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Some of you may be aware we had a bit of a tangle on the Dark In Death Discussion thread last week. A reader had strong (very) objections to the word skank as used to describe women Eve and Peabody warned about possible danger.

I don’t want to get more specific on the plot itself as some of you may not have read the book.

However, I will say, in this case, one of the women the reader sees in interview is wearing cock and ball earrings. The other has Sexy Bitch tattooed over her well-displayed chest. They are, basically, party girl groupies looking for the next score–sex, drugs, action. Whatever.

Peabody uses the term.

The reader had many objections–terrible to denigrate women (such terms are NEVER used to describe men)–cops would never use such terms (she included skirt and sidepiece in this claim) as they would be ‘raked over the coals’ for doing so. And it was her opinion as I wrote the book, I am therefore sexist and should correct this in the future.

Well, bullshit on all counts.

First, as I pointed out–pretty politely at first–I am not my characters nor are they me. And cop talk is cop talk. I also reminded her that a recurring sub-character is nicknamed Dickhead.

Not good enough–even when a couple of other posters who have some experience working or being around cops explained that yeah, cops talk to other cops in often harsh shorthand.

The reader escalated, got very personal and rude–not only to me at the end, but to other posters–until Laura had to step in, tell her she’d crossed all kinds of lines, and banned her.

First, I’ll say Laura doesn’t take banning a reader lightly. It has to be extreme, and this was.

It occurred to me during this incident, that the particular reader obviously didn’t get one of the main points of the book–from the perspective of the character whose books are being used to plot. murders.

This is fiction. This is a story. We who write try very hard to craft entertaining stories with compelling, interesting characters. We’re not writing about ourselves when we write fiction, and the actions, dialog, internalization, motivations of those characters must fit those characters. Not those of the person writing the story.

Just to take Eve Dallas as an example:

I love to shop; she hates it. She drinks gallons of coffee; I don’t drink it at all. She has a cat; I have dogs. Shoes for her are something you walk in. For me, shoes are . . . pretty much everything. I’ve never been in a physical fight–and hope that continues.

I could go on and on.

Part of the fun of writing is creating people, and the writer may have little in common with those people. Their worldviews may or may not mesh. Their backgrounds are very unlikely to.

Some readers may project the writer into the character, but that doesn’t make it true.

Moreover, it’s always struck me as very strange that certain readers will ask, insist even demand that I write what they want, or stop writing what they don’t.

You must stop using the word fuck! People don’t talk that way.

First do you live in the actual world? Second I’ll use whatever word I like as you’re not the boss of me. And more to the point, if my characters use this very versatile word, it’s because THEY’RE using it.

Your books have too much sex. Your books need more sex.

My books have the amount of sex that I, as the writer, feels suits the story and the characters having sex.

You need to go back to writing nice, sweet romance.

No. I need to write what I’m driven to write.

I’m sending you this religious pamphlet because you use the name of the Lord in vain, and I’m worried about your immortal soul.

Thank you for the thought, and maybe you shouldn’t read my books.

You write about witchcraft so I believe you’ve embraced Satan.

(Yes, all the above are true stories.)

Does a reader honestly believe I’m going to read one of these posts, emails, letters and say: OH! Sue in Tulsa doesn’t want any swearing in my books. No more swearing for my characters!

Or I won’t write about fictional witches because I’m suddenly afraid I’ve invited Satan into my life?

These readers don’t know me, and yet feel perfectly righteous about telling me I’m immoral or sexist or an animal hater (killed a fictional cat in a book once) or whatever their personal values dictate.

Laura gets most of this–and recently got an all-caps rant on my language, which included a slam at Diana Gabledon for using fuck in her books. Which the raging reader claimed hadn’t been invented by the time of Outlander (which she called Highlander in the screed). Well, as Laura said, she supposed the reader had never read Chaucer whose work well precedes the Jacobite Rebellion.

Readers don’t get to dictate. They don’t get a vote. They have tremendous power–to buy or not, to read or not. The reader who provided the springboard for this blog claimed that since she’d read the book, she had the right to critique it, and obviously all I wanted was constant praise.

Well, I’d rather get praised than slammed. Human here. Yet over three decades I’ve somehow managed to shoulder mixed or poor reviews, or handle readers’ individual complaints.

However, reading the book doesn’t give anyone the right to hurl personal insults at the writer of the book. That’s not a critique on the work.

Let me add that the fall back–you just want constant praise–is the often-used blast that usually comes when the person’s losing an argument.

It should be a clue when a reader is alone in an opinion in a group of other readers, when reasonable responses have been given. Instead of buying the clue, this type of person then hurls those insults at everyone.

And honestly, when one claims I’m sexist and need to knock it off because a cop character in a story uses the term to describe women whom I deliberately crafted to earn the designation, I tend to believe that particular reader is a little scary.

I know perfectly well some will read this and be insulted–claim I’m disrespectful to readers. But I don’t push readers into one lump. You are not the Borg. And some individuals who happen to read need to learn to separate reality from fiction. And need to understand my world–personally and professionally–doesn’t revolve around their demands.

To end this on a happier note, I spent yesterday in the kitchen (catch Eve doing that!). I made a couple of rounds of sour dough bread, which I’ll freeze as I made a pretty amazing beef stew with dumplings.

Sourdough with poppy and sesame seeds. Photo by NR
Beef stew with dumplings. Photo by NR

Leftovers tonight! So my afternoon will include reading someone else’s book.


Note from Laura:  As Department Head of Answering Letters,  I see a lot of fascinating messages.  There are the ones that move — loving stories about readers and the people in their live, for example the widower who reads the In Deaths because Eve reminds him of his wife, or the people who share how reading brought them closer to family members, or how just reading one of Nora/JD’s titled helped a reader out of a morass of depression because she saw a woman of strength in that book.

As the Department Head of Reading Complaints, I see all the examples Nora listed above.  With a few extra thrown in like “I’ll show you!  I’ll borrow your books from the library!!!” As a daughter of a librarian, sales to libraries are golden for an author so I just smile and wish them well.  Recently, a woman complained on behalf of herself, her mother, her sister, their hairdresser and other assorted people  (many of these come in from the group spokesperson) about Year One and how they just didn’t like it and all agree Nora should write happier books.  When I replied that maybe they’ve just outgrown Nora and should stop reading her for a while she came back with “You’re telling me NOT to buy Nora’s books???”  Well, yes. Borrow them, give yourself a break.  How does it serve anyone’s purpose for you to set yourself up to be miserable?

I’ve taken to charting when the standard complaints come in.  Around a full moons I see a rise in language complaints.  There are two full moons this month, so I’m extra braced.

Recently there’s been an uptick in emails like this one:  “Please stop showing so much of your boobs on morning television.  My 12 year old son is in the room and he doesn’t need to see it.”

She meant to write to Norah O’Donnell of CBS The Morning.  But I had a good laugh thinking of our Nora flashing the nation on morning TV.  And then I sent a correction.



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  1. Oh gosh, bless both your hearts. People just lose it sometimes. Just keep writing as you see fit…we’ll be here.

    1. Nobody twists your arm to read a book! I love Nora Roberts nooks – all of them! If you don’t like it – don’t read it. There are a whole lot of other authors out there! As for me – I will keep reading !

      1. Ditto Melody Edwards. I love Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb books. I re-read her books until the next one comes out. Thanks Nora!

      2. I agree with Kathy and Melody. I have loved all of Nora’s books including JD Robb’s In Death series. My mother and I read the books and then talk about them together. So keep writing. We will be here.

    2. Kathy Patrick said it all….I worked in a correctional facility…and I know a lot of individuals…..of course people speak like that. Women use fuck all the time, as do men. Both genders are called derogatory names -sometimes kiddingly, sometimes not. Real world. Some people will never ‘get a clue’ or a grip. It’s your book, write it like you want. If someone doesn’t like it they don’t have to read it. NR and Laura are too patient.

    3. Oh my, people need to get a life. I agree with you. Keep writing Nora!!’ Yes we will be here!!!

    4. Y’all….people are crazy. No one is holding a gun to our head to read any author. I love your books and read them all. I kind of took Dark in Death as a wink and a nudge from some of the what has been said on this subject before. You are the writer and I am one of your many grateful readers.

      1. I wholehearted agree you are the writer and creator and I am the reader! I love your books and so does my husband.
        I found it interesting that you had those kind of complaints! After reading Dark in Death! Did this woman even read the book and if she did obviously agrees with the role of the person who Eve arrests in the end!

        Just keep doing what you do best! Writing. I also loved Year One and can’t wait for the sequel!

      2. I was glad to know I wasn’t the only one who got that message. I had been consider writing to Nora with a suggestion but after reading Dark in Death I decided to keep my suggestions to myself. Even told myself that if I had a suggestion then maybe I should start writing my own books and leave Nora’s alone. Hey! Her books, her ideas, her characters. All from HER IMAGINATION and nobody has the right to even suggest she do anything other than what suits HER fancy. She does not need SUGGESTIONS as she has quite the imagination all on her own. And I for one thank God every day that Nora has CHOSEN to SHARE her GOD GIVEN GIFT to the world. She didn’t have to do that. And if folks want to get bitchy about it all I have to say is this: “Would you like some cheese and crackers to go with that whine?”

    5. I toldly understand. When I read novels as an ARC I get to read what other people write and it truely shocked me. Instead of tell a little about the book (no SPOILERS) for Heavens sakes. Then the anger at being upset when the stories don’t go their way. I belong to a lot of arc groups and I am privileged to be able to get the book free then I buy them the day they go public these authors are using the minds their hearts and their families (that they love for giving them room. I can sa that I have almost every novel Miss Nora has written they are up in my “loft library” and I reread them all the time. I reread Miss Robb as well every year I reread the death series again and if I had anything to criticize is they end to soon for me I try to make them last but I will start 1 in the morning but end up reading through the night until done, then I feel sorry for myself. I have love where your thought have taken me I have traveled the world with you because I can’t and most of all I CARE DEEPLY for you giving ME continuous story and characters to love and hate but I do know the difference between fact and fiction. BLESSED BE.

      1. I agree with you. Nora aka JD Robb is my idol. I reread her books all the time. She’s the best, if someone doesn’t agree with me, they can stick it. She could write about 3 shats on a log and I would read it! Loves to all!

    6. I totally agree with you Kathy Patrick, I wait on tenterhooks for the next IN DEATH, just can’t get enough, I also read many of the NORA ROBERTS, I have to say she’s my favourite author.

    7. I was reminded of Stephen King’s book (Misery?) where a fan kidnaps an author and forced him to change a book. Yikes!

    8. You are my all time favourite Author and when I sit down to read one of your books, I am lost within it before I even realise it! Unfortunately some reader’s don’t know how to separate fiction from non-fiction! I love your books and I have read every one and there hasn’t been not one that didnt completely take me into the story! Keep it up please as you are a true magician with words!
      Kindest Regards, your biggest fan. Petrina

    9. I am 70 and I’ve been reading Nora Roberts then J.D. Robb since the beginnings. I am always amazed when someone says, “who?”. No matter the stage, NR or as JD, I am always moved to laughter, tears or introspection. Sometimes, I sleep with the light on! I still weep in my sleep over Max (Year One) even thought I know he’s a character, my heart is broken. So, I say Miss Roberts, please keep writing in your inimitable way and I’ll keep buying and reading.

      1. Peggy B. I love that you are close to my age (65) I think I have almost all that Nora Roberts has written because I reread them constantly and truly enjoy them as much as I did the first time I read them. I haven’t got the book Year One because I know it will scare me to DEATH! I enjoyed reading your response. Blessed Be.

  2. Yike! I had no idea you had to endure such crap and nonsense. I am so sorry any of that enters your environment and thank you for your stories! Sending you love and support. Susie

  3. Holy moly! All kinds of “fans”lol I’m still loving your books 20+ years later. Hope you feel the love more then the crazy! Happy Sunday!

  4. Please do not change anything with the way you write the books. That is why we loyal readers buy and read them multiple times. This person has the option not to read the books if she does not like the language or content. I love every book by Nora Roberts and JD Robb all of the series. The narration of the story is what brings the books to life. This is not TV what is written is what we see in our mind as we read. Thank you for such great books which have brought me such joy.

    1. I love your In Death series because of the authenticity. I bartended for 16 years and met many a skank and dickhead. Almost everyone I have met uses curse words. Then there is the sex scenes with Roarke, oh my, nevermind.
      Just keep doing what you do and I will keep enjoying the fuck out of it

  5. As I have commented several times on Facebook, I loved Dark in Death as the plot line read to me like a love letter to the author’s fans and critics alike. I thought it was brilliant wether this was the intent or not. Keep up the wonderful, brilliant, and ENTERTAINING work…I look forward to May, September, and December for your new releases! You Rock!

  6. I am so sorry you had to deal with such rude and unreasonable criticism, and I am very happy that you banned them, for yours and Nora’s peace of mind – and ours! Nora’s gift has given us literally years of joy, and as a single Mom for 15 of my adult years, I am profoundly grateful for her gift. It gave me delightful interludes when I needed them most, and her art continues to bring me such bliss, the reading and the re-reading. What a service you provide, Laura, in communicating with fans and freeing most of her “working” energy to creating new worlds for us to enjoy! Happy Sunday!

  7. So sorry you have to deal with this. Some people just don’t get it. They are free to read whatever they like. We still live live in a free country. If I don’t like an author it doesn’t take me long to put down the book and find a different one!! Nora keep on doing what you do best! Love your trilogies & J D Robb books the best but like everything you write. Thanks to Laura too!

  8. I have to say( if it were not for your writing , I would be in a world of hurt. I’m not sure if I have read anything but you lately. (J D Robb and Nora ) I honestly do not understand people anymore. That day; please continue as you have been. I love all you write; (I have not read Year One yet; but that’s on me! I checked it out and then could not read it. I will keep trying.
    I am so sorry that you are subjected to this kind of treatment; guess it goes with the territory! At least you can “ignore” them and get them gone! You are the Best!

