Forgotten in Death discussion spot

Today’s the day! Forgotten in Death is on shelves, e-readers, audio devices — whichever one is your favorite, it should be there.

This is the space to discuss all things Forgotten in Death, so spoilers are ahead.

Did you catch some of the teasers? Did you read in one sitting or are trying to savor?

Share all in the comments.


141 thoughts on “Forgotten in Death discussion spot”

  1. Just started, BUT there’s a long hidden secret.
    The pregnant woman is key to the mystery!
    I feel it in my bones!

    1. I’ve also just started. Usually I consume each new Eve Dallas book in an evening. I’ve taken up Covid Lockdown drinking and read slower.

      I believe as you do that the pregnant woman is the key and look forward to finding out if I am right or way off.

  2. I zip thru the first time because I can’t wait to find out who dun it!
    But the second time, I take my time and savor every nuance….and always pick up something I missed the first time thru….it’s a win-win!

    ps got my copy this morning. will start as soon as I get ‘my stuff’ done….!

      1. Just finished. Loved it! I’ll read again to savor in a few days.

    1. Me Too! I always read through it twice when it is new and I’v just bought it!

  3. I finished Saturday. One of my scariest moments is when Baxter told Eve that Trueheart’s girlfriend was transferring to another state. I was so scared Troy was going with her. Loved the book and the double murders to solve. Loved seeing the growth in the characters. Peabody driving Eve crazy with house remolding plans had me laughing.

    1. We never really got to know Trueheart’s girlfriend, so I’m guessing it will free him up to have a more prominent love story play out!

    1. My books was delayed in shipping, but came at arrived Thursday night. Started reading but have to put aside until Sunday. So sad do to a business meeting. I did catch the teasers can’t wait to get back to my books.

  4. Getting it today. Already got the audio download. Read it first, slowly, savoring every word, then listening to the great Susan Ericksen making the characters come alive.

    1. I love listening to the audio books too and Susan Ericksen really does make the characters come to life, it gives the books a new demension

  5. Love it! I stayed up until 3am because I couldn’t put it down! I felt like I couldn’t read it fast enough! It’s so fast paced, and intertwined. I haven’t finished it, because Work intruded… 🙂

  6. I just got through chapter two and am loving it. Couldn’t wait to comment because when Mackie met DeWinter, I couldn’t help but laugh. Eve the matchmaker even when she doesn’t want to be. Have we seen the beginning of a new couple? Can’t wait to find out. Looking forward to the rest of the book. Now, it’s time I go dive in…

  7. Loved it. Finished just after 3am PT.

    Wicker is an absolute jerk. I like Mackie. An honorable mob guy? Greenland and Lithuania, new outposts of Roake Industries. Wonder how many more books until the new place is done.

  8. This may have rocketed up to my top 5 In Death books. So damn good. Loved every second of it and will probably reread tomorrow. So many wonderful little details, both from our favourite characters, and from the case itself. So looking forward to seeing what happens with DeWinter & Mackie, and seeing the IHP evolve and finish. Wish I could be a fly on the wall of Whitney’s conversation with Eve tomorrow! Loved his sudden appearance and the snacks.

  9. I caught most of the teasers, but what is IHP? Did I totally miss it?

  10. Downloaded it & started a bit before 7 this morning. Read until 11:30 when the Kindle needed recharging & I needed to get some stuff done. Now it’s recharged, some of the stuff is done & as soon as I finish some work on the computer–yep, I’ll dive back in! I don’t read as fast as I used to so may need to recharge again before finishing. Enjoying it so far! Laughed when she kicked Peabody & McNab out of the bullpen as Peabody started talking house remodel, then Roarke comes in & suggests they go over & see it. And then Eve actually thinks about it…for about half a second!… Enjoying!

    1. I always get the new ebooks on hold as soon as possible at my library. Then when the paper back comes out or the hardcover gets to Thrift books, I buy for my shelf.

  11. Loved, one of my all time favorites. Started at 3 a. Just finished at 2:25 p.m. Will definitely be reading again.

  12. Well, I fully expect my comment will be deleted, but I’ll weigh in anyway. I loved this, as I love all Nora Roberts/JD Robb stories, until about 3/4’s of the way in, when the romanticisation of a Russian Mob boss turned my stomach. I just felt this was such bullshit, akin to the romanticisation of the Italian Mafia in The Godfather. I didn’t feel either, that this hazy, gauzy, situation where Dallas and Peabody drink lemonade and eat cookies with the murderous mobster whilst the murdering bastard gets all sentimental over his grandchildren rang at all true, it didn’t seem to me as if this would be their reaction, given the back story and characterisation, and moral values of both, built up over many books. Where was Dallas’s finely tuned sense of evil and morality, here? The mobster was responsible for many deaths, as Dallas herself notes, yet Singer, responsible for the deaths of 1/2 people, is portrayed as *more* culpable. I just don’t get it.

