Mayo, Day Twelve

Gorgeous, gorgeous day. Breezy, brisk and blue. BW and I take a nice long walk around, through the forest, down the paths, around the gardens. The trees here are beyond magnificent, huge and fantastically shaped, some with branches I couldn’t span with both arms.

We head back to see the horses, and one’s by his lonesome in the stall. He watches us come as if to say: Come keep me company for a bit.

Keeping company. Photo by Nora

So we do.

Across from the stables spreads an island of rusty red hydrangea. I’ve never seen them this color—not pink, not rose, but red. I think they came out pinkish in my photo, but they’re red. 

I want some for my own!

A mare and a gelding—a white, a bay—munch, munch, munch grass in the pasture. Very focused on it. The bay stops only to scratch his back against a pole.

Photo by BW

We circle around back and spot a hawk walk group. The two falcons soar right over us, one low enough to just brush BW’s hat. They’re magnificent. We’ll be having our time with them Monday.

Jason’s got a night cough that’s kept him awake, and Griffin finally hit the I’m-really-tired wall. So while they take a serious morning nap, BW and I have a drink in the tea room. I order a mimosa.

It’s, hands down, the most amazing mimosa in the history of mimosas. Orange juice so fresh it deserves a good slap.

I enjoy every leisurely drop and wonder how I’ll ever drink another now that I know what I know.

Since the boys are still down and out, BW and I head to Cong. It’s such a pretty village, so proud of its The Quiet Man heritage. Steep, steep, narrow sidewalks take us up and up, and around to where a shop I loved sat. But it’s there no more. I’m so sorry about this as they had lovely things, interesting art, wonderful crafts.

But around we go again, and Kat texts they’re on their way. So it’s lunch, and we let them know where—at a very fine bar on the main road.

By the time they join us we’re ready to dig in. A high chair for the baby—Jason had said he didn’t think they’d have one because bar. I said, Ireland—and a colorful high chair is provided for the hungry boy.

A fine lunch, then a little shopping—and I spot ice cream. The boy and I will have some.

Up the steep, narrow sidewalk we go with Griffin sharing my ice cream and his mama wiping his mouth.

Then it’s back up the pretty, road, by the water—where we stop for Griffin to have his water fix. Happy! And on and up with those wonderful trees lining the road, past the curve and the stone church, and up and the land opens for the castle view.

Along the river. Photo by Kat

What a sight it makes.

On by the gates and in. The boy wants another nap. He’s had a busy couple of weeks.

So a lazy hour or so until he wakes ready to play.

We have a fire in the parlor which interests him—so I have him sit with me for safety. He can watch it from my lap, and since I solved the Beach Body issue, enjoy some mash ups.

We’ve decided on room service—give the boy an at home dinner.

We have it in K&J’s room as they have a bigger table. The waitstaff proves wonderful, cheerful as they manage to set up a dinner for five, entertaining Griffin.

A nice easy—delicious meal—quickly and efficiently cleared.

Griffin and I must have our nightly game of tickle and chase.

I decide to turn in early as today’s a big day. Slept like a rock for nearly eight hours. That’s seriously sleeping for me.

Hope my bigger boy got a solid night, too.

Up and about ready for the Little Brown team, and the tea. So looking forward to meeting the readers who’ll be there.

Looks bright and breezy out again. So happy with the weather.


#Randomkatness goes to the dogs

17 thoughts on “Mayo, Day Twelve”

  1. Your stamina is awesome! Lovely photos. I wonder with all your lunches and dinners if you’ve come across any strange foods? Something that might be Irish you wouldn’t be use to?

    Thanks again for taking us along.

  2. Thanks for sharing your family’s vacation with us-it’s like getting a bonus novella. Your descriptions have me feeling like I’m there too. Griffin seems so happy-what a great traveler he is not to mention adorable. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

  3. Thank you so much for showing pictures and writing your vacation story for all of us to read. I would also like to hear about any interesting foods that you have come across in your travels this time around. Every time I pick up a new book, I have to look up the cities you are writing about. Cong, seem to be the place for my first journey to Ireland.

  4. I second Peggy M. Thanks for sharing your vacation. The pictures are spectacular. With scenery like that, I wouldn’t want to leave.

  5. Another wonderful and stunning day!

    Hope all goes well with your event!

  6. Thank you for sharing your life with us. Cong looks wonderful. Enjoy your days of hawking, shopping, and walking. I hope you sell lots of books at the signing.

  7. Tried to get tickets but was sold out I hope you come back to our beautiful country again soon

  8. BW looking very dapper at the stables.
    I also love those unique hydrangeas, your Garden Trilogy was my first introduction to your writing. Your love for plants, books and family(grandchildren) touch my soul.
    Hoping to get to Ireland in the next year or two and Ashford Castle is a must to experience thanks to you! Thank you again, for sharing your many adventures!

  9. Hi Nora, I have had a red hydrangea bush, but it has changed to purple flowers now. I think it has to do with what nutrients are in the soil to keep it the red. I’m enjoying traveling through you.

  10. My time at Ashford was amazing! I hope to make it there again soon. After reading your post I feel like I’m reliving my memories. Thank you for sharing your vacay.

  11. Thanks for all the lovely stories with pics, of your vacation! What a great traveler is the Griffin! Today’s pic from Kate , of the river, is like a painting! Gorgeous! Lovely trip! Thank you! The hydrangea are awesome!

  12. Your pictures and stories so make me want to see Ireland, maybe one of these days. In the meantime I will enjoy it vicariously thru your generosity in sharing. Thank you for taking us along ?

  13. I look forward to your posts every day. I also love your photos. I assumed they were taken w/a cell camera, but then i saw the panorama at the top of the post. That looks like it was taken w/a wide angle lens, on an SLR camera. Just beautiful.

  14. More fabulous photos! Love BW visiting with the horse. The high chair Griffin got in the bar was so cute, framing the darling boy perfectly. Thank you for sharing another day with us!

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  16. I want to be there!! Since I read your O’Dwyer trilogy I have longed to c this castle and land

  17. I think a book of random katness should be published from all the journeys and it should be titled: for those of quirky persuasion. They are a joy. All these luscious pictures and words are a joy on an easy do nothing but read Sunday. Thank you!!!!!

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