A definitive list

Well, it’s been an interesting week.  To cap it off, here’s the complete, definitive list of what you won’t see in the In Death series from JD Robb herself.  ~Laura

The Top Nine In Death Things I’ll Never Write
And One That’s A Loooooooong Way Off

1. Eve and Roarke babysitting Bella for any length of time.  
The middle of murder is not the time for her slooches and delightful antics.

2. Nadine and Baxter in love (or sex).
A conflict of interest.  One of them–the Crime Beat reporter or the Cop–would have to change careers. I think we all enjoy them too much for that.

3. Nadine and Trueheart in love (or sex).
She’d eat that sweet boy alive.

4. Eve having a pregnant scare/not knowing she’s pregnant.

Its 2061 and birth control has been handled (off page) and reliable pregnancy tests would be as easily–if not more–available than a candy bar.

5. Eve dreaming about being pregnant.

6. Roarke kidnapped.
He’d kick a potential kidnapper’s ass.

7. Eve kidnapped.

8. Eve in a coma/seriously injured so the rest of the gang can take point on an investigation.
Eve is THE central character and is always going to take point.

9. Roarke in a coma/seriously injured, etc.
Roarke is a central character.  I don’t want to write a story where he’s not front and center.

10.  Peabody and McNab may very well get married, even have a kid–sometime way, way, down the road. WAY DOWN.
At this point, and peering into my crystal ball for the foreseeable future, they’re really happy as co-habs.

Nora/JD Robb

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      1. I also agree with the list. Too much going on in their lives for any of that!

    1. 6. Roarke kidnapped.
      He’d kick a potential kidnapper’s ass.

      7. Eve kidnapped.

      Oh, Thank All The Gods and Goddesses! One of my least favorite books in the series is CEREMONY…. , b/c I don’t believe for a second Eve would be so off her guard as to get grabbed by Alban and bound to an altar as a naked sacrifice, so Roarke and Jamie could save her! I’m just glad there wasn’t a fridge handy to stuff her in, just to complete the humiliation….

      I could see Eve being injured and out of active investigation (like the ever-popular broken leg, say), but still running things lost-distance from her home or Cop Central office – and realizing that, yes, when she’s old enough to get out of the field regularly, she could find job satisfaction as a Captain supervising detectives. Or Eve and Roarke being away on vacation, Peabody catching a case involving somebody working for Roarke, and her and McNab working it on their own – with Roarke and Eve following along on their PPCs or one of the computers at one of Roarke’s vacation homes. (I’ll admit, I’d like to see a novella with Peabody working a case largely on her own – a book would be too much, I think, but one of those anthologies NR writes a story for might be fun!)

      10. Peabody and McNab may very well get married, even have a kid–sometime way, way, down the road. WAY DOWN.
      At this point, and peering into my crystal ball for the foreseeable future, they’re really happy as co-habs.

      Didn’t they already cover this in CELEBRITY…? They agreed they both want to marry each other, but nowhere near right away – “When we’re grown-ups”, I think Peabody said. I like that sentiment…. 🙂

      2. Nadine and Baxter in love (or sex).
      A conflict of interest. One of them–the Crime Beat reporter or the Cop–would have to change careers. I think we all enjoy them too much for that.

      This is the only one I’m sad about, because I think Nadine and Baxter are close enough in attitude and approach, and different enough in what they consider their duty, to make a believable couple. Also, cops and reporters? They’re like cops and hookers – they often end up together because see the world in a similar way, and it’s not as if Roarke Industries doesn’t have interests that Eve’s investigations run up against.

      1. If you remember, in Ceremony, Eve was about to take care of Alban herself.
        I don’t want to write a novella highlighting Peabody, truly, or a story where Eve’s injured and running things from home. Or having my main characters away so Peabody can run an investigation. The books center on Eve and Roarke for a reason.

        I just don’t want to write these sorts of angles, so I tried to lay it out in the blog post.

        I don’t see Baxter and Nadine, at all–just don’t. It IS a conflict of interest–and one that would have to be addressed–to have a murder cop in a serious relationship with a reporter who covers the crime beat. That’s over and above these two character not suiting–they’re happy as friends–and not looking for a relationship right now.

        1. YAY! I read your books because I don’t know what will be in them. I want to be taken on a journey where I don’t know the path to be taken or the destination, so you keep doing what you’re excellent at and I’ll keep reading.

