Bite Me

I have to start off letting you know I happened to be with Laura* when I told her the title for this blog post. I wish I could accurately describe the expression of resigned despair on her face. It was somewhere between being told the test results are iffy and learning the wait time for customer service is an hour and a half.

Poor Laura, she not only has to deal with me, but with those who prompted this blog post–in addition to everything else.

In any case at the end of the year I did a blog post about positive virtual space, and resolving to maintain this blog and my Facebook pages as such.

It didn’t last a week. I don’t often make resolutions for just that reason, but in this case I’m determined enough to see it through to do this follow-up.

The title of this post is what I often wish to say to posters who come on those Facebook pages, into a thread where everyone’s pretty happy, and feel entitled or compelled to drop some negativity bomb. Moreover, if I–or other posters, or Laura–address the explosion, said bomb-dropper gets defensive or increases the charge. The most-used defense is:

It’s just my opinion.

Recently Laura announced there would be a new trilogy, The Guardian Trilogy, starting at the end of this year. Most who come on my Facebook pages enjoy getting updates like this, finding out what’s coming up, engaging in the discussions Laura springboards. Nowhere in any of that is the phrase: So, let’s have your opinion on Nora’s work.

That’s what, as I’ve said before and will undoubtedly say again,  reader review sites are for.

In the middle of the excitement over a new trilogy, someone comments all my trilogies are the same. (One of the given reasons is they’re always about three men/three women, and I can’t argue about that. But . . . duh.)

Some posters object, Laura smooths the waters, and the expected rationale is: It’s just my opinion.

Readers are absolutely entitled to opinions, and there are a zillion places on the internet to express any dissatisfaction. I’m not going to go onto those sites and debate with a reader over her opinion on my work. But these are my pages.

Another poster followed up, a few days later by adding not only predictable (soooooo predictable) but it didn’t take much brain power to read them.

That crossed a line for me. It’s not only insulting my work on my page, but insulting every reader who enjoys the work. That’s a frigging bitch-slap to everyone. 

This one went on with ‘facts’, the most baffling and oddly amusing thereof was that every one of my couples admits their love 78% of the way through the book. 78%. Not only is the math inaccurate, but it’s just silly. However when I objected, she dug in, and hard. These were FACTS, and I should grow up and learn to take constructive criticism.

Here are two things, and I’m not going to apologize for either.

Every reader has opinions. Using the opinion to take a swipe at my work, in my space, doesn’t make it any less rude. You’re invited to a party. Do you go up to your host and say: Nice party, but the guest list is predictable and the food could be better. And hey, are you ever going to change those drapes? Just my opinion!

If you find any of that okay, you sure won’t be invited back, not in my world.

If you find this person’s parties boring or sub-standard, here is a suggestion. Don’t go.

Second thing. Constructive criticism. The reader is not my employer, my teacher, my mother. This is not my hobby, this is my profession, and in this profession I have an editor. I welcome her constructive criticism. I have an agent. I welcome hers. Readers, having those opinions that will vary dramatically from one to another? Not welcome. Not asked for. Not accepted.

Because you use a sink do you get in the plumber’s face and advise him how to fix it? Do you walk into a shop and tell the owner she needs to shake up her stock?If the plumber isn’t doing the job to your standards, find another plumber. If the shop doesn’t have what you’re looking for, try another shop. That’s your power as a consumer.

A book doesn’t come with a suggestion box, and the writer is not obliged to sculpt a story to your specific needs.

Readers read. Writers write. Readers can voice their opinions in appropriate areas, to their friends, to their bookclub and so on. But those who insist on coming into my spaces with their negativity are going to be called out for it.

Those who get huffy because they were just expressing an opinion or offering me constructive criticism? Bite me.


* Laura’s note:  I was extremely grateful to have had two glasses of champagne BEFORE Nora told me the title.  Joking aside, it’s a hard balance — to acknowledge an opinion while asking myself “why would you share that opinion in this place?”  (Honestly:  why would anyone decide the best place to complain about trilogies is a thread on a new one???) I know we can’t erase all negativity, but we can request that conversations stay relatively on point and are cordial.    

478 thoughts on “Bite Me”

      1. I love your books and am excited there is a new trilogy on the horizon!

        1. Way to go Nora. I have used those two words quite often. I love your books…any one who thinks they have the right to go on your pages and offer so-called criticism needs to get a life. No one is forcing them to buy any authors hard work. Maybe they should try writing and see if they would accept anyone’s criticism . Keep writing Nora…love your books always have.

        2. This is how I found out about the new trilogy! Yay! I’m so excited about it… and I didn’t think I could love Nora anymore lol.

        1. I want one that says Bite Me on the front and Shut the hell up on the back. lol Bought my first Nora book when the fist one came out in May of “81. Started 2 great things that month, my daughter was born the 8th. Haven’t missed a book in 34 years. I’m the one standing and waiting on the vender to put the new one out on the Tuesday morning that they go on sale. Thanks for a lot of down time. All my family knows 2 things….You don’t bother mama if she’s on the lawnmower and you really don’t bother mama if the new Nora Roberts or JD Robb book has just come out.

    1. Nora is my hero. Her analogies were very entertaining and spot on as usual! I don’t post any more on a regular basis but do follow the blog. Seriously, it’s probably best that I DON’T see the posts that push Nora to tell someone “Bite Me”. 😀

      1. Agreed! That is my favorite phrase actually – Bite Me! I didn’t see the post that set this off but it’s not the first time I’ve heard of someone posting on FB their “Constructive Criticism”.
        It amazes me how when someone is a ‘reader’ they become ‘writing experts’ and can tell a writer how to do it.
        Love You Nora Roberts! It always amazes me how you can come up with new ideas for a series, let alone just one book. I love the series because I want to hear about previous people in the books. I wish they could go on. So to other Critics – SHUT THE HELL UP! No one asked for you opinion!

    2. I couldn’t agree w/u more. As a fan of your trilogy’s, I’m very excited to learn there is another one coming. One if my favorite things is the continuation of the previous stories in each new book. You get to see how each couple is progressing with their lives & families. I’m on the third book of the Gallagher series now & I love them. Thank you for what you do so very much.

      1. I agree! I love being able to see how the relationships evolve through all three books. Reading the Dark Witch Triology was so fun being able to see how everything developed with all three relationships. It’s like being able to look in on something private.

      2. I agree with you. having more than one book for a story is awesome. If I had my way stories would never end. I can get immersed in that world and enjoy the progression of the characters that I love. It is also one of the reasons I love her In Death Series. 40 + stories strong and still going. My favorite part of them is I can go from beginning to end over and over and over.

      3. Just finished reading the Gallagher series…..again. One of my favorite

    3. Again I say, where do people get the idea that crap is okay? It’s amazing to me that stuff people would not say to someone’s face is fair game via the anonymity of the internet. And the old adage still applies: If you don’t have something nice to say, do. not. move. your. lips.
      So I have one word to say to those Negative Nellies: Bite me.

    4. LOVE THIS COMMENTARY!! One of the reasons I tell anyone who will listen, why I love Nora’s books, is that in spite of how frequently they appear, THEY ARE ALWAYS A NEW STORY!! She is one of two authors whose books I continue to buy in hardcover, as opposed to using my Nook. There are some authors out there whose books have become so formulaic, I don’t read them anymore. It amazes me, as well, that people will make negative comments on these threads. It’s simply not the appropriate venue.

      And now–a confession. I just, in about the last 6 months, started reading the In Death books. And I’m totally hooked (what a surprise, lol)

      Keep writing for your fans, and ignore the negative people, who are probably miserable in all aspects of their lives.

      1. How wonderful for you. I’m almost jealous – you have such a treasure trove in front of you. I’ve been reading as they come out and last year reread the entire series before the fall book was available. Enjoy!!!

      2. I love Nora, no matter what! She has given me weeks and years of fabulous writing! She has definitive characters; and creative, original and dynamic plots! I can’t get enough of her! She has every right in the world to say “Bite Me” to any moron who feels they have the right to negate her work in her own space!

      3. I agree with you. I’ve only read 2 of the In Death, but am now hooked. Gives me something to request from the library when I’ve run out of other books. I love all of Nora’s books, with the Witness being my all time favorite. Probably read it 3 times. I love her strong women characters and her men are strong, but still caring family men. Rare in a lot of books, especially these days. I’m always waiting for her next book to come out. I read like a maniac and when there’s nothing else in the house to read I re-read one of hers!

      4. I envy you, just starting the In Death series! Just so you know, with the novellas, there are 57 in the series now. The first time I saw one of those books, I had heard but not confirmed, that J>D> Robb was Nora, and I enjoyed Noras’ books soooo much, but I was reading so much, I held back from starting a new author. Well, I held back for several months, but they were staring at me from the bookstand and I finally broke down! I bought 4 that were on display! After reading them, I phoned the New York publishing company and ordered all the ones that I had missed! I’ve not missed one since, and I buy them in hardcover as soon as they come out. Sometimes, but rarely, I can hold off reading the new book, just to savor having it there waiting for me!
        Of Noras’ continuities, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read the Born in Fire/Ice/Shame series as well as the Bride Quartet and the Inn Boonsboro series. I guess they are my very favorites, but I do reread all the others as well.
        Please, please, keep them coming, Nora!!

    5. Excellent Nora! Looking forward to your new trilogy and have loved every one of your books over the years. You ROCK, I hope you never stop writing, I love to read and your books are always at the top of my must read list!

    6. From this “forever fan”…. It’s a grand day when the next release hits the shelves! Thank you, Nora, for many pleasurable hours! I’ve read them all!

    7. Someone who writes on a writer’s blog any form of criticism is just rude and surely can find better things to do with their time! If not, sad!! Besides, since you are a best selling author and have sold more books than most people can count (I, personally, have all of them in one form, or, maybe, two forms, or another!) why would anyone think you needed, or wanted, their opinion?! Love your books, Nora! All of them! You are a great story teller and you never disappoint!

    8. I loved reading your response in “Bite Me” Some people can’t seem to figure out what is or isn’t appropriate. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed your trilogies and I just received my copy of Blood Magick so now I can read The cousins O’Dwyer trilogy. I hope you keep up the same as you have been and take no crap from anybody. Looking forward to The Guardian Trilogy.

    9. That was awesome!
      Who the hell are these people to think that their esteemed opinions are so great that they have to pee on every one else’s parade? I see the same thing on Facebook all the time and I just smile, shake my head and try my best not to reply because HOW DARE I NOT AGREE WITH THEM.
      Get over yourselves, people! We’re not saving lives here. We’re just trying to find an escape from our hectic lives by reading books from our favorite authors. Sheesh…

    10. Because of the internet, some people think they can express their opinion on everything. Some even now believe that the Oscars don’t count because not everyone gets a vote. Really? Love your “Bite Me” reply, Nora.

    11. i loved the Bite Me comment. Seriously folks, post a book review, stop reading their books. The rest of us don’t want to hear this ignorance, orcas I call it cowardly opinions as they really are nothing more than cyber bullies, which unfortunately is running rampant in today’s cyber focused society! I was wondering whupping you would allow them their 5 minutes of fame, by acknowledging them, or even being so courteous as yo provide a response to such drivel. Why not just delete their post? It’s your site, and use the site
      for actual fans. Just sayin’ a real Nora Roberts fan!

    12. Hey Nora and Laura,

      Thanks for inviting us in. Thanks for the hospitality, the generous sharing and the kindness. Your parties rock and I love those drapes. And, 78% of the time: oh bullshit, 99% of the time I am transformed into your world and I am so grateful for that! Great party! The guest list rocks, and the food is amazing. THANK YOU!

      BTW: constructive criticism to an author of YOUR fame? I think not. Really, that’s a basic BLOW me, not Bite me!

      Keep going. Don’t let the rest of us down. 🙂

  1. I seriously love this post. Well said, Nora, well said. There’s no excuse for rude. None at all. Happy New Year!

    1. I agree 1000percent. Those who choose to be negative are not welcomed. Happy New Year to all

  2. Nora – You are absolutely right on! I saw that comment and was just appalled. Are there similarities in your works? Of course! That’s what we faithful and loyal readers love! But to generalize and to come up with a very laughable “78% stat” is just out of line.

    “Bite me” has been a favorite phrase of my oldest daughter for a long time. I think it works perfectly here!

    Thanks for all your wonderful work and I hope you write another 20-30 years! Well, but if as I think you are around my age of 63 that might be asking a bit much! Love and loyalty from a faithful fan of 20+ years.

  3. You know what? I was just reflecting the other day, to myself of course, that the kindness is getting a little hard to find in the human heart. Not so in your world Nora, a person just has to be able to relate to it. So I’m behind you 100%, go Nora! I can’t wait!! for the new trilogy!

    1. I also agree with you Nora….People are so self-centered and jealous of successful such as yourself. You are a brilliant writer! I’m also looking forward to the next trilogy you amazing woman you!

  4. LOVE this post! You are so right Nora. If they don’t like your books, don’t buy and read them. Seriously. It is ridiculous that people are so negative, I believe in the old adage of if you don’t have something nice to say then don’t. People are rude with the bold new world of being anonymous in the virtual world. I am a faithful fan and can’t wait for each new book to come out. Keep on being the wonderful person and writer you are.

  5. my overwhelming feeling when reading about the new trilogy was ‘EXCITEMENT’!!! I can’t wait. And I love the expression ‘bite me’. I use it all the time. I even have a shirt that say it. Go Nora, you are a truly exceptional writer and I have introduced a couple of friends to your books as well. Nothing but positive responses.
    Have a wonderful 2015

  6. Preach! Unfortunately the perceived anonymity of the Internet seems to give people the courage to be nasty and rude, which takes away from the positive opportunities for connecting. (There also seem to be a ton of people out there who are “experts” on everything–even your own work, which is just silly.) As Taylor Swift says, “Haters gonna hate.” 😉 Thanks for speaking out on this issue in such an open and honest way. Keep doing what you do best, Nora–telling great stories.

    1. When you said “perceived anonymity” you hit the nail on the head! People think they are home free to say anything they want no matter how rude and ugly. As Nora stated, there are other places they can voice their opinions, there is no need for them to come to the author’s page. But, alas, I do not believe we will ever “get through” to them. Nora is right, just remove them from the page! Her books, especially the In Death and the trilogies are my escape hatch from everyday. I also find it very refreshing that the books are so well researched. If Nora has placed her story in a certain area of the world, you can tell she has researched that area very well. Just an amazing author!!!! Love this blog!

  7. LOVE IT, LOVE IT , LOVE IT. This is your site and we are the guest. My mother taught me to never be rude when invited to someone’s home and in this day and time I think that means blog sites as well. Your true fans support you.

  8. Ugh. I’ve seen some astoundingly awful, entitled, condescending comments on writers’ pages and it’s always just baffling. Even better, the idiots who claim it’s “easy” to write a novel and anyone could do better…to which I say put up or shut up.

    Nora is a fabulous storyteller. I say that as a longtime sci-fi/fantasy reader: hers are the only romances I read…because the characters are SO alive. But the point isn’t skill or personal taste: it’s exactly what Nora said. Why come to a party and bitch about the food/decor/guests? If you don’t like it, there’s the door. Sheesh.

    Thanks for this, btw. It’s AWESOME to see artists standing up to social media trolls.

  9. I want to say “Thank you!”, for writing your books, for every Trilogy. I look forward to more. Apparently there are people in the world, that are rude, and maybe they weren’t raised right. At some point though, as adults in this world, common sense and courtesy should kick in, if there is half a brain present.
    I appreciate the work that you do, it is YOUR art, YOUR craft. I appreciate being able to participate in your craft, by reading, and re-reading and yes, sometimes re-re-reading!
    Again Thank you for the entertainment and pleasure I receive from your books.


  10. You go girl! Loyal reader here will bitch- slap back and I agree Bite Me is my new yrs motto to others opinions on my business!

  11. Sing it sister! So true, respect and if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all have almost disappeared in our society. Thanks for all you do and your eloquent way your write, everything, even responses to naysayers.

  12. Way to go Nora !!! there are times I wish I has said “Bite Me” , now I’ll use those very words and often. Thanks for all your hard work as you keep me entertained for hours on end and take me to places I would never get to visit otherwise.

  13. Thank You Nora for writing this! Very well said…. I love hearing news and updates from/about my favorite author and find some unhappy persons crabby post to be terribly rude also. Just. Go. Away.

  14. I , for one, get so excited when I see that you are doing another trilogy. Just love them. I laugh, and sometimes shed a few tears. The backgrounds are well researched. Thank you for all !!

    1. Way to go Nora! Obviously, these people have nothing else to do with their time! They need to get a life! Love your books and always will!

  15. Love this post & agree 100%!!! My mother always said (and still does on occasion) “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Advice more than one person needs adopt – just my opinion

  16. I discovered Nora’s books about fifteen years ago and am completely hooked, so much so that when I see a post about a new book my heart leaps with joy, but reading is a personal choice and whilst there are books I enjoy more than others this is my choice, I would not dream of criticising Nora for her choices any more than she would demand I read her books, so I don’t understand the hopefully small number of people who seem to think they have a right to insult and denigrate others. Nora you have my respect and admiration and regret that you have to put up with twits like them.

    1. Ah, but she doesn’t have to put up with it!! (See note below.) Nora, you know the expression, “laughing all the way to the bank?” Your books and the huge following they’ve amassed have led to a thriving Boonesboro of your own (that I WILL get to one day.) For every egotist that fancies her/himself the Roger Ebert of Nora novels, you have THOUSANDS who have dedicated bookcase shelves to Nora/J.D. novels that they keep to read and reread (3 shelves, in my case, AND a Kindle). You have to be near the top of the top 10 writers in the US alone. Please don’t let these naysayers spoil your pleasure in being a wonderful and highly successful writer. They should be beneath our notice.

      1. I’m one of those that have shelves upon shelves of NR/JDR books (although my shelves aren’t organized, so I can’t tell you how many shelves she actually take up, plus, there was some water damage to about 1/2 my book collection when there was a leak in the roof and we didn’t realize it 0 long story). Now that I’m reading them on my Nook, I’m actually filling in the older books that, well, I probably already have in the print edition, it’s just more convenient for me to read off my Nook (can read in bed and not disturb my spouse, he’d get grumpy if I left a light on to read), so Nora’s actually getting double money from me in some cases – money I spent on the print book, and money for the digital version – so I can go back and re-read them multiple times.

      2. Peggy what a brilliant answer, I too hope to visit Boonsboro one day although from England May take me a while.

      3. Have to post again – I have 3 books shelves of her books, plus I also make sure my tablet, pc, phone – whatever will get online has her books. I have 2 of many of Nora’s books. Love it! 🙂

  17. I totally agree with this post. Yes, everyone’s entitled to his or her opinion, but there’s a time AND a place for said opinion. I love Nora’s books. And, I know what I’m getting when I start a trilogy, or when I start a stand-alone volume. I always have, and I started with the very first, Irish Thoroughbred (which remains one of my favorites!). That’s one of the reasons I sometimes wait to start a trilogy, or a stand-alone. When I’m feeling down, that’s the time for a trilogy. When I have some time off I start a stand-alone. And when I really want to punch someone I read a J.D. Robb book!

