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concealed 3Here you go — a place to discuss Concealed in Death freely from favorite lines to the .  The only ground rules are to play nicely and respect other posters’ opinions.  Spoilers are quite allowed, so if you haven’t read Concealed, you are warned!


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    1. me too! but with such a growing cast of characters, Nora may have difficulty in getting everyone in a book. i love it when Eve and Roarke has parties because the family is all together. the summer (impromptu) barbeque party they had one time was awesome – everyone was in there! (nuts, i forgot the name of the book now . . . . it’s the one where Father Manuel was also a guest and Eve got possessed by an old gypsy lady’s soul)

      1. Possesion In Death, smiling, I was looking forward to that summer BBQ party, but then Eve was called on the case. Yes I agree, they throw wonderful parties.

  1. Just stated the book yesterday. Had to find the place where the “sneak peek” ended since I had already read that. So far I am not trusting Dr. DeWinter too much, but it’s early.

    1. She turns out to be pretty cool. She will definitely give Eve a run for her money in the future I think.

  2. Finished the book last night! Thinking Nora has some plans for new characters (DeWinter & Sebastian)

    1. Just finished and I enjoyed it loved how Bella said there names and it was nice to know more back storie on Mavies. Can not wait for the next book I am hoping Belle first birthday is in it.

      1. exactly how I feel – I am a big fan of Baby Belle and I was also wondering about her 1st birthday

  3. Who steals a dog! LOL!! I’m only to chapter 3 so far since I have to work during the day but love it so far!

    1. Yes. Great way to give us an insight into the new doctor’s psyche… and her inevitable clash with Dallas.

      1. Oddly enough I like Dr. DeWinter, and the story of the dog resonated with me as an pet lover. I’ll leave it at that, It makes me want to know more on what makes her tick.

  4. Loved it. Was nice to find out more about mavis back story. Missed Feeney though

  5. Finished “Concealed” last night. Great book, interesting story, and I think we may have some “intriguing” times with Dr. DeWinter. Had my usual problems…wanted to keep reading because the story was great, but I hated that also meant the story (book) would end. I so enjoy reading “In Death” books, but I hate that I now have to wait 6-8 months for the next one.
    The plot twists in this one were wonderful. I had believed that Mavis or Crack would be the “friend” involved, but I was on tendered hooks while I waited to find out. I hope that in the next book, the Memorial for the Girls will be explored. ..I so enjoyed this book, Nora..please keep them coming.

    1. I so agree with Deidre in the long wait between books. I do love how Nora lets us know some of the background on the characters in each of her books. I look forward to hearing more about this new project of Roarke’s and the new character, Dr. De Winter. Maybe we can get a short story between now and the next book. I do enjoy all of the “In Death” series.

    2. Agree. Plus, Mavis’ backstory was a great addition to the story and gives some insight to her almost instant bonding with Summerset.

  6. I ordered the latest –the audio version. CANNOT wait till it comes. My 77 yr old eyes need a break. I esp like her books when she mentions (or they interact with Eve) the other characters, esp her rock singer former roommie & the BABY. I’m STILL wondering if Eve has a sibling or cousin & grandparents SOMEWHERE. I’d like to see a relative of Roarke’s come over& add to the adventure.

    1. I love the audio versions. Susan Ericksen does such a great job bringing the characters to life! I don’t think I can wait for the audio book this time. I just finished listening to all of the series in order. Now I am wondering if I read Concealed in Death rather than listening if I will hear Susan Ericksen in my head. 🙂 To anyone who hasn’t listen to any of the In Death books on audio, you should try it. You don’t know what your missing!

      1. The audio book for the In Death series is always available on the same day as the hardback on I’ve already gotten it, downloaded it to my Kindle and listened to it. You can download to a PC or data phone as well if you don’t have a Kindle.

        1. Janis, Thank you so much!! I didn’t know that they come out at the same time. I am ordering it today. I am so excited! Thanks for making my day!

          1. was easy to use. I am enjoying my new book now. Thanks Again Janis!

      2. I so agree! The audiobooks with Susan Ericksen are very awesome and should be tried for those who would like to rest their eyes! I work on computer all day so works great for me. Plus it lasts longer 🙂 We read faster than a person speaks and I find I don’t miss things when listening. I am over half through the audio and loving it as usual. This one doesn’t have as many of the usual characters and I miss some of them. These J. D. Robb books can’t come fast enough for me!

        1. It’s the same for me Julie! I too work on a computer all day and it is very relaxing to go lie down and listen to my book. I love the narration and am so spoiled by it I would not go back to reading unless I was very, very desperate! LOL

      3. I thoroughly agree, Troy. Susan Erickson is definately given voice to all the In Death characters. And when I actually read one, I do hear Susan’s voices.