          On a side note, I will be taking a course in the Spring on Folklore in Literature and we get to choose the book(s) we want to write our term paper on. I am thinking the Circle Trilogy, Sin of Seven Trilogy, Three Sisters Island Trilogy, Key Trilogy or The Cousins O’Dwyer Trilogy … I suppose I am going to have to read them all again over the Winter break to decide which one(s) to use for the assignment.

          Is there a singular Irish folklore that these trilogies are based upon or are each of them based upon a multiple Irish folklore?

          1. please excuse the misspelling of SIGN of Seven Trilogy 😀

          2. Actually, there’re all out of my head, maybe taking little bits of folklore here and there to weave through, but mostly I just make it all up.

            Good luck with your paper. It sound like a fun course.

        2. When Eve went to Dallas chasing McQueen she left Peabody in charge of the New York end of the case. That’s close enough for me!
          I love your books!

        3. I totally agree with you! Of course you are the author so what happens is your doing no one else’s. I do sincerely LOVE your books! My only problem is that you don’t write them fast enough for me. I love the In Death series and your Nora books. I think you are a fabulous writer with an incredible imagination. Thank you for the books!
          Lorraine Austin ??

      2. I don’t really see Baxter having a RELATIONSHIP any time soon. He seems to care more about his suits than anything else. Maybe in the future, we’ll see him more fleshed out. I think Nadine does deserve a relationship — but I don’t see anyone out there for her yet.

      3. You don’t have to believe Alban grabbed Eve – Nora wrote it. Her books, her ideas. Why do people insist they know the Authors characters’ better than the Author? It works, all of Noras’ books work, b/c no one knows them better! By all means, let us all know when your book comes out ‘Constant Reader’, so we can let you know what we believe you got wrong about your own characters. Thanks.

    2. I agree and am so totally happy to hear ALL of the things on the list. The list also is part of the reason why Nora is not predictable. And I like that.

  1. Wow. it would never have occurred to me to suggest to an author that I love (or any author, for that matter) what to write. Hate that y’all had to spend so much time on this topic. Love the books – any way you want to write them!

    1. I second Terry. Who am I to give input? I love Nora’s books, and her characters, and the way she writes. I’ve read them all repeatedly and I always get surprises in the new ones. Keep ’em coming! And keep yourself happy during the process Nora.

      1. Agree completely. Love the books, Nora’s books.
        You go Nora!!!!!

    2. Completely agree! Let Nora write what she wants. That’s why we read her books.

    3. I say let those people with suggestions write their own stories. I happen to love the way they are written and with new anticipation with each book, I don’t even think about any of those questions that are here.

    4. I totally agree with you Terry. Who wants to interfere with perfection Nora rocks in my eyes either as Nora or JD

    5. I really do have to agree with you Terri. If I didn’t like the books the way Nora is writing them I wouldn’t still be buying them. Since we are now 49 (including short/anthology stories) stories into the series and I AM still buying them she must be doing something right. (Or is that write?) The only right that a fan of an authors has is the right to decide whether or not to buy a book. You like their writing, you buy their books. If you don’t like where a series is going you no longer have to purchase the book. But if you are buying the books you still don’t have any right to tell an author how they should be writing.

      1. i agree with all the above, we obviously love the stories so why change the format especially when it works. I think i had only possibly thought about number ten ever happening and not any time soon. i can’t believe people ever even considered the other options from the list. Any of those would just change the dynamics of the world she has written. Keep doing what you’re doing, that is what we love. Thank you Nora for your fantastic imagination and thank you for sharing it with us. We are better for it. <3

      2. I agree, love whatever Nora writes and don’t know why others think they know better. Write it yourself if you can, without getting sued for stealing ideas..

    6. Terry, I couldn’t have said it any better! Nora keeps writing them I’ll keep reading them!

  2. Thanks for making that clear. But I gotta say, as for Eve or Rourke being kidnapped, in a comma, etc, characters have tried to kidnap/imprison and failed and always will.

  3. Dear Nora
    Anyone who loves good writing will wait with anxious and expected eyes for your next book period! Please do not waste another moment away from your writing and family friends, etc, for anyone who does not know and appreciate you as an author.
    Very Sincerely
    Shirley Wilkins, Shirl4Nora in VA

  4. I like the books just the way they are. Any of those things would be too much of a departure from the way she writes them that it wouldn’t be good.

  5. I would like to thank you for the ‘In Death’ books. I have not been reading them
    from the beginning, only found them by mistake when I was unwell in 2012. I read them as often as I can get my hands on them and thoroughly enjoy them.