    I didn’t like at all,either, the motive for the murder of Johar; it smacked to me of PC bullshit. If you’re going to introduce into the story a young Muslim woman, murdered because of her pregnancy, and involvement with a non Muslim, then I would think one of the motives should have been that of an Honour murder, regardless of how you choose to make it finally play out. Religious Muslims are documented as murdering females who step outside their religion, and a pregnancy caused by a non-Muslim would have been a huge red flag and motive which Dallas would *never* have missed, if you are going to be true to her character.

    However, it’s clear PC rules. PC for Muslims, but murdering Russian gangsters get a pass, so long as they love their grandchildren. Hohum. Incidentally, *Roarke* buys up the Russian mobsters business interests? Fucks sake.

    1. Well, wow, I have to say you obviously have issues. Those plot lines didn’t work for you, fine. Your deal. But I wrote what I wrote because it worked for the story and the characters as I see them. My characters, after all. And they don’t always see in black and white.

      I WAS true to Eve’s character, as her creator. You don’t have to agree with how the storyline went, but you really go over the top coming on my blog and lecturing me this way because you wanted something else.

      I honestly don’t think I romanticized the Russian mobster. He was what he was—and at this point in my storyline an old man who had salient information regarding an open investigation. Roarke buying his business has nothing to do with the mob, or prior bad acts.

      Your issue with Muslims? I won’t go there. You really shouldn’t have either, but that’s your baggage.

      1. You know what, I’m adding to this. I could write an entire blog post on Jan Andrew’s audacity. The outrageous entitlement of a reader to tell me what I should write plot wise, how my characters should act and react. The reader who brings her own issues and biases into it, then slamming me for not following what she sees as correct.

        I had reasons for everything I wrote in Forgotten, whether certain readers agree or enjoy or not, My reasons which adhere to the world I created a couple decades ago.

        When a book or storyline in a book doesn’t work for a reader, that’s okay. They all can’t work for all readers. But no one has to right to tell me how I should’ve written it to satisfy his/her own viewpoints, and call it bullshit because they don’t agree. No one.

        And somehow, her viewpoint is because a woman shot another, pregnant —with her own gtandson’s child—woman in cold blood, buried her and the fetus, and went on her merry way shouldn’t be as big a deal for the primary investigating that murder than somehow doing something about an aging mob boss (who has some information that may help her close that case). A person she isn’t investigating, has no evidence with which to investigate.

        If the reader didn’t see the conflict Eve felt regarding this, she really didn’t read very carefully.

        And the investigator—whom I created—should immediately leap to honor killing (because Muslim) without knowing the identity or circumstances. Once the identity is known, so is a connection to the family who owned the site at the TOD. So.

        I’d suggest to this reader, or others like her: Write your own damn book then get back to me.

        1. You tell her Nora! What’s with people today that they want things their way or not at all? First no swear words, now too PC, not enough PC. What next? Kee writing the way you want, swear words and all. Love all your books

        2. You’re absolutely correct, and I wholeheartedly apologise, it was damned cheek on my part, and I’m very sorry.

          I love your books, and the fact that this one didn’t work for me 100% didn’t give me the right to be snotty. Again, I apologise.

        3. I loved the book! I really feel like Eve and Roarke are truly hitting a groove with each other and it’s wonderful to experience how in tune they are! I have always enjoyed the NR stand alone books and trilogies but this series is great that we get to see the relationship grow and become book after book.

        4. Way to go Nora! I absolutely hate when people are trying to write YOUR books! I have given up reading websites because I can’t stand it. If these people are such good writers let them write their own books. I want to say I love the In Death books and the way you write them. You have given me many years of pleasure. I have bought them all on the release date. I say again Way to go!

      2. Well said. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and got a hysterically funny picture in my mind of the retired Russian mob boss, Eve and Peabody eating the cookies and drinking lemonade. It made me laugh out loud. Bad guys can mellow with age. Even Eve can mellow a bit especially since she married a former thief. Wonderfully written. If I don’t like something in a book that is my problem, not the author. Keep writing, and I’ll keep buying your books and reading them?

      3. Ok, I have been considering this for several days and this is what I want to say: Jan’s comment was rude as written but Nora, your response was vicious.

        You absolutely get to write your characters as you see fit. Your readers absolutely get their own response. It so happens that the Bardov garden party and Roarke buying Bardov’s business threw me completely out of the story too. Completely. For one thing, if Bardov’s enterprise is so criminal and vicious as written at the beginning of the book, then what exactly is Roarke buying? The criminal organization seemed to be most of it. And her point that it seems strange that Eve didn’t even consider the possibility of an honor killing? Well, it didn’t occur to me at the time but it actually makes a lot of sense to me now. There is a lot of brutality in the world and sadly honor killings happen right in our very own New York. I follow several author blogs where the authors have requested readers to tell them if something made them fall out of the story.

        This isn’t a personal blog. This is a professional blog which exists to benefit both you and your readers. Your response lacked professionalism. My takeaway is that this blog is only for the positive gushers. I think even thoughtful musers will be been frightened away. It was breathtakingly vicious. I assume, although I don’t know, that Jan is not a professional writer with training in word choices and how they effect people. You are.

