Eze to Provence, France Day 4

Packing up, even though we didn’t actually unpack for our short stay, still takes time. Where did I put this, what happened to that? Then making room for goodies bought. Jason and Kat head down for a last pain au chocolate before check out.

A last look at the sea, a last walk down, down, down through our little village. We couldn’t have had a lovelier time in Eze. 

One last look at the blue sea. Photo by j a-b

Now it’s time for Kat and the bellmen to pack our many bags into the car. And for BW to maneuver us out. It takes awhile to circumvent the sharp, narrow angles, especially with oncoming vehicles trying to do the same, but we get there. 

Where to go next? Photo by kat

We’re taking the fast route–not really scenic though those hills are impressive as we whizz along the road. The drive’s under two hours, with several tolls–escalating as we go. We have enough coins to make it, but wonder why they don’t post the cost of the tolls before you creep your way through the jammed traffic–jammed we suspect because any who don’t already know the cost are now digging for the correct amount.

And we exit and turn onto a lovely country road lined with forests, drive over little bridges. We come to an enormous and gorgeous lake with water of pale teal. I’ve never seen water that color, and it looks faerie-like to me. There’s a sandy beach, a little water park, paddle boats–some with slides! Sail boats gliding, and venders selling ices.

The road winds and curves, and here is our place! BW and I were here 12 years ago, and when we turn in, I remember the look and feel. Flowers, flowers, flowers!

Inside the big, airy lobby to check in. Friendly, efficient staff, and before we know it, our luggage is unloaded, we’re loaded into a golf cart and rolling our way to our villa.

It’s wonderful! And really big. I pass right through the living area with its plentiful seating to the big outdoor space. I could live there. Padded sofas and chairs, lounging areas in sun or shade, a dining table–and we’re all about eating right there tonight. Our own pretty pool and hot tub, and all of it surrounded by trees before the view opens to the hills with their gently rounded tops, the houses and towns stacked down the slopes. 

Le spa. Photo by NR
La spa. Photo by BW
La vue. Photo by NR

BW and I take a room, little terrace off the bedroom, big dressing area, huge bath. Kat and Jason take one with a pretty sitting room, little terrace. There’s a small library, yet another sitting room, a dining room and a kitchen. Glass doors everywhere opening to that wonderful outdoor living space.

We leave unpacking for later, walk back to the hotel–lavender thick on slopes–and eventually find the restaurant near the pool. I see a belini on the drink menu, and that’s for me. A scan shows a make-your-own-salad option. So that’s what we all do. Fresh, fresh, fresh. Field greens, romaine, Roma, cherry, big bright red, fascinating black tomatoes, peppers, tuna, anchovies, cheeses, herbs, olives, etc, etc. They offer huge bowls for a reason.

We very happily settle down to lunch–with fresh bread as well. And my belini all but brings a tear to my eye.

There’s a separate area–for kids, the waitress explains, for kid type food. No wonder we see several very happy kids while we eat our enormous salads.

A happy walk back, and it’s unpacking time. I’m so ready to put things away because suitcase living brought back the rigors of book tour. Now all our things are hung up or tucked in. Jason and Kat want a walk–and decide they’ll walk to the market. It’s like two miles, maybe three, but they’ve got it mapped out. Off they go–with an ETA back of three hours.

I sit, have a glass of champagne, then decide I want to try the pool. So does BW.

It’s just right. Not chilly–I’m not a fan of cold swimming pools. Just cool enough to be refreshing. A nice swim, a dip in the hot tub. The day’s travel, then unpacking all melt away.

I think I’ll read for a bit on the terrace sofa. I do, then drift off. Sleep right there in the shade, in the quiet, for more than an hour.

I hear Jason’s voice, and BW’s.

The adventures of Kat and Jason took more than three hours. The walk to the market timed well, but they discovered much of it meant walking ON the road as there was no real shoulder. It’s windy, curvy, and they both decided it just wasn’t a good, safe idea. So Kat mapped out an alternate route on her phone for their return. This through the forest, initially on an actual track. But then the track dies off, and with the drought the river is a dry river bed. They’re two Americans with backpacks filled with soda, milk, snacks–and of course Kat’s survivalist tools–in the middle of a forest in Provence. 

The forest path. Photo by kat.

Jason says he hears a bird call out, obvious distress, as they work their way through the woods with Kat’s phone map, then come across a pile of feathers. And Jason wonders just what kind of wildlife may live that wild life in the forest here. It’s still light, but there is some concern. I sleep through their adventure so Mom doesn’t have any worry time when they’re late getting back. BW had woken from his nap before me, so had a bit of concern before they came in.