      4. Troy, you definitely will hear Susan Ericksen in your head when you read the books now. I have read the entire series multiple times and listened multiple times. My favorite voice is Peabody, I think Susan Ericksen is amazing.

        1. My favorite voice is Tibble. It cracks me up every time the way she does his accent!

      5. Love Susan Ericksen! If they ever make a movie they will have to dub in her voice!

        1. I just finished listening. It was great as usual. Ready for the next. Although I thought I had read or listened to all the In death books and realized I had been missing the In death Novellas so I have 10 more stories to read or listen too. I am starting Midnight in Death today. Yea!! I read one already and it referenced a case Eve had just closed and the setting started at a BBQ that they were going to have at the end of one of the books I had listened too. I was so excited as when I finished that book I was thinking I wish I knew how the BBQ went. LOL. Now I know. Notice I said I read the Novella and yes Susan was right there in my head doing all the voices. 🙂 For anyone who has only read the series you might check out the following.
          Midnight in Death
          Haunted in Death
          Interlude in Death
          Eternity in Death
          Ritual in Death
          Missing in Death
          Big Jack
          Possession in Death
          Chaos in Death included in the book called The Unquiet
          and Taken in Death included in the book called Mirror, Mirror

          1. Listening to Interlude in Death while I do data entry this morning. I am only on the second disc and have caught myself laughing out loud twice. This one is going to be another favorite of mine. There are some great one liners going on between Eve and Roarke. May I love these books. I wish everyone had a love like Eve and Roarke.

      6. Is there a list somewhere that has this epic series in order, including the mini stories?

      7. I agree, I love love love Susan Ericksen’s narration. I have read a lot of Nora Robert’s books, but since discovering audiobooks I am a convert. I have listened to the whole ‘in death’ series twice now, and starting on my third time round! I’d like to see Eve get her captaincy. She has earned it, and I think that she would be able to find a way to work some cases while handling the increased responsibility. Then Peabody could rise through the ranks too. I also wonder if she does have some family somewhere, now that she knows the names of both of her parents….

  7. Finished it yesterday and enjoyed the book, as usual. My laugh-out-loud moment was when Bella called Summerset – I won’t put in the spoiler. It was hysterical. I loved hearing more about Mavis “before Eve” background. The scenes with Roarke and Eve in the private moments were great, especially Eve FINALLY voicing her acceptance that Roarke’s home is now her home. Loved that we can look forward to another book and vid from Nadine. I hope we see more of the budding relationship between Dr. DeWinter and Dr. Morris. Now we have to wait till the next one comes out 🙁

    1. I also noticed about Drs Morris and DeWinter – I reread the last book just before the new one and I was thinking about possibly Nadine and Morris

    2. Yes. I’ve felt so sad for Morris for so long now, this is a possibility. At least Morris is portrayed happy.

  8. Another great one! Shut down my life yesterday so I could indulge, and finished the book late night. I love when the book advances character development – it makes me feel closer to them. Missed Feeney, though. Looking forward to seeing more of Dr. DeWinter, although I’m not sure whether I like her or not. I’d like to meet Sebastian again, as well! This time, I heard Susan Erickson’s voice in my head, with all the voices she does on the audio versions. It actually made me slow down in my reading, so I didn’t miss a word. I love the audio books! They keep me in touch with Eve’s world in between new books.

  9. I just started it yesterday, trying to read it slowly, I love these “In Death” series, I usually read books too fast. So far it’s really good as always..

  10. Bought it and read it yesterday, LOVED IT!!! Really loved that she explored Mavis’ backstory, gives you more insight into her and Dallas’ relationship.

  11. I took a vacation day to read the book. I am always telling myself I will take my time and read slowly. Never happens. Love the story line. It was great to learn more about Mavis and how she and Eve are more alike than different. Can’t wait for the next one. Hopefully it will include a big tado for Belle’s birthday!!

  12. Just started reading the book and only at chapter 2 and can’t wait to continue….. reading in Death series is like revisiting characters over and over again love them

  13. Read it straight through, great book!! It was weird not seeing Feeney and McNabb was only in one scene.

    I want Nadine and Baxter to become a couple!!!

  14. Loved it… Like Christmas morning when I opened up my iPad and found it had been delivered…. Luckily.. Ahem… I’m sick with a tummy bug and read it through straight away! Loved the additional character development and hope we see some more from some of the new intros… Also excited to see how the old place turns out. I hope we get a few glimpses down the road. I liked that Eve was up for it and no longer weirded out like she was when she first learned of the other place he did…. And like the name too…

  15. I just start reading Concealed in Death. I am on chapter 1. Any J D Robb books in death series I just cannot put the book down read all off again. I never am bored.

