Montana! Day 12

Still cool after my workout, but I finally decide to try that walk. It’s good to be out in the air for a bit. Though when I look up? Clouds Angry!! I’m sure this will bring more rain, but apparently the angry clouds stormed away elsewhere.

I walk one way, then wander back and walk the other to watch one of the cattle drives, and yes, can still spot just a touch of snow on one of the far peaks. Summer appears to be done here–though reports from home say we’ll go back to it on our return.

BW and Kat come home so I walk back to the cabin, and a nice fire to spend most of the afternoon just lazing, finishing another book someone else slaved over.

tic tac toe - photo by NR
tic tac toe – photo by NR

Amazing really how someone who structures her day pretty tightly can embrace the doing of little to nothing when out of the box. I couldn’t live this way, but it’s sure nice to have the chance to for a short time.

The gang at dinner.
The gang at dinner.

We’re doing another camp dinner, so pull ourselves together and drive out. A young deer watches us go by. We’re just above the river here, and it’s wider and stronger running below this higher ground. The dinner tent offers a big fireplace cracking with logs, and a generous sitting area in front of it. We’re told the guest tents at the camp are broken down every winter, their furnishings stored. That’s a job and a half, half of it could have been avoided if we had an electric fireplace.

The dining tent - photo by NR
The dining tent – photo by NR

Between courses I wander out, see the setting sun blushing the sky through the pines while the river runs strong. So pretty and peaceful. For dinner I have my first buffalo experience with meatballs the size of a toddler’s fist in a nice pasta marinara. Absolutely delicious. I can only manage one, it’s a big ball ‘o meat, but it’s terrific. So I’m only able to sample the grilled chicken on the table. Also excellent. We polish this off with a little chocolate and carmel parfait with pecans–as Kat calls it a deconstructed turtle.

We toyed with some Wii Bowling up in the loft, but just too much food, and my guys have to be up early for their hot air balloon ride.

This morning, a heavy mist blankets the fields and pastures while the sun rises. It’s like looking out at a smoky ocean, all pale and gray, with the horses swimming through it.

This morning - photo by NR
This morning – photo by NR

I expected it to burn off quickly, and for those touches of first frost to melt away. But just now the world is trapped in that soft gray mist where nothing moves and the air is absolutely silent.  I can just see the edges of the mountains sleeping behind the curtain.

I hope the ballooners are sailing over some clear. And do expect this to lift long before our afternoon trail ride.

On yesterday’s foodie-oriented question, those of you who guessed garlic scape earn the golden apron. I’m not sure if bolt are ramp are the same, but imagine so.

Today, how about this? Do you know where this coin came from?

photo (48)
Today’s mystery – photo by Kat


27 thoughts on “Montana! Day 12”

  1. Yes, I can see it being garlic. Looked like an onion going to seed! I’m Canadian so all I can tell you about the coin is its American!

  2. I have no idea. I looked for the marking to see if it was a Denver or Philadelphia minted coin. couldn’t tell. I know it’s definitely a quarter. lol! And again I will say, that hat looks good on you! Where’s BW’s? have a great day!

  3. I’ll guess the coin is from Philadelphia. pure guess. First of all, I’m so glad your normal days are so tightly structured. We reap the benefit – more books put out. But why wouldn’t you join the guys in the hot-air balloon? You are certainly no coward- if you were taller, with the black leather jacket on the dust-covers, you could pass as a bad-ass just like Eve.

      1. I am too. My husband put me on his shoulders one day in the house and I lost it. :/

  4. Nora, I think you’re in love with your Stetson, you have it on in most pictures…even indoors, LOL. Your comment about being a structured person in your daily life and being able to enjoy downtime when let out of the box is just the point. It makes us appreciate our vacations and fun times even more when we work hard and keep busy throughout then year and I suspect even now you’re looking forward to getting back into your writing routine. I would say “all play and no work is as bad as all work and no play”! As for the coin, being a Canadian, I have absolutely no clue. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like Denver. Great pictures! Nothing cowardly about keeping the feet on the ground. Sounds like good common sense to me.

  6. Looks like the Denver mint.
    It’s pretty cool, how you’re getting the range of weather up there. Smoke, clear, rain, mist, plus lots of wildlife. What a wonderful trip!

  7. I have missed a bunch of these and have been wondering how is your vertigo? Yes, I too am a wimp when it comes to heights!

  8. It looks like my home of Denver. It is hard to see the “D”. Many years ago, I toured the Mint here in Denver. It is nice to have some down time to read and not do much at all. Then, when you get home, you are rested and ready to write more stories for us to love.

  9. I have fear of heights but over my lifetime have conquered some scary things but don’t think I could do a balloon ride. I know I’m missing beautiful sights but just couldn’t do it.

  10. I know as soon as the balloon went up, I would up be looking for the loo!!!

  11. I’m going to say it’s from San Francisco just to be different

  12. Glad you are enjoying your vacation. As for the coin the smartaleck answer would be your pocket. But literally speaking , because of your location, it was most likely minted in Denver.

  13. Denver mint and it must be your lucky quarter or maybe you found it in the sofa! 😀

  14. Also originally Canadaian, so no idea on coin…. But sure enjoy your posts……thank you for your beautiful descriptions !
    Enjoy your last few days of holidays………

  15. Beautiful!! We just returned home from a week in Glacier National Park! Our first time I’m Montana. As gorgeous as Glacier is, I’m hoping we can see a little more of the state next time. Am loving your posts!

  16. Glad you are enjoying your Montana adventure. Originally from Maryland myself, it was a beautiful experience and I never left, it’s home now. Hope Montana lived up to your research for “Montana Sky”. As for the coin, it appears to be a filled D, Denver mint. Safe travels back home to you all. (Really like the picture of “the gang at dinner”.

  17. I spend my winters in Montana and my summers in Texas….I know backwards, but a winter in Montana is like being in wonderland…..It is so beautiful……I have one question, where, in what area is the resort located……At first I thought you were at Big Sky, but heading out to Missoula and Ovando would be quite a trip for the day, so I figured you had to be closer to Missoula…..Can you tell me the resort as I would love to have a week there myself…….Thanks……Oh one more thought, as you do in your book chapters, you left me wanting more of your Montana vacation……Did you leave on day 12 or is there more adventure?……Please don’t ever stop writing……I love reading you as yourself, but I have to admit, when you go into your JD Robb mode, I’m in heaven…….

  18. I just want to say Thank You to Nora. Posts to this blog are eagerly awaited and greatly appreciated. A real busman’s holiday for you but a bonus for us!

  19. Thanks so much for your descriptions of what your seeing. They are so good it makes me feel like I’m there. So wonderful this is just one of the reasons your such a great writer. There are so many more reason your great writer but I don’t have enough room to list them all. Thank you so much for all your writing, love it

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