But they made it through–and as Kat said, they could have spent the night in the forest with chips and sodas and milk–and limes–and her handy supply kit. LOL.

But now they’re back after a very, very long walk, so it’s time for dinner. They have sea bass, and I’m a fan. Pomme frites! Kat takes a well-deserved interlude in the hot tub after we order.

The waiter sets us up on the outdoor table. I bring out a travel candle so we have our first dinner here with the music of the cicadas and candlelight on the terrace. 

Vue de la soiree. Photo by NR

And the sea bass is amazing.

A little lounging time in the living room, and I’m in bed by 10:30.

Another eight-straight night for me, and I write this while the rest sleep in our wonderfully quiet spot. I’m going to work out here on the terrace, ease into the day, and I think maybe I’ll write a little out here where the trees are like home.

BW, driver extraordinaire, is getting a massage today. I expect Kat and Jason will take a more civilized walk on the many lovely paths of the resort. Then we’ll see what else the day brings.


Today’s #randomkatness:

Knock THIS way. Photo by kat.

22 thoughts on “Eze to Provence, France Day 4”

  1. So wonderful. Can’t wait to see if any of this makes it into a book. Thank you!

  2. I’ve decided I want to take Kat geocaching! Seems like something she would get in to! Survivalist mentality, all about the fun!

  3. I feel like I was right there with you all! You describe everything in amazing detail!

  4. Thanks for all your posts of your trips. Makes me feel like I’m with you in your adventures . Just curious if you are recognized & ask for autographs while your exploring??

  5. So, how, exactly, do you choose your destinations and accommodations? Does Kat work her MacGyver skills and conjure up each adventure on her phone? Do you use a travel agent? Or rely on word of mouth from friends who have recommendations? Finding those wonderful places can’t be just happenstance. And FYI – BW deserves that massage after enduring the tricky traffic and narrow roads. I do predict an upcoming book with perhaps a pale teal lake. After all, you visit the most inspirational places!

    1. We don’t use a travel agent. We usually decide where we might want to go, then start looking for fun, wonderful, inteeresting accomodations in that general location. Fine one, or a small selection. Then we turn it all over to Laura, master of details.

  6. Thank you again, day four along with the pictures make us feel like we are right there. Enjoy!

  7. Your suite sounds divine. If one read this blog without knowing who you are, they would immediately know that you are a writer. You paint with words.

  8. Another wonderful shared day of travel. A spa wth a view – you can’t beat that. How reassuring that Kat is so resourceful with her food, drinks and survival gear – a great adventure. I love the door knocker. Thank you,again, for sharing.

  9. Oh, I think I would chance walking on the actual. roads, they’re probably use to people walking or riding bikes.

    Thank you for letting us enjoy your vacation with BW and your son and daughter-in-law. I vacation with my daughter, son-in-law and young granddaughter every year. I’m glad other family do traveling together also.

  10. The door knocker sort of reminds me of the things that grabbed everyone’s coats in the original Willy Wonka movie. Very cool.

    Beautiful scenery. You’re right , I could live there.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your travel adventures. The pictures you paint with your words make this armchair traveler feel like she’s there too. The pictures are great and I love Kat’s random shots.

  12. Yet another fantastic blog! I get super excited each day while waiting on these to post. I adore the #RandomKatness and look forward to another one tomorrow. I wish there was a photo of the teal water. I would love to see that lake. Thank you Nora for sharing your vacation with your fabulous writing talent and great pictures . Thank you BW, J ab, and of course Kat for the beautiful photos. Last but not least thank you Laura for putting this all together each day. I enjoy it all so much!

  13. What a beautiful spot you’ve found! Thanks again for the lovely pictures – both in photo and description. That door knocker is a hoot! The signposts reminded me of a time when my OCD mother asked a townsman when they were going to repaint their own signposts. He said no need, everyone already knew where they were going. She was out there the next day, painting them herself – lol.

  14. Thank you Nora for posting your adventures……
    Love reading them!!!!

  15. Nora, I stumbled upon your vacation to Greece several years ago and was hooked on your travels ever since. I am thoroughly enjoying your adventures and your ability to create such wonderful descriptions of your vacation holiday.
    I would have been worried sick about the kids but they are very capable and it was good that you slept through their own adventures.
    Gorgeous photos and beautiful place to kick back and relax. I will wait as patiently as possible for your next post.
    You give us so much with your books that it makes me happy to see you relaxing and enjoying yourself and family. Hugs from Texas, Beth.

  16. I just now noticed the door knocker of the lady’s hand holding the knock knocker. Love that.

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