  16. Finished the book about one minute ago; very good story! I missed Feeney and the Chief – I agree with someone else that Morris and DeWinter are headed for some interesting times. I half thought someone would take Quilla.

    1. I was waiting for that as well – I think Quilla is a younger Nadine!!! Can’t wait! Love how these books aren’t all about one or two main characters. As Eve is growing her family so are we!!

  17. I’m about 2/3 through book. Love how Roarke made 12 nameless girls HIS, just the way Eve always does! They’re more than husband and wife, they have truly become simulates. To have Eve sitting with the morning financials running and breakfast under domed lids, for when Roarke finishes business call, shows just how much she’s picked up from her husband. To finally learn ALL of Mavis backstory is insightful, and heart breaking! I often wonder why people have children, when they’re going to hate them and treat them so bad! My childhood wasn’t great, and I guess I found my safe haven in school. I guess all children look for people to be around that makes them feel safe and wanted.

  18. So does anyone else want to see Quilla and Tiko Johnson hang out? /grin

    I liked the “twist” and I adored finding out more about Mavis and what happened there. I also found that one line that Eve told Roarke after, about Mavis being allowed to tell Leonardo about Eve’s past really interesting. She wasn’t completely comfortable but it was far and away the most relaxed she’d ever been about someone knowing what happened to her.

    I definitely think DeWinter and Eve are going to go around a few more times 🙂 She’s just a little to free with “the rules” for Eve, but I really want to see Sebastian again. I find him pretty awesome.

    And Angel West made me sad, but a sweet sad.

    1. Natasha, I liked Sebastian too, but I don’t know how Eve could be comfortable with what he does enough to willingly interact with him. Charles and Crack skid slightly over her line, but what they do (or did) involves adults, not kids.

    2. I think Quilla and Tiko would be a blast together. I don’t see a way that she could do it that would make sense, though. How would they meet?

  19. Forgive my spell check turning soulmates into stimulates. This Samsung spell check has to learn words, otherwise changes to one that’s close.

  20. I really liked the change of pace with this story. I love it when the cop in Eve is “in the zone” and hard-driven to close the case, but I really treasure times like this, when there’s a focus on Eve & Roarke’s deepening relationship. Eve is still driven to find out who killed the girls, but she’s learning there’s more to life and she’s appreciating it. Finding out more about Mavis’s background, filling in her character, gave a deeper appreciation of what she overcame to be who she is now. The new characters were a fun addition, and I dearly loved Eve’s interaction with Dennis Mira.

  21. I enjoyed the book. The case was very intriguing. It wasn’t until I finished that I realized there was very little “action” for Eve so obviously I didn’t miss that usual factor. Nice twist at the end.

    While I would like to see DeWinter again I hope she doesn’t get paired romantically with Morris.

    Yay for a Nadine sighting even it was only a short one.

    Now the long wait until Festive…

  22. I want to go to NY and count pigeons with Peabody. We would probably end up ass watching instead…lol.

  23. I really enjoyed this one. The answer to Nadine’s question to Eve is of course it’s better to know even if the news is bad. At least that way the victim’s family knows for sure. I like that there’s a new character in this book. It was time since we haven’t had one since Callendar.

    With Mavis’ backstory being as awful as it is, I’m really glad she was able to help Eve solve the case.

    I think it was a good idea to put Dennis in the story. It balanced out Eve’s rememberings of her past with just the right amount of good she gets from him.

  24. Loved it, so glad I’m on holiday this week, book arrived yesterday afternoon and I finished it this morning. The story was really good I like that we have new people to get to know. Missed Feeney but liked finding out some of Mavis’s story before Eve. It will be so long to wait for the next book.

  25. Finished the book the same day I bought it. Very much enjoyed the beginning of the book, but found as it crept towards the end that it lost my interest. So I ended up being disappointed for the first time by a JD Robb book.

  26. I loved it! I’m not sure about Dr. DeWinter yet… She definitely knows her stuff, but she is definitely an unknown.. She seemed a little to perfect, until the stealing dog story. A character that should be more explored, I kind of hope we see more of her. But I hope Nora doesn’t leave us hanging on the 12th girl, ” Angel West”.

    1. Jamie,

      I really don’t think we’ll learn any more about the 12th girl. Some people really do fall through the cracks.


  27. I have read several Nora Roberts books.I have liked every one of them. My favorite is the In Death series. I have not read,Concealed in Death yet,so I will skip the comments until later.