  18. Thank you! I have wondered numerous time why people post negativity on your pages (if they don’t like your works then quit reading them). Personally I love all your works and very much enjoy some predictability in your work. I know exactly what I am getting when I purchase a Nora Roberts or J.D. Robb book…entertainment, intrigue, and emotion…that is why I am addicted to your writing.

    I have been a fan since the very first book I read of your and will continue to be one. Keep up the awesome work!

    **Side note: Laura, you do a very good job with the balance on the pages and I am grateful that someone can be nicer than I personally would in those discussions. Keep up the great job!

  19. well I for one and I know I’m only one reader but I have been reading Nora Roberts for at least 30 years and have I think all of her books and as far as her trilogies go I LOVE them when it came on fb I was thrilled because I truely love her books be it stand alone or a series or thank god a trilogy so my advice to you who have such negative things to say please keep your thoughts to your self or just don’t go on fb or any where else we donot need your so called opinion so if it bothers you just stop reading her which I will never do now I realize Nora does not need anyone taking her part she is capable of defending her self but It makes me so mad when some one takes pot shots at her so I will close for now love you Nora and please keep writing your trilogies thank you

  20. Well said, Nora! I have discovered that there are a lot of people who can’t be happy unless they are tearing someone else down. I assume that’s how they seek validation for themselves or else they are really unhappy people. Your books are wonderful and I own everyone ever written. I look forward to the new trilogy. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.

  21. Love it.

    I am starting to wonder if there’s some secret underground group that’s forcing people to read books they don’t want to read . . . because if you don’t like it, don’t read it!


  22. A to the MEN! “Bite me” indeed!!! I loved this post. The reason I love your books so much is because they are an escape. You balance the perfect amount of adventure, magic, and romance for me. Add in your obvious love for the Irish, and I’ve been hooked since I read my first trilogy (three sister island). It’s hard to not let some a-hole, rude naysayer affect us. I can’t imagine having to deal with all of these strangers putting in their 2 cents, hiding behind their computer screens. I’d have a lot more colorful of a response than “bite me” 🙂 Keep on keeping on Nora! We all love your work!!!

  23. tell em! Lol I personally read more of your stories than any other author. I adore your books:)

  24. Oh my, oh my! What is the matter with people?! It makes no sense and boggles the mind why anyone would criticize the title of a book(s), let alone the content before it is even printed, let alone read. Why do they continue to be so hateful on a site that is meant for fun and community and simply for the love of reading Nora’s books. Considering Nora & Laura’s earlier blog post to use these sites in a courteous way to interact with them and other readers, I am appalled that anyone would continue to spread this vitriol. Great post, Nora, and love how you channeled your inner Eve Dallas!! Bite me, indeed!!

  25. Bite Me indeed. Professional Romance Fans everywhere approve this blog post! I’m sorry you have to spend any time at all dealing with this bs. I say, if one is that needy for attention they need to find another outlet. Here’s my suggestions, 1. Block and/or delete the poster and the post. 2. Fans please refrain from responsfing directly – Don’t feed the beast. It’s hard but there’s a reason people used to write LTA on a post aka Leave This Alone. Please don’t respond. With thanks.

  26. I love you, Nora! Your stories have help shape my life! The strong heroines inspire my own struggles to function more independently!! This post is right on! No one, not even our own mothers, have the right to insult us. We need more kindness, not more meanness in this world!

  27. I’m going to start off by saying I love Nora. I’ve read every book she’s ever published as Nora Roberts and I probably will until she stops publishing.
    That said, I’m going to disagree a bit with some of the things said on this blog post. Unfortunately, Facebook and other social media sites don’t belong to the person who has them. It’s not a party at your house. Social media is for interaction with other people. If you don’t like that interaction, you have a few choices. You can delete inappropriate comments and not say another word about it. You can completely ignore it and just leave them up. Or you can stop participating.
    However, telling your CUSTOMERS (yeah, we’re not your bosses, but seriously? someone expressing how well they were entertained by a book isn’t anywhere NEAR the same as telling a plumber how to unclog a toilet), that their opinions are unwelcome isn’t a good idea. Disagreeing with them isn’t a good idea either. It’s never going to change their mind or result in a positive outcome.
    Yes, everyone should be polite. That goes without saying. Ranting against unpolite people isn’t going to affect those unpolite people…it just makes you look unprofessional to everyone else. The internet isn’t a nice place, everyone knows that. Don’t get dragged into the mud, Nora.
    I was disappointed to see this, it’s the first time I’ve thought negatively about something Nora has said/done. The “don’t tell me how to do my job, plebes,” attitude is very unflattering. If I were her, I’d delete this blog post and never address the haters again. It’s just what you have to do on the internet.

    1. My page, my space, my rules. I won’t allow people to be rude to me in my own space. I disagree. It IS my party. The reader isn’t my customer. They are the book venue’s customer. They are a reader, and always valued and respected–which I’ve demonstrated countless times– but the reader isn’t my boss. I wouldn’t have posted this follow up to the resolved post if I didn’t feel strongly about this issue.

      1. I read my first Nora Roberts novel at about age 13, and am now 43. You have been constant, and a very good friend to me for many years. I have looked forward to new books, much like looking forward to lunch with someone I haven’t seen in years. Anticipation of greeting an old friend. Knowing the moment I start reading, that nothing between us has changed. There is comfort in that. Thank you for giving me something to look forward to, and for being one of the biggest reasons I enjoy reading so much.

      2. PREACH Nora! I wonder if the person who posted her dislike to this blog would appreciate it if people attacked her quality of work she does on her social media page? It’s basic common sense. If you don’t like it’, don’t read it. If you have negative things to say, do it somewhere else. But don’t come on the writer’s page and insult them AND the other readers. You just sound childish and rather stupid. You don’t have to read it. You chose to. You don’t like it. Fine. But pipe down and shut it. Take your negativity somewhere else.

        1. Haha Love this comment! I thought Nora’s comparison or whatever you’d call it (the plumber and the party) an awesome way to describe how one should act online. Haha “shut it” -so funny! Also, It kills me that this poster above came on here and did The Exact Same Thing Nora is talking about!! Keep the negativity OUT!!! Grow up and Shut It!!! hahahahahahaha

        2. I am a little late here but tell ’em Nora. You rock and in my opinion (LOL) are totally correct. Don’t like what you read keep it to yourself or go somewhere else to express that. It is totally rude to do it on the writers page and IT IS YOUR PARTY. If they don’t like tough!!

      3. Unfortunately the nasty people are going to remain nasty. They don’t care about politeness or hurting the feeling of others. Don’t get upset; just delete the comments and block that person so that they cannot go into your page ever again. The majority of us do love your books and will keep on reading them. And the hateful people will still be there with their nasty comments. When I see that on my page I just delete the comment and block that person, it’s like slamming the door in their face. Keep on with your marvelous work for the rest of us.

      4. You have every right to maintain standards in your own space. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, but that doesn’t mean that anyone has the right to be rude, IMO. If they don’t like what you are doing, then they could just go away and do the other thing, which is usually translated as performing the anatomical impossibility of their choice. The rest of us, who really enjoy your creative storytelling, will never miss them.

      5. You are awesome Nora! You keep writing and I’ll keep reading! 🙂

      6. Dear Ms. Roberts,
        I am happy to be at your party. You write; I read, – plain and simple. I’ve read every “In Death” book to date, and I have read many, many of your other books.
        Yes, I do have my favorites. Yes, I am thrilled when I get my hands on one of your books that I have not yet read. Yes, I have opinions, but far be it from me to express them, here or anywhere!
        Your books are my escape from the mundane. Your characters are like new friends, albeit imaginary ones, but very real at the time.
        I’ve been to your bookstore. I’ve chatted with the town barber who sits on the bench outside the bookstore. Someday, I’d love to stay at the Inn Boonesboro because that series is the one that I read before any other of your books, – someday… That collection made me fall in love with your stories.
        Please always keep writing so I can keep reading. Please keep writing so I can “run away” and fall into the story. Actually, it’s more like diving into the story!
        I’m honored to be at your party!
        Respectfully and sincerely,
        Helen Ritchey

    2. You are exactly the type of person she is talking about. Really! Your going to come on to HER blog and criticize HER feelings and tell her what she needs to do. Let me guess “it’s just your opinion”. If you can’t say any thing nice…

    3. First of all, we may not “own” a social media site but we are responsible for the content. We have every right to be offended by someone that spews condescending crap and attempts to back it up with laughable statistics. If you’re going to state “facts”, at least back it up with valid proof.

      And…social media is definitely about personal interaction. But there are people that use their computer screen as an anonymous shield. Is that something they would say in a face-to-face conversation? Too many people think it’s ok to skip the filter that should be nailed over their mouth. I was taught from an early age that if I didn’t have anything nice to say…to keep my mouth shut. It’s called respect. And if you don’t have it for the person you’re directing your crap to…have a little self respect so you don’t come across as rude.

      Ms. Roberts wasn’t asking for your, or the initial commenter’s opinion. She wasn’t asking for reviews either. Her follow up response was merely stating that there was a time and place for that. I am getting involved only because I am so sick and damn-tired of people bashing others and justifying their vile behavior. It’s like telling me I need to toughen up because it’s a cold, cruel world. I don’t believe that. Go to your own damn page and vomit your “opinion”.

      And I’ll even buy you a clue…turn the channel. Put down the book and don’t buy from that author. Don’t pay money to see an actor you don’t care for. Chill out. It’s so simple it’s mind-boggling that people waste time with such negativity.

      *smoothing fly-away hair*

      Sorry for my own lack of “mind-my-own-damn business. I tend to lose it when I see someone being picked on. Can I offer you a peanut cluster and glass of wine? It’s time to put on our big girl smiles and show a little polite society behavior.

    4. To whoever said “how would she feel if someone commented on her job…” after I posted an extremely constructive comment here…. I actually get rated for every single interaction with my customers that I have. I do tarot readings on the phone and clients get to rate every single call from 1-5 stars with written comments. So yeah, sorry, but claiming that I don’t have any empathy isn’t exactly the case.
      However, Nora herself responded to my post and said that the readers aren’t her customers. That’s just simply not the case and demonstrates a major lack of awareness. I didn’t even attempt to say that she should ACCEPT the negative comments posted on social media, I gave alternate ideas of actions to take that didn’t include ranting on a blog post about it. From the comments, I see that I’m not the only one who saw that as unprofessional. I will never post on a blog posted by Nora again, she’s stooped to the level of the internet trolls and seems happy to stay at their level, considering the combative replies both here and on her FB page to this blog post. It’s unfortunate that she chose that route, since thousands of other famous people have discovered long ago to NEVER FEED THE TROLLS. That’s exactly what she’s doing and she didn’t appreciate my advice to not do that. *shrug* I guess she likes the drama. Live and learn, Nora. Best of luck.

      1. But, Kimberly, I don’t know of anyone who really appreciates unsolicited advice. And, that is exactly what yours and others have been offering. Then take offense when it’s not received in the manner you think it should be.

      2. I really tried not to respond to this comment but it really annoyed me. Your arrogance is breathtaking. Nora has written over 209 books as herself, and around 49 books as J D Robb, including novellas and has had books consistently in the best seller list for the last 34 years. I am sure she has had to deal with just about every scenario you could imagine. She also would not have achieved her level of success if she were not an intelligent and talented human being. Offering her advice at any level is at best presumptuous, and at worst rude. It would be like me telling a surgeon how to operate after looking it up on the internet. But to then be upset because she hasn’t fallen over herself with gratitude because you have deigned to bestow your wisdom upon her is ludicrous. And Nora’s right – we aren’t her “customers” – we’re her fans. In this case, I would have to rate your performance as a 1.

      3. See, up until now you hadn’t been rude, hadn’t gotten personal. But this post crossed that line. You don’t know me. I do not consider people who read my books my customers. I consider them readers and have always treated them with appreciation and respect, and often affection. But being a reader doesn’t give anyone the right to threaten or bully me or make insulting comments on my space. All of those things have happened, and far too often. I’m going to do everything I can to stop it.

        You don’t have to agree with my methods, but you don’t have the right to claim I lack awareness or I enjoy drama.

        Line crossed, Kimberly.

      4. Wow! Really? That smug tone crossed my line and it wasn’t even directed my way. How about you let Nora handle her own business. She’s kinda good at it. smh.

    5. You are way off base and a person has the right to stand up for themselves. You’ve falling into the category of “it’s just my opinion” or I’m just “offering constructive criticism”. It’s Nora’s party and you don’t have to come. And if you’re upset at her sticking up for herself that’s too bad. Don’t read it–don’t go there. Life will be easier for you. A person can only take so much garbage before they have to say “bite me”.
      Keep up the wonderful work, Nora. I’ve been reading you from the beginning (Irish Thoroughbred). Thank you for the hours of enjoyment.

      1. Kimberly, you are a perfect example of the type of “contriibutor” Nora was speaking of. Two words… bite me

    6. If I didn’t know better I’d think this was the Phillipa Gregory site. Disturbing.
      I agree with you completely; unfortunately, everyone has all the balls in the world online, and common courtesy seems to be a thing of the past.

    7. Kimberly wrote: You can delete inappropriate comments and not say another word about it. You can completely ignore it and just leave them up. Or you can stop participating.

      You should take your own advice. You pick a fight with Nora and then have the audacity to dare her to fight back. You’re a bully and an arse. Learn some boundaries.

    8. If you don’t know that “unpolite” is considered incorrect and should be “impolite”, then I think you should keep your impolite opinions to yourself. How can you possibly criticize a famous author such as Ms. Roberts when you don’t even know that?

  28. I have been reading you (both Nora and J.D. for longer then I care to think about. I will admit liking most of your books re then others. Maybe about three of Nora I just couldn’t t read but three out of all the rest is an above excellent reading experience. So for all the critical reviewers (o those who just want to be mean) go bother someone else. We who really enjoy all of Me Robb’s work just don’t t need your negativity. Nora, please keep your books coming. They are so much appreciated.

  29. It is a little game some folks are playing these days. I see their comments in the newspapers too. They want to stir things up, upset people. That’s entertainment. “Back in the day,” as my students are wont to say (meaning before they were born, I gather, but I was an adult), sys-ops on Compuserve forums could close the door on this behavior, uninvite them to the party, no muss, no fuss. We did too. If comments are upsetting to Nora, they are going to be upsetting to your fans too, as you know, Nora, by the number leaping to your defense. But we don’t come here to fight and neither do you. It distracts you from what you do so well and spoils the fun of your readers who like to talk about what they are reading. The rules have been made clear by Laura. Boot ’em out and don’t think twice. They are a very small minority. As John D. MacDonald would say, “Scroom!”

  30. As a reader of all things Nora since her first book I agree with Nora I was taught the old saying “if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all”. It drives me nuts how people can go on any website and say whatever they want. If you don’t like the author don’t buy/read them. Keep your negative opinions to yourself. Keep doing what you are doing, Nora. I will keep reading everything you write. Love Love your books. Thank you.

    1. Apparently Ms. Roberts does not live by the same adage: if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all. Otherwise she would not have written this particular blog and rather rude resonses to others who disagree with her in this case.

      1. Sorry, I meant to type “responses”. The real word. We are in fact, duh, all human, right?

      2. Debra— If you disagree with this post so strongly, as you have stated now several times, why do you continue to come on here and spew your dislike for the post? I mean, really?? For someone who dislikes her approach, and this blog post, you sure do comment alot on it. It would seem you like the attention more than you disagree with her post, or you wouldn’t continue to comment since you’ve stated your disapproval of it several times now. We get it. You disagree. No need to continue to bash the post and her methods.

      3. Forgive me Debra but you invited yourself into this conversation. If you disagreed you had two choices – let it go and move on or comment. You chose to comment. By doing so, you should have been prepared for the fact that there may be someone who disagreed with you, and was willing to say so. You expect to be afforded this right and privilege, yet you get your knickers in a twist when Nora does the same thing. You keep saying that Nora has been rude. Obviously your perception of rudeness and mine are two different things. There is nothing rude about being assertive and straight to the point. The fact that Nora has chosen to speak her mind instead of ignoring the vitriole that some people spew seems to have irritated you enormously. This is her blog. You enter at your own risk. If you do not like what you have read, you simply exit and go somewhere else. If you enter and put up a post that Nora and her fans find out of line, then expect to be taken to task. As Nora said, if you don’t like it, go play somewhere else.

  31. It’s easy to be rude when you don’t have to do it face to face. Not sure why some people think the anonymity of the internet gives them freedom to be rude, crude or just plain a*******.

    1. “Back in the day,” we had a saying: Rude, Crude, and Socially Unacceptable or RCSU. I won’t insult wolves because they are extremely loving and sociable parents who teach their children will, but who/what were these RCSU people raised by? They learned no manners, boundaries, or other social graces. If my boss hired a very knowledgeable consultant to help him/her make business decisions or financial decisions, he/she does not want or need me telling him/her that what they did or will be doing is not right, that he/she needs to go a different direction.

  32. Nora, a thousand times YES! I absolutely LOVE your trilogies; each story arc is different – WAY different – and I am all admiration of your plot lines, character development, and the “realness” of the interactions and dialog between and among the characters. It is quite unlike me to put myself forward in this way, but I am a masters-prepared college professor who enjoys many different kinds of literature; I do a lot of writing and a lot of critiquing of the writing of others as part of my job. There is nothing brain-dead about me; and it is Nora Roberts and JD Robb who populate 90% of my bookshelves and my audiobook iPod. You are part of my own trilogy of favorite authors: Nora Roberts, Jane Austen, and Georgette Heyer. I never thought I’d be quoting Taylor Swift, but – shake it off.

    1. I have to say I’m beyond flattered to be in the company of two of my own favorite authors. Thank you!

  33. Can’t decide which I love to read more, In Death series or Nora’s trilogy series. It a toss up. I Love the detail in her books and can’t imagine the work she puts into each one. Thank you Nora!!!

  34. Nora and Laura, I love this just keep doing what you’re doing. I read the comments about the new trilogy and I won’t give them the satisfaction of repeating what a couple of people said but it does kind of make it a downer. I never realized how many awful people there were till I joined facebook. That said I love your books and have most of them on nook. I read all the time. Thank you for all you do.

  35. I love ALL your book and this blog post! I’ve often wondered why people give unsolicited “advice” or opinions. Thank you Nora for your books. Some of my most enjoyable time is relaxing with them.

  36. I don’t know what I meant to say but I didn’t mean awaiting moderation auto correct

  37. Bite me fits perfectly Nora ! I read some of those negative comments and thought “how dare someone criticize a professional writer like that”. I don’t understand how someone can say your stories are all the same, I find them to be so individual and entertaining. I can get lost in each story, and I am so excited about the new trilogy. I’ve loved your books for years, and look forward to many more to enjoy, and if those rude people don’t like them, well they can bite all of us who do !

