Talk about Festive in Death here

Did you read Festive overnight and are going to savor it slowly in the days ahead?

Want to talk about the case?

Want to talk about the holiday party?

This is the thread for you.  Please note that spoilers are going to be everywhere in this thread so enter at your own risk.


124 thoughts on “Talk about Festive in Death here”

  1. When I get my hands on it I will read it straight through then put it on the re read shelf as I am working my way through all the books at a slower pace.

    1. I have read of the J D Roberts books so many times. Festive in Death, just like all of the books are really great. Read in one afternoon. Waited a couple of weeks and re read it. I have all of the In Death books, but I have to say that, “Survivor in Death” was my favorite. Every time I read the part where they are in the morgue, I cry. Nixie is one courageous little girl. How can anyone not be touched by that part, I don’t know. JD, they just keep getting better and better. Thank you so much for this series, love Eve and Rourke.

  2. My mom, (83 years old) began reading FID on her Kindle as soon as it downloaded. She read until 2 a.m. and picked it up first thing this morning. I will never regret introducing Mom to Eve and Roarke.

  3. My sister and I read the J.D. Robb books as soon as they are available on Kindle cover to cover.. I can’t sleep until I’m done!

  4. I always listen to the audio book and just laughed myself silly over Eve’s description of her impromptu holiday shopping trip. I so relate! I will probably listen straight through or close to it today.

    1. I do, too ~ listen to the audiobooks. They’re wonderful, almost like being in the conversation. I smile and laugh all the way through most of them.

      1. Me too… Susan Erickson IS Eve now! And my husband can always tell when I have a new Dallas book because I am laughing while cooking, gardening, or whatever!

        1. I can SO relate to the sense of humor displayed in all of the In Death books. I laugh out loud. I can hardly wait until the next book comes out. I just finished FID….and I’m wondering where our candy thief is?

          This series has been quite a journey. I am collecting all of the books in hard cover….and just obtained the last one of the first 14 that did not debut in hard cover. It has taken quite some time, and patience, to get them without paying a fortune. To the Steadfast, go the spoils. 🙂 I have begun reading the series again from the beginning. It means so much more now since I can really appreciate the details….and how Eve and Roarke have changed…and their love has grown.

          I love how so many of Nora’s books overlap. In the Boonsboro Trilogy, there is a hotel suite named Eve and Roarke. It makes me smile.

          What a great writer you are, Nora. I want to thank you.

  5. I waited until it downloaded onto my kindle at 12:01 am UK time and read through until gone 3am! Proper read tonight.

  6. Whiiiiiine, still waiting for UPS to deliver – but looking forward to this thread!

  7. I think I’ll enjoy the other comments after I’ve read the book…..I just downloaded the it from Audible….and can’t wait to begin….I will miss a new book next year as you take a break….I have read the series twice…as I’m 62….and seem to forget lately I just might begin again…I so enjoy your characters….I tell all my students, characters in my books become part of my life….good or bad, I live with them….yours are the best….never quit writing!! Thanks so much from!! Kat

      1. Awesome. I’m so glad I began reading your on death series. Thank you.

      2. Yea!! I’ve already pre-ordered Obsession in Death. February seems so far away…

  8. Since I pre-ordered for my Kindle, I started reading in the wee hours of the morning. Great as usual! My only wish is that Mavis’ and Bella’s reactions to their gifts had been “on screen”, so to speak. And of course, the book ended too soon. I’m always wishing for just one more chapter. I enjoyed her shopping “scene” very much. The party also; it’s always fun when Eve plays any part in decorating.

    1. I so agree about the one more chapter! I loved, loved, loved that we had so much interaction with friends and co-workers! I loved that the book was more balanced that way! Felt like Nora was giving US a Christmas present!

  9. I love to listen to my in Death books. Went to B & N but they didn’t have it in audio yet. So I just ordered it on line and it should be here by the end of the week. I listen in my car as I drive to work and to my daughter’s. Can’t wait to start listening. Susan Erickson captures the emotions and nuances of the characters so well it adds to the story for me.