  6. Burst out laughing both at the thought of Nadine and Trueheart and your response. My Thursday is looking up!

      1. Plus Nadine is way to smart to piss Eve off by hurting the poor guy. She would be expected to choose sides, and have an opinion on someone else love life. SOOOO not going to make her happy!

  7. Why all this argumentation about baby/no baby, love interests here and there and all other plots everybody suggests? First, to have to answer all this, Ms Roberts has to take valuable time away from writing her books and I rather read a book then read all this crap and second, IF she used all the suggestions, it wold not be Her book! Her storys, her plots, the way she use words in HER way, all of it makes her books marvelous, without “help” from someone else!
    Thank you Ms Roberts for being YOU!!!!

  8. I wouldn’t think this series would have enough room for any kind of Shipping. It appears I was wrong.

    Definitely Crack shipping in this case. How can you ship people where there’s no real chemistry? I don’t even think Baxter and Nadine have had a real conversation. And Trueheart just blushes. You can’t go off that because Trueheart blushes for everybody.

    Dallas makes him blush sometimes. Although at least in Witness, it was implied by his mother that there was a crush going on. Peabody made him blush a couple times. The guy is just a sweetie.

    I personally don’t even see why kidnapping has to be a thing. We get enough emotional protectiveness on both Eve and Roarke’s part for each other and everybody else that kidnapping is unnecessary.

  9. Just finished Concealed in Death. It’s the best! More insights into Eve, what she’s like, etc.
    Glad you aren’t doing any of the list!

  10. Seriously — I can hope and wish all I want but I love just watching the journey.

    Thanks for the journey Nora.

    1. i’ve been enjoying all the comments but you have just defined for me what I’ve struggled to put into a word. This marvelous series has been a JOURNEY… not just of Eve and Roarke but the entire family of characters and we have been privileged to be allowed to take that Journey with them. Thank you, Nora!

      1. Perfectly said, Courtney….I couldn’t have said it better, and totally agree with you. I have a bookcase totally dedicated to NR or JDRobb books. Nora’s novels are my “Calgon, take me away” moments, and have been since her first book. There’s no other author I enjoy reading as much as I do Nora. I’d rather “fall into” one of her stories over and over again than read a different author.

        Blessings, Nora, and thank you for the many years of romance and adventure! You are so appreciated.

  11. I had seen the books before but didn’t think I would like them. Was given Conspiracy In Death at the job I was working about 10 years ago. I read it and fell in love. Had to go back to the beginning and buy them all. Have been keeping up to date ever since. I did wonder about a few things but now I’m ok because you answered. I respect your vision and will continue to enjoy the story that you tell. Can’t imagine live without Eve and the gang.

  12. Love the books written as they are. I agree with other fans… I would never suggest how to write their books/characters. I love what Nora/JD writes now. I think I have every book she’s ever written. I love her writing that much. Keep writing and I will always be your loyal reader 🙂

  13. Thank you for clearing that up. It’s really getting tiresome, having everyone making these inane suggestions.
    I love reading about Eve and Roarke and the way their lives have developed over the years. Keep up the great work, Nora.

  14. Good list. And should the plot require any of these in the future, you can change change your mind too. I believe a few people think because they read books, they understand the process of creating/ writing them. We’re consumers, not partners.

  15. Nora/JD is the creator of these characters that we love and she has EVEEY right to decide how her characters will act in future books if the series!
    They make sense and any reader that doesn’t agree…can stop reading the books and go about their business harassing another author!
    I will keep reading the in Death books, always wishing the characters were real people I knew, and enjoying the ride! Thanks Nora/JD

  16. You do great work. I totally agree with your list. I totally agree with my opinion that you are the storyteller and bring them to life and let us enjoy them. I liked when Dickhead was in love – and the comments about it – but also enjoyed that you didn’t go into his personal life more, since you hadn’t before. Keep up the great work! I’ll keep reading – both in book and in digital forms! 🙂

  17. Nora – just keep doing what you’re doing!!! If it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!!!!!!!

  18. Love all your books and the way you write them. You do research you actually go to the places to see them
    so you know what you’re writing about. Sure there is so many ways this series ( or any series) can go BUT
    you are in the driver’s seat in 1st place Ignore them you are loved!

    1. Totally agree with you! Love how the Nora writes all her books. The In Death books are a treasure. To see how the characters have grown from the first book to the latest book has been amazing. She is the driver of the series and takes care of the characters and her devoted readers by being true to her vision. Thank you!