        I expect this to be either edited or to receive the same kind of brutal response as Jan. You see, it didn’t take me long to be trained to fear you. Not long at all. And yes, I know that it is rude to lecture someone on their own blog (although once again I will point out it is a professional blog). Being vicious to one of your faithful and enthusiastic readers who provide your income is worse. She didn’t deserve your response.

        1. I disagree on your take of this blog. It is most definitely a personal one that acknowledges the professional aspect of Nora’s life. If it was purely professional, I’d only post book related items instead of the variety of looks we get into Nora’s travel and at-home life.


        2. We obviously have different definitions of vicious and of brutal. And you, very obviously, don’t fear me.

          All that aside this–personal–blog, as it contains much of my world beyond my profession–isn’t reserved for those who ‘gush’ as you put it. Countless readers come here and express disappointment with a book or aspects of a book. To those readers my response is, almost always, that I’m sorry the book didn’t work for them. Not all books work for all readers.

          In this case–and I will apologize for finding it necessary to drag Jan back into this–a reader didn’t express disappointment but outrage. My creative choices were termed bullshit, and the reader felt entitled to tell me how I should have approached the storylines.

          As you apparently feel entitled to do while–first time poster–insisting I owe the reader an apology.

          There are some who feel, and feel strongly, a reader is entitled to say whatever she likes to a writer on social media, and to say it however she likes–and the writer is obliged to take it. Because–as you claim–the reader provides my income.

          Guess what? I provide the story that entertains (or doesn’t) the reader. Our relationship is a mutual one.

          Buying a book doesn’t give anyone a free ride to rudeness. It doesn’t give anyone the right to take pot shots with impunity. It sure doesn’t give them a right to tell me they know better than I do how a story and characters I create should be realized.

          Now as to your issues with the storyline. I’m sorry the angle of the aging mafia don’s home life threw you out of the book. I felt it was relevant, and he had valuable information. It’s hard for me to see the objection to Roarke buying his business when it’s made clear he’d been legitimizing it for some time, when Roarke’s own empire has its foundation in criminality–and when Roarke would certainly clean up and clear out any remaining issues.


          As to the honor killing, Eve didn’t have the identity of the remains, and the moment she had that identity the connection to the Singers came out. Why would she consider honor killing when the remains of a pregnant woman and her fetus were discovered walled up on a property owned by the Singers and the victim had gone to college with the son?

          I suppose I could’ve spent time before the ID reveal having her push on the honor killing angle, but she was juggling two cases, waiting on identification on the remains, had no idea where the second victim came from, but only she’d been deliberately walled up inside a property owned by the Singers.

          These were my creative choices, ones I felt fit the characters and plotline. You don’t have to agree, but disagreement doesn’t entitle a reader to term those choices and my work bullshit. And I’m not obliged to pander to said reader because she bought the book.

          1. Well put. What I loved, even more, was the recommendation to WRITE YOUR OWN BOOK. As a neophyte, in that I have only one book published, I had a similar experience in writing a section I read to one of my writing groups. Only recently have I been able to explain I write what my characters tell me to write and to deviate from that is not being truthful to them. Love all the IN Death stories. Just keep on writing. Thanks for such entertaining and intriguing characters. I also thought the lemonade scene touching as well as him in the garden. thanks again

          2. I loved your take on the characters and the arc of this S series is one that my mom and I looked forward to every year. We’d dissected every nuance just as you just did. Prior to her death in 2016 we both started to believe you were prophetic in that your Urban Wars started about our current timeline and with the what is going on now…
            Anyways, my biggest take away from Forgotten In Death and this big discussion, is that if this had been a religious honor killing Jane Doe and the Fetus Doe would have never been hidden somewhere tied to the Singers; as they are Christians. Eve is a brilliant investigator – even when the killer(s) are trying to mislead her she can see thru the b.s.

        3. If you don’t think this is a personal blog, then you’re new and need to take a breath. Nora’s shared more of her life and how she goes about her routine more than any author I’ve read. You’re spoiling for a fight, but you’re dead wrong in so many ways. The only thing vicious around here is your use of the word (four times? really?) Jan’s backed up and gave a graceful apology. This is a book of FICTION, set 40+ years into the future. That’s the beauty of fiction, Nora can write any damned thing she wants and thank God she does.

    2. Disagree on every level. The storyline was very true to my interpretation of Eve’s character.
      Also…family members murdering a woman and her unborn child because they are bigots and racists and supremely self entitled? Totally legit and believable. Unfortunately all too real.

      The one thing that disappoints me is knowing this type of hate will likely still exist into 2060 and beyond 😞

      Loved the Russian mafia grandpa storyline. Loved it.

    3. Did you also notice (or am I wrong, here??) that the Eve-Roarke relationship felt off? I haven’t finished yet, maybe there’s a reason for that, but she is absolutely ANTAGONISTIC toward him for so much of the book, and he is just casually ignoring her feelings. When has Eve EVER said she wanted to punch Roarke in the face??? There was just so much that felt out of character for both of them.

      1. I’m pretty sure she’s mentioned punching him–and has actually done so–before. I can’t say why it feels off to you, as that’s your read of it. I can only say I didn’t feel the same antagonism or his ignoring her feelings when writing it.