  9. I have rad everyone of Nora’s books. There isn’t anything she should change. She should always be herself and write what she is driven to write. People don’t like it they don’t have to read it…..keep being you Nora

    1. Wow lol- I like your books and I lmfao at the scene with the girls with the earrings. I do use f word and am 58. My kids are grown. There’s some of your books I like more than others but that’s pretty much how it is lol. You’re a great writer and have the right to write what you want

  10. Wow!! I guess some folks just need to be in complete control……all or nothing! I love all the books, be it by Nora or JD. I always know I will just fall into the story from the start. I truly admire her storytelling and am amazed by her ability to continue to come up with such amazing new stories. She is my go-to author!!

  11. Thank you so much for the laugh! I think Laura might be onto something with the correlation between the full moon and complaints. I just read on a Facebook post today that someone asked a clerk if Fifty Shades of Grey came in an audio version without the cussing because the cussing offended her! I adore Eve and Roarke and all the other characters, skanks included.

    1. I just saw Fifty Shades referenced in a movie trailer – The Book Club. The movie looks like fun 🙂

  12. Seriously?! They said what?? They want you to what? Your books are amazing but if I don’t like one (very rare) I don’t read it again (like most of the others which get MULTIPLE readings!). Your books help me to ease out of the stress of everyday life. I am so thankful that you had to live through a snow storm with two boys and started writing (I, during similar circumstances, just ate too much!). Keep on, keeping on, Nora. [Laura, I adore your spunkiness…whoops is that sexist…no, it is a compliment!!]

  13. Hang in there. It takes all Kenoyer kinds but sometimes they are just scary !

  14. People do really think they are the center of the universe….ignore them.

  15. Keep writing the way you always do Nora. You are awesome. I enjoy your writing as Nora and JD. If someone has a problem with your books — you said it — just don’t read them. The rest of us will continue to enjoy.

  16. Thanks for sharing that with us. If someone doesn’t like a book, don’t read it, you can stop and close the book at any time. It’s a story to take you into someone else’s life. Not all lives are sunshine and roses. They make you feel, sometimes good, sometimes not. That is the point of reading a story. Thanks Nora for always making me feel.

  17. I love the books just as they are, it’s sad you even have to write this post.

    If you don’t like them…go read something else. SMH

    To paraphrase the great Robert A Heinlein….No one says they are going to be a brain surgeon, but some people think they can just go out and write a book.

  18. I am an avid reader of the in death series. Love all the characters!! I will go into deep depression when Nora stops writing this series.?. I feel for you both. No common sense left in today’s society, honestly, offended by characters and language?????

  19. Here’s a thought, you don’t like a book, put it down. I didn’t even get through the second chapter of the first “Game of Thrones” book. Not the authors fault, just not my cup of tea. I usually binge read anything Nora/ JD but after reading the blurbs for “Day One” i didn’t think it would be my cup of tea, so I didn’t read it. I certainly read the next in death book though. People change and authors are people, embrace their growth or don’t by reading or not reading. That’s your only option.

    1. Give it a try. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it….if be it.

  20. Honestly, i can’t believe how some people behave, there are no words to express how sorry i am you have to put up with that.

    thank you both for being the amazing people that you are, and thank you Nora for keeping my library full ??

  21. I love Nora’s books – period! Really, really look forward to when the new ones are released. Just keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading. I love to read (Making my way through Agatha Christie again and a few others I enjoy til September) Oh and Laura, I too have read Chaucer.

  22. As someone who has dealt with the public all her life, I really understand the struggle that you all face when dealing with rude, ignorant people. Kudos for the Borg reference.! That put a smile on my face. Keep doing what you’re doing. They like you or they don’t that’s on them. The rest of us will continue to read your books with pleasure.

  23. I love the fictional worlds you create, Nora. I love sinking into the world of Eve Dallas, over and over again. I love your characters. The ones who curse. The ones who mix potions. The ones who shape shift. The ones who make hot chocolate with marshmallows from scratch. The ones who talk to ghosts. The ones who adopt troubled boys. All of them. Phooey to readers who feel the nned to complain. This isn’t 7th grade and this isn’t assigned reading! You are the only author I reread. Over and over. So, thanks. Keep doing what you do. And Laura, keep doing what YOU do!

    1. Lol omg though your characters made me feel guilty – these as Nora -) all the making things from scratch- made me do some of that ?- I love me a good romance book too on occasion too. I think you write the sex scenes with good taste and never have been offended. Not everyone can write books but everyone can read a book and if they don’t like it … put it down- go read something else.

    2. i was going to write a post, but you have said it so well. if they don’t like Nora’s books, why pick them up???? her books are a door out of my house into a world that most of us don’t know. we were a cop family for 35 years. they all have potty mouths. keep up the good work Nora, and thanks for the world we can all slip into.

  24. It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round, that’s for sure. I, for one, appreciate your candor and your down to earth attitude. I also applaud you and Laura on directing people elsewhere for their reading enjoyment, to me that shows compassion and caring.
    Thank you very much for the years of entertainment you’ve provided and I look forward to many more years to come.

  25. The down side of having a ‘public’ life. I have been personally insulted and threatened on facebook just because someone did not like something i had said (i always read what i post many times as i never mean to offend anyone, still). It is not hard to imagine someone like you would receive abusive missives or posts in the world we live in, especially with social media, blogs etc it is so easy for people to hide and attack. Luckily you have a very healthy mindset and not only, i’m sure, soon forget about these people but are not afraid to fight back or to offend those who think they have some right to abuse you without reprisal. Thank you, from me to you, for all the enjoyable books i have read that have sprung from your imagination. They have given me comfort and pleasure through some dark personal times when i have needed an ‘escape’ from reality.

  26. Nora Roberts is a fierce author. She is not afraid to write what she needs to write. I am currently rereading “Year One” for the third time since purchasing it. What a great book! Nora paints pictures with her words, and I see what she writes, like a movie in my mind. I’ve traveled a to a lot of places, and seen a lot of cool things, through her books! Personally, I’m glad she doesn’t write the same old books from 30 years ago!
    Looking forward to more great books from my favorite author, Nora Roberts!

    PS For those who don’t like what she writes….Don’t read them!

  27. As someone whose job involves being yelled at regularly, I know what you’re talking about. I love picking up Nora’s books after a “yelling day” so I can go to another place and forget the yelling. Thank you so much for the hours of entertainment!

  28. I’ve been reading Nora’s books since I was a child (I was reading the Bobbsey Twins by the time I was 4). I have only left a few reviews on Amazon. I tried very hard in all of those cases to describe what I didn’t like and what I did like about the book. I tried to be constructive for the author, especially in a couple of cases where I thought that the author had potential in both writing and story. I seldom comment on (or review) things because I strongly dislike drama and the drama that happens online is beyond the normal everyday drama where people aren’t hiding safe behind a computer screen. I’m so very sorry to hear that one of the most prolific and incredible writers alive today (and Laura too) has had to deal with having to ban someone from the group/page etc. I’ve watched Nora’s writing grow and change and become so much more than the light reading of the Harlequin romances that she started with and I’m glad that I’m a fan of hers. It makes me very sad that people act the way this person apparently did instead of just reading someone else more suited to their tastes. I’m sorry that Nora felt it necessary to to write this blog; I believe that what she said in her blog should have been understood without her having to actually say it. But, that’s just me and my opinion. I’m proud to be a fan of Nora’s works (all of them). There have been some works of hers that I haven’t cared for as much but those are because of my personal tastes, not for any other reason, such as not being well written etc. I, for one, hope that Nora continues writing for a very long time and I dread the day I learn that the “In Death” books will be no more.

    1. I agree with you. It felt to me that she was writing it as much to get it off her chest as she was to tell us what she told us. That’s what makes it so bad to me.

    2. You say it all so well for the rest of us, I can’t add anything better except to say “I totally agree”!

  29. Well said Nora and Laura! Fiction is just that, fiction, and everyone has the option to or not to read it. Opinions too are fine, but attacks on a person are NOT. Personally, I have embraced how Nora’s writing has grown and changed especially since I have read every book in publication order. Thank you for sharing your talent of storytelling with us.

  30. i have recently had to spend a lot of time in bed because of ms flareup. to be able to lose myself in one of nora’s/jd’s stories is beyond priceless. please please please continue to ignore the trolls!!!

    1. I can so relate to you, I too have MS and lose myself in reading all the time… Nora/JD has such an awesome way of telling a story and they never get old.

      1. Oh, Sonia,my dear, do I relate to your comment! I have lupus, and on my very bad days during flare ups Nora, Eve and the ID gang have helped me through some really tough times!
        So, Nora, when you get feedback from inconsiderate people, just think of folks like Sonia and myself. Your books entertain, but they mean so much more to people in our circumstances. They help us escape our physical pain as well .

  31. I absolutely LOVE your books. My ONLY complaint is that you can’t write them fast enough. I’d love one a month (lol). But seriously I love all the characters and wouldn’t change a thing. If idiots don’t like your books, don’t read them. YOU own your characters and can do what YOU want to with them. Keep up the good work. And don’t let some idiot that simply wants attention and all things THEIR way get to you. It’s THEIR problem not yours. God bless.

  32. In my opinion if you wrote your books to please everyone we would never have books from you again. If you are a true fan of Nora Roberts and JD Robb you will read ANY AND ALL books that come out. Just keep them coming!

  33. Laughing so much at this! I’m sorry, they were definitely skanks. Don’t like the label, don’t act like a skank. Pretty simple. And, there was the male equivalent…the wankers. Apparently no objections there. Keep doing you, Nora! I love it all! Every bit of it is necessary and appropriate to the story line.

  34. As Baxter once pithily commented, what a bunch of flammable bullshit. Oops, I used a cuss word. Better put down a deposit on that nice little condo in hell.

  35. There are some very incomprehensible people living on this big blue marble. It’s very simple – if you don’t care for what you’re reading, put it down. Don’t finish it. Don’t buy the author’s books again if you disapprove. Post a review. But on what planet are you mentally residing when you think yourself entitled to tell a perfect stranger what to do or how to be simply because you’re read a piece of their work? I wonder if they’d dare be so presumptuous without the computer screen to hide behind? Unbelievable.

  36. I have loved most of Nora’s/JDRobb’s books since the mid-1990s (especially the IN DEATHS). Everyone has the right to an opinion, but they also have the right to close a book they don’t like. I hope that Nora continues to write under BOTH pseudonyms as long as SHE chooses. By the way, the one commenter also hit another favorite author of mine. Diana Gabaldon is a great author, too.

  37. Wow, people are interesting aren’t that? I just want to say that my favorite kind of weekend is my dogs laying next to me as I read your books. Thank you for the tbousands of hours of laughter, tears, sighs, and friendships i have had reading your books. ❤

  38. Haven’t read a book of yours that I didn’t like! Each one different. Loved Year One as it is something we talk about with the grandkids and their future. We talk about planning in case something like that happens. If I don’t like an authors book, I move on.
    My choice. People need to be accountable for themselves and not blame someone else.
    Nora, write on!

  39. Thanks Laura for your very hard work and thank you Nora. Your books have kept me sane in a world where I sometimes want to punch every person I meet. Both of you…Rock on!

  40. There are some people who live to complain and think they’re always right. I’m sorry you ran into one that was bad enough to make you have to write it here. I admit Eve’s language bothered me a little when I first started reading it but now I’m ok with it. Even I drop f bombs if I’m mad enough.

  41. This made my heart smile. Haters gonna hate. Write on!
    I would be thrilled to be even one iota of the writer Nora is. Thanks for staying true to your characters and ignoring the noise. Bravo!

  42. Almost two years ago I had to have brain surgery and my daughter in law gave me a couple of the In Death books to occupy my time while healing. I FELL HARD! I have read the whole series and anxiously await each new release!!! Thank you for each one!!!!
    My eye site is now failing because of cataracts but I still struggle through……when I can’t see I will listen to audio!!!!!
    I love all the characters but would die for a Roark in my life!!! He is definitely a fantasy!!!

    1. Hi Ginger–I had two successful cataract surgeries, and now I am without my subscription glasses for a few years so far. I only need reading glasses at night. Maybe you can look into cataract surgery for yourself. Best wishes, Ginger!

  43. It’s almost like the person who posted wanted to be the villain in Dark n Death. I grew up reading sweet romance where the word penis wasn’t allowed. I was so happy when Nora was able to move beyond romantic series, not that I didn’t love them, but I was growing up. I love how she as a writer uses words to get you to see the world. Tolkien used words one way, Nora another, I love them both because they use words to create awesome worlds I can dive into.

  44. Wow! So sorry you had to experience this. Love your books. Please keep doing what you do. It really is just fiction and you don’t make us buy your books. I look eagerly await the next book because I know it will be entertaining..I laugh, I cry, I get mad, I rejoice…all knowing it isn’t real. It is unfortunate you can’t even turn around without someone getting upset or offended. Why do they think their opinion matters? Keep on keeping on Nora.

  45. Although it takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, I love that you don’t get offended by the silly comments you receive. You have been such an inspiration thru your books. You’ve allowed me to escape reality for a few hours when real life gets to be too much. I always look forward to a good glass of wine and your Sunday blogs. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent of story telling with me and my fellow readers.

  46. You have nothing to change. Thank you for the wonderful writing that you do. Sorry about the dregs of humanity that cannot have common decency, courtesy and be able to separate reality and fiction. Bless you and hugs to all the other skanky writers out there (tongue in cheek). We adore you all.

  47. I’ll admit that I’m a little shocked that you receive bullshit like this. I just figured with so many glorious books released and so very many true fans of anything you write, that you wouldn’t have this kind of crap to deal with. Sorry…, had a lapse and forgot about the whining, all about me morons that are out there. I read a TON. Unfortunately (for me, lol) you aren’t capable of releasing enough books to keep me reading since I can easily finish 5-7 or more books a week. So, I read lots of other authors. Some that I’ve gotten to be friends with. They have shared similar drama stories like this and some take it way to much to heart. (Usually the ones that only have a few books published). I’m so happy to share this post with them and tell them once again…write YOUR books and let the readers that don’t ‘approve’, suck it! Your above post and response is just one reason you are and always will be at the top of my favorite authors. Please keep doing you and if you ( or Laura) ever need help responding to these ignorant individuals, please give me a call…would love to tell them to ‘fuck off’!