  19. Thank you, Nora/JD for laying it, once and for all, on the line! Hopefully this will put an end to the crazy-sauce that’s been going on!! I was thinking this morning how amazing it is, considering how many books you’ve written, your stories are NEVER cookie-cutter, carbon copies of each other. Especially with the In Death books, with the same cast of wonderful characters, that after 40+ books, there are no two alike; it’s always a fresh reading experience. For me, that is the essence of a true imagination. Thank you!

  20. Yay! Yay! Yay! That was brilliantly said. Now maybe everyone can go about their life and leave the writing to Nora who obviously knows best.

  21. #3 brought something up in my mind – will we ever learn who the candy thief is? Probably not but it is driving me bonkers as I feel I should be able to figure it out but I just can’t. Maybe that can be on a next list of what will not be written about – Part II. As long as I can get my hands on Roarke and Eve on a regular basis, I am a very happy reader. Take them in whatever direction you want…I will happily follow.

    1. Pamela,

      As I said on Facebook to this very question — if we found out who the Candy Thief is, the fun of the Candy Thief would be over and done. I’d miss the fun of Eve’s frustration and the lengths she goes to protect the sugar.


      1. I think I know who isthe Candy Thief. But then…. I don’t really want to spoil the fun of it being over.

      2. As I’ve commented several times in the last month, I’ve been re-reading, starting at the beginning. I don’t recall the candy thief before a certain character showed up….so I have my suspicions, then again, it’s fun to speculate, and I LOVE the lengths Eve has to go through to hide her “stash” – even taping it outside her window. In one of the early books I just re-read (maybe the Cassandra book?), Peabody walked in on her eating her very real chocolate, and she shoved it in her mouth so quick so she wouldn’t have to share it cracked me up! And Peabody, in that instance, walking in and sniffing and saying she smelled chocolate, the real thing, and accusing Eve, and seeing Eve stuff the rest of it in her mouth like a five year old who wasn’t going to share!

      3. So true! Only thing funnier than the Candy Thief is Eve’s terror of being with Trina.

    2. I think the Candy Thief is Roarke – just because he is a tease – and loves to watch Eve lose it! I think he is helped out by her `team`- and I am just loving Eve trying to come up with new places to hide her `stash`!

  22. The comment on Nadine having her way with Trueheart was great. Maybe as an undercover thing? No, even then. He would never stop blushing and she is too recognizable. The rest were dead on.

    Keep them coming.

  23. I think it’s great that you are showing there are a variety of COMPLETE families, and not all of them include children. I have a number of friends who are childless, by choice; they are some of the most giving, selfless people in the world. Love the books!

  24. You’re the boss, you’re awesome, and you need no input from us! Go back to writing great books!

  25. Totally agree. Love your books and the WAY you write them. Your list is so dead on. If you know the In Death series and the characters you wouldn’t even question something different. Keep on writing, have read all your books and can’t wait for the next. Thank you!

  26. I soo agree with this list. If I wanted to dictate a storyline I wouldn’t read the book!! I love the way Nora creates and the character evolves!! Never stop Nora!!

    1. I recently started listening to the series from the beginning (thanks to a sale on digital downloads for the first two). There is a LOT of evolution in the series. I started reading them around when the fifth one came out. I didn’t remember just how much sex was in the early ones — before and right after the marriage. I’m loving blushing in my car as I pull into work! I have no complaints about the amount then or how the series has evolved, but it is interesting to revisit them (although I’m chomping at the bit for McNabb and Peabody to JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY).

  27. all of those mean the series continues for many of the reasons we love it! The only thing i dreaded more than any major change was that those changes would mean it was ending… so glad thats not happening!

  28. None of these make any sense! Have you read these characters? I love the way Nora writes and can’t wait to see what comes next.

  29. LOVE LOVE LOVE THE LIST…the fact that Nora/JD had to go to the trouble to MAKE the list at all is insane. Why people think they can or should tell a writer what to do or how to do their job is unbelievable. I love your books, and have been reading Nora since her days w/ Harlequin/Silhouette. I am missing 2 of her books and will own a copy of everything she has done. I re-read them all the time, and love them all. Keep doing what you do and we will keep buying, LOL

  30. I will enter this conversation cautiously and admit a couple of these things actually crossed my mind. Don’t think poorly of me as I have help in this area. My 83 yr old mom is more character driven than plot driven and often has suggestions of some sort or another so I’ve heard them all. (“She is your biggest fan!”) 🙂

  31. Way to go Nora. You do wonderful work. It’s always thrilling when another book by NR/JDR hits the market. Keep them coming, please.