  10. Can’t believe I forgot it was out today! I had it pre-ordered, thank goodness, but it didn’t automatically download. I checked my Nook app on my tablet and it wasn’t there, not even the title, at least that I could see, but I pre-ordered in May, so it may have been quite a bit farther down the page. I did a title search and found it and had to hit a command to download it. Currently re-reading Rapture in Death with only 40 pages to go, so I should be able to start on Festive by tonight. I foresee staying up late in bed reading this!

    1. had my Kindle loaded at 11:11pm at the latest Monday night. The only reason I don’t know if it was before that is I don’t turn the wireless on on my Kindle until I go to bed.

    2. It only printed half my reply. had it floating around for my Kindle at 11:11 pm Monday night.

  11. I am BROKE!!!!! I can’t get the Fesitive in Death Yet!!! (Nail-biting, hair-pulling, SIGH) . Has anyone seen the older movie “Airplane”? “I picked a bad week to quit sniffing glue?” In the last 2 weeks I have quit cigarettes, quit my cokes, looking for a job and I am broke!!!! Oh well the anticipation will be worth it. AND Lee Child came out with a Jack Reacher book this week. I know I will be stronger for it. LOL Love J.D. Robb – Eve and Roark.

    1. Do what I do – get it from the Public Library. I put mine on hold and am waiting for it to arrive at my local branch. I can’t wait. I know I will sit down as soon as I can and read as much as I can. Unfortunately I am also taking college classes so I have to read in between class and classwork.

    2. Congratulations on breaking those ratty habit (although I must admit I findd Roarke’s pulling out a cigarette is very sexy). Good luck finding a job!

  12. I’m very excited! My name is in a Nora book! Also the thing I hoped Peabody would get she got! ( I got lucky and read it a week ago, but I’m going to try not to be to spoilery.)

  13. Love, Love, LOVE the longer party scene! The parties are some of my favorite parts. Usually read strait through, but I get up early for work, so I must pace myself! Great Book

  14. I did a quick read through as soon as I got the book. Now, I am on a “take my time” read. I really enjoyed the book. I enjoyed following Eve and Peabody as they worked on the case, but I also enjoyed Eve’s shopping experience, her participation in the party preparations, and the Christmas party. As someone else has stated already, I would have liked reading about Mavis and Bella’s reaction when they opened their presents. The discussion between Eve and Roarke about a pre-nup was interesting. Eve’s relationship with Roarke and the other characters continues to grow, a testament to great character development!

  15. I did nothing at all all day today except read. I told my husband not to expect anything to be done around the house today. Haha. Finished the book! Now can’t wait for the next one! I do have a questions though and it’s a SPOILER ALERT: What’s up with Peabody’s sudden obsession with hot chocolate? Is it because it’s cold weather and it’s a warm drink? Or is it something else?… Hmmm. Maybe I’m just reading too much into it and being hopeful.

    1. I think MAYBE it has to do with her comment as they were leaving the scene of Trey’s murder, “It needs to snow.” Or maybe it’s the holidays. I only got 45 pages into last night (well, 45 pages on my nook), and I know she talked a lot about food – particularly Christmastime food.

    2. NO BABIES!!! LOL. Peabody and McNab aren’t even ready to get married much less start a family. It’s Christmastime, it’s winter–she wants to indulge in hot chocolate. No hidden meanings, promise.

      1. I don’t know if I’m in the minority but I hope they never have kids. I just feel it would change the dynamic between them and it would have a huge effect on their lifestyle. IMHO.

        1. I would love for them to have a child or two, in 10 years or so! Roarke wants them and Eve might in a few years. He would be a wonderful Father. But, there is NO RUSH! Bella is plenty of baby for quite a while.

        2. I completely agree with you there. While Eve has made enormous strides in her handling Bella, I think she would almost have to be a different person to have a child, and be a mother.

      2. I agree, Nora, but whenever it’s time for Peabody & McNab to get married, I can just imagine Eve’s reaction to Peabody preparing for the wedding. It’ll be great!! Eve will be dragged, kicking & screaming, into the matron of honor role, I’m sure!

