New Directions

A long time ago, on a hilltop far, far away, I started writing category Romance. With two pre-schoolers to run herd on, I fed my appetite for reading with short, satisfying Romances I could gulp down during nap time. So when stuck with said pre-schoolers inside for a week during a blizzard, I began to scribble down one of the stories in my head in a notebook. It was intended to save my sanity, and became a career and a passion.

Writing Harlequin-style Romances was a natural choice as I gobbled them during this time period. I’d grown up reading everything–everyone in my house read everything– but at this particular turn of my road, category Romances comprised the bulk of my reading.

My career roots in Romance spread over the next decade or two. One of the appeals to me was this was a genre that could, and did, include everything. You could, especially when the genre and the market evolved, add elements of mystery, suspense, paranormal, horror, comedy, fantasy. As long as the story contained a core romantic relationship, tied things up with a happy ending, you could rock on.

I continued to write category even as I expanded into writing mainstream novels, and produced 100 books for Silhouette before I turned off that road. With Bantam, then Putnam (which became Penguin-Putnam which became Penguin Random House), and now St. Martin’s Press I wrote and continue to write Romantic Suspense, I wrote trilogies–straight relationship or with elements of fantasy and paranormal. I began the In Death series as JD Robb.

The In Death series certainly took me onto another lane of the highway. I thought of these as relationship mysteries/police procedurals with continuing characters set in the near future–which gave them a science fiction light touch.

Mostly they were and are fun and interesting stories for me to write, with core characters I adore and enjoy. That makes them tremendously satisfying creatively.

The Romantic Suspense novels I write drive down another lane on the highway. They’re not a part of a series, sometimes have more than one romantic relationship, generally have other non-romantic relationships–friendships, family–as writing about people is what I do. For these it may be a setting that flicks on the light bulb, or a character type, or a situation. For The Obsession, for instance, that flash was: What’s it like to be the child of a serial killer?

As I write without much of a structured plan, relying more on Let’s See What Happens next, I have to be very engaged in the story, very connected to the characters to see it all through. That first flick on has to pull me in.

The trilogies I do wind down another lane. For these everything’s broader and interconnected. The concept has to tell me, this needs more room, and has a theme or goal that can weave through three books. Whether straight relationship, like the Born In trilogy, or The Bride Quartet, or with those paranormal elements, like The Circle Trilogy or Three Sisters Island, the initial concept always included that central romance, and the romance highlighted in each book would be resolved in that particular book.

I conceived them as one big book in three distinct parts, each containing–whether it be mortal, wizard, business-woman or vampire–that elemental romantic relationship.

Writing on those different lanes of the highway has served to keep me fresh and creatively satisfied–and it seems to me gives readers a lot of choices in my work. Some like the Robb series, some don’t. Some like the more traditional relationship, some are eager for the more magickal, others prefer the suspense.

But when you offer a variety, the downside is those who prefer one gripe when you offer another. That’s just how it goes. If a writer discovers how to satisfy every reader every time, I really want to have a sit-down with him or her and learn the secret. But in the meantime, I have to pay attention to that flick of light and turn down the road where it shines for me.

And so, some time ago, that light flicked on a turn off the highway, a detour, an unexplored road. It’s a little risky to take that turn, see where it takes you. But it’s also exciting. And challenging.

The flash of this light didn’t beam on the Romance of my roots, or how my own work has evolved around it, and frankly, away from what the genre is today. It shined on something different, something I saw as more a Fantasy saga. Relationships, absolutely. Books and stories for me are all about the people in them, how they relate, or don’t. Touches of romance, sure, but at least in the opening book, the story can’t center on a central love story and hold for the rest.

I thought about it for quite awhile, played with it in my head, chewed on it, studied the concept from different angles. The light didn’t dim, so I turned off and followed it.

Year One — the first of this different sort of trilogy — begins a journey, for me as a writer, for the characters within, and hopefully for the reader who wants to take a chance with me. It begins with a global crisis, a pandemic that wipes away much of the population and opens a door to magicks. Black and white, courage and cowardice, the determination to survive and rebuild, the evolution of powers for good or ill. And the light again, that’s hope and love and bravery that shines through.

The process of structuring this story–and laying the groundwork for the two that will follow–presented a creative challenge, the need to take a leap, a lot of sweaty work, a larger cast of characters to develop and connect to, multiple relationships to weave, the logistics of world building. Because even when you’re basically destroying the world, you’re building another.

For the first time in too long to remember a book woke me up at night, or kept me up. What do I do about this, how will I resolve that, how does that even make any stupid sense? It wouldn’t leave me alone, so I knew it had me, however it turned out. I had to follow that light and see where it took me.

Writing it proved hard and bumpy and frustrating and tremendous fun. Finishing it was, for me, monumental. The relief that my editor didn’t say WTF when she read it, beyond enormous. It matters, a lot, to be satisfied with a finished manuscript. It matters, a whole giant bunch of a lot, when an editor a writer knows and trusts, whose purpose is to publish, package, market a book and help it be the best it can be, gives the work two thumbs up.

I already know the following two books that will comprise this trilogy will be hard and bumpy and frustrating and fun. But I’m on the road now, and I’m enjoying the scenery.

Normally, I wouldn’t have a lot to say to readers about a book that won’t be out for a year, or a trilogy that’s only just begun on my end. In this case, since it’s different, since it’s not Romance or built on the framework of the genre, and is a turn off onto a new road rather than a different lane, I thought it fair to let those who follow my work know something else is coming.

I understand some might think: But this isn’t what I want from her! That’s okay, don’t worry. The In Death series will continue. The Suspense novels with that core love story (or stories) will continue to pull me in. But you’ve got to follow the light, go where ideas pull you. And hope that readers take the journey with you.


291 thoughts on “New Directions”

    1. I have been reading your work since you first wrote Irish Thoroughbred and love every genre. Cannot wait to read your new genre. You have given all of us great adventures all the years and looking forward to more. Thanks!!

    2. I’m in too! Whatever you write is wonderful so keep them coming!!

    3. “Never judge a book by its cover”….. I’m excited to read this New Direction just as I was when I started the JD Robb series. Now I have re-read the In Death series over so many times I can practically quote parts of it! Those characters have become like friends, and the books are my go to’s for comfort.

    4. I am so excited to read this trilogy!! Nora Roberts, you are an amazing women and I will love anything you write.

    5. I love all of Nora’s books, no matter what genre. Being pagan, I love the fantasy series, but also love the romance and suspense stories as well. She is very versatile, which is great, as you Don’t want to be reading the same story with a different character as some writers are wont to do. This story pulled me in from the first line. I can hardly wait for the second book. Always follow your heart,Nora. You are a gem, and I am so glad you chose writing as a career.

  1. Sounds fascinating. Can’t wait to read it.

    Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your new direction. Its much appreciated.

    1. I couldn’t have said it better, Teresa- bring it on! I read all genres. I like your books because of your rich character relationships

      1. Keep ‘m coming, your audience awaits! Change keeps us young, right? Bring on the Apocalypse!!!

  2. This is exciting for me as a reader. I look forward to taking the journey with you.

  3. In the words of Carole , “Where you lead, I will follow
    Anywhere that you tell me to
    If you need, you need me to be with you
    I will follow where you lead”

  4. Nora, I am one of the readers who love all the books you write: the romances, the suspense, the JD Robb series, the trilogies, all of them. My husband and I are both retired, so funds don’t allow me to buy all the books I like to read. Most I take out from the library. However, I buy ALL your books, as soon as they come out. They are my one book weakness. What I like the most about your books is that they feature characters I really want to meet as they are so alive to me. The way the books are written, I can picture them, and the setting in my head. I so enjoy each book that I am sad when I finish, and I can’t wait for the next one. I also reread my favorites, sometimes more than once, especially when I am waiting for a new book of yours. I am glad you write where your mind takes you, and I will read and enjoy whatever it is. Your books add so much pleasure to my life, that I pray always that you will outlive me, and keep writing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

    1. My thoughts entirely. I trust that whatever Nora writes it will be in her style even when going in a new direction. The very best of luck Nora and it’s nice to have something to look forward to.

    2. I agree with everything you have said. I have all her books starting with the silhouettes. The only ones I don’t have are the ones I had stolen. We hosted a military reunion and one of the ladies absconded with some of my books but the only ones she took were my Nora Roberts. At least she had good taste.

    3. My thoughts exactly! Thanks for expressing them so well.

      Thank you, Nora, for giving me hours full of fun, excitement, romance, intrigue & suspense. Can’t wait for the next adventure.

    4. Agree with every word. I feel as if Nora has just tapped on our foreheads and prepared us for the next turn in her road, personally I can’t wait to read it.

    5. You said exactly what I was going to say! I love all of them and I get so engrossed in them that I don’t want to see
      Them end.

    6. This is exactly how I feel as well! I relate to all the people in a Nora / JD novels! When I need to relax, I escape my reality into one of theirs and am so much better for that journey. Good Luck with this new venue and I will definitely be following along that path with you! Fan for life!