  32. Definitely agree. I’m grateful for the high quality of the writing and well-crafted plot lines that are integral into the series. It’s intriguing to see the characters grow and relationships evolve. But I love the dialogue in all Nora’s books. It’s genuine and human, and I’m sure the success of the characters and series are due to her clear focus. Thank you Nora.

  33. I loved the list of WILL NOTs. 🙂 Being amused is a good way to start the morning.
    I haven’t read the new Death book, but I have it on my bookshelf. I’m waiting until after Christmas when I can hibernate in front of the fire with the rain pouring pouring down outside and not be disturbed. (Western Washington)
    Thank you for the many hours of enjoyment you’ve given me, Nora.
    And thank you, Laura for all you do.

    1. How in the world can you have a JD/Nora book in your possession and not dive into it?? I can’t even resist rereading her books!

  34. If everyone really wants these things to happen, that’s what fan fiction sites are for. Although most aren’t nearly so well written, there is all manner of spin-off and alternate-reality for the In Death team already out there.

  35. Agree! And maybe these should be the ground rules to belonging to the Facebook page? If you mention any of the above, you get a warning and a reminder and then you are booted. Nora has wasted too much time on this stuff already people! Every keystroke she has to spend refuting these ideas is much better spent on new stories for us to enjoy. 🙂

  36. They could be subtitled Nine Questions from InDeath that Will Send Nora/JD Running, Screaming Into The Woods.

  37. I’ll begin telling JD/Nora how to write as soon as she begins telling me how to read her books, which to read, in what order to read and so forth. Bah, humbug that readers think they know how an author should write the story.

  38. “Its 2061 and birth control has been handled (off page) and reliable pregnancy tests would be as easily–if not more–available than a candy bar.”

    LOL, the candy thief wouldn’t be interested in a pregnancy test so I’m sure it would be more available than a candy bar.

    This list is spot on. As one part of a couple who chose not to have children, but really love and enjoy the ones in our circle, I definitely have experienced how persistent people can be about this. I don’t know why they insist you can’t be fulfilled without kids but a lot of them do. They finally stopped pestering me a decade after my hysterectomy.

    This list is awesome and right on track. I prefer to come to each book fresh and let Nora take me on a journey with Eve and Roarke and the gang. The only bummer is when the book ends and I can’t wait for the next one.

    People just need to sit back and enjoy the journey.

    1. Let’s all be happy we’re hearing the reply from the author. How much different would the reply be from the Lieutenant herself?

      1. The sad thing is from reading all of her “In Death” …. I can so picture Eve speaking her peace on it. That would be a completely very verbal point of view on the whole baby issue! Besides, would you not think with her abuse as a young child that she is unable to have children.

    2. I hear you, Deena, about the having kids thing. Not all of us want to be parents. While it could make for some hilarious bits having Eve and Roarke deal with pregnancy and childrearing, I can’t see them continuing with the “In Death” series while having kids. (I just re-read Roarke’s precious frightful reaction to Eve’s telling him that Mavis’ baby moved … “Where?!?”)

      Adopting an older child, maybe – but Summerset would end up raising it. I say no kids.

  39. Thanks. I love the list. I think the writer should tell the story even if we have our own little fantasy of how we would tell it.

  40. It makes me laugh a little that one of the top selling authors has to answer questions as to why she will or won’t write something into or out of her stories. Relax and enjoy the read, anticipate the next one and let her do what she does best.

  41. love the “in death” series just the way they are! Thanks Nora Roberts/J. D. Robb. Great books have all of them. Reread them often.

  42. I just…well…why does this author have to justify her decisions on writing to us? If you don’t like the direction she has chosen, stop reading. Your choice. I totally agree with everything she has stated here. Bring on more Eve and Roarke! I love watching their relationship grow.

  43. If I could spell it I’d say hallelujia to it all..:)….Thanks for the entertaining novels Nora. Keep up the good work!

