Mayo, Day Thirteen

A full day with beautiful weather.

Castle view. Photo by Kat

A phoner with Australia starts things off, then it’s off to the lobby to meet with the team from Little Brown. And Ashford’s huge and gorgeous Irish Wolfhounds. They’re just magnificent, sweet, friendly, perfectly behaved. (The dogs, though the team qualifies, too!) I wish Griffin had been with me as he’d have been thrilled.

Clara, Laura and Gina are here from England to run the show today, and I think it bodes most excellently for the day when they have a Diet Coke waiting for me!

A couple quick photos, then an interview on site for The Guardian to run next February—at the launch of In Death’s 50th book.

Allison (the reporter) and I have a mutual love and admiration for Mary Stewart’s works. More boding well as we both, obviously, have great taste in books.

It’s an easy half hour or so before we shoot some videos for my UK publisher.

Filming spots for LB UK. Photo by j a-b

Jason and Kat have put the scripts on Jason’s laptop, and this works really well. The vid guy has everything set up, and we get it done in good time.

Griffin joins us now and steals the show in his tartan outfit from Edinburgh. Honestly, that level of cute might be illegal in some jurisdictions.

Nana and her boy. Photo by Kat

We have a break now, so Jason, Kat and I take His Cuteness for a walk to admire the fabulous trees, take in those blue skies, and down to the stables.

This photo is next to the word Cute in the dictionary. Photo by Kat

The horses bring on the squeals and delight—and they’re also sweet and well-behaved as we give them some strokes.

We watch a stable girl try to lure a horse in the pasture, holding the rope behind her back. He’s like: Excuse me, do I look like a git? I know what you’ve got there. He runs, dodges, pauses, trots away again—I think he laughs a few times. And defeats her.

I’m not sure what my humans are doing, I’ll reserve judgment, thought Griffin. Photo by Kat

We walk back to get some food into the boy before the event.

Down to The Lodge we go where the publishing and Ashford teams have everything set. I meet the delightful Kate Kerrigan, who’ll hold the conversation with me. My Laura’s already told me about the small world aspect. Laura’s Mayo cousin and Kate are pals. 

We have time to sit outside in the gorgeous and chat before it’s time to begin.

Griffin meets young Leo, and the two boys hit it off. I’m told they play in the gravel with Griffin set on moving said gravel to the path, and Leo patiently putting it back again.

Full house. Photo by BW.

Inside, readers have refreshments before taking their seats. We have a full house, and that’s just lovely. Lovelier yet, everyone’s so happy and cheerful. I hope we give them a good experience, because it’s certainly one for me to be here, to have this chance to meet so many readers who’ve come from far and near.

Kate makes it a genuine conversation—I like that it’s not just a question, an answer, next question. We talk, and that’s nice, nicer we have considerable in common.

There’s good energy to the day, the room, which makes it all fun for me.

We open it up for questions from the readers, and maybe it’s the Irish vibe, but that’s conversation, too. Easy, enjoyable—and I hope informative when it was meant to be.

I’m delighted and astonished to learn a young woman moved to Ireland after reading Born In Ice. She met her husband here, and found her place. Another woman moved here from Arizona.

Another woman, originally from Poland now lives in Edinburgh, and in the next small world department, works in the Starbucks where Jason and Kat got coffee several times.

I love the way paths cross.

With the manager of Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop in Galway. Photo by Kat

We end with a signing, and everyone is so patient. (Note from Laura: books provided by Charlie Byrne’s Bookshop) This gives me time to have bits of conversation one-on-one. Or two-or-so-to-one as we have a lot of Mums and Daughters, lots of sisters, lots of friends who’ve come together.

Nora, Clara and Laura (aka Team Nora – UK division). Photo by BW

It’s wonderful, beyond satisfying for me to feel like part of their relationships through my books.

My Laura has given the UK team the basic set up, as we use at Turn The Page for signings. So they’ve got post-it notes with names on the books, and Jason’s beside me to keep the flow going while Clara takes photos.

Gina (Team Nora/UK), a reader, Nora and Jason doing exactly what I told them to do. Commentary by Laura (Team Nora/US)/Photo by BW

It’s not only smooth from my standpoint, but fascinating to hear where everyone’s come in from. Dublin and France, the UK, The Netherlands, County Kerry (very near where we stayed) Clare, not far from our land there, Limerick and Cork and on and on. 

I meet some ladies who’ve stayed at Inn BoonsBoro in this lovely small world.

At some point during the signing, the skies open to rain, then it clears again so the green shimmers and the boats in the Corrib ride on blue.

An altogether wonderful day, and so many thanks for it to Clara, Gina, Laura (my Laura, too!) to Kate,  to Ashford, The Lodge staff, and most especially to the readers who traveled to join the day and made it so warm and welcoming to me and my family.

I loved every minute.

We have to say our goodbyes—hope everyone traveled well and safe. A break before we have dinner at Cullen’s. Good food, good wine, good service. A glass front rotisserie oven where chicken turns and fascinates Griffin. A walk outside where a boy and his dad ride bikes and cause more happy for our boy. 