  38. I totally agree with you Nora. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all. Example – My favorite NASCAR drive gets negative comments. I say don’t come here to be negative. The rest of us come here to cheer on our favorite driver.

    Nora you’re my favorite writer. I’ve enjoyed everything you written that I could find. My only complaint is the withdrawals I get waiting for a new book. You are brilliant! I don’t know how you do it.

  39. Nora, I wish you wouldn’t give credibility to these snipers…but if you must another alternative to “Bite Me” could be “Flake Off”! 🙂

  40. Love the books, LOVE this blog!

    I noticed the negative commenter in prior blogs and it sounded a bit like a former professor I had! She always made some comment about the books reviewed and would find some nitpicking change that would make it better as she said, “in my opinion”.

    It was no secret that she was trying to get published and wasn’t having any luck. She shared her writing with us and it was obvious to us, but she was also vindictive, so no one gave any constructive criticism.

    Keep up the good work, and call out those who are inappropriate!

  41. When I read a book written by Nora, I know I will be treated to a well crafted story with at least one strong female character. But the reason I REREAD Nora is because each and every book has a positive theme of love and hope. Thank you for providing me with so many wonderful hours of reading.

  42. Haha! I know that’s right. People forget they are dealing with other humans on these threads. The keyboard gives them a boldness they don’t have in real life.

  43. *Your* fb page and *your* blog. Quite some time ago, another favorite author of mine (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee) had an idiot pop into her blog to complain about her writing style, how she raises her children, her vegetarianism… . She made the analogy that her blog was like her living room and if you wouldn’t say it there, you shouldn’t post it and she banned the person from her blog. David Gerrold (another author) regularly blocks people who are being idiots on his pages.

    Let me put it this way… If the person is so obnoxious you wouldn’t allow them into your home, you don’t have to allow them into your blog or social media either. (I don’t know how to write international bestsellers, but I know an unfortunate amount about dealing with obnoxious people. Don’t enable them. How else will they learn to be civil?)

  44. I love your story telling. I know you know this but i will state it anyway-those people are revealing much more about themselves than about you, your readers and/or your books. You are much nicer about this than I would be. I think they do make those kind of comments (hostess, food, drapes) and think they are being helpful, then sit home alone reading your books.

  45. The only thing I find predictable about Nora’s work is that it is always wonderful and entertaining. Life is too short to deal with jerks and idiots – so, indeed – Bite Me! Thanks, Nora, for what you do. As a loyal fan and follower, I hope you continue to do it forever and ever, Amen!

  46. Nora, I have nothing but respect for you and the work you do…I totally agree with telling this negative person to “bite me”. I enjoy all of your books and have read the majority of them. My book shelves are filled with your books…both stand alones and triologys. I tend to wait until all the books are out before I buy or borrow them so I don’t have to wait to see what happens next. LOL I love your books and you. Keep doing what you provides so many hours of entertainment for so many. 🙂

  47. My mother always told me to “think before you speak because once said, it can’t be taken back”. I find most people don’t think before they speak. Such a sad fact in today’s world. People think they have the right to be rude and to hurt others when they feel the need to say whatever they want and defend with “just my opinion”. Whatever happened to respect? It seems to be disappearing in our world today. It’s a privilege for fans when an Author, an Actor, a Musician shares their time with their fans in a place meant just for that purpose. That doesn’t give those the right to come there to be critical. Like Nora said, there are places to share this information, if in fact people have a need to do this. This place is Nora’s world….be grateful that she shares with us her thoughts…her pictures and her life. Thanks Nora ….and I love your ending “Bite Me”. Perfect!!!!!

  48. LOL I love this post. I totally agree with your post, Nora. I am a huge fan of your books, trilogies, and an in death fanatic. However, i will say that unless we can ban people who constantly have to be negative, it is hard to keep them away. Nothing you say will stop them. I have heard so many people who go to places like Amazon and leave negative reviews for books, and in many cases haven’t even read the books. Very sad. I can’t imagine why people have to be mean intentionally, other then their own jealousy.

    I love your BITE ME title. 🙂

  49. Love it! Nora you’re awesome! I joined in this party to share the joy of reading and the awesomeness of the places Nora’s stories take us as readers. If a person doesn’t like the story put the book down and move on!!!

  50. As FB admin just delete the posts and if it becomes a real problem block the user.
    It’s your party, you get to decide who attends 🙂 I enjoy all the updates and insights thanks for sharing when you really don’t have to.

  51. You would fit in very well out on tour. Have used that & other expressions at times. Love telling hotel management that I’ve been kicked out of better.

  52. Hahaha!! Love you, Nora! You go,girl! I wish I had a “Bite Me” shirt! How do I get one! I never have a single gripe…. Only books I keep are my RB onesAfter all, I will soon be 82 & my memory is getting worse, so I figure I can reread a lot in my old age!!!! I agree with your views completely! Are you suffering any from loss of sales??? I seriously doubt that! If they don’t like it, let them see if they can do better! And that is purely a laugh…..

  53. I am with everyone who has expressed positive support. Like others, I saw the comments and could not believe someone would post them. It seems the world is losing any concept of civility these days. I am personally appalled at all the negativity expressed on Facebook, and try to keep my page and my posts positive. I look forward to seeing the next trilogy and all that follow.

  54. This is perfect. Thank you Nora, for all of your works. It often makes me question people’s sanity when they start critiquing yours and others authors works. No one asked for their opinions and I certainly don’t want that person at my party making fun of my drapes. I look forward to all your books and want to say thank you again, for giving me and other readers an excuse to take some me time with a wonderful book.

  55. You tell them !! I am a huge fan, I do not find your stories predictable, I find them very enjoyable and obviously so do many others. If at any time I no longer find them enjoyable, I will not purchase them. It’s simple, really. I fail to understand why haters want to hate in a forum that does nothing but show their stupidity. But I applaud your takedown of said haters. Must be why your words are among my favorite to read.

  56. I love ALL your books. People that are negative, have nothing better to do with their life. My mother always taught me, which I have taught my sons, that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. I am proud of you for standing up for yourself. God will take care of the mean people. Keep writing great books. I crave them. Lol . Love Sheila, a big fan.

  57. Thank you for saying what I’ve been wanting to say to those internet trolls for some time now. “Bite me” says it all. I refuse to get into a war with them, because they are beneath me, and they are beneath you as well, but I’m glad you finally addressed them. You don’t have to take insults in your own “home.”

    As for the trilogies…my only ‘complaint’ is that the books are spread too far apart, LOL!! I usually wait till they are all out before reading them, which drives me mad…because if I try to read them as they come out, I REALLY go mad waiting for the next book!! And I like buying them in a bundle on my Kindle.

    I’ve been a fan since the late 80’s when I read Carnal Innocence for the FIRST time (of many!) It got me hooked and is still probably my all time favorite book by ANY author. I love how when you write a book, you don’t just throw it together, you research your characters and their lines of work intensely, and I learn a ton of stuff just by reading the book that I didn’t know I wanted to learn about!

    You just ignore these idiots, and keep on doing what you are doing.
    Don’t let them take up another inch of space in your head!

  58. Good for you! It’s your story & your sticking to it!!
    If you don’t have something nice to say how about just don’t say it!!!

  59. omg I’m so excited Nora is coming out with a new trilogy!! Those are my favs because of course I get attached to the characters!!! Can’t wait!!

    You ladies are the best & Nora I’ve been reading your books since a teenager!! You are & will always be my favorite author!!

  60. Kimberly, seriously? “Don’t participate”? People come here not only because we love Nora’s books, but also because she does participate. She not only writes wonderful novels, but she takes the time to share her thoughts, her life, her vacations, etc. Why would you not want that from your favorite author? Nora goes above and beyond IN MY OPINION. I for one truly appreciate it. I was never one for romance novels until I came across Nora(thanks mom!). I LOVE the In Death series, all the stand alones, and really love the trilogies. I have read and reread them many times. A big thank you to you Nora, not only for the endless hours of entertainment, but also for taking the time to share pieces of your life with us. I feel like I’m getting extra short stories every time I read about one of your vacations. 🙂

    1. So very well said, Nora. Thanks for the wonderful stories and great universes that you let us into!

    2. Yeah, seriously. Notice that “don’t participate” was only 1 of 3 options I listed? The other two included DELETING NEGATIVE COMMENTS or IGNORING THEM. Why is everyone acting like I told her to just shut the hell up and let people say whatever they want? That is NOT what I said. It’s pretty much the exact opposite of what I said. The only thing I’m saying is that ranting on a blog post does not help the situation. Anyone who has experience on the internet already knows that and it appears that Nora doesn’t. People on YouTube, Reddit, etc. already know that what she’s doing is only feeding the fire. I’m actually trying to help and everyone is twisting my words to make it sound like I’m saying things I’m not. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, it’s pretty much illustrating my point.

      1. Kimberly, I don’t consider the blog post a rant. Believe me, you haven’t heard me rant. Your opinion is certainly valid, but I see a good chunk of these types as bullies, and I believe in standing up to bullies.

        I’ve taken this stand, right or wrong, and I’ve been on and around the internet long enough to understand it very well. This is my choice after many months of dealing with some seriously unspeakable bullying that other choices haven’t stopped.

  61. Well said. Glad you addressed this subject. Please keep doing what you do. You have a gift.

  62. Personally, I think people bitch just to hear themselves bitch so much it becomes evident they are attention seekers (i.e., attention whores). You are an outstanding writer, and we, as readers, can choose to like or dislike any body of work, yours included. I anticipate each and every book, and series, that you decide to publish. And, I do agree, this blog and your Facebook page, are YOURS. Not OURS. Not THEIRS. If you decided to write your next fifteen books and gear them towards Ireland, or Australia, or the moon, I would still read them. If I loved them, (that’s a given) or hated them (highly unlikely), I wouldn’t come and pee on your lawn.

  63. I totally agree Nora and Laura. Some people are just soooo unbelievably rude and uncaring!

  64. Please just let me add my resounding AMEN to your comments Nora and the comments of other fans !

  65. When I see the garbage these cyber trolls spout I just think… Back under the bridge you ugly troll, you have no power here! I have great admiration for Nora. Her books entertain and let me escape the daily drudgery.

  66. According to an article published in Psychology Today, internet trolls are “narcissists, psychopaths, and sadists”

    Laura asked about “why would you share this?”. Well, this article answers that question. The beginning states that the study proves what we all suspected – that internet trolls are horrible people.

    So, as usual, thank you Nora. The “bite me” was perfect. And to you, Laura, no need to get any knickers in a twist. I just have to imagine Eve saying it and that was fun.

    1. Maybe that’s why Bite Me didn’t even bother me at all. Actually, one thought just occurred to me. Have any of you seem the Patrick Swayze movie Roadhouse? He is telling the bouncers what he expected. “Be nice. Until it is time to not be nice. ” (paraphrased I am sure) Laura and Nora have been very nice. Even this blog was being fairly nice to my way of thinking. But at a certain point you do just have to give up on trying to be nice to a Gripey Gus and just say Bite Me!

  67. Well, I personally LOVE your trilogies! Hell I’ve read the Dark Witch one THREE times because I love it so much. And they are NOT all alike. They don’t like your trilogies so they continue to read them??? That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard. If you don’t like them here’s a thought. Don’t read them fool. LOL! I think you and your books are amazing and are THE BOMB. And this is the BEST. BLOG. EVER! 🙂

  68. Thank you so much, Nora for posting this! I agree with you 100%, and I am so happy that you took the time to share “Bite Me” with us. You make several very good points. I am hopinght those who come into this space to only stir up crap will be banned and no longer allowed to ruin the party! Looking forward to the new trilogy and all of your new books in 2015!

  69. They can “BITE ME” too. So glad that Nora stands up for herself in her own house! I for one can’t wait to find out about the new series! Thank you once again for making my life better with your writing,.
    A Fan For Life!
    Nancy C Fecca

  70. The internet and social media sites have not only allowed people to express their opinions freely to anyone who will listen, but they have led those people to mistakenly believe that their opinions should carry weight. The only time your opinion is important is when someone asks for it. I have several authors that I read on a regular basis. There is one that I will no longer read because I believe that the author has lost sight of the original flavor of the stories. I did not, and will not, go to the author’s website or FB page to degrade that person’s work. I did post a review of the last book that I read from that person expressing my continued disappointment, and my lack of interest in any other works from that author. I consider that to be ’nuff said. If I had Nora’s imagination, I would write my own stories. Since my talents lie elsewhere, I appreciate Nora’s stories.

  71. Sorry people are so critical. Tell them to write their OWN book. I often butt in about Eve getting a relative. Sorry. Guess it’s because I was an only child & had to make my own relatives. (4 kids–I wanted 6 but that’s another story). My parents had sibs but the sibs had no kids—see why I feel deprived & would like some one for Eve?
    THE WITNESS & SR Moment (about the egg) are 2 of my Most fav books. Please keep it up.

  72. i just wanted to tell you how much I love you Nora Roberts! I have short story I want to share. Back in 2009, my husband and I had our own business that was thriving. I was about to turn 50, and my husband wanted to make it special. We live in Michigan and I’d never stayed at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. Unbeknownst to me, he booked a 5 day stay at the Grand Hotel. It was absolutely lovely. Our first night there, after having drinks, we were on the Grand’s big porch. It was a perfect evening weather wise, so my hubby went to get our books and we would read outside a while. I was reading “Carnal Innocence” by the best author in the world (IMHO!) and there was a small family near me at a table sharing a pizza. All of a sudden, I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye, and the man says to me, “what are you reading? You’ve had a smile on your face the whole time we’ve been sitting here”. Needless to say, I was stunned! But I so loved the character development in that book! I had NO idea I’d been smiling , but that’s what you do Nora… You make people smile, laugh, cry… Every emotion out there. Don’t let these idiots out there ruin your day. They’re simply NOT worth it. There are millions out there who feel the same as me. We love you Nora, and don’t forget it!! Best wishes from one of your biggest fans! Cory Aldouby (from Michigan)

  73. You are once again totally correct. I always have enjoyed your books and was so thrilled when my daughter went to one of your book signings and brought me back an autographed copy of your first trilogy. I don’t remember how long I have been enjoying your books (don’t want to reveal my age) however I prefer to collect your books and not borrow them from the library and I also enjoy watching the movies that are made from your books. Keep writing and ignore the people who can never truly be happy. Thank you for taking the time to correspond with us.

  74. Lady, I like your spunk! So true and so funny. Laura your comment: “I was extremely grateful to have had two glasses of champagne BEFORE Nora told me the title” had me in stitches. You two are good together.

    That said, perhaps the Negative Nellies need to understand that a story takes us on a journey. The author is the driver, the tour guide and the presenter. They are taking us on a trip through their imagination, we may find similarities to our own lives, we may find entirely new places and we may be in unfamiliar territory. Regardless, it’s a journey. Sit back and experience it. I liked my brief trip to Paris, loved my many trips to San Francisco and was lost and confused in Chicago (more due to my sense of direction than any fault of the city’s). Still, I’d go back to any of these cities (if only it were warmer outside) or even venture to a new one, I always find something new. Each book an author writes will take you on a journey, enjoy it or not, but remember your manners. If you are a bad passenger you might just find yourself kicked off the train so the rest of us can enjoy the trip!

    Kudos to you both!

  75. Well said. By the way, I love the trilogies. :), but that’s just my opinion.

  76. BRAVO Nora! Thank you for not letting this person get away with the negativity excuse of what is probably their own unhappiness. In life everyone has a choice. If someone is not happy with your work, they have a choice on whether or not to read it. Move along, I’m sure for everyone like that you will pick up multiple new readers who love what you do and how you do it. That, however, does not give them the right to spoil it for everyone that does enjoy your work and looks forward to new releases. (ME!) I’m happy to say that I have now gotten my 21 year old daughter completely hooked on your books. She breezed through the Bride Quartet and has been asking me to bring her more of your collection at school whenever I visit. So, let the haters hate. We love you!

  77. Re-reading one of your books is like visiting an old friend. I am 80 years old this week and I have boxes of Nora Roberts books in my garage loft. I do have some in the bookcases, but would have to have a lot more room for all of them and my other books. JD Robb is so dear to me. I always tell people to be sure and start with the first book to really understand this amazing couple.

  78. I was looking for a new statement to say to people who criticize anything I do to try and make my business different…thank you for your wonderful words!
    Let the negativity bite them !

  79. Her books and the characters in them are “real”. In the sense that we can relate to them. We fall in love with them, cheer for them,feel bad with them, want to kick some ass for them. They are characters we can see ourselves being friends with. It’s why we read the same book over and over. I distinctly remember reading Dark Witch and at the pub scene thinking these are characters I’d have as friends. They are like most of my friends. Minus the “power” part. But that’s why we fall in love with her books. Her characters aren’t ones you read and look at as characters in a book. They have such a “realness” to them. And if that makes me brain dead well, ok. I’d rather have that kind of depth and love of characters and books, than to be a twit that goes around hating on others and spreading negativity to try and make themselves feel/ look good. And have some twisted idea that people care what they think.


  80. Absolutely brilliant!!! I love reading Nora Roberts books – if I didn’t, I wouldn’t read them!

  81. I started grinning when I saw the title. I laughed out loud when I read Laura’s addition at the end. Good for you, Nora! I rarely re-read books, but I collect and cherish yours (J.D. and Nora) because every time I go back for a re-read, there’s something new to find. The balance of your stories is magical and I am SO glad you’re ignoring the “in my opinion” idiots. Another author I follow, Kay Hooper, regularly says “My page, my rules” and it’s so true. Thank you for the hours of magic, humor, and love.

  82. My Kindle has a Nora Roberts/JD Robb collection on it. I only make a collection for a very few authors and the rest are genre collections. Nora rocks, hands down! If the universe suddenly flips upside down and she stops rocking for me, I will simply just stop reading, be sad, and continue to enjoy the previous books. I won’t go onto her space and spread hate and negativity and try to get others to embrace my views. That’s just wrong!!

    Yes it is Nora’s space (party) even though it is on the web or Facebook. She, or her representatives, created the webpage or Facebook page. The webhost and Facebook are just providing a venue for Nora’s party, they don’t own it. She still has to maintain those areas on her own.

    It’s like having a party at a restaurant or hall. The venue does not own your party, even though they do have some rules you must follow. They provide the gathering space and you provide the decorations, food, beverages and guests. They own and control nothing except the space they are providing you. If they don’t like that you are using pink roses instead of yellow, they still have no say as long as you are within the terms you agreed to.

    When some rude person comes on and criticizes Nora they are coming into her space no matter where she has it. And they are aiming it directly at her no matter how they try to pretty it up or justify it.

    Nora has said that the rules for her spaces are that everyone should be polite and refrain from negativity. If that is too much to ask for, then we are all in big trouble in this world. Follow the rules or Nora’s going to tell you, “Bite me!” and so would I.