  28. I just opened the book! I will savor it & read as slowly as I possibly can! I drag it out every time. So I’m guessing I’ll be a repeat chimer-inner 😉

  29. Always anticipate the release of “In Death” series and have never been disappointed, but I too missed the regular characters like Feeney, McNab, Louise and the funny squad room interactions.

    1. Gigi,

      We just can’t see everyone all the time. So that makes characters’ appearances all the more fun when they happen.


    2. Me too…I missed the interactions between Feeney, McNab and most of all, the relationship with Peabody was very poor….usually makes me laugh out loud! Think Norah spent too much time on the complexity of the case instead of the main characters (I love them all)…glad she included Mr Mira though!

  30. Concealed was very good. I get the audios, Susan Erickson is the best 😀 Sebastian is intriguing, and I look forward to seeing more of him. Dr. DeWinter….Temperance Brennan does come to mind, but it will be interesting to see how she develops as well. But the story was good, and I look forward to the next one.

  31. has the book been released in Australia yet…I checked with 3 stores and none of them had it yet, even QBD online said 3/3. grrrrrrrrr.

  32. It’s 8:00pm NOT and I finished the book about 35minutes ago. Eve and Roarke’s marriage, love affair, bonding is getting deeper and deeper. It’s GREAT she can say ‘I love you’, without feeling it’s weak. When she gets into the zone and gets the meat of what happened through cops smart, stretching smarts and/or intuitive knowledge of human behavior, there’s no stopping her. Mr. Mira is only person who could get her to wear fuzzy gloves and a hat with a shiny snowflake on it! He is the father she wishes she had had. She may not be consciously aware of it, but he is. Charlotte Mira is het mother, in all ways but birth! Even in her dreams, Dr.Mira stood beside her when she punched out that ‘thing’ that was her biological mother.
    Thank YOU for the great birthday present! Tomorrow is my birthday, but I feel like I received my big present already.
    Oh, too soon for Morris to fall in love again. A friend YES, lover NO!

    1. I literally laughed out loud when Eve kept being discovered with her snowflake or her “adorable” gloves. So very sweet.

  33. I have read and retread all the In Death books I believe this is the first time I would say this book is boring!!! There is no punch to it. I sure hope the next one has more action because they are my favorite books to read. Need more Fenney and some Trina would be fun.

    1. I think we have to remember that Feeney is a captain too so he’s not always available. And we’ll see Trina when the story warrants her being on scene.


  34. Finished Concealed. Now I am sad because I have to wait for the next book…..i loved it!!!

  35. There were quite a few sequence, timing, dialogue, story history, plot, etc errors in this book. An excessive amount. Laura, who is responsible for checking for these things? Penguin Group, the publishing house’s editors? They were sleeping on the job and it does not compliment either author or reader. In Death fans can be obsessive, but they don’t demand perfection and are grateful for every story. Even errors are cherished. But an average reader may raise an eyebrow as Roarke doesn’t remember which jacket he got the famous gray button from, and the killer’s age when he was at The Sanctuary varies from 16 to mid-20s. Here’s some examples that I called up from my ebook:
    Page 17. Eve needed the microgoggles to note the arm break and finger break of a victim, but Dr. Garnet (let’s get rid of the last name) saw that without them.
    Page 19. Pete the construction boss is there with them! As in actually in the wall with the dead bodies being examined, Eve, Roarke, Dr. Garnet, and Pete! Peabody gets to wait outside the wall opening.
    Page 23. Page 12, it’s “heavy grade plastic” around the bodies. Page 23, the plastic “looked cheap”. The same plastic, as described by Eve, has now changed.
    Those are just some fun things in the first two dozen pages, all easily fixable but obviously missed. My favorite obvious error parts are Eve’s cheek bruise, which disappears from the story, and at the dramatic end where Monty and Nash’s names are switched and it sounds like Nash was the killer.

    1. Jill,

      I’m not part of the editing process so I can’t answer that question. Some of your specific points, I could argue (Peabody was in there too), but I’ll be honest and say that when I read the book, I wasn’t looking for errors, I was taking the story in.


      1. I agree Laura, I was too deep into the story and the emotion of the moment to even notice.

    2. I agree about the button. I had to put the book down for a little while. That button is like a character in the books. It has been Roarke’s pocket since Naked in Death after falling off of a “particularly unattractive gray suit (which she also wore in Glory in Death sans button). And now it fell off of Mavis Gray coat? Which was black by the way. That is such a huge error it threw me for a loop. I adore these books, Can’t wait for the next one and can over look errors that are made from using computers to spell check etc but that was extreme.