      2. Totally disagree, Roarke helped her with her case as always. They had private moments and he was there as back up when Eve got shot. Roarke as always stayed until she wrapped up after a case and he was there this time. Plus the lovely walk and special dinner outside. That’s just my take on that. Appreciate your opinion though too. Can’t wait for the next book in October!

      3. Anne, which book are you reading? That doesn’t sound right. There was a lot of emotion everywhere, but I didn’t feel that.

      4. I think you may have felt this because it wasn’t one of those cases where Eve worked herself to exhaustion. Frustrating especially the second but not one where Roarke would say your so pale i can see through you. There seemed to be less urgent care and more of the easy I’m there for you.

    4. You have a point. But it’s just fiction.
      Ms. Roberts has indicated this numerous times and won’t likely be making any apologies!
      Similar to when Somerset says it’s okay to steal but not from someone less off than you and absolutely no books. I still want to know why there is no Captain in the homicide department? Ah well. It’s all a wonderful escape! I’m just happy Ms. Roberts is still writing!

      1. There’s no captain because I don’t want one. That’s really all there is to that. It wouldn’t work for the dynamics I created.

        1. Hey Nora

          Thanks for another corker.

          Eve has the title of Lieutenant and turned down a captaincy way back.

          I have always just thought for Whitney and Tibble she IS the captain just doesn’t want the title.

          I usually enjoy the books for what they are – escapism – and don’t analyse them to bits.

          Thanks again for this series that I can escape into.

  13. I so, so loved this!!! I agree with other post, one of my top favorites. Not as much personal but I’m sure we’ll get that next time! 😉 I’ve finished it and then reread the last few chapters again. I love how Nora and Dallas fight for those “forgotten” souls. Thank you Nora for all you give to us. Since early I won’t spoil it yet ☺️

  14. This one is one of my favorites! I can’t wait for the next one. Thanks Nora!

  15. I am downloading my copy now! I had to work today (sigh!) so I haven’t had a chance to download it until now (Hurry internet hurry!). I really want to see Peabody drive Eve crazy with her home improvement plans. I’m sure its worth a few creative threats to Peabody’s health if she mentions it one more time. How rude to tell someone how to do their job. Have there been Nora/ JD Robb books that weren’t my favorites or I didn’t like as much as others Yes there have been but I would never try to tell Nora how she should have written it different or more to my tastes. This goes along with the same thing about asking her to tone down the “language” IT’S NOT YOUR BOOK PEOPLE! I don’t think Nora is going to come to your workplace and tell you how to do your job so don’t tell her how to do hers. The Nook is done with the Download! Woot! off to Dallasland

  16. I got the book early and finished it on Saturday. I tried not to gulp it down and to savor each moment. DeWinter and Mackie, Peabody with tile colors and paint colors, etc., the dive back to the Urban Wars and how horrific those times were, the continuation of Jenkinson’s eye-blowing ties, popcorn suggestion for observation – the chips worked; just loved everything. Nora never fails me with her character development, plot lines, story development, and an overall excellent story. Hip, hip hurrah to Nora/JD!!!

  17. I read straight through. Then read again more slowly. Then listen to the audio book about 4 times. Lol. So much to love in this one- as always! Trueheart… I was thinking “no no no he can’t go!” No sniping with Summerset, but I enjoyed those good scenes. Some quality Roarke time. A crazy but funny dream with Eve’s two boys watching over her. Thank God and Roarke for Eve’s topper! I did NOT expect that. Now… to round two! 😍

  18. This is my favorite book yet. I liked the way everything ended up fitting together, solving the mystery. I loved how Peabody has grown and is watching out for Eve, doing what she has seen Roarke do.
    The tidbits of their lives are inserted so well into the story without interrupting the plot. Thank you again, Nora. My birthday is Feb 9th and I know what I’ll be doing then!!@

  19. This story introduced so many characters that I enjoyed. Dewinter’s little girl. The musician family. The Dell Brothers, I so want to meet the mom. I also really loved Eve’s outfits!

  20. Thank you, thank you, thank you Nora! Excellent, every page….a VERY happy reader ❤️

  21. Well, book only downloaded yesterday, I’m in Oz, so am only three chapters in, but it’s great, as usually is the case. I would only ask Nora one thing, can she get Baxter a girl friend?

      1. I think I’ve always made the assumption that, like many men who play the field, he will accidentally find That Person who rocks his world. Kind of like Webster did.

  22. I love you Nora! Another excellent interlude with Dallas and Company. I love how much Eve has grown since the first book and how her relationship with Roarke matured. They’ve settle into a nice place and rhythm for now. The business lunch of pasta salad and murder is just one lovely example. Thank You!

  23. this is one of my top favorite books in the series. So glad took the day off from work to read….bad thing finished way too quick. but will read again this weekend, just to pick up on some of the little things probably missed. One thing so very curious about think this is 2nd book to mention Dayton, Ohio is there any reason for that? It is my hometown so always gives me little bit of excitement to see it mentioned anywhere 🙂

  24. I blame the characters when they do something I don’t like, or act in a way I think they shouldn’t 🤔🤣😂 🤷‍♀️
    That’s how real they are to me.
    Never even consider getting mad at the Author.

