Kerry, Day Seven

The morning’s beautiful and bright, and off we go. With Kat at the wheel, Jason running GPS through his phone, and BW making sure Kat doesn’t get too close to walls or hedgerows on the right, Griffin and I get to sit back and enjoy the ride.

All those narrow, windy roads with the hills rolling up, the fields spreading out. Mountains of hydrangeas in gardens of tidy houses. Horses, cows, sheep enjoying the sunshine. 

We climb up and up into those hills with their outcroppings of gray rock and steep folds of land, and all in dozens of shades of green. And into Cork.

Carriganass Castle. Photo by BW

We’re heading toward Corriganess Castle—an old stronghold set above the river. We wind and climb our way there, hitting a couple little pockets of rain, then sun again.

It’s a glowering old keep with spreads of green fields and lovely flowers. 

We walk to the river first, with its energetic little falls that has Griffin squealing in delight. The boy loves water.

Around the road and over the bridge to the keep where a trio of workers sit at a table having their lunch while we explore. Apparently during some attack a few hundreds years ago, the invader killed the castle holder’s wife. He retaliated by tossing the guy off the parapet and into the river.

It does glower, doesn’t it? Photo by j a-b.

Can’t blame him.

We walk about, take pictures, Griffin enjoys the grass and likes feeling the old stone walls. 

Stones! Photo by Kat

Me, too!

Family shot. Photo by Kat

Around and out again, and BW asks one of the workers what this large crab appley looking thing is. Rose hips. I’ve never seen such enormous rose hips. 

Rose hips. Photo by Nora

And it’s off to Killarney—and the weather begins to change. Clouds roll in, the rain falls. None of us brought rain gear—except Griffin! Clouds blur the hills, turning everything soft.

Now and again the sun peeps through giving everything that luminous pearly light.

Kat navigates the very big and busy town of Killarney, finds a car park. And as the rain’s heavy now, we out to sit in the car a bit. 

Jason checks his weather app which claims there’s no chance of rain. Well, that’s what we thought, too.

When it slows enough we head out. We want some lunch, had thought to take in another site.

We hit a couple stores, more for shelter as the rain’s come back than shopping.

And find the Wild West (American style) for lunch. It’s a fun place, decorated cowboy style, wanted posters, a big cowboy, a big Native American, a saddle. And an expansive menu that’s going to hit the spot for all.

Nachos for the table—guacamole for Griffin. And enough food after that to satisfy.

Griffin wants to walk, and since it’s there, Nana puts him on the saddle. He must’ve been a rodeo rider in another life because he knows just what to do.

I’m a cowboy, Nana. Photo by Kat

There’s another little boy, so we have to go say hello. They have quite a conversation, and the mama says she’d love to know what they’re saying to each other.

Another break in the rain when we leave—and hit the shop with Irish gelato and enormous donuts. Griffin and I go for the gelato, and leave the donuts to the rest.

Since I’ve had experience with Griffin and ice cream, I get two scoops. 

Cowboys need their sustenance, Nana. Photo by Kat

More rain, so it’s back to the car. We’ll see more sights another day.

We drive right out of the rain into the sun. The afternoon towards home’s as gorgeous as the morning had been. We have the time and weather to play outside a bit, take one of our traditional panoramic shots.

Home Pano. Photo by j a-b

Griffin and I walk around after he plays in the grass. He’s very interested in the gravel, plops down to play in it, decides to taste it. 

That’s a no, says Nana.

Walk a few steps, plop, play, attempt to taste. No. Repeat but instead of tasting, hand Nana some gravel to distract her while you try to taste the next.

Nana’s not so easily fooled.

After a full day we opt to stay in, cook some pizza, warm up leftovers, and just chill out.

Rainy this morning, but that’s already passed. Workout’s done, and Griffin has his morning dose of mash-ups.

Kat’s heading into Kenmare later. I may hole up and work a couple hours. No set plans yet. 

If the weather looks promising, we may drive out. Or it may be a day for Griffin to try out the indoor pool.

Plenty of time to decide.


In today’s #randomkatness

Was the mason lazy and wanted to fill a gap quickly?? Photo by Kat

The saga of Griffin and the grass, in photos by his mother and Grandda.

This looks delicious, I’m off!
OK, maybe not the best idea. Photo by BW

25 thoughts on “Kerry, Day Seven”

  1. Rose hips!?! Last summer in Nova Scotia I saw them and had no idea what they were…Thank you for answering a question I have pondered for a year….You don’t see them around California ….