He’s been a jewel all day.

A walk back through the pretty air, and it’s not long before bed.

Workout done, and I had blue skies once more. A man shaping the pretty shrubs in the sunlight, a fire simmering and the window open to let in the fresh.

Kat tells me Griffin slept till seven—uncharted territory as she put it. A lot of socializing and being adorable wore him out. He’s as cheerful as ever this morning—though displeased I’m writing this blog instead of putting Shaun T on for his entertainment.

He’s going for a walk, and I may clean up and join him to grab more of the blue and the green. Kat and I plan to shop here at the castle later.

And later this afternoon, our Hawk Walk! 


In today’s #randomkatness — the ladies’ warming spot of old restored to it’s historic look.

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25 thoughts on “Mayo, Day Thirteen”

  1. How I wish I could have joined you there, looks like everyone had a marvellous time.
    Didn’t Griffin look grand in his tartan troos.
    Waiting, not so patiently, for our next In Death release.

  2. My husband and I visited Ireland for the first time 3 years ago. My grandparents, aunts and uncles came from Northern Ireland. We stayed in Mayo one night because of the ODwyer cousins trilogy (one of my favorites!) I loved Cong!

    We even took a hawk walk at Ireland School of Falconry while we were there. An unforgettable experience!

    Thank you Nora for writing such captivating books ( as JD Robb too!). I look forward to each and every one of them!

    Thank you too for sharing your wonderful family vacation with everyone. Your grandson is a doll!

  3. Griffin looks so cute in his tartan outfit. It sounds like you are having a great time even though you are working. That had to be a tiring day having to be on top of your game for so long.

    Thanks for sharing your vacation with us and allowing us to live vicariously through your adventures.

    1. Your comment about Mary Stewart brought back so many great memories of the pleasure her books brought me. Thank you. Time to read this great author again.

  4. Such a wonderful gathering!

    Griffin looks so cute in his tartan outfit….he’s such a charmer…

    Thanks for the wonderful day and looking forward to the Hawk Walk recap!

  5. Looks fabulous. That is definitely NOT Vinny Brown from Charlie Byrne’s book shop! I wasn’t there yesterday so don’t know if Vinny was even there … guy with a beard! xx

    1. Thanks for that head’s up. I got the photo with no ID, but someone on Instagram used that name. Will fix now.


  6. Griffin’s cuteness is beyond words in his tartans! And thank you Kat for the #RandomKatness, I’m now adding a warming spot to my “when I win the lottery dream house” list. ??

  7. Wym! Was wondering what happened to the old ADWOFF group from the 90’s! How many of you still post?

  8. Wonderful day event!!! How fortunate for those who were able to attend. Could eat Griffin up with a spoon at such cuteness! But those shoes!!!! Vavavoom!!!

  9. It was such an honor and a thrill to meet the great Nora Roberts yesterday AND to find that guess what? Despite being a flipping genius writer – she is just a regular person – and a warm, charming one at that. An afternoon to remember – for everyone who was there. Grá agus sonas duit Nora – from your Irish readers – and this Irish writer. Enjoy the rest of your vacation here with your beautiful family, safe trip home – and come back soon. We love having you! Kate. :)x

  10. Griffin looks adorable in his tartan outfit! I love your signing shoes – they look comfy. The ladies warming area photo by Kat is fascinating – nice to know they had such a lovely spot to warm up. Thank you for sharing – I love the small world connections, they always amaze me.

  11. Wow! You certainly had a full and busy day. Glad everything went so well.
    It’s certainly a small world, with the connections to other people and places.
    Griffin in his plaid outfit should be Kat and Jason’s Christmas card picture. Too cute for words. He really does travel well.
    Keep posting! We’re enjoying!

  12. I really will have to come to the next event. It look like so much fun! Love Love Nora books

  13. That must have been SO much fun meeting all the people waiting to meet you. I love, love, love your shoes; I’ve never seen another pair like them. Griffin’ s tartan is so cute as is he! Sounds like a fun time for all.

  14. Reading this takes me back to when I had the good fortune to meet you at the RWA in New York City. Many people, but Laura & your team had it so organized, & i got my photo with you. That was a day to remember for me.
    Griffin & his tartan outfit are just too cute for words. That goes double for those snazzy shoes-but why doesn’t anyone notice your matching chic leather jacket? You are quite the fashionista.

  15. Griffin’s outfit got a well deserved “Awwwww!” That’s just way too cute! Those stone castles, with no central heating, needed warming areas, I’m sure. So glad your day went well, now you get some well-deserved down time! Thanks, as usual, for sharing.

  16. Mary is one of my all-time favorites too. I read her in my early teens, many years ago.

  17. I have been reading the blog and am loving every moment. I am so excited to see your posts and have enjoyed the travels with you. Thank you for bringing us along with you! Safe travels!

  18. Of course every day is Mayo Day when you holiday there and there’s reason not to do that 365 days a year, given that the county has 15m of coastline

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