  25. Received Forgotten yesterday, despite Amazon informing via email that the book would arrive 8th September 🙄📖📖🙄. Read the book start to finish. Now about to start listening to the audiobook of Forgotten 👍📖👍

  26. I am hoping that in the future where Eve lives honor killing is a crime of the past. Let’s hope that humanity has improved.
    It’s off topic but a NYC friend who is a nurse married & moved to Israel where she worked in the burn unit of a hospital. She was taking care of a Muslim woman for 6 months before she was released. Her father had set her on fire for an involvement with a non-Muslim.
    Nothing unusual in that but what shocked her was the aftermath. The Muslim woman was arrested wearing a suicide vest. She was on the way to the burn unit that healed her to blow herself up. Her reason? Her father promised her that if she does this then he will forgive her.
    Hate has no reason or rationale.

    1. And honor killing wouldn’t have been correct in this situation. It would/could be an “honor” killing if Johara’s family killed her for being pregnant by a non-Muslim. But to be killed by his family wouldn’t make sense as an honor killing; in that case it’s just killing her to get her out of the way and out of the family.
      P.S. Chevy – your story is disturbing and heartbreaking. Imagine being so desperate for your father’s forgiveness that you’re willing to die and take dozens of people who cared for you with you.

  27. This book was fantastic! The twists, the turns, just amazing. I agree with Laura, this one is definitely one of the best. I don’t know how Nora juggles dates, ages, stats (concrete for Pete’s sake!), and still weaves in the humor and humanity that makes this such an awesome saga. Thank you for another winner!

  28. Loved the book!! Read it in less than a day!! As usual when I get a new Nora/JD book! Missed Mavis but loved learning about how they’re putting the house together! Laughed when Peabody sat on the floor to eat!! Do you think someone will sneak in & replace Eve’s visitor chair! Thank you Nora/JD for another fabulous book ❤📖

  29. I absolutely loved the book! It is almost like we got two books in one with the different story lines (thanks Nora 🙂 ). I always do the audiobook first because I love how Susan Ericksen reads the characters and I can listen at work. I love how the characters have all evolved. The Eve/Summerset banter is always fun and I love how they really do take care of each other. I always find it so funny when Eve has to fly. And the hotel brothers were a hoot! Thanks again for this gem. Until the next time! ❤

  30. I’ve been reading this series since it started and love the books. I often go back and reread several books again. But something I noticed that is kind of a technical thing (I’ve also noticed this in various tv shows) is how little use they make of DNA. I’m a genealogist and we work a lot now with identifying people, frequently in a short period of time. Using various databases and so on, we can usually find relatives and parents for someone within a week, sometimes within a day or two. I imagine that in the future this will only happen faster. Many states take DNA or blood samples at birth. Anyway, like I said I love the books and the characters. This is just a suggestion for possible background stuff. Thanks.

  31. What about Johara Murr’s family? She is pregnant and disappears, do they never search for her? What was their reaction when she was found? I feel like this was left dangling.

    1. I think you read too fast. It was in there. No, I didn’t show their reaction when she was found, but it didn’t play into the story. It just didn’t have anything to do with the case, or the storyline, and they take priority.

  32. Have a scene in the In Death I’m working on that uses DNA for identification. I feel I use it when it suits the storyline or investigation.

  33. Just finished and I really enjoyed the whole story. LOL! I was right about Mackie and DeWinter, whether they’ll become a couple or not we’ll have to see. Enjoyed the Peabody channeling Roarke and all. Can’t wait for the next book now. When did you say you’d have that for us? By Christmas? (LOL! Yeah, in my dreams.)

  34. I read every minute I had over the last couple of days, was late to work today to finish up. Literally, February and September are my favorite months of the year. Loved this one and that it had a few different angles.

  35. I loved the book and all of Nora/JD’s book. I just wanted to know why the severe slow down in the pace of the story? There are now three books per month. 2060 had one book per month with occasional two books.
    Born in: January, Innocent in February, Creation in and Strangers in both in March, Salvation in April and Promises in May. Now at the current pace 18 years will have pass by the time 2061 is finished. That’s a lot of time on one year.

    1. I wasn’t paying that much attention to the calendar, more the seasons, but thinking about it, there’s much much more complexity to the characters than there were in the earlier books. There’s more interaction, friends, new friends, all kinds of things going on. I’m just fine with staying in 2061 for as long as the storyline needs to be there.

    2. It’s goes how it flows. I’ve never counted the books—in book time—per month. Why would I? Does it really matter if you’re enjoying the books how much book time passes in them?

      1. Exactly, Nora! It’s a brilliant book and I didn’t care when in the year it happened, or how long it took, start to finish.

  36. I got my copy on my Kindle at 00.05 am on the 9th. I swore I would only read a few chapters and savour it but as usual I could not stop reading until 5 am when I had finished it.
    As you’ll probably gather I flew through the book – such a brilliant story.
    Will be reading it again and again and I know that each time I will pick up on something I missed before – that is the joy of the books.
    Can’t wait for the next one.