  48. Jeez people are crazy!

    I’ve liked nearly all your books, loved a great many. I’ve enjoyed the slow evolution of of your writing from mostly straight romances to books with more in depth characters. I love the mysteries, murders and witchcraft.

    I also appreciate your John Sanford mention awhile back. Since then I’ve tried both the Davenport and Virgil Flowers books and enjoyed them, so thanks!

  49. “You are not the Borg”…. THIS! This is why I love Nora, she gets it.
    While I just read about the “complainer”, I feel I have to say: WTF???
    I have read Nora for a looooong time, I love how her stories have evolved, her writing is different because SHE has grown as a person.
    Year One: excellent!!!
    I do not read her J.D. Robb books as I don’t like that series (see what I did here? The adult thing and made a decision to not read it-not attack the author)
    So basically, keep up the great work!!!
    And thank you for the opportunity to go into other worlds and enjoy them!

  50. You go girl! Personally I am so happy to have fiction to escape reality at times. I am a relatively new widow and all of Nora’s books in all their incantations have helped me through tough times! You don’t like the author, don’t read it!

  51. OMG, such ignorance, Eve’s character is such a kick ass woman, how can you read these books and think that Nora is denigrating women. Social media is great but since you are not saying to their face, it gives people an excuse to say things they would not normally say, it is in someway anonymous. I have seen thru the years Nora’s evolution, and it has been inspiring, I can always count on Nora to make my day a little better. Thank you.

  52. I love all Nora Roberts/JD Robb books. I’ve never read one I did not like. Nora makes the characters in her books human, with human strengths and weaknesses. I am glad to hear you will not change your writing style to satisfy a few. Continue to write for the masses. I will continue to purchase an read, then reread again, and again. Thank you. ❤️
    PS. I love the reference to Star Trek!

  53. I have loved Eve’s world from the beginning. It will always be my reread and my instant buy.

    Writers create worlds. And as I’ve heard from countless authors, they write what their characters say and do. Sometimes authors having arguments with their stubborn characters because they don’t necessarily agree with their behavior. Funny as heck from this reader’s point of view.

    Writers are not their characters.

    That reader has many issues. One of the main ones is fiction is called fiction for a reason.

    Keep on writing and we will keep on buying and reading happily.

  54. Keep on keeping on, I love your books both as JD Robb and Nora Roberts. I look forward to each release and can’t wait to add to my collection, if the language is not to your cup of tea I feel that you shouldn’t read them.

    The lanaguage is what the character would say and do! Don’t change what you do when writing! The characters and what they say or do make the story! Stay true to the character! I love what you do!

  55. As someone who got her mouth washed out with soap for saying ‘damn’, I find it difficult to swear out loud (I was ten and I can still remember the taste of Dial soap). Does it bother me to read swearing or other explicit language? Not in the least. I know and love people who’s language would make Eve flinch – lol. Doesn’t stop me from reading or being a friend. Thank you for standing firm on what you know, Nora. Laura, I bet last week was a full moon? Much admiration to you both.

  56. Wow! I read your books both JD Robbs and Nora Roberts for purely entertainment and definitely understand everything is fictional. I love your different styles of writing. Year One is definitely different but I welcome the change. It makes your books interesting since I don’t know what to expect. I guess people that demands you to write according to their demands, don’t understand that artists (writers are artists in words and weaving stories) are different kind of breed altogether. Creativity needs to flow freely and can’t be bound. Keep your stories coming!

  57. My gosh! I am a person known to have very strong opinions. But my goodness these are books and the author is a very talented one. I know you do not do politics (good for you). But I believe this is the cause of all this ” I am better than you”. Keep up the good work and write your wonderful books. Critics if you do not like them do not read them. See how simple life can be. Blessing to Nora and Laura!

  58. Dear Nora
    I personally think that dropping the F-bomb every now and again is very therapeutic! I taught grade school for 25 years and always minded my tongue when at school, but when I got home or went on vacation it was a different story .
    My husband would always say, “Teacher on vacation!” when I would vent to him about whatever was frustrating me at the time using language that would make a sailor blush. He never swore but I guess he knew that I had to let off steam in my own way.
    Funny though… since I’ve retired I don’t swear hardly at all anymore. That is unless I’m talking about certain politicians….
    Anyhow…. keep writing your way, girl, and don’t bother your head about the a-holes.

  59. I’ve been reading Nora for… it seems like forever! I set alerts when a new book is being released. I’m a collector of her books, so often I buy the book but am impatient for it to arrive so I buy it on kindle as well… crazy I know. I have re-read my favorites over and over through the years. It’s sad to me that people are incredibly rude or naive. People, these books are written as entertainment, they are characters, not real people, however these characters have made me laugh, made me cry, and made me want to strangle them.. lol. When Year One was announced and I read the description, I was unsure if I would like it, I thought “this is really different” I’ve now read it twice, and can’t wait for the next. Nora is an extremely talented writer, and I would not presume to tell her what she should, or shouldn’t write, any more than I would accept her coming into my office and telling me how to run my office. It’s plain crazy! Anyway .. Nora thank you, for giving me a place to escape to during some of my darkest hours, thank you for making me belly laugh, just… Thank You! Laura ,thank you for keeping us all updated and entertained, Nora is lucky to have you!

  60. I going to give you my unsolicited opinion, so here goes…Please, don’t change a thing! I love the books, I’ve grown with all of Nora’s stories over the decades, & I’m always waiting (albeit impatiently, sorry) for the next book. Anyone who doesn’t like your work can go pound…Ahem…can just go read a different author. Keep on, keepin’ on, & that sourdough bread looks awesome!

  61. Living in ‘The Bible Belt’, I know exactly where you are coming from. *insert eye roll here* It is difficult to lead a ‘live and let live’ life when so many people feel like it is their right and duty to let you know what you are doing wrong (according to their own beliefs). Once in a while it pisses me off. Most of the time I can shrug it off. To my way of thinking, your books reflect ‘real life’ better than the society I am currently living in – Stepford in Kansas, instead of Connecticut.
    I guess my mistake is that I’ve lived in various places over my life (Florida, New York, Wyoming, Alaska, Colorado and Kansas), so I can see how limited and limiting living *here* in Kansas is. But here is where my husband’s work is, so here is where we live.
    I, frankly, see reading your books as a blessed (haha) relief. And I loved ‘Year One’. 😉 And I swear. A lot. BFD.

  62. Wow, it is a book for pure enjoyment. If you don’t enjoy, don’t read it. Pretty simple. It would never cross my mind to comment on stuff like that. People are crazy. Well, I say thank you for the blissful days and nights I get from reading your books which I have been reading for at least 25 years. Lots of love and blessings to you both for suffering the fools. Keep up the great work!

  63. People amaze me. Instead of just reading what they like and allowing others to do the same, they want to dictate to everyone else. My mother told me a story once about a conversation between her and one of her sisters. The sister was on a rant about the just released movie “Deep Throat” and how deeply it offended her. She asked why my mother wasn’t offended. My mother replied that since she hadn’t paid any money and hadn’t gone into the theater, she had not been offended. Simple. Too bad others can’t see that.

  64. Nora, what you are, despite what that particular reader thinks, is incredibly creative! Never stop doing it your way.
    Are there stories I’d love to see develop? Sure, when (and IF) you’re ready to put them on paper. Meanwhile I’ll just sit back and enjoy. FYI, Dark In Death is now one of my favorites. Enjoyed it immensely. Can’t wait for the next!

  65. Dear Nora and Laura – Shit happens, best to step over it, careful with your shoes-lol-then ignore it behind you and keep on keeping on-huge heartfelt thanks for sharing your books and your idiot ranters – we all know how lufe works – you work it astoundingly well!

  66. WOW- I missed all the broo-haha. I don’t check out the facebook page, where I assume it was. This is not the first time- and won’t be the last- that a reader has gone nuts on Nora. But that’s the price you pay for being in the public eye. I just wonder- why is she reading the ID books at all? Between the violence and salty language, they are not her cup of tea. She should be reading fairy tales, etc. As for Nora only wanting praise, I don’t see that. I think she has pretty thick skin, and can handle a little criticism. As for me, I’m Nora’s #1 fan, & i didn’t love Dark in Death. I usually gobble down the ID’s, & finish them in a day or two. This one took me over 2 weeks to finish- mostly because I didn’t feel the tension in this one, and I had no compulsion to keep on reading. But that’s not going to stop me from buying the next one, & one the first day it comes out! so to NORA- YOU ROCK!

  67. I had such a great post. It flitted off into internet oblivion. Sigh.

    I will never understand how some people feel OK about insulting an author. Especially an author they read. I don’t get it.

    I would like to add one tiny comment. I see many, many differences between Eve and Nora. At least the Nora I think I know. That said, I see one great similarity. Strength. I’m talking strength of character. Suffice it to say, Eve will never be a doormat for anyone. Nor will Nora. I love that she called bullshit on all the ridiculous accusations. Infusing this quality into Eve is one of the reasons she endures. There are many other reasons, but that one is close to the top.

    Salute to Nora for being strong. Laura too. Thank you, both of you.

  68. Hurrah for Laura and Nora- I applaud you for standing up for what you both do and not bowing down to the numbnuts!
    I loved the skank references and found it funny and love the interchanges between Peabody and Dallas.
    I once had a patient who left my practice because he wanted me to stop referring to posteriors as asses…. I told him if he had a problem with me saying ass he was going to have to either enlarge his vocabulary or find another doctor. We were both happy he decided to leave!

  69. I’m so sorry you have to deal with people like this. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love reading your books!

  70. Great responses to those criticisms… are a better woman than me! I am a 69 yo mom to two girls, Grammy to two kids, and a retired RN. I totally love your books just like you write them. Keep ’em coming!

  71. Nora you are an outstanding writer and I applaud you for standing up to those who choose to try to dictate to you about your craft. I haven’t read Dark in Death or Year One yet—-they are sitting next to my reading chair waiting as I finish re-reading the In Death series and finish working on life priorities—but I have to say I am getting a lot done! Lol Your books are a reward to myself after I finish projects that need finished.

    Please keep being you and know that the loud judgmental few do not speak for all of your fans.

    Laura keep up the great work as well.

  72. Not only are legitimate writers often attacked because of other folk’s idiosyncrasies but commenters too. In all fairness, we are often the ones doing the nitpicking! The pros and cons of multimedia. Sigh! But on a good note I LOVE YOU GIRLFRIEND!! Whatever you write, how you say it, whatever the genre, it’s always entertaining and always wants me to meet this woman who says things the way I wish I could, lol!!! You sound like such an interesting and fun human being in a world of blah! You just keep on doing you just the way you do! Hopefully I’ll actually get to meet you in the flesh so I can give you a hug for the years of being thoroughly entertained! ???

  73. Nora and Laura, you are both heroes to many of us; thank you for your patience and your tolerance, and thank you for the continuous respect that you show all of us. A few voices do not your true fans represent! Side note: I recently watched the movie “Mystery, Alaska” (about ice hockey), and was reminded that there is a character in the movie named Skank Martin. Yep, a guy. AND an elementary school teacher. So – to once again quote Taylor Swift (for only the second time in my life), “Shake it off!”

  74. How funny that it’s this particular book that someone “demands” thAt the writer change something.
    Laura, you must have the most amazing sense of humor.
    Nora, you do you. A lot of folks really really appreciate that.

  75. My goodness people are just goofy. Please keep writing as you do and need to. I have read everything you have written and all multiple times! You rock! ???

  76. OMG! People can be so obstnate and strange. This I know for sure- the day that Nora/J.D. starts writing to please anyone but herself is the day I will stop enjoying her books. One of the things I loved about Dark In Death was the subtle dig at those “fans” who tried to dictate to the author how to write her stories or her characters. No….you don’t get to do that. As for the sex- I love reading about well rounded people who have a healthy and adventurous sex life. And colorful language- guess what? Adults sometimes use colorful language- I know I do- and it doesn’t bother me a bit. My beloved Mom who passed away 11 years ago was as straight laced as they come. She read and enjoyed both Nora and J.D. books. Just because her characters might be a bit more adventurous or “colorful” was no reason for her to stop reading the books. Please, never change and never stop, I am a devoted reader for life.

  77. Gee, I finished the book this morning and personally found it to be one of the best of the series. I loved the humor in the book. I was thinking how great it is that Ms. Roberts can keep things fresh and riviting. Is the language a little rough sometimes? You bet. Can you imagine a cop saying darn it? Doesn’t have the same ring to it. Fuck is a word used quite often. Not a big deal, but is a powerful word. I do see the irony of a person being hateful to the author after this particular book. Let’s hope she doesn’t try to imitate art. Job well done!!!

  78. As the mother of a female cop l cam tell your readers that yes sometimes cops do talk like that. Just tell this reader to “F” off and write what most of us spend months waiting for. I’ve been reading your books longer than either of us probably want to admit and haven’t found one that l didn’t love! Thanks for many happy hours!

  79. Not only are legitimate writers often attacked because of other folk’s idiosyncrasies but commenters too. In all fairness, we are often the very ones doing the nitpicking! This, unfortunately, is the pros and cons of multimedia. Sigh! But on a good note I LOVE YOU GIRLFRIEND!! Whatever you write, how you say it, whatever the genre, it’s always entertaining and always wants me to meet this woman who says things the way I wish I could, lol!!! You sound like such an interesting and fun human being in a world full of blah! You just keep on doing you just the way you do! Hopefully, one day I’ll actually get a chance to meet you in the flesh so I can give you a hug and thank you for the years of being thoroughly entertained! ???

  80. It amazes me that people think they can dictate what a writer writes. If it doesn’t appeal to you, there are plenty of authors that probably will. Move on, no need to insult. Last year I was reading the insults that readers were slinging at Maya Banks who was fighting health problems. Such a shame. People are so rude. I know which authors appeal to me and which ones don’t. I’m not going to insist the author change her way to suit me, I just won’t read her. JD Robb doesn’t appeal to me as much as her books written as Nora Roberts, so I just don’t buy or read them (I’ve read the first 10). I will continue to buy and read Nora books as they allow me to escape as books are intended. Thank you Nora and Laura for keeping us entertained.