      3. It’s not even the first book that season that she had been begging for hot chocolate. Peabody likes her sweets, she just tries to keep it in moderation, from my reading. I laughed at a scene in Portrait when Dallas and Peabody finished their interviews at Make the Scene just as Peabody’s order of curly fries was delivered, and Peabody told herself that it really isn’t calories if you are eating on the run. Poor Peabody, though. Bogged down with a normal human appetite, partnered up with Dallas who hardly ever eats when she’s on the job, unless it’s her candy stash – if it hasn’t been stolen that book.

  16. I loved it! I just NEED to know what Peabody got Dallas for Christmas!!!! Please tell me we’ll find out.

    1. Yes Fearn, I want to know too! She’s always given such great gifts and Eve always loves hers!

  17. Didn’t get far into last night, because I JUST finished re-reading Rapture in Death, but so far I LOVE it. I love HOW Trey’s body was found, WHO found it, the locker at the gym, what was IN the locker at the gym, everyone’s opinion of him, and especially the little touches between Roarke and Eve – like the memo cube on her desk reminding her that the holiday party was in two days. And, having read from Naked in Death to Rapture in Death, I got to see the development of Eve, and her relationship with Roarke as well in those early books (the Eve in the first book, maybe even the second book), is so different even from Rapture, they almost don’t even seem like the same person. And McNab hadn’t even been introduced yet in Rapture. So to see Eve in this one, and the byplay between her and Roarke, and her and Peabody, and to see McNab, you get to see how each of the characters has grown in a very sudden contrast. I’m looking forward to reading about the holiday party, but it will have to be a doozy to beat out Thanksgiving and Nixie giving Eve that picture she drew, and what she wrote on the back of it, IMO. I’m not certain if I want it to be better than that or not, frankly.

  18. Hooray for correcting the button’s origin! Yes, I am one of those readers who needs to get a life 🙂

    Also the holiday party was a real treat for the In Death obsessed. I loved that so many details were given; even how many were expected! After years of imagining, it lived up to very high expectations.

  19. Great book, great twist at the end. Not to happy with Nook/publisher , I work nights so I started looking for FID shortly after midnight. It wasn’t avaible until after 1pm

  20. I think this one is the best for the entertainment value of seeing how Eve handles the buying of gifts and dealing with the party. The person who did it was good, too. I didn’t expect that because of what was done.

  21. Just wanted to comment about the scene where Mira mentions to Eve that the holiday party is one of the main highlights of her holiday season. When she said that, it sort of clicked. And I thought, Me too.

    Would you look at that?

    I didn’t realize until that moment how much I look forward to their annual Christmas party. It’s my favorite holiday as it is, and to see my favorite couple celebrating it so warmly, affectionately, and beautifully brings me hope and excitement every bloody time.

    It’s like the ultimate Christmas gift from Nora herself.

    Thank you, Nora! Truly…


  22. It was weird that there were a couple pieces of info that were dropped early in the investigation that were never investigated. Where did Trey get the ingredients for his tea blend? Who requested the third in the threesome? Both of those should have been suspects for at least a minute.

    I LOVED how Eve and Roarke got each other the same thing.
    I LOVED how soft Eve is getting with him. She’s not losing her edge, but she’s opening more to love and family. It’s really nice to see. She’s obviously happy, and has been, with her life with Roarke. But, in this one, she seems content.
    Very happy with the book. Loved it. When does the next one come out?

  23. Just raced through it in an hour, will take a longer read later, but really loved getting a deeper look at the non murder containing aspects of all the characters lives. I always want those scenes to be longer and have more detail!

    Loved seeing Tiko again. Hope he continues to turn up. 🙂 The shopping scene was great fun and I agree with the others that I wish we’d seen more gift reactions. I’ve been wondering why Peabody didn’t have a magic coat yet, so v glad to see that happen. Hope we’ll see what Peabody & McNab gave Eve and Roarke. Intrigued to see what happens with Li and Garnet, and I look forward to the time when Garnet and Eve grow on each other. The scenes around the party in general, I thought, were the best in the book. Seeing Eve grow to take more responsibility over her home and her social life, and the life she’s building with Roarke was very satisfying and realistic, and I hope it’s something we continue to see more of.

    The case was interestingly twisty, I didn’t figure out the murderer until the second death was discovered. I liked how the case gave us more Eve & Roarke information, with the prenup and stuff.