    Now I’m going to go look up the Guardian Trilogy and pre-order if it is available! Can’t wait!

  83. Well said Nora! They were just being rude. If they feel that way, don’t read your books, but do not post negative thoughts on your blog. Holy Cow! That is beyond rude. By the way, I loved the title of this blog. You Rock Nora!

  84. As a long time devoted reader, thank you for all you do. I have never been disappointed with one of your books and I read a lot.

  85. The fact that Nora Roberts even hat to post this angers me. Getting on and criticizing her work that other readers love and enjoy and saying it doesn’t require much brain power to read is insulting thousands of people. How about this? How about you haters suck it!

  86. As always, succinct and to the point, Nora. I’ve been reading your work since I was thirteen years old (going on 15 years now) and regardless of the title of the book, whether the book has been a stand alone novel, part of a trilogy or part of a series such as the MacGregors, you have never disappointed with the quality and tone of the work.
    Sounds to me like there is some jealousy swimming about the pool, readers who want to write and don’t have the talent, so they pull established authors’ work to the ground on the premise of they have the ‘right’ as readers to criticize.
    Just keep on doing what you’re doing; I for one will support you until the damned awful day you stop writing. That’s part of being a fan, and part of being involved with a group of people with the same interest in mind. The interest in this case, being you and your work.
    Keep writing and ignore the haters, we love you and what you do for us.

  87. Nora — you go, girl! Well said and so true. Your books are wonderful, and don’t let anyone tell you differently! Don’t these people know that anything they post on social media can be traced back to them by potential employers, mates, and anyone doing background checks? Writing hurtful words can bite them in the bum in the long run.

  88. Re: Bite Me: Here, here! Well said! It always annoys me when people critize an individual for doing their job. If they can do better then they should write their own books and we can judge them.

  89. I am so sorry Nora.

    Is it time to start just removing those negative, just wanting to see themselves in print, no good doer (now using my thesaurus here) baby, bellyacher, complainer, fussbudget, fusser, fusspot, griper, grumbler, kvetch, kvetcher, sniveler, whiner persons post and blocking them from your sites?

    We love you and your work and will be by your side always.

  90. I heard Dallas in my mind when I saw the title. After I read the post, I heard quite a few more of Dallas’ words.

    Well said Nora, well said.

  91. Well said! I look forward to every new book the same way I look forward to Christmas. Each and every one is a new treat and I love the trilogies best. There is nothing better than getting see the characters evolve. Please ignore the haters. The loyal fans love the updates and all the others can F*** OFF!

  92. I totally agree with Nora Roberts. She has every right to write what she wants. If a reader does not like it she does not have to read it. Personally I know that her books helped me through many of life difficulties.
    Rudeness is not accepted anywhere but especially in someones special place.

  93. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so agree. Readers are always free to spend their money where and with whom they please. It’s just rude to go on a authors site and complain or trash their work. So those that feel that way I also say BITE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. i read a very similar complaint on Marie Force’s facebook page yesterday Nora, so you are not alone! I hate to admit this because I’m an optimist, but the world is not a friendly place anymore. When did being an a** become acceptable? I think your work is brilliant and I wI’ll continue to be a loyal fan and if someone doesn’t like it they can bite me too!

  95. I so applaud Nora for her ‘Bite me” blog entry! I’ve never understood people who just have to throw the negativity out there. They are the bubble bursters at the kids birthday parties who never grew up! I adore all of Noras’/JD Robbs’ books and have read and reread them all over and over. My favorite trilogy is the Born In series. I think I’ve read it well into the double digits. I used to get my books through Columbia House and they brought a lot of Noras’ trilogies out all in one book so now I can carry one book but have 3 to read! I can’t wait for your next books Nora. I have the list of upcoming publications for 2015 written up and waiting for the arrivals at the bookstore! You go, girl!! Kathy

  96. Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing. Proverbs 12:18

  97. I remember years ago when I was so poor I barely had gas money to get to my job, splurging on a HARDCOVER Nora Roberts book because I simply couldn’t wait for it to go to softcover. I’m not quite sure what my point is there, except those books were the inspiration for me to TRY to write romance.

    Any idiot and a keyboard…

  98. Just like your books leave me with a smile…so does your blog. I immediately thought of Rosalind Harper (one of my favorite characters) and Hayley…when Hayley would say, “you said***” Thank you for the many smiles Nora.

  99. I love Nora Roberts and J.d Robb. I’ve read your trilogies and I’m a dude. I’m a gay dude, sure, but i’m still a guy. I love the worlds you craft, the story lines, the trilogies, and the serendipity. I think your honestly better than Nicholas Sparks (because he whacks everyone in the end of his books….its like…love, angst, love, trouble, love, love, LOVE and dead) so I quit reading him.
    And as an author, one who was inspired to write because of people like you, Patricia Cornwell (sp?), Tami Hoag, J.K Rowling, Anne Rice….
    And as an author myself, I sympathize with that. There is this mass consumption of music, literature, and movies with the ‘on demand’ and the internet has turned most people from decent human beings to demanding entertainment junkies and the internet has given such anonymity to some pretty bad behavior. Mr. FEeley, why isn’t your ghost in this horror novel having sex with the protagonist and his husband? Uh….cause that isn’t the way the story wrote itself. And, didn’t we have enough of having sex with dead things in Twilight?
    I digress.
    If you don’t like the books of a certain author, by all means, write your own. Sit down (since writing a book is so easy) put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and show us how its done. And when you release it to a publisher, (get rejected or accepted ….we will feel your pain, trust me), the book releases (congrats) and you get kicked in your literary gonads (been there) instead of holding your hand and rubbing your bruised ego, we’ll shrug and tell you to get over it. AFter all, its just an opinion.

  100. Great blog post and I agree 100%. There are some people who just love to bring everyone down, cause drama or just plain start an argument. I stay away from people like that as much as possible.

  101. One of the reasons I visit Nora’s page is because she and Laura do such a fantastic job of answering questions. I often learn something new when they do. My favorite was when someone asked what rocket was on Finbar’s sandwich and both ladies said it was a kind of lettuce. Now when I reread that sentence in the book I can smile because I know what it is. I hope they will continue to do so and to erase or ban those who post negative thoughts or opinions. Those posters are extremely rude to Nora, and also take away from the enjoyment other readers get from interacting on the page. Managing Nora’s page must be a challenging task, but I’m very glad they do so that I may visit and share my enjoyment of her books with others who appreciate them as much as I do. Thank you Laura and Nora. Keep up the good work.

  102. Hi Nora – I agree with you, and these ideas seem to be coming to something of a head in the author community as I’ve seen multiple posts expressing the same thoughts and frustrations recently. Just this morning, I posted on my FB page to share an email I received from a man questioning my morality and family values for writing about two male characters in one of my series who fall in love. The internet seems to give people the anonymity to say things they’d very likely not say in person, the belief (entitlement was the right word) that they have the right to say it (because it’s just their opinion), and the feeling that every little thought (opinion) they have should be expressed and shared sans filter, no matter how critical or hurtful or rude it is. Hang in there!

  103. I always suspected that some individuals like pages and read blogs simply so that they can leave rude comments. This having been said, I eagerly await every book that you write, because it is something that I can rely on liking and, most often, loving to reread. There are implications about trilogies, so please continue to write them. Please. If I wanted to read about unhappy people who remain unhappy then I would not be reading romantic suspense. If I wanted in depth knowledge about a topic or place then I would be reading a textbook or travel guide. You give enough information to send me in search of intriguing facts, Thank-you for doing so in an entertaining format.

  104. Well said, Ms. Nora! I never have understood why people make comments like that! When I run across one I always think, “If they feel that way, why are they following this page?” And as petty as it seems, I still think those people need to be blocked from your page. Lol! 😉

  105. I applaud you, well said!! Love all your books,look forward to the new and the old.

  106. Nora, I 100% agree with you about your Facebook page being your space. It is a fan page, intended for people who are fans of your work to gather and interact with you and each other. If someone is not a fan, they don’t need to be there.

    I manage a page where I work that is also a fan page for our business. Sometimes our industry is controversial. We have a statement in About that explains we are a page for fans and if someone indicates by their comments or behavior that they are not a fan, then we respectfully ask them to leave.

    We also have no problem with hiding or deleting offensive, flaming comments and banning the people who make them.

    One thing about hiding a comment on a fan page — the person doesn’t know the comment has been hidden, by the way. They and their friends can still see it.

    When describing this approach to someone, I used close to your same comparison. You don’t go as a guest to someone’s house for a party and then tell them you hate them. Simply not appropriate or acceptable. There are other venues to voice that opinion.

  107. WTG Nora…short and to the point….Bite me, then delete them.

  108. PERFECT !!!!! As always you say the right words to the right people! ! I love your books and I also wait (sometimes) patiently for the next one to be released. Thank you for all of the energy and effort you give back to us by writing these posts.

  109. Well said! I love your books. Some people need to find fault because they are so unhappy, they want everyone else down on their level. You are fantastic! Blessed Be!

  110. You are absolutely right! I don’t get why readers insist on making negative comments about a writer’s books. If they don’t like the way your books are or where they are heading, they don’t have to read them. Indeed everybody is entitled to their own opinion that does not give people the right to tell you how you should or should not write your books. YOU are the writer not them. Kudos on calling this out, it is not okay to dis a writer just because you don’t like her books. Don’t let the haters get you down; you are still AWESOME!

  111. Some people aren’t happy unless they are bitching and they’re happy all the time! I’D say “screw em” but they might enjoy it. Keep on writing your fabulous stories! I wish I had an eighth of your talent.

  112. I always want to tell these people, if you don’t like her books for whatever your “opinion” is, then go somewhere else. There are thousands of writers, please leave this party and let us have a fabulous time in peace. Sheesh. LOVE this blog post Nora and Laura, you guys do an amazing job. Thanks for keeping the books coming and for bumping off the negativity.

  113. Right on Nora!! I have read every single one of your books as they hit the charts and they (and you) are AWESOME!! No one gets to tell you how to write…..if you don’t approve….don’t buy it!! But don’t ruin a thread for the rest of us? My daughter started reading your books in high school and is now in her 30’s!! Every time there is a new release, the mad dash is on to see which one of us can buy it for the other first!! So to that poster who rained on your parade…you were so right…BITE ME!!! Cannot wait for the new trilogy….you are an amazing writer!! Happy New Year!!

  114. I was just speaking to my editor about this yesterday and I am so happy you spoke up on the topic. If they are so sure they know how to do it, they should. Have at it! Write and put yourself out there for the world to “critique” and see how it goes. There is room for all types, find a writer that suits your type and move on!
    As if I didn’t already love you, admire you, now this!

    W/ Renewed Devotion,

  115. Perfect response!!!

    I’m looking forward to your upcoming new releases.

  116. Nora I agree 100% with what you said. I love all your books. I enjoy the blog and do have a hard time enjoying it when people get negative. You have every right to get angry. Thank you again for the wonderful books.

  117. Amen, Nora. AMEN! If it was even possible, I’m loving you just a little bit more for writing this post. Thanks for standing up for writers and readers everywhere! This was not a negative post but an extremely positive one. Thanks for this and thanks for having the courage to write this post. You rock lady!

  118. Hear! Hear! If I had a glass of wine I would salute you so I will raise my cup of coffee instead. It really irks me that you are being attacked by viciousness. It is so unfair. On a personal note my husband just went through a serious operation and I had an hour and a half drive one way to the hospital. I was kept sane by listening to In-Death audio books. Eve and Roarke are my all time favourite. He is now home, thank God. Thank you for all the many hours of pleasure you have given me. Judy

  119. I love everything written by Nora, including blogs and comments. I am sorry, I know the situation is upsetting, but I can’t help but enjoy the blog and comments that resulted from it! Still, the pages are supposed to be for fans, right? Who ever wrote that bs is obviously not one, and shouldn’t be on here. I’ve been a fan since my teenage years in Romania, still a fan 20 years later (the books are much easier to get here in Canada). Great job, Nora! Hope to have many, many more years of enjoyment with the awesome books you create

  120. Nora- even when you get yor point across you are still very tactful. I look forward to every book you write. You kep writing and I wil keep reading. As for those negative naysayers..go find someone who cares. We don’t!

  121. I love EVERYTHING you write including your blog! I have used the saying ‘Bite Me’ for years and love it and it definitely applies in this case!!! Keep doing what you are doing Nora! I have been reading your books for 17 years and I plan on reading them for as long as you write them. You are my favorite author!!!

  122. What I don’t understand, when you get people on the site making negative and hurtful comments regarding your books, is why they are here in the first place. This is a site for those of us who love you and your stories, who want to feel connected to you and your books in some way. But the most important aspect is that it is YOUR SITE. Why would someone be so rude as to denigrate you on your own site. It is just opening up themselves to the fury of your true fans, whom I am sure reply and defend you. You should not have to endure this kind of behavior in your own home.

    Your response is well said and totally appropriate. Well done. oh and btw 😛 Happy New Year!!

  123. So I read the blog and whomever stirred up Nora’s wrath deserves ever word.
    As for me well I collect and read every book written by Nora Roberts and J D Robb and I have my favorite stories I go back and reread . I read Montana Sky every year. It was my first…my favorite trilogy is the Three Sisters which I read over Christmas , and I could go on…but my point is some people are small minded, mean and stupid.

    1. It’s funny you say that Deb, my Montana Sky is worn out, I’ve read it so much. 🙂 I need a new one. BTW all my Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb books are hardcover. My husband asks me why I would even buy them, “once you read a book you know how it’s going to end”. I Love re-reading books because at that particular time I need what the book is offering me.
      As for Kimberly stating that Ms. Roberts should delete this blog – IT’S NORA ROBERTS BLOG!! – She can write whatever she wants as IT BELONGS TO HER! If you don’t like it go somewhere else – that goes for anyone with a problem with it. I didn’t even know there was a blog – Darynda Jones – who is also a favorite of mine -mentioned this blog so, of course, I had to check it out and so glad I did!
      Keep writing Ms. Roberts – wish the new series would get here sooner but I know I have something to look forward to later…….. 🙂

  124. Well said. Not every reader will like very book, but it boggles my mind that people do stuff like this. Dear criticizers: grow up, get over yourself, and keep your comments in the appropriate virtual spaces. Please.

  125. Nora, I’m sorry this people were so base and without class on your page. No one deserves to be treated that way in their own space (and ideally anywhere else either.)

    Wishing you all the best on your new Trilogy.

  126. Nora I love all your books, especially your trilogies! When I read your book I always feel like I know these characters you are writing about, I laugh and cry with them and can’t wait for the next one to come out. I’m sad when the trilogies are over- I just always want the stories to keep going on & on. Keep up the good work!

  127. Awesome post Nora! I think bite me is the appropirate response to those kind of posts. I personally can’t wait for more JD Robb and Nora Roberts stories.

  128. GO NORA!

    My first book will be out soon and I can’t begin to explain to my family and friends how terrifying the internet trolls can be. They say, :Oh, just ignore them.” But that’s like ignoring a person who calls your kid ugly and stupid!

    Nora, you are the reason I started writing! I read my whole life and then finally stumbled onto one of your books and I just knew I had to try my hand at it too. Your stories touched me far deeper and made me smile brighter than any others I’d read before. I can only hope for a fraction of your well deserved and hard earned success, but I’d like to thank you for inspiring me to pursue my dream of being a published author! ;0)

  129. If everyone would just abide by, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

    Your opinion is just that… Yours. No one wants to listen to your hateful/negative/nastiness. Why doesn’t anyone understand that? The overwhelming attitude of entitlement is ridiculous.

    Good for you!

  130. “Bite Me!” You gotta love it. High five from Ireland Nora. I loved this blog and agree.

  131. Love this!!! And it is why I LOVE your writing as Nora Roberts and JD Robb… It is that great ATTITUDE!!!!

  132. I just had the crappiest day and came home and opened FB and there was your blog and now that I am finished laughing, I feel much better!! Thanks Nora! Keep on writing those books and trilogies for as long as you can because you can be sure that we faithfull followers will keep on reading them! Happy New Year! =)

  133. Nora, people are just unbelievable and they aren’t getting any better. I have always loved your books writing as Nora and those under the name of J.D. Robb. Ignore these people! They aren’t worth a moment of your time.

  134. Lol best blog post ever! You have always been my favorite author, hands down. This just solidified it! I can’t wait until the new trilogy is out by the way!

  135. Nora you were spot on when i was younger I use to read a lot then i went to work for a publishing company got so busy i got away from it, then my sister who has been a fan for years gave me Northern Lights when I had surgery and I’ve been a fan ever since. Everyone has a right to there opinion but being hurtful and down right nasty is just wrong and i think Bite Me was great and was said with great class.

  136. I am SOOOO glad to see you wrote this Nora! It never ceases to amaze me how rude some people are. People who have never written anything, who have no idea of what it actually takes to write a book, yet they feel they have the right to tell you how to write, what to write, and use a fan site to take you to task over petty, nit-picking things. I just don’t understand it. If they don’t like what you do, why bother reading the books in the first place! They seem to forget that you are writing stories not technical journals. More power to you Nora, and well done for flipping the bird to the trolls!

  137. I couldn’t help but have a picture of Eve Dallas in my head when I read the title of the blog. ☺
    Well said Nora.

  138. Nora, you are a fantastic author and I happen to love your trilogies! I honestly think that “Bite Me” was very well written along with the rest of your work:). People never cease to amaze amaze me! I absolutely love the way you stand by your work! Keep em comin- that’s just my opinion:)

  139. Well said! It is a shame that Nora feels the need to defend her work. If the reader doesn’t like it, move on. I personally love the way Nora writes and I wouldn’t want her to change anything. By the way, we love you too, Laura!

  140. AMEN! I love every book I’ve ever read of Nora’s and recommend her to many friends.

  141. WAY TO GO NORA!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself. I have to use those two words to people in my family, in my circle of friends, and even in my workplace way too much. It seems that everybody has an opinion and thinks that everyone wants to hear that opinion.

    I want to leave you with this little tidbit: My mother once said that when someone expressed a derogatory opinion to her about her she responded as follows:

    “Your opinion of me is none of my business!”

    That is my favorite saying and I also use that regularly. Hope this helps!

      1. Thanks. My mother was a very wise woman. She touched many lives through teaching and working with emotionally and physically disabled people.

        Nora very much reminds me of her . . . both in her stand she is taking against the “haters” and in her writing!

  142. great job nora, i love your trilogies and the way you explore the people involved. if somebody doesnt like them why are they reading them? i can’t wait for the next one, i also love them as audiobooks

  143. I’m so glad to know there will be a new trilogy coming out. My very favorite being the Three Sisters Island trilogy, which I have read several times. Just keep ’em coming, Nora, and ignore the trolls.
    I’m pretty sure there are really miserable people with no power in their lives who delight in giving negative opinions, leaving denigrating reviews and generally being a boil on the butt of humanity. Please ignore them and keep the positive flow going.