  44. I have read this thread for the first time this week – fascinating introduction. I’ve been reading the Death series for YEARS and thoroughly enjoy disappearing into the world that has been created by a fabulous well thought out author. I find it fascinating that readers who accept this futuristic world where many of today’s big social questions have been dealt with – e.g. “licenced companions”, “legal uppers and sober-ups etc” “professional mothering” and so forth are so stuck on there being evidence of current societal norms happening or the characters are not truly being “fulfilled” – e.g. marriage and babies. As someone who has no intention of doing either and is planning on “co-habitating” from next year – I think it is just as big a commitment and cause for celebration as “marriage”. And those of us who are socially responsible enough to choose not to have kids applaud the fantastic life and love that Eve and Roarke share. I sincerely hope that the future values all people’s life choices. Thanks for the continued fab work Nora – I look forward to the continuing evolution of the world you have created. And thanks to everyone for being so interesting in your opinions.

  45. Great list, hope it finally puts it all to rest so we can settle back down and enjoy the In Death world. Number Five made me laugh and also think, with Eve being Eve, “dreaming” could be substituted with “nightmaring” – lol. I’m one of the ones who also chose not to have children and the pressure to change my mind was unbelievable. Love, love, love the books and they’re perfect just as they are – thanks, Nora!

  46. I also love the list. Nora/JR Robb you rock and I have never been disappointed with your books. I always am waiting impatiently for your next release and read as soon as I can . Anyone who would want to change your way of doing things is a bully. You wouldn’t be the amazing author you are ISF you wrote according to someone else’s ideas.. you Rick Nora and I fir one will continue to buy you books no matter what it is because it will be worth the wait Love you keep them coming your way.

  47. Okay, first of all, this made me laugh because they are completely mind boggling. I mean it’s just wow how people can come up with this stuff. I mean c’mon Eve, dreaming about having a baby… yeah okay only if it’s a nightmare. Not even then. I can honestly say, I can’t even wrap my head around some of these.

    The only thing about this that makes me sad, is the fact that she had to write it out and make it crystal clear to the fans exactly what won’t happen in the books. But this whole thing was a good idea.

    If I want to read about babies and marriage and all that, I’ll go pull out a Nora book. to me that isn’t what JD Robb (with the exception of Eve and Roarke, and Charles and Louise) is all about. Yes, it is fun to read the Nora books with Romance, Murder, Weddings, Magic and all of that, but I don’t know what I’d do if she changed the In Death books to have a lot of the stuff like Babies and Weddings and more Romance with the Main Character Groups.

    If I’m in the mood for a good Murder I will go pull out a JD Robb book. But if I want happy endings I’ll pull out a Nora book.

  48. Well once again she has hit the nail on the head with all of these. Not even sure why anyone would want to muddy the waters with these suggestions.

    Love these books and am looking forward to the next installment. They are ones that I go back to time and again. Thank you for them!

  49. I agree with all of these (it’s been said in other books that b.c was completely reliable, so I of course, assumed that Bella was intended for Mavis and Leo), and I LOL’ed at some of them. Agree that Eve and Roarke would kick any kidnapper’s ass – her capture in Ritual in Death (the cult one, if I got the title right) only happened because she was drugged. As for Baxter and/or Trueheart dating, or even having sex with Nadine – yeah, I can see Baxter taking Nadine for a quick roll, MAYBE, but no more than that because he’s homicide and she’s the top crime reporter and the City, not to mention being his boss’ friend, but Trueheart? The poor boy still blushes at ANYTHING, including girls flirting with him. I can’t imagine him even GETTING naked, not to mention with someone at least 10 years older than him, and well, like you said, she’d eat him alive, even if was for a quick roll. I see her seeing Trueheart as just what he is – a nice boy. And Baxter’s too much, IMO, of a ladies man for anything more than a quick roll, and it’s better that he not take that roll with any main characters, could make it sticky.

  50. I am so very glad, that Nora (JD Robb) Roberts, has put everyone in their place in regards to changing something that isn’t broken. Honestly, please go find something else to change! The “In Death” series, doesn’t need changed in anyway, shape or form. The only question that anyone should have is who the he!! is going to play Roarke! Perfection can’t be repeated! Ms. Roberts, I have been reading your books since the early 90’s….my bookcase is covered with your collection of trilogies, and other stories. I have a shelf dedicated to the Dallas & Roarke! I enjoy the opportunity you give us to escape from our lives to live in the “In Death” series and your other writings. Love, just love your writing. Yes you are my favorite author! Thank you again for having the talent and the imagination to come up with Roarke!!!! I don’t know how but my gratitude is all yours for such an amazing character. Eve is just completely the bad azz female cop!