    7. I couldn’t have said it better. I feel the same way. Can’t wait for this new adventure

    8. I agree with everything you said. What I love about Nora Roberts/JD Robb books are the relationships between the characters. It brings me such joy reading them. When a new JD Robb book comes out, it’s like sitting down and getting caught up with friends over a cup of tea.

    9. AGREE!!!!

      Nora — Stay passionate about writing in any shape or form it takes you! You have a beautiful gift and paint such a vivid picture with your books — the relationships you build are meaningful and heartfelt and the characters are certainly ones I wish I could meet in real life!
      I am so excited that this opportunity presented itself to you and has engaged your creativity and will reach so many audiences through a different genre.
      I am happy for you!

    10. Exactly! I have been reading you, Nora, for years and years. After finishing each and every book, it leaves me yearning for more. I wait, impatiently, for the release of every one of your books. This new trilogy sounds exciting and extremely interesting. I. CAN’T. WAIT!!

    11. I totally agree with Mal H. I too am retired and read books from the libary, but always buy Nora’s books! Wherever your light takes you Nora, I will follow. Thank you for many, many hours of enjoyment.

    12. Nora what Mal H said is so true! I usually check out books at library of my favorite authors. Yours are bought as soon as they are published. No matter the genre, if your name is on it, it’s on my shelf! Thank you so much for your WONDERFUL stories. They’ve helped me through 3 am feedings, school field trips, waiting at the Dr’s office, and the first drivers license tests ( times 3). So for saving my sanity & helping me laugh through the teenage years (of my 3) thank you so much!?
      Anne F.

    13. Exactly what I was going to write. Nora Roberts, you are our hero. The way you give characters and settings so much life is very attractive and draws us in. I think any genre you choose will be this way, because you put such obvious research and care into your work.

  5. I was hesitant to start reading JDRobb when I found out it was you. Silly of me because they’re amazing! I can’t wait to see these new stories because books are about people, and no one writes about people better than you!

  6. Wow something new. That gives us a little gift to anticipate. I can’t wait to read the book and see how far your mind can explore the world. Blessings on you Nora.

  7. Not like the In Death series? Impossible. Two or three years ago I started reading these in order, and I’m possibly half finished. The characters have become like family to me, and such an intensely intriguing family they are. Possibly I could devour them all as fast as pages could be turned, but I save them for times when real life starts closing in, then it’s time for Eve and Roarke, Peabody and all the rest. My hope is that I never run out of these novels, but if I do, I’ll simply start over. Thank you for all the moments you help me hold onto my own sanity.

  8. I don’t mind the turn off path books. I really like almost all of your books. Some I like better then others, but have read almost all of them. I even collect the In Death series plus have collected (I think ) all of your trilogies. I also have some of the other books you have written. You are one of my favorite authors along with Clive Cussler, who’s books I also collect. I have read several different authors but always read your books. I usually borrow them from my local library and if I really enjoy them I end up buying them.
    Keep up the great writing. I really enjoy your stories.

  9. Anything from you, Nora, is a go-to for me. I love all your work, each genre, so will look forward to this new venture with excitement. If it was a challenge for you to write, but helps keep you fresh, then that’s great for us, your fans! When you’re happy in your work and the end result, we, the reader, will be too, because the quality of your work will be as always, top notch, no matter what the genre! Thanks for the heads-up and sharing this new journey with us.

  10. It takes a lot of nerves for an established writer like yourselves , with the following that you have, and the genre that you write in, to venture into a new Genre. But having read nearly most of your books, I won’t hesitate to read whatever genre you are going to write in, I know it will be exciting and will pull all of us, your fan’s right into the new direction.
    Thank you for all the pleasure that your books have given me and I know you will still do the same for years to come yet.
    And thank you for letting us know what to look out for next year.

  11. This is wonderful news — it’s more Nora! I don’t care what the genre, your writing is compelling, fascinating, full of laughs and suspense. I can’t wait to see the new books!

  12. I can not wait to start this new journey with you. There is magic in your words. And I love to read them!!! Thank you for writing some of my favorite books!!

  13. I believe Nora, that’s it’s not always the context of the books, but the writer. There was one trilogy that I didn’t care for, but your writing made it a “I have to finish this and see what happens” trilogy. So I wait with anticipation for the first book! I’m probably as excited to read it as you were to write it..

  14. I read several authors with different lines. Some the same genre with different characters, some different genres. Some I like, some I don’t and that’s OK because as you said you can’t please all the people all the time. But I believe it helps keep these authors fresh, so even if I don’t read everything they write I benefit from them “refreshing their muse”. Because so far I have liked everything I’ve read that Nora/JD has written I’ll give this new series a try. If I don’t like it fine, I won’t complain, I’ll just wait for the next one.

  15. I’m intrigued!! Can’t wait to go down the rabbit hole with you!
    There is nothing that you’ve written, that I haven’t liked.
    My curiosity is overflowing and I’m anticipating this new road we’re on together.

  16. Nora, thank you for having the courage to turn down each new road. I am enriched by the characters and worlds your writing has created. I am awed by your work ethic and the quality & quantity of your creations. Anxious to travel down a new road.

  17. I’m always ready for something new from Nora! Sounds exciting and different, and that keep the author engaged and interested which only means good things! Thanks for the peek into the future!

  18. I look forward to each new book that you write. Your characters and the relationships between them are what make you such a fabulous writer. I feel like I know them. Eve Dallas and Peobody feel like friends. I can’t wait to meet some new ones. Good luck with your new adventures! We can’t wait to share them with you.

  19. I have followed you on your journey from the beginning and you have not led me wrong yet. I can’t wait to see where we go next!!! Congratulations on having the courage to leave the familiar to explore the unknown.

  20. Nora, I do so love your (In Death) series. I started out reading your romance novels. I loved them all because your a wonderful, creative writer. I am looking forward to this new turn in the road you are taking. Thank you for continuing the In Death series. I still get excited when I see a new one on the store shelf. I know something entertaining and interesting is waiting inside that cover.

  21. My daughter and I got hooked on you with the Donovan Legacy. I have bought every Nora book that I could find. I know I am missing some and plan to find a list and get the rest at used book stores. When you wrote the Nora/JD Robbie book my daughter got hooked and pulled me in. She buys JD and I buy Nora. We have reread all of them multiple times. My 15 year old granddaughter just started the JD series. While some are very favorites and some soso…once we start reading, we can’t put them down. My daughter especially will look forward to the new Road. We are so excited to meet you in January. We are staying in Roark and Eve.

  22. I found your books late – I think the first one was The Witness. It was a dark time for me, and your books turned out to be a light. I gobbled them up, from the early genre Romances to the In Death series, and found I enjoyed seeing how your style evolved through the years (I got through about 10 years of your work in one year). My life has brought me to a place where I might pursue the little stories living in my head, and it is so reassuring to know that genre isn’t permanent. It’s a pleasure and a deep comfort to read your work, because you clearly follow the edict, to thine own self be true.

  23. Oh man, I gotta wait a year….not fair.. but that being said am thrilled to hear this news. Life is to live and explore not stagnate.

  24. Perfect! As a reader, I’ve already gone down that path quite a ways. Now my favorite author is writing something down that path. Perfect!!!

  25. I can’t wait!! Every road you’ve taken me on has surely been a good one. All I can is, keep on driving down those roads. I strapped in and ready.

  26. As the song goes, “pure imagination!” If you hadn’t followed the previous roads that your imagination has taken you, we wouldn’t have met our friends of the future (Dallas and company), our magick friends, our cop and firefighter friends, our garden friends, our musician friends, and everyone else in your literary world! Keep traveling down those roads, Nora, and thank you for taking us along for the ride 🙂

  27. After reading I read my first Nora Roberts book, I was hooked. I looked you up, and then found every book you’ve ever written and read them all. My favorites include the In Death Series (all of them. I’ve reread them several times), The Search, The Obsession and The Witness. I love every book and can’t wait for your new releases. Wherever this new novel takes, you I’m along for the ride. I know it will be well written and can draw me in. That’s what pulls me to you books. When I fall in love with the characters, thats it, I’m officially hooked. So see where the writing takes you and I hope you enjoy the journey as I know I’ll enjoy the results

  28. I read everything that Nora or JD writes. Love all the books. Trilogy books, love stories and all the JD Robb books!

    1. Nora,
      You are terrific! Can’t wait to read y our new books.
      One summer for my birthday my daughter brought over a huge box filled with your books and I spent a happy summer dipping into that box reading a book a night until it was empty.

  29. “If a writer discovers how to satisfy every reader every time…”
    You may not satisfy every reader but you’ve never disappointed me and I’m sure this new direction will be just as good. Thank you for being the writer you are.