  37. i get to pick up my copy at the library today!!! yeah!! i like to read it and then get the audio book, the library always gets the audio books later so it works out well. It’s good in case i miss things, but i often read the books twice before i return it. i don’t like to keep it too long because there’s usually about 50 people waiting for the book. I like reading the discussion bits because i have something to look for while reading. Thank you.

  38. I loved it. Stayed up because I didn’t want to stop reading. Absolutely expected it to end with a new chair in her office.

  39. Another excellent book/story! Since I’m now retired I have all the time I want to read, which I do as often as possible, but it also means I finish more quickly, also! But so worth it!!! If you write, I will read. Thank you for being an excellent story teller.

  40. LOVED this book!!! Read it in a day! Now I have to wait for the next one again…

  41. Nora often gets blamed for things regarding her books that she has no control over — well I’d like to THANK Nora for something she has no control over just to even things out. Forgotten In Death came out the same day I had a plane trip — and there is nothing more exciting than having a new — great! — book to read to take one’s mind off of flying (How does the plane actually stay in the air???). So, thank you Nora for arranging the publication date to coincide with my trip. I appreciate it!

  42. Read in one day. This has to be one of my favorites! Such an excellent story! Brilliantly written! So look forward to each of these books. Thank you for always doing an outstanding job. Now to start my reread!

  43. Great book !
    Finished it today , rereading series for the 3 rd time I have every book in my kindle with the list of series in order . Each time I reread I still laugh at the banter between Delia and Eve, the idioms that are used/ misused.
    Thanks for a fabulous series Nora.
    Preordered the next one !

  44. I know Nora often drops breadcrumbs that will be important in later books, so I’m hoping we’ll hear more about the young Monet thieves…I always enjoy hearing more about the international criminal world!

  45. Just loved this book. Loved the multilayered investigations, the banter between Peabody and Eve, the way Peabody takes care of Eve and makes her eat (although it might just be to not have to eat anything from vending, the AC seems to be stocked by the fairies, too.) And the way Peabody is developing into a really good detective on her own. My second read is listening to Susan Eriksen reading this great story.

    1. LOL, Roarke will probably hire them at one of his businesses. If he finds them that is.

    2. Hey @Jackielemon – isn’t Susan Ericksen just about the best narrator ever!

  46. I definitely agree with you, Laura, definitely in the top 5 of the In Death series! Nora Roberts remains the Queen of contemporary fiction. I have read the entire series multiple times since the first one came out and will be reading this one again. Definitely worth waiting for as they all are. Oh and is the visitor chair finally going? LOL Love the smart girls so much and Peabody channeling Roarke. So thankful for magic toppers, the elves moving to outside, all of it.

    1. I don’t know why so many readers think Eve’s going to get rid of her visitor’s chair. She’s sure not planning on it—I’d know!

      1. Oh good, Nora, I would have been sad to see that chair go. It has a personality all its own.

  47. Loved loved loved! I always preorder your books and was super happy this pinged for me this week. Got to sit down today and read it all in one shot! You’re the very best Nora. It’s the best feeling to let time slip away when I fall into your books! You always outdo yourself with these In Death books. Each one is better than the last! Thank you for helping me get away from my everyday today <3

  48. It was just a little thing. The 2 police officers at the beginning who find the lady in the dumpster… Urly and Getz. My mind went to the Urly bird Getz the worm or in this case the first victim.
    Thank you for another great read.

    1. I totally missed that! Thank you for pointing it out .
      I read it through once, listened to the audio version once, and it’s timefor another read!

  49. What a fabulous twist! My anger level was equal to Eve’s when I thought I’d missed Bolt’s culpability! Thank you, Nora, for a completely satisfying and enjoyable read…

  50. OMG! Loved it just loved it. Another great story. Can’t wait for the next one.

  51. I read it in one setting. Getting ready to listen to the audio book, then I’ll probably re-read again before the end of the month. I spent part of my summer re-reading all the JD Robb from the first one to the last one to get ready for this one. I can’t wait for February for the next.
    Nora, keep on writing the way you do. You’re my favorite author of all time.

  52. Loved the book. I got it on Thursday evening, started reading on it right away. Then I read more on Friday. Then I couldn’t leave until I finished it.
    I’m living in a 2 story house, my brother-in-law took me in last November. Still looking for a home. But his ac doesn’t work. So, I spend afternoons and evenings at Starbucks.

    Yesterday I had to finish the book before I could head to Starbucks.

    I kind of thought it was the grandmother once Eve talked to her.
    Loved the Russian mobster deciding he was retired. Then Eve and Peabody eating cookies and drinking lemonade. The twins squirting frosting on each other was too cute.

    I see Eve shares Nora’s fear of flying.

    Kathy in Texas raises her Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino in toast to another great book.

  53. I enjoyed the book as always. Have a quick question however. What is a “topper”? It sounded like a hat and it turned out to be a magic coat. What? That whole thing confused the heck out of me. Why did you change terms? I didn’t think it was an Irish or British term. But it is a term that hasn’t been used in the books before.