      1. I may have been reading it wrong, but it was my understanding from Naked in Death that she borrowed the coat in the first place. I’m not sure if it was said she borrowed it from Mavis or not but that is who I figured let her wear it.

        1. I always remember that she borrowed the coat from Mavis – it was never a button from Eve’s coat, but Roarke didn’t know it wasn’t her (Eve’s) coat for a while. I can’t remember which book, but in one of them he asks Eve where she got it and when she said it was Mavis’, he makes some comment about that being why it didn’t fit her very well.

    3. Thank you….the button off the coat instead of the jacket really bugged me. How could that get by the author and the editor? The ill-fitting ugly gray suit is mentioned in many of the books in the series.

      1. I can’t get past the contrast of references that Roarke grew up on the streets and had such a rough life like Eve did in one chapter and in the next he is talking about the nice home he had with Sommerset. We know he moved in the SS when he was 12 so he had a pretty decent life in a nice house which is a LOT more than Eve ever had.

    4. Yes I noticed the mistake about the button ! It was from Eves I’ll fitting grey suit, the coat was a black one borrowed from Mavis for the funeral! I hate these mistakes, it’s basic proof reading! But I love this series and am reading them yet again! Which is what I advise the proofreader to do!!!

  36. Loved the story, love JD Robb and Nora Roberts. She is the best story teller of our time. None can compare!

  37. Just started it yesterday.. I am torn between- whether to read it fast as I love Nora’s stories and suspense or drag it for some time as it will be many more months till the next book..
    Fast or slow.. however I read it – I just love Eve and Roarke , Mavis, Summerset and all the other characters..

    1. I finished it on 21st Feb. Just could not keep away from reading the book..
      Looking forward to the next one Nora..

  38. Every so often, Nora says something that paints an outrageous image, like “…a sudden need to nail her like a bagful of hammers.”

    1. I agree – Nora is brilliant in voicing distinctive characters – my favorite when Mavis told Eve she was pregnant “the egg is in and incubating”

  39. Concealed is good…downside: I want more ^_^

    DeWinter sounds okay, but from Nadine’s opinion she’s like a ‘spotlight lover’ in which a contrast to Eve’s character. If they will have some future scenes someday, I think both of them will have some issues about ‘media exposures’. They had a 1st round bout in this book.

  40. I want a t-shirt with Peabody’s “Homicide: Our day starts when yours ends. Permanently.” Love these books, can’t wait for next installment, keep them coming Nora, it’s just like crack to a book

  41. Loved it! I can’t get past the depth of character development in this one. I knew Mavis had a back story, but, well, wow! I wanna hear more about Quila… Maybe Nadine and Baxter could foster her! Lol. (I think that would be one awesome relationship pairing!)

    Morris and DeWinters? Did I miss something? I thought the pregnant visual re obstructionist tech was with DeWinters?

    1. As far as I can tell, the reconstructionist just works in the same lab area as DeWinter.

  42. I bought Concealed in Death yesterday afternoon and finished it between yesterday and today because I had to work during the day. I enjoyed the story very much, and actually appreciated the twist with the dead brother not actually being dead at all. As far as the button thing that someone else mentioned, Roarke didn’t forget how he got the button, he just wondered how Mavis had gotten the coat that Eve had ultimately borrowed from her. It’s a slight difference from the suit in the very first book, but still, not that big of a deal. All in all, a very good story, and even tho we didn’t see a whole lot of the usual characters, at least we saw some of our favorites and we got to see Eve and Roarke do their usual magic.

  43. This wasn’t my favorite by far. I think it’s time for another mind blower like Origin in Death.

  44. I love this series and don’t have a problem with this book being a little less intense than some of the others. But I have to say that the button error has really left a bad taste. Like the previous post stated very well by comparing it to a character the button has been an integral part of the storyline and to have this mistake happen is disturbing disappointing and disrespectful and insulting to the reader. For me the error pulled me out of the story. As much as I enjoy Ms Robb/Roberts books I feel the readers who follow a 38 book series deserve better.

    1. I really enjoyed the book, but I agree that the button mistake hurt, as much as, in a recent book, Roarke’s statement that he recognized Eve as a cop at first sight, which was completely the opposite of what actually happened and had become an integral relationship factor.

    2. I have to agree started reading Death Series 8 months ago,couldn’t read another book till I finished the series.Fell in love with the whole cast.I must admit I was disappointed with the story after my wait for the new book.It lacked the fiesty world, Eve and Roarke lived in.Extreme passion through arguments and sex.The mistake about the button and the feel of the book made me think it was written by someone else?After reading book after book the story was new in my mind.I loved every other death series and will not let this stop me from reading all to come.I also wish the wait for the next book was sooner!

