First look at Shadow Spell (book 2, Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy)

ShadowSpellWinter is playing havoc with many people in the US right now.  For everyone weary of cold and snow and ice (and for everyone else anxiously waiting for the book) there’s nothing like a teaser from Shadow Spell to boost the spirits, right?

Just click here.


25 thoughts on “First look at Shadow Spell (book 2, Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy)”

  1. Just finished the Dark Witch. I just loved it.Can’t wait to read Shadow Spell

    1. tried to savor shadow spell but i gobbled it up, i know im pushing it but when does BLOOD MAGICK COME OUT!!!!

      1. when will book 3 come out ? I can’t wait.
        Love Nora Roberts books

  2. Call me ridiculous. Go ahead. I just… I can’t! Okay! I can’t read teasers or excerpts. Nothing! The wait & the anticipation just feed my excitement! It makes me giddy! And possibly a little delirious. I’m smiling just thinking about opening that first page! So there. It’s out. I’m a closet wait-er…

    1. Yup – me too. Rather just grit my teeth and wait till I have the book in my hands. But it’s not easy!

    2. I have the first book dark witch but I just don’t read until I have all three believe me its not easy so I hide them away so I don’t see them every day but when I have all three I don’t come up for air until I’m finished them love your books Nora

  3. I believe a book should start the way it is meant to go on and OH MY! this is going to be a Wonderful Book!
    I already loved Connor from the first book now I’m close to adore him just by this few pages…

    I’m hopeless. I can’t help but read teasers immediately as soon as you put it up… gives me more time to dream. To look for. To despair for 😉 (most of the times) but in the end it will pay off. I know it will!

    What I gave up reading are reviews and critics before I have a good hold on the book… call me coward if you want but if the critics go against my expectations it ends spoiling the reading (a bit – ike when there’s already some prejudice before knowing)… and if it is an praising one for a book I’m not enjoying or didn’t like – call me selfish – but I can’t help detesting the book even more. So I’ll be the Judge, thank you very much! Crazy, I know.
    You’re also free to not believe me when I say that this may be – very well – one of Nora’s Best! 😉

    Thank you for sharing, Laura!

  4. Oh I can’t wait. Had to read a little bit of the teaser. I have missed Ireland.

  5. I am behaving and NOT clicking on that link. We’ll see how long my will holds out LOL.

  6. I loved the Dark Witch! I’ve never been fond of books with magic, but I couldn’t put this book down. Now I can’t wait until March 25th!

    1. Sandy,

      Don’t worry, we’ll send out the regular Nora’s News when Shadow Spell is about to go on sale!


  7. I can’t wait for Shadow Spell!! I love every book you’ve ever written and I have every one of them…I treasure every one of them and every character you create! I miss them when I’ve finished the book so I re-read the books time and time again. I can’t thank you enough for your love of Ireland and your ability to take me there to the land of my ancestors and the land of my hearts desire. I’ve wanted to go to Ireland since I was 4 years old and I hope that some day soon I’ll be there. Thank you for all you do for your fans and for creating characters who are so alive and memorable!!

  8. Longest week of my life! Which will then be followed up by the longest 8 months of my life!

  9. Every time i read a new book it becomes my favorite. Today its Whiskey Beach. Your writing is my escape. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

    1. Two more days! Can’t wait. I’m now rereading Dark Witch to have it fresh in my mind. It’s just as good the second time around, maybe even better! Thanks for the endless entertainment. Kathy Pelkowski

  10. When will book 3 be out? I love book 1 and 2! I am knowing at the bit to find out what happens.

  11. I was on a flight to Hawaii in the early 90’s and found myself with several hours without any reading material and asked the stewardess if they might have any books. She handed me a book left behind by a passenger of a previous flight and quess what, Irish Hearts by Nora Roberts. I was hooked for life. The Born In trilogy and the Donovan Legacy have to be my “best friends”. I read every morning before work. Yes, I would get up extra early because reading helped relax my brain. I read “almost” every evening and now that I am retired, carry books with me wherever I am going. My husband went thru a health crisis with end stage liver disease and we were constantly in the hospital getting treatments and I had lots of waiting room time where my only solace was a book. My daughter downloaded Whiskey Beach on my Ipad and what fun that was because when I was tired of reading, there was always other activities I could do. Nora, you have a remarkable talent and such a wonderful gift of creating characters that pull the reader into their lives. I know you write, but you do you get the chance to go back and read for pleasure?

  12. I just finished shadow spell book 2. When will the next book be out. I can hardley wait. What is the name. I love your books and the people in them.
    Thank You

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