  81. If you don’t like a book, don’t read the book.  Simple, even a simpleton can do that.  And, boy, oh boy, what a simpleton that person is. What possesses a person to slam a writer for something they do not like?    Sorry these nasty people come into  your life with such garbage. I suppose we should feel sorry for these wretched beings as they lead a sad life don’t they? These folks are a mess. 

    Your true fans will continue to follow and buy your work no matter what those sorts say.
    Majority rules and the majority of readers love your work. 
    Think positive and go with that.

  82. Can’t please all the people most of the time but you please a lot of people ALL the time. love your work!

  83. So sad, you even have to comment on this. Sigh. It doesnt help, but youre not alone. A blog I follow about crochet, yes, crochet, gets an amazing amount of complaints. Why arent all the patterns free, why can’t you copy this project I sent you from someone else and make it free for me, why do you show projects with an expensive yarn, why do I have to wait 2 whole days for an answer, etc. Another blog, gets hate mail, because its a fun blog, and she doesnt want to help people with problems. Cooking blogs get hate mail because they dont like the ingredients. Or the sodium or sugar content.
    When did we lose common sense? If you dont like a recipe, don’t make it, or change it for yourself. Don’t want fun stuff, want to wail about life, find a therapist. Don’t want to make a certain project, try a different yarn or project. Don’t like an Author, read a different one! Don’t like sex in a book, skip over it, or read something else. Its not that hard. Sigh.

    I love your books, dont change where your story goes, unless you need to for your character! Hugs to all who deal with these lost souls.

  84. Nora and Laura,

    Thank you both for all that you do. Nora, I don’t know the first thing about how to write a book and would never presume to direct a prolific author on how to compose her work. I just know you do a mighty fine job of creating several new books year over year and that I look forward to each and every one of those books. Laura, you do a fabulous job of representing Nora and keeping all of us informed and involved. Both of you are very much appreciated. 🙂

  85. So sorry that this had to happen. Nora, your books are great and don’t change. I look forward to a quiet day, relaxing with one of your books in my hand. We will never be able to understand why people just have to be nasty. NORA, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  86. All I can say is ….”Jesus Christ on Stilts” the nerve of some people!
    You just keep doing what you do and write whatever suits your fancy and I’ll keep reading!
    Thanks Laura for ALL that you do and have to put up with.
    Cheers to the both of you!

  87. Wonderful post! The bread and beef stew look perfect for the cold weather. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading! I have one author, who I quit reading, because he irritated me – I almost threw the book at the wall, but donated it to the library instead. There are enough authors writing wonderful books that we should all be able to find ones we enjoy; as I enjoy Nora’s books. ?

  88. I love the in death series along with many other Nora Roberts series, some of which I can’t get into but I just save them for another time when I am in a different mood. Keep writing how you do. Obviously there are more of us who wait in anticipation for the next one than those who would rather spend their time spewing hate.

  89. Funny after listening to Dark on audiobook I thought Nora must get some truly disturbing fan mail! Keep entertaining us we love it!

  90. So sorry you have to deal with personal attacks. I love all of Nora’s book – some more than others. The beauty of reading for leisure and pleasure – I can stop and choose another author. People need to stop being so self-centered. Enjoy the books – the characters – for what and who they are…a break from the worries of a day and a little escape. I for one am grateful! Keep them coming please! ?

  91. My, my. I have found that I can choose to read or not to read a book – my father tried to reinforce this to me as I was complaining that I really did not like some book I was reading [I hate to admit that I was an adult of about 30 at the time].
    I do understand those that would prefer their favorite authors’ stick to books that the readers like reading – it has happened to me. However, I am adult enough to understand that writers may want to expand or are tired of their current characters, or feel their characters have said all they can – or, and this I really do not like, their publishers may want a different type/genre of book and since writing is their job the authors adjust .
    I feel that “social media” has added to some people’s belief that their opinion should be the only one recognized and that the world must do as they believe the world must.
    Sorry, I’m rambling. I am just rather weary of this new Puritanism of my way or the highway, I am more of a “let people go to hell in their own handbasket” person.
    Please continue to write what you do as you do and those of us who read will either buy or not.
    Year One was not what I was expecting, but I’ll get the next one and probably the next and continue on or find the series not my cup of tea.
    Some pre -p.s.’s I heard the word “fuck” more often in a large insurance company by the younger women I worked with than I did the shoe factory I worked at.
    I love the supernatural that your books have.
    If I think the sex is too much I do what I do when I think there is too much description of scenery – I skip over it.

    Best wishes to you, Nora and to Laura,

  92. Really? For goodness sake! I love your writing…topics, word choice, character development, and on and on. Why do people think they can be so rude? Please keep writing, Nora, and I will keep on buying!

  93. Oh, Nora, I just love you and the way you respond to ….. readers!! Also, way to go, Laura. 🙂 You both are awesome and I will NEVER stop reading your books.

  94. I just have to say you two are heroes for all of the guff you you get dished. With all of the real world problems there are who feels the need to fight fiction?

    Don’t ever stop being who you are Nora, real or fictional. You rock!

  95. It is sad that some people things their beliefs and opinions should rule the world. Thank you so much for keep the characters real. I notice these people still read your books which is their right. As someone who has read every book you have published and enjoyed each and everyone. Thank you for writing them.

  96. The first book I read of Nora’s was Irish Thoroughbred and I was hooked ! Over the years my sisters, sister in laws and numerous friends have all passed Nora’s books around . Now I listen to them on audible ( I love Susan Erickson’s portrayal of all J.D’s characters). These books have taken me to different places into the lives of new people and kept me sane raising three boys and numerous dogs. Through a divorce that devastated me. I obviously have my favorites and some parts have made me squirm in my chair but that’s what makes them so great . I know comments don’t make or break but I just want to thank you Nora for giving me some of the greatest “me” time .

  97. I read your comments but can’t say I’ve taken the time yet to read all of the others. I do want to chime in with my “opinion”. I LOVE your books, ALL of you books. I have a pretty good collection of both written and audio. I don’t know where you get your inspiration but your creativity is amazing. To those who try to tell you how to write, I say if they don’t like them, don’t read them. It’s that simple. If they want a book written a certain way, let them write it. People nowadays are too busy trying to find something to bitch about or be “offended” by that they have no idea how to enjoy anything anymore. Your books have taken me places I will probably never be able to go and given me friends that I treasure. Thank you so much for that. I say, keep doing what you’re doing the way you want to do it. I, for one, will keep buying.

  98. I have read them multiple times and will continue! Thank you for your skill and creativity!

  99. The Internet serves many wonderful purposes. It has also brought to light many ignorant and terribly dangerous people. It gives instant gratification to people (I use the word loosely) who don’t stop and think, they just react!
    I am around Nora’s age and also have treasured grandchildren. I grew up in the sixties, so swearing is part of my vocabulary. When a word like “fuck” is used in a book by a great writer, it’s because it’s the only word that will serve the writer’s purpose. Just yesterday, one of my grandsons called me to task for saying “stupid”. Honestly, with all of the turmoil going on in the world, anyone who takes offence at ANY word, has not read a newspaper or listened to the news recently.
    Nora has given my heart and soul flight by crafting stories that are so descriptive they take me inside the places she travels to. I choose to believe that if you can’t disprove magic or fairies or islands that appear and disappear exist, they probably do! My roots are in eastern Europe but Nora has convinced me that I have strong ties to Ireland. Every story set in that magical land calls to me deeply. I love all of the characters, human and otherwise (well, except those like Nerezza – but they are an essential part of the story).
    Nora writes characters that come alive in front of me so that I want to go and find them! Her women are so strong – she understands every level of a woman so perfectly. My personal favorites are Mia Devlin and Maggie Concannon and just about every female whom Nora has written! Women ARE strong and kick-ass! Naturally the men are equally fascinating and again, Nora has a true understanding of them.
    I have personal reasons for not reading the In Death Series but I know it’s loved by countless people. Turmoil and harm to people in most stories are there because they must be, so they don’t bother me in any way.
    Who dares to say that magic does not exist? I believe it does and that it is practiced mainly for good. Oh, how I LOVE the stories, every single one of them has tugged at my heart. As I read and reread them, they touch me ever deeper and give me warmth and wonder over and over again.
    There are many gifted writers in our world. Many can weave a wonderful story but very few have the command of language and editing that Nora has (yes, I KNOW that she has editors but many editors leave bad grammar intact)!
    Dear Nora and Laura, you share your lives and your families with us and you make readers feel like they are your friends. Please keep on doing exactly what you do in every way! Nora, I love scarves and shoes too – I love the fact that your adult children travel with you – ours do too! You are two wonderful, kick-ass women and you show the best of what it is to BE a woman! Thank you.

  100. This made me laugh. It was perfect. I don’t want you to change how you write. I will always read Nora/JD books. They make me laugh and cry. And entertain, which is what I want in my books. This is your forum and you have the right to ban anyone who is disrespectful.

  101. You keep writing and I’ll keep reading. Some folks require smaller boxes to live in. I fortunately am not one of them.

  102. I don’t understand why people think it is their right to object to something they have read in a book. Simple….DON’T READ THEM! Some people are just morons and idiots.
    I just wish Nora would write and publish quicker, it is hard to wait between reads.
    Keep up the great work.

  103. Head shaking here! I was looking forward to find out if you had a few spring flowers popping up this week.
    Sorry some people can’t keep their mouth shut. I followed that thread for a bit, she just wanted to be right.
    I have the choice to keep reading and I will.
    Thanks Gals!

  104. People can be idiots. They should stop reading books they don’t like. When I passed 70, if a book didn’t grab me in the first 100 pages, I didn’t finish it. I would never say something ugly to the author. As for Nora/JD I have loved everyone of her books! At 77 she can’t write fast enough for me. Thank you Nora for the wonderful reads!!

  105. Oh, my gosh!! I’ve seen movies & tv shows where people write letters to authors as part of the plots & I know this most recent Death book is also about it, but to be honest I love Nora/Job’s books so much I didn’t realise the wackos out there read her books & had any of these types of complaints!! I’m a 66 year old grandmother & great grandmother and I’ll admit I’ve probably only used the F word maybe 5 times in my life (I use plenty of others though!) LOL! I’ll never stop reading your books – so please don’t stop or change the wonderful way you were them!!

  106. Very well said Nora & Laura! Much respect. Stay strong. We sane readers totally get it! Love ya both!

  107. I’m with you Nora and Laura. Just keep doing what you’re obviouly doing just fine. Sorry you have to put up with the bad stuff.

  108. I used to be on a site called (it doesn’t exist anymore) it was dedicated to all things in death. Whoever authored that particular rant would have banned themselves after the members were done with them!?
    Laura knows the site, she’ll know what I’m saying is truth.
    My motto is so ilar to most comments already posted here. I’ll just simplify it : ” IF you’re unhappy with the writer’s work, DON’T READ IT!” No need for insults… See? SIMPLE.?

  109. “Oh sweet dancing jesus” (Thanks for that Eve) just keep on writing just the way you do. I love, LOVE the books. I binge read and just recently i called a coworker Roark. It was a female so i dont think there were any Freudian undercurrents but you never know. I work in public safety and yes, cops have a sick sense of humor which is funny to me. I don’t love everything in every book but who does? Sometimes Eve bugs the hell out of me but thats ok. She just seems more real to me. Roark, on the other hand never bugs me. ❤️ Thanks for a wonderful way to escape the real world.

  110. Man those comments are so harsh. I love your books. I’ve borrow some from my local library, I buy all I can get my hands on. I got day one for Christmas from my boys (my guy and our son). Due to the craziness of Christmas with a 4 year old, I didn’t get to read it for an extra week, the longest time between release date and reading a book. It was so good, I read it late at night and I can honestly say it sacred the crap out of me. Dark in death was also very good, I’ve read it two times and the language and all the other complaints about it make no sense. Writers write, readers read, if they don’t like a book don’t reread, think before you abuse said writer or anyone.
    Love both your posts and I can’t wait for the rest of this years books and anymore that are going to come out.

  111. Nora, you just keep writing and I will keep reading. I have no problem with your language, witches, or your use of the word skank. In fact, I think you should have 2 skanks in your next book! As for Year One, I think it is some of your absolute best writing. Sadly haters are gonna hate. The good part is that you have plenty of loyal readers and u doubt you’re going to even notice losing a few. And Laura is an angel. Keep up the great work!

  112. I loved Dark in Death. I loved imagining how Nora conceived it. Its all my imagination but it added an element to my enjoyment. Thank you. I do enjoy what both of you do and look forward to new adventures.

  113. The audacity of some people is a constant amazement to me. Since I’ve worked and consulted in law enforcement before retiring I’ve got to tell you the realism and reactions of Eve and company is perfect. So glad you aren’t letting some deranged bimbo get to you. Keep being the great writer that you are. And in all seriousness…. “fuck” those who can’t distinguish fact from fiction. Hang in there Nora and Laura….

  114. Unfortunately trolls aren’t looking for respectful debate or insightful discussion. They seek only validation of their (twisted) point and aren’t open to anything else.

    Nora, keep doing what you do. Laura, kudos to you for handling the public with grace and style. ( And I am fascinated by the correlation between comments and moon cycles!)

  115. I’m so offended by the language and the sex in the Death series that I am on my 4th read. Lol ? OMG why would someone buy and read books that offended them. I love all the books by Nora/JD that’s why I Keep buying them

  116. Fucking brilliant response. Forget the Dickheads who don’t get it. 😉

  117. Well said – just keep rockin’ it Nora!! 🙂
    Thank you for all the wonderful, entertaining stories!

  118. Just to let you know that I love all of the “in Death” books and can hardly wait for the new ones to come out. I don’t mind the language or anything about these books. Maybe that’s because my parents owned a little motel when I was growing up and I saw things that nice little girls shouldn’t see. It was just life and cops see plenty of “life ” and “death when they work. The language is all part of the story and what I had seen when I was growing up. Please keep writing these books just as you do so well and keep them coming. I love all of your work and I would never think of stop reading them. If you ever want some ideas from a small motel, I will give them to you. Some are funny and some are tragic.

