Devoted in Death teasers

devoted coverOne week until release day in the US and Canada (nine days in the UK, Ireland, SA, AUS and NZ).

As has become habit over the last few releases, I’ll post one teaser a day until Friday.  These will not spoil the mystery or give away huge plot points — instead they are things to look for when you devour the newest addition to the In Death series.

Please scroll down for the teasers.  Laura

September 8:

A Peabody teaser!  Early on she dares fate when  she corrects Eve. And we get  a little glimpse of the recent Christmas with Peabody’s family.

September 9:

Will Eve acquiesce when coffee is forbidden?  Will she learn alternate ways of dealing with stress?  Stay tuned!

September 10:

What does Roarke need to be the richest man in the world?  And why would he need to add an entry in the Marriage Rules?

September 11:

Time confounds Eve on many levels.  And in a squad update, look for some fish out of water.

51 thoughts on “Devoted in Death teasers”

  1. I cannot wait! I live Peabody’s family. A little tree-hugger, sixth sense of father, mixed with practicality of Phoebe, plus her parents still in love after all these years.

  2. Ha! When I brought the page up, the only thing there for a while was the book cover. (my system is obviously really slow this afternoon) I though – oh, that’s just mean. I like it – as a teaser – it’s mean, yet funny.
    It finally loaded competely.
    Sorry Laura. I should trust you.

  3. I am suffering through a head cold and not doing much. I woke up today thinking that I would be able to download the new JD Robb book. Next week. Sigh! I am enjoying Nora’s posts from Montana.

  4. And Peabody survived??? Always fun to have a peek at her clan. Thanks, Laura!

  5. Old timers like me, know all the tricks- like reading the first chapter, as soon as you posted it on the website. As for Peabody, nothing she could say now would be worse that what she said in Origin- speculating about what she would do if Eve died. Saying she’d probably wait 2 weeks before jumping Roarke’s bones! Eve let her live.

  6. Corrects her… gulp…cop work????
    I can’t wait to spend a week (ok a day, but then I’ll re-read) with Dallas and the gang!

    1. I know, right? I literally *gasped* when I read “corrects Eve!
      CanNOT wait!

      I have to say that my mom was an avid, loyal reader/fan. When she passed away we found series bound together, single releases all in alphabetical order lovingly all on their own bookcase.
      What books I didn’t have, I kept, but I found a neighbor who almost wept with joy when we offered them to her. Not only was she a fan of my mom’s, but NR and JDR as well.
      Thank you Nora, for the many hours and years of reading pleasure that you gave her.

  7. BTW, just saw on FB someone complaining that the JDR website still says the release date is today. Went to look at it and while you’ve got a BIG picture of the book with the correct date on it, the news crawl underneath still says the 8th. I wanted to let you know in case you get more flack about it.

  8. Can not wait until next week to buy the book. I am going to have to buy another bookshelf (already have 3), because of all of Nora Robert and J.D. Robb books. Have enjoy each and every one of them.

  9. I’m so looking forward to Devoted. My interest was whetted by the first chapter, but I love your teasers. You seem to know what we fans look forward to and will enjoy. People might shake their head, but I’m also super keen to read Brotherhood (with sweet Dennis Mira–and I bet we see another side of him). Can’t tell you how glad I am we only have to wait ’til February. We’re lucky that Nora is so prolific. I hope it doesn’t drive her nuts that we’re always saying, “Loved your latest book. When did you say the next one’s a available to pre-order?”

  10. I too, am grateful that Nora (JD) is so prolific. Her bookcase in my house is in double layers, but I want to keep them in one place so they are together anytime I want to revisit anyone, which I do often in between releases. Looking forward to next Tuesday and two weeks after that and November. Such a talent! She’s wonderful. Congratulations on your latest award! Well deserved. Thank you for hours and years of enjoyment.

  11. I bought mine yesterday in Canada … are you sure about the release date?

    1. Yes, I’m sure. Where did you purchase it? Stores that break the strict on sale date need to be reported to the publisher.


      1. I bought mine yesterday also (09/09/2015) from Walmart in California USA.

  12. OMG – does that mean Eve finally sees some good in the protein drinks? Stay tuned – lol.

  13. Eve without coffee? I would have thought you’d have to pry her coffee from her cold dead hand! Kinda like me! I’m looking forward to this book. I plan to stay up late Monday night as it should appear on my Kindle just after midnight.