  30. Oh boy! Oh boy! I can’t wait to read it! I just finished re-reading THE GUARDIAN’S in preparation for Island of Glass. Can’t wait for Dec. 6th. Way to go Nora!

  31. Sounds great and of course I will read it. You make pretty much everything work for me, even plots that don’t work with other authors.

    I love that after all these years you still get so excited about writing. That makes me as a reader also very excited and happy.

  32. Oh, wow! I can’t wait!

    I am also a reader that reads absolutely everything and anything – even the behinds of milk cartons if there’s nothing else available!

    I’ve been a fan of your work – the romance, suspence and ID-series for ages. Actually the In Death -series is the one series I’m always talking to anyone who listens, the one I’m recommending to everyone, and the one I’m coming back time and again to read it through from the very beginning!

    I think it is more of the overall style that you write that really speaks to me, the way you describe things and people – rather than any single element of your books like the romance e.t.c. It’s your way of connecting everything, and telling a whole story with a lot of details, that makes me buy every book you write and devour it usually in a single reading session. 😀

    Also, fantasy if one of my all time favorite genres, so I’m really looking forward to reading your new series.

  33. The journey on a new road can be exciting for the travel alone. Then we readers get to experience your new road and see where you’ve gone. Your travels down the Romance road expanded and enriched the trip for many of us. I experienced that road because your writing compelled me to keep going on that road with you. Congratulations and continue to enjoy traveling new roads for a very long time. I made the comment on another site that I hoped you would warn us if you went away from HEA. I read this post as a warning. Thanks for that. And thanks for being the best on any road.

  34. I read everything with your name on it. You never, never disappoint. Look forward to whatever you bring next.

  35. “If a writer discovers how to satisfy every reader every time, I really want to have a sit-down with him or her and learn the secret.” Nora meet Nora – have a great conversation.

    I am satisfied with every book because you write about people. No matter what the plot, you introduce me to people I care about. Some I may like better than others but always I care what happens to them. I read each book (sometimes the end first) to make sure those people are happy. You give me the lives I cannot have in my reality. You take me to worlds I will never inhabit but oh so wish I could.

    I am older than you and my one fight with death will be because you have a new book coming out and I won’t be able to read it.

  36. Have read everything you have written, have most on my bookshelves, and can’t wait for new books. Looking forward to your new endeavors.

  37. I have eclectic tastes in reading, so I love everything you write. Years ago I was talking to someone they said did you know Nora Roberts writes this other series under JD Robb. I said no, so I had to go and find them and I was hooked from Naked to the new ones. I think this would make a great TV series. Just my opinion.

  38. I love your books! The magical ones are my favorites, especially the Sign of Seven, Three Sisters Island, the Key Trilogy & the Cousin O’Dwyer Trilogy. I’ve just started on the In Death series. I can’t wait for the next book (whatever it might be) to come out. It’s interesting to see how you come up with ideas & how you turn them into a story. Keep ’em coming, Nora, we’ll keep reading!

  39. I love your work. I love that you follow where your heart and head leads you. If you didn’t you wouldn’t be one of my favorite authors. I enjoy reading what you obviously enjoy creating. I have read a lot of your books (still looking for a couple earlier books). So this new road would not be unwelcome. Looking forward to something new??

  40. I absolutely love your books. You just can’t write anything that I don’t enjoy reading. I look forward to your new journey and can’t wait to read it.

  41. I’m extremely excited for this new and different book, and books to follow. I’ve been reading Nora Roberts for over 10 years, and have managed after many years to collect everything Nora has written, including the In Death series. I look forward to this new experience.

  42. You write the best characters of anyone I read. That’s what is important. Good luck with new road.

  43. We all have to listen to our different drum beat & if yours is taking you down a new path then that is where you are meant to go. I tend to stick to your magick trilogies & the ‘big’ books. Obsession,Liar, Sanctuary etc. And of course the JD books!! I can’t wait to see where this new path will lead us.

  44. That sounds really interesting to me because you DO write about people so well. If you didn’t, we would not feel that we know (in particular) your trilogy characters or the In Death characters so well that we really want to hear more or know what is going on with them now. When I started reading this blog post, I was thinking, “Oh, please don’t say we are at the end of the In Death series!” I realistically know that one day it will possibly end, but I hope not soon. (But if it does, hey, that is your creative decision, not ours!)

    I can only imagine that as a writer, having this new direction start is both scary and wonderful. It seems to be like having a new baby… you are having to feed it, clean it up, and worry over it — and apparently get up at night with it! I can’t wait to meet your new “baby.”

  45. I’m one of those people who read a grocery list if it had yours -or JD’s – name attached to it, so I can’t wait for whatever you’ve got coming down the publishing road. Your writing , in all its incantations, simply speaks to me. Old Silhouette category romance, or futuristic cop and dreamboat; magik or mayhem You are the writer I want to read, so when I tell you I can’t wait for whatever comes next from you – believe it. And believe also that I’m not alone! There are millions of fans just like me – and you hold our writing hearts.

  46. I’m very excited and a little scared. I love your work and I know these new stories will have elements in it that I will like a lot but I’m a romance reader at heart and enjoy the love stories you spin. I can’t wait to see where you take us on this new road. I’m sure its will be a fun ride.

  47. More power to you Nora! You’re the best. Your stories show growth. Now its growing in you. Your fans are at your side. and will be receptive no matter what because you bring us into worlds, lives, and friendships (love) where no one else can do so well. We will be waiting anxiously for your release.

  48. I’m willing to try something new from you. I’m actually a little surprised that you haven’t done it before now.

  49. Almost everything you write works for me. My mood decides what I step into. The In Death series happens to be my favorite but, I will explore your new venture too. Just glad you are continuing to love sharing you work with the world.

  50. I’m looking forward to the next journey. Thanks for sharing a snippet of yoiur vision. It will be interesting to see where it goes.

  51. I want to read what inspires a writer. I believe those are usually the best stories. I’m excited for this new turn in your story-telling.

  52. I have devoured everything you have ever written, numerous times. They are old friends I revisit often. I love how your mind works, love all of the different paths you have taken and the only time I am ever disgruntled is when I have to wait “too long ” to get my hands on something new from you. May your creative process never wane!!

  53. How exciting! Already looking forward to the new fork in the road you’ve wandered down. I don’t remember NOT reading, had my first library card at age five. Got caught more than once under the covers, reading with a flashlight. Thanks to my mother, I read just about anything, so I love that you write about everything. When I’m wondering what happened with a minor character after the end of a book, that’s being dropped into the story for me. Thanks for letting us into your world(s) and keep on being you! Happy Holidays.

  54. I can’t wait! I’m a fan of ALL your books, whatever the gendre. I share with family & friends & my son is a fan of J. D. Robb series. I have a list & am trying to catch up with the early books in this series.
    You have a way of drawing your reader into the story & I have a problem putting the book down and coming back to the real world.
    So I’m eagerly looking forward to your new direction!

  55. Nora, there hasn’t really been anything you have written that I haven’t enjoyed. I also read your JD Robb series. Love it also. I look forward to this new series that your wrestling around with.

  56. Oh goody! Sounds great. Of course I thought immediately of King’s The Stand. I’m 109% looking forward to your take on this. Like millions of your fans, I’ve read every word you’ve ever written, many books 2-3 times. Can’t wait! Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

  57. If you write it – I read it – end of story. You haven’t let me down yet so I’m up for a new road trip. Looking forward to it!

    1. Victoria In San Diego,
      I have been thinking about getting a book club together and reading only Nora Roberts/JD Robb books. Would you be interested?
      PS I live in San Diego too

  58. For me, your books are always about the characters and how they react to whatever is tossed their way. I suspect this trilogy will have a loyal following, and a ruffled feather or two, but in the long run, it will be worthwhile. Risk is good.

  59. I joined a book club a few years ago. It took me out of my comfort zone regarding the types of books I liked to read and authors that I enjoyed. It was wonderful to be reading different kinds of stories both fiction and non…some I liked and others not so much! But that’s okay. I would imagine that it would be the same for an author. Taking new roads is exciting. I look forward to going on that new road.

  60. Can’t wait to read the new trilogy. While I love the romance elements in your books, I don’t read them for that reason alone. I enjoy the feel of your stories, so I am pretty sure that I would enjoy whatever type of novel that you feel inspired to write.

  61. It took guts to start in the first place. It took guts to continue and stay true to yourself and your characters when those who can’t, tried to tar you down and put you in a box. Yes, I love HEA’s and have been with Eve from the beginning. But I would also be the first to say we readers have only benefited from your guts. So I say F them if they cant give you a chance. They don’t have to buy it. I for one will be very interested to see what inspired such passion as to wake such a talented author and push to get out. I say : BRING IT!! and Thank you for all you’ve already given us.

  62. I can’t wait. I am excited to see where this new road takes you and us readers.

  63. Looking forward to the new book – love all of your book and feel I will love this as well because you wrote it!

  64. What a fascinating post, Nora! Thanks for a look inside the creative mind of my favorite writer. I have loved everything you’ve written so far! Can’t wait to read what comes next, and the one after that, and the one after that, and ….