  119. There should be no need for you to explain yourself like this. The woman was obviously off her meds. I just finished dark in death and it was very entertaining… People need to understand that a work of fiction is just that…. fiction, not real, and has been written for entertainment purposes only. It is sad that some people are just plain delusional… sound familiar? LOL.

  120. Maybe she is a skank. Lol more than likely she is a sad, unhappy person who argued herself into a corner and her ego wouldn’t let her back down. Who knows. She is to be pitied. There are all kinds of books I love, and some I do not like. The simple answer is that I do not read the authors and genres I don’t like. People with heathy emotional maturity don’t feel the need to personally criticize the author. Bless you, Nora, for all your wonderful books. My favorites are the In Death books. I’m not into the witchcraft ones, so I don’t read them. Your immortal soul is between you and God, or the universe, or whatever you believe. The wonderful thing is that you can write in different genres to appeal to a wide audience. I’m sorry this happened to you. ?

  121. Just an aside. My husband has read all the JD Robb books right along with me. He doesn’t like the sex scenes. You know what he does? He skips over them. It would never occur to him to write to you and tell you to leave them out.

    He’s aware that I like them. He and I have had interesting discussions centered around some of them about the difference in how women and men internalize sex. But here’s how it works in our world… If you don’t like it don’t read it.

    What an ego it would take to write an author and complain about what they write! I mean if you see a mistake, point that out, (7+3 = 10 not 11 as in blah blah) but about the content of the story? Wow.

  122. So… You’re saying that the BS complaints that Blaine DeLano had to put up with is something that you get quite often? (Minus the psychotic murderer thing of course!)

    I however, REALLY LOVE the In Death books. ?

  123. Nora and Laura, when someone gets that obnoxious don’t pay attention, ban their asses and keep on going. One disgruntled reader out of so many happy ones is not worth the hazle. Keep up the good work!!!!

  124. Just to address the too much sex criticism, I told my (adult) daughter about the series after the 2nd one, because it was rare that a sex scene was actually depicted as a Love scene. Through them all, it is Eve and Roark and their relationship as much as the plots that keep me returning. Oh, and I love Nora’s books as well as “JDs”. A well written book must be authentic to capture readers. Thanks

  125. This is just crazy. I am not a police officer and I and my friends have used the word skank before. What world do these people live in. Definitely not the real world. The language doesn’t bother me. If you don’t like the language , the sex nobody is forcing you to buy Nora/JD books. Nora just keep writing the way you do. I love everything you have ever written. And I have read them all multiple times.

  126. I have purchased, borrowed and fanatically read AND reread all your books. I enjoy the fantasy, the mystery, the imagery and every fucking story! Keep ’em coming, PLEASE!


  127. I was literally just telling my fifteen year old twin boys that I always have my nose stuck in a Nora Roberts book for many reasons:
    She tells amazing stories
    She is one of the most prolific authors of our time
    She is so talented she can tell any kind of story
    Even stories I wouldn’t have picked up by any one else I have enjoyed. Before I sound like a stalker you have to monitor ?…year one is not my kind of book. I have a high stress job, a marriage of 18 years to maintain and as previously mentioned two teenagers. I ,like some of your complainers, often like feel good novels I can escape into. That being said I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the second installment of the YearOne series. I am not sure what I would do without your books Nora. In a doctor’s office, on a plane, sitting in the school parking lot for the fourth time in one week: I am taken to a different world! Please ignore the complaints. You do you! Please continue to share the amazing, incredible, funny, scary, hot, heartwarming stories you create. Bless you and your hard work!!!!

  128. The internet/social media for some reason gives people the freedom to say things they would never say to the other persons face. In a world that just by looking at someone cross eyed will prompt a whiny response (you offended me) it is nice to know you won’t sensor yourself to make a snowflake happy. I have always loved your books and very much enjoy Eve and company just the way they are! Keep up the awesome work. There are more of us than there are of them.

  129. Nora and Laura,

    Keep up the excellent work. I’ve been a reader and huge fan for all of Nora’s published writing career. Your range in storytelling is just part of why I still enjoy every book you write (and I read).

    Thank you for always letting your muse tell the stories she needs to tell, and in her way. I wouldn’t change a thing.

  130. Just after I turned 88 I was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation.
    I promptly asked what the prognosis was as I had a few more books to read, especially as the next “In Death” book, Secrets in Death, was due fairly soon. The doctor laughed and said I’d probably live to read several more.
    Thank goodness. I do look forward to those books so much that I buy the hardcover, read it a couple of times and then give it to my sister. Just can’t wait to read the new one and my sister is a great fan, too. Then, six months later, I buy the Mass Market edition and keep it for myself as I don’t have much bookshelf room left. And in between I look forward to your single book. I’m not much for witches and such so I leave those for other readers, but don’t try to take away my JD Robbs!!!!!!!!
    Loved that book and also Dark in Death. Keep ’em coming!!!
    As had been said before, if you don’t like a book, don’t read it!!!!!

  131. Another reader and I were commenting on how the language in Nora’s books had gotten better over the years. LOL.

    Just got out of a church meeting. Made changes that the majority of the congregation was wanting, only to have the same people complain about said changes.

    No matter what you do, no one is happy.

  132. The sense of entitlement some people are plagued with never ceases to amaze me. To even come up with the notion you know better than an oft published author, let alone post said criticism & then continue that harassment. ?Speaking as though you had the support of all women when the majority of us would just say “WHO ASKED YOU?”
    If you had any talent of your own as either an author or a critic, that would be your job, and you would be getting paid for it?
    Lady stay in your lane!
    Lady stay in your lane!

  133. I will say stay true to yourself, but I already believe you wouldn’t do otherwise. I so enjoy your books, some stories more than others. Some I’ve picked up because the storyline caught my interest. Others I’ve picked up because they were written by you. Your varied storylines have expanded my reading interests. Depending on what I’m in the mood for, I can find it either in a new or prior release. Thank you! And as always, looking forward to your next release.

  134. Great post!!! I have listened to every book of the in-death series on audiobooks as I drive to and from work. I love them! I mean I seriously love them – I listen to them over and over again and they make me laugh out loud, cry, sigh and just feel good! That’s what Nora does for me. Don’t change a thing and just ignore all these nut jobs who think they know what is best. Keep up the good work and thanks for writing these books for all of us!

  135. Whenever I read a Nora Roberts book, I go live in whatever place it takes me. I can’t define an author’s success better than that. I reread her books because I miss the characters and want to go back for a visit. Thank you.

  136. They do realize it’s fiction, right. It’s entertainment. And since 1985, I’ve been thoroughly entertained by Nora Roberts. If you don’t like the language, don’t read it. If witches offend, don’t read it. Simple.
    I had purchased hard copies of the In Death series and when I got a Nook in 2010, I got them all on my Nook. Now, I have them all on Audible. I can listen while I drive.

  137. Laura, you have a tough job dealing with all the messages, and you do it brilliantly. Kudos to you. Nora, I no you were serious in your blog, but I got a much needed chuckle.. the one thing I did notice.. no coffee!! What is your secret?? Thank you for writing funny, mystical, thrilling, suspenseful, intriguing, romantic books…

  138. Love you Nora and Laura! Really appreciated the Borg reference too. Keep it up. Haters gonna hate no matter what. Lovers are gonna Love! ??

  139. DO NOT CHANGE A THING!!!! I absolutely love the In Death books and cannot imagine them being any different than what they are. keep ’em comin’!!

  140. Well, if they think you can’t take criticism, then they know nothing about editors, am I right? Anyway, I am glad you can shake off the crazies and keep following your path. I for one welcome whatever happens to come to your brilliant mind. And KUDOS to Laura for dealing with the crazies…

    PS – wouldn’t mind a round of that bread if you have any left over. 🙂

  141. Please continue to write as you always have or I will need to send a complaint! Ha!

    FYI, I’m on my second read of the In Death series. It’s like visiting old friends. Knowing there is a new one at the end is so exciting. I’m averaging about a day and a half per book. No, I’m not getting much else done. So what!

  142. Oh my, it’s too bad you both have to put energy towards handling these things instead enjoyable aspects of your job…
    I’ve read all but two of Nora’s books. Year One being one I have not read, not my cup of tea, but that doesn’t take away from Nora being a fabulous storyteller. I don’t read J.D. Robb either because I don’t enjoy murder mysteries.
    I totally respect her for writing what she’s lead to write. It’s been fun seeing her grow and mature as an author and storyteller.
    Much Love Nora and Laura!

  143. Thanks, Nora and Laura, for doimg such a great job in all ways. There is quite a list of authors I don’t like (of course I’ve been reading for 69 years) and, guess what, I just don’t buy or read them anymore!!! It’s simple. Why do some people have to complicate and sour their lives.

    I may have found your talents later in my life, but atleast with your work, this widow has an active fantasy life!!! ( I use “fantasy” as a euphemism for “you know”).

  144. Nora is my favorite author but there have been a couple of books I haven’t cared for. I just don’t read them. If an author is too risque for a reader, then find a writer you do like. My dictating your narrow-minded opinions, you are trying to practice censorship, which I see a true evil. There are enough books out there for all of us to find ones that we can enjoy. Keep up the good work, Nora and Laura

  145. Nora you rock! I am 62 and I know a skank when I read one. Please stop showing your boobs on tv. ?

  146. IThe fact that this happens is an embarrassment to the rest of us readers. Its simple: read or don’t read the books, as you say. But, for pete’s ( and our sakes) show some respect to the author.
    Nora, please dont stop writing these great stories, characters and dialogue ( I love the realism and humour of it) – because of idiots. In fact, please don’t stop writing for ANY reason.

    You must get heartily sick of this crap.

    Hang in there !!!!

  147. I feel compelled to say I feel sorry for those who send letters with such helpful constructive criticism, and do not find it being taken well.

    Must be so stressful, being the center of the universe and all.

    1. Well, you’ve either changed your name (whatever you called yourself before) and email so that you could get by the ban, but you’ve not changed your words enough. Don’t you have anything better to do?

    2. Go away Troll! No one wants your unsolicited advice. Nora is the venom the universe!

      1. Dana

        I won’t accept name calling on the blog so I am editing out that last in your comment.

        Again, something I don’t do lightly, however Nora’s answered the comment and it serves no purpose other than being inflammatory.


        1. Ok Laura. I’ll apologize to you and to Nora, but not to the Troll! Sorry ??❤️

    3. Unsolicited advice from a reader isn’t something I consider constructive or helpful. Advice from my editor is something I consider helpful and constructive.

      Not taking said reader advice or welcoming same doesn’t give me the delusion I’m the center of anything.

      But apparently some readers believe they should be the center of my creative universe.

      They’re not.

      1. I love the entire in death series…and after reading your responses to these individuals just elevated you ,Ms. Roberts, on my humble respect-O meter to 110%!! You have the patience of a saint! I would only think of bitch slapping some sense into these individuals…” I don’t always have the perfect comeback…but when I do, it’s usually the next day…in the shower! Rock on Ms Roberts!!!

        1. Yep “bitch slapping” would work! I’m rereading Celebrity In Death and at the dinner table when everyone is being abused by on of the guest and Eve was talking about the boot up Peabody ass as she does at least once a story.

  148. Nora & Laura

    Thank you both for making reading Nora/JD’s book a wonderful experience.
    You can’t please everyone , do your own thing.

  149. Whenever I read a blog like this where someone has been complaining about the way or what you write, I think about what people did before the invention of the p.c. Who did they bitch their displeasure to concerning something they read and didn’t like by an author? I imagine ( as I have a vivid imagination) them sitting and writing a hate filled letter to the publisher of the book. Then trying to find somewhere to send the letter.
    The 21st century has brought us many wonderful advances in technology. Being able to converse and read about favorite authors and how they work makes some people think they the right to give their opinions on the authors work. That’s amazingly rude.
    I’m forever greatful to you for your most excellent talent and I look forward to each and every book you write. And to anyone who doesn’t, fuck off.

    1. I find that in general people seem to be less civil when they can sit behind the anonymity of their computers. Though I suppose some people did go to the effort of hand writing their displeasure!

  150. Your books make me happy and give me a break (well multiple breaks since a toddler makes reading all about a page at a time) from life and stress. Honestly, they have gotten me through some of the saddest, loneliest times. And I have re-read the J.D. Robb series more times than I can count and each time, it’s like snuggling up with a comfy blanket. Thank you.

  151. Oh for Heaven’s Sake! Some people need to get a hold of themselves. If they don’t like it, don’t read it. I for one love all of your books, the sweet silly ones, the witchcraft ones, and the ones with cussing. Keep them coming !!

  152. Good grief–how do you put up with such rude people! No one is making them read your books! I love the way you write. When I read a book I want to be immersed in the story and your writing guarantees my trip to another place and time!
    Thank you and keep up the great work!

  153. I love you sassy smackdowns. Keep on being true to yourself and remember “opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.”

  154. Hi Nora, I’ve read your ‘in death’ series four times now. I have them on audio and listen to them on my commute to and from work (as a Librarian) everyday. Susan Erickson is outstanding and the best performer I’ve come across. The characters (all of them, are incredible, distinctive and funny) I laugh at the language because, really, we all do it. It wouldn’t be the same without the language and the slang. People need to pull their heads in and get a life. It’s fiction and to me, you are the most versatile and gifted storyteller. Ignore the idiots, they’re not worth it. I loved Dark in Death, by the way, great twists.

  155. As the wicked witch said in the WIZARD OF OZ…”what a world, what a world”!! I retired from a 45 year career in nursing a year ago and picked up THANKLESS IN DEATH…shared it with my blood and guts friends…(we were all long term care nurses…) I checked the inside cover to see if there were other books by this JD Robb author…checked them out at the library…and now own every one of them. Have read them more than once…I ‘m a grandmother, married 43 years, love sex, and say “fuck” at least once a day whether I need to or not… And Eve Dallas ROCKS!
    Thank you Nora Roberts for your creative mind…and I BEG you to keep me entertained with the IN DEATH series…and let’s hope that the author of the n
    nasty-gram gets a bucket of water tossed on her so she melts!