  144. You’re my hero Nora! kick a** and take names.It’s your space and you don’t have to take her or anyone’s crap! love the “bite me” blog and laura’s reaction. lol!

  145. Marvelous! Well said and very due. Now maybe I will start reading again, and enjoy, the ‘chats’ Laura starts.

    Mistletoe tat over the back hip… . Just saying.

    p.s. they probably do tell their plumber he isn’t fixing it right…

  146. Bite Me is a great title! If we don’t like you, we don’t have to read you! So complainers….Bite Me!!!!!!

  147. Amen! Love this post! And I love all your books, ESPECIALLY the trilogies, and I don’t give a damn if they have a similar plot formula. You are and most likely always will be the Queen of Romantic Fiction to me! And I am still in awe of all the little bits of knowledge you have on so many different things. I just finished book 2 of the Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy, and I was looking through the bibliography in the front and realized that I think I have read every one of your series, with maybe the exception of one or two (my memory can’t recall for sure on a couple of them) along with many of your standalones. I have yet to crack into the JD Robb books, but it’s on my list eventually…except being an indie writer, my list is now never-ending, lol. 🙂 But cheers to you, and keep on writing and doing what you do! Ignore the haters! They will always hate. :p

  148. What a hoot!!! You go girl!!! And due to you, my fave phrase is “bite me” lol 😉

  149. I don’t get people who do this kind of rude behavior either. My favorite thing about Nora’s books is the character development. I love the relationships developed through the stories. I love the conversations between the characters, the descriptions, the cadence of the stories. I WANT to be friends with the characters because they support each other, know how to give each other a hard time when appropriate and are people you would enjoy being around. I look forward to each new book, so keep on doing what you are doing, Nora. We love it.

  150. Wonderfully put. All I have to say is the only thing predictable about your writings, is that I will always be waiting for the next book to be released. My over 3 double packed book case shelves and well read pages say so. You are one of the only authors I still purchase in physical book form.

  151. Well said! I as a reader love all kinds of books but would never even consider bashing an author. Its not my place & if I don’t like it I will not read more from that author! If you don’t like it move on! Blessings & love!

  152. Nora:
    I have seriously come to wonder if those who are constantly posting negatives do it just to see if they can get everyone riled up. (Drama Queen type stuff) Or if getting negative attention for their comments is the only attention they get and figure it’s better than nothing.
    Anyway, I’m thinking that as we all can’t seem to get enough NR/JDR stories and wait impatiently to throw our money at our favorite book seller to get the latest release from our favorite author, that we certainly all must know something the negative nobrainers are missing (could just be recognizing quality writing when we see it). And thank heaven we out number them by the millions so you can afford to continue writing those stories for us.
    Laura: I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, “You have got to be a saint to deal with the web page on a daily basis without pulling your hair out”. And love your sense of humor too.
    Wishing you both a great 2015.

  153. I’m a sometimes-reader of this blog and your Facebook page – VERY sometimes, really, because life has other demands and social media is lower in priority (and, dammit, I admit, usually I’m stuck in one of your books and can’t get out for long enough to read anything else – I just finished The Collector today so I can finally get my life back for a little while)…. I have to admit, now that I’ve read this post, I’m a little nervous about interacting on your page/s. I find the internet a fascinating place for discussion (and where there’s discussion there will always be difference of opinion; and where’s there’s difference of opinion there’s going to be negativity, because a robust discussion won’t always involve people who feel the same way, or ONLY people who like something). Even though social media discussions regularly brings the crazy trolls out, I like it. It’s interesting. So I had just assumed this blog and the Facebook page to be a place for just that – trolls aside, a place for (polite) discussions about the novels or related topics, things we may like, dislike, discussions about themes or favourites, ideas or silly, uneducated suggestions, plot lines… whatever. As I said, I don’t ‘come here often’. However, after I read this post I went back to your Facebook page (the “official fan page”) to check the “About” description (something I hadn’t done before), to see whether I had missed something, and whether it wasn’t the place for that sort of discussion at all. I hadn’t realised, based on my brief visits. I do feel there’s a difference between a fan page, and an author’s page – I just wasn’t clear on which these were. I think it’s great that you interact with your fans – but I admit to feeling a little intimidated at the idea I’m here by invitation only, and I must please the host or keep my opinions to myself. I get it – I’m just saying I hadn’t realised this was how it was meant to be on these pages, since I don’t read every thread or post. And I was wondering, for some of us now-and-then visitors, could this be made a little clearer in the Facebook page description – and perhaps some links to places where those other sorts of discussions take place? Sorry – I feel all apologetic even writing this, and have read it over about ten times to ensure it isn’t too negative. I hope the response isn’t “bite me”.

    1. Well said, Linda. Differences of opinion really can be a good thing. And Nora’s blog and FB page and members liking and sharing those links opens her home and living room up to people she might not have invited and has no control over. She’s a pro and I am disappointed her skin is so thin at this point in her career.

      1. Debra,

        There’s a difference between inviting opinion which we do when a new book is out and I open the discussion/spoiler thread. There’s going to be positive and negative and we’re well aware of that. In this case, Nora was stating we’re no longer catering to people who hijack discussions that have nothing to do with their posted opinions.


        1. There is a difference between inviting opinion . . . . . Vs what? You did not finish your point. What is it different to in your regard?

      2. I believe you didn’t understand the post, at all. And you don’t know me, or my skin.

    2. Laura, there is a huge difference in a comment/debate and an attack. The difference between someone saying ‘I didn’t care for this book because it was about witches’ and someone saying ‘that book shows Nora has become twisted and evil’ for example (which paraphrases an actual post over the holidays btw). One is a personal thought on a book/discussion and the other is a vicious attack on Nora’s person. I don’t allow anyone to attack me on my page and I’m sure you don’t either.

      Nora’s pages are an ‘open house’ and all are welcomed, no special invite required, but if someone comes in her ‘house’ and slaps her she can and should boot them in the @$$ out the door. I would. So would you. Someone might go to an open house and get away with saying ‘I don’t care for these deviled eggs’ and maybe have a lively discussion on different recipes but you won’t get away with ‘you always make the same eggs and they taste like crap, I don’t know how anyone can stomach them!’ Boot boot boot don’t let the door knob hit you on the way out – then the rest of the party can have a good time.

      She knows not everyone will love every book, and I’m certain she has her own favorites, but to make personal attacks on her self and on her devoted readers is beyond unacceptable. I think, way back when, it was called common courtesy. Something sorely missing from too many people these days. Consider yourself fortunate you missed the vomit spewed from a few mean and hateful people.

      1. Big mistake here, I meant the post to be addressed to Linda not Laura! So sorry.

    3. The easiest guideline is: Would I say this to her face-to-face? Would I respond to this comment this way in real life?

      From the tone of your post it strikes me it’s very unlikely you’re the type of person who’d come into a thread announcing a new trilogy in the works, one where other posters are happy and excited and post: Her trilogies are soooooo predictable and her books don’t take much brain power to read.

      I think that’s obviously rude.

      No one’s going to monitor every word, we only ask for common-sense courtesy–to me, to Laura and to other posters. Those who dislike my work are free to visit the scores of reader review sites and say so.

      I hope that makes sense.

  154. You’re so right. They’re instigators, hiding behind their computer, without any cajones to speak of. If they are meeting someone face to face, they couldn’t put two coherent phrases together…but put them behind a monitor and keyboard and the suddenly grow big brass ones. Bite me is a great response–delete the idiots! 🙂

  155. My daughter was just telling me the other day that she really likes the trilogies that involve witches and/or ghosts. We share your books. I buy Nora, she buys JD Robb. We buy books not ebooks when it comes to your books. She loves the trilogies as much as I however, I have to buy them, but I can only give them to her when the last one is written. She doesn’t have the patience to wait. She also mentioned that she needs to replace some of the In Death books because we have read them too many times and they are falling apart. I have very few “friends” on facebook by choice. I don’t want negative feedback unless I ask for it. I dislike when people feel they have the right to tell you what you can say on YOUR page. Off topic, my daughter has decided this is the year we come to Boonsboro. I need to figure out what books I missed and we can’t wait to visit Turn The Page to complete my collection.

  156. Nora, with all due respect you are a professional writer. And as such you really do need to put up with the lowly unwashed readers and their opinions of your work. You, however, should not sink to the level of rudeness you are portraying them to be. Reading your blog, I felt you were insulting your readers. And I would be turned off to you and your work as a potential reader from your blog post. All best wishes to you and your supporters.

    1. Debra,

      I’ve let Nora answer until now but I would like to step in and say that just as readers can choose whether or not to read a book, they can choose whether to read a post. No one — ever — has referred to readers in a disparaging way either here or on Facebook. The post was stating in unequivocal terms that we will not cater to people who hijack conversations with their own agenda.


    2. And here we have a perfect example of a troll. From your post Debra I get the distinct impression that you do not read Nora’s books, and therefore I wonder what your motivation is for commenting in the first place. The social media pages are aimed at fans of Nora’s writing and books, and meant to be a forum for them to discuss the stories, not to review, judge or criticise them. This is reserved for book reviewers’ pages and sites. As an avid and long time reader of Nora’s work, I was not insulted in any way. And I think if you had bothered to read any of the other comments, you would have discovered that not only are the majority of people not insulted, they are in fact in total agreement with the sentiments Nora has expressed. I think she has treated her readers with the respect she expects herself, and is completely justified in expecting a certain level of manners and respect be met. Being able to sit behind a keyboard and type anonymously does not bestow someone with the right to pass judgement or to inflict their negative comments on others. Finally, if this one post from Nora has “turned you off” to her, then the loss is definitely yours. You are denying yourself the opportunity to get lost in some wonderful stories that have captured the imaginations and hearts of many thousands of people, while the loss of you as a potential reader and fan will have no impact at all.

    3. I have never, would never refer to readers as you did. If you found my statements insulting, then that’s your sentiment. But you won’t put words in my mouth I neither wrote nor said.

      I demand courtesy and respect on my page for myself, and everyone else. If that’s an insult to anyone, they can find another place to play.

    4. @Debra, I am not a regular reader of Nora’s–I came to this blog from a link on a blog about publishing news. I have read a few of Nora’s books and I’m pretty sure I enjoyed them, but that was years ago and I can’t even recall the titles. My point being that I am almost new to Nora Roberts books–and my impression was just the opposite of yours. Her post makes me want to go out an look up some of her newer books and see what I missed, maybe buy a few.

      Also, you seem to be missing Nora’s point that readers have many places they can voice their opinion. Their own blog, Facebook page, coffee break at work, book club, etc. Whatever. Heck, they can start their own blog dedicated to criticizing Nora’s books. (although that seems a bit creepy obsessive, if you ask me.) But this is Nora’s page. It is like a virtual home for her and like she said, you wouldn’t go into someone’s home and start criticizing the owner’s choices of food and decor or tell them that their kids are ugly. I mean, you could, but I imagine the owner would show you the door pretty quickly! And if you did do that, and complained to someone about the owner’s rude behavior of kicking you out, I doubt you’d find any sympathy.

  157. Thank you so much Nora, for stepping up to the plate and “telling it like it is.”
    I am new to the writing world. (My first novel is scheduled to release on March 9th) I’ve spent five years, writing, rewriting and rewriting again as I attempt to teach myself the art of writing romance novels. A lifetime of work, tears, frustrations, hopes, doubts and fears went into those five years. I persevered – and I’m so happy that I did. Yet even now, as I look toward release date with excitement and pride, the “fear of rejection” is strong. I’m sure in time, I develop a tough skin and look the other way, but negative comments will always be hurtful, to some degree.
    Nora Roberts books occupy 95% of my bookshelves. Your work is my measuring stick. I have only to read one paragraph in your books to see that I still have a long way to go. You are indeed the QUEEN of romance writing. I have the greatest respect for you and your incredible talent and I am so thankful that you have shared it with the world.
    In regards to the issue of unsolicited, negative comments, perhaps as authors we should create a “Book Bashing Page” for those individuals who need attention so desperately that they voice negative “opinions” without invitation. The prerequisite for posting on this page would be that the participant must first post the title ( and a picture of) of a romance novel that they have WRITTEN & PUBLISHED- before they are permitted to post. If they have not already “walked a mile in your shoes” – they must first complete the prerequisite -otherwise their post will be deleted – immediately. I’d venture to say the “Book Bashing Page” would be blank. And who knows – we might well inspire some of these “bored individuals with no life of their own” to become writers. lol
    Again, thanks for the many years of mental escape and emotional joy I’ve received reading your books!
    I hope to meet you at a writer’s conventions one day and thank you in person!

  158. I love this post! I love Nora and her books, one of the many reasons why I will always make a trip to get my books signed if I can. I recommend Nora to everyone who wants to something good to read. I even started a blog and she was one of my first author recommendations! This post just made me love Nora even more!

  159. The invisibility provided by the social media machine has allowed us to become more open in our responses, really, unedited in our responses. Many people write things they would never, ever say in person. It’s an unfortunate result and I feel it is further undermining our civility.
    I continue to be fascinated by your writing and proliferation of books produced. My son fancies himself a writer and I’ve told him many times to “read this!” to see how well it can be done.
    Advice unasked for is often unappreciated. And “constructive criticism” should only be delivered upon request.
    I appreciate you putting your foot down. Well said!

  160. Nora – as someone who has read many of your books, I’m extremely appreciative of your work and I love your stories. Those nay-sayers don’t speak for those of us who have and will continue to enjoy your work. Your response is more than appropriate and I personally can’t wait for the new trilogy!!

  161. The next 6 months for me are going to be rough. I have far too much work to do but when that 6 months is up and my work allows me some “me” time I will be spending it reading your books. You write for a living. You are an artist. That talent creates jealousy and there is always someone willing to knock any one with any happiness or success down. Even in there own homes. I have been reading your work and have had my Dad reading your work for more years than I would like to admit but I am very grateful that I have had your work to read. You kept me entertained when my daughter was little, again when I was stuck on bed rest with my second baby and again provided me pleasure and some relaxation when my hubby was fighting cancer. I thank you for sharing your talent and being someone who rises above the negative people who feel tough hiding behind a keyboard. Please keep it up!

  162. You go girl!!!!! I’ve stopped commenting on most sites because there’s simply no fun in the negativity allowed on so many of them. Thank you for your diligence, honesty and keepin’ it real.

  163. As I mentioned in a discussion today (and as I think about so many times lately), I wish more people would follow Thumper’s (from Bambi) advice from his mom and dad: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”!

  164. As someone who’s been reading your work since I was 14 Nora I can honestly say I LOVE your stories. If one didn’t interest me (never had that issue) I would just skip it and read another. I’ve never thought your books have been predictable. The stories are always fun. I’ve always dreamed of meeting people like your dynamic and compelling characters. Never change Nora! Your book inspire me every time I read them. They become movies in my head and each movie is wonderful. So those haters can bite me too! I love all your work!

  165. Yep, posters, BITE ME!!! Looooooooove this post. Go Nora!!! I fell in love with you when I was a teenager and my love has NOT stopped growing. I cannot wait for the trilogy.

  166. To those that an issue with the way Ms. Roberts writes, I have a solution, and I am sure she will agree, do not buy it or read it. I would also like to say that the only thing worse than a complaining person, is one that post SPOILERS.
    I personally love the way she writes, and yes most of the Trilogies are about 3 couples, ergo the name TRILOGY.
    I look forward to the next one and also the next Novel. I thank you for the hard work you do and wish only the best for this new year.

  167. OK as a HUGE reader !! I* love Nora Roberts books….LOVE everyone!!! wait for them to come out….
    and Re read them….Once all 3 are out….So glad there is a new Trilogy! I cant WAIT!!!

    SO far have read all the JD RoBB books….and all your other books….waiting on the new one…
    The Liar to come out. so excited!!!!!

    I can honestly say…that Noras books have gotten me thru some really hard times….Thank you….for giving
    me that beautiful escape into anothers life….to get me out of my own ….when needed….Love you!!!
    SO very much…..

    People who cant write…usually are the ones doing the criticizing…Get over your selves….

    If you dont like a Author go some where else ….there are plenty out there!!!


  168. well said! unfortunately, the internet has not taught the ignorant good manners. shame on them. I LOVE how you are standing up for good manners, and for your writing.
    there will always be a couple of stupid people out there saying nasty things, but the good thing is that those of us who write murder mystery, and suspense, get to fictionally slay them.
    just saying.
    I’m sorry for the idiots, but very, very grateful for your books.

  169. In New Zealand there is a question when people say things that aren’t necessary. “Do you have 20 cents? Then text (SMS) someone who cares.” (In NZ a basic text/SMS costs 20c) Bite me is faster and says it all.
    Sometimes I feel sorry for these nasty people, they must have very miserable lives to have nothing better to do than spew their nastiness all over the internet, but generally they just annoy me immensely.
    I have a very large circle of reading friends and we all enjoy books and some of us agree with each other and some of us don’t about different authors, but none of us would even think of, never mind doing it, abusing an author in their own space.
    Rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t say things out loud in a public place, don’t say/write it anywhere else.
    Thank you for all the enjoyment you provide every time I pick up one of your books, whether it’s a new one or one I have read many times before.

  170. Well said! And I’m going to hold onto the link to this post and the next time someone gets negative in my space about my writing, I’m just gonna link them here and be done with it 🙂

  171. I love Dallas and Rourke. I’m not into witches, but if I were, I’m certain I’d enjoy those stories as well. Your Nora Roberts stories are just pure and simple enjoyable reading.
    The one negative I’ve noticed about the internet, people that make rude comments are, a good majority of the time, the same people you’d walk away from in a group. They just never have anything positive to contribute.

    Have a great day,
    Cora Blu

  172. I’m a long time reader of Nora’s. I’ve also always worked with the public. I think the population explosion explains the increased number of completely stupid people. Not enough complete brains to go around.

    Keep on writing and always ‘bite me’…

  173. While the work of some authors’ series or trilogies does become stale or predictable, yours never do. Regardless of that, these rude people who feel obliged to shove their opinions down everyone else’s throat have crossed the line. I would never go on the site or FB page or Twitter of any author to complain about their work. That’s their ‘home’, so to speak – your party analogy was perfect.

    People who pull this crap are narcissistic jerks who need to get a life, end of story. And that’s ‘just my opinion’. 😉

  174. Nora,

    Bravo. I love it. Several years ago on my yahoo group a reader was complaining about me so loudly that I’d stopped putting sex in my books, that it became a fight with the other members. I seriously wondered if the reader knew that I was actually an active participant of my own group. I decided the two of us needed to take it off loop. I wrote her a personal scene to replace the one I’d omitted in the book. Her response. “Wow, too much.” LOL. We buried the hatchet.

    But had you written this years ago, I would have used your words. Thanks.

  175. Well said! Absolutely right….it’s amazing how many people use the anonymity of the internet to say things they would NEVER say face-to-face. And, as I told my children repeatedly while they were growing up: not everybody wants to hear your opinion!