  51. I agree with all ten items, they just make sense. There is another promise I would like to see added if it makes sense to you and is already part of your plan. The promise is that you won’t kill off any of the current circle of friends and members of Eve’s bullpen. Injury and recovery is okay, but I don’t think I would handle a death of my favorite characters well.

    What do you think of Wilson (Crack) as a Big Brother for Tiko?

    My hat is off to you. Not only do you have to get all those words out of your head and put down in a cohesive manner, you have to deal with all the folks who think they know a better way to do it. LOL

    Keep those books coming!

  52. Totally agree with all of them.. Wow who ever thought of Nadine and Trueheart must not read or know your characters very well. she would TOTALLY eat him alive. lol

    If we didn’t love the way you write the characters now….well we wouldn’t be reading then and the series would have ended a loooong time ago. don’t change them..

    The candy thief.. you knows its like Charlie Brown kicking the football the Lucy always pulls away. He will never succeed, it’s part of the character and who he is. Charles Schultz even said he will never do it. The Candy thief to me is Nora’s Lucy. Always pulling the prank and one we will never find out who it is..I like it that way. Here is this big bad ass homicide detective that can figure out the most mysterious murder… but cant figure out who is stealing her candy. I love it.

    Keep up the wonderful stories Nora I always look forward to the next one.

    Nadine and Trueheart.. wow really….

  53. I have been SO hoping that nobody else has babies. Mavis and Leo were slightly annoying enough. Eve is such a strong persona that she doesn’t need another biological malfunction. She went through enough as a child, she’s grown stronger and doesn’t need a child to define her. She defines herself nicely with her own choices.

    I’m pleased with the other points on the list as well! Nora/JD you are my hero! With each new In Death book I curl up to read and am right back home in the future with Eve, Roark and the others. You maintain a continuity that is absolutely true to their characters. I applaud you!

    1. Sandra,

      Thank you!! I didn’t know there was a new one coming out in February. I immediately went to Amazon.com and pre-ordered it. It will be devoured within 24 hours of downloading to my Kindle. 🙂 That’s what I do with every one of them that comes out. Even if I have to work, I find a way to devour it.

  54. I was so happy to read about what won’t happen in the books. I agree, they would not work and we love the characters are they are! Which leaves me with great anticipation as to what WILL happen with them!

  55. I completely agree. Love your books. Thank you Nora/J.D.

    As a side note, my daughter was not a reader. She “” ëndured”my reading to her when she was very young, but never read on her own. I introduced her to your books when she was a teen. You changed her life. She became an avid reader and now, believe it or not, she is now a High School English teacher and actually enjoys reading. What’s more, she has provided copies of your books to some of her students that said they didn’t like reading, and your books have turned them around too. Thank you!

  56. Nora’s vision, Nora’s creation. Love the in Death just the way it is written. Have from the beginning. Unless Nora wants to write three a year. I would be on board for that.

  57. J.D.Robb is at the helm, and I have enjoyed every “In Death” book written. So, I’ll go on reading and being happily surprised as each new story unfolds as the author sees it. Thanks for the great adventures.

  58. okay seriously…. how about Dallas gives up caffeine for a week?? Wait.. I have a vision… never mind….

  59. I like that, it will all work out just the same. I cannot see Nadine with any of the present suspects but maybe somewhere down the line you will write her a love interest? Baxter on the other hand is a kind of playboy, but like women similar to Eve. True heart is basically a romantic so nothing but the true of heart for him. Do we get to see more of Feeney’s homelife? We’ve already seen what happens when someone try to take Eve and Roarke, shame on them. LOL I love this list. <3

  60. I completely agree with all these points! Any of these, alone or in combination, would ruin the romantic suspense.

  61. That’s a great list. I have every Nora Roberts / JD Robb book published (except the last ones that aren’t in paperback yet) and haven’t been disappointed yet. I love Eve Dallas and Roarke and their cohorts and the development of Eve’s relationships and wouldn’t dream of suggesting to Nora – or any other author – that they should do this, that or the other. With as many books as there are in this series (not to mention any of her other books, I think Nora has long since proved she knows what she’s doing!

  62. Another “agree”. Agree with the NO, NOT EVERs and the NO, NOT FOR A LONG LONG TIME and especially agree with I would never be so presumptuous to tell YOU, Nora, how to write about Eve and Roarke and all the others. If I wanted a different story line, I would find another writer & series. However, like Ginny, I wouldn’t mind kidnapping Roarke LOL

  63. Love all of your items on your list. especially love 6,7,8,&9!!! keep writing these wonderful books. I look forward to each new adventure.

