can’t say I enjoy the cursing in the books, but I know that’s how people tend to talk nowadays. (Though I do find Jenkinson’s tirade near the end of “Treachery” amusing. 😊) So I ignore it. Same with the sex scenes. I always skip them. (I’m perfectly happy going: “They did it. The end.” in my mind. 😆) My own personal rules are not everyone else’s. Frankly, I know I’m in the minority with a lot of things. But I’m not the author, so I don’t criticize. I still love reading (and rereading and rerereading, and rererereading…) almost all the books.

  44. No one writes like you. A lot of us writers want to be like Nora when we grow up.
    I don’t know what world they live in but people curse all the time.
    Unfortunately here in Texas summer really just arrived in August no telling when it will end. Your gardens are magical. Heck your books are magical.
    Enjoy your weekend. Take care and thanks for being so prolific. The world is much better with Nora or JD books in them.

  45. Love this!! Thanks for keeping up your writing routine all these years. 🌻

  46. Oy Vey! They should institute an IQ test before people are allowed to post on social media! What a bunch of whiny-ass bitches!!! Oops, I cussed! Come and get me!
    Much love for you Nora! Your true fans know you and appreciate you! Don’t care about any pseudonyms, except to say; where can I find that title! I was fortunate enough to visit Turn The Page while in the area and did a happy dance on the sidewalk, like a flaming fan girl dork- lol!
    To all the social media trolls, who have no life, SUCK IT!! 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻
    Love you Nora!!

  47. I’ve been struggling with how to write a comment without spilling over into crazed fan territory, (Your books are pretty clear on where that can lead!) But I have to say thank you. You have been a companion through the craziness of these pandemic times and have been my go-to read keeping me in touch with the world. Several times I have gotten to the end of the series, wondered what to read next, and gone right back to book #1 to start again. I’m counting the days until my copy of your newest lands in my mail box. So please keep writing in a voice authentic to the character and I’ll keep reading in the hope that eventually the world will look less mad.

  48. OMG. Obviously there are people who have never had contact with real Police. These wonderful men and women are the most caring, tactful (when needed), blunt (again when needed) dedicated, and loving people you have ever met. That being said the curse words do occasionally fly, and Nora, my dear, you place them in situations where I have actually heard them used. Jenkinson is a favorite of mine and a well placed F*** fits perfectly. To the people this bothers…read a different book. Don’t ever retire!!!!! Tuesday can not get here quick enough for me!!

  49. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing. Just finished Legacy and loved it! Enjoy this ending of summer and have a terrific autumn.

  50. People don’t speak that way?! I want to live on the same planet as that poster. I wonder if there are unicorns too!

  51. OMG. It’s not worth getting upset at the 2% of social media idiots. There will always be those who are jealous of your success. Why waste any time on them?
    As for your retirement It’s the 1 thing your fans are terrified of. Maybe when you hit 100. What will your readers do w/o you?
    Please stop getting upset with the SOB’S. life is too short and precious to waste 1 second on them. Just be grateful that 98% of us are hanging on to your every written word- curses and all.

  52. Oh whow, I just read the extract of your new book, it’s got me already hooked.
    It’s going to be brilliant….
    Can’t wait….

  53. Happy September!! Love that you shared your thoughts about these topics. Glad that you are strong enough to be you. I’m suspicious of those who don’t swear, and there must be other authors that “non-swearers” can read?! (I wouldn’t know of any offhand , though, because that would not be my cup of tea…). Enjoy your gardens and routines!!!❤️

  54. I love your writing and your way of calling out the bs. Seems like there are always know it all’s who don’t really know a thing but try to convince people they are all knowing.

  55. I finally got around to The Awakening and realized what all the furor was about on your books. I liked the book and can’t wait for the next. I have a preorder on the one coming soon.

  56. Thank you Nora! You are fantastic and true to yourself.! Love your books, sine I found the first one at an US Army base in Germany, in the mid 80s.
    Hugs and Love from Sweden!

  57. I would like to thank you for sharing your marvelous talent with the world!!! You have made me laugh and cry. You have given me hours of enjoyment!! Screw all the naysayers and just keep doing what you do. We, who love you, and we are legion, appreciate all your hard work.

  58. I had no idea all these alt theories were even out there. Good thing I’m under this rock enjoying your f**king books. Thank YOU!