  45. Loved Concealed! Just finished the book and going through withdrawal symptoms already. I would love to see more of Sebastian & Quilla in future books and think we’ll be seeing more of DeWinter from now on.

  46. Terrific story. Loved it. Still about the errors. The button was surprising. It’s been in just about every book. So the error was glaring. Towards the end of chapter 22, Eve is interviewing Monty and she asks him why he didn’t tell Monty about Shelby. Clearly this should be Nash.

  47. Did anyone else miss seeing more futuristic things referred to or used?

    I also missed the Giant’s Tear being referred to – not even once. I think it would be hard to find another In Death book that has not had a mention of Eve’s diamond, since Roarke gave it to her.

    Glad to see Eve no longer has headaches, which plagued her in other books. It’s always worried me that she has a brain tumor or something! ha ha

    And did anyone else find it hard to swallow that Monty is portrayed as a mental defective at the end? At no other time in the book were we told that he was “special needs”. So did this happen during the 15 years locked up with Dr. Peter (forget the last name), who possibly pumped Monty up with medications? Did Monty have a psychotic break and go soft in the head? I guess it’s not important.

    1. Jill,

      The elements you missed didn’t just didn’t fit the story. I’ve no doubt they’ll be there when they are necessary.

      As for Monty, I saw a family conditioned to discretion that stuck even after he was “gone.”


      1. When I listened to the book I sort of thought Monty was a little slow before we got to the end.

  48. Just a quick one on future hook-ups/relationships.

    Nadine and Baxter. No. Just no. Never. First they don’t suit, and next Nadine is a crime beat reporter, Baxter a murder cop. Conflict of interest unless one of them gave up what they do. Don’t see it happening.

    Morris and De Winter. FRIENDS! LOL. Colleagues. Two people with some mutual interests, and neither looking for a romantic relationship.

    Trueheart has a girlfriend, and it think he lives up to his name.

    It’s very unlikely anyone is going to foster/adopt a child. Eve and Roarke are not going to have a kid, not in the foreseeable future. Everything changes, and likely winds down once they do, so consider that!

    Belle’s enough kid cute for this cast of characters.

    Eve has no biological family as far as she, and I are concerned. She’s made her family where it counts most.

    The button came off a jacket of a suit borrowed from Mavis. Not a coat. My mistake, and editorial’s miss. It happens.

    As Laura said not every book is going to have a lot of appearances by all the gang. Just can’t work. When they’re needed, they’ll be there. I adore Feeney, but sometimes he’s got other work, and isn’t going to get the page time.

    I’m about to continue proofing galleys of Festive In Death. Hopefully I’ll catch any mistakes! But sometimes, they just slip through.


    1. I would really like to see Quilla in another book, maybe shadowing Nadine as she wants to be a writer. I love this series, I hope it doesn’t end any time soon.

    2. The way the characters are painted they seem like our own personal friends. They make me laugh and cry now that is gifted writing. Can’t wait for the next one

    3. Thank you for addressing your readers’ concerns Ms. Roberts. I’ve read every one of the In Death books more times than I can count. I wonder though, have you ever noticed that you start the series by calling the Chief Medical Examiner “Dr. Morse” and then you rename him “Dr. Morris?” Just one of those things I noticed. I love this series and get many hours of enjoyment reading it. Thank you!!

    4. Nora, the suit was not borrowed from Mavis!! It was Eve’s ‘best’ suit. I remember it well. Eve would not fit into a suit made for Mavis…and can you imagine Mavis actually WEARING a suit???


      Still ADORE your In Death books (except this one)


  49. I bet Eve arranges for Peabody and McNabb take a trip to Africa as a Christmas gift!

    1. Roake probably does since Eve wouldn’t think about it. He always has her back.

  50. I love the “in Death” books and “Concealed in Death” was as good as the others in the series. Each book is different yet each is continuing the main love story for Eve and Roarke, adding more people to their lives and with each character growing and changing, just like real life. I enjoyed the more relaxed pace of “Concealed in Death” after the fast pace of “Thankless in Death”. My favorite line was toward the end when Eve promised Roarke she would “when the day comes when you forget how to button-your-sweater…I’ll fix it.” It just defines how much they have grown in their relationship. The other scene with Belle talking to Das, Ork, and Some Shit was awesome.
    Also I went back to “Naked in Death” Eve borrowed the black coat from Mavis but the ugly gray suit belonged to her. Eve lost the button off the jacket of the suit while in the car with Roarke after leaving the cemetery. The button issue didn’t pull me out of the story I just figured they had been drinking and Roarke didn’t remember whether it was the coat or suit the button had came off of since he was looking at the button and it was gray. Hey being buzzed can make your thoughts hazy. Eve said I think that she had a nice buzz going on, while they decorated the tree in the bedroom.
    Regardless, as long as Nora Roberts or J.D. Robb continues to write books, I will continue to read them. Thank you Nora for endless hours of reading pleasure.

