Ireland Day 14 — Drawing to a close

A brilliantly bright day, and the warmest yet for the gang’s bike ride. I do pilates for about an hour, then decide it’s much too pretty to stay inside.

While I do see people in shirtsleeves, I’m happy in my sweater, and walk in the sun for awhile before choosing a different path through the woods.

Just as beautiful–how can you go wrong?–and I hear the doves again, and other birds I can’t identify. The light’s quieter here, as it should be, but beams through to shine against moss and big, lacy ferns.

I hear something, and head toward it, reminding myself the way back is now behind me rather than to my left. I see I’ve walked in the direction of the stables, and there’s a horse and rider. Through the trees, down the slope, I can just see them cantering by.

Walk closer and while I’m hidden by the trees, see a girl on a bay going around a ring. I think at first she’s having a lesson, but decide no, the bay is. She’s taking him through his paces, walk, trot, canter, trot, using tongue clicks. I’m sure there’s knees and heels in there, too, but he responds to her clicks, changes his gait pretty and smooth each time.

Walk back and on, hear the bells jingling and look for the hawk. I don’t see one, but hear the voices of the falconer and the guest on the walk–and the guest’s delight when the hawk comes to glove.

When I finally come out I think how I’ll miss these woods. But that just means I have to come back one day.

Text Kat and learn they’re still riding, so I walk a little more, then go in and settle down to work. I get a nice chunk in before the gang’s back. Kat and Jason and I go to the tea room–scones!–and BW heads to his massage.

It’s nice to sit at the window table with the sun shining.

Then it’s back to work for a bit more.

And our last watching of Tumble!

The nasty cold that’s cycled through Kat and Bruce decides it’s my turn. It’s not horrible–yet–so I take some meds, walk down to the village for dinner. I get tea and soup. We’d hoped for music, but they have a DJ tonight, and that’s not what we had in mind.

So it’s an early night. Probably best as the cold’s hanging on.

Patchy sleep that turned into a coma this morning so I was still in bed when BW left for breakfast. Kat–sweet girl–brought me tea, and BW brought me my morning bacon. More meds on a cloudy morning, and I’ll face the organizing and packing. But I’ll face it with my views of the lake, so that’s a pretty good deal.


BW’s photos from the bike trip.

Fresh salmon.
Kat and Jason at the doorway to Guinness Tower.
Cong Abbey


17 thoughts on “Ireland Day 14 — Drawing to a close”

  1. Thank you so much for letting us in on your vacation. I have loved your posts and pictures and they gave me a slice of Ireland, to which I hope to someday visit!! Hope you won’t get hit too hard by this cold and a safe journey back across the pond. Looking forward to the new releases of your books.

  2. Thank you so much for taking us along on your beautiful trip. Feel better soon!

  3. It has been lovely, following your travels. Thank you so much for generously sharing with us! Hope the cold is a quick one, safe flight home!

  4. Hope Nora is feeling better soon. Question: I can’t understand how she can write about the future when she is surrounded by all that past? Mind boggling.

  5. Thanks for allowing me to visit Ireland through your eyes. I enjoyed every walk, the falcons, horse rides everything. I am hoping to see some of the scenery in some of your books. Godspeed back home.
    My love for Ireland had been intensified ten-fold!

  6. Between reading these lovely, descriptive posts, watching the movie Leap Year, and re-reading the Irish Born trilogy, I am literally aching to see this beautiful land in person. Thank-you for letting us tag along in your travels!
    I think I’ll torture myself some more and start another re-read of The Dark Witch. 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your travels with us. Ireland is on my bucket list. Hope you’re feeling better soon & have a safe trip back…

  8. Have a safe trip home. Thank you for the trip to Ireland. I may never get there on my own, so I have really enjoyed this chance to see it through your eyes and photos. Take care of the cold and I hope you feel better soon.

  9. What ajoy to read about your visit to Ireland. I traveled there many years ago & enjoyed every day of it. Bless you for your beautiful memories that you share.

  10. What clearly comes through in these posts from Ireland is how much you love to write–to paint word pictures and share stories. I think you’ll be doing it as long as you are physically able to put words on paper (which I hope will be a very, very long time). Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  11. is very good to follow your trip, because then we can visit these wonderful places with you

  12. Thankyou all especially Nora for sharing your adventure in Ireland. Nora you bring great joy and adventure to us,it means a great deal to me as I am physically challenged and you do all the hard Parts for me lol. Keep well and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Christina xx

  13. I just had a chance to read your last blog. Thank you Nora for sharing your travels with us. I have read and re-read many of your books. You make me feel like I am right there in the book. I really love your trilogies and the ones that mention people from other stories, please continue your great work. I personally love the stories of the witches please continue writing about them or new ones. Thank you again Nora.

    Verne Ann Swintek

  14. I so wish I could of been there with you. That is my most want to visit places ever. Thank you for keeping us in the loop and letting us share.

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