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Ok, gang, First, you should all be grateful that I kept at the unpacking and organizing and got my hands on my copy of Festive in Death. (I know I am.) Second, I’ll be posting some teasers and bits of info about Festive here over the next few days.  No real spoilers because I think the plot is more fun when you discover things for yourself.

Teaser 1:

Everyone’s favorite young street vendor is back and helps Eve out — a lot.  He’s had a good year, made some changes to his business and shows Eve the results of the favor she did for him the previous December.  And since someone will ask, his grandmother is well but doesn’t appear on page.

Oh, and Eve makes a deal with her personal devil on gift wrapping.

More tomorrow.

Teaser 2 (added on 9/4/14)

Today some one liners:

Homicide detectives like holidays too.

We learn a little more about the future of the building in Concealed.

Eve learns a little more about her home and the rooms inside.

And we learn a different approach to Dickie Berenski courtesy of the new forensic anthropologist.

Teaser 3 (added on 9/5/14)

As someone reminded me, yesterday was only four points, not five.  Math and I are not friends.

– Feeney finds time to see Eve the day before the party to give her his gift.  It’s a fine, loving, Eve/Feeney uncomfortable moment. And the moment extends a bit when Eve brings the gift home.

– Roarke re-affirms his love with brand new descriptions of how he’d deal with Eve should she ever stray.

– Eve tries to wiggle out of her deal with the devil, but ultimately can’t.  But not before we see an area of the home that’s nearly mythical and yet fully equipped for work.

– It appears running a homicide squad prepares a person to deal with warring florists and designers.

– Finally a bit of a follow up on characters from Thankless — and more gifts — is all part of the party run up.

– And it’s a pretty damn good party.





47 thoughts on “Festive in Death teasers”

  1. I am so looking forward to this book so any teasers will be great!! I love Eve and can’t wait to read more about her Christmas holidays and gift shopping (LOL)

  2. I soooo can’t wait for the book to come out! I already had a sneak peek at chapter 1, *smiles*

  3. Cool deal! Have wondered if Eve would ever see him again. Thanks for the teaser Laura. This book will be on my Christmas list. My daughter is also a Nora/JD fan and usually buys me one of her books for Christmas. Then of course she wants to read it.

    1. I started the JD Robb books because my dad had Purity In Death to read on a flight. It’s cool when more than one person likes the same book.

  4. I really can’t wait for Festive to come out! I am so looking forward to it! I love eve! She is one of Nora’s best characters! I love watching her grow and change with each installment of the series. Her personal relationships with her friends, and her husband Roarke! One thing I keep waiting for is for Eve to become pregnant! That would be interesting to see how her and Roarke handle that!

    1. Don’t wish that as Nora has said she’ll stop writing the In Death series when that happens x

    2. That will never happen, Nora has stated before many times that Eve will never be pregnant as it would end the series. there is a whole blog on here all about that. So as much as some would like to see that eventuality be glad that it will never happen because that would end all interaction with our favorite characters.

      1. Oh I know this. I don’t want it to end and as much as I would enjoy their reactions to it i just can’t see them as parents. They are not the diaper changing type. They are the ass kicking type and need to stay that way.

        1. I love the Christmas parties. So enjoy the way the mushy parts tie Eve up and how Peabody and Mavis get such a hoot out of them. Wish these guys were in my real life, or better yet I was in theirs. Thanks Nora for hours of escape and enjoyment. Your fans adore you. Keep telling the story so we can keep living it.

  5. Oh great! Now I’m getting more impatient now that the day is so close!
    I could almost hate you for your job Laura! Can we exchange???!!!! 🙂
    Imagine getting all these books so long before release day…! Heaven!
    Any way I’ll be hooked till release day…. Thanks loads Laura

    1. I’ve had similar thoughts about Laura and her job! I thought I was alone in that. How does someone become a personal publicist? Is there a degree in that? Envy!

      Keep up the great work … tease us!

    2. Ronelle-I, too, am impatient for it to be Tuesday. I have to remind myself that having to wait will make my enjoyment longer.