  65. Nora, I don’t think there’s anything you’ve written that I don’t like. Your a very interesting writer in all aspects. Just keep writing know matter what road it takes you down . Your very blessed in what your doing. I have every book you’ve written and can’t wait to get the next one. Don’t ever stop the JDRobb books please , I’m really hooked on them,

  66. I have loved every book(romance and in death) that I have read written by you. I started with Sanctuary and have endeavored to read every book you’ve ever written. I have quite a good collection of them now. Haven’t read every one written as I haven’t found all the Sillouhette books. I’m willing to follow whatever road you travel as I love how you bring each story to life. cant wait to see where this one goes

  67. I followed you from that first romance to the In Death series and everything in between, I will follow what ever you need to write because I know it will be great. Wishing you well with this new journey.

  68. I’ve loved everything you’ve written but thank you so much for the In Death series. I love everything about them, including Eve’s confusion about relationship rules and the description of each home during searches.
    Eve Dallas is my hero ! I look forward to your new work and sincerely hope you never stop the In a Death series

  69. Whew! I didn’t get this post until today. Screwy email. Anyway, I will confess I saw this long post, reading a few lines and then jumping to the end. I actually held my breath, I just knew something monumental, and not good, was coming. SO happy to be wrong. I definitely look forward to reading something that woke you in the night. Wow! We will be sitting and behaving and waiting for it to come. Hoping I can sleep in the mean time.

  70. Aha! Something wonderful to look forward to reading!!!

    Love it when a favorite author explores other paths!!!

  71. Oh, man — if your teaser hooked me, then I know I will LOVE what’s coming. GOOD ON YOU for daring to be bold and different. But then again, that’s just what we who love you have come to expect, to enjoy, and mostly to love.

    I salute you, truly. Slainte!

  72. I’m in. I’ll at least give it a chance. You give me hope that new things worth doing are out there. That’s something I’ve lost. Thank you for sharing.

  73. OMGosh Nora…. I am so excited for you. I am sure that this post will be lost in so many wonderful comments others have replied to but I just have to add in my own congratulations.
    I do digital scrapbooking and am always looking for a different path. How boring it would be to only do pages with hearts and flowers, so I totally understand the need to take a different turn on that highway. Sometimes a detour is just what is needed to find that flicker of light.
    I can’t wait to see where that highway takes you and I will enjoy tailgating you every word and book that you write.
    Happy writing. Hugs! Beth

  74. Thanks for explaining your thoughts on your work processes. I have read a lot of your books over the years, starting with the romances and some of the trilogies and then I discovered the In Death series. To me they eclipse everything else, but that says more about me and my current reading preferences than your writing styles. I love the way you flesh out your characters and they have life, a consistency from one book to the next. Your new book sounds interesting, I’ll have to make sure to look for it when it is released.

  75. Well done on choosing to deviate off your familiar roads and try a new one. We all need challenges in our work or risk becoming stale. Although this fantasy genre does not appeal to me at all, I appreciate you sharing what is happening and I continue to enjoy your stand alone novels and the JD Robb books.

  76. I love everything you write! Can’t wait to read the latest. I buy multiple copies of everything.

  77. Enjoying the twists & turns & detours along with the familiar stops along the way…keep writing Nora!

  78. This sounds like another direction that I’m totally going to love! Your books reel me in, and keep me totally interested start to finish. Every. Single. Time. Love the In Death series, the trilogies, the stands alones. I’m excited to see what you’re about to give us!

  79. Oh please, NEVER end the “…In Death” series! I would enjoy exploring new avenues you give to readers; but, I treasure Eve, Roarke and the rest of the characters of the series. Besides, if you end the series, my – and other fans’ – fantasy future for them is blown out of the water. Look forward to seeing your new material.

  80. Wow. I’ve never been more excited about a Nora Roberts release than right now. I LOVE Nora Roberts and I LOVE apocalypse stories. SUPER DUPER excited! Yay for trying new things 🙂

  81. I’ve read every book you’ve ever written. Every book. Have I loved every one? Maybe not every one, but I reread your books more than any other authors. I’m up for anything you want to try. I can totally understand how if you’re a reader yourself how another genre might call to you, whisper to you. Good luck and I’ll be waiting to read what you come up with.

  82. I love it! I just hope it doesn’t mean fewer in-death books coming out. I still need those, the romance, well, I don’t need as many of those as long as we can keep Eve and the gang;-).

  83. I’m so excited about the new path you’re following.

    Can I just add, and I don’t even know that all of these get read, that I am so appreciative of your generosity with your readers. With no other author do I get to read about the process. With no other author do I get glimpses of the family time that makes the writing work and worthwhile. I have loved this glimpse of it almost as much as I love the writing that follows. Thank you.

  84. As they say in America, ‘you go girl!’ and as they say in New Zealand ‘LOVE your work!’

  85. Whatever you write, I’ll read with pleasure! I have every book you’ve written and look forward to all that are to come.

  86. As I’m near your own age, I’ve followed your writing for a long time. When you were writing category I had little ones too so was right there with you. When my bookseller told me you were writing as JD Robb I followed along and loved them too. It has always been your characters that intrigued me. So I think I will like your new series. I certainly hope so, Because I get something from your writing I don’t get from other authors. Hopefully you’ll drag me along and I’ll be just as hooked on your new path as I have been with the others. Best of luck.

  87. I have enjoyed all the books I have read that you have written. I eagerly await each new one in the trilogies and the new In Death series. The in Death being my favorites. Always looking to see where Eve and Roark are going in their relationship. I look forward to your new venture.

  88. Like all of your readers who have responded I welcome your new venture. I have been a loyal reader for so many years dating back to your Silhouette days have always enjoyed your books. Like some, some have not grabbed me immediately but I have found as I start reading I do become immersed and by novel’s end want the story to continue. In Death is a prime example & now I have every book in the series & always eagerly await the next. Next are the trilogies again the stories pull me in – right now am eagerly waiting for Island of Glass Dec release. I envy you your creative talent & applaud you taking different roads because your readers are the beneficiaries. So go for it & I will be waiting to read .

  89. Nora,

    I honestly don’t think you could ever write something that I wouldn’t enjoy. You have a marvelous talent. You have a unique style that I’ve come to adore, which can be frustrating at times because I simply can’t find another author I enjoy reading as much as you. (Lucky for me you have written so many books, covering so many topics, that when I’m in the mood for a good read I can simply choose to reread one of the hundreds of books you’ve already written and be just as captivated by the story as I was when I first read it, no matter how long ago.)

    Whatever new path your writing takes you, I look forward to going along on the journey. Thank you for the many wonderful hours of reading your books have given me.


  90. As I read through all the above comments it makes me happy to see that so many people love your work as much as I do. I too eagerly await whatever new genre you are creating. I am going to put together a Nora Roberts Book club here in San Diego so I can meet with people who are as crazy about your work as I am. Thank you Nora for the years and years of reading enjoyment. It is truly appreciated.

  91. I “discovered” you with your first book way back when and have read everything you’ve written since. I’m looking forward to the new genre. I discovered the In Death books accidentally before I knew you’d written them and liked them as JD Robb not NR… So I know it’s not just that it’s another Nora book I’m looking forward too. 🙂

  92. Yippie-skippy! Can’t wait to see the path you plan to take us down. Now, that being said, I can’t promise that I’ll love it. I’ve been down that road with favorite authors before. You yourself know that, as a reader, you do not love every book you open by a favorite author. But I do promise that I’ll be excited to open said book & happy to start reading.

  93. What the others have said! You are my favorite author, and I look forward to reading anything that you write. You are amazing! Thank you so much for giving so many people so much of you.

  94. Sounds awesome. I look forward to this new genre from you, and best of all we get to keep all that we love, too.

  95. It takes guts to go out of your comfort zone, & try something new.
    But you must know that all of your loyal fans will go there w/you.

    I found your silhouettes when my kids were toddlers & I was going to work- they were my escape. Now I’m completely addicted to the ID world, & I hope you still write them when you are in your 90’s. I don’t understand people griping when you change genres. I’m not a big fan of magick-) even tho I loved the Key Trilogy, & the Three Sisters island.) So big deal- if you don’t like the genre, don’t gripe, just don’t buy it. Now if you ever stop writing the ID books, griping is a mild word for what your fans will do. Rage, revolt & rebellion will ensue!

    1. Lmbo! I agree with you on what the fans will do if she ever quits the In Death series.

    2. I am not a fan of vampires and such, but because Nora wrote them, I knew they would be good,therefore, I bought and read and enjoyed them! I have never been disappointed in any of your books, Nora. I hope my eyes will never stop seeing, because I would not want to live if I could not read. Thank you.

  96. To be honest, I was a little scared as I was going through the blog post. I had a bad feeling that you are going to stop writing or something. Phew!
    Nora, l ‘ll read whatever you write. Period.
    Waiting for further information on this new book.