  59. Cuss and kink we all love love love including our husbands. Don’t pay attention to most social media by now I think we all know it’s a bunch of bullocks. At 50 20ish twin sons husband 30 yrs too much his family drama I got the f it attitude when it comes down to it all that matters is ours. Love you never change.

  60. Nora
    I know you have so many fans but I am just going to say it I am your biggest fan! There is no one I would rather meet than you! I met George straight in 84 and he kissed me and sang a song to me so that was great but you are the person I would love to set and chat comfortably with I think you are very talented I love your stories I have a lot in my head but I never know how to talk as the charter in a story like you.
    So you had a couple of names early on who gives a royal F–k? You have cuss words so what? The killers and crazy people you write wouldn’t be non swearing upstanding citizen unless a front!
    Why people say you have a ghost writer is beyond me! Who can even write like you?
    Lots of jealous “Karen’s” out there! Lots of jealousy because you are Fortunate to live a good life , it looks so easy to set and write or do research for hours but wonder why there is only one Nora/JD Robb
    Please write forever!!!!

  61. Also I meant nothing bad if your name is Karen it was sort of just the joke thing from social media my cousin is a Karen and smart and I ❤️Her!

  62. I love all of your books. I love that you create a world that is different with each book. People need to live their own lives and stop the craziness!

  63. I am not usually one to respond to a post but I just have to this time. I am so sorry that anyone has to wade through the social media cesspool of comments. I seriously believe those ‘people’ who leave such comments hate their lives and have to make everyone else as miserable as they are. They are jealous, extremely ill-mannered individuals. The only person who has to be happy with your writing is you. Your fans, which I have been since the 1980s, are just icing on the cake. Your writing is true to the genre—I have never met a law enforcement worker who doesn’t swear. If those ‘critics’ want to believe otherwise, they need a serious reality check. I give thanks for your books as they have provided many an escape from the trials of life and give so much enjoyment to all your readers. Don’t let those f***king idiots bog you down. All of your readers have your six! Like another reader: any news on the fire? Take care and stay safe.

  64. I just wanted to let you know I just finished Forgotten in Death. Awesome. I just found out I have covid-19 so I finished it about 10 minutes ago. Thank you for another great IN DEATH SERIES.

  65. Thank you Nora. Love all your books and the retirement, you don’t write your books are up there with the Eve having a baby, what’s Roarke’s first name, and my favorite when will they make In death books into a movie, tv show or something. Ugh.
    Enjoy your garden and I hope you found out what happened at Vesta with the fire.
    Keep masking up and writing ❤️

  66. Nora please ignore these eedjits!!!!!(favourite Irish word from famous Irish guy called Terry Wogan sadly no longer with us)you, are who you are and anybody who disagrees can go and !!!!!!????????I love your books and writing they are Life stay safe keep going keep writing .🤗🍀 😷 a very loyal English fan.🤗

  67. Thanks Nora! Sounds like a lovely way to spend Sunday! I just said to my daughter…’new book Tuesday’! Looking forward to what is yet to come… Happy September!

  68. You do you. I have enjoyed watching/ reading over the years how you have evolved as an author. Been reading everything (or listening) to your excellent stories for years and hope to continue for many more!

  69. Keep on keeping on! Ignore the asshats! Your books, your language…if people do not like it read let them read something else!

    Please continue sharing your amazing garden posts with us…so welcome in these rather interesting times.

    You will never know the HOURS of pleasure you have given me…nor the comfort when my back was to the wall…and for those things I am forever grateful!

  70. I will say this again and again! You are my favorite author hands down. I love how real your characters are. Real people “swear” there I said it! I look forward to each book, while I reread others of yours.

    Happy September!
    😉 Jess

  71. Thanks again for my 17 years of enjoying your body of work (save the two as March and Hardesty). As I started with the JDRobb’s, I filled the waiting time with all the Nora’s beginning with your first from Silhouette. Thanks also to you and Laura for the blogs as my method of avoiding social media troglodytes is to avoid social media totally. Now it’s “social” that is a curse word.

    Happy Autumn days to you and yours, including the happy restoration of Vesta. Looking forward to my upcoming delivery!

  72. I’m so glad I never see any of those posts on social media! Social media is being used as an excuse to say the most outrageous things! I prefer my author fan groups and friends’ posts and your blogs. You have a wonderful, balanced life. I, for one, hope you never retire. Your writing gives me joy!

