Kerry, Day Eight

With the weather undecided, I take an at-home day. Some play time for Griffin where he shows his brainy skills stacking cups. His mom and I are duly impressed—with applause—when he discovers he can also insert them into each other.

Smart boy!

Of course earlier he manages to find a tiny piece of gravel just inside the door and gets a good taste of it before he’s caught.

He goes into town with Mom and Dad to get some supplies, check on my goddess (all good!) and have a car nap.

Though some tempting blue sky peeks through, I set up my little office and write. Housekeeping’s here, BW’s settles down with a book. I get in a good three hours, just as I hoped, hit the point I want to hit.

As I reward myself with a glass of champagne, housekeeping finishes up, BW emerges and the little family returns.

Perfect timing.

We plan a spaghetti dinner.

Griffin spies my tablet and insists on a mash-up session. 

Then he plays with Daddy while Kat does some laundry, and I get the red sauce on.

The red sauce. Photo by Nora.

The stove requires a group effort to fully figure. I show BW a bush of rosemary out the kitchen window, send him out to get some.

Red sauce simmering. Kat goes off to finish a painting she’s working on.

Griffin must walk, walk up and down, in and out, check on the laundry. Busy, busy boy.

I plan to make some garlic/butter paste for the lovely round of bread Kat and Jason brought back. Jason takes on that duty, and we toss a salad together.

Prep. Photo by j a-b

Smells good in here!

A break from walking for some under-table time (and spaghetti). Photo by j a-b

Kat’s back, painting finished. It’s wonderful—of course!

Baby’s hungry, and lets us know it.

So we eat—and yum. The perfect cozy, comforting meal for an at-home day. There’s dessert for those who want it—I just can’t—but the pastries K&J picked up in Kenmare are well appreciated.

My toy matches my food! Photo by Griffin’s Nana

Kat handles the dishes, Griffin works off the meal with his running walks and Daddy swings. He seems tired so we try a bottle. But no, he clearly lets us know we’re very mistaken, he’s not a bit tired. He catches his second (or it might be twelfth) wind, has a laugh fest, lots of running.

It’s suddenly the best game to run down the second floor hallway gripping Daddy’s fingers, into Nana’s room so she can jump out and tickle his belly. Squeals echo as he drags Jason back and forth, in and out.

Daddy definitely runs out of steam first.

I’m hoping the evening activity tires him out so his parents get some sleep.

During my morning workout I watch the sky and water change again and again. Everything flat and gray so the water’s as still and flat as a plate under a thin mist.

The mist rises, spreads up like smoke, and the sun sneaks in adding glinting light. The water goes blue as bits of sky clear, and it ripples in the wind.

Back to gray again, quiet and pale as the wind dies.

It’s a show that keeps me entertained as I work out.

I top that off with some yoga. And ahhhh.

Haven’t yet heard a peep from JK&G, so I think all that running, laughing, squealing knocked them out.

We’ll venture out later if everyone’s up for that. If not, I’ll take myself a long walk. Left-overs for lunch or dinner depending. 

I have the bedroom door—the outside one—open as I write this. It’s currently dry, with a light, fresh breeze. BW’s must be making some breakfast because I smell bacon!


In today’s Not-so #randomkatness, the finished painting.

Production notes: All videos in the post courtesy of Kat. I didn’t like the way the captions looked. ~L

25 thoughts on “Kerry, Day Eight”

  1. Thank you for “taking us” on your tour.
    YYour description of the weather is like reading one of your stories.
    BTW Your grand son is absolutely adorable.

    1. “The mist rises, spreads up like smoke, and the sun sneaks in adding glinting light. The water goes blue as bits of sky clear, and it ripples in the wind.

      Back to gray again, quiet and pale as the wind dies.”

      I too thought she was trying this part out for a passage in her book. I hope it is a trilogy. I can’t wait!