  97. Well, I for one, enjoy all of your work! I find myself intrigued and looking forward to reading this new book that took you down a new lane of the highway. Though I love and read a lot of romance novels I also read many different genres. I have not been able to resist the pull of the written book since I learned to read the first words of Dick and Jane so many years ago. Write on, Nora!

  98. I can’t wait to see where it goes. I love to read new things, but sometimes it’s hard to take a chance on a new author. I like your books so I’m more willing to take a chance on new or different types of stories from a known author. Thanks for enjoying what you do and sharing it with us.

  99. I am one of the readers who enjoys all of your books. My favorites are the In Death series. I haven’t come across any book you’ve written that I can say, ” gee that wasn’t a good one”. You have the gift of being able to weave characters and storylines together into beautiful tapestries for the mind. I look forward to many more books and can’t wait to read this new trilogy.

  100. I respect your talent and frankly I think you have been heading in this direction for some time. I am very excited to see where you are going and looking forward to following on your exploration of new worlds ( does that sound like Star Trek , grin ?)

  101. I read the In Death series first and was not a romantic suspense reader but since I’d read all the In Death books, I decided to try your other books. It doesn’t matter what road you take with your writing – you are a storyteller par excellence and you take this reader with you every time.

  102. I look forward to the new direction as I look forward to any and all of your books, Nora, from the Silhouettes I still have to the latest trilogy, stand-alones or JD Robb.

  103. I’ll follow you down any and every road. So thankful you were snowed in all those years ago. I’ve been reading since the beginning. Thank you for all the great reads through the years. And re-reads. 🙂

  104. What a gift for you! Mary Stewart wrote the Merlin series after writing a wonderful romantic suspense for a long time. Appears that you are having a similar experience. Thanks for allowing your readers in on your journey.

  105. I have read you work from the beginning (Irish Thoroughbred) when I had three small girls at home and needed some escape. I am passionately fond of Eve and Roarke and no matter the genre, I know you always deliver a compelling story. Plus I am a BIG fan of dystopian and apocalyptic stories, so now you have really grabbed me. I can’t wait!

  106. Thank you for this insightful post about your process! I am so excited to read this new work. It sounds amazing! Your magick-filled books are always intrigung and are my favorites (alongside In Death). This one sounds every bit as fantastic. I can’t wait! Best of luck on this new road!

  107. Nora…
    I have been a “follower” of you writing since the beginning. I have all but about 4 or 5 of your books (in every genre). I loved ” Irish Thoroughbred” right down to “Bay of Sighs”. That’s a lot of books and I can honestly say that there are several that I did not enjoy, in fact a couple I could not even finish. I actively await each new story, and pre-order. I stood in line years ago to get your autograph and signed book. I literally fell into the “In Death” books, long before I knew you wrote them. They are my favorite of all your roads. Where is all this leading…a heartfelt plea that you never stop writing, that you allow your fans the pleasure of at least 4 books a year (more many more, if it were possible) and know that we will follow you down the road and enjoy every mile. Many Blessings on you and your family. May the Goddess walk beside you and light the way.

  108. I love every twist and turn you take, some more than others. We all are constantly changing and growing as people. I wouldn’t want you to be writing the same books you were twenty years ago. I want to thank you for all that you do share with us in your books and blog. I wouldn’t want it any other way! I have be in love with your writing since the first book I read Montana Sky. I look forward to when this series is published. Many blessings in all that you do and write!!!!! ??

  109. I can’t wait. I love post apocalyptic stories and anything Nora writes is amazing. I will be counting the days.

  110. I haven’t been able to read a lot lately. Too much “life” getting in the way. Whatever road you travel in your writing, I will gladly follow. I love all of your books, no matter the genre. Your characters are all amazing, and I feel like I know them personally. Good luck on your newest journey!

  111. My favorites so far are the In Death series. I will give these new ones an honest read. My first Nora book to read was an In Death and I was hooked on them. So glad they won’t be falling by the wayside.

  112. I believe that your willingness to follow your own inspiration and step into new territory is one of the qualities that makes you a remarkable writer. Congratulations on a new plant in your garden of creativity! And may I add that it was a pleasure to meet you and Laura at Girls’ Night Out last week. your grace and kindness to my friend (Pam, the blind lady in the wheelchair) brought her great joy. Thank you!!

  113. I have read all of your books and loved each one I can’t wait for the new ones to come out. I am sure it will be just as wonderful.

  114. I am looking forward to reading the new series even if it is a year or so a way ,

  115. Thank you for telling us of your new venture, can not wait for this new ride. You have to follow your heart and this sounds like you have. You are right you can not please everyone but you do have to please yourself. You have made many changes in the last year and I hope you are happy. You continue to write we will continue to read. Thanks again!

  116. You are my favorite author. I love everything you have ever written. God bless.

  117. Oh boy!! I can’t wait to see where this byway takes you – and takes us as well. I’m so grateful you’re willing to take a new path, an unfamiliar way. Thank you!!

  118. Oh, thank goodness tour new road was not retirement!

    I love your writing, though I am not a big In Death reader. Don’t get me wrong, I have read them and enjoyed them but they don’t pull on me like your other ones. I suspect someday I will go back and read them all. I reread others regularly…they are my ‘safe haven’ when life gets a little too crazy or tough.

    I am so happy that you to explore a new road, to be challenged and engaged so fully! I can’t wait to read it! I love how trilogies allow more fleshing out of the characters and a larger universe. I am a huge fantasy fan. I know I will love it!

    You go girl!

  119. I’m intrigued!! I am looking forward to reading it. I do love all of your books, all of the different types you write….but then again I read constantly. Sometimes I actually am reading 2 or 3 books at a time. One on my kindle at the gyn, one on my adobe reader on my computer and a hard cover not available on either of the other devices!! So I am really looking forward to see what you are coming up with. Thanks for sharing your gift with the rest of us. And a wonderful gift it is!!

  120. One of those things I never understand about people. If you’re unhappy with Nora’s current offering, go read something else until you like what’s up to bat. I am always amazed at the variations! I am not much for suspense or the “In Death” books, so I buy those that I am drawn to and move to other things. Life is too short to bitch about someone else’s choices. LOL Happy writing Nora, follow that light!

  121. Nora – As I told you (when I had the pleasure to meet you back in the late 90’s at your bookstore–) I would read your grocery list!

    There is just something special about EVERYTHING that you write.

    I’ll still be reading you when you’re just doing crossword puzzles…. (my way of saying FOREVER)….

    You’ll always be my #1

  122. This is great news – we should have expected this from our fav author. Continually growing creativity. If I had a tail, I’d wag it!!

  123. Thanks for the heads up, but I aim for books with your name(s) and then enjoy the adventure you take me on! It’s always good. Happy Thanksgiving!

  124. Whatever road you travel, we will be right there with you. Always follow the light.

  125. I say go for it. Will be interesting to read. Thanks for the update.

  126. I’ve never read a book of yours that I didn’t enjoy to the last page and I look forward to whatever you may write in the future! Thank you for the entertainment and I do love your books❣️

  127. I’m very excited to follow this new path with you! I don’t think I’ve read one of your books that I didn’t enjoy (I must admit to a jolt of fear at the first few sentences of this message, I think I would go into mourning – full on weeping and wailing – if I lost Eve & Roark), but after completing it I am Very Very excited. Good luck on the path and make sure you get enough sleep (maybe you should take a soother)!


  128. The trilogies are my favourite of all your books, and as a fan of SF and Fantasy, this new direction make me very happy. I look forward to them!

  129. Count me among those who can’t wait. I’ve often thought that you would make a great writer of other genres outside of romance. I look forward to following you down this new road, wherever it leads!

  130. I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
    – (Robert Frost) The Road Not Taken

    I, along with millions more, await for your new direction. Never doubt your fans… we are here for it all!! 🙂

  131. First of all, when I look at my Good reads book challenge, I would say that 90% of the books are yours in all the forms you write. And I love how you write. Can’t wait for the latest.
    It seems like you wanted a challenge and stretch your talent. It’s obviously a challenge for you because it kept you awake and we benefit by it to become readers of the new. Thank you and will be anticipating the future.

  132. I’m in lovely lady, your an amazing author, romance or not I bet it will be amazing, we your readers love your books and its very sweet of you to give us a heads up, this will give us even more to read,
    Thank You

  133. I will take the journey with you. I haven’t even begun to read all of your books, but I have read a LOT and have yet to find one that I didn’t enjoy. I can’t wait to read this new work and see where it goes. Thank you so much for sharing your talent! Good luck! And keep on writing!

  134. For me its nice to see that one of my favorite writers wants to write outside her normal. Not everyone will like it but thats okay. I have read all your books and there are a couple that to me are so-so, but that won’t stop me from reading . I eagerly await to see what comes from your trip down this new road!!