  73. Well, I think your writing is just fine. But should you run up to MT again, I’d like to meet you there. Love my home state but I keep moving further and further away.
    As to swear words…he** and d**n. Go ahead and fill it in. If they didn’t hear those words many times a day, well to hell with them!
    Thank you for your stories!!!!

  74. Good for you Nora. Your books are fantastic, swear words and everything. I’m glad you stay true to you. Can’t wait for your next story.

  75. Nora I have from time to time been called a poddy mouth. I come from a family who cusses. Then I read a study that said people who cuss have high intelligence and IQ. That was good enough for me. Keep up the good work. Love everything about your work. I really enjoy your blog!

  76. This is irrelevant to Nora’s post, but does anyone know if one of the Eve/Roarke books has the explanations of D&Cs, PPCs and links? It’s been a long time since I’ve read the first few JD Robb’s where that might have happened. I know the general differences but if there’s a writer’s explanation it would be fun to re-read it.

  77. Thanks for being yourself, and for the awesome books over the years…keep ’em coming! Love from a fan since Irish Thoroughbred🙂!

  78. Ummmm…what time’s the pork loin going to be done? (Checks airline tickets from South Dakota). Lol…you keep doing you, and know that your fiercely defended self inspires millions everywhere! Enjoy your Sunday!

  79. I don’t like the swearing and sex in books, but you make it so easy to skip and still get your marvelous stories. Your stories grab me and don’t let me put the book down till it is finished, I blame you for some nights without enough sleep because of that. Each of the stories are different , not like the same thing over and over, I don’t know how you do it, I just hope you keep on. We will keep reading and rereading. I was disappointed when I picked up a dvd of one, the reading was . nice, but I wanted to hear a beautiful Irish brogue . I hope you never retire.

  80. Nora, you are simply the best and set a very high standard of excellence in your work and in your life. The only thing that truly matters is how you feel about the person in the mirror. Don’t let jealousy or envy spoil your world.
    Personally, I hope you keep writing forever!!!

  81. Nora, Thanks for all the books you’ve written. I’ve read most at least 3 times and will keep reading them over and over again. I really appreciate all the hard work you put in on them. If you ever retire, I may stop buying new books and just keep rereading the old ones.
    And to those who have to criticize the books, read something else, the rest of us very much enjoy Nora’s books.

  82. Oh, I have so much to say in response, but will try to be a bit less verbose than usual.

    1. I agree with and won’t repeat what most everyone has commented. No need to gild the lily. But please strive to ignore the morons posting such crap about you! There are so very many of us, your stalwart fans out here!

    2. I wonder how many others who read this blog post immediately rushed to find the Jill March and Sarah Hardesty books?

    3. The pandemic and my hubby and my impending move to a new farm have been both stressful and blessings in a way as it caused us to review our collective library, some of which was never unpacked from our last move 9 years ago. So while my library system was closed for several months I was provided the opportunity to go back and read all your books from the beginning.

    Not only did I find very few missing, but I found dozens and dozens of duplicate copies to share with friends and family.

    So thank you Nora. You have enriched my life so much with your tales!

  83. Hi Nora. I have every one of your books, including J D Robb. I am a 75 yr old gal, and I have never read anything in your books that offended me. I have to agree with Tiffany about the three worst things that could happen, as well as the rest of her excellent post. Please keep up the good- no – excellent work, So sorry to read about Vesta, as well as the employee problem. I think you and BW definitely made a good choice. Love your posts and Laura’s also, beautiful gardens. I am constantly amazed at how few people have common sense anymore, so all you can do is consider the source!
    Lorraine in Alberta

  84. It’s heading into spring here in Australia, and we in Victoria are still in lockdown. How do i survive you ask. I read, who do I read well Nora and J D of course. Please don’t retire, please don’t give those trolls any more of your precious time or energy. OK so I don’t swear, that’s my way, the stories are not written by me, so if the characters need to use expletives then so be it. I read on, and on and love every story.
    Thank you for keeping me sane.

  85. This post has inspired me to finally write the comment that I’ve been thinking of for the last 18 months or so.

    I’ve grown as a reader along with your writing. I adored your early books, fell in love with heros and heroines as far back as Adelia and Travis (A book I picked up mostly because I was a horse mad young woman away from my own thoroughbred for the first time). It took me a long time to realize I loved your writing. I rarely noticed authors names at the time and it took an embarrassingly long period for me to realize and start filling in books I’d missed along the way but I’ve remained a loyal reader ever since. If it wasn’t for covid this letter could have ended here.