  6. Thanks for the teasers, Laura. I absolutely love the In Death series and cannot wait to see how Eve handles Christmas this year! I love the season, but get overwhelmed with so much to do. Eve & I are kindred spirits, at least in this regard!

  7. Love all the J.D. Robb books (yes, and the Nora ones too) and I really like all the people Eve has accumulated along the way who have become her “family” and I was hoping Tiko and his grandmother would hang around. If anything (God forbid) ever happens to the granny I hope Eve and Roark keep Tiko. I’m already wondering if Eve gets another home made pie out of this encounter. Thanks for the teasers, Laura.

  8. OH wow – what did Eve have to do to get the presents wrap… can’t wait to read that conversation!!!

  9. i love when she brings different people back. i cannot wait for the book.

  10. I am so ready for festive in death to come out. I have read every book in the death series.
    Laura Thank you for the spoiler alert. Now I know I can’t wait.

    1. Thank for my birthday present this year sept 9
      have all of j d robb book

  11. Oh I am so glad Tiko is back. He is absolutely one of my favorites. Christmas should be fun.

  12. I have been longing for another Death book. I love the characters who are lovable, and am always eager to see what they are up to in the next book. I hate the characters who are hateful, and can’t wait for them to get punched with Eve’s style of justice.

  13. Omg I so can’t wait, only problem is I will have it read quick smart and will be hanging out for the next one, guess I will just have to go back to the start:) thanks for the teasers and no please no pregnant eve!!! It’s more fun this way:)

  14. I love the “tough” love between Eve and Sommerset.. The whole series is fab!

  15. My only question is when is the RELEASE DATE >> definitely will be adding it to my entire collection

  16. I have a love hate thing going on with the teasers. I love to read them and I hate having to wait to read the rest. Wish it was release day.

  17. I just love it that Eve, who probably knows every street and alley in NYC, is constantly surprised when she finds a new room in her own home. I think it shows that she knows she’s safe and doesn’t have to know exactly what’s going on around her when she’s in and off duty.

    Thanks for the hints, Laura! This is great!

  18. I always wonder what happened to that little biznezman…. im too excited now.

  19. Pre-ordered my copy from TTP and am planning to read it as soon at it arrives.

  20. OK, I don’t want to make all you fans mad at me, but exactly one week from tonight I will be luxuriating in the Eve and Roarke room at Inn Boonsboro! I am sharing this wonderful gift with my daughter Jenn, who is also a Nora fan; we are both binge-reading the Inn Boonsboro trilogy (for about the fifth time) in preparation for the experience, and falling in love again with the Montgomery brothers. Of course, being in love with Roarke is a given.

  21. Oh my God! I cannot wait!!!
    I LOVE Eve/Feeney’s uncomfortable moments! They’re just so adorable!

  22. I am so amped about Festive..I just pre-ordered Obsession..and a new wait begins!!

  23. Can hardly wait!!! I can’t afford to actually buy the book, put I put it on a ‘wait’ list at the library as soon as I heard an new IN Death book was coming. I am 17th on the list and the book has not even been released yet!

  24. I love all the books and am really involved with Eve as I love crime stories with the personal stories. Have a question though; is eve ever going to find herself expecting?

  25. This blog is so strange. The author has a book coming out tomorrow and there is nothing mentioned about it for three days?!

    I guess it’s good to rest on one’s laurels.

    1. Bonnie,

      It’s actually a way to avoid anticipation fatigue. There’s so much excitement about the book and there’s only so much you can tease about it without going into elements of the story that shouldn’t be spoiled (and in Festive, there are non-case elements that can be spoiled). Plus there are readers who received the book early and others who downloaded it immediately while there are also people who need to wait to buy it. We do try to take as many readers into consideration as possible.


  26. I really enjoyed this chapter in Eve’s life. I especially love her interigation style. The play between Peabody and Eve. Love it! This is where the true “Cop” comes out.

    I also liked the way she is starting to appreciate her “friends”. Hard for her to let all these people into her life, but they have become more important then she ever thought possible.

    I just want to say to Nora. I am always amazed at the detail and intricacies involved in these stories and especially the murders Eve is investigating . I love that there are twists and turns I never saw coming.

    Thank you!

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