    This case reminded me of something I’ve always wondered. Does Roarke have, or did he ever have a first name? You have to assume that his mother would have given him one. Or did he, like Felicity just drop it?

  24. Something that just occurred to me. Why isn’t Trina working for Roarke at Bliss anymore like she was in Creation In Death.

    Also, is the new guy partnered with Carmichael Santiago or Sanchez? Because it seems to have switched over the last few books.

    1. I asked that question a while back 🙂 Apparently Sanchez/Santiago was a goof up on names.

  25. I really enjoyed the personal moments between Eve and Roarke and Eve and the various other characters. The case was rather run-of-the-mill. I thought the killer was obvious from early on. It was another solid entry in the series, but not an instant favorite. But great to visit Eve and co again.

  26. I am halfway through, which is good considering I have two jobs and a 85 year old mom with a broken leg—I have a life (sigh), which is why I love Eve and Roarke. I am glad the murder wasn’t so gruesome this time . I am enjoying it on Kindle and Audible. I love how Peabody keeps Eve grounded while they work. Thanks, Nora for another great read!

  27. *sigh* I won’t be able to get my copy until next week. Just as always I’m looking forward to the newest story from Nora a.k.a. J.D. Robb. I re-read all the books once I get through them all. I may have to stop doing that as there are so many of them now and I can only get through half of them by the time a new one comes out. Also, I need another book shelf. Lol.

  28. I finished it in one night… I always look forward to Eve Christmas shopping and I enjoyed her adventure, but this time, it felt short. One quick trip and that was it.
    I’ve been a fan of the series for years and while waiting for the next book, I reread the series (almost once every year or two). Unfortunately, I have to say I was not enthralled by the crime.

    Also, from Eve’s first appearance, the description of what she was leaving to attend the scene felt out of character, which happened again when she was describing Trina’s tools of torture before the party.

    But, despite all of that, I loved how there was more information about Eve and Roarke’s relationship and there were so many parts that I highlighted because I thought the jokes and humor were spot on. I’m still chuckling about the tattoo, and the mold joke. All in all, I’m glad there was another book in the series, it’s just not a favorite.

  29. Finished the first read. Now to go through again and savor! It was a Christmas gift to me to have the Mavis and Belle parts pared down. It caused a bit of a choking cough when I read of Whitney doing a booty shake at the party! LOL! I wish at some future party we could read of him dancing with Eve. We just got a taste of her dancing with Baxter. Though I know their sniping routine is more for form than injury these days, I was glad to see Eve could actually speak to Summerset in a positive way, at least on Christmas Eve. And I loved that she was able to truly surprise Roarke with his own magic coat!

    Loved the plot, loved the character growth, very simply I loved the book. Is it February yet? Sigh.

    1. And I forgot to add, I was devastated to learn Eve and Roarke did have a pre-nup. I know it said it was for Roarke Industries and she didn’t even read it, but it took some of the shine off for me. A lack of trust somehow.

        1. I can see that. It’s just that we had not heard of it until now and I thought there wasn’t one. That Roarke wasn’t worried about it. Oh well.

        2. I just assumed about the prenup before the I do’s, way back to books 1-4, and figured Eve snorted and signed; clueless about what it entailed. Nice to see it verified. Then again it’s been validated through out of both Eve’s and Roarke’s ignorance of the truth of the matter.
          Am I the only one who has been giggling about it?

        3. I don’t care that they have a prenup. It says she trusts him that she didn’t even read the thing. Naked in death is my favorite of all the in deaths as that is where they met for the first time. Don’t ever stop with these books. It’s a different spin from your regular books. I love both sides of your writing.

      1. Personally, I think EVE would have insisted on it, even if Roarke’s lawyers didn’t. She didn’t want his money. Remember how mortified/aggravated, and even irate she was when she found out not only that he opened credit lines for her at his shops, but when she found out in Conspiracy that he opened a bank account for her with a STARTING balance of $5 million when they got married? She wanted him to take it back, even though it allowed her to bribe Louise into helping her with the case while she was suspended, shouldn’t have been working the case, etc. She’s gotten used to the extra the money provides, but from what I’ve read, she rarely spends beyond what her cop salary would pay for, despite her credit accounts and her very large bank account.

