Montana – Day 16

Brisk morning, chilly enough for a fire. And a wise decision to postpone our trail ride. The rainy day cleared the haze and put the mountains in sharp relief again.

Since it’s chilly, and we’ve got that lovely fire, Kat and I tackle the evil puzzle. We can’t let it win! We break for lunch, sort of, here in the cabin. Vacation time’s winding down, so let’s eat what’s in the fridge.

And at last, even through all the dark moments, we have victory over this *&%%$!sonofa&^##!! Puzzle.

It may be evil, but it sure is pretty.

Evil conquered!/NR

Time to kick back—and time for Kat to work on her cow painting—before it’s time to clean up for our last barbecue in The Yard. It’s still chilly by my standards so I layer it up, pull on warm socks and boots.

It may be brisk, and the sky layered, but the air’s clear and sharp so the view’s like a painting. And we have Mudslide Charlie for entertainment again, and that’s a definite plus.

Food, food and more food, but jeez I’m not used to eating all this food! I have to lay back a bit tonight, enjoy some wine, the music, the view—and the heater the lovely Alice—our waitress- sets up by our picnic table. Ahhh.

While we sit, a couple of cowgirls gallop by in the near field, one leading a third horse. Man, that are beautiful to watch, riders and horses. They end up riding right through The Yard, to the delight of all (especially the kids), then tethering the horses on the other side of the fence. 

Horse parade/BW

Eventually I walk over to say hi to the horses. One just stares at me like: Whattaya want? The second—with an amusing to me 57 tag on his bridle—allows me to scratch his head, pet his flank. The last gives me a well, maybe glance, and is fine with stroking on his pretty neck.

As the band rocks, the paella guy is grooving whenever he’s not dishing it up for guests. One of the cowgirl leads one of the horses by, and a little girl with equine fever all over her joins her. I can tell they’re having a serious horse conversation.

A smaller girl stands in front of the stage, staring at the female singer—I think imagining herself in the spotlight. Then she happily dances.

We’d hoped for a sunset, but it doesn’t look promising—and its getting cooler yet. We head back to our fire, have a quiet rest of the evening.

Workout’s done. Must start to organize soon as this is our last day. All but Kat will hit the trail this afternoon, and we’ll have one last dinner at the main resort.

Warmer today, but I think fall’s coming early to Montana.



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20 thoughts on “Montana – Day 16”

  1. Your descriptions and photos always make me hungry. The evil puzzle is gorgeous. I can see why it was difficult. You should be proud.

    Sort of sad this is coming to an end.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed this vicarious vacation, following the blog. Love seeing thephotos. It’s not really my kind of vacay as I generally do Hawaii, mainly Maui, or the Virgin Islands. But I’ve never been to Montana and now I feel I have. Of course I’ve read the books set in Montana and Colorado and always enjoy the setting. Thanks.

  3. I’m so sorry this is almost over, I love your accounts of your vacays. You are such an amazing writer. Safe travels.

  4. Alas, fall – and thus, winter – always come early in Montana. Probably why the hubbs loves it there and wants to retire in Missoula. Well, it is the Banana Belt of Montana, you know.

    It’s been so much fun reading about your adventures every day. Enjoy what is left, and be safe going home. And, thank you!

  5. Way to go Nora and Kat! You concoured the evil puzzle! It is a beauty.

  6. What is the name of this wonderful place? Future vacationers would like to know.

  7. What a beautiful puzzle. If u frame it, u will always have the montana memory. But how to keep it intact for the trip home?. I’ve loved every post, & am sorry they & your vacay will be ending.

  8. I am so going to miss your daily travels and adventures…..what am I to do…oh wait, pick up my Nora Roberts books and start reading before the next one comes out…

    Happy Trails back home!

  9. Breathtaking vistas, spectacular food, and the big evil is gorgeous for its colors alone! So enjoyed your Montana blog?. Must go there someday! Take it easy going home and thanks.

  10. I’ve really enjoyed hearing about y’all’s vacation! Sounds like a really great time! Glad to hear you guys conquered the evil puzzle!

  11. Horses, mountains, music…to die for vacation!!!!

    Thank you for including us in the fun!!!

  12. I’d be tempted to leave the puzzle as is, let the management decide to take it apart – or not. Gorgeous and no wonder it was making you blind! I think it merited all the exclamation points and maybe a couple more. My tomato plants are already yellowing for fall, and I’m many miles south of you. You never know when you’re close to the Rockies. Your description of the little girl watching the singer reminds me of when my niece was that little – she’d stand, mesmerized, her tiny little butt wiggling in tune – lol. That is an amazing chunk of amethyst, Kat! A reminder that there is always magic in the stone? Hoping to see the cow picture soon. Many thanks for again sharing your vacation time, you make it so fascinating. Safe travels home.

  13. The evil puzzle is beautiful – I love the colors and can see why it was so very challenging. Enjoyed your day. Loved the descriptions of the horses and the kids. Like Kat’s rock fire pit pictures. Like all the pictures. Than you for sharing.

  14. Enjoy reading your vacation posts! Glad you conquered the evil puzzle, would make a beautiful cross stitch pattern! Fall is coming earlier every year it seems. Have a safe trip home.

  15. Thank you for sharing your vacation at Paws Up. I was lucky enough to win a trip to that resort last year and really enjoyed it there and would love to go back again someday. with your pictures and the blog I have enjoyed visiting again.

  16. Enjoyed reading your journal and seeing the pictures. Have safe travels home and see you in September!

  17. Congrats on finishing that puzzle. It really is lovely to look at, especially for something so evil.

    My mind boggles at the thought of needing fires, and heaters right now…it was 100 here today.

  18. Thank you for sharing your vacation. Love the random Katness of the rocks. Is the pink one a kind of granite or lepidolite? Anyway, I liked it.

  19. Why is it vacations end too soon? But you’ve got pictures, memories, and I’m with some of the others. I’d frame and mount that evil puzzle to consider it beaten.

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