  64. Perfect list.. and I kind of have to laugh at those who’ve said they agree with the list, but throw in suggestion or 2.. None from me, love the books, love the direction.. oh, and Susan Ericksen, what can I say.. I read the books in her voice…..

    1. I agree about Susan Ericksen. Once I heard her reading the books, there was no looking back! The one piece of advice I’d give JD Robb/Nora Roberts: Please don’t ever fire her!!!!!

      1. That’s how I was introduced to the In Death series, through the audiobooks. Susan Ericksen’s voice is Eve’s voice and I can’t imagine her voice sounding any other way. When she voices Roarke I actually forget I’m listening to a woman reading. I guess that perhaps makes me sexist as I can’t stand men narrating for female characters.

  65. My daughter got me hooked on the “In Death” books and luckily she left the books in her room here when she got married and moved away. Now I have my daughter in law hooked who has me hooked on the Nora Roberts books which she has been reading forever. I enjoy writing fan fiction but know I am not good enough to get anything published nor have the time to do all the publicity stuff. At the least I would be a one hit wonder, lol. I agree with your list, glad to know. I was thinking of you last night as I heard about the late night show using holo screens to interview different people, quite interesting as I had wondered how that concept actually worked. 🙂

    As my daughter in law reads the books from the beginning I have to go back to reread them so we can talk about them. 🙂

  66. 3. Nadine and Trueheart in love (or sex).
    She’d eat that sweet boy alive.

    lol 🙂

    1. I don’t know how to do a link on here, but if you go up the the search icon in the top corner of the page, type in Comas and Kidnappings and Orphans. Oh My. , you’ll see why I’m not going to have Eve find a relative. I explained there, in some detail. Here, I’ll just say, Eve’s made her family–the one that really counts.

  67. When I buy and sink into a Nora book, it’s Nora’s imagination I want (and enjoy). And I trust that she is a strong storyteller who will protect her imagination and won’t be swayed by “popular” opinion. This is one of the many reasons I trust her as a writer.

  68. Wait, people want to see Baxter and Nadine together?! Isn’t Baxter hooked with the security chief on Olympus?!

    The only one of those that I’ve actually thought I can’t wait (you know what I mean) to read about is Peabody and McNab getting married. We’ve seen Eve and Roarke, Charles and Louise, and Mavis and Leonardo get married. I hope that the next character wedding we see IS Peabody and McNab, but I get that they aren’t really ready to take that step yet. McNab was so cute in Celebrity, asking if she wanted him to ask.

    As far as Eve taking a back seat for Peabody to investigate… it scared me when Eve was finally offered the captaincy (though hey, awesome!) because I was afraid that would end Eve Dallas as we know her. I’m not ready to say goodbye to investigator Eve. I love the way she thinks, the way she kicks ass. I think, down the road, her and Roarke would make amazing parents. Kind of like Mavis… they have the perfect examples of what not to be. But again, that would end the characters I know and love.

    So basically, I’ll sit back and watch, wait for each new book impatiently, devour them as soon as they are released, and enjoy the ride. I’ve loved Nora’s books for about 15 years now, and I haven’t been disappointed in anything yet. I think that’s a pretty good track record. She knows what she’s doing, and she tells great stories. She’s the expert here.

    1. So…. in 49 books, we’ve been through 3-4 years of marriage, right? OK…. so we can all agree that, at some point, they should become parents (I DON’T think that is necessary, but some folks do I guess)…. but they wouldn’t be having kids for several more years at the very least….. this means that you should just tell everyone that they will have kids — somewhere between 150 and 175 books from now (according to the timeline). There you go. Everyone is happy. It will happen then.

  69. This is why your books are so great. It’s all about the characters. You make them very real and you stay true to who they are. My favorite part is watching them grow and their relationships develop. I have re-read the series more times than I can count.

    But the real testament was my dad who passed at age 86. Every winter he came to visit and would start with Naked in Death and read the series all the way through. When he finished, we said we knew it was time for him to go back home. 🙂 He was a very picky reader. I so enjoyed sharing the love of JD Robb with him. Thank you for many happy memories.

  70. So very well said! I agree with everything Nora/JD said. I love the books the way that they are and how they have progressed through the years. Looking forward to many more books and amazing stories with characters that I love and wish were real!

  71. Love Eve and Roarke no matter who, what, when, where or why. And since you have started give me a birthday present every september.

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