    1. I used the term when he gave it to her, a book or two ago. I used the term as it’s not a coat like her black one, but lighter weight, and it’s not a jacket. It’s a lighter coat, longer than a jacket, and those are often called a topper.

      You could look it up!

      1. Thanks Ms Roberts. I did look it up in British /Irish slang first but just must have missed it. I can’t believe I didnt retain it from the previous book as I’ve read them often enough. 🤦‍♀️ Thanks for the response and explanation. I’m normally not such a git.

        It’s always a good day when an In Death book appears on my Kindle. They’re pre-ordered out as far as I can get them (your other books as well). Ok. Enough fangirling. I’m embarrassing myself 😎

        1. It’s actually not Irish or Brit slang. It’s a fashion term. You could look up topper coats, probably get images of the basic style.

  54. I thoroughly enjoyed this one – but then, I always do. I think one of my favorite parts of this book were the times that Eve and Roarke were together in the evening. They just seemed so settled and happy in their married life – sharing meals, sharing parts of their day, sometimes irritating each other (which rang very true), and caring for each other. (Loved the walk by the pond and the wine that was on the bench there.)

    The mystery was great as well – and the elder Singer really was one of the cruelest, most unapologetic evil murderers in the series.

    Thanks, Nora. I so appreciate all your hard work in bringing us the wonderful InDeath world. Can’t wait to get caught up with the gang again.

    February seems like a long way away!

  55. Thank you for another great book . I love the retired Mafia boss & his interaction with his wife. Also love the way Eve arrest Alva’s husband, hope he rots in jail. Looking forward to the 2nd book in November . Thanks again for writing so many great books in a year .

  56. I savored the story. Lt. Eve Dallas may be my favorite character of all time. This was a fast and fiery read, brilliant. I love the on-going girl power of the stories, Eve, Peabody, Reo, Nadine, Mira, simply magic. For me, she is spot on with the excellent commentary on society. Both Eve and Roarke have truly evolved and I’m here for it. Looking forward to more. Thank you, Nora!


  57. Nora, thank you for dropping by and spending sometime with your fans! I love every book and I’m glad I get to visit the In Death world every few months.

  58. Great as always.

    Ye gods the killer is quite loathsome. Not Natural Order loathsome, but not too far either.

  59. Loved it, as always!

    Perhaps I’m reading (heh) too much into this, but after the last book when I totally missed the sly reference to “Senator O’Connell from Kentucky” until commenters in this space pointed it out, I’m wondering if the spoiled rich dude, with his degree from Wharton, his vanity tower, his Russian partner, and the fact that he built a wall (poorly) was more shade?

    Intentional or not, it increased my enjoyment when he went down!

    1. I’ve found many characters and situations that apply to what or who’s happening in the real world. I used to wonder if NR was covertly writing them into the storyline …or if I was just seeing something that wasn’t there. Now, after 20+ years of reading her novels…yes, the inferences are definitely there for those that recognize them.

  60. Just wanted to comment, in an entirely non-gushing way, that this was a great book! It was interesting to read other perspectives on the story, but they were pretty much off beam. My favourite bit was the exchange between the murderer and Eve, when (to paraphrase) Eve said she got paid for doing her job, but she’d do this particular arrest for free!

  61. I too loved Forgotten. Enjoyed the nods to similarities with previous books (Concealed etc.) And am looking forward to future sparks with Mckie and DeWinter, Mavis and baby #2, and the new house as well]

  62. I very much enjoyed reading this well rounded story. It had, in my opinion,, the perfect balance between crime solving and backstory. The only time my reading flow stopped was when Eve thought/talked about the history of the Singer Company. All the similar but different names had me a bit confused. But since English is not my first language, I assume that was just me. It all became clear later in the story. I very much look forward to the finished McNab and Peabody mansion. I think I would like to live there.

  63. First, I would like to say how much I enjoy Forgotten as I have all the Eve Dallas Books. What I have missed in this 
    Book was the lack of interplay between Eva and some the recurring characters. I miss Mavis, Bella and Leonardo! 
    also there wasn’t much  of Summerset, Nadine , Feeney, McNab or Eve’s squad in Forgotten. I’m  sorry if I sound
    picky, It’s Just that I love these characters that Nora Roberts brought too life..

    1. It’s simply impossible to give all those characters page time in every book. It just has to fit the storyline and have a purpose. They’re there when they need to be—and in book time, very little time has passed from the previous story.

      If I wrote in interplay with Eve and all the favorite recurring characters in every book, the series would have to change to Dallas and Pals instead of In Death as there wouldn’t be much room left for the murder, the investigation and the resolution.

      I’m very fond of all the characters, too, but they don’t always have a place in the storyline.

      1. Exactly. It could end up seeming contrived or manipulated to get the characters in. I think your point about very little time passing in story terms is important for us to remember too. We kind of sound like “more cow bell” when we ask for more Baxter and the like! 🙂

    2. I also think we were spoiled by the recent book where every character went to Ireland in support of hunting down Ruarke’s enemy.