  176. You go, Nora! I applaud you standing up for your work and for yourself and facing down the shameful rudeness of some. There may have been stories that didn’t particularly resonate with me, not only of Nora’s but other authors as well, and so what? I still appreciate the hard work and effort to put those words on paper and bring those stories to life. I would never consider telling another author how to do his/her work. I look forward to each and every new book of yours, as I have for years.

  177. I love the analogies. Telling the shop to beef up her stock, or the plumber how to do his job, and my favorite? Telling the hostess her list of attendees was predictable and the drapes… Really! It’s perfect. You don’t like somewhere, go somewhere else. Nicely, put.

  178. I worked at a variety of bookstores for about ten years, during that time I saw (and read….so I could be even handed) my fair share of romance novels. There is a mindset out there that romance novels are not “real” stories. Well duh…..ever heard of Lord of the Rings? The Stand? Stories are just that, stories. And if you are very, very lucky, you come across a writer like Nora Roberts who crafts a fantastic “take me away Calgon” story with strong, yet human characters, an underlying theme of triumph of the human spirit and a genuinely well written novel. Now when people comment to me, “Really? You read romance novels?” I proudly say, yes…..a good story should be heard….try it yourself.

  179. The nasty, uncalled for remarks on this blog make me sad. We live in a world where disrespect, rudeness, and negativity are pervasive. We have forgotten the Golden Rule. Ms Roberts work speaks for itself. She is a professional writer with a huge following. That doesn’t mean everyone will love her writing or her style. However; she does deserve to be treated respectfully. I might suggest that the people who have a difference of opinion might ask themselves a question before posting. Ask yourself if you would make the same comments if you were having a mature conversation or debate face to face with Nora. The anonymity of social networking can create a stage for bullying, which is of course a cowardly way to present ones views and opinions.

  180. I owned a store and the worst part of that was all the comments. You can almost understand someone critiquing a book but a store – come on. So I wanted to share with you a site that helped me through the worst times I have no affiliation with them nor have I eaten at their restaurant. I found their website one day and loved it. Definitely check out their FAQs, Village Idiot, and Hall of Shame. I hope it becomes your guilty pleasure too.

  181. You’re so right! If they don’t like your work, let them find some others that they do, or write their own.

  182. I love your trilogies! Can’t wait to hear about new ones! But even if I didn’t, I would not just prattle into your personal bubble and tell you to change things and give out right bullpoopie facts. Come on people! Get your heads out of your arses and think before you speak. If you have to leave a negative because you don’t like the books or the layout and you have to do it on here for some odd reason then do it within reason. Like so… I appreciate your work and your honesty. I just don’t care for your books. But thank you for giving so many others an enjoyable read. … Holy shite you got your point across and still managed to say thank you. Negativite verbiage really should be on a review site. Not a personal bubble. But hey… “It’s just my opinion. “

  183. Well said Sue Kidd! Just because she is a professional writer and public figure, does not give people the right to be rude and disrespectful to her or her fans on her social forums. And the idea that she should just sit back and take it is completely ludicrous. The only people offended by this post, are the people who feel they are justified in their poor behavior. I would guess Debra is not a fan, just someone who found/ was told about this blog and felt her two cents were needed. And accusing NR of not valuing her fans or their opinions is just plain rude as hell. Bottom line.

  184. I’m a little teeny tiny indie writer and this post brought me great joy. At my level, if I were to write such a blog I’d be ruined with one star reviews and cyber-attacks. That somebody of Nora’s stature can say this without fear makes me so HAPPY! I feel like I’m standing behind her skirts, peeking out and saying “Nyahh!” to all the trolls.

    1. Which is another reason I’m so happy to see this post!!! You’re right, you couldn’t do this without serious repercussions. Kudos again to Nora for taking the stand on behalf of herself but also for the many writers who haven’t achieved her success but suffer in silence.

  185. As a long-time reader from the Silhouette days, I have always loved your books, Nora. And I’m so grateful for the owner of the used book store who introduced me to J.D. Robb. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, THANK YOU for the many hours of enjoyment and escape I’ve experienced reading your books. “Fall Into The Story” is the perfect name for this blog because that’s exactly what I do. I respect your talent, your dedication, and the work you put into your books. I get tired of reading the negative posts by supposed fans, and I commend you for standing up for yourself on your forums. I will say I’m quite jealous of the people who get to call you their friend in the real world….you’re exactly the type of person I’d want on my side all the time. 🙂 You are AMAZING!

  186. Well done! Readers should confine their comments to the spaces reserved for expressing their reading experiences. I, for one, am just weary of the anonymity of posters posturing as writing experts. The most virulent assertion, that you use a ghostwriter (or multiple ones), is the most tiresome.

    Sincere thanks for all the pleasurable reading hours you’ve given me both as Nora and as J. D. Robb.

  187. Very well said Nora. I just loved your comment Bite Me 🙂 🙂

  188. Sorry Laura – I loved the title – just made me even more impatient for the next JD Robb book! I tend to prefer Nora’s stand-alone titles though some of the trilogies I read over and over and … ! But does that mean I don’t grab the next trilogy (or quartet) hot of the press – of course not 🙂 Some I love, some not as much, but the ones I like not as much are often ones I see other readers listing as their favorites – just to reinforce the point Nora made that every reader’s taste is different and just because a particular story doesn’t resonate with me doesn’t mean it isn’t a great story! My audiobook collection is about 90% NR/JD … book collection is a bit more balanced! On a completely separate topic – I found the distinction Nora made above between customer and reader very interesting – hadn’t thought of it that way before.

  189. I’ve loved Nora Roberts for years and eagerly look forward to each of her books. I couldn’t agree with Nora more, it is just downright rude and disrespectful to such negative comments such as she has received, and I believe she has every right not to allow such comments to be posted. “Just my opinion” and “Don’t take this the wrong way” are just ways to say “what I’m going to say is incredibly rude” You’ve long ago earned my respect Nora, keep doing what you know is the right thing!

    1. Yes!! Yes, yes, yes! When anyone prefaces a comment with: No offense or Don’t take this the wrong way or It’s just my opinion, but–they intend to write something offensive or insulting or downright mean. And they feel that qualifying covers it. It doesn’t. Rude is rude. Same when they end with: Just my opinion! Or just saying! Or tag on a fricking smiley face.

      What comes between is inappropriate or blatantly awful. Just take your lack of civility elsewhere.

      1. I totally think you should’ve just had Eve write this blog haha I don’t think she’d be as patient as you have been Nora! They just don’t get it !!

      2. Nora, it has struck me that the negative comments and criticisms could be coming from other authors or writer-wannabes. Jealousy is a truly rampant condition among our population. You are such a target because of your incredible success ~ I can easily imagine someone burning up with jealousy using an anonymous pathway (such as your pages) to attack you. Hoping to throw you off your game, stirring up trouble, trying to create discord among your fan base. Who knows why? Jealousy is bone deep, it’s not going away. Live well, be well, love well and know that WE (fans) outnumber the trolls by a tidal wave.

  190. I’m known as a Debbie Downer. But I have to say that the Eve Dallas books are entirely too engaging. I read the first 6, somehow skipped to 38, and was pleased that the writing quality was still excellent. I’ve never read more than 15 or 20 of a series (Cat Who comes to mind) because the story line goes wonky or boring. But Roberts mixes it up- sometimes it’s a thriller, sometimes a mystery, sometimes a little of each. Sometimes a serial killer. Sometimes not. Sometimes the killer goes after Eve, Roarke, a friend, sometimes not. She just does a bang up job of mixing it up.

    What I find most interesting is that this blog post shows how much of Roberts personality is in the Eve Dallas character. Too funny!

  191. Well said!! I really really like the title.
    I’m eagerly awaiting the next trilogy, they are my favorite because I can get lost in the story a bit longer. Rereading them is like visiting old friends. Thank you for all your hard work, and to you, too, Laura.

  192. This same kind of “mathlete” would probably decide that all sonnets are the same because they adhere to the same structure. Dumbass.

    And frankly, anyone who decides to be trollish on one of YOUR pages is an idiot. You have one of the biggest, most loyal (er. rabid? yeah okay I admit to that) fanbases of any author ANYWHERE. We are LEGION.

  193. As a romance author myself, I say “thank you”. Well said and something that needed to be said. Even in reviews, constructive criticism is not welcome. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Period.

  194. This message is for Nora. Hi, do you remember me? I met you in Maryland. I worked for the Frederick News-Post. You were so kind to me, and not just when I was covering you. And I saw you were also extremely kind to your fans. I interviewed other authors and some of them were not as kind. God bless you. You’re right, nobody needs to say negative things and I’m sorry anyone chose to do it. I wish you every happiness.

  195. As high school teacher and the mother of a teenaged daughter, I often see the spiteful words teens post when they feel powerful hiding behind a screen name. It completely amazes me when I see adults acting the same.

    Oh btw, I love a good Nora Roberts book. And I’m a sucker for her trilogies. I have my favorites. And I know I’m not the only one who shed a tear at just the thought of getting to read Seth Quinn’s story! Thank you, Nora Roberts for continuing to do what you do best…leaving us wanting more when we reach that final page!

  196. You likely don’t have time to read all 300 comments and get here to mine…and I’m only adding my voice to the chorus…but the fact that one even has to say “this is not the appropriate place to vent your very rude opinion” is disheartening.

    I have enjoyed nearly every story you’ve written–I’ve not read them all–yet. (I’m mom to 4 kids and homeschool the youngest two–reading time is pretty limited just now).

    Thank you for your eloquent, firm response to the naysayers. Let them chew on that. 😀


  197. Well said.
    Thank you, for being a writer.
    I am an avid reader and really enjoy your stories.
    My grandmother said “if you can’t say anything nice…..don’t say anything at all.”
    I wish more people followed that or at least thought it before they went on their little rants.

  198. I’m getting really frustrated that Nora’s pages have all become bash Nora pages and that Laura and Nora are constantly having to tell those people to buzz off and stop being a-holes. You guys need to make a closed group or something where actual fans can talk about how much we love the books and you can ban people who are always negative.
    P.S. Yay for new trilogies!!! I love having 3 books to love Nora’s characters!

  199. Here here!! Cheers to quashing negativity– whether it be online or anywhere else. Treating one another with basic courtesy (like, for example, NOT insulting a person to their face, virtual or otherwise) should be standard protocol…! And I’ll certainly join in the chorus of support for Nora as a wonderful, inspiring, and heartwarming writer whose success is a testament to her talent. I hope that the positive voices always drown out the negative ones.

  200. Dear Ms. Roberts,

    Although I have heard of you (who hasn’t?), I have never read in your genre.
    Just wanted to say I love your response (to the rudeness heaped on you.)
    Stated ever-so beautifully. Much love to you, dear lady.

    Best wishes,

    Kirk Alex,
    Author of Fifty Shades of Tinsel, et al.

  201. Isn’t it amazing what will say to you on the internet but would never dare say it to you to your face? Is the internet making us less civilized.

    Brilliantly said.

  202. This blog is making the rounds. I haven’t ever read a Nora Roberts book, but after seeing the quality of this blog, I just may. I don’t think anyone could have expressed this any better. Thanks! 🙂

  203. Excellent post.
    Once or twice I have had the experience of people choosing to attack me on my blog and disagree vehemently with my thoughts. Fine. But it is *my* blog and while I don’t object to disagreement I do object to the occasional personal attack.

  204. I LOVE THIS!!! Thank you! I feel exactly the same way. Don’t come onto MY page and bring your negative crap. This is so fabulous.

  205. As one writer to another: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I have long watched as individuals feel it’s ok to post 1-star reviews for books because they don’t like the author’s politics, or how they looked at a signing, or how they train their dog, or whatever. And it’s all WHATEVER. This point about telling someone how to write is spot on. Don’t enjoy it, read something else. Like it 75%, wait for it to go on sale before you buy.
    You go, girl.

  206. This is what I love about Nora Roberts, she calls a spade a spade, no excuses, no apologies, no justifications she just states, look folks, its a spade, that’s it. She is right, you wouldn’t walk into someone’s home and be that rude and you certainly wouldn’t accept someone coming into your house and being that rude and ignorant to you. While the internet is anonymous to a degree it doesn’t excuse outright rudeness. This is Nora’s page, Nora and Laura are gracious enough to invite us in, share news with us and welcome discussions and the chance to talk about what we loved about different books and different characters – we can talk and share but it doesn’t cost anything to use your manners. Nora Roberts is already a very successful author, she did it all by herself without our direction, suggestions or critics and I am thankful for that because I love her writing style, I enjoy her books – she is the one and only author whose books I will not give away even though I have all of the ones available on my kindle I’m not giving up her books. So, lets play nice people there is already too much negative garbage in the world we really don’t need to add to that, let’s stick with the positive.

  207. I visit a lot of pages that most of the post are positive and you can tell the people posting are fans of the author and books then you get someone who says something off the wall. I don’t follow people I don’t like, I don’t follow pages with an ideology that I don’t agree with. I will read things I don’t usually read and if I don’t like them I don’t tell the person who wrote they are wrong. I love your writing and books, I look forward to the new trilogy. Thank you for all the HOURS of enjoyment you have given me with your writing.

  208. Good for you Nora!! I am with you all the way. Your page so do not be rude!! You want to have a discussion about an author or her book? Join a book club!! Bitch all you want! Read a different author! Nobody would like you talking badly about their life’s work! And maybe I am simpleminded or easy to please but I love books that tie in and go together! I am usually upset when they are over.

  209. Hi Nora
    I’m an former English and Drama teacher, an avid reader, a wannabe screenwriter and the chance to ‘speak’ to you personally here is too delicious to resist.
    I cannot tell you how much pleasure you have given me over the years. I adore your heroines, your plots and your sense of place. Two of your greatest strengths as a writer (in my opinion) are: your ability to sum up a character in a few words – making you a master wordsmith; and the integrity and gallantry of your heroes.
    I’m in the middle of a divorce and the LAST thing I wanted was to be negative about men – especially as I have two sons. So what did I do? I recently re-read every one of your main stream titles and series. Why? Because you write about honourable men – not perfect men, but honourable ones. You make us, your readers, believe in men – their abilities, their humanity, their integrity.
    So THANK YOU for this blog post and(for Marg McAlister for alerting me to it) and for the chance to connect. Your legacy will last a long, long time.
    Much love, Wendy from Australia.

  210. The best response to trolls I’ve ever read. I love the comparison with other professions and the calling out people over being rude in someone else’s home. Also love some of the responses to your post -e.g. “Your opinion of me is none of my business!” I might use that if you don’t mind, Janet.

    My father always said, ‘there is never an excuse for being unkind’ and although this sounds like an almost impossible standard, I think he’s right. Why can’t people put themselves in other’s positions before they decide to be negative? I just don’t get it.

    Please keep being the standard for both romance writing and straight talking, Nora (and Laura).

  211. I wrote this on Elena Aitken’s FB page when she shared this second blog post when the first one, which I loved and also responded to, but directly on your blog.

    I read the first blog post and fully agrees with her thoughts, as well as blocking the rude and unacceptable person.

    That it continues to happen, not just on her site but on many authors sites is sad and frustrating to all. Again I agree with the blocking of that person. But this blog makes a slightly different point. And though she doesn’t say she will respond in this manner on FB to the offender, I would have no problem with her telling the offender to “bite me” and pushing send and them blocking them. Mature? No. Rising to their level? Probably. And this is not something I would ever suggest. But I agree that enough is enough be it criticism, telling authors how to write their books, etc. Don’t like them? Don’t read them. Think you have better ideas? Start your own book or FB page or group or whatever works for you. Want others to know you feelings? Again do the above or
    Past your review on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever.

    Relatively recently there was an author that had received a few negative comments on her blog or FB page or both. She got so discouraged she asked her readers if we had the same complaints, what we liked and what we didn’t. It was horrible to see how shaken it had hit her and how low she had gotten from a few negative comments over a couple weeks as vs the multitude of positive remarks she received daily. We all know negative comments stick to is more easily despite being outnumbered by dozens of positive ones. And she finally was able to turn things around mentally and emotionally. I don’t know if she chose to block those individuals or how she was going to avoid the negativity and more herself in all the positivity. But I bet being able to tell those few individuals to “bite me” or something similar before blocking them might have at least given her some means of taking back her FB page and letting those individuals know they are not accepted nor tolerated in her space.

    Nora is correct that it
    Is not just a slap on her gave but that many readers might take it that way as well or even respond back starting a negative response war. None of us want that.

    I will be honest. I am not a big fan of FB and it’s lack of privacy protections and several other issues I have. And making the decision not to close my account so that I can stay in touch with the authors I really like and to be a part of a larger community was a huge one for me. These spaces are public and what I write or respond to or state for a giveaway or a personal piece of info I supply is always a risk. And so far, for the most part, I have been happy with my decision to engage with not only the authors but with their readers, as well. No, I don’t know them personally, although some I have developed a more “personal” relationship with than others. It takes trust of your fellow readers to be in such a public space, in general. Once the negativity starts and negative wars start it is no longer a space comfortable to be on, but it is not something I want to be a part of vicariously just by having made previous comments on a FB site. One benefit of street teams or private pre-reader groups or blog areas that are locked, etc. People are there because they want to make the extra effort to be there.

    I took a week off of FB recently, and realizes there were certain authors I really missed engaging with. I also realized I didn’t miss the extraneous conversations some readers would start on some authors pages or the random comments, that were positive, but didn’t really for in and could have been a different topic or better yet something emailed specifically to the author.

    When I find there is a book I don’t like I will state that…IN MY AMAZON or other similar places with tact. Yes sometimes authors write books that don’t really for our liking — don’t read those but read the others. Sometimes they write a book that seemed to come out of left field and you triple check if it really was written by them. Have a thought or opinion. Use the proper areas and tactfully state that. As I reader I use others reviews on different sites. Sometimes they are in such a bizarre range I wonder if they were all trading the same book. Sometimes they will have such high praise and half way through I not only can’t finish the book I have no clue why it was so highly reviewed. Those reviews should be open and honest (though I know many aren’t) and a place to write your thoughts, even if you can’t be tactful and have to be negative, at least it is in the right place.

    So I agree with Nota on her first post…and I agree with her on this second post. I could have simply written “So true” as Trish Lloyd Elliot did, as they both are true and effective statements with different angles. But I also wanted to ensure that authors and fellow readers understand this is not just the authors page, but a public forum upon which their readers want to feel good about being a part of and safe in doing so.

    In this day and age so many don’t think about these things. Public media has become the most common means of communication that many don’t think about privacy or safety or other things. They often don’t censor what that say as many feel they are speaking directly to the author and others can ignore their comments. In part, that may be true and their intention (and I am not speaking if the negative commenters), but I am hoping Nora’s post will remind all of is that we are on a public website and a public page and anyone can read anything we write or pictures we post, etc. Sadly there is no other way to keep informed more regularly of many topics of interest in regard to specific authors and upcoming book releases, etc. Newsletters are great and helpful and I love them, but they serve a different purpose.

    So thanks, Nora, for these blog posts and for taking such a strong stand…and to my fellow readers for their kindness and support of the authors and books they read and to their fellow readers, as well.