  30. Loving the book. The case and the party. Eve’s comment afterwards “I’ve done my social obligation for the day”. Love how she helped Trina through her guilt and in Eve’s own way thanked Trina for calling her. And how Trina thanked her with the tattoo. Great story.

  31. Loved Festive. I held out and didn’t start it until Tuesday night. I remember Master Wu and his absent business partner but can’t remember which book. Help my poor memory please!
    Oh, my only nit is that as a New Yorker, particularly one who might be stalked by paparazzi, Mavis and Leonardo probably wouldn’t be visible from their apartment window.

      1. Thank you! I finally found it (actual hardback book). He was Master Lu in Chapter 14 of Survivor in Death. He’s Master Wu on page 377 if Festive in Death. I always thought Rourke and Eve should spar with him.

  32. Loved what Trina and Simca were up to when they discovered the body… very inventive revenge. Loved the shopping trip and the party, etc. It seemed like the murder was just a vehicle for the personal parts this time and I loved that. Easy, gentle read. Not a “on the edge of my chair, what’s going to happen next” book like some of the series, but one of my favorites for all the personal stuff in this one.

    I, too, have read the series multiple times and the character development is what draws me to do that time after time.

  33. I was wondering where my MP3 audiobook was, UPS was late. Checked delivery status on Amazon and they’d moved delivery to Sept 24th-30th!!! WT*? Sent them a scorching email, muttered to myself for five minutes, then caved and downloaded it from Audible. Sooooo glad I did – LOVED the book! Susan Eriksen is the most amazing narrator. Great one-liners, great character advancement! The shopping trip was a hoot, but I just roared over Eve’s stunned reaction to the Gift Room. Personally, I hope she never finds all the rooms in the house. Her not bothering to look shows how safe she feels in her home. Eve’s gift choices shows she’s actually starting to understand her gal pals, not merely tolerating them. Eve and Roarke’s gift exchange brought tears to my eyes. Awesome story – thanks!

      1. The gift room just completely BOGGLED me. It was even said in such an off handed manner. Talk about elves being busy!

  34. I thought the last few books missed the mark for me. Actually they are the only ones in the series I have not re-read or even have the desire to, but this one more than made up for them! Would love to see Eve and Summerset exchange gifts for once and maybe have Eve and Peabody interview less suspects or maybe just not go into so much detail with all of them as that gets a little boring for me, but other than that I LOVED this book and will definitely re-read it!

    1. Well, the books are police procedurals, so you’ll have this. If Eve and Peabody didn’t do the job, no story. The personal stuff is woven in, and important, but without the murder, and the investigation, no story.

      I really don’t see Eve and Summerset ever exchanging gifts. It’s not their way.

      1. No gifts, but I loved their verbal exchange. Missed reading about more of all the gifts. I hate winter but will still look forward to Feb! I am going to Ireland next month, for the first time, and am enjoying your posts and pictures!

  35. I truly enjoyed Festive in Death. I thought that I’d set a calendar reminder when I preordered, but alas, no reminder, so I didn’t download it until last night. I finished it today. Great story, and the conversations between R and E were spot on! Their sexy banter about cheating and what they would do in the same situation were hilarious. I enjoy the secondary characters, and can’t wait for the next installment.

  36. An evening of bliss: a glass of red wine, dark chocolate (take that, candy thief!), and Festive In Death!

    1. . . .and by the way, just roared at the references to Shipshewana, Indiana; have you ever actually been to the flea markets there and watched the Amish? Poor Felicity!

  37. I’ve read every book in the ‘in death’ series. I personally think they should be made into a tv show. On free tv though, not cable or satellite.

  38. Just finished it! Great story! A bit more in depth re the characters and Roarke and Eves christmas, which I loved! I love the way Nora takes the whole book over only two or three days, you get so much more insight to all their lives that way. The case was not quite so runaway exciting as some have been, and the book had a more gentle, settled into a pattern feel about it! Is this the calm before the storm??? Wow, I wonder??? What will Obsessive in Death be like?? Wild and wonderful I bet! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

  39. I loved this book! my favorite is reading the Christmas time books and this one was fab! We got to see so much interact with lots of my favorite people and the murder story line kept me flipping between suspects thinking okay they did it and no wait they did it! Can’t wait for the next one

  40. Eve and Summerset did exchange gifts, in a way, with their complimenting each other. That’s a huge leap for both of them.