  51. I was so happy this book didn’t pierce my heart like so many of the “in death” books. The deaths were over long ago so the immediacy of the grief was muted. Plus, no real bad guys just sad guys. Thanks for not ripping my heart out of my chest this time.

  52. My favorite place to purchase books no longer is carrying the In Deaths series. They have lost me as a customer of any books. I am now waiting patiently for it to arrive from
    The wait is more then worth it, especially after reading all these comments. I own all of the In Death books, or will when Concealed gets here. Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb is one of the best writers I have read. I first got hooked on The MacGregor family, and have never looked back.
    Like everyone else, I wish there were more books. But, realizing the women is human, I will be patient.
    Thank you, Nora, for such wonderful books. Not just the In Death series, but ALL of them.

  53. Thanks, Nora, for the response about the error with Eve’s button. When I got to that part, it took my breath away. As one of the posters said, it has really become a character in the series. Which I absolutely love! Thank you so much for all the lovely hours of pleasure I have had reading and listening to Eve and Roarke’s story. They are my favorites and I have been a fan since I first picked up “Irish Thoroughbred” many,many years ago.

  54. I loved the book! And normaly I love the audiobook as well, I have all of the audiobook versions and listen to them all the time, when I am finished with the latest I start with Born in Death again 😉 BUT I was soo disappointed with Susan Ericksen in this one. Was she falling asleep reading it? Her reading is so slow, like never before, it really bothered me.

    Thank you Nora for all the joy you bring me with your books!
    Greetings from Salzburg, Austria

    1. Many audio players have a speed control. You might want to check the setting on yours. I didn’t notice the narration being slow on mine.

  55. I loved the bit with Dennis Mira. The part where he puts on the gloves and hat are adorable and made me smile but finding out about the snowflake made me laugh. Only he could get away with something like that.

    And now I can’t wait for the next book and the Christmas shopping. I wonder what Eve will pick for Belle.

  56. I love the series! Thank you so much for all of the hours of reading. I loved that Eve is starting to feel comfortable in her own skin. I love how she feels a connection to Mr Mira and will do things she does not normally feel comfortable with to please him. Loved to learn more about Mavis and enjoyed her visit. I missed them not shopping/party/business dinner to get that interaction. I’m hoping that the next book has First birthday and the what do you get for a one year old! I agree with other posters about the button, however I understand that mistakes happen.
    Can’t wait for the next book to hit my IPad.

  57. I anxiously await the next JD Robb mystery. The stories are always thought provoking. I miss all the other characters, so I enjoyed to donut scene with her bullpen. I loved the expansion of Mavis’ story. I was surprised and disappointed to note the audio books are not exactly read as written. Why is that? I also wonder what and when Peobody and McNab get married ?

      1. Louise, Could the book you listened too have been an abridged version of the book? I only listen to the unabridged versions as I don’t want to miss a word.

  58. My favorite series, my favorite author…I love them all and the journey they take me on every time I read one. (Actually all your books!). Thanks!

  59. There was only one reason for a woman of conscience to steal a dog, so that one was obvious. However, I was totally WRONG about my guess for culprit. To me, that’s a good book!

  60. I find myself worried for Dennis Mira! His adorable forgetfulness seems exaggerated this time around. As much as I hate to think about it, I wonder if he is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Kudos if the series is going to deal with another difficult issue.

  61. Just finished Concealed in Death, and I loved it as much as all the other In Death. I especially liked the expanded dialog with Mavis, and the two scenes with Charlie and Dennis.

    I was a little confused at almost the very end, where on page 397 Monty’s name is used where I expected Nash in two places, and I wondered if I wasn’t following correctly, or if there was an editorial miscue. Did anyone else have trouble here?

    The first is when Eve is talking to Monty (I think):
    “Why didn’t you tell Monty [should say Nash?] about Shelby, and the other girls, before?’ Eve asked him.

    The second is when Monty is telling the group about Shelby:
    Nothing.” He lifted his hands in the air, shook them. “Nothing, nothing. She wanted to stay in The Sanctuary. Me, too, but Monty [should be Nash?] and Philly said no. But the other place wasn’t home, so me and Shelby wanted to stay.” . . .