  2. I’m enjoying your trip, and the antics of Griffin( how cute) and Kat’s painting is awesome. Thank you.

  3. Just beautiful. I feel like I’m there with you all, taking in the sky—and now smelling bacon! So lovely you can share these moments together with Griffin. What a cutie.

  4. I thing brightens a day more than those heartfelt belly laughs from Griffin!!!

    Love Kat’s Painting!!!

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh my goodness, Kat’s painting! It’s fabulous! I know you love shopping, and it’s fun to go with you, but those at home days are just as wonderful.

    Looking forward to tomorrow!

  6. Reading your descriptions I feel like I’m looking out the door with you. Sounds absolutely lovely. The pics and videos are a wonderful plus! And the sweet Griffin makes me miss my grandson… who is 14months! Love those belly laughs

  7. Love Kat’s painting- the sky is gorgeous. And there is absolutely nothing happier than baby giggles!

  8. What an awesome day….love Griffin’s giggles and the spaghetti noodle hanging from his mouth while he compares it to a toy…

    Your detailed description of the weather and water made me feel like I was there with you…..

    Thank you again for a beautiful visit..

  9. What a great way to spend a vacation day, everyone doing what they wanted, especially Griffin!

    I hope the spaghetti was broken in half, only because you didn’t have a pot large enough to cook it whole! Your Italian readers probably were in shock seeing the spaghetti about to be broken.

    Griffin is growing and definitely enjoying Nana’s games. I think peekaboo is still good at his age. My granddaughter use to love it! Could play for hours!

    Kat is definitely talented. Her perspective, shading and colors in the painting is terrific. Pretty good videos, as well.

    Keep posting, we’re all enjoying.

  10. I live in the Missouri Ozarks and I can certainly see why we have a lot of Scottish (and Irish) descendants, the countryside is exactly like their ancestors’ home. So beautiful.

    Kat’s picture is wonderful, it looks like the turtle could crawl right out of the picture.

  11. What a wonderful way to spend a vacation. It sounds lovely. Hope you all are enjoying your time together.

  12. It’s truly awesome that you are sharing your family adventures with all of us. I think we all feel lucky that you are making us all feel like a part of the adventures. You have a wonderful family and beautiful grandson. He’s such a happy baby and keeps things interesting. Enjoy the rest of your travels.

  13. Love the painting Kat! You are so very talented! As always, love hearing about your trip and Griffin’s antics!

  14. I loved the video of Griffin and you! I started smiling then laughing along with him. He’s growing up so fast, and can we say, so adorable!!! You are one lucky Nana!! I miss having a baby to tend to, as both of my grands are getting older. Jasper is turning 7 in October and Zoey will be 4 on the 29th of August. But they are still Grammy’s babies.
    Thanks for taking us along with you on your vacation.

  15. I love the video of Griffin laughing. It was greatly needed right now.

  16. What a lovely, peaceful day! Enjoyed seeing the young buskers out, learning to play together. Griffin is such a happy, happy boy! Very much enjoyed the videos. I share Kat’s love of color and her talent is growing in leaps and bounds. That turtle looked like it would move any moment! Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Griffin is such an energetic, happy baby! I understand Jason running out of steam first. I once spent a day with my 5 year old cousin – she ran me ragged, and I was 23 at the time! Children have so much wonderful energy! The videos were great – loved the music, and Griffin’s infectious laugh. Kat’s Painting is beautiful and restful; the detail in the turtle (tortoise) is exquisite. Thank you, again, for sharing your family and vacation. You always make me feel I am there.

  18. There is nothing in the world like the sound of a child’s laughter. I love your descriptions of the weather. I’m glad you are relaxing- you work too hard the rest of the year.

  19. Such a Happy baby. It makes the vacation so much more enjoyable when the baby/toddler is happy. I love when we stay somewhere with laundry facilities in house too. So glad you are such great family time.

  20. Nora, your trip sounds so peaceful. Griffin is possibly the happiest baby ever! Thanks again for sharing so much with us!

  21. Love the pictures from Ireland and the music on the video.
    Griffin is the cutest.
    Thank you for sharing.

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