    At the start of lockdown I decided that my gift to myself for all the quiet time would be to work my way through the catalogue of books starting at the beginning and working my way forward. I was astonished to find that instead of the masterpieces my heart remembered, there were early stories I couldn’t finish. Once I realized why and adjusted my expectations I was able to complete my gift happily but I just wanted to let you know that as you’ve grown as a writer, you’ve made me grow as a reader. I read many authors across many genre but you have been my most consistent companion on my reading evolution and you are the reason I demand more. I need characters that act like people, stories that make sense even if no one ever meets eyes across the room and an entire cast of people I can love and still find flaws within and it’s all your fault!

    I’ve gifted your books and the subsequent addiction to many and from all of us I’d just like to say we are happy to read as long as you’re happy to write!

    A quick thank you to Laura as well for the entertaining stories here and on facebook and for the generally unappreciated work of moderating discussions to keep them on track and polite. You’re a rockstar!

  86. I am listening to all of the Eve Dallas books. Do this about once or twice a year! Have read or listened to all of your other books too!. Keep on writing. Don’t you dare retire anytime soon!

  87. I hope you never retire!!!! I look forward to very book that comes out. When I was self employed I use to take the Tuesday one of your books were released off so I could spent the day reading it. Now I don’t work for myself anymore but I will get up early on Tuesday to start the new JD Robb book and my husband knows I will be in my reading bubble in the evening and he will not disturb me. After I read the book he will read the book and then we will talk about the characters like they are long time friends we just visited with.
    When the new book in the trilogy comes out in November we will do the same thing after we have Re read the first book. Again I hope you never retire. Happy writing Nora and happy reading every one else.

  88. Thanks for writing. Pre- ordered for January 2022!
    Retracing Faithless to set up for 9/7/21 which was also pre ordered.
    Thanks again , you can and avid reader Karen

  89. Thanks for writing. Already Pre- ordered for January 2022!
    Retracing Faithless to set up for 9/7/21 which was also pre ordered.
    Thanks again , you can and avid reader Karen

  90. Hi, Nora! I’m glad you posted about some things that were bothering you. I don’t mind the swearing or the sex scenes, and the ones who do, should read something else. I’m rereading the In Death books, and am on Festive. I’ll read the rest and then the new one after I’ve finished them. Thank you so much for some wonderful novels.

  91. I love your gardens beautiful flowers. I have read your books for years love the way you write, whether as Nora or JD Robb. I read other authors books too, but love the In Death series. I like that you share your vacation time with us. I would be very sad if you stopped writing books. You do great work in developing the characters in your books. I’m a fan for life. Can’t wait for Tuesday when I get your newest book.

  92. Thank you, Nora. You have been my favorite author for decades. I own probably 85% of your books. I am converting my bound library to a ebook library and buy a few more each month. Ignore the nay sayers. Your characters have voices…some swear. Good for them! Most have sex! Even better! Love your flowers. I am new to your blog, but look forward to it.

  93. Hi, Nora! You’re Freaking Awesome! Haters gonna Hate. I have enjoyed Every Single Book you’ve put out… as a former corrections officer now a criminal records clerk in my local Sheriff’s Office (my retirement job)… you can’t be anywhere near law enforcement and Not hear course language – LOL!!! Eve wouldn’t be Eve without her Bite Me’s and Fuck Off’s or creative insults – I’ve used them myself. I’ll read any novel you write with pleasure as long as you keep them coming . You’re a Brilliant and Thankfully prolific writer! I Love you. Keep on Keeping on!

  94. Dear Nora,

    The day you retire, I think I would go into a prolonged mourning! People really have to much time on their hands.

    Have read all your books (as Nora Roberts and JD Robb) and reread many of them. I just want say thank you for so many years of reading pleasure. Can’t wait for the next In Death!

  95. I have thought for a long time that social media has grown it’s own kind of horrible behavior that seems to get worse by the minute. Some people think that in the name of “my right of freedom of speech”, that gives them license to say whatever they want without regard for others and with total disregard for lack of respect. You have to wonder where has the decency gone? I love reading….books have helped me through some really tough times and I am ever grateful to the authors who continually tell the wonderful stories. Your books have always and will always do that for me. Selfishly, I would never want you to retire. Write on Nora….you have many more stories to tell.