  156. Some people need to get over themselves. Have they never listened to people speak? Curse words are quite common now days. And as for skank I didn’t even bat an eye.
    Year One is eerie, took me a bit to get into it, then I read it with great enthusiasm. I started looking to see when the next one would be out and went oh wow a whole year.
    Love the In Death books Eve cracks me up when she is trying to reason out some common everyday sayings and reverses them. Love it when she asks Roarke if he bought a universe. Love how their relationship has grown, how each of the characters have grown in the In Death books. Anyone who can pump out a single title, 2 in a series and sometimes one or two in a trilogy or even a quad like the bride books, is a pro all the way. Don’t give up the ghost. Keep on writing as long as you can.

  157. The ‘In Death’ series has helped me through a lifelong struggle with depression. They are a light when all is dark. I swear like hell now, at 60, it’s therapeutic …I chuckle when ‘fuck’ is added to a book, makes me feel at home, lol. I love that I know the main characters, it helps so much when my brain feels slow and dysfunctional. It’s familiar enough to take my mind away…distraction is one of the best tools I’ve learned to use. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for regularly bring Eve and her world into my life. Each new book is like a lifeline. Keep writing as you please and lease keep writing!

  158. When I get perturbed, I used to think it was important to point out the errors of their ways. I would write letters explaining the errors. Then, I would just erase it and throw it away. I catch myself now and it never gets that far. “They” don’t think like I do and they will never get it, so why waste my time and energy?

  159. Those comments from ‘directors’ are good for a laugh. And you can probably get some good character traits for your next J.D. Robb book from them. 🙂

    There are a lot of good things about today’s social media. And some very annoying things written by those who feel a need and the right to direct the lives of everyone else.

    Keep writing whatever the heck you want to write and those of us who enjoy your books will continue to read them.

  160. Love your writing! Glad you are true to your self and write what moves YOU!

  161. God people really suck anymore. Or maybe they just stank. Nora, you just keep doing what you’re doing….. I’m here for the long haul.

  162. FFS, people get a life and complain about somethingTRULY appalling!
    As many have said before Nora Roberts/JD Robb is an amazing, prolific author and we are extremely lucky to have her in our lives. She is the author and what she writes/says goes and the same for all her characters. I love them all even when I dislike what some of them get up to, because together they make the stories the amazing things they are. Huge respect to you Nora and by association you two Laura.

  163. Literally laughed out loud at Laura ‘s last comment which reminded me that Dark in Death -which I really liked -also had me laughing (rather embarrassing sometimes). Just started my second pass, this time with Susan Erickson. Love the light moments that balance the dark. I don’t love the language sometimes but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the stories and it does feel quite authentic … I laugh every time I read Jenkinson’s “varied use of the word f…” in Treachery. One of my favourite scenes. Sometimes it just works!

  164. I love every book I have read be it in deaths or many Nora books. Maybe these people are the one in the what I call the entitled group who feel everything should be their way. You are a fabulous writer and I love your writing, hearing about your life and family and want you to keep on doing exactly what you do! I admire the shit out of you and you too Laura! Good luck this month and those full moons in the future!

  165. Nora, I really don’t understand some people. They are not happy unless they ruin things for others. I have read your books since they first came out in silhouette. I still have those by the way. I have not, I repeat I have not been disappointed in any of your books. If ever there was a book I didn’t like I would not ever tell you or any other author for that matter how to write a book. You have your own way as others do. If I ever run across a book I don’t like I would know within the first 3 or 4 chapters and not finish it. I would not tell the author how to make if better, 1. Because my opinion. Isn’t everyones. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean everyone else doesn’t. I make my own decisions and move on. You keep on writing your way. I’ll keep on buying you are my all time favorite author. Love you guys. You are doing a great job.

  166. Lol. I just love you Nora!! You are so funny when you tell people how it is!! I don’t get it. There are sooo many authors out there. If you don’t like a book, maybe, I don’t know ? Stop reading it?? It’s not rocket science!!

  167. Ladies you are AWESOME! from one very happy reader and Facebook and blog follower.

  168. I am thrilled to see this post! People don’t seem to understand that you ARE writing a story, fantastic ones by the way, and the characters are not there for everyone to love. Sometimes you hate them, sometimes you fear them. It means the character evoked an emotion and this is entertainment at its best when they do. Thank goodness you stand proud and push back to those who try to force others to change to suit themselves. Makes me proud to support your work and you as an author!!

  169. I discovered your books in my late teens, and and am still reading them 20 or so years later- my collection of your books has grown steadily over the years. There are some that I prefer more than others but we all have our favourite stories. Nell Channing from Dance upon the Air remains one of my favourite characters and her story brought light to my life during a time when I thought there was none left.
    It doesn’t matter if a character if a witch, an artist or a snarly cop- if the story tugs at you, makes you feel something, leaves you pondering- then in my book- the writer has his/her job.
    You weave a fine story, and do the job very well indeed.
    There will always be people who find a reason to mouth off about one thing or another and unfortunately the internet gives them a soapbox big enough to hide behind- the majority would probably never be brave enough to say it to your face.
    Please stay true to yourself and keep writing your wonderful stories- whatever they will be- I look forward to reading many more of them in the years to come.

  170. Please Laura, for god’s sake, tell Nora not to listen that bull flap. I love her steamy love scenes, her sweet romances, the mysteries… and I always fall in love with the location and the characters. Her books are better than wine for relaxation, but when enjoyed with wine they are the Great Escape. Perfect.

  171. Now I really really must meet you two some day!! That was AWESOME!! Some people are just self-entitled-spoiled-crybaby-whiney-ass-idiots. Keep on keeping on! I love what Nora writes, and if millions of people are wrong around the world, then I’m in that group too, and wouldn’t want to be in any other group!! THANK YOU!!!

  172. Had a similar incident happen where in one of my writings, I got political on it, where my character used a political term to insult someone he once called a friend. A few idiots got there panties in a bunch and started attacking me. Now since this story was published on a website, I told my readers that this was my story, I’ll do whatever I want with it and if they don’t like it, they can either shut up or they can be blocked. Pure and Simple.

    Are we living in a world where an amateur writer can’t model his writing after Patterson, Grisham or J.D. Robb? (even though you don’t put in a lot of politics with your stuff.)

    1. Electric Outcast–Keep writing what you like, and I hope you sell as many books as you can!

      1. I mostly write fanfiction and the story was mostly a darker retelling of a series that mostly had comedic elements.

        If you want to read some of my works, you’re more than welcome to let me know.

  173. I had a reader write that she’d never read me again because an In Death novel had a Hillary Rodham Clinton High School.


    1. Ridiculous! Regardless of your (or anyone else’s) political stance, Hillary Clinton is an important bit of history. People in this country have become emboldened by the current administration and think they can shoot their mouth off any way they want to. Like her or not, HRC will always have a place in the history of this country. If it makes any difference to you I was THRILLED the high school had her name.

    2. OMG!!! That particular item had me laughing out loud and saying ‘Go, Hillary!’, complete with fist pump! Not nearly enough landmarks are named after women, and that one in particular was sweet. These people who can’t separate reality from fiction worry me more than a little, but if they can’t stand the heat….and so on.

  174. People are super weird. My grandmother started me on your books, when I was 15 (my mother was not pleased). There were characters I didn’t like then, that I love now that I am 37 and have kids.

    I love that you write different characters. This way I can keep coming back and rereading carrying my different perspectives as life changes and shifts.

  175. Geez. I’m tired and not even read the entire ordeal. Can’t imagine facing extinction on Earth by being tired 😉
    So I’ll skip all the rest.
    She loves Nora, you know?
    You don’t try to change what or whom you don’t love. Selfishly she does … 🙂

  176. Thank goodness you are above all the crazy! I very much enjoy your work, do I love them all, well no but thats a good thing. It showd you are not stale or a one track writer. Have I ever hated a story, no, some are just more appealing to me personaly then others. Never anything to get all twisted about.

  177. If people don’t like the books then they shouldn’t read them! That will make the wait for the books at the library shorter.

    P.S. Could you please share the recipes?

  178. Honestly!!! I do not understand people with egos huge enough to believe they can tell a writer what to write! Maybe they should try writing their own books! As for me, Nora/JD has brightened my world. I am 87, plagued with illness, no longer able to travel (which I loved!) except to doctors or to family when there is an occasion — otherwise they visit me. (I am fortunate enough to live in a very lovely apartment in a really good assisted living facility.) Nora’s writing has taken me on travels and adventures, and introduced me to some fascinating characters. And so I am able to leave my troubles and enjoy another world. I am so grateful to her for her books even those I have a problem with — for instance, when someone who shouldn’t be killed is a victim — but, then again, this happens all too often in our real world. I can only wonder at people who are unappreciative of a talented author and suggest they find other books! As for me, I say God Bless you, Nora, and may you continue to write the interesting books you are known for and ignore the crazies — they aren’t worth your time. I have pre-ordered the books scheduled for 2018 publication, and though I do read other authors I just treated myself to a re-read of the Bride Quartette and enjoyed the books as much as the first time. I am thinking about another visit to In The Garden — such fun.

  179. This thread seems particularly humorous considering the plot of the book. Perhaps we do get too involved, but that is a sign of a great author, a thriving plot, and mature character development. Besides, we all know “resistance is futile.”

  180. Holy cow! I thought I had seen and heard it all after working with the public for my entire adult life. I was reading the books of a popular author who, I felt, had changed focus and could not hold my interest. I simply stopped reading those books. It’s simple folks. You can’t change another person, but you can change your reaction to them. That said-I am a Nora/JD fan. Please keep them coming.

  181. Nora, love your books. As far as,cop talk goes, I’ve been around enough cops that the language used in the In Feat series is spot on. Loved Year One. Looking forward to the 2nd book in the trilogy. Ignore the naysayers. Just keep writing the most interesting characters.

  182. People are nuts. This is not new. This is not earth shattering, however it is forcibly reiterated on a regular basis. People believe our worlds revolve around them and they are nuts. *raising a glass to Laura* I can only imagine the stories Laura could tell from all those letters. Whew. LOL We all have opinions and preferences and so not all NR/JDR books appeal to all of us, that’s the genius of it all. Read what appeals, walk away from what doesn’t. I never realized that concept was so hard for some. 😉 Thanks for what you all do and the books you create, and apparently your tolerance for people. In other news, that sourdough looks AMAZING!

  183. Wow. I’m sorry I missed all of that, NOT! Some people just need to get a life. Nora, keep doing what you do best, which is writing. You are awesome and I love it all. And if I don’t agree with something, which is extremely rare, I won’t critique you because I certainly can’t do any better. You do suck me into your worlds when I’m reading them, but then I have to come back to reality when I finish the book. Darn it, lol. I’m a huge fan so please don’t stop.

  184. This whole thing is ridiculous! If you don’t like sex, swearing, or bad lsngusge, stop reading these types of books! The real or fictional world is not a sanitized, place, but if that’s what you want, go back to reading Nancy Drew or the BobbseyTwins!

  185. This is definitely one of the pitfalls of the explosion of social media-where people think they can tell you what to write, how to write it and what NOT to write, etc. And I remember back in the “olden days” on ADWOFF, how you were up until the GODAWFUL early am, responding to Sandra of the “,,,” about your writing, and wondering why you were even giving her time to spout. Then there was the reader who thought you should write two versions of each book: one with the profanity, and one for those heathens (like me) who loved reading profanity and f-bombs.

    Then I recall, one of my very first posts about Peabody in the “Peeves” Thread, (you had only written up to Holiday then, I think?) and how I went off on her “attitude” toward Eve, and then hitting “submit.” And then going “HOLY SHIT! NORA READS THE COMMENTS HERE AND I AM SO DEAD!” because I gave Peabody a not so nice nickname (Nimrod). But to my relief and joy (yes, joy!) You found the nickname amusing, and then took the time to defend Peabody’s actions. Your first line was “Poor Nimrod. I mean Peabody, lol.” (Yes I still remember!) But what stuck with me was this: that as a writer, it was your job to get a reaction out of readers: the fact that I had these feelings told you that you were doing your job.

    The BEST thing about your stories, from Silhouette, to your stand alones, trilogies and In-deaths: I know they’re fictional characters, but you make them REAL. They talk like real people. I am grateful to you for bringing the MacGregors (DANIEL!), Stanislaskis, O’Hurleys, Calhouns, MacKades, Montgomerys into my life, as corny as that sounds. And most DEFINITELY ROARKE. Hey, I earned my “HERO HOG” title! And an unapologetic badass, kickass, cranky, New York cop, Eve, who survived so much, yet still has to deal with what was done to her. Just recently finished Dark in Death, and loved it.

    This is just a vicious cycle and I feel bad that YOU feel you need to keep responding to, and addressing it repeatedly.
    And it’s just like I say about televisions shows for those trolls who just thrive on shit-stirring the pots: no one is forcing you to watch, and here with Nora Roberts/JD Robb: NO ONE is forcing you to read them.

    All I know Nora, is that your books, ALL of them, have gotten me through a LOT over the past decade, though I’ve been reading you since “Irish Thoroughbred.” You set the bar, and I always (even if it’s not fair) hold anything I read by someone else by that bar.

  186. Nora, Laura . . . WE LOVE YOU!! (Double exclamation point, one for each of you.) My heart hurt a little at the fact that you had to defend yourselves . . . again. Both of your comments were spot on, and – for the love of all that’s holy – please don’t ever stop writing, Nora (until you can’t anymore, of course), and Laura – you are the BEST defender. That reader deserved to get fired. Fuck ’em.

    Today, from the land of cold and snow in the Rockies, I salute you both and am sending you the very biggest of cyber hugs. We need you! And as I said before: WE LOVE YOU!!