    Just finished the second read. I’d thought Peabody would get a magic coat eventually, but this was the perfect way to do it and the pink just capped it. Yes, she’s becoming a great murder cop, but she’ll always have some pink in her. And Eve’s “crescendo” for Roarke, and his for her, showed wondrous depths. Loved it.

  41. Just finished FID, loved it. The slower pace of the investigation allowed for a lot more personal time. Really enjoyed the shopping spree and the in depth look at the Christmas party. Eve standing back and observing her’s and Roake’s worlds colliding. Very fun.

  42. In Chapter 6 there is the following paragraph: “What’s that?” she demanded with a long, unpronounceable element scrolled on.

    This has been a great story so far but that paragraph is throwing me. Does anyone know how it’s supposed to actually read? And is this kind of thing just something NOOK does like the double question mark instead of a comma that shows up at least once in every single NOOK book I have bought? I know Nora is too good a writer to have let something like that slip by her. I love these books but that is going to absolutely bug me.

    1. Wildchild1954, I think that “with” should have been “when” in that paragraph. Looks like an editing error because its the same on my Kindle. I honestly didn’t notice til you pointed it out but it makes more sense if its “when”. 🙂

      1. You’re right Marilyn! When does make more sense. I don’t know why but most times editing errors like that will just jump right out at me.

  43. Just loved this one! There hasn’t been one I haven’t enjoyed. This is my all-time favorite series (I purchase both a Kindle version and a hard cover for my bookshelf). I really appreciate the way the characters continue to grow and mature. Also love the weaving of characters from previous stories revisited in subsequent books.

    Nora, do you get a kick out of seeing things you predicted in your stories appear in real life? The other day I was reading a local newspaper and there was an article about the school board wanting to put talking vending machines in the schools. Do you suppose the machines will meet with the same wrath Eve shows towards the ones in Central?

    Will there be any short stories next year? I always enjoy the between-the-books stories.

    1. Nora’s prediction for the future that I’m eagerly anticipating is the ability to voice command water temperature. I hate waiting for the water to get hot in the shower ~ I have a deep walk in shower with the faucets all the way down at that end. No choice but to go in and get blasted with cold water. Talk about some lousy engineering 🙁

      1. I, too, have a walk-in shower but I have a hand-held shower head so I hold it down low until the water warms up. Seems like a waste of water, doesn’t it? I’d love to be able to walk in and say 95 degrees (or whatever) and have it instantly happen. My husband (he reads the series, too) wants the drying tubes.

  44. I love these characters so much. After reading these books over the last couple of years, I feel like I know them. What Rourke has done for Eve, helping her to create that sense if family that she did not have in her own childhood is one of the most amazing and beautiful things that look forward to when I read these books. Eve’s relationship with Delia Peabody is my favorite. It’s like two sisters watching each other’s backs while they’re doing the job.

    The Christmas gift that Eve have Peabody literally brought tears to my eyes.

    I can’t wait for the next adventure into the world of Eve Dallas.

    Thanks Nora. You have a huge fan of your work! 🙂

  45. Great read! I was hoping for more holiday gift interaction. I love to read about everyones presents!!
    I was also hoping for more/longer personal interactions at the party. Seeing characters like Jamie, Reo and Baxter in a normal setting is fun.
    Sorely missed a Christmas moment with Eve and Mr. Mira as well. 🙁

    1. Speaking as a writer, there’s the importance of pacing. If more time had been given to gift exchange and party time, drawing in more of the reoccurring characters, there wouldn’t have been enough room for the actual plot.

      You can only fit so much between page one and the end.

      1. Understood, there are only so many pages.
        I love all the police procedure and action.
        I wouldn’t want to diminish that, but, those little human interactions make characters all the more realistic and are just as important (for me anyway).