  62. I also was thrown by the mix up of names in the last few pages of the book. I guess I’ve always related Nora Roberts (J. D. Robb, et. al) with superior writing and editing and so was quite taken aback by the error.
    In future I would LOVE to be your proof reader, Nora, hint, hint!!!!!

  63. I’m stuck on The Button – up until now I thought the button Roarke carried fell off of Eve’s (at the time) only suit – now it’s from a coat that Mavis had lent to Eve?

  64. Excellent book. I finished it within 24 hours, thinking this was one of those cases that is hard on the police and the families. The satisfaction of putting the killer away is off because he is already insane and it is sad how unknowingly the family contributed to the problem. At least Eve was able to give the families of the girls some closure. I enjoyed learning more about Mavis, and Bella is remarkably adorable – Sum Shet – made my day. 🙂

  65. Hi, Just finished Concealed in Death, and loved it, as I do all of Nora’s books. But I also love West Side Story—Gino is not the lead in WWS, just a small insignificant error but wanted to let you know.

    1. Just finished last night and was not disappointed. Completely agree w/all posts about excellence of Susan Erickson. I too caught the confusion in names at end of book…I read it over couple times but still not sure…Missed Feeney and Whitney and McNab. I’d like to see little more story line w/Baxter and Truelove. Wonderful series…I have them all. Thanks so much, Nora!

  66. MEH. This was a “filler” book, a slice of life in Eve or your basic procedural. Now, don’t get me wrong, I think J.D Robb is at her strongest when the “mystery” is one that requires some thought and yes, pure inventiveness. I called the “guilty” party halfway through–the minute they mentioned “dead brother”, different person. The editing issues bugged me, but I’ve come to expect that as it seems that lately, most editors and authors are pumping out the product so fast (especially for series) that no one takes the time for quality editing or timeline confirmation. By the way, what happened to the “near future science fiction” aspect? Yes, 2014 has seemed to catch up to early Robb unique ideas (PC link), but that was supposed to be part of the fun of reading this. So..waiting on Festive and let’s see what happens…..

  67. I FINALLY got the book yesterday (book club took forever!) and of course I read it in one sitting! I have been waiting for this! Needless to say I loved it! I knew Monty wasn’t dead (remember Divided in Death?) but I couldn’t quite figure out where he was. I was sad they never found out who the 12th girl was but it was cool that Roarke & Eve named her! Trying (ha ha) to patiently wait for Festive in Death, as it will be my birthday present from the hubby! He knows me so well! Love, love, love Belle!

  68. I loved concealed in death. I can’t wait for the next In Death book. I was so sad that Angel West was never identified. Maybe she will be in the next book. I’m glad DeWinters is on the scene. I smell a new romance in the works! Yay!!!
    I may have to reread the whole series. I pretty much inhaled this book over the last three days.

  69. I had not realized there was a place to comment on these books, but glad there is. I have been an avid reader all my life. I remember fondly living in East Boston, MA, and the bookmobile pulling up outside my school (ok, dating myself). Anyway, the “In Death” series is by far my favorite books ever. I have favorite books by different authors, but this is by far my favorite, and I originally hesitated to start the series. Can’t remember why though. I enjoy all the characters, the dynamics, how they all fall into place with each other. Each books makes me laugh, makes me cry, has been tense. Like most the comments, I finished this book in one day, now have to wait months for the next, but oh so worth it. Thank you.!! Just read a blip on Festive In Death. Can’t wait!

  70. My favourite part in the entire book was Dennis Mira and Eve. I just love him, and the snowflake was just so adorable and funny. I can’t wait for the next book.

  71. Dear JD/Nora,

    I am so addicted to this story, I cannot wait for the paperback print I have to have it at midnight of the launched date. Yes I pay full price for the books because I so love these characters. I see them and hear them in my mind. I completely agree with Eve and Roarke not being parents, first because of all the emotional childhood trauma they both had to endure. It could be that Eve is unable to have children because of the horrible thins done to her, I mean as you said it is not perfect. However, how about Bella’s god parents having to care for her because of scheduling commitments for both Leonardo and Mavis. Summerset, has volunteered and is scheduled to care for Bella and is doing so when is taken ill by something, which by doctors order’s forces him to stay away from others, it could be done prior to the holidays when Eve is forced to think about the marriage rules and having to buy presents. I mean make it a weekend emergency, we have all been there. I think it would be so much fun and it would cure the fans of their desire to see our stealth LT and her Avenging Angel in parent mode. Just a thought it could work, not like a permanent thing more like a a bonus excerpt to the conclusion of a big case.

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