  212. Nora, I just started reading your books less than two months ago and in that time frame, I have completed FOUR TRILOGIES, and I have two more books at my bedside waiting to be read. My husband gave me two of the books as Christmas gifts because I’ve been reading so much. I think he might be jealous of my reading time!

  213. I hope this anecdote isn’t totally irrelevant, but here goes: My husband and I are Seahawks fans. One day we both wore Seahawks tee shirts in Disneyland and ended up in a one-hour plus line right next to a family wearing 49er’s gear (major team rivals). I expected it to be a really awkward hour of standing in line, but we ended up having a very pleasant conversation with the family. Afterwards I told my husband I had been a little nervous, and he said, “Well, we’re football fans first, right? Then we’re fans of our teams.” And so it was, two middle-age male football fans of rival teams were able to pass a pleasant hour in line at Disneyland without any trash-talk.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this – Nora, I hope visitors to your fan page can be as classy as football fans going forward. Thank you for sharing your stories! You have my respect and admiration!

    1. Yes, me too, huge football fan/supporter of my team (Cowboys). We’ve had some tough times these past several years but I always say to fans of the other team: thanks for a great game. My niece is a staunch fan of Green Bay Packers, who we just played this past Sunday. I complimented her team for winning and she said she wished both teams could win ~ she took no pleasure in my team coming in second. Would be so nice if every person could be kind and practice the golden rule. There’s no need to be rude to a football fan or a famous hardworking author such as Nora.

  214. Great post, Nora 🙂 Unfortunately there are always going to be negative, bad apples around us who can’t seem to stand to see other people happy or enjoying anything, trying to ruin things for everyone. I know it must be hurtful to read but I also know you must know there are way more of ‘us’ than them!!
    I have and always will love your writing! I thank you for all the hours you’ve taken me away as either Nora or JD! I am excited for all of your books and am really looking forward to your new trilogy!
    Have a great weekend! Oh and I love the title of your post, lol!!!

  215. Well said Nora!!! Love your books and especially love your Tiologies!! Keep ’em coming! To the nay sayers they obviously didn’t listen when their mommas were teaching manners because they do not have any.

  216. I agree with absolutely everything Nora wrote (and consider “bite me” a well deserved if mild reaction to a case of obvious rudeness). The best online spaces are well curated spaces and no-one should feel obligated to provide a venue for personal abuse.

    I am however a little worried by the number of people (not Nora obviously, since this very much was not the point of her article) trotting out “don’t like it don’t read it”, it’s pithy but I think it’s a little simplistic and undervalues the superb work that some book reviewers do.

    I really appreciate a reviewer who can explain why a book did or did not work for them( I have been known to pick up negatively reviewed books because the things that turned the reviewer off are things that interest me).

    Obviously attempting to force an author to interact with a review (either in their space or yours) is extremely rude but I just wanted to give a shout out to reviewers in general.

    P.S. Thank you so much Nora, your books got me through a swine flu quarantine and are just generally awesome.

  217. Sometimes enough is enough. I met you briefly at an RWA convention and found you to be gracious and kind. And oh so patient. But there comes a point when you have to let it fly.
    I find your books to be delightful, complex, and very entertaining. If someone else does not–why in hades do they feel a need to spew about it here, where they are bound to get an argument from your loyal readers? I’m not talking about a rousing discussion over a perceived lack or flaw in a certain book. I’m talking about someone who loves to start trouble. I can only believe that that’s what they want. A rumble or a dust-up. A deliberate personal attack that sets everyone’s back up. There must be some sort of payout for them in the altercation. Some gratification. But this is certainly not the place for them to get their jollies by upsetting everyone else.
    I can’t fault you at all for giving them “what for”. This is your place and you have every right to escort them to the door.

  218. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.”

  219. This post is a total win! Thank you so much for posting it. If a partier came to my house and complained about my drapes, they def wouldn’t be invited back! Same thing for people who hijack my page or my PA’s page with criticism.

  220. Apparently these people being soooo critical of your book ARE reading them. Otherwise how would they know they are the same (according to them). How would they know it’s a fact that it is 78% into the book when they fall in love? Seems to me these haters are very diligent in their reading of your books. If I disliked something so badly ,I think I would just stop reading it, not study it so closely. Keep it up Nora, there are millions of fans just like me who can’t wait for the next new book!

  221. As a (relatively) newly published author, I’ve very quickly learned that thick skin is the only way to survive select reader opinions. I’m still young enough in my traditional publication journey that it blows me out of the water when some anonymous reader (i.e. KandyLandLovesJouJouBees as a user name) feels entitled, behind the bravery of their creative pseudonym, to rip me a new one for daring to write a book they didn’t like, or taking me to task for some aspect of a character they think “would have been better if .” Best of all, though, are the readers who keep reading a series and vehemently hating every book. Why keep buying my work if you know my voice and style aren’t for you?

    I’ve been a fan of yours for years and years, long before I began to write. My only wish is that this post came earlier, even *years* earlier, because it’s absolutely brilliant and worth its weight in gold to new (and new-ish) writers. I have bookmarked it and intend to work it into a printable page to frame and hang above my desk, a daily reminder that I hold the power of those two little words when someone gets incredibly snarky in my personal space and implies the readers who love my work are idiots for doing so.

    Thank you, Nora. You are an absolute gem, a champion’s voice for those of us in the trenches who follow you and the examples you’ve set as if you were our general.

    Kelli Ireland

  222. A point well made!

    And I for one enjoy that your trilogies follow a “predictable” pattern. In this world of constant stress and change, there is comfort in the reliability that there’s always escape available inside the pages of your books.

  223. Freaking awesome! And too true. I’m not certain when “Just my opinion” became an excuse for just being plain rude.

  224. Well said on every level. Even reader review sites deserve respectable treatment. But, some people enjoy being trolls despite the potential to hurt feelings. I am well aware of the time and effort that goes into writing a novel and to keep finding new characters and plots for readers to enjoy. I have every respect for anyone who pens a novel, whether famous or not. Thank you for so many years of entertaining and informative novels, Nora. And for championing women writers everywhere.

  225. Welp, seems I’ve missed a bunch of action! Darn it! Must remember to check Facebook more than once a month!
    I guess I will ALWAYS be nonplussed by the just-my-opinioners. Does it bother me that they have one? Nope. Does it irritate me that it differs from mine? Nope. Am I constantly surprised that said opinions are often ill-timed, completely inappropriate for the setting, & EFFIN’ rude? Yes. Yes, I am.
    “Bite me” is a perfectly acceptable response in my mind due to the complete lack of decency displayed by the just-my-opinioers.
    Why, I ask, do you insist on commenting on (let alone reading!!) these books when you find them so lacking?! It’s like the people who go around saying only negative things about their significant others. I’m not sure what that says about the person you’re criticizing, but it sure as hell tells me a lot about YOU! If you’re SO dissatisfied, make a change.
    I truly don’t give a crap about characters admiring their love to each other 78% into the book. If I’m 78% into a book, it grabbed my attention. I dig it. I’m engaged. Call me shallow, but entertainment is my main reason for reading. I have a husband, two sons, a dog, & a lovely, busy life. I enjoy the quiet serenity of my books at the end of my day. My point being, I really don’t care that someone doesn’t enjoy the same books I do. But when you go on a fan page, post disrespectful (make no mistake — they are DISRESPECTFUL) comments about the stories & the author, & the follow it up with a lame-ass reply of, “Oh, it’s just my opinion,” then you’re just gonna piss me off!
    Opinions are like… Belly buttons. Everybody has one. Find the appropriate platform for your “FACTS.” This ain’t it.

  226. you go girl! I agree wholeheartedly (not that you need my support! )

  227. Thank you. I really, really needed to read this. When I’m confronted with readers like yours, I’m stymied for a polite response. After reading YOUR response, it occurs that I don’t NEED to be polite. Your response is perfect. So…Thank You!

  228. I agree with many of the folks who have responded, although I didn’t read all of the responses. I don’t read Nora Roberts’ romances much any longer because I began finding them predictable. BUT, I love her J D Robb books. I read every one I can get my hands on, and went searching for the beginning ones. I bought some new ones because I felt I owed her that much. Some i couldn’t find new and had to buy used. But I found all up to the current ones. I will continue reading those until such time as I find them becoming predictable – which I predict will be NEVER.

  229. I couldn’t agree more! Whenever I run across a comment like those, I’m always amazed that anyone would think it’s okay to do, and also that they would think “it’s all about them” and that anyone’s writing would cater to them specifically. Great post and great point to make!

  230. Bravo!!

    I love all of your books! I especially love the characters in all of your books, because I either fall in love with them myself or I wish they were my best friends. Keep doing what you’re doing, your fans love and appreciate your work.

  231. You go Nora! Love it. And I’d wager a bet that all these opinion holders don’t have the accomplishments and dedication that you have. I’m not sure why, but there seems to be a certain sector of the population that is compelled to tear down those who make their mark in the world. Well like you, I agree they can bite me.
    I think I’ll be smiling about this post all day.

    Take care.

  232. I love it. Go Nora. it nice to hear someone who say what they thing. I love your book and I am glad you are coming out with new trilogy. Can not wait.

  233. Nora, I salute your candor and direct, honest expression. I love your books, which is why I continue to read each and every one when they come out. It’s one of the great pleasures of my life. There have been other authors and other books which I didn’t care for. My solution–I don’t read them. Simple. Solved. Moving on.

    Thank you for the work you do and the pleasure you bring to the world and your many, many loyal readers. Brava!!

  234. I knew it! Nora Roberts IS Eve Dallas. She kicks asses. And if you need backup, just call me, Nora!

  235. In the world of romance writers, we refer to you as LaNora or Her Majesty. As LaNora says, so shall it be done. 😉 All hail LaNora! 🙂 You keep writing them, and I’ll keep reading them. *wild applause*

  236. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, criticize those who can. Nora, and Laura, you both know that Nora can write-brilliantly. Her sales and her loyal fans (me included) are testament to that. Some people are just rude, dissatisfied with everything and feel they have a right to impose their opinions on everyone. I just ignore them. Maybe Laura can delete their comments from the blog and FB pages, I would support that.
    In the meantime, Laura please keep blogging/posting. Nora, please keep writing. Your books are one of my favorites indulgences.
    All my best!

  237. I agree with your blog post. You put it very well. As one of your FANS I can’t wait for a new trilogy! Love, love, love your work! Happy New Year!!

  238. Bravo, Nora! You just said what all we small press and Indie authors would absolutely love to tell the phalanx of armchair critics who’ve proliferated ever since the vendors opened up reviews to everyone with a computer. They just love hearing themselves talk and are absolutely convinced of their “rightness.” Which of course means that those who disagree are “wrong.” I had lots of folk like that in my psychotherapy practice and guess what? They’re not very happy. They view the world through a scarcity filter, so each little dollop of goodness someone else gets means that much less for them. Sigh.
    Again, Bravo! Well said.

  239. Holy Cheese Balls! That was AWESOME! I applaud Nora so often taking the high road, but there comes a point where as my mother used to say “The rubber meets the road!” Birthing a novel (let alone over 100 of them!) is WORK, and I can only speculate, DAMN hard work! Having an opinion is great (welcome to being a Human, we all have them!), but using it to be rude and obtuse does NOT sit well with me. Nora is right, this is HER site, her sandbox, and if we want to play here, it’s not asking too much to demand a certain level of respect. How easily we forget the manners we learned in grade school! Miss Robert’s, I salute you, Buffy would be proud! <3

  240. One word: BRAVA!!!!!

    See? Even in your personal responses to people who make inappropriate statements in inappropriate places, your writing just sings!

    Waiting impatiently (and re-reading again and again) for February!

  241. To put it politely: Thank you! Everything you’ve said is 100% true. When I want people’s opinions on my author page, I will ask for it. And it is one of the reasons I remind people constantly that they are on my pages.

    Again, thank you! Authors everywhere are applauding.

  242. I am such a fan of Nora’s on so many levels. I met her before she published Irish Thoroughbred in Houston when she was young, eager, honest, down-to-earth, full of hope, smart, talented… I could go on, and after knowing her for a very long time, I feel she has grown. She has only gotten more talented, wiser, and more honest. I am an avid fan of her J.D. Robb series and I have read many of her books. Yes, I have liked some more than others, but I have enjoyed every book of hers I have read.
    I can’t imagine why anyone would choose to post crap on her page other than to try to hurt her.
    I know she is rich and famous, but she has feelings like everybody else. She tries to make each book her best. No book is ever as perfect as a writer would like, but one thing I know about Nora, she struggled and fought to make it as good as she could. I admire her as an author and as a person more than I can say.
    I am afraid negative comments on her space say more about the person uttering them than they ever will about Nora. I have never heard of Nora going out of her way to belittle someone else’s artistic endeavors. Quite the contrary.

  243. I personally love the trilogies or series…to see how characters shape and change in each book.

  244. Ha! Love this post! Very well said! I completely agree. I’m not sure why these people feel such an overwhelming urge to voice their opinions all the time anyway, especially in places like an author’s FB page. *sigh*

  245. Nora, your posts are always refreshing. I follow a lot of authors but really only comment on your stuff here and on FB because of Laura’s posts and her well thought out questions/discussion points. I enjoy your style and appreciate that you’re so refreshingly honest. Keep up the great work and we’ll keep following faithfully!

  246. Get ’em! Reminds me of my students who think the following phrases excuse their bad behavior/remarks: “But it’s true!” “I’m just saying!” and “No offense but….”. I’ve started responding with “offense taken” and they do not know how to react. I’m determined to break the little boogers of this bad habit!

  247. I just wanted to pop on here and say thank you, thank you, thank you for every book you’ve written whether they are Nora books or JD Robb books. Sure there have been probably been some I haven’t enjoyed quite as much as others, but that is the nature of stories. Other people can be such stinkers. So here is some positivity from Australia from myself and a good dozen or more borrowers at the small country library were I work. I personally can’t wait for the latest In Death title to be relased (hurry up February!)
    Warmest regards from Australia!

  248. Bite me indeed Nora. I have said this many time to clients. I don’t really care if I loose them because there will always be more to take their place. And that is how it is with readers. Some people are just asshats and love to be negative Nancy’s all the time. Anyway, I love your work always have and always will. So thank you for taking me places I could never go, for getting me out of my living room and taking me on grand adventures. I truly appreciate it. My love of reading is because of your writing. Thanks again.

  249. “A book is made with one’s own flesh and blood of years. It is cremated youth. It is all yours—no one gave it to you.” —Willa Cather.

  250. Bravo.

    I’ll never understand some folks obsession with stopping what others enjoy when it harms no one. They seem to need to force others to join in their obsessions.

  251. It is a Joy and a pleasure to read your blood,sweat ,and tears ..bravo to addressing critics

  252. LOVE IT! I agree with you 100%. I have read some of the remarks on Facebook and, I don’t know why, am astounded at the rudeness of some people. If you don’t like the book, don’t read it. I happen to love your work and so I will keep reading.

  253. I myself love the phrase “Bite Me” and use it quite often. I love Nora’s books. I love the JD Robb books. Do I enjoy some more than others? Sure. Am I going to go on her site and critique it? No. Some of the stories resonant with me more than others. If your opinion is they are predictable, blah, blah, don’t read them. You have that right. Bashing an author is not cool. No one is forcing you to read it.

  254. Just to say Nora , I have almost 100 of your books and if a fire started out in my house It’s the first things I’ll grab they’re precious to me ! I love your triologies ! I love how you can make the couples come together
    I just love all your books !

  255. As someone who owns every book you’ve ever written, it would be hard to look for fault in words that are so enjoyable. Also, it would waste my time. I go through withdrawals waiting for your next book to come out, and re-read your other work while I wait. Your work is brilliant, and all your characters and storylines breathe life into your books, which is why I enjoy them so much. I am so glad you don’t take the opinions of your readers, if I wanted to read their books, I would.

  256. Oh, Ms. Roberts, how you make me laugh. The title is perfect as are your words addressing the trolls and Debbie Downers that seem to feel the need to drag everyone else under.

    Sharing with everyone in my writer’s group.

  257. I am picturing Nora writing, thinking no they cannot make love yet I am only on page 310 of a 400 page book, they must wait for two more pages! Love your books and blog! Thanks for being an awesome writer.

  258. Well said, Nora, and past due. I have never understood why anyone even goes to an author’s blog or fansite if they don’t let me their work. I just don’t go to them. Love all if your work and excited for the new trilogy. Thanks for all the time you spend with your fans. I really appreciate it.

  259. I have often wondered why folks feel the NEED to post their opinions on things they don’t like on Facebook or other social outlets. If you don’t like it, why tell the rest of us? Just move on and take responsibility for your own happiness. As for criticism of my work AFTER the editors and critique partners have looked at it, here’s what I tell other authors (and readers) when a bad review comes in: I wrote the best story FOR ME and I like it. Not everyone is going to agree and that’s fine, but I’m writing for me. That others like it is gravy. I can’t please everyone, but I can be satisfied. Nicely said, Nora. 🙂

  260. I agree !!
    , I personally can’t wait for a new trilogy , I love them all . All of Nora’s books in fact that i am slowly getting.
    It is on my bucket list to visit Boonsboro ,stay at the Inn and visit the bookshop ,hopefully when there is a signing.

  261. You tell ’em Nora! I have been following the countdown to “Obsession in Death” and wondering how in the world you can write over 40 books (including novellas) in the same series without ever getting predictable or boring for me. I look forward to EVERY new book you publish. I own almost every book you have published and I re-read them a lot!

    Bite me is absolutely the perfect response to the haters out there. Keep on writing, I’ll keep on reading.

  262. You go girl!!!! I love your books and love this page. If someone wants to be critical…. they should do it on a page containing critiques!!! I enjoy your page negativity free!!!! Thanks Laura for working to keep it that way!!!! *** So Nora can spend her time writing!!!!

  263. I love reading your novels, been reading them since 1991! And if someone don’t like your novels they need too write their own they way they want!! Keep up the good work Nota and Laura!!!

  264. ” In my opinion “…… BRILLIANT!… YOU ROCK!

    I have read almost all your book’s and love them. There was only one series that could not catch my attention. …. not your fault, just wasn’t one I could get into. Keep all the awesome work…. love seeing you on my Kindle!

  265. WOW! I can’t even. It takes serious gonads to say stuff like that to any one, let alone a NYT Best-Selling author! RIGHT ON, NORA! for tackling these douchebags…but that’s just my humble opinion 😀

  266. I like the title Bite Me. I was at work on the computer and irritated because IT asked me to change my password. Every password I tried that I knew I could remember did not meet the “requirements”. I got so irritated and talked to the computer and said, “Okay, how about BITE ME?” I still didn’t meet the requirements. It made me laugh and take a step back.

  267. Love it, just love it. Cowards are what they are. So many would never say what they so on forums to someone in person.