    1. We have them in abundance here in th UK…used to make rosehip syrup for my babies very high in vitamin C.

    2. They grew around the edges of my English primary school playing field and we used to make ‘itching powder’ out of them!

  2. What wonderful pictures you all take….Griffin looks so dang cute in that blue sweater and such a boy he is wanting to try everything, even grass and rocks.

    I am thoroughly enjoying your updates, they’re the first thing I look forward to in the morning while I have my coffee. I can almost smell the wonderful, fresh country air as you describe your journey.

    Thank you and look forward to Day Eight❤️❤️

  3. Griffin is so cute! I love that little blue sweater. It looks very cozy.

  4. LOL! Already such a little rascal! Good thing you have several pairs of eyes to help watch! Wonderful photos!

  5. OMG! The rose hips are gigantic compared to mine! WOW!

    Love the Griffin strategy of diversion!

  6. I hope you had a wonderful time in killarney my daughter Taryn works there, and she lives in kenmare. lot of folklore there. I love the Unicorn overlooking Kenmare keeping it protected.

  7. Griffin is so cute. I love following everyone’s adventures. Hope the rain stops.

  8. Great pictures! Everyone seems to be having a great time, especially Griffin!
    I think the hole was probably used for a small cannon or guns originally, then closed when it was no longer needed.
    Griffin’s a natural cowboy. Riding lessons may be in his future. Great that he’s meeting other toddlers while you’re on vacation.
    Keep posting. We’re enjoying!

  9. I spend a week at the beach, since forever, in Rhode Island and the path down the dune to the beach is lined with Rose Hip bushes…the size of cherry tomatoes…not huge like that one. Amazing!

    I laughed out loud at Griffin’s yucky sour face. I see a book in his future on the tastes of grass. What kinds and what location has the best.

    Loving your vacation adventures as always! Thank you for sharing!

  10. I’m loving the stories and pictures. I’m curious though, are we going to be seeing another Irish trilogy or Scottish? Maybe a single story?

  11. So wishing I was there with you. I am about 1/4 Irish and I am actually a descendant of King James V on one line of my family tree and of Sir Evarard Digby on another. Digby was part of the Gunpowder Plot! That’s a family with conflicts.

  12. With rose hips that huge, no wonder there’s rose hip tea! Griffin’s got such great hair, they had to scotch tape the bow to my head for my first-year picture – lol. Lovely, lovely pictures, thanks so much. I’ve often wondered, while looking at old stone work, if the mason even saw the amazing patterns or just wanted to get that hole filled up.

  13. Just lovely pictures. God’s creation is surely majestic! Thank you for sharing. Awaiting a jigsaw puzzle sighting…

  14. Great pictures of the castle! You can see how thick the walls were. Griffin the cowboy reminds me of when I was five; I was behind my cousin on her horse and did the cowboy thing – one hand on the horn (imaginary in my car), the other had in the air. She took the horse up an incline and off I went off the back; lesson learned. I love Griffin trying to taste everything, and discovering not all grass is tasty. Thank you, again, for sharing your family vacation with us.

  15. That Griffin is a trooper for sure. Such a boy! Love the pics and your journey.

  16. just imagine this trip w/o Griffin!! Kids bring such joy. The puckered up face when he tastes grass? priceless!!

  17. You pack so much into each day, I often wonder if you ever really just relax. Power down from all that stimuli. However you decide what’s in a day, we’re all glad you share it with us. Are you finding time to read at all?

    Enjoy. And, again, thanks.

  18. Loved the picture of the castle. When I was in Scotland a number of years ago, I loved seeing all the old castles. Your time in this beautiful land will be remembered with so much joy bc you are seeing it through Griffin’s eyes. Enjoy each minute!

  19. What a lovely place to visit. And live.
    Griffin looks a mini-Jason more everyday. What a lovely boy ❤️ And I wish he starts walking so his curiosity aims for placed-higher tastes ?
    Enjoy. Every moment, Everybody.

  20. Well, dammit, I’m really missing Ireland now! It’s been much too long since my last visit.

    And I’m thinking maybe I should pick some rosehips this year, they grow around the farm and when I was a kid my mother would make jam. And us kids would throw the itching powder inside at eachother 🙂

  21. Love Griffin in his blue sweater! I bet it’s a Kat creation. Loved Killarney Nat’l Park in an early morning horse drawn carriage ride and Rose Castle. Thanks for the memories.

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