Transition Day

I expect one last Montana wrap up post in my inbox today or tomorrow.  (There were 20 new photos in the shared album when I got up this morning — the usual indication of a great day.)  But since our intrepid travelers gather their gear and head east today while I move Control Central from Maryland to the beach this is a quick break.

Nora could stick to her habit and write up the post before they leave, but I’ll be on the road for six hours starting at 10 am my time so the likelihood of a Montana Day 17 post is tomorrow.

While it’s hard to get over post vacation blues, the fall swings into action with Leverage in Death (and Nora’s fall trip to NY) and doesn’t stop until Of Blood & Bone is in your hands.  And, of course, in between the two we’ll meet Young Master Pong Aufdem-Brinke.  

I’ll pop in with some beach photos over the next few weeks along with regular updates on books and such.  If you’re curious about what I do when Nora’s not around you can follow me on Instagram here.  BTW, don’t forget we now have official IG accounts:  Nora Roberts and JD Robb.  I’m having great fun regramming readers photos of books and where they read them on both pages.

Plus, coming really, really soon: the Of Blood & Bone excerpt.

See you on the beach side! (I’ll be working in the chair to the right.)


17 thoughts on “Transition Day”

  1. Enjoy the beach, Glad your eye surgeries both went well, Thanks for all you do for us on Nora’s behalf

  2. I’m on my way to the beach right now. This is the first sunny day in 2 weeks- we’ve had rain non stop. Hope u all have a lovely day. I’m sorry I’m not on instagram- but i’ve got enough social media- can’t waste any more time with any new ones. Looking forward, counting the days actually, to Leverage in Death!

  3. I love Instagram and having all those Nora Roberts lovers around the world pop in with their findings, re-readings and it really does my day when someone discovers Nora for the first time. “Been there and you’re in for a ride” I think smugly 😉
    Enjoy the Beach, Laura! In my country when everyone leaves the beach – mostly families as school starts soon here – is my favorite time to go there. I guess we’re in for a less FrederickCity IG ;). Have fun! Relax! Enjoy

  4. I don’t know how it works (zero clue…completely useless), but you should get Instagram to give Nora’s account the little blue check. The “official” thing. I found it earlier, but I assumed it was a fake.

    1. Working on that. But for now, it’s linked to the Facebook page so it’s considered official.


  5. Wow! A 6 hour drive! You’ll need a cocktail while you sit in that chair. Fabulous picture! I look forward to your pictures and your impressions of everything with your new sight. Anticipating all the Fall activities and posts.

  6. Oh, I am so happy you’re heading to the beach, Laura. Please enjoy your time, and know how much you are appreciated, not just by Nora and company, but by all of us who need you as well. I’d say you’ve earned a beach-bag load of adult beverages to assist you in your stay.

    Looking forward to the next post. Cheers.

  7. Enjoy your beach time! I liked fall and winter beaches the best, when I lived in Virginia Beach. Sounds like the only downtime you’ll be having for a while. Thanks for all your hard work!

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