  135. Thank you very much for these insights into your work. As a reader I feel at the same time impressed and excited about the upcoming book(s). But my all-time favorite remains the In Death series.
    As a writer I love how you share your creative process with your readers (this inspired me to write a similar post in the near future) and totally understand this pull to other territories.
    I thank you for the great hours of escape your books have provided me over the years and for the inspiration you have given me. Have a lovely Thanksgiving. 🙂

  136. I love all your books, but my favorites are the In Death series. I’ve read it three times. This may sound crazy, but Dallas and Rourke has become like friends and it’s miss them between books. I rescued a black cat from Animal Care & Control. When we got home I asked her if she wanted me to call her Ebony. No response. When I asked her if she wanted me to call her Dallas she meowed, got up, and wrapped herself around my legs, so Dallas it is. I can’t wait for the next book.
    Thank you for so many hours of reading pleasure. I don’t understand how you write these books so quickly. I only wrote one and it took me forever.

  137. I love all your books. You are the only author who I would pre-order kindle books from Amazon without knowing any details first. I know I’ll love whatever it is!

  138. I can’t wait to read it. Bring it on!!!!
    I buy everything you write. I love the way you write a story.
    When I picked up Irish Thoroughbred . I could actually hear the Irish accent.

    JD Robb series is my favorite. love it.

    I just glad your new road isn’t like mine and it is retirement.

    Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Keep them coming.

  139. I got chills when you wrote ‘Fantasy Saga’! I’m a ‘read everything Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb’ fan so it’s clear to me that I just plain like how you write. But I’m also a huge epic-fantasy fan, so combining the two? Awesome – Let’s do it!!!! Just make sure you finish the series before selling it to HBO for a serial that has to follow a different path because the books aren’t done yet.

  140. I have read everything she has wrote, love her stories. So if the direction has lead her down this road. I will follow. Can’t wait

  141. After reading your blog (in fact, while reading your blog ), my first thought was of SK’s The Stand. Coincidentally, you and he are my two favorite authors because you both have a talent for writing real people into sometimes unreal situations. King was the first author who wrote his characters “talking” the way everyone around me spoke – casual conversation, normal language – and then, of course, he’d toss in vampires and clowns and cars. But you’d believe! You do exactly the same thing with the added bonus of knowing how to write men to perfection! Making them smart and funny and honorable! (Do you know my husband, perhaps?) Your characters are real even if the situations and realities they exist within are not. Three dimensional people who exist outside of the bedroom. And like SK, I read your books over and over. And because of you, I think I’m mad at my parents because I’m not a hereditary witch. Magick would be so handy! Thank you! Can’t wait for the new adventure to begin!

    1. The first thing I thought of was “The Stand” too. It is my all time favorite Stephen King book. He and Nora are my top 2 favorites so I am already excited about this new trilogy.

  142. I love all your books – I think one reader already mentioned that retirement negates being able to purchase all the books one would like. But I do buy all your titles, knowing I’ll enjoy every one, so I’m looking forward to the new direction. As long as you keep writing, I’m happy.:)

  143. Nora, I can’t wait!! I did something different this time with your latest trilogy. I am waiting under I actually have all 3 to even start them. It has been torture going into the library on my Nook and seeing the first 2 there, knowing I had a while to wait until the last one comes out. But I have done it and the reason for this is I simply never get enough of your books. As far as I know, I own every single one of them except for the next In Death out in paperback in January. You are simply the best and I can’t wait to see what this latest “light” has helped you create!

    1. I tried to do that and failed!! Now I wait with baited breath for Island of Glass.

  144. Thank goodness you are not a big box store, with isles of enormous sameness, you are a quaint shop, with something amazing around every turn, unique treasures in every nook and cranny. Take your off ramps boldly Nora and I will wait with anticipation for what it brings. Thank you, just thank you.

  145. After all the books in various romance areas that you’ve written, I think having a different idea about what to write is very good. It’s good to have the challenge.

  146. A change is always good. I can’t wait to see where we’re going on this new journey.

  147. I love every book you’ve written. Not only does it pull me into the story hook line and sinker, you always invest me in the characters and the world. They jump off the pages.
    I can’t wait to read this trilogy and continue to look forward to Roake and Dallas.

  148. For me, it’s not so much what you write as it is your word craft. How you structure the story, create the characters and the setting, and the way you bring it all together to create people and places we care about. So bring it on. I’ll wait for it anxiously, will pre-order it the day it becomes available, and will read it as soon as it arrives. And I have no doubt I’ll love it as much as I do all of your others.

  149. I still have the very first book you wrote for Silhouette Books and I like all of your books. I have not read the chef/cook book series because I didn’t know about it but I will read them too.

    I can hardly wait for this new trilogy…..I’m 71 years old and I want to hopefully, live long enough to read the whole thing. Nothing is guaranteed in this life, but, I love to read and this sounds exciting.

  150. Nora, I’ve been a faithful reader of everything you’ve written. I will forever be delighted by your skill in delivering a New story. Keep going. I’m with you!

  151. This sounds very exciting! I can’t wait to read it.
    Thank you and have a wonderful Christmas!

  152. This sounds great. I read Fantasy/SciFi already. I can hardly wait to see your new world take shape.

  153. My favorite genre by my favorite author. Can’t wait. I have multiple copies of favorite books because I read them until they fall apart. I want to make sure I have them forever?

  154. I believe that I have read everything you have written that has been published. I honestly cannot think of even one book or story that I did not like. Looking forward to following you on this new journey as well as continuing on the other paths. Thank you for keeping us entertained and do not worry about pleasing everyone…it is an impossible task.

  155. I’ve read everything you’ve published and as you said, I like some books better than others. However, as long as you are willing to write books, I’m willing to read them. New road to walk? I’m ready to go!

  156. Dear Nora,
    I too, have read and loved everything you have ever written both as Nora and J.D. Robb, and am sure I will love the new trilogy as well. You have a fantastic mind and you constantly keep me entertained as I often go back and re-read older novels. Just finished the circle trilogy again for I think the 4th time!!! I especially enjoy listening to your books in the car and at home, so please also keep making the books into audio books. BTW, I love Susan Ericksen!!! Happy Holidays to you and yours as well!

  157. I’m sure this new trilogy will be like all the other ones….NEVER WANT THEM TO END!!!! Can’t wait!!

  158. I can not wait. The hardest part for me is the waiting. You will never know just what your books mean to me. They have gotten me through some very bad times in my life. The very best thing about your books is I can revist your worlds anytime I want to and do revist them a lot. Thank you for sharing your stories.

  159. I will read anything you write. I’m willing to be that I will love it. I have followed you as long as you have been writing. You are amazing and someone I admire and study hoping a little of your awesomeness rubs off on me. Wishing you huge success with this series as you have with others. I’ll be buying. Really enjoyed this post.

  160. As a reader of yours since a girlfriend introduced me to your work 19 years ago while I was on bedrest due to pregnancy … I have loved them all … didn’t matter the type or the outcome … so sign me up for whatever light you follow. My favorite, if i have to pick one … the In Death series … my boys know on the days a new one is released, all bets are off until the last page is read … and I’ve read all the prior books in and out of order so many times my husband just shakes his head, smiles and walks away … lol. Looking forward to the new ones in 2017! Thank you for all those lights.

  161. I’ll read anything you write. I’ve read everything up to this point and will continue to read everything that follows. Yes, I have some that speak to me more, but there’s been none that I haven’t been glad I was finally able to get from the long waiting list at the library. So thank you for all of them and keep them coming.

  162. Follow your heart and wherever the light leads you. You’re an awesomely gifted writer and I’ve enjoyed all your genres. I always eagerly await your new books. All other authors books get set aside when one of your new books come out.

  163. Sounds amazing! I cannot wait to read and participate in this new journey.

  164. I’m excited! I totally trust your instincts and can’t wait to check out this new direction. I’m not a big romance reader, but the In Death books were so well written I had to check out everything you’d written. Other than one book from 1983 that I can’t find, I’ve tracked down and read every book you’ve done. Don’t stop following the lights that catch your interest. And thank you for such amazing stories and characters.

  165. There’s nothing new I can add, so I’ll say”Ditto!” to very nearly all of the above. It’s difficult to picture anyone being unwilling to give another genre a chance. They may as well only like vanilla ice cream and refuse to try the Rocky road or Apple pie flavors.
    So it looks like we need a bus the size of an Amtrak, because there’s a lot of us joining you on this Road Trip! I am packed and ready to go!


    Real life would be boring without your books, you take me out of my life when I need it most.

    Thank You for becoming a writer. I hope your Holidays are Wonderful.

  167. Since I love all your books, can’t wait for the new trilogy. My favorite Stephen King books is THE STAND. This sounds a bit like that with some great “Nora” twists thrown in. I tend to keep the Eve/Roarke (we stayed in their room at the Inn this fall!) in reserve to tide me over.