  96. I don’t remember who was interviewing you a few years back, but when asked when you were going to retire, you said what would you do with all the stories in your head? I’m so grateful there’s still many swirling about, pushing to get out and written. It makes me laugh about the hoo-rah about the swearing. Those folks should be visiting some other authors who make your ‘colorful’ language look tame in comparison. Another author I read, to take up the time between your books, also manages to publish 4-5 books a year and I wonder if she’s getting the same flack. (Oh boy, can she swear a blue streak, too – lol. It would turn your tsk-ers crazy) I’m glad you’re ignoring the naysayers and going on with your life. They can just wallow in their own poison. Some people are never happy. Your gardens are just gorgeous! Our area had a really weird back-and-forth with the weather, especially early, and a lot of my gardens just didn’t get moving. My monarda leafed out, but no blossom – stuff like that. Always something new happening in the gardens, right? The only thing I’m sorry about is the zinnias didn’t thrive, so no bouquets for inside. Strange times. Enjoy the rest of your summer, Nora, and you and your family stay safe and happy.

  97. Well said Nora! I personally appreciate the language you use as it makes the dialog more relevant and true to current life situations. 😉

    Thank you for your books! & Autumn Greetings Nora! 🤗🍂🍁🌻

  98. Thank you for being you Nora!! Please don’t ever change!! I love your books, and I love your garden!! It’s beautiful!!!

  99. Well said Nora and thanks for all the wonderful books. I’m so grateful for your talent. Like my sister says “life is too short to waste time on people who chomp on our energy”. Stay safe.

  100. Nora, your In Death books are the only books that I go out and purchase on the release date! I typically read them in a big gulp, then go back for seconds to savor the flavor of your delicious characters and stories. Thank you for Eve and Roarke, Peabody, the MIras, Mavis and family, Nadine, the NYPSD, and all the rest of the gang. I can’t wait until tomorrow’s release of Forgotten in Death!

  101. Both of your personas are on by auto buy list. Anyone who doesn’t love and appreciate your hard work can read some other authors work

  102. Lordy, I Love it!
    I got a ” BITE ME” key fob, last time my daughter & i were over to the book store! You are Who & What YOU are! And those of us who read & reread your books Love Who You Are! I look forward to Every Book. Im over 70 & have read my entire life…i love the vibrancy, the life force, the all – encompassing energy in your writing. I have loved the changes in writing ‘ style ‘ over the years. And for reasons you mentioned when talking about Social Media, is why i left it & never looked back. I don’t need other peoples Crap. Can’t wait for my 2 new books to come in the mail. And looking forward to seeing you & Laura soon in Boonsboro! Thank You!

  103. Just wanted to say I’m a HUGE fan. I have spent many happy hours reading your books! Looking forward to this Tuesday’s JD Robb and the NR’s November release.

  104. Sorry you have to go through this every so often. Some people are just negative and haters.

    Love all your books. Can’t wait to midnight to download the new In Death.

    Love this blog and all the photos that go with it. Thank you for being you. I hope you and your family have a wonderful fall and the rest of the years also. Good luck with the rebuild of Vestra. So sorry to hear about the fire. Glad no one was hurt and hope they get the person(s) that set it.

  105. I love the way you write cuss words and all. I love that you have strong characters who have a backbone. So here’s hoping you do not retire for a long time..

  106. Same sh*t, different day! People are so needy. Whew! You do you, Miss Nora. I’m on the Nora Roberts/JD Robb tour bus and enjoying the ride! This blog post was everything. Thanks for writing. #professionalromancefan approved!

  107. Boy, if your huge (not!) number of alter ego’s drives some folks crazy, wonder what they say to Jayne Ann Krentz! She has 3 names currently in use & there’ve been many others in the past (I started reading her as Stephanie James in the Silhouette Desire line oh so many decades ago!) I have all her books also and between you, her, & some other authors, I need more shelving! And I buy most books in ebk format these days (plus pbk for certain authors–guess who!)

    Yeah, ignore the trolls. Worst thing that ever happened was internet 2.0, allowing folks to comment without having to state who they actually are. I’m to the point that I can’t read comments in many areas because of the idiocy revealed (esp. as it makes me wonder about our country’s future) and actually, reviews are getting to about the same nasty feeling. So more time for reading & rereading actual books! And there’s always a JDR open somewhere in the house!

    I can’t tell you not to retire–I did already so you have the same right…but I’ll sure hope you don’t for a very long time! Thanks, Nora! Oh & love your garden pictures! My black-eyed susans are starting to finish (makes the finches happy!) and the lilac-colored autumn crocus are open. Always so pretty to see but another sign that we’re getting closer to those darn cold months!