  268. I’ve never understood people who come to an author’s page and then diss them. It is the height of arrogance. In most instances these blowhards wouldn’t say the same things to the author’s face. This kind of flaming is cowardice.

  269. if they don’t like your books, why do they read them and then criticize them….. don’t read if you do not like… and don’t bother complaining to those of us who do like them

  270. Some of what these detractors are complaining about are the very things so many of us love about your work! The rest of it is inaccurate, ridiculous, or both. I look forward to every new book, but especially love the trilogies, as they allow for fuller character development, and provide answers to some of the questions we all have at the ends of book one and two. Keep them coming!

  271. Love it! I agree with you. If you don’t like an author’s style – read someone else. There are a few popular author’s that I personally don’t care for. And guess what? I don’t read them. But I DON’T put them down or go on their pages to tell them that. If someone wants your opinionated will ask for it. If they don’t – keep it to yourself! My husband & I wait anxiously for each installment of your trilogy. I say – keep up the fabulous work!

  272. Wow, just wow! The nerve/gall of people. Brava! Wonderfully written as are your books. If you did not know what you are doing you would not be so successful. Can’t wait for the new trilogy and anything else!

  273. I’ve been a reader, fan and admirer of your books and your talent for thirty? plus years back to the skinniest HQs, lol. My favorite trilogies were the Chesapeake (until number 4), In the Garden and Three sisters. And then there’s the fabulous 13 trilogies – In Death books. I’ve hoped to meet you in person on my way back home a couple of times and now I really need to make it happen. Thanks for always being an inspiration by being true to yourself and your writing. It’s really too bad we can’t cast a spell like one of your characters and exile all the negativity it to the desert where it would just expire in the heat. Let’s wish it so. Love you Nora.

  274. OMG, I love this – on so many levels. Best post, ever. Can I have permission to copy and paste on my FB page?? (’cause it’s brilliant – just brilliant)

  275. I so completely agree with you, Nora. It is one thing to form an opinion on the works of an author and voice this opinion in reviews or other appropriate ways. But to go on an author’s blog or facebook page or website and just denigrate the enormous work that goes into each of the books we see published. NO! I am a firm believer in voicing your opinion, but it should be done in the appropriate places.

    I own a large amount of your books and have enjoyed reading each and every one of them. I re-read on a regular basis and always look forward to your new books.

    All the best
    Benedicte Reiter

  276. I am a lonely person, I try to tell myself it isn’t me. Until I moved here I had plenty of friends. I am not in the right place. I am an outspoken Yankee in an angry teaParty-soaked town. I have been randomly blamed by strangers for their taxes and the downfall of Christianity while walking my dog. Your books help me smile and shrug my shoulders and keep walking because your books are on my iPhone and in my ears. These rude people are interrupting what Roarke said to Eve or the amazing woman on 3 Sisters Island -they wouldn’t take this shit. For now, for this tiny fraction of time in my life, your books provide a sanctuary. I do wish the Witness could be a trilogy or three trilogies 😉 Thank you for the long hours you’ve spent working hard giving us your creations.

  277. I love your work!!!!!!!!!! even as JD Robb, and your in Death series… some people do feel they always have to be a negative influence or the need to “bring balance”. You are not alone. It happens on every website, every you tube video and on and on. Its Rude, Its unnecessary and in no way reflects how normal people feel. Obviously, you are talented writer, and though some aspects of a book may be predictable your basic story line never is…the Romance is usually secondary and I like the romance part as much as I like the main part of the story… Keep on Keep on and very much looking forward to your new series.

  278. Bravo!! My favorite phrase 🙂 I knew I liked Nora beyond just loving her wonderful books!

  279. There’s a reason I adore Nora, and this is it. She has always done exactly as she pleases when it comes to her career and her writing, she writes what she loves the best, she makes no excuses for what she loves, and she’s honest with what works, what doesn’t, and how to get there. I learned a long time ago to never apologize for what I love to write as well as what I prefer to read. And I learned that from Nora.

    As for jumping on someone’s post to complain about what they’re trying to promote: next time you think about raining on an author’s parade, think about how you’d feel if it happened to you. Yes, this is a very public profession, but show a little class. Just my opinion.

    Thank you, Nora, for so much more than your books. Thanks for your attitude and your commonsense, too. And for always telling it as it should be.

    Char Chaffin

  280. As a writer myself, I loathe negative comments and always assume the commenter is a doofus who wears dirty underwear on their head (swear to God I knew a guy who actually did, and he was a real doofus), but I am reminded of some author who commented something like, “They can burn my books if they like, as long as they buy them first!”

  281. Just wanted to say Thank You for giving me the adventures and thrills, that I would not get when I go to the past, present, and future by Reading Your Books, and novels, please keep it up!!!

  282. I am late to the party here. If someone does not like an authors books, read someone else. I read all your books under any name. I do have certain authors that I like one of their series and not another. I don’t tell them that I just read the ones I like and do positive reviews. Your blog is right on the mark. Loved it!

  283. You go Nora! You are the best! I’ve loved your work from the first book I read. Love, love, love all the trilogies! Please keep it up! You are an amazing writer and I think these crazy people are just jealous! Just keep up the good work!

  284. Nora, I applaud you. This was very well said and I wish more people were just considerate and left negativity in the trash where it belongs.

  285. Way to go Nora!!!!
    I cannot wait to show this to my daughter!! We both absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your books!!! Can’t wait for the new trilogy!!! Due to my daughters love for a great story and books in general, her career goal is to be a book editor!! She will be 20 in May! She will be anxiously waiting for your new stories!! The audacity of people coming into your space is unbelievable!!! People have become more RUDE over the years!! What happened to saying “I am very sorry for offending you and this was to wrong place to post such a thing”, instead of becoming defensive over their stupidity! Or just saying “Thank you for all the hard work that must surely go into writing your books!” By the way, THANK YOU for the hard work that goes into each and every book you write!! I have often wondered how authors come up with the ideas for each story!! What an incredible mind and imagination it must take!!! Good Luck with the new trilogy!!!

    Allison Kiger

  286. I agree!!! I was taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!

  287. Nora, I truly enjoy your writing, whether it’s as Nora Roberts or J.D. Robb. I am currently reading Blood Magick. The moment I hear you have a new book out, I can’t wait to read it. Thank you for the many enjoyable hours of reading!

  288. Love this post! Take heart, Nora. A lot more than 78% of your readership adore you, me included. As a writer I am always amazed at the originality of the characters you come up with. Love the In Death series read by Susan Erickson on your audiobooks. Her Roark is to die for!

  289. If I don’t care for a writer’s work, I don’t read it. Trolls who deliberately throw pot shots at others are no doubt as hateful in the F2F. I wonder how they’d feel if someone took that approach to evaluating their personality?

  290. Good for you, Nora! Keep on writing, and this fan will keep on reading! Thank you for so many hours of pleasure and entertainment 🙂

  291. I have to admit I’ve never understood this compulsion some people have to tell others how to do their job. If a writer has asked for feedback it’s one thing – and even then it it should be done in only the most constructive manor; negativity is not necessary.

    Good on you for your response, and for conversation you’ve started here. Maybe it will help…?

  292. Another replier mentioned being “late to the party” and so am I, but this is (just my opinion, heh) a very important and timely blog post. (As expected, coming from NR, it is also beautifully written.) Negativity and nastiness are proliferating exponentially on social media in almost every area and I’m excited to see you take the position that, in your space at least, everyone must play nice or leave the party. There is no welcome for snarky comments by readers. No room for these people, no space for them. Just go; don’t let the door hit you in the a** on the way out. See? I just got snarky — but then, I’m just a housewife who is awed by the talent and prodigious output of Nora Roberts and my vocabulary falls way short. Kudos, NR! Rock on!!

  293. I love it! I love your books and can’t wait for the new trilogy. My only complaints (and yes I would say them anytime anywhere) are that they aren’t longer and there isn’t a new one everyday! Thank you for your hard work and talent.

  294. Nora, I love you even more after chuckling my way through your “Bite Me” post. Don’t have time to read all the comments as it’s my bedtime and I’m putting down the phone to re-read The Return of Rafe Mackade.
    I always turn to your books when I want some comfort food for the soul. Keep on rocking girl!!

  295. I can’t express how much I love this post so very much. If it were a baby, I’d be pinching its fat little cheeks in joy. <3 Too many people hide behind a computer spouting verbal diarrhea because they have anonymity. I would love to see some manners make a come back in this world.

  296. Hey, Nora, great post. Read this when you first posted it and it has stuck with me. Came back to nab the URL to post somewhere else where similar nonsense is happening — a cover reveal by Tor for a dark fantasy novel that uses modified German words for name, something fantasy authors have done forever (though, usually they use Japanese or French or old English words instead).

    On that very page, a cover reveal with an awesome snippet of the book posted in excerpt, a few people decided it was a great place to comment on how the German words were used in a way they didn’t like. One even went as far as to translate all the words, ruining the mystique of the names for anyone who reads the comment. They all have a nice chuckle at this author’s expense, all the while flinging mud in his face for daring to name his characters using German words.

    One even compared a previous work of said author, named 88, to the fact the number 88 is sometimes used by neo-nazis to represent “HH”, their little nazi-club code for Heil Hitler. Get it? Wink-wink, nudge-nudge, maybe this author likes him some Hitler eh? I mean, how much lower can one go in general conversation than that.

    Of course, it is called 88 because the protagonist is named 88. As in the 88th nameless young girl in this place where they turn people into computers. Simple.

    Anyway, thanks for the post, as it serves as an excellent way to get the point out there: Don’t be an a*hole in someone else’s house, whether virtual or real.

  297. Strong words from a strong lady. Kudos to you for standing up to the haters. Go listen to some Taylor Swift and shake it off. . Signed, faithful reader and librarian.

  298. Bravo. If readers can (and do) demand the un-written rule that authors refrain from telling them how to comprehend a book (i.e. “You read it wrong!” or “You’re interrogating the Text from the Wrong Perspective!”), then authors should also be able to also have an un-written rule expecting readers to refrain from telling them how to write them. But alas, the internet is not so simple or logical. Moderation of the sites will be your best defense. Looks like most people have your back on this one.

    BTW, another trilogy?!! SQUEE!!!

  299. just saw this post have to say WAY TO GO NORA!!!!!!!!!. I love your agreeing with their comment of a trilogy. What did they expect 3 guys or 3 girls without a partner?

  300. Don’t like it, don’t read it/buy it/see it/listen etc etc etc…

    As for me, as far as my opinion goes, can’t wait for some more books/trilogies/quartets. who cares? Ms. Roberts sure know how to write them and pick them.
    Too bad I have to wait so long to get the books in Lisbon, Portugal. Every single one of them I happen to catch I snag of the shelve 🙂 Love the books, love the characters. Thank you for writing and for keeping on writeng.

    All the best, from Lisbon, Portugal

    Isabel ***

  301. I agree (100% which is more than 78% accurate, lol) with every word you said. There have been a few times over the past few years where I’ve wanted to say those exact words to vicious troll attacks: Bite Me.

    Ms. Roberts, you have what we refer to in my family as ‘chesticles’. Wear them proudly, m’dear. ;o)

    Keep up the great work, the phenomenal writing, and positive attitude.

  302. And this…is exactly why I love you, Nora.. Because you are you, and you don’t mince words!
    Hugs and happy writing,

  303. Way to go Nora. To many people suffer from assholery and entitlement. The fact is that as a reader we are being given a precious gift. The gift of your imagination and library buys multiple copies and formats of both Rhys and your books so I don’t have to wait to save up for a while to buy the books.

    The O’Dwyer trilogy was the first set of books I got to buy in quite a while. My sister adores me and knows that books come in second two music to soothe my b. I was ill and bedridden often as a child.

    As I have grown up with many health problems, your books have soothed the yearning for someone better, and you have thorough Eve and Roarke. The fact is that I believe that many lashing out at You are those that are jealous of your talent and the drive you put into your craft.

    Love and respect for worlds you create.

  304. To bad people need to be mean about your work saying it is predictable. I find Nora Roberts Books/ J.d Robb enjoyable. I am looking forward to the new trilogy. I feel like I have a treasure every time a new Nora Roberts book comes out. Thank you for all those enjoyable reads. i like all the series, some more than others but I read them all & enjoy them all. I hope you keep writing because I know there are alt of people who like reading Nora Roberts, but then again isn’t everyone ?

  305. I’m a year late to this party (better late than never!) and all I have to say is, bravo Nora! These sites are your house, your rules. People can’t respect that, they can go troll somewhere else. I’ve been reading your books over 20 years and I’ll keep reading as long as you write them.

  306. I know this is late, but I want to say to the complainer with her ‘facts’. Saying something is a fact, doesn’t make them so.
    I try not to lower myself to their level, but when I get a post that screams their facts at me, I will say something sarcastic like, “I bet you watch FoxNews “, or I will ask, “Where is the proof of your facts?”
    I will either get the predictable, “I read it somewhere” or they will just say something like they don’t have to prove it.

    Well, yeah,you do, since you are the bringing them up.
    On the few times “facts” came my way, I would have them debunked on Snopes in under 5 minutes.
    I don’t like sinking to their level, but there are times you have to take a stand, as you did, Nora.
    Well done.
    PS I would LOVE to see her calculations on how she reached the 78% sum on your books… I bet that would be a hoot!

    1. Please do not get politcal on your comments. I watch Fox News all of the time and I LOVE J.D. Robb/Nora Robert’s books and have absolutely no criticisms of them. Thank you!

  307. I agree with Valerie; please do not get political on this blog. I love Nora’s books under her name or J. D. Robb. I can’t understand people who just want to complain about how the books are written.
    If they don’t like them they should shut up and read something else.
    I came late to reading Nora’s books so I am enjoying catching up on all of them.
    Please keep writing and I will keep reading.

  308. Just saw this blog post–link from Goodreads interview about new book Obsession which I can’t wait to read. I love the premise and look forward to getting to know the heroine and what makes her tick. Can’t imagine being in her situation. As always, Nora I love it when you come out swinging and take no prisoners. Love all your books. Always have, always will. You’re a force or be reckoned with. I bow to you as a reader and as a writer. You are the gold standard. Years ago when I was a very new, very green writer and experiencing my first bitter taste of rejection you gave me some advice which I never forgot. You said “Kick something that won’t kick back then get your butt back in the chair and keep writing.” I took your advice and kept moving forward. It took years but I finally got a book published and now I am an Indie author. Thank you. You rock! Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  309. I owe you an apology -I did leave an ‘in my opinion’ statement. I have read you and enjoyed your stories for as long as I can remember. You are one of my ‘comfort’ writers in that I reread your stories when I am upset or down or just ‘in a mood’. I am sorry that I let my opinion shade my comment on your site. I should have taken a breath and kept it to myself. I apologize if what I said upset you and I agree that this is YOUR space and it should not be used to post ‘opinions’. I always look forward to your new stories and have waited with baited breath for the news ones to come out. It took me awhile to get into the swing with the In Death series but it it one of my favourites.
    Again I apologize-and you can tell me o ‘Bite you’ anytime I am out of line.

    1. Gutsy apology. Well said, Susan. You’ve cleared the space around you. Let’s hope everyone can move forward now. Best wishes. Wendy xx

  310. I love the party analogy. It perfectly illustrates the point, and I totally agree. Negative comments can be made elsewhere, should you honestly feel the need to make them. Or just, you know, vote with your feet and find an author you prefer.

  311. Good for you, Nora! This is exactly why I quit producing my FREE online magazine, Organic Eats. Unhappy people in social media cyber space were waiting to pounce and spread their negativity. Who lodges complaints and so-called constructive criticism over something offered from the heart for free? One blogger whose recipes {also FREE}, I featured monthly, was brought to tears by these naysayers and quit blogging for awhile. Sadly, by replying to these miserable souls, it validates and somehow empowers them. I say, use the DELETE feature and erase their comments from the thread vs. addressing them. P.S. all you hatemongers out there, listen to Nora, these fun social media outlets are no place to spread your misery among those of us enjoying a good time online.

  312. Nora – this is why so many of us love you and your work! Thank you for continuing to bring us into the stories that you tell!

  313. You’re my hero.
    I just want to say, your stories are not predictable. They changed my life and I am so grateful to you for them, I could never repay the debt. To me, your stories have always been a source of comfort. I’ve re-read my favorite trilogies and quartets like 3 times and the In Death series? I believe I have re-read all of them 3 times. Sometimes I re-read one of my favorite books like twice in the same year. When The Obsession came out, I read it once and then a couple months later a second time.
    What I’m trying to explain is that your books have brought hope to me when I had none, given me the courage to face my demons, to face the hurdles in my life.
    The friendships, relationships, commitments in your stories, the values – you made my life better with your stories, made me a better person.
    Thank you.

  314. Nora, there is no end to how much I love you. You are Eve to my Peabody…..sort of but maybe not exactly….anyway keep doing what you do, just the way you do it.

  315. Amen! So many people on social media have long distance balls, they say such horrid things to people that they would never say to their faces…love your stories, love your characters, thank you for all the years of escape you’ve given me.

    1. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I decided to reread Nora Roberts/JDRobb because I liked the way she tells stories and the fact that even after struggle, good wins out. I needed the positive reinforcement to get me thru the year from hell. I have a few authors I reread, but none as much as Roberts/Robb. I look forward to her books and will stay up all night reading one. Bite Me is one of my favourite sayings. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

  316. There’s a difference between opinion and insult. Don’t like the trilogies simple don’t read them but there isn’t any need to insult a person. Some of your stuff stuff I like like In Death and Morgana and the other Sullivan’s. And some I don’t care for so I don’t read the follow up books.

    Books I can’t get into or don’t like for any author simple get rid of them. Give them away. We have a store you can trade old books in for store credit and purchase new donated books with. If you don’t feel like that give them away. I was in the hospital in a coma for a month and then recovery and rehab for 5 more and I can tell you I appreciated people bringing in books or reading fanfic online on my laptop.

    Otherwise I’d of been transferred to the mental ward as watching paint dry broken up by rehab and tests nearly sent me into screaming hysteria even with books, puzzle books, tv and laptop to distract during the down time between test and 3 daily rehab sessions.

    We have a local hospital called Roswell in which inpatient or outpatients come in for cancer treatment and while waiting to hear if you’re going to make it or put your affairs in order it’s a relief to have something to distract you. They have a library of donated books for people to read while waiting for loved ones or while going through chemo.

    Last year I went through a colonoscopy and the doc took 4 polyps out that had potential to become cancer. I just went back and this time he only took out 2 he wanted to biopsy half of what he took last year and only 1 was a troublemaker and I just found out the news today a week after the procedure.

    This last week I’ve had my face in a book so often I’m amazed I didn’t look in the mirror and see printers ink smudges. 😉 Although if you ever do decide to do a movie/series about the In Death series I have the perfect Roarke and he’s already learned a realistic Irish accent for a previous movie. Although his John Winchester on Supernatural will always be my fav character. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is sexy with capital letters. Hopefully if you do the Walking Dead will let them kidnap their Negan.

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