  187. I find it very interesting that this person (or these people?) objected very strongly to the language, sex and witchcraft, but never once objected to the violence and killing. J.D. is a master at vividly creating such despicable villains and descriptive murders and even killers with zero emotion or remorse. Which to me shows the level of research she does. I’m surprised that in light of what’s been happening in the country these days that these people didn’t go off about that or find some whacked out correlation between them all and blame the books.
    I’m very proud to have been part of a small JD/Nora “cult” that I supplied the books for before I retired. There were only about 5 or 6 of us, and, how strange, we each had different opinions about each book. Imagine that! I’m also happy to say that one of my nieces, who was part of that small “cult” has carried on my work and is “spreading the Nora” where she works.
    As many of others have said, there might be books that aren’t my cup of tea or I don’t like for some reason, but that’s no reason to go flying off the handle. Just don’t finish or re-read that book, dopey. Move on.

    1. You know I was scoping out a used book store for the series and as I reached for an In Death book…a woman came up to me and asked me if I REALY wanted THAT book…I politely asked her if she wanted it…she seemed kind of testy…but she broke out in a huge grin! She told me she has ALL the JD Robb books AND…she shared with me that she’s part of an Eve Dallas cult…!
      ( she was a hoot!!)

  188. Read all the comments. Pulled a few threads out to think about. Mainly? I need to stop walking past Year One, and sit down to read it. I love apocalypse and pandemic movies. Why am I avoiding this book? THOUGHT: Nora’s words have more impact than all of those visual and auditory events. Says something about a well-written book.

    1. I’m not a fan of apocalypse or pandemic movies/books, so was a little apprehensive about starting this one; but, once I started reading Year One I didn’t want to stop. She did a wonderful job of drawing me in and making me care about the characters. I wanted to know what would happen next and now am looking forward to the 2nd book. Waiting patiently because hey she’s giving us lots of other greatness in between. 🙂

      So definitely stop delaying and start reading! LOL

  189. As one of my employees muttered one day “People….they’re everywhere…..” And then she sighed heavily. I still laugh when I think of her saying this. Keep your chin up ladies and just remember-People….they’re everywhere. sigh…..

  190. People feeling that they have a right to dictate how another person should live their life is what’s wrong with the world. That and not having any respect for anyone else. Tell Nora to keep on writing cause there’s a lot of us out here that have respect AND common sense ?

  191. I don’t understand why people don’t get that the author makes the rules. If you want to make the rules write your own book.

  192. I can’t believe you had to even write this post. I just don’t understand why people feel like they have the right to speak to anyone like that. seriously.

  193. Bravo for standing up to the “unhappy” and “rude” readers. Some which I believe haven’t even read an entire one of these books. Seriously I’m grateful I get to read them and save up my money to get the books I want when they come out. I enjoy your writing and look forward to the next book you share with all of us. Do these people understand its fiction?

  194. Bravo for standing up to the “unhappy” and “rude” readers. Some which I believe haven’t even read an entire one of these books. Seriously I’m grateful I get to read them and save up my money to get the books I want when they come out. I enjoy your writing and look forward to the next book you share.

  195. I own every In Death book in kindle and paper editions. Did I love ALL of them, no. That is my problem, not yours. Did I stop buying them? NO! The characters have a life to live and you let them do that. You are a writer and not pretending to be anything or anyone else. Block the idiots and continue on with best books ever!

  196. I have to admit I don’t absolutely love every one of your books. Frankly, if I did, you weren’t stretching yourself as a writer enough. Because you do write a lot of different types of books, I get to enjoy many different genres with one author. I have also come to realize that when I rank your books, I tend to hold you to a somewhat higher standard because your writing is uniformly excellent, even if I don’t really care for some of the scenes in some of the books because they don’t go the way I would prefer they go. That is on me, not you. You are one of the authors who is on my “buy everything” list. And even on the extremely rare occasions I don’t care for a book enough to re-read it, I don’t ever regret buying them.

    You keep writing, I’ll keep buying and reading

  197. There are times I’m not in the mood for a Nora Roberts or JD Robb book. So, I might read something else. Maybe a biography (David McCullough for instance), romantic comedy (Janet Evanovich) or like this weekend a religious comedy (the Elmo Jenkins series finale, sigh). But more often than not, I’ll find a NR or JDR to read and/or reread. I’ve only been reading her work for a couple of years, so there’s lots of titles to fill in between releases. So maybe the timbre of Year One means I’ll wait a while until the entire series is released, and choose bright, sunny days to read. Heck, there’s even one NR I’m having trouble getting into, so have put it aside….for now. Then there are some series I’ve almost inhaled!!

    Thanks, Nora (and watch dog Laura)

  198. Stop wasting Nora’s time and making her write about stuff like this. The rest of us would rather have her write about her weekend.

  199. I have every InDeath book ever written, in every form they come in. eBook ,(kindle & nook), audio, hardcover, and paperback! To say I’m a fan of this series is a colossal understatement. I’ve been reading this series since Naked in death came out, so I’m very protective of it and its author. So, I really get annoyed when people attack them .
    Think about this. Sue Grafton and her alphabet series is a favorite of mine as well. Y is for yesterday was her last installment,because a few weeks ago she succumbed to cancer, and there’s no last letter. I still feel the hole her death left.?
    So, we should appreciate the people who do this to a living. After all we benefit if the books are written well and are entertaining.
    Nora has written this series for over twenty years, and it still captivates us, because all her main and secondary characters have evolved , all this while she is writing other books!
    I say, you try doing what Nora and other writers do, let’s see how that works out for you.

  200. Nora & Laura-
    I love the feedback you gave and it was perfect. I’m so glad to see that you are going to continue to write the way you want to write. It’s perfect as far as I’m concerned.
    I do have to ask for the sourdough recipe – the ones you took a picture of look so delicious! It is too bad it was just a photo because I wanted to reach in an break a piece off..
    Thanks so much for being a fabulous writer- I love all your stories and hearing your travel stories as well. It makes me add those places to my bucket list.
    Have a great week!

  201. I must admit when I read Peabody’s statement it stopped me. Then I thought ‘Well Peabody has come a long way as a seasoned cop’. If this character had made the statement in Book 6 instead of Book 46 it may have been out of place. Characters change, evolve & grow. You may not always agree but that is what keeps me interested in this series. I love Nora/JD’s books…some more that others, but always a great read.

  202. It seems there will always be someone trying to steal the joy from others. In this case not only Nora’s joy, but the joy of all the fans who were happily discussing the latest In Death. Our best defense is just to not let them (sounds much easier in theory than in practice).

    I don’t understand this. If you don’t like a book (tv show, movie, whatever form of entertainment) then just move on to something else. Why try to make those that still enjoy it miserable?

    You know I’ve seen the same kind of venom directed at not only authors of books, but script writers, showrunners, and others in these types of professions. Trying to tell them what stories they should tell how their characters should behave, and berating them for telling a story the haranguer doesn’t want…acting as though they speak for everyone else in the world. Just makes me shake my head.

    1. I’ve seen this too! But I must say – that though I would never consider telling a scriptwriter what to write I have stopped watching shows when I didn’t like where the story was going (especially serialized shows ) … why spend time on something you’re not enjoying? – but I have never considered not picking up the next JD Robb or NR book, even if I found the last one disturbing! Your comment about speaking for everyone else especially rings true for me. So often in these discussions someone might say (politely!) that they didn’t particularly enjoy book X and I’m thinking… oh, book X was my absolute favourite!

  203. I really enjoy both of you. You never fail to mske me smile. I never read Nora’s books until my mother had me read a the Sign of seven trilogy. I absolutely fell in love with her writing and her characters. I have now read and own the majority of her trilogies. I’m still not into the back in the day romance books of hers but that’s just personal choice. So I read all the others and just started book 7 of the In Death series. Cousins O’Dwyer I still think is my all time favorite. Well it’s a close call with Gallaghers of ardmore. I can’t choose. I even follow some of her recipes that her characters cook in the books. I think it would be neat to have a cook book made from the characters. Like Brannas rosemary potatoes or one of Nells pastries or Shawns stews. It would be neat to have something like. I might just compile on for my mother and I. We love you both and Nora, thank you for you creativity and for sharing your amazing art with all of us.

    1. The Inn Boobsboro Cookbook has some of Nora’s personal recipes. It’s a great book. You can get it on Nora’s website.

  204. As I replied before people are so negative all the time. As you Nora suggested don’t buy the books if the lady finds them offensive. You are the celebrity writer and quite good at it if I don’t say it for you. I enjoy your books immensely I only wish I could be so talented. My father was a sergeant in the police dept and have a couple family members who are now and if they never sweared I’d think something was wrong. I think it goes with the territory and Eve is one bad ass cop. So as Eve regularly tells sommersett. Get the stick out of your ass lady as Nora doesn’t need your uncalled for negativity. I love ? Eve and Roarke.

  205. I ditto the many comments here and share that your JD Robb series has sustained me through stress, disappointment and heartache, I know that I can grab any of the many books in this series and escape to a world I enjoy. Thank you

  206. I’m not in the habit of commenting here but felt compelled to add to the general conversation. A story is meant to entertain. It’s a way to vacate what we know and provide a view in someone else’s life and perspective. If I wanted to read vanilla, I’d go to work and peruse my emails.

    It should also be noted that if someone takes offense at a term used, they can shut the book. Not all fiction will resonate with everyone. Somehow, we’ve morphed into a politically correct (read that as over the top) society. We don’t all censor every word, so why should this be expected in novels?

    Additionally, it has always been inspiring to me that Ms. Roberts writes independent and strong female characters. Single moms, entrepreneurs, and professionals feature prominently. I can identify in that. Women emerge stronger at the end of each story. I aspire to be stronger.

    The availability and access we all now have to authors (leaders, artists, actors, musicians, etc.) have given people the express belief that they can say whatever they want. What people fail to recognize is that their opinion is rarely requested (mine included here). It doesn’t hurt to remember to keep quiet if one can’t say something nice.

    Thank you for years of entertainment. Here’s to many more.

  207. Wow. I believe artists should simply be allowed to do what they do, in a way that makes them happy, fulfilled, whatever. And if you don’t like what they write or draw or paint or sing? Well no one is MAKING you experience it. Some authors I used to love, an now, eh, not so much. I’ve changed, they’ve changed, and sometimes you’re on th3 same wavelength, sometimes not. If I don’t like a new character or story an author writes, or the sound a band has sound I don’t like now, I don’t buy their stuff. It’s as simple as that. So sorry you have to deal with this Laura and Nora.

  208. Good grief, it astounds me that people feel they can make these demands. I have all of the In Death series. I love them because they are pure fiction. They let me escape into someone else’s world (usually in the car on the drive home , audiobooks ). Loads more support out here for your work, than you probably know. Keep them coming….skanks and all… I love them ?

  209. I’m in agreement with both Laura and Nora…perhaps she should go to the Christian Bookstore or Library and read only Christian based books. Before everyone has a fit about that, please know I am a Christian woman and am an avid reader.
    I have many “favorite” authors, Nora/JD being at the top of the list. I haven’t been offended, nor do I “feel dirty” after reading one of her books. If and when the day comes that I do feel offended or dirty – I’ll take a break from Nora/JD and the many other authors that take me someplace I could never go on my own.
    I have the complete paperback collection of the In Death Series up to Echoes. Not once have I felt it was a waste of money – not once have I felt I could make a suggestion to make the next book better! The world is an entitled world now…some readers evidently think they are entitled to tell you how to do your job…it’s a shame.

  210. Nora, Please keep writing how you feel you need to write. I have enjoyed all of your books – over and over!! For some reason, some people feel the need to bring others down. Please don’t listen to them. I have read authors I did not like and you know what!? I just don’t read them! There are so many great authors that a person should be able to find something they like. I want to thank you for your dedication to the stories you write and keep on keeping on.

  211. You are both doing a great job, thank you…and that is all there is to say:)

  212. Well I have never taken it well when someone tells me what to do, and I don’t write books. I enjoy your books and am always waiting for the next one to come out. I started Year One, and have decided to wait until the second book comes out to finish it, I hate waiting to find out the next part…. i read 6 Harry Potter books in 10 days….so keep up the good work, I will be sitting here waiting for the next one to come out.

  213. Nora’s books have enchanted me since I was probably a bit too young to be reading them lol. She is an amazing and versatile writer who creates characters that become so real for her readers, and I personally applaud the fact that the characters often lead real lives, instead of the watered down let’s not offend anyone lives so popular in our literature and on our televisions of late. Write on!!! Can’t wait to keep reading ?

  214. I believe that you’re an excellent writer. I have enjoyed everything you write. I LOVE the In Death series to the point of reading the series again, for the THIRD time. I think people have become over sensitized, and easily offended. Please don’t ever stop writing because someone is a suck. As Laura said, they don’t have to read your books. I look forward to each and every book in this series, and all your other books. Keep up the excellent work.

  215. I’m not a fan of the In Death series, but I would never bash the writer for it. I love all the other stuff she’s written. I just finished year one a completely different kind of book for her, but I loved it. Keep writing Nora Roberts, there are many of us who love your books.

  216. I am never going to understand people who believe that we the readers have the right to dictate. I own a print copy of nearly every book Nora has written (only missing 6). The collection was started by my late mother. After all these years, I know to trust Nora. She has never steered me wrong yet.

  217. Just wanted to say I loved Dark in Death and Year One. As Eve has mentioned many times, a lot of people are just plain crazy. I wouldn’t change a word of your books. They’ve helped me through many stressful times like right now. Thank you for all your works! Blessings to you Nora and Laura.

  218. OMG!!! I really can’t imagine saying anything so negative to any author. If you don’t like a book, put it down and don’t read it. If you don’t like the way the author writes, read someone else’s books. That seems pretty simple to me!!!

  219. Nora, you are a truly amazing person with a brilliant mind. Your books have made me both laugh and cry. You really bring the characters to life for me. Thank you for bringing just the right amount of excitement into my otherwise boring life. I have read all of your books and have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. I have my daughter and grandson trained well. Whenever they see one of your books in a store they text to see if I have it yet even though I have told them repeatedly that “yes…I have them all”. Oh and while I am thanking you, please allow me to thank you for opening that wonderful inn of yours. I have spent a birthday and also the last three New Year’s Eves there. I have already reserved my room for next New Year’s Eve. The staff at the inn are wonderful. They should make you very proud. Because of the Inn Boonsboro trilogy, when I leave to go to Boonsboro, I always tell everyone that I am going to Nora Roberts Land. Please keep doing what you do best. Keep the wonderful stories coming.