    2. I totally love how all the “cops” gravitated toward one room to take a break from the more social crowd. I think it was wonderfully done, how we saw Eve finally take some control of something around the house (as she just kind of eats, sleeps, and has sexy time there for the most part) while still retaining her character and style. Small steps but it’s wonderful to see the changes without total flip-flops. And Roarke has had an easier time sliding into her world than she into his. This was refreshing.

  46. I would love to read it, but can not find one here. Costco did not get them, Barnes and Noble don’t have them in their store, they are trying to order one for me, but confused on why they aren’t in the store. What gives?

  47. I think that the gift giving time was just enough. Particularly where Eve and Roarke were concerned. It was romantic and so them. I think it was brilliant of Nora to include the friends accepting their gifts. Their reactions were priceless.

    The best reaction was from Peabody in my opinion.

    Also for levity, I loved Eve’ s world wind shopping spree with Tiko.

  48. I have to say this is probably in my top ten. I did not guess who the killer was until Eve did as I was too blinded by my intense dislike for JJ Copley and Ziegler. I really didn’t like either one so if one killed the other it worked for me. I loved the shopping trip although I was left wanting to read Eve describe the other friends she bought presents for. I liked the fact that they do have a prenuptial agreement as it never made sense to me that they wouldn’t. I see it as Eve’s way of saying I don’t need your money and I also see it as Roarke taking care of business even if it’s unpleasant. Truly a great read.

    1. The discussion about the pre-nup has gone to the top of my personal list of most romantic conversations between Roarke and Eve. It truly showed how little his money and possessions mean to her. I always assumed they had one, given the huge business empire he commands. Millions of people depend on him for their livelihoods and he has a responsibility to ensure those folks aren’t affected by any marital problems he may have (not that I ever see them having any). Great writing!

    2. I was guessing until the end as well. I’m horrible, half the time I peek at the ending to see who did it, but I held off this time, even though my reading time is limited. Especially once the killer was “attacked”, I was certain it was Copely. I mean, it only made sense. The moving of the body, the blackmail, the “assualt”, and I was BLOWN out of the water when Dallas figured it out – despite all the lies the person had been caught in over and over and over.

  49. I agree about the Ziegler, Copeley, and Natasha. Horrible, horrible, people. It’s so hard to care about a victim when he was such a degenerate.

    1. I like it when the victim and the guilty parties are all unlikable. Then I can just enjoy the story!

    2. I can’t remember clearly all the victims that Dallas has stood for, that’s why I reread the books, and well, 20 years of reading – only a few stood out to me and I remembered – but I THINK this is the only victim that Dallas actively disliked, and almost considered it a service for him to be dead, even though his murder was an insult.

  50. Loved it! Read straight through. Tattie (Potato) Scones – delicious, not just for breakfast try them topped with cheese!!

  51. I really enjoyed the steady pace of this book. I felt like they and we, needed a smaller case such as this one, focused on just a few suspects, after the emotional wringer of Concealed and the intense trip through Jerry’s head in Thankless. I love that Eve and Roarke evolve all the time, and seeing how they’ve impacted one another’s lives and those around them. They’re not the same two people who met in Naked and I think that’s as it should be. I adored seeing more of the family, as it were, I am always greedy for more McNab in particular. Bring me ALL the MCNAB. I just adore him. Ahem. Also it may be just me but I loved, loved, loved the duality in responses of Baxter and Nadine to Eve about Christmas dates. Probably because I’ve thought they should end up together since basically forever lol. Like I literally take note of every bit of their parts and histories and any interactions in every book. I really, really want it to happen. I don’t feel either of them were ready before now for varying reasons, and they both have issues, but I feel like we might be getting there..hopefully

  52. Ah look at me rambling on and getting cut off ha. Abyhoo just wanted to add overall, it was a lovely read, like wrapping meself in magic coat

  53. I’m dying to know, what gift did Peabody give Eve? They never got around to the rest of the gifts!
    And was it just me or did that seem to end abruptly? *sigh* Maybe not but I’m always left wanting more. I suppose that’s a good thing. At least from an authors perspective.
    In any case, I started reading the very first book again because I wasn’t ready to give up the In Death world. I don’t really remember it, so it’s like a fresh read. I”m loving the hell out of first perceptions, knowing what I do now-what-two year later in their world?