    1. I’m finding it hard to believe that Eve would willingly go without coffee. Something has to be up with that. Although a while ago, I would have said that about me and Diet Pepsi and I’m doing ok without it.

  14. Eve without coffee???? Will ANYONE survive? Certainly Summerset will be in danger.

  15. Ooooohhhh! Those are deffinatly teasers! Forbids Coffee? Who could do such a ghastly deed? Whistle wetted!

  16. Wow, Eve without coffee. Anyone within any distance of her must be miserable. I hope Eve doesn’t kill anyone….lol

  17. Eve without coffee!! I worry for everyone but, for some reason, for Summerset most of all!

  18. I would’ve never thought eve would be without coffee. How does this come about? With Robert having the vast coffee of coffees and she has no coffee this is definitely a surprise what did somebody kidnap her and she doesn’t have access to coffee? I am wondering very curious now. And I meant for that to say Rourke

    1. I took it to mean Roarke and/or Summerset have decided she drinks entirely too much and are restricting it for health reasons or he bet her that she could not do without it for an undisclosed period of time. lol

  19. Coffee forbidden?! OMG – Eve is gonna kill somebody. There’s NO WAY she’s gonna be able to cope without real coffee. I wonder if it’s just real coffee that’s forbidden and not the soy substitute. BUT she may be able to get around it by drinking Pepsi/Coke for the caffeine boost. Either way it’s going to be hysterical to read!

  20. I can’t see any of these teasers. I’ve tried multiple times on my computer, my iPhone and my iPad. Any suggestions?

    1. There are two 2 sentence teasers at the bottom of this post (the one you’re commenting on) titled September 9 and September 9. They are not spoilers, they are just a couple of things to look for as you read.

      I hope this makes sense.


  21. Pulled a Eve breakfast – Drowned my pancakes in butter & syrup – made me happy- lol – & no one gave me anything healthy to counteract the sugar – Happy day!!!

  22. Another entry in the Marriage Rules? Sounds like there’s a little Eve/Roarke conflict. Can’t wait to see how THAT gets worked out 😉

  23. If Roarke makes a new rule I’m sure Eve will try to follow it!

  24. I’m sorry but you have committed one of my pet peeves. It is
    “an” in front of a vowel, not “and”!!

    Otherwise, I am loving the teasers.

  25. Loving the teasers. We have people in our fan club group who picked up the book at Walmart two days ago, but they are holding off on any spoilers until we all get it in our hands. Just can’t wait for the story to continue…so what else is new:)

  26. Sounds like Eve is having not only Marriage Rules issues, but time zone issues. I just love how she and Roarke work out their issues 😉

  27. QUESTION!!!!!
    Why was this book on the bookshelf at WALMART?!?!?! It’s usually the LAST place I would look for a new book BC they’re usually sooooooo late in shelving the books but I was walking by and BAM! Right there in front of my face that I did a double take and had to double check my calendar! I bought the book and canNOT wait to start it but I blocked next weekend for my reading marathon already so it’ll still have to wait til then!

  28. New people in the squad? Or can Eve take the capt position and stay with the squad?

  29. I just now opened this, and I’m seriously thrilled that the page is just updated with each day’s teaser, rather than a new post. I can’t imagine how Eve would cope with no coffee – especially the real stuff. Or even the fake stuff if the real stuff was outlawed. As far as Roarke adding something to the marriage rules – well, you have to admit, they don’t really have many “marriage rules” in their marriage right now – especially considering he’s a bajillionaire and makes few requests for his wife to accompany him as arm candy (or as a wife) since she has such a demanding career of her own. And I love, love, love, that Peabody’s going to, in some way, correct Eve! I hope she lives!

    1. Dottie,

      In this post (the one you commented on) I added two sentence teasers on September 8,9, 10 and 11. There are no links or spoilers, just the little hints on what to look for when you read Devoted.


  30. Can’t wait to get the book!As always I’m sure it’s going to be an all nighter read not complaining, you’re books are amazing.Can’t wait to see the add in on the marriage data,I’d love to see them add on to there family.I think They’ll be wonderful parents.

  31. Is it possible that Eve is pregnant. I know Nora said that she will stop writing when that happens, but maybe she changed her mind.I see no other reason, she always drinked a lot of coffee.

      1. Let me add a zillion times NO.

        I don’t change my mind that easily. And neither does Eve.

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