  220. Oh, good grief!! Please tell me I’m not the only person who rolled their eyes? If I’m not mistaken, Harper Lee’s book, To Kill a Mockingbird uses “bad” language & it was one of the books my high school class (within the past 10 years lol) was required to read. Language & the words a writer–or screenwriter–chooses to use often help the reader/viewer understand the character better. I recently saw an edited version of a crime drama on tv. It didn’t take me long before I had to change the channel & make plans to watch the uncut dvd. In this case, the censored movie totally broke the flow of conversations. It was even difficult to grasp what was being said due to the heavy censorship.
    I’ve been reading Nora’s books for years & I’ve loved all of them. Though I do have my favorite heroes & heroines. I recently started reading those she writes as JD Robb. Why I waited so long to dive into those I haven’t a clue! I love Eve! And I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve tried to find my vision of Roarke online haha

  221. I recently read somewhere that a school system was no longer going to have To Kill A Mocking Bird on their required reading list. Why? “Because it would make some people ‘uncomfortable.’” Well DUH! To Kill A Mocking Bird is SUPPOSED to make some people uncomfortable. And those made uncomfortable by the book are exactly the people who need to read it.

  222. Hi, I don”t have ham but I do have the makings for potato soup or potato dumplings. I just have a bad cold along with some allergies that refuse to go away so I will enjoy the thought of Nora and family enjoying potato and ham soup with a good book on a rainy evening. I totally love thought provoking books to read. I will try to find this one while I am in Florida the next 2 weeks soaking up some hopefully sunshine. I hope the weather will be kind to me and my friend this year and the illnesses we have both been fighting off all fall and winter will take a vacation and leave us to ours. Have a great week and totally love the bright spots of color in both your homes. Beth my customer essay

  223. I am happy that I live in a world were one can have their own opinion. I am grateful to live in a country were we have the right to RESPECTFULLY express that opinion. We should take care to not abuse that right, or we may find ourselves losing it.

    The most important question is : When did Eve go from being a Yankees fan to a Mets fan? GO YANKEES!!!!

  224. The sorry thing is, that woman still believes that she’s correct & everyone else is wrong. Even reading thru all the comments/reactions; I’d bet money that she still thinks that using skank diminishes all women (I’m sorry, but those gals were skanks in every sense of the word!) , that Nora should stop using bad language because cops don’t talk that way, etc, and that everyone who has supported Nora & opposed her (the commenter) are a very minor part of the world & should be corrected. And it does no good to suggest that she get out & experience the world because she’s unwilling to open her eyes enough to see all the colors of the rainbow. I’d also bet money that she’s one of those that called for Banning the Harry Potter books without ever reading them. Pitiful.

    I did want to say; to all those wondering if they want to read Year One; yes, it is dystopian; yes, the way of life as we know it comes to an end, but, and it’s a big but, people continue, There is hope in the world, people pulling together, and it’s not all bad. I didn’t find it that different from Nora’s usual work; Good vs Evil; Light vs Dark, and there is a sense of hope. And I’m waiting for vol. 2, just like I wait for the next In Death; they’re on order as soon as they’re listed & release dates are on my calender!

  225. I am reading through the blog and scanning the replies with one thought in my head, how about sharing your bread recipe. lol

    1. Don’t you wish! It looks so good can you imagine ripping a hunk off and dipping it in that hot simmering stew!

  226. Good for you! Both of you! Personally, I LOVE your tales, and I love the various limits of the genres being pushed, and that I can’t always figure out the ending in the first chapter. These are all wonderful traits of a great read. I am over 50 now, and every year lose a little more of my PC filter( not that there was much of one to begin with). That being said, the stupidity of people should not still surprise me, but it does. On this day, The International Day of Women, I salute you both, and beg you to never change.

  227. This is a nit, but I think it is totally unfair to post pictures of delicious looking bread and pots of soup and not share the recipes! Your picture of the sour dough rolls and beef stew with dumplings made me hungry. I would love your dumpling recipe as well as your beef stew recipe because when I tried a beef stew with dumplings it didn’t look anywhere near as good as yours. You kind of gave the recipe for your bean soup and I am going to try it this weekend.

    1. Some of Nora’s personal recipes are in the Inn Boonsboro Cookbook. It’s a really nice cookbook which you can order on her website.

  228. NR/JDR is my go-to author. Thank you for so many wonderful stories. As soon as a book is released I’m on my way to the book store and if I really like the story I have to get the audio. Just have to say Dark in Death…the ballroom scene on audio…wow! Well, thanks again for all the wonderful stories…your true fans love you and appreciate your stories just the way they are??

  229. I’ve yet to read a Nora Roberts book that I didn’t like. I love that the characters and storylines are so different across series. Sure, there are times I wish things did or didn’t happen in your stories but I’m not the author and the author knows best. I think the only thing I hate about your books, and especially your series, is reaching the end!

  230. Well art is subjective. Nora is an artist. Who in God’s name would have ever told Da Vinci, Van Gogh, ect. what to paint or how to paint it? Or John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Beyonce what to write and /or sing and how to sing it! Any form of art…you pick one , same analogy. Whatever…keep on truckin’ Nora

  231. I love your response.
    I wonder what universe these folks live in, where they can command people to use the language they dictate.
    I have a number of friends who are police and this would make their day by giving them a chuckle.
    You are one of the few authors I still pay hard cover prices for, the minute the books appear.
    Keep it real–most of us love it.

  232. There are disturbing things in a Nora Roberts/JD Robb book? Imagine my surprise. Yes, murder is disturbing. Rape is disturbing (or it should be, anyway.) Some people speak rough/vulgarly — that’s all part of life.

    I enjoy these books because, like it or not, they are reflective of life today, life yesterday, and likely, life tomorrow.

    And yes, I am disturbed by a lot of the content. If I wasn’t, I might be worried – well, actually, if I wasn’t disturbed by the content, *others* would have cause to worry.

    None of that means I can’t enjoy the books for the story, which I do and have done since the first one came out many years ago.

  233. Just wow! I use ‘fuck’ all the time. It’s part of my daily speech pattern and skank is one of my favorite words, typically for women who sleep with married men. You can’t please everyone. Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke. 😉

  234. As a retired police officer, I have to say that ‘skank’ is one of the milder terms we used on the job, and it had nothing to do with denigrating women. I could recite a whole list of inventive terms, that would really offend that reader, but it’s really pointless. Nora’s assertion that cops shorthand it to each other is dead on. And readers need to remember that, first and foremost, we’re talking about a work of fiction.

    1. The reader mustn’t have read any of JDR’s other books because I just reread Celebrity Murder and it’s used in it TOO!

  235. I love Nora’s books. all of them, and if I don’t care for one, I just finish it and say that wasn’t one of my favorites, but I really can’t remember ever doing that with any of Nora’s books. I agree if you don’t like the way someone writes, find another author who you’ll enjoy more. My problem is Nora never writes quick enough for me. I’m always waiting for another one to come out!

  236. Thank god the crazies in the world can’t and don’t dictate what I read or what you write. Can see where you might have got the idea for this book (lol) if you have to deal with this kind of crap on a regular basis.

  237. The literature indicates that people who swear a lot are smarter than average and more creative. So fuck yeah!! I’ll vote for that. Keep on keeping on, Nora!! ?

  238. Many moons ago I managed a chain book store located in a mall in a notch in the Bible Belt of the South. The majority of my customers were lovely people who shared my love of books, even the “smutty” ones that Nora writes ;). However, every once in a while, usually on Sunday afternoons or Thursday mornings, after the preacher got them riled up on the evils of pornography, I’d get someone in who would proceed to tell me how evil we were, how myself and my customers were all going to burn in hell because we encouraged such things. I had one gentleman brandish an umbrella stroller at me, as he proceeded to list all the adult magazines that we carried and how they were polluting the minds of the youth in America. I thought it was interesting that he could rattle them off without actually looking at the rack… It was also fun when I would find cheery little leaflets back in the New Age section, about the fate of those who embraced witchcraft. I had one elderly man rant at me because we carried the “wrong” versions of the Bible, that I should only carry the King James version, as it was the “true voice of God”. I politely suggested that he read the preface of his choice of Bible, that he might find it interesting to note that the book was compiled by religious scholars, and some not even Christian. I now know what apoplexy looks like. All this, Nora, to share what you already know – you’re never going to please everyone. For what it’s worth, I’ve re-read so many of your stories, I’ve lost track. Yes, I know the storylines by heart but it’s the feelings that the stories evoke that draw me back to them time and again. Thank you for being our bard and I hope no one ever comes at you with an umbrella stroller.

  239. Well fuck, me and my skanky ass witch friends like your books just the way you write them. Don’t change a thing!

  240. I am sure there are a lot of dumbasses in this world. Never infringe on a writer’s inspiration. If you do not like books written true to character, stay in a Christian book store where I am sure said complainer will never see the 7 deadly words. Or sex..Or witches. You the reader have a choice. I have choices, and I adore the In Death series. I have enjoyed all of Nora Roberts books, it’s my choice to read great books.. Life is simple, stop whining..make a choice. the way… since I have read pretty much all of the novels.. a few might have sneaked by me, I have to ask.. What about Mason?? In Obsession, Naomi’s brother Mason was an interesting guy. I would love to hear his story, plus I adored ** The Uncles** Keep writing what you want ..ignore the dummies who want cookie cutter novels..

  241. I have a complaint Nora, you don’t write fast enough LOL. LOVE your books, love your characters. Keep on making people happy by continuing to create wonderful, involved and interesting stories. Good on you Laura for being Nora’s friend, everyone needs a “dragon at the gate” on occasion to protect against unprovoked attack.

  242. Been buying all the 2 in 1 paperbacks with Nora’s older books. Surprised how many I hadn’t read. Great stuff. Totally enjoying them. ?

  243. I’m always amazed at the ‘whiners’ who have completely abdicated their free choice. They are so adamant that YOU bend to their will but have lost the ability to choose ANYTHING for their own lives. Write what you want. Live how you live. Worship as you please. It’s what makes us individuals. Hang in there.

  244. At this point, I don’t know what’s more entertaining.. reading your books (which I totally love, btw) or reading these blogs (which I just stumbled upon because I ran out of books to read). People be crazy, man.. or more accurately bitches be crazy. And if someone is going to send your immoral soul to hell for crafting some very engaging stories about witches and sex and foul language, can I drive the bus?

  245. I have to admit there are some books I can’t stand (the Book of Mormon comes to mind), but I’ve got a mind open enough to know the difference between reality and fiction. I enjoy Nora’s work under her name and the J.D. Robb In Death series. Sometimes the comic scenes are the only thing keeping me from doing something brain-dead like drinking a lot of anti-freeze, which I have done, but not enough to do permanent damage. BTW, anti-freeze now has a really nasty bitterant in it to keep it from being used as a murder weapon.
    As for what’s offensive or not, there’s a restaurant here in my hometown of Auburn, California called Pho King Good. I see it and snicker, but some of the Jehovah’s Witnesses I’m studying with cringe every time they go past it.
    It’s all in the eyes of the beholder.
    Keep up the good work, Nora, and ignore the trolls. They don’t have anything other to do but try and make others’ lives as miserable as their own.

  246. Oh seriously what’s wrong with people? Don’t worry over people who cannot separate fact from fiction and just continue doing what you do.
    I have been behind reading the blog the last couple of weeks. Trying to get some things back into my routine. I went on my yearly vacation and left phone and computer by the wayside for most of my 12 days of vacation.
    Have an awesome week ahead. Oh and this week I have planned beef stew and dumplings. Yours look amazing by the way. Hugs to you and Laura, xx Beth

  247. OH well, at least that particular ‘reader’ proves Maslow was right – man (and in this case a woman) has an infinite capacity to be infinitely miserable about an infinite number of things. Have to say I loved the ‘Borg’ reference. Way to go Nora! I enjoy Nora’s books – like some better than others. But they are always a good read and you can depend on that.

  248. I’m sorry people are so fucking shitty and skanky to you! 🙂

    I have read most of your books. I’ve loved some more than others. I get great enjoyment out of reading them.

    You are the boss or your writing.
    I thank you for all of it.

  249. Lol. I’d say this was a result of living in the Trump era, but this uncivil discourse is typical. We expect that because we buy something we can tell the maker how to make it better. We know better.
    Obviously your storytelling works for you and for many of us too! The proof is in the numbers. #1 bestselling romance author of all time. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  250. Well, all I have to say is THANK YOU for keeping on wirh telling great stories! In recivering from major surgery… Its been difficult to focus and read on painkillers, so hubs has been picking up your books from the library so I can re-read old favorites and fall into the stories more easily ❤ its been a blessing, because I’m so bored without the stories that I would probably drive my family crazy otherwise ? keep on following your own muse, and thanks for sharing the fun and the drama with us!

    1. What interesting and annoying readings you’ve had! What part of reading Nora / J.D. Books for enjoyment are these out of line people not getting? Nora writes what interests her. Readers read what interests them. Attacking Nora isn’t going to pull away her fans. It will only want to make us back her any way we can. Nora, thank you for your varied writings. In some ways you’re like that box of chocolates. Some flavors you plan on, others are a surprise. I’m always looking forward to the next one.

  251. Oh My God – Nora and Laura I absolutely loved this article. My first trip to the blog but not my last, as I own everything you have written – even non-published from your web site years ago. Do what you do so well and laugh. Please write a few In Death to dig out and publish when you can’t write anymore. Maybe the current characters kids!

  252. Nora, you are my hero! You are fearless and I hope you never back down in response to someone like this woman, who as you say, can’t separate reality from fiction. The character, Eve Dallas, is a superhero fighting evil in the world and to tell that story in a way that readers will keep interest, details are everything, and the details of evil will be bad, ugly, nasty. I own every audio book in the Death series, and I focus on Eve’s triumph at the end. If the reader can’t see the positive, they don’t need to read the books!

    PS…I think you should run for Congress!??????

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