  108. I love all your books as you and J.D Robb and agree with your comments about how and what you write. I love the fact the when you write a different character they have their own personality. NOT everyone is the same in real life and you capture that in all your books and characters. P.S the bite me comments sounds a little bit Eve!

  109. Omg! Some people’s children! I really don’t understand why people think it’s ok to tell an author what to do with her creations; with her fictional, albeit beloved, characters. As you said, Nora, they are free to read multitudes of other books. But they’re reading your books because they like your stories and the way you write them. Why mess with a good thing? I’m so glad that you continue to do you, and that you continue to write in your own inimitable style. Thank you!

    I’m with you too in being very happy to see the cooler weather give us relief from the heat and humidity. Fall is my favourite time of year. 😄🍁🍂🌾🎃

  110. Nora, I am so sorry there are people out there that have no clue the hours and hours you work to give all of us such pleasure and time outs form our busy lives. Everything you said in your blog, “RIGHT ON”…..I find myself re-reading for the laughs, the loves and damn good story lines. Never retire from what you love to do. I for one would be heart broken.

  111. So many reasons right here, in this post alone are why I adore you, Nora. And J.D. Robb, too!

    Happy September, now I must get home to read Forgotten In Death! I just finished reading Imitation in Death last night (for the 3rd time I think). I so love when Peabody makes detective. Plus, I can’t ever stop reading the books, so they just go on rotation.

    Thank you for being you!

  112. I adore ALL your books. I could care less what name you write under! I love Eve and the crew and cant wait for the next book to come out. Fan for life!

  113. Not that you don’t totally deserve to retire, but when/if you do, it’ll be a much darker world without your next book or series to look forward to reading.

  114. A few years ago I decided to make of project of reading ALL of your books. I made a list of ones I hadn’t read and update it whenever I get another of your books. I use this mostly at the Labor Day Festival our town has every year. In the past 2 years your books have been very hard to find. I’ve only been able to find books I’ve already read and not many of those!! Where are your used books??? Are people keeping them all? That is a nice sentiment and I do keep some of yours that I especially like. Oh well, I can still get several on ebay or Amazon!! Love your books, Nora, and hope you NEVER retire!!

    1. You could try some of the used book sites online: Better World Books, Abe Books, Half Price Books, etc. if your library has a used books bookstore, you could try that.

  115. I love your books, that your write both asNora and as JD! I love your snark! And I for one am glad that you aren’t retiring!

  116. Social media has made people more stupid than they already were. Keep pushing on!

  117. I have listened to all of your In Death books 4 times! Yep, 4 times! I love every one of them! They let me escape into a world I wish was mine. I am addicted to Susan Ericksen’s voice, much so, that I cannot listen to any other books unless she is the narrator. That said, thank you for your gift and for sharing it with us!

  118. So beyond thrilled to hear you have no intention of retiring! I read the rumor and admittedly panicked because I love the “In Death” series so much. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read all of them, and it’s a series that I alway find familiar and comforting . . . albeit it a very murder-y way, lol! Though Eve and Delia are fiction characters they have helped me power through some of the worst parts of my life. Thank you for never shying away from difficult subjects and THB I love just how foul Eve’s mouth can get because it’s usually hilarious and/or fits perfectly with the situation. Thank you for this series, and please never stop! 🙂

  119. It always puzzles me when someone complains about not liking an author. As you said, “if you don’t like me move on.” Besides it would be weird not to have Eve cuss. I often think that people say these things because they can hide behind a keyboard. Please keep doing what you do because your writing has brought me such Joy.

  120. Love your books. Always so entertaining. And now that I’ve read a blog, I see that you’re always entertaining!!! Scroll past that negative Nancys. Have a good day!!!

  121. So sorry I missed this post! Bite Me is my stock phrase. I have a collection of t-shirts that have been gifted to me over the years. Tennessee has mosquitos with Bite me! Florida of course has an alligator, New Mexico rattle snakes. The list goes on.

  122. I know people in their mid to even late 90s who could still write books if they wanted to. I read my first Nora Roberts book in 1983 when Irish Thoroughbred came out. I have most of your books and started getting them on Kindle because I have run out of bookcases. I keep looking at thrift stores for two more since I now have places on either side of the fireplace.
    I hope you can write into your hundred something years. I may be gone to heaven by then, but I’ve hooked my daughter so another generation to read. 🙌🏻

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