Kerry, Day five

On a cool, misty day, we head out with Kat at the wheel.

Brave, brave Sir Kat!

She handles it while BW navigates and Jason and I share the back seat with Griffin. And handles is so well I can relax and enjoy the view on the short trip into Kenmare.

Narrow, shop-lined streets, streams of cars and people, vivid flowers hanging in lush baskets. Minutes after we park the car, I spot what I want for the first stop. Kat’s on a mission for wool yarn, and I’m on the hunt for Christmas gifts. We hit a bonanza of both!

In town. Photo by BW

Gorgeous yarn, saturated colors, soft colors, vivid, neutral, whatever you could want if you’re the crafty sort. And I find another chunk of gifts to cross off my list. The shop will ship free if you spend a hundred Euro. This turns out to be no problem at all. 

Kat and I both find everything we wanted, and more. And can walk out without passing a load of bags onto the men.


We find our place, and another pretty waitress for Griffin to flirt with. Fish and chips, Cajun chicken, big salad, and we don’t forget the chips. 

A little post-lunch wandering—I’m still hunting gifts, and Kat’s hunting something (can’t remember the name) for spinning wool. Yes, Kat has an actual spinning wheel.

But our men are bored—all three—and Kat and I will come back at some point. I do spot a sculpture I fall for, but the shop’s closed at the moment. We need a few supplies for the cottage, so head to the super market.

There are three to choose from, all basically within steps of each other.

I love that the carts offer infant seats, and other carts have double toddler seats. The Irish love their children, and find ways to make things easier on parents. [See note.]

No need for a cart – I have Dad. Photo by Kat

People smile and talk to Griffin everywhere.

We buy gorgeous bread, some Irish cheese, some crisps and so on for those snacking urges. 

Fish still life. Photo by BW

There’s a craft shop inside the market—and they have what Kat wants. She wants to come back, take a better look before buying it.

Griffin spies another baby in a cart—and said baby spies him. They launch into an excited conversation. 

Back home for some to nap. I take a walk around with my tablet to visit the flowers, take some pictures. The air’s damp and cool, but the rain’s holding off. The river’s steel gray, the mountains muted behind the gauzy curtain of gray. When the wind blows, it surges through the trees like a high surf. I walk over thick, spongy with wet green grass.

Pops of color. Photo by Nora
Fascinating river. Photo by Nora
Home. Photo by Nora

We have a reservation in the main restaurant for dinner. Griffin seriously suits up, and breaks the cute meter.

It decides to pour, but we have an umbrella, rain gear—and the car.

The pretty restaurant sets up a high chair. Griffin’s stance is, until there’s food on the tray, don’t even think about putting me in there.

Hard to blame him.

But there’s a pianist, and since the boy loves music, Kat takes him over to watch. Everyone takes turns walking him around when he needs it.

Doing a lap with Nana. Photo by Kat
Selfie with son. Photo by Kat.

I go for the bass and new potatoes—and it’s perfect. 

After his meal, Griffin wants to do some crawling, introduce himself to some of the other diners. They’re lovely about it, even encourage him to come say hello.

We head back in the rain so Mama and Daddy can put Griffin to bed.

It doesn’t take long before I decide that sounds like a fine idea.

Spots of rain, bits of blue sky and sun go back and forth this morning.

Workout’s done—some laundry comes next. 

And Griffin will help. Photo by his Nana

Kat and I may head back to Kenmare, or the whole gang may want to go somewhere else.

No set plans today, and that’s nice. We’ll just see when we see.


In today’s #randomkatness

Goddess? Nora’s sculpture? I can’t decide. Photo by Kat.

Editor note from the Cranky Publicist: Before you comment, Nora doesn’t do the grocery shopping when home in the US so this is a definite revelation. I know there are stores here that offer similar carts. And I envy the upper body strength of the parents who push food and kids through the store. ~Laura

25 thoughts on “Kerry, Day five”

  1. What a lovely day in a lovely place! Hoping to get back there myself some day!

  2. Love Nora’s Irish trilogies. Love these travelogues and the pics. Thank you!

  3. Sounds like a great time so far. hoping to make it to Ashford castle next Sunday

  4. The village is beautiful and Griffin is so handsome in his suit. You lucked out with free shipping. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.

  5. You and the family are having a fine time in Ireland!
    Griffin definitely looks dapper dressed for dinner. Cuteness meter overload!
    I’ve been knitting since I was 5, but never spun yarn. I’m going to have to take a class.
    They have shopping carts for older/physically disabled people as well, Nora.
    Keep posting, we’re enjoying!

  6. Kat and my daughter would mesh beautifully. Nancy starts with raw wool, cleans it, spins it, dyes it, knits or weaves it, and ends up with something beautiful. Loves to shop in Scotland and Ireland for yarn, too.
    Love the travelogs. Have a great time!

  7. What a gorgeous location and Master Griffin looks top notch in his suit….

    Thanks for the adventure into Kenmare….

    Looking for to the next update…

  8. My fingers are still crossed that clothes shopping for Griffin in Scotland included a tot size Kilt. ????
    How cute would that be?????

  9. Thank you to the journey into Kenmare. Griffin certainly looks dapper in his suit.

    Looking forward to the next update…

  10. I love these travelogues. And Griffin is so cute! Have a wonderful time.

  11. I wish I could meet Kat! She and I sound like kindred spirits. 🙂 I’m a yarnaholic (though I don’t spin my own), and am always on the hunt for like-minded folks. Yarn shops are few and far between on the Eastern Shore, anyway, which I guess is good for my empty bank account. 🙂 And I love how you use the (in this instance) Irish slang. You said “crisps” in the post instead of “chips” and “chips” instead of “fries.”

    1. Chips and crisps are not slang.. that is the correct terminology in Ireland and Britain! (and several other places around the world)


  12. A(nother) Great Day with Amazing Grifin ❤️

    I was relieved with Laura note about the carts as I was a bit ? taken back with your remark about the children seats at the carts. They are a major help specially if you do a monthy run. Something they couldn’t convince me to do upon a previous payment of 1000 dollars. Thanks but no thanks ?
    I don’t like shopping. Any shopping. Not even for Christmas gifts but I do love yours on these Travelogues ?
    Keep enjoying the fun ?

  13. Kat has a spinning wheel, of course she does. She is one cool lady. There was a secretary at the office who spun wool over her lunch hour. It was very relaxing to watch.

  14. Fabulous photos! Griffin’s suit is darling, and as always, he is adorable. More fun for the Nora and BW vacation clan. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Griffin is seriously adorbs! Thanks again for sharing your holiday with all of us.

  16. Wonderful pics and Mr.Griffin is a prize. Reliving my son and DIL trip to Ireland last year through you. They loved Kennare.

  17. Thanks for today’s post. Griffin is absolutely adorable in his suit. Looking forward to your next post.

  18. So glad you are enjoying your holiday . We loved Edinburgh & other places in Scotland. Ireland is on my bucket list to do. The thought of the wool alone is enough of a lure. I hope this time in Kerry may inspire another Irish trilogy. Wishing you & your family all the best for the rest of your holiday. PS loved Griffin in his suit.

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