    1. I thought the same thing… always enjoy what she comes up with. Did think Ian needed a coat too…

  54. Well I just finished it and loved it!!! This is the first book that when I got to the end I wanted more because it was so good. I too enjoyed all the interaction with the extended “family”. I loved how Peabody now has her own magic coat in her favorite color – loved how she “strutted”. It was amazing for Eve to give Roarke his own magic coat as well. I was amazed at the interaction between Eve and Summerset – it shows how their relationship has evolved and that they have respect for each other. I think they continue to snipe at each other because they both enjoy it and it is not mean spirited. Thank you Nora for another wonderful book and a deeper peek into Roarke and Eve’s world.

  55. I loved this book. I had just reread the first several books in the series before starting this one. I’m still in love with Eve and Roarke. I was so happy when Eve came into her own with the gifts; buying them, attempting to wrap them, failing and bargaining with Sommerset, giving them out personally. Even though she bitched all the way it was touching.

  56. I just finished Festive. I really thought it was going to be a serial killer since there was a note left on the scene. I kept expecting there to be more victims and for the killer to be someone going around killing people they thought were bad. This is why the In Death series is still so compelling. Just when I think I have figured it out and can predict what’s going to happen, Nora keeps me guessing and keeps me turning the pages. Right now I’m re-reading several of the earlier books that I haven’t read in years. It’s so fun to go back and see how much Eve has grown and re-read her meeting some of my favorite characters. Can’t wait for the next book!

  57. Loved, loved, LOVED Festive! The holiday party was excellent and it was full of my favorite part of the series — the personal growth. But I must admit to some concern. With Roarke having put his past to bed several novels ago and now with Eve’s hands being clean (great dream sequence!!!) I wonder what’s next for our dynamic duo. Guess I’ll just have to trust that JDR can come up with something to provide that personal growth and drama. 🙂

  58. I adored this new addition to the series! I spent the summer rereading the series and this was a great way to move into fall and winter. When you read one right after another you really can get a true timeline of the changes in characters and how the “family” comes together. Ms. Roberts writes beautifully complex characters, and while I love them all, I believe that the relationship between Eve and Feeney will always be my favorite. I am so looking forward to Obsession In Death, and cannot wait for February to arrive.
    Congratulations on a job well done!

  59. Loved it, as usual. I love the dynamic of Eve & Peabody on the case ~ and the whole gang, of course.
    Eve & Roarke at home is always special. Roarke’s gift of Master Wu to Eve, and her reaction, was so fun to read. Knowing Eve like we do now, I was totally in the moment with her and could actually feel her love deepen for Roarke bc he is so in tune with her. And loves her anyway! Nothing is more precious than that and Nora expressed it so beautifully in that scene.

    I don’t know if Nora was a poet, a mystic, a cop or a ghoul in her previous life but I’m thankful that she’s a writer in this one.

  60. I have read the death series a hundred or more time, I was wondering I was listening to a song the P ower of Love and for some reason that I don’t know it came to my mind
    eve and Roarked it will be can of romantic for me to read about that in a book, he is in to old film why not songs too

  61. I can’t read the in death books fast enough! Of the Festive in Death, I especially loved that Eve gave Peabody her own ‘magic’ coat!! and that they’re going to give Feeney his own as well. HOWEVER, they have to give McNab one now, as well. My question is, HOW are they going to figure out what color to use?? and how to suit his wardrobe!!

  62. I loved this book and the more personal sides of the characters and the gifts were wonderful. I too love Eve and Feeney. I was wrong on the killer until the last as well. I love the Thanksgiving and Christmas

    My daughter got me hooked on this series and I read them all the way to Thankless I believe one after the other. Oh my. Now I have my daughter in law in to them too. She used to read really fast and could finish one in a day or night but now with medical problems and migraines she doesn’t read as fast and wants to wait to read the new ones until she is done with the others. She had read some before but not in order. She is in turn getting me hooked on the Nora Roberts books, lol. Anyway I have to go back and read the ones she is reading so we can talk about them. I love the ones with Rourke’s Irish family a lot too.

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