  168. I am excited about the new direction of the next trilogy. I am also very happy that the in Death series will continue. Somehow Eve and Roarke have become like neighbors, we know them… like them and never want to see them move away.

  169. You are a wonderful story teller – romance, mystery, magic – fantasy – whatever you write, I will read! Am amazed at the number of stories and books you have written and hope you will continue for a long, long time! What a wonderful gift you have, and are willing to share with us, your readers. Thank you, Nora Roberts.

  170. Nora,
    I have read every book you have had in print, including anthologies! You are my favorite writer. I have read from Axel to Rand, and the new direction sound exciting! Can hardly wait. Sounds apocalyptic! I really appreciate your dedication to your art.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours.

  171. Nora, I’m looking forward to going with you as you turn off the highway onto an unexplored road. You have been my favorite author for so long I trust your instincts. I like all the different types of writing you do. You are a wonderful writer, a born storyteller. It must be the Irish in you. I hope you thoroughly enjoy writing on that unexplored road.
    Thank you so much for all the reading pleasure you’ve given me.

  172. I’m sure I’ve read everything you’ve written, and not once have you disappointed me. I look forward to this new Triology. I absolutely love all of your genres, totally hooked. My only disappointment is that the books don’t always arrive here in New Zealand soon enough. I can’t afford to buy many, most I read from our library which used to get your books out the very day they came out in a store. But now our libraries are under-funded and I have to wait, sometimes so long I save and then buy. Sometimes I wait a little bit and buy your e-books. I always feel guilty because I know your income comes from the books you sell in stores, but I do recommend you to all my friends who do buy your books, and then give them away. The books I do buy I keep forever – down the way, some day when I’m no longer on this earth, someone will be very lucky to get my collection, small as it may be, compared to all you write. I actually become a bit sad when I don’t have a new “Nora Roberts”, or “JD Robb” fix!! Please, please keep on writing and bringing so much pleasure, not only to me but to all your many faithful readers. Thank you!

  173. Anything you write I gobble up. Thanks Nora you are my favourite

  174. What makes me smile about this is the fact that you are willing to take a risk and give something new a shot. I think most of your fans read many different authors. A steady die of one category, one genre would quickly become boring. So I say bring on the new. . . like you, we’ll come along for the ride.

  175. I’ve loved EVERY Nora book I’ve ever read (ESPECIALLY Eve & Roarke & Peabody & McNabb in the In Death series). I no longer remember which book I read first or what drew me in or how I found this author in my local bookstore, but it’s been an adventure I’ve never regretted for a moment! I think I own, in some form, a copy of every book she’s ever published, and I STILL can’t pick a single favorite. They’re ALL my favorite. She’s my favorite author, hands down – over King, Grisham, Koontz, other romance writers (whose names I can’t even remember half the time). She even beats out the lore writers for World of Warcraft (cuz I’m a huge geek) & Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide (apparently I’m also a nerd… who knew?). For me, Nora’s entire published collection is right up there with Harry Potter.

    I’m SOOOO glad she’s still expanding as a writer, and isn’t content to just keep writing what’s already been wildly successful. I look forward to the new series, and the coming continuations of the ones I already love. Thank you for sharing your imagination with us all!

  176. You described the frustration of world building perfectly! So many tiny bits to figure out ahead of time! I’m so excited for you–and your readers–in this new venture. Bring it on!

  177. It was not necessary, for those of us who are addicted to your writing. But I thank you for sharing and explaining your thoughts and your journey. It may be a different genre, but as you stated, it must be followed. Good, bad, different, same, as all of your other books are an exceptional read I have no doubt this will also be. I also as others read, reread, and then yes reread again and again my favorite books. I believe I have every book you have ever written. Those out of print I have bought from second hand stores. I also listen to them on CD on my way in to and home from work. Best of luck to you on the new road your have started to travel. Life is too short to stay on the same road, have fun on your journey. I can’t wait to start to travel it with you!!

  178. I have always loved your books, no matter what format. I love the In Death world. I love love the trilogies! I love the single “regular” books. As long as you are interested in the story, I know it will be really good and interesting. I can’t wait for this new adventure to begin. I eagerly await your new offerings every year!! Thank you for sharing your gift with me!!

  179. A good story is a good story, no matter what the genre. And Nora Roberts always tells an excellent story. Can’t wait for the new series!

  180. Hi Nora, thanks for the great share about the new trilogy! I for one, can’t wait. I have read every single thing you have ever published and have enjoyed each of them. Grew up with you and your beginnings, and have enjoyed maturing with you. The new trilogy sounds so wonderful and I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for not stopping and for continuing to grow–I met you once years ago in Knoxville and told you that my great fear was that you would run out of stories to tell us. You said that didn’t seem possible, and you were right. Here we are all these years later, and you are still reading and I am still anxiously awaiting the next new one. Reading the Brides quartet again right now. Thank you for many hours of entertainment!

  181. I cannot wait for this new adventure/genre/road. I have read and enjoyed every book you have ever written. I use to collect those books until my shelves could not hold any more of your books. I have read a lot of your books more than once…sometimes two times more. I love them all…how you describe the characters and the scenery. It’s like I’m right there with them. Keep on keeping on, Nora. You are the best!

  182. Sounds wonderful. Can’t wait to read them. Go where the journey takes you. I am sure I will enjoy the new trilogy as much as all of your other works.

  183. It’s been said, and better, by others. I’m an old-time fan who cherishes the picture taken with you at the bookstore in Edwardsville, IL. I look at that picture from time to time and think what remarkable worlds you’ve created. I eagerly jump into each new adventure, knowing that you won’t fail to amaze me. I am expressing amazement that you apparently don’t have an outline or guide–I restarted the In Death series from the beginning (currently reading Loyalty) and every thing I re-learn about the NYPSD family seems as though you knew what you were going to be writing 20+ years later. Also, still gushing, you are one of the few writers who utilize both proper English and/or a really good editor for your novels. I never cringe over a misused word or phrase, I’m completely enthralled with the storyline and not searching for the next mistake (and that’s difficult for an English major/Librarian).

  184. Well, I’m really excited about this and I cannot wait to get my hands on it! Kudos to you for continuously expanding your writing genres. You already have an incredibly impressive body of work and I have no doubt that this new trilogy will be great!

  185. I’I’m a huge fan of the sci-fi and fantasy genre…and obviously I love romance too, so I’m carefully excited to see both intersect under the pen of a really good writer like yourself. Romance is very difficult to do right, and you are one of the few author that I trust to make it work. Fantasy though…that’s another ball game altogether. For me, it’s serious stuff: world building, crafting a magical system with an internal logic, giving a universe its own unique vibe and atmosphere…it’s a tall order for anyone. So, thank you for trying new things, I can only promise you that I will be reading that first book with a lot of interest and an open mind, with hope that it will be as much of a fun ride than you seem to have while writing it.

  186. Looking forward to your new stories. Have read all your stories Since you started writing and have never been disappointed. So know your new light will shine on us to new exciting adventures.

  187. Looking forward to the new series! Thanks for giving us a look at the process. It takes a strong person to take the new road, and try the new ideas. Congrats on finishing the first book, and enjoy the writing of the next two in the series. Hopefully the process will be smoother for you with those very important thumbs up from the editor. It’s always so rewarding to know you’re on the best lane in the highway!!

  188. I have never been disappointed in any of your books, and this sounds really intriguing! Can’t wait until Year One comes out.

  189. Laura,
    I have noticed that a lot of people have said they have read everything Nora has written. It makes me wonder if any have read her Jill March story, Melodies of Love that was published in a magazine? Is there any way to get hold of that story or was it one that was already reprinted and incorporated into the reprints that seem to come out every now and then?

  190. Seriously ignore any complaining/complainers!!! We who love what you write will welcome anything with open arms, no matter the genre. Thanks for letting a story keep you up and night and frustrate you, because that’s what makes you such a wonderful writer! Can’t wait 😀

  191. Wow! Has always amazed me how after all these years you manage to keep your writing so fresh and entertaining. (I am 72 years old). Won’t say how long I have been reading your books but you are still my favorite author. Can’t wait to read what you create in this New Direction. But so happy that J D Robb will continue to evolve… she has gained and maintained the best character ever for years.

  192. You have my full support! I enjoy EVERYTHING you write. A new path sounds interesting, and I can’t wait to see where it leads. Happy holidays, Nora!

  193. Opening a new book is a treasure. I am looking forward to the new series you are writing to see the journey you will take us on and the treasure it will lead to. Thank you

  194. Looking forward to the ‘road less traveled’, Nora! I love your writing as much as the stories you tell and I’m excited to explore a new direction. I also appreciate the need to feel rejuvenated by trying something new, so I’m glad you followed your instincts.