      1. But I can’t write a story that includes all of the characters every time. I feel, honestly, that when I am able to do that creatively and logically, some readers then complain that in the very next book all the characters aren’t there yet again.

        Can’t win!

        1. Nope so you keep rolling YOUR way because it seems to be working for you 😉

    3. We did get some time with Nadine and Superstar Jake’s luscious booty. 😉

  64. Another marvelous book by JD Robb (Nora Roberts) – such a fun adventure with two mysteries to solve. Only one complaint – Did it bother anyone else that Robb did not share the scene of Eve telling Bolton‘s girlfriend‘s parents that she had been found? Do I also remember that there was no missing persons listed for her? It seems that Bolton and even Lillith were the only people that missed her and thought about her.

    1. Hi @Barb.

      I don’t think that scene was necessary. Why would Eve attach more to it than getting someone to tell them (Let me use my resources). They had been awful to their daughter and (IMHO) didn’t deserve any courtesy other than the minimum required. She would make sure they knew though if we choose our own adventure there.

      Let’s not forget also joined forces with evil granny to pressure Johara this being remotely partially responsible for her murder.

      I don’t think it would have advanced the story.

      Gee I love how we discuss these characters like they are real people. The power of Nora!

    2. If I included everything, the books would run about 1,000 pages! A scene like that would have moved nothing forward. Clearly, after 50-odd books, we know Eve cares for every victim. There just wasn’t a place in the storyline for this, Her parents simply didn’t matter to the plot.

  65. Thank you again for your continuing passion to create and expand Eve’s world. Your effort is appreciated and enjoyed over and over again. And thanks to that security guard on a train platform in 2004 for sharing his thoughts on a series I might enjoy. He was absolutely right!

  66. After a pause of a few days, I did a reread – much slower and carefully. I realized that for the first time its clear (to me) about how some city areas were built up in levels. I think, if I thought of it at all, when Eve parked on a second (third, whatever) level, it was part of a parking deck. I didn’t consider it as a completely different level of business or living. Fascinating.

  67. Reading a new In Death book is like walking into a living room to hang out with old friends and occasionally meeting some new ones. This is a special series where outside the bad guys, I can’t think of a single character – main or occasional cameo – that I don’t absolutely love.

    This book definitely gave me two new characters to enjoy, Bardov and DeWinter’s daughter. I’m always leery of children in books, because so many writers write them as super smart and all-knowing, all-wise-beyond-their-years, but like Nixie Swisher, DeWinter’s daughter is an absolute delight. And Bardov was equally delightful, as was his wife and their grandchildren.

    I was also glad to see Officer Shelby again. I’ve liked her from her first appearance and Faithless in Death sealed her as a favorite of mine. (I’ll admit to some bias, since I’m bi and am DELIGHTED to see a competent lesbian cop who has more to her character than being a competent lesbian cop.). One thing I really appreciate is that the officers aren’t treated as lesser than the detectives by Eve or by the other detectives.

    The thought that Bolt could be the one hit me like a punch to the gut since he (and his family) was just so likable and cooperative. I can’t remember the last time I’d felt so betrayed by a character in a book and breathed the biggest sigh of relief when everything came to light.

    Onto the IHP, I love love love Peabody’s enthusiasm. She’s my favorite character in the whole series and the thought of her and Mavis doing the whole “no, YOU first” game until Roarke puts his foot down cracked me up. Yes, the books are about Eve and Roarke at the core, but there’s something special in knowing that the characters I love have lives of their own that they lead.

    Honestly I really loved this book and the all the drama and humor it provided. I think it’s definitely in my top five In Death books now.

    (I apologize if any names are misspelled. I mainly listen to the audiobooks.)

    1. I’ve got to say – you nailed it exactly LTODD820. I didn’t maybe love Bardov, but liked that the situation makes us think – it was an unexpected turn and that’s a good thing.

  68. I sense something on the horizon for Eve in the coming books. Her relationships with the people in her life seem to be easier for her to navigate. I feel she has loosened up at bit on many levels. Eve delegated more in this book. Our Eve feels more grown up to me. Oh and I’m not surprised one bit about DeWinter and Mackie. I felt the punch of that heat all the way from here. 🔥 And of course I love spending quality time with old friends Mavis, Leonardo, Bellamina and Nadine. A satisfying story even with or maybe due to the sad elements.

  69. I’m sure after writing over 50 books in a series it is impossible to be able to include every character having a place in every story. I did feel there was a little less Eve/Roarke time in this book, but again, to be expected and the story didn’t really warrant it. I do enjoy all the relationships and especially enjoy when Bella gets so excited to see Eve and Roarke and basically latches onto Eve so she has no choice but to pick her up & interact with her… can’t wait for baby #2 to arrive to see if Eve softens anymore towards babies. They both seem to be pretty terrified at the prospect of children at this point, even though I know they’ve talked about having them “someday” (or I should say, Rourke has!)

  70. I’m in love with Yuri Bardov. That’s it. That’s my take. (Really loved the book as a whole, but damn. Yuri).

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