9 thoughts on “Stars of Fortune excerpt”

  1. There’s a reason I usually don’t read the sneak peeks — I’m depressed when I get to the end and dissatisfied that I have to wait for the rest. Can hardly wait for the release!

  2. I’ve pre-ordered it some time ago and am now just about crazy for it to get here. LOL Thanks for the excerpt…I think…

  3. Wrote it on my list. Won’t read the sneak preview so I won’t spoil the fun when I get the book! Anticipation!!

  4. Oh man I can’t wait! This drew me in! And it will be a birthday gift for me. Perfect!

  5. I won’t read the excerpt – i can’t stand to wait till the new releases come out!!!! I will stand strong till November.

  6. I just read the first chapter of this trilogy it is going to be a fantastic trilogy I love all Nora’s trilogies but each just gets better and better can’t wait for the release date although I don’t read any until I have all three of them ,it is very hard to wait but it is so nice when I have them all then read one after the other

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