  195. I am usually a person who reads non-fiction. I’m not being pretentious or a snob, but I am not usually attracted to fiction. It has to be a really good story to pull me into the world of “make believe”, and that’s why you’re one of the only fiction authors I read. Honestly, I don’t bother with anybody else, really, because you have such different kinds of stories. You don’t pigeonhole yourself or your fans, so no two books are the same. I go back and reread favorites and wait for new ones to come out, knowing that they’ll all, at the core, regardless of subject matter, have a really good story. So no matter what road you’re traveling down now with this new series, even if it’s a little off track, it’ll be a damn good story, and I can’t wait to read it!

  196. We’ll, heck and darn. I just finished the isle of glass, and was trolling for the dates of the new trilogy. What? A whole year! Do you know how many times I’ll have to re-read this trilogy to get my ‘fix’ until then? Sigh …

  197. I have read your books for a very long time. They all are just wonderful. ALL of them!! There are times I read them over and over again. Each time a new book comes out whichever it may be always holds me. You have a great talent of pulling one into your books and when one is so serious you get a quick witted comment in from one of the characters. I can hardly wait for your next book, it sounds like another I will not be able to put down until I am done and then want to read again and again. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  198. I cannot wait to read it! As always. You know, a sample chapter or two or three never goes amiss, in the back of an upcoming release. ;-D So glad you are still loving the heck out of writing, and making so many of us readers happy. Cheers!

  199. So far I have all of your books, both as Roberts and as Robb. I look forward to your new journey and the adventures you have planned for us!

  200. I am looking forward to it already! Whatever you write I am prepared and excited to read…bring it on!

  201. Sounds fascinating. I love a very wide variety of books and genres. This will fit right in. I am glad you found something new to challenge you. Merry Christmas and looking forwsrd to the New Year!

  202. Can’t wait to see what you do next!! Looking forward to the new road and story

  203. I’m so excited to hear about the new direction and can’t wait to read the new stuff!!

  204. I don’t stick to a specific genre, but I do gravitate toward fantasy. I love romance, but Nora is so great that many romance novels kind of pale in comparison to her work. I’m so excited that Nora will be writing something in the genre that I spend the most time in! I know it’ll be great!

  205. Thank you for writing such amazing books! My 6 kids thank you as well…reading time has been the highlight of our weekends. Busy Moms need the escape and your books provider that for me.

  206. Oh cool! Maybe I’ll be able to get my husband to read this one too!!! I love your romances, especially the ones with magic, but they aren’t his bowl of ice cream. This sounds like one he’ll like too.

  207. I don’t usually follow your blog, so came here when the preorder popped up on Amazon, since it was so clearly not your usual style.

    I started reading your books with Harlequin, more years ago than I care to think about. That road ended for me as a reader long and long ago, and you’re one of only a couple authors from that time that I still follow.

    Your In Death books never really gripped me, though I read the first few, but I almost always love your Suspense books (and in particular what I love about them, is that they are deep, with the relationships complex, and the emotions real). I also enjoy your trilogies, which I find lightweight but entertaining. I like the characters, the stories – and I particularly enjoy those with a touch of magick.

    It’s that last that has me giving this a look. My staple reading is Fantasy and light SciFi. I enjoy your writing enough to be willing to give a new genre a try – because it IS a genre I love, and I’m curious to see where you take it!

  208. Looks like another winner. I’ll be waiting for the series. Great job.

  209. Wow! While reading your blog, I thought “I will always stand with Nora! I will follow and travel with her down any road or highway she takes. My trust is deep and I must defend her against any naysayers!!” (Don’t worry, I’m no Annie Wilkes – but close without the psycho tendencies – I think.) But look at these comments! Boy was I wrong!

    I’ve always thought that if I ever found the elusive Aladdin’s Lamp, one of my wishes would be to have the writing gift and talent of Nora Roberts. You, Ms. Roberts, are a true treasure.

    Like many of your readers (and yourself), your books have helped me escape trials and tribulations to immerse myself in a different time, life and place. Oh, the many adventures you’ve led me on. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    So, lead on We, your trusting passengers, look forward to the ride this new highway will give us.

  210. Just finished the first chapter you shared on your newsletter, and wow! Just wow. I’d already pre-ordered – now I feel like I should put exclamation points behind the order! Very much looking forward to the book’s arrival!

  211. I just read the first chapter and I am chomping at the bit to read more! Only three more months to go, sigh…count me in – I love these kinds of road trips!
    Have been a Nora Roberts fan ever since I found out she was J.D. Robb!!! Being transported to the lives of Eve, Roarke, Peabody and McNabb is such a thrill and leaves me feeling bereft at the end of each book – I miss them as I wait for the next book. It is amazing how these characters slip into your life and grab hold – the writing is exceptional!
    I have explored other titles of Nora’s and my NR library is growing quickly. I have every In Death hardcover book except for the last five or so… a temporary setback as circumstances in life got in the way but I will catch up quickly.
    Wish you the best, Nora Roberts. Thank you for keeping us in the loop with your next venture. We are behind you all the way! Bless you for turning out such terrific books at a staggering rate of speed.

  212. Oh Wow! I can’t wait for “Year One” to be delivered. I’ve read your books for as long as I can remember, possibly from your very first one, but I can’t remember when that was. At the good age of 75 years I’ve had lots of time to enjoy all that you write and I am looking forward to many more years of you, my favourite. You are truly blessed with talent and have a great knowledge of what your readers want. You have never disappointed us!

  213. How exciting to read about your “new direction”. I love fantasy and science fiction as well as romance. I have never read anything of yours I did not like and your characters become friends. I’m glad you were brave enough to “follow the light”.

  214. I am a confirmed Nora/JD reader. Your characters have become friends I have read the trilogies and In Death series so often. After reading the excerpt from “Year One” I’m already hooked and can’t wait for the book. You have a way of capturing your reader and drawing us in. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Thanks for taking us in a new direction with this one. It’s fun to explore new paths.

  215. So excited for the journey you will be taking us on with your new book. I’ve enjoyed all your different genres and can’t wait for this one.

  216. i’m a little anxious, but i’m defiantly in, change is good, and you’ve given me the comfort of knowing you’ll still write another romance now and again. thanks Nora, your the best… ?

  217. Anything Nora writes I will read. she has a way of bringing all characters to life and there is always that one person we really connect to that brings us more into the story.. Who cares if it isn’t a romance based story, I love her fantasies with or without the hookups, and this one .. this one should be good. I just read the first chapter offered to us, and all I could think was .. why did chapter one have to end at THAT moment!!

    As long as I get my In Death fix and my other Nora fixes, I am all up for this ONE trilogy, never apologize for where your heart takes you.

  218. I’ve been a fan for many years, especially the In Death books. I just read chapter one of Year One. It’s got me hooked!!! Can’t wait for the rest of Year One. And I’m thankful that you are continuing the InDeath series as I’ve loved every one of them and can’t wait for the next as well as Year One.

    I read a lot, at least 1 or 2 books every day and I’ve kept a record of every book I’ve read since I started keeping track 20 years ago. I counted up that I’ve read 140 of your books so far. Definitely one of my absolute favorite writers.

  219. Nora,
    I can’t wait for Year One to come out! I look forward to reading your books. I have read everyone of them and love them all. Reading Secrets in Death now! You are absolutely one of my favorite authors!

  220. I read everything your write. Have for since the very beginning. Have special shelves for all your work. But I gotta say, Year One sounds a whole lot like The Stand.

  221. the first book was amazing, a real page turner. i look forward to more. i’ve been a fan of your writing for years and i think it’s great that you explore various sub-genres within fiction. stay creative and do what you enjoy. happy new year to you and yours.

  222. I just finished Year One. It was so well written and flowed so beautifully that I finished it in under 3 hours of reading; and that included re-reading a few parts to make sure I didn’t miss anything about the Uncanny. I am so looking forward to books 2 & 3!

  223. Nora: Just finished reading “Year One” and wanted to add my comments to the others you received. Your work has brought me so much joy no matter what genre it represents. Years ago I wasn’t sure about the “in death” series and collected all the books until finally I spent several months reading them exclusively. I was hooked; love Eve and Roark and their adventures! That taught me to trust you – if you wrote it, I read it. Do believe I have every one you have written (at least several shelves in my bookcase groan at the load). So, thank you so much for sharing hour talent with us and keep writing!

  224. I appreciate new things and when I read this first book along your ‘new direction’, I was challenged as a reader to see a different world but I was also immediately caught up. Thank you for listening to your inner voice and taking that turn on the road.

  225. Thanks for letting us know about your “new direction”…. looking forward to your latest offering.

  226. I loved the first book, Year One, and have pre-ordered the next one for its release in December. I also want to add, I loved The Circle Trilogy! I bought them as paperbacks first, passed them on, and I bought them again as e-books and read them again several times! I could see this series as a movie. Cyan is the most interesting, virile, gorgeous vegetarian vampire ever! Just love the characters! Haunting my memories. I guess I’m going to re-read again. Thank you Nora! When I read your books, I am there. Ireland. New York, the sea, on